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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 16: WWF Over The Edge 1999 Review

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Good evening wonderful wrestling fans of the internet, may your day be full of criticising and complaining about the current product. I am kidding I mean hey the brand split is coming back and money in the bank is Sunday. What a better way to spend your night than reading about The Attitude Era? Nothing that’s right that is why you are here! Tonight’s focus on the worst wrestling series on the internet is WWF Over The Edge 1999. Shane Mcmahon is still the head of The Corporate Ministry with the two big guns of the stable Triple H and The Undertaker in action against The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin respectively. D-X has imploded as we also have Billy Gunn taking on Road Dogg and we have The Union battling The Corporate Ministry, First let’s address the elephant in the room, Owen Hart was set to challenge The Godfather for the intercontinental championship as The Blue Blazer, Hart was portraying The Blue Blazer as punishment for turning down a storyline where Hart was kissing Debra behind’s Jeff Jarrett’s back, Hart would be making a comical entrance where he would come down from the rafters and fall to the mat. Hart was hesitant to perform the stunt and unfortunately, the harness would release early as Hart plummeted from 33 feet onto the top rope turnbuckle. Hart would die as a result and the pay per view would continue with JR announcing Hart’s death live on air, a tragic end to a man who put so many smiles on people’s faces. Owen, you are missed you were one of a kind and the more I watch you, the more I fall in love with your style of wrestling and your expressions…


Opening Promo

Hyping up the championship match we have The Undertaker speaking ominously about what he wishes to do to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes it sounds sexual but I doubt it was Undertaker’s intention.. or maybe it was I don’t know, Undertaker wants to rape Austin and collect his soul, think of that what you wish!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) X-Pac & Kane © vs D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry W/ Ivory

X-Pac was probably the most over at this point in his career. The fans loved his team with Kane, and the fans wanted to see X-Pac knock Shane and Triple H around the place. Kane is a badass simple as that, Ivory looks amazing at ringside and it seems she is still a valet as this point and was not rebuilding the women’s division as best as she could. Shoulderblock by D’Lo, make that a double just to knock some sense into X-Pac. They lock up, D’Lo in control, X-Pac uses the referee to arm drag D’Lo. Brown talks strategy with D’Lo before smashing X-Pac in the mouth, another shoulderblock, backdrop counter by X-Pac, spinning heel kick by one half of the champions, D’Lo dodges the bronco buster as Mark and D’Lo talk more strategy, D’Lo tags in Sexual Chocolate.


 Mark tells X-Pac he will snap him like a twig and in comes Kane. Kane with a throat thrust, rams Henry into the corner, choke by The Big Red Machine. Splash in the corner by Mark Henry, clubbing blows to Kane, gorilla press slam by Henry(impressive). Kane fires back with arms, dropkick by Kane, legdrop by Kane. Mark runs from Kane and tags in D’Lo. D’Lo tries to go toe to toe with Kane, bad idea as he eats a boot from Kane, two handed toss from Kane as Kane tags in X-Pac. Kicks from X-Pac, spinning heel kick, shot to Mark Henry by X-Pac. D’Lo makes X-Pac pay with a thumb to the eye, Henry gives his team the advantage by dragging X-Pac nuts first into the ring post.


 Henry is tagged in and starts throwing haymakers and knuckle sandwiches, cheap shots by D’Lo on a wounded X-Pac. Leg drop by Mark Henry and a scoop slam, Henry misses the splash, D’Lo runs in after making the tag and prevents Kane from being tagged in the match. Henry has X-Pac on the outside as the referee deals with Kane, X-Pac eats the barricade and is thrown back into the ring. D’Lo applies a reverse chinlock and scores with a running Ligerbomb. D’Lo climbs to the top rope, and tries a twisting corkscrew manoeuvre. X-Pac makes the tag, Kane grabs Mark Henry and scoop slams him while D’Lo is the victim of a tilt a whirl slam. X-Pac tries a plancha on Mark Henry, it backfires as X-Pac is sent into the ringpost by Mark Henry.


 In the ring Kane plants D’Lo with a reverse suplex, Henry interjects himself and Kane eats a calf kick from D’Lo. Quick kick out by Kane sending D’Lo to the floor, D’Lo and Henry beat up X-Pac before Kane flies to the outside. In the ring, Kane hits another clothesline from the top wiping out Henry, D’Lo breaks up the pin attempt, bronco buster by X-Pac on D’Lo. Mark Henry smashes X-Pac but forgets about Kane. Chokeslam by Kane on Henry and it is all over, Kane and X-Pac retain the tag team championships. Good match from these two teams crowd was warmed up and let’s see if the momentum continues.


Winners: Kane & X-Pac over Henry & D'Lo Brown via Chokeslam!


(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Hardcore Holly vs Al Snow ©

We are provided with an update on Vince Mcmahon, Vince was injured at the hands of The Corporate Ministry, Vince’s ankle was shattered by Mideon and was supposed to serve as a special guest referee for tonight’s main event. That now looks like a doubt thanks to The Corporate Ministry. On with this match, apparently, Holly had attacked Snow’s mannequin Pierre. What is Pierre? A moose, yeah so let’s try and call the action. Snow clotheslines Holly over the top rope but Holly regains control by launching Snow onto the barricade.


 Snow reverses an Irish whip into the steel steps and Holly falls hard. Holly grabs Pierre and suckers Snow in for shots with a metal cooking tray. Holly grabs a fire extinguisher from ringside, Holly fails to work the extinguisher so Snow helps him by smashing him in the face. Snow and Holly brawl into the crowd, backstage we go Holly grabs some popcorn and hotdogs throwing them at Snow while Snow grabs a coke and throws it at Holly. Snow goes down after tasting a funnel cake to the face. They kick and punch one another before coming back down through the crowd. Snow wallops Holly with some cotton candy as we finally return to ringside.


 Snow nails a leg drop from the barricade which would make Kenta Kobashi jealous. Snow stomps Holly in the balls before grabbing a chair from ringside and a table. Table is placed in the corner but Al Snow eats a dropkick from Hardcore Holly. Falcon’s Arrow by Hardcore Holly or as its lesser known name The Hollycaust(Yikes I cannot figure out why that name was dropped). Holly gets a 2 and a half before complaining at the referee. Big mistake as Snow nails The Snowplow, two and a half for Snow, the match continues with Holly in the corner. Holly has Snow from behind by the hair, Snow nails a low blow and reaches for Head.


 Holly reaches for the steel chair, Holly dodges Head and DDTs Snow on the chair. Two count for Holly, Holly rearranges the table as Snow is knocked out, Holly wastes a little too much time as Snow reverses his scoop slam attempt and powerbombs Holly through the table. 1…2….3 Snow retains the championship. Entertaining match as hardcore matches always are.


Winner: Snow over Holly via Powerbomb!


Jeff Jarrett & Debra vs Val Venis & Nicole Bass

Before this match, the fall occurred and you can tell from Jarrett and Debra’s faces(they were the travel partners of Owen Hart) and the change in JR’s tone and voice while commentating, it makes for a very awkward experience but you cannot blame them after what happened a few minutes prior. Debra is the Women’s Champion and this is her first  match(she won the title after defeating Sable in an evening gown match). Nicole Bass is massive and is what nightmares are made of so this is interesting. Val and Jarrett start us off, Jarrett gains the upper hand, elbow from Val and a double underhook suplex complete with MMA style knees before executing the move.


 Swinging neckbreaker by Jarrett to regain momentum. Single arm DDT by Jarrett, two count for Jarrett. Jarrett rams Val’s head into the turnbuckle, Jarrett tries a cloithesline but hits a powerslam and a spinebuster. Nicole Bass tags in and it is Debra vs Nicole, Debra struts around and feels she is smarter than Nicole, slap by Debra as she is on Nicole’s back, Nicole misses a clothesline, Debra rams Nicole’s head into the turnbuckle, Jarrett tags in and Val must come in, two knees and a side Russian leg sweep by Val on Jarrett.


 Pose and punches by Val on Jarrett, Val misses a second rope elbow, Stroke by Jarrett and Nicole breaks it up. Nicole poses and Debra grabs the guitar, Nicole does not move she rips off Jarrett’s top. Jarrett tries to nail Nicole but Val saves his partner with a back suplex and a Money Shot for the win. Was not too long and not as bad as I expected.


Winners: Nicole Bass & Val Venis over Jarrett & Debra via Money Shot!


Billy Gunn vs Road Dogg

Shane taunts his father Vince as he is carted away in the ambulance, Vince instructs his friends Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco to stay behind and take out Shane. Promo package for the former tag team partners Road Dogg and Billy Gunn showing their best moments and their break up. Perhaps the greatest name change of all time as Billy Gunn turned heel and became Mr. Ass (Come on it is not that bad? Ok is it bad).


 The iconic Mr. Ass theme plays throughout the arena as the crowd goes mild, Billy drags Road Dogg to the outside and starts whooping his former best friend. Stomps and right hands from Mr. Ass, scoop slam by Billy Gunn. Billy chokes out Road Dogg before Road Dogg battles back to his feet and knocks Mr. Ass to the outside. Billy Gunn tries to escape with his dignity intact but Road Dogg says hell no and chases Billy up the ramp. Dogg whips Gunn into the steel steps before tossing Billy into the ring. Billy pleads for his life but Road Dogg tells Mr. Ass that he can go screw himself (Just full of sexual references tonight aren’t we?).


 Billy grabs Road Dogg and positons Road Dogg for a jackhammer. Sleeper hold by Billy Gunn, Road Dogg fires back before Mr. Ass nails Dogg with a powerslam. Road Dogg tries to muster a comeback but Billy cuts Road Dogg off with a vicious clothesline. Camel clutch by Billy Gunn as Road Dogg goes for it all with one more comeback, right hands by Road Dogg but Billy counters with a neckbreaker. Boot to the side of the head as Road Dogg staggers around the ring, sleeper once more by Mr. Ass.


 Road Dogg counters Billy with a running bulldog, shake rattle and right hand by Road Dogg, followed by his knee drop. Mr.Ass rolls to the outside and hits Road Dogg with the timekeeper’s hammer, two count for Billy Gunn. Billy misses his splash in the corner as Road Dogg knocks him with a right hand. Only two. Gunn cheats to victory by using his tape from his wrist to blind the Road Dogg by finishing Road Dogg with A FameAsser.


 Good heel work form Billy, he looked more comfortable here than he did against Mankind but that could be chalked up to him just phoning it in for the UK pay per view. Regardless, Billy Gunn was building some serious momentum with his heel turn and would have arguably the best run of his career during 1999. Road Dogg was just not meant to be a singles wrestler in my opinion, apart from his two moves he had no real offence and it shows in this match just like the Bossman match.


Winner: Billy Gunn over Road Dogg via FameAsser!


The Union vs The Corporate Ministry(8-Man Elimination Tag Match)

Bossman, Viscera and The Acolytes represent The Corporate Ministry while The Union is comprised of Test, Shamrock Mankind and Big Show. Test and Viscera kick us off with Viscera dominating the rookie Test, Test nails a dropkick before nailing a few members of the Ministry. Test runs into a belly to belly as Bradshaw enters the match taking it to Test. Big Boot by Test before Bradshaw drops Test with a tackle, Test fires back with a clothesline, right hands by Test and a hard irish whip, Bradshaw gets the boot up but it means nothing as Test nails a powerslam and a sidewalk slam.


 Test goes for a diving elbow, he scores and Faarooq interrupts which allows Test to be hit with a clothesline from hell. Test is eliminated. Shamrock enters the match and locks in the Ankle Lock on Bradshaw, Bradshaw is eliminated.Shamrock battles Viscera who squashes him with a sidewalk slam, Shamrock tries a crucifix pin but Viscera shakes him off big elbow from Viscera. Faarooq enters the match and eats an elbow and spinning heel kick from Shamrock. Belly to Bell suplex on Faarooq, Ankle Lock on Faarooq, Bossman helps Faarooq to the ropes, Shamrock does not break the count and is disqualified.


 Shamrock is eliminated and Big Show comes in and chokeslams Faarooq, Faarooq is eliminated. It is two on two, Mankind and Big Show vs Viscera and Big Bossman.Big Show knocks Bossman to the outside with one shoulder barge, Bossman walks away before Big Show chases him, throat toss by Big Show who tries to choke Bossman with his boot, Bossman counters and nails Show repeatedly, Viscera and Bossman combine and elbow Big Show down, reverse chinlock by Bossman. Big Boot by Big Show before Viscera comes to Bossman’s aid, brawl in the ring as Big Show slams Viscera, Mankind fights Bossman in the ring, Viscera and Big Show brawl to the back so we are down to just two men, Bossman and Mankind.


 Mankind tastes the steel steps and a clothesline from Bossman, sleeper hold by Bossman. Mankind fires back but gets caught with a big boot. Out of nowhere, Foley nails the double arm DDT, it is time for socko and the mandible claw, Bossman passes out and The Union win. Was a quick match with quick eliminations, nothing memorable as Mankind gets the victory for his team.


Winners: Union over Corporate Ministry via Mandible Claw!


Triple H W/ Chyna vs The Rock

Rock’s first pay per view since leaving The Corporation, Rock turned face and earned the attention of Triple H, Triple H pushed The Rock off the stage injuring his arm in the process, Triple H showed a mean streak for the first time by using his trademark sledgehammer to further injure Rock’ arm and attack him when Rock was trapped inside a casket. Triple H assaulted The Rock who is wearing a cast due to his injuries before the match with Mankind coming to The Rock’s aid before Chyna helps Triple H overcome both men. Triple H orders Earl Hebnar to count out The Rock but The Rock appears, cast and all can Rock overcome the odds?


 Rock races to the ring and lays the smackdown on The Rock. Hard clothesline by the Rock and he sidesteps Hunter. Rock tries to slam Triple H into the ring but Triple H counters and pummels his opponent. Thumb to the eye by Triple H but the advantage does not last long, Rock sends Triple H face first into the announce tables before Triple H rips the cats from Rock’s broken arm. Triple H being the asshole he is goes after that right arm like me searching for the new chapter of Berserk(Such a great manga and anime). Triple H cuts off Rock with a knee to the face while stomping on Rock’s arm, Chyna attacks Rock while Triple H is distracting the referee. The focus of the attack is Rock’s arm, Rock is measured by Triple H for a clothesline but both men nail the clothesline.


 Rock creates separation a DDT, cover and a two count for The Rock. Rock’s arm is targeted as Hunter nails a single arm ddt, Triple H continues the punishment by dropping his knee on the broken arm. Rock screams out in pain as the crowd tries to lift The People’s Champion’s spirit. Triple H slams Rock’s broken arm into the ring post. Rock fires back with right hands but Triple H sends Rock to the floor, Rock goes shoulder first into the ringpost as Triple H lays the right hands into The Rock. Rock goes for Rock Bottom and fails as Triple H plants Rock with a DDT. Triple H calls for a chair as Chyna obliges, Hebnar the referee pulls the chair from Triple H. Triple H knocks out Earl Hebnar and Rock wins by disqualification, Rock blocks Triple H’s chair shot as Triple H gets nailed.


 Rock nails the referee as Triple H is bleeding everywhere, Rock and Triple H continue to brawl in the ring as Chyna just watches on, Chyna tries hitting The Rock, it does not happen but Rock nails The Rock Bottom on Triple H and The People’s Elbow for good measure with a chair placed on Triple H’s face. However, Chyna saves Triple H and Triple H blasts Rock with the steel chair, Mankind comes to Rock’s aid and saves the day. Early version of Rock and Sock Connection as Rock looks on bewildered as to why Mankind would help The Rock.


 It was an ok match, I feel bad for Triple H(I know it’s weird right?) just hear me out, Triple H was trying so hard to be considered such a badass and become this ruthless heel and despite all his work in brutalizing Rock with a sledgehammer and a chair, it was not working, nobody was buying into him as a viable top guy. On the other hand, due to Triple H’s tainted legacy now and our knowledge of his use of power and politics, it is quite funny to watch him fail in becoming the top guy. I imagine the extended brawl after the DQ was to fill time due to Hart’s match being cancelled.


Winner: The Rock over Triple H via DQ!

(WWF Championship Match) Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin © (Two Special Guest Referees Shane and Vince Mcmahon)

The boy wonder Shane Mcmahon had gone power mad, he had orchestrated the abduction of Stephanie Mcmahon, he wished for the death of Stone Col Steve Austin and he would not leave Over The Edge without Undertaker becoming champion. Vince is nowhere to be seen, he is at a medical facility recuperating from his ankle injury. Pat Patterson has replaced Vince refusing to allow Shane to screw Austin.


 Patterson is chokeslammed by Undertaker before the match begins, the glass shatters and you damn right, business has picked up as Austin runs right into Taker, reverse elbow by Taker, Taker keeps Austin out of the ring, Stungun by Austin as he goes up top, clothesline by Austin, pin and two count for Austin. Stomps in the corner and a choke by Austin, Austin meets Taker’s right hand as he is rammed into the turnbuckle, stomps by Taker and a choke for maximum effect.


 Elbows and uppercuts by The Phenom, Austin is reeling as Taker zeroes in on Austin’s heavily braced left knee. Austin battles out with right hands and an elbow to the back of the head. Austin returns the leg work favour to Taker with a stomp to the mid-section. Undertaker and Austin brawl on the outside as Shane admonishes Austin anytime he attacks Taker. Shane tries dragging Taker away from Austin’s grasp but it’s in vain as Austin continues destroying Undertaker’s vertical base. Taker fights his way out of a submission attempt from Austin into a triangle hold, Austin counters and punches Undertaker as Shane can hardly watch.


 Paul Bearer sacrifices himself so Taker can regain control, Austin’s left knee is pulverised by Taker who slams it onto the floor and the concrete. More crowd brawling(Once was enough for me thank you very much). Undertaker brings Austin to ringside as he chokes Austin with cables. Undertaker moves the steels steps to crush Austin’s leg. Austin writhes in pain, they return to the ring, stomps in the corner by Undertaker. Illegal choke by Taker goes unpunished by Shane, Austin fires back but Taker catches Austin with an uppercut, Tombstone is countered into a clothesline by Austin, Taker lands on his feet on the outside, Austin drives Taker into the announce table. Austin tries to go for the Lou Thesz Press but Taker counters with a spinebuster.


 Paul Bearer’s shoe comes into play as he smashes Austin in the head, Austin and Taker battle to the ramp, Austin shoves Taker’s head through glass panels on the entrance way. Austin hammers away at Undertaker on the entrance way, Austin has Undertaker incapacitated on the floor as Shane gets in Austin’s face, telling him to return to the ring. Undertaker fights back with Austin laying in the corner, stomps by The Phenom and a choke with the boot. Shane refuses to count the pin for Austin as he pins Taker after a second rope elbow and a low blow. Undertaker gets a chair from Paul Bearer, Taker is whipped into Shane, Gerald Brisco comes to count the pin after Undertaker gets nailed with a chair, two count for Austin.


 Undertaker knocks out referee Gerald Brisco and Undertaker nails a clothesline on Austin. Vince makes his grand return on his broken ankle, Stunner is blocked by Undertaker, big double knockdown. Undertaker and Austin sit up and engage in a slugfest, Stunner by Austin he covers, Vince breaks up the cover, Vince and Shane stare at one another with Vince shoving Shane. Austin climbs to his feet and pulls Vince from behind. Seizing the opportunity, Shane bundles Vince into Austin and counts a roll up for Undertaker.


 Fast count and we have a new champion as Undertaker wins with Shane screwing Austin. Good match from these two but not great, their chemistry was never off the charts but Undertaker and Austin put on one hell of a show. Screwy finish was expected and a rare loss for Austin on pay per view.


Winner: Undertaker over Austin via Shenanigans!


Overall, this was an ok show from the WWF, the tag match and the main event were solid while the rest of the card was uneventful and nothing memorable. Tragically, this show would be remembered for all the wrong reasons due to Owen’s Hart death and the decision to continue the show despite the accident. Next up is 1999’S King Of The Ring I will see you next time!

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