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WWF Invasion 2001 Review

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Good evening you wonderful people of the internet! I am your host as always Sean and I am here to provide you with news, reviews and all I can think of in the hopes that I leave you all thoroughly entertained! When I last left you, we had looked at King of the Ring 2001 which was The Kurt Angle Show in my opinion and I do not think I will be swayed on that arguement. Regardless, something very interesting took place at the end of the show and that was the final WCW Champion Booker T showing up and laying out Stone Cold Steve Austin. WCW was here to mess up the WWF but wait that is not all, no because then ECW became involved as Tommy Dreamer and RVD invaded RAW. Paul Heyman declared himself the owner but that excitement turned to anger as Stephanie Mcmahon became the owner. It is the WWF against what has become known as The Alliance and I want you to do one thing going into this pay per view and that is forget about the future and allow yourself to be in the moment because this has the potential to be special and Vince had not ruined it just yet!

Opening Promo

We have war ladies and gentlemen! It is an Invasion! The WWF taking on WCW & ECW and bragging rights are up for grabs in the 5 on 5 main event. Stone Cold Steve Austin is back motherfuckers and he is ready to open up a can of serious whoop ass! I really like the stage design with separate entrances for each faction. The event feels absolutely huge and I am pumped for this pay per view!

Edge & Christian vs Lance Storm & Mike Awesome

Edge & Christian interrupt Lance's promo which upsets me greatly. Anyways, Lance & Awesome are a legitimate tag team from the dying days of WCW. Awesome hammers Christian, Christian drops Awesome with a drop toe hold. Edge is in but Awesome hammers Edge with a clothesline. Storm enters the match, titmt a whirl headscissors by Edge. Missile dropkick by Edge on Storm and a dropkick to Awesome. 

Edge elevates Storm onto Awesome and Christian dives onto both opponents with help from Edge. Backbreaker by Edge on Storm for a two count, Christian is legal. Double hiptoss on Storm, Storm rocks Christian with a right hand, Christian is crotched by Mike Awesome. Awesome whips Christian into the steps and ring apron over and over. Storm hurls Christian into the ring post, Awesome drops an elbow on Christian. Short arm clothesline by Awesome, scoop slam and a splash. Two count for Awesome, Storm and Awesome double elbow. Slaps by Storm, crossbody by Christian and both men are down.

 Awesome wipes out Edge preventing the tag, Alabama Slam with a bridge by Awesome. Edge saves Christian! Storm is legal and he stomps Christian, backbreaker and tag to Awesome. Frog Splash by Awesome, Edge saves his partner. Awesome is thinking Awesome bomb from the top, Christian counters with a back body drop. Edge gets the hot tag and explodes, spinning heel kicks by Edge. Flapjack and a dropkick, Edge O Matic on Storm for a two count. Sunset flip by Edge, O Connor Roll for a two count. Jawbreaker by Storm, Awesome is in, double clothesline misses and Christian takes out both men.

 Spear by Edge on Awesome, Superkick by Storm on Edge. Awesome pins for two, Christian spears Awesome and Edge gets the pin. Crowd is hot fo the night and it really helps the match, Edge seemed like a star in the making in this match. Hot tag was great, the heel work was good and I really liked this match with WWF taking first blood on the night.

Winners: Edge & Christian over Awesome & Storm via Spear!

Earl Hebnar vs Nick Patrick

The two most controversial referees in wrestling get it on as Earl Hebnar would help screw Bret Hart in Montreal while Nick Patrick would screw over Sting in his Starrcade Match with Hulk Hogan also in 1997! Oh and Mick Foley is special guest referee for no reason, I am happy to see Mick though and Foley is Good! There is a video package highlighting that Patrick is a dickhead! Other WCW referees support Patrick which include Brian Hebnar and Charles Robinson who is till employed by the WWE.

 Hebnar is flanked by Chioda, Jack Doan, Tim White and Jimmy Korderas. Slap by Patrick, kick by Hebnar. Stomps by Earl, pin and a two. Punches by Earl, punches by Patrick. Patrick tosses Earl to the floor, stand-off on the floor. Loud Foley chants, stomps by Patrick! Punches by Earl, ten punches in the corner. Low blow by Patrick, baseball slide on Earl. Referee brawl on the floor, Foley ejects WCW referees. Shoulder block by Earl and we have a winner. Yeah it was dumb but the crowd was hot for this too! Foley beats up Patrick because Patrick is a moron! Socko!

Winner: Earl Hebnar over Nick Patrick via Shoulder Block!

APA vs Sean O Haire & Chuck Palumbo

Promo before this match where DDP stole Debra on Smackdoan. Sarah and Debra bury Page as a pervert. So APA are the tag champs, I don't know when that happened but it did so I am happy. Sean O Haire & Palumbo are WCW tag champs so it is champion vs champion. APA and WWF stars would lay out the WCW tag team champions on Smackdown. This match starts on the floor, Bradshaw and Palumbo kick us off, double spinebuster by APA. Scoop slam by Bradshaw, suplex by The Big Texan. O Haire saves Palumbo, O Haire clubs Bradshaw and pummels Bradshaw with huge right hands.

 Bradshaw back suplexes O Haire and tags Faarooq. Shoulder block for two for Faarooq, O Haire counters a back suplex and smashes Faarooq with a knee. Shoulder block on Palumbo, Bradshaw catches Palumbo and Fallaway Slams Palumbo. O Haire smashes Bradshaw with a huge kick, slam by O Haire and Palumbo goes to work on Bradshaw.

 Nope I am wrong, DDT by Bradshaw, Faarooq punches Palumbo until O Haire clotheslines Faarooq. Reverse elbow on Faarooq knee lift by O Haire. Two count for O Haire, spinebuster by Faarooq, Bradshaw receives a hot tag. Big boot to Palumbo, powerslam for two. O Haire cheap shots Palumbo, all four men are in the match.

 Clothesline From Hell by Bradshaw on Palumbo for the win! Was not feeling this match as APA are two tough son of a guns but they are not considered the premier tag team of the company while Palumbo & O Haire are considered the top team of WCW so for them to be beaten and never even look like they had a chance is kind of disappointing.

Winners: APA over Palumbo & O Haire via Clothesline From Hell!

X-Pac vs Billy Kidman

Poor X-Pac, RVD is the only Alliance member cheered while X-Pac is the only WWF competitor booed. Not one fuck is given for poor X-Pac, Kidman comes out to his WCW theme which scores him bonus points. Lock up and arm drag by X-Pac, takedown by X-Pac who is clearly playing the heel in this match.

 Shoulder block by X-Pac, Kidman takes down X-Pac and makes fun of the former leader of X Factor. Hurricanrana by Kidman, enzuigiri and X-Pac is on the floor, baseball slide bulldog by Kidman. X-Pac sends Kidman to the floor, springboard dive by X-Pac. Spinning heel kick by X-Pac, sleeper by the former leader of X Factor.

 Kidman battles out only to find himself in another sleeper, sleeper by Kidman. Back suplex by X-Pac, more taunting as X-Pac climbs to the top rope. X-Pac crashes and burns with a senton, Elbow by Kidman. Spinebuster for a two count, ten punches by Kidman. 

X-Pac uses the ropes for a pin, only two, powerbomb goes wrong as Kidman smashes X-Pac with a facebuster. Kidman dives into an X Factor but it is two as Kidman kicks out of the move. Bronco Buster misses as Kidman uses his boot to counter and we have a Shooting Star Press by Kidman for the victory. I thought that was abn ok match, the crowd was hard on it because of X-Pac and never gave it a fair chance.

Winner: Billy Kidman over X-Pac via Shooting Star Press!

Raven vs William Regal

My boy Raven, I love him and I cannot really critique the man as his shoot interviews are among my favourite but yeah, his WWF career was not worth shit! Anyways, Regal is a face as he is a WWF man. Lock up, Regal tees off on Raven, clothesline and double underhook suplex by Regal. Raven escapes the Regal Stretch, more lefts by Regal. 

Uppercut floors Raven. Regal catapults Raven to the floor, clubbing blow by Raven. Raven sidesteps Regal and baseball slides the WWF Commissioner. Russian legsweep into the barricade by Raven, shoulder thrusts by Raven. Clothesline, two count for Raven, snapmare and a chinlock by Raven. Raven battles out and chops Regal, knee by Regal.

 Small package by Raven, Regal jumps out and hammers away on Raven. Bulldog by Raven, sunset flip by Raven. Two count and Regal counters with a slickpin for two. Regal counters The Even Flow, both men bang heads. Tazz drops Regal on his head with an Exploder, Raven DDTs Regal and it is all over. This could be the low point of the night, both men work hard but Raven without weapons and Regal as a face are things which are not well received by any audience.

Winner: Raven over Regal thanks to Tazz!

Big Show/Billy Gunn/Albert vs Shawn Stasiak/Kanyon/Hugh Morrus

So we have Show & Gunn who were a tag team briefly teaming with Albert who has been a member of X Factor while on the WCW Team we have Hugh Morrus, Shawn Stasiak and my boy Kanyon! Albert is Intercontinetal Champion after toppling Kane. This is all very strange as we have faces and heels uniting for a common cause yet most people are not conditioned to cheering some of these wrestlers.

 The match starts with WWF gorilla press slamming WCW.... This is not going to end well is it? Gunn and Kanyon kick us off, series of pins ending in two before Stasiak clubs Gunn illegally and Kanyon nails a Russian legsweep into the Stroke. Stasiak comes in to massive Meat chants (His fromer WWF gimmick). Gunn drops Stasiak with a neckbreaker, Albert is in, clothesline to Stasiak, splash and the match breaks down.

 Scissor Kick by Albert on Stasiak, Albert Baldo Bombs Stasiak but Team WCW save Shawn. DDT on Albert, Morrus is in and powerslam by Albert. Gunn clotheslines Morrus; FameAsser on Morrus and Gunn floors Kanyon. Shawn saves Morrus and puts Morrus on top of Gunn. Flat match and flat ending, I don't think Show was ever in the match, I amm right as Show finally enters after the match is over to detsroy Team WCW but it is way too late for this match.

 Three stinkers in a row now and I hope the energy levels are not sapping because we still have the main event.

Winners: Team WCW over Team WWF via Reverse DDT!

Tajiri vs Tazz

Tajiri came to the WWF after ECW's closure as a comedy sidekick to Regal and badass in the ring, Tajiri slaughtered Jerry Lynn and Crash and other light heavyweights before this, his first pay per view match. 

Regal fires up Tajiri before this match, Tajiri comes in and kicks, chops and slaps Tazz. Head & arm Tazzplex, Buzzsaw Rush by Tajiri. Tazz comes back with a clothesline, snapmare and clubs to the face. Chest slaps by Tazz, stomps in the corner. Tajiri fires back, Tazz sweeps the legs. Cross armbreaker by Tazz and Tajiri reaches the ropes, Alabama Slam by Tazz. Cover and a two count, Handspring elbow by Tajiri, Tazz saw the Asai Moonsault coming ans weeps the legs of The Japanese Buzzsaw.

 Tajiri eats the steel steps thanks to Tazz, Tarantula by Tajiri. Kick to the face, two count for Tajiri. Tazz catches the leg, Tazz plex and Tazz motions for The Tazzmission. Green mist and Busszaw Kick by Tajiri. I liked this match, Tajiri seems like a ball of energy and for a guy who was silent, he seems to communicate with his body language so well.

Winner: Tajiri over Tazz via Busszaw Kick!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Rov Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy (C)

RVD is on pay per view in the WWF for the first time, this is going to be good. RVD would assault Matt before this match to add a little pressure, Jeff runs to the ring. RVD and Jeff trade counters, so fast and so quick.

 Huge RVD chants, who taunts too long. Dropkick by Jeff, make it two as RVD is taking a whooping thus far. Leg drop by Jeff into a pin, two count for the champion. Inverted atomic drop by Jeff but Jeff misses a crossbody. Moonsault by RVD, facebuster and Rolling Thunder by RVD. Two count, rights by RVD. Jeff shoves RVD to the floor and into the barricade, baseball slide by the champion. RVD meets Jeff in mid-air, sending the champion to the floor. Crowd brawling, moonsault by RVD onto Jeff.

 Huge ECW chants, two count for RVD. RVD places Jeff on the barriacde, leg drop from RVD from the apron onto Jeff. RVD eats up the applause, Jeff shoulder thrusts RVD on the apron, springboard powerbomb by Jeff Hardy, that looked incredibly painful. Jeff pulls out a ladder, RVD pushes the ladder over as Jeff falls to the floor. Jeff smashes the ladder into RVD's face, chair shot to the back by Jeff. RVD begs for no chair shot but RVD murders Jeff with a Van Damnator, Jeff falls down the stage. Spinning leg drop for a two count, right hands in the ring by RVD.

 RVD grabs a chair and dropkicks the chair into Hardy's face. Split legged moonsault is blocked, DDT by Jeff. Two count for Jeff, German suplex by Jeff for a two count. Jeff with his unique jawbreaker, Swanton misses and RVD places the belt on Jeff. RVD is on the top rope and we have a Five Star Frog Splash and we have a new Hardcore Champion.

 That was a show stealer, the crowd ate up everything that RVD did and I mean everything. From beginning to end, RVD had that crowd in the palm of his hands. The WWF was intorduced to the WWF and the crowd never turned on Mr. PPV. Jeff was great too and I am happy to see an Alliance member win clean as their other wins tonight have been under questionable cirumstances but yes, this was a great match.

Winner: RVD over Jeff Hardy via Five Star Frog Splash!

Kurt Angle Promo

So a lot of these interviews have been going on through the night, we have had Shane & Stephanie pump up WCW/ECW talent while Vince had been pumping up the WWF Talent. Many of these were generic and did not really help sell the main event for me but Kurt's stuck out. Why? Well simple Kurt goes all in on this promo, Vince is pumping up Kurt and Kurt cuts him off, telling him enough with this bullshit, I am going to whoop ass tonight like I did in The 1996 Olympics which I won with a broken freaking neck. Kurt's fire and passion is immense in this promo and it is really basic and short but God I love it.

Torrie Wilson/Stacy Keblier vs Lita/Trish Stratus (Bra & Panties Match)

Mick Foley is referee for this match because he is a pervert like all of us, this makes me feel slightly better about myself having to write a review about this match. So Torrie Wilson is a heel which is so weird to see, they did an interview before this match and they were talking about their great breasts and firm asses.

 This is so bizarre like I really am stumped as to how the women would agree to say this stupid crap. It just dawned on me that WCW have no legitimate women's wrestlers on their roster so it is no surprise that Molly and Ivory jumped so quickly. Takedown and punches by Team WWF, dropkick by Torrie, Torrie kicks Trish.

 Big Slap by Torrie, Trish tees off on Torrie, clothesline by Trish. Suplex by Trish, Stacy saves Trish. Double clothesline by Trish, Lita is in the match. Lita grabs Stacy and pulls off Stacy's shirt. Stacy bails, Torrie nails Lita. Lita's top is pulled off, Lita whips Stacy around the ring.

 Lita misses a crossbody, Torrie is in and Trish is in the ring. Torrie pulls Trish's hair and takes offs the top. Trish reverses and takes off Torrie's pants, Torrie is stripped and so has Stacy after a huge moonsault. Mindless T&A it is what it is so accept it and move on!

Winners: Trish & Lita over Stacy & Torrie Wilson by Stripping!

Team Alliance (DDP, Booker T, Rhyno & The Dudley Boyz) vs Team WWF ( Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho & The Brothers of Destruction)

I can talk about the package to the match but all you need to know is the Raw before this pay per view. Austin went from whiny, moaning and heel Austin who loves hugs to the old Stone Cold Steve Austin who came back to save the WWF and beat down every Alliance member.

 If you have not seen it, then look it up Youtube, it is beautiful and if it does not make you pumped, then you have no soul. Anyways, Stephanie is here as ECW owner and Shane is WCW Owner, Vince is taking on his children as the WWF Owner. Austin had walked out on Vince on Smackdown, Austin was quiet and was not helpîng the WWF. 

This Raw brawl was awesome with everyone kicking ass. Chills to this day my friends how can you not love that moment? Glad to see Rhyno in the main event after his ECW run, Dudley Boyz are also where they belong. They do some interesting entrance orders for the main event as it is one ECW/WCW guy, then a WWF Guy.

 This crowd is electric with each and every entrance, the boos get louder for The Alliance while the cheers grow thunderous for WWF Superstars. The brawl starts without Austin who music hits and the crowd goes absolutely ballistic. Austin hammers Rhyno, match starts out traditionally.

 Austin stomps all over Rhyno, Austin is hitting everything that by God moves, knee to the ribs of Rhyno. Lou Thesz Press, elbow drop. Chops by Austin, superplex to Rhnyo, D-Von saves Rhyno. Y2J is in, forearms and chops to Rhyno, forearm and right hands to Rhyno. Knee and clothesline by Rhyno, Booker T kicks Chris Jericho. Chops by Y2J, hip toss and an arm drag by Y2J. Bulldog and Rhyno makes the save.

 Missile dropkick for a two for Y2J. Angle is in the ring, right hands as the crowd roars for Angle. Spin kick by Booker T, D-Von is in the ring. Spinning reverse elbow and clubbing blows by Angle. Angle fires up with a clothesline, Kane is in the ring. Sidewalk Slam and DDP makes the save, Kane catches D-Von for a Chokeslam but Bubba saves his partner. Back suplex by Kane, blind tag by D-Von to Bubba, modified 3D by Bubba. Huge elbows by Bubba but Bubba eats a boot from Kane. 

Flying Clothesline by Kane, D-Von saves Bubba. Undertaker is legal, Bubba is punched onto Queer Street, Bubba counters Taker with an elbow and a clothesline. Taker nails his signature clothesline and hammers DDP on the apron. Old School on Bubba and Taker floors most of Team Alliance but DDP catches Taker with a rope hung neckbreaker. 

Rhyno is legal and tees off on Undertaker, DDP tags into the match. DDP floors Undertaker with his discuss clothesline. DDT by DDP, Booker tags into the match and nails a huge sidekick to Taker's face. Taker plants Booker with a DDT, Rhyno saves Booker T. Stone Cold Steve Austin is in, stompng a ludhole and walking it dry like the old Austin. Booker T rakes the eyes, clothesline by Austin, Stunner is countered. Booker is on the floor with Austin, they are in the crowd.

 Suplex to the floor by Austin, chops by Y2J who gets the tag from Austin. Y2J floors Booker, reverse elbow. Lionsault misses and D-Von nails a cheap shot on Y2J. D-Vn beats down Y2J, Bubba tags in and elbows Y2J. Jericho battles back on The Dudleys, Angle is in the ring and beats up both Dudleys. Belly to belly suplexes for both, Bubba saves D-Von. DDP cheap shots Angle, Bubba Bomb by Bubba on Angle.

 Leg drop by D-Von for a two count, Rhyno hammers away on Angle. Belly to belly by Rhyno, Bubba clubs Kurt Angle. D-Von stomps away on Kurt Angle, Booker T is your legal man. Scissor Kick and Spinaroonie by Booker, Undertaker saves Kurt Angle. DDP nails Angle with a Spiral Bomb, Austin makes the save as Austin chants erupt throughout the arena. What's Up headbutt by D-Von & Bubba, two count as Jericho makes the save. Cobra Clutch slam by DDP and a front facelock on Angle. Angle is so close for the tag, Bubba distracts the referee and misses Angle's tag to Austin.

 Built to perfectly there I will give them that, Diamond Cutter on Angle and all hell breaks loose. Rhyno Gores Booker T by mistake, Taker clotheslines DDP. Undertaker Chokeslams DDP, Charles Robinson saves DDP from The Last Ride. Robinson eats The Last Ride, everyone is brawling. Kane is setting up Bubba for an announce table Chokeslam while Austin is clutching his knee with a doctor checking on The Rattlesnake. The Dudleys beat up Kane, we have a table!

 Kane Chokeslams D-Von through the table, Bubba nails Kane with a tv monitor. Bubba and Rhyno suplex Kane through an announce table, Jericho spears Rhyno through a table. Bubba and Booker beat down Kurt Angle, Angle fights out of the corner, German suplex, Angle Slam on Bubba. Ankle Lock on Booker, Bokker pushes off Kurt into the referee. Flapjack by Booker on Angle, Vince has the WWF Championship. Vince throw the belt to Kurt, Shane intecepts and clocks Vince with the belt. Angle kills Bubba, Shane and Booker T. Angle Slam o Booker, Ankle Lock and Booker is tapping!

 Austin grabs the referee and Stunners Angle! Austin betrays Angle and pulls Booker on top of Angle. Team WCW/ECW steal the win! Ok I have to be careful about how I handle all of this as an Austin heel turn was the worst period of his career, Austin himself would not dispute that and nobody wanted to boo The Texas Rattlesnake. 

The Raw before this, you had turned him face and it was obvious that a face Austin was what the world wanted yet you took that away from then a week later for Austin to lead the alliance. Ok from a storyline perspective, it was a shock that I did not see coming and certainly, the fans did not see coming.

 As a business decision, possibly one of your worst calls as there was money in babyface Austin and not Heel Austin. The positive I can see from this is Babyface Kurt Angle who again in my opinion, was everything great about this match. From his moves to his Woo to just the intensity of everything he did, I cannot fathom why WWF did not go all the way with Kurt during this time.

 Kurt was the man and I look forward to covering his title matches at Summerslam & Unforgiven. I am not sure if everyone truly shined in this match, I was expecting a mega hot tag to Austin and it never came so I found that a little strange, The Alliance looked inferior to the WWF once more as they could not get the job done on their own but the match was excing, the crowd was hot when anything was happening with Angle & Austin and it was certainly dramatic.

 Overall, I feel the match was very exciting with a finish that should not have had to happen but unfortunately, the WWF did not have a majority of WCW Stars under contract so we weren't going to see the likes of The NWO, Goldberg, Sting or Scott Steiner and more than likely, Vince was never going to allow any WCW talent go over on any of his top guys.

Winners: Team Alliance over Team WWF thanks to Austin!

So how was Invasion? Well there were not many stand-out matches or memorable moments to be honest with you. The show opened hot with a good match and a crowd to boot but by the middle of the show, it was dragging hard with no heat or noise for the likes of Kidman vs X-Pac & Raven vs Regal. I was impressed with how over Tajiri was and RVD was seemingly popular from the moment he stepped into a WWF ring. RVD & Jeff stole the show with RVD taking most of the credit for that performance, I thoroughly enjoyed their hardcore match.

 The referee match and the bra & panties match were fine breaks to calm down the crowd for more and the main event had a big fight feel. The ending was disappointing but it most have been quite the experience to see the likes of DDP and Booker T mix it up with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. I enjoyed the craziness of the brawl, I loved anything Kurt Angle did and I wish WCW went over clean but hey, you cannot always have it your way. This pay per view was a solid show from the WWF and Summerslam is around the corner so join me next time for another review!

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