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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 14: WWF Backlash 1999 Review

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Welcome guys and gals to another edition of the journey through the attitude era series with me, The Seanomaniac as your host. Tonight's WWF goodness is Backlash 1999, Vince had lost everything, he had lost his champion as Austin defeated The Rock, he lost his son Shane who no longer felt Vince had what it takes to control The Corporation and Vince had almost lost his daughter Stephanie as Undertaker and his ministry tried to abduct the boss's daughter. The Rock would have his rematch with Austin on this pay per view with Shane Mcmahon as referee. What a night we have in store and let us get going!  

The Brood vs The Ministry

Undertaker had abducted Stephanie and Ken Shamrock had cornered Christian, forcing to reveal the location of Stephanie which led to her rescue. Undertaker was not too happy about this so he had Christian whipped to teach him a lesson and Gangrel and Edge stood up for Christian and this led to The Brood leaving The Ministry of Darkness. The Acolytes Faarooq and Bradshaw and Mideon are here to dish out the punishment to The Brood. Christian and Mideon start the match out by sliding across the ring like snakes, it is oddly satisfying to watch, Mideon begins by choking out the younger Canadian. Spinning heel kick and an arm drag by Christian allows Gangrel to come in off the tag.


 Gangrel works the arm before Mideon rakes the eyes and tags in Bradshaw, Bradshaw big boots Gangrel onto dream street and beats Gangrel with his fists until Gangrel counters with a spinning back elbow from the second rope. Fallaway slam by Bradshaw as he regains control, Edge blind tags in and double suplexes Bradshaw with Gangrel. Edge gets caught by Faarooq, Christian dropkicks Faarooq to help Edge for the crucifix pin, only two count. Edge runs wild until he tastes a spinebuster from Faarooq. Mideon is in and hits a stalling vertical suplex, two count for the oddball of the ministry. Sunset flip by Edge but Faarooq distracts the referee and in comes Bradshaw, flying shoulder block by the big Texan. Christian and Bradshaw brawl while Faarooq attacks the legal man Edge. Edge is roughed up on the outside while Bradshaw taunts the other members of The Brood. Bradshaw tags Faarooq and Faarooq headbutts Edge.


 Scoop slam is reversed into a small package by Edge but Faarooq knocks Edge down with a clothesline. Sleeper hold by Faarooq, crowd cheers on Edge, jawbreaker by Edge, Mideon is tagged in and double ax handles Edge. Snapmare by Mideon and a hairpull takedown. Headbutt to the groin by Mideon, cover and only two for Mideon. Cheap shots from Bradshaw on Edge as Mideon continues punching Edge. Desperation middle rope spear by Edge as both men are down, Christian comes in falling reverse ddt for a two and a half on Mideon. Double back body drop by The Brood on Mideon, assisted crossbody on Bradshaw, Christian and Bradshaw remain in the ring as Christian hits a tornado ddt for two.


 Ten punches in the corner by Christian but he gets powerbombed, Gangrel breaks up the pin. Edge missile dropkicks Bradshaw, Christian gets two, Christian dives over the top ropes onto Faarooq, taking him down. However, Viscera another member of The Ministry squashes Christian and throws him back into Bradshaw who hits a clothesline from hell for the win. Good opener from these two teams.


Winners: Ministry over The Brood due to Shenanigans!


(WWF Hardcore Championship) Hardcore Holly © vs Al Snow

Al Snow’s rivalry with his former friend Hardcore Holly continues as Al is obsessed with becoming hardcore champion, Holly smashes Snow with the belt for the first move of the match. Holly lays in the right hands before Snow sends the champion over the top rope. Holly recovers and sends Snow into the steel steps and then, the barricade. Holly grabs a jug of water and smashes Snow in the face, Snow is busted wide open as they brawl into the crowd, Snow works the kidneys with punches and kicks. Scoop slam on the floor by Snow who hits a moonsault from the barricade for a two count.


 Holly gets nailed with the jug of water while Al grabs a hockey stick from under the ring. Martial arts pose from Snow who destroys Holly with shots from the hockey stick. Snow grabs a table as the crowd roars with approval, Holly grabs the hockey stick and whacks Snow over the head. Tray and pans to the head of Hardcore Holly as Snow sadistically smiles to himself. Holly blocks a suplex on the floor as they fight through the curtain going backstage. Holly grabs the kitchen sink before being sprayed with water by Snow, Holly rams Snow’s head into a car as we enter the parking lot. Both men fight towards a dumpster as Holly shoves Snow into the dumpster and Holly dives on top of Snow.


 They spill out onto a truck and later to the production truck(shame they did not kill Kevin Dunn). Snow hiptosses Holly onto a hood of a car before dropping an elbow, only two for Al. Holly and Snow stumble back to the ring as Al stops a cover to break the table, Snow measures Holly, laying him out on the table, Snow ascends to the top, Holly smashes Snow with a frying pan as Holly lifts Al up for a superplex. Right through the table as both men lay knocked out.


 There are no countouts in a hardcore match, nobody told Mike Chioda the referee as the announcers make fun of him over commentary. Holly drapes an arm over Snow to break the count but it only gets two, Al reaches for Head and nails Holly, we have a new hardcore champion. Fun match, hardcore matches can be hit and miss but this was fun, perhaps slightly on the long side it was still an enjoyable watch.


Winner: Al Snow over Hardcore Holly via Head Shot!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Goldust W/ Blue Meanie  vs Godfather©

Since Wrestlemania, Goldust had defeated Road Dogg for the intercontinental title while also losing it to Godfather. We have Hos at ringside and Blue Meanie as Godfather takes off his half a dozen chains. Goldust cheap shots Godfather but Godfather takes over with a back body drop and two clotheslines, Goldust rakes the eyes and hammers away on the champion. Goldust is sent over the top by the champion as Blue Meanie tends to his “mommy”, Goldust walks away as the title does not mean that much to the bizarre one. Meanie convinces Goldust otherwise as Goldust runs back into the ring, Godfather scoop slams and leg drops Goldust for a two count.


 Meanie grabs Godfather’s foot as Goldust clotheslines the hcmapion over the top. Meanie assaults Godfather behind the ref’s back as Goldust clotheslines Godfather. Meanie hands Goldust a bag of white powder to blind Godfather but it backfires as Goldust is blinded, Meanie comes in and hammers away on Meanie, Shattered Dreams by Goldust on Meanie as Goldust thinks he is attacking Godfather.


 Shuffle side kick by Godfather, Meanie and Goldust lay in the corner, Ho Train by The Godfather and Godfather nails the pimp drop, retaining the championship. Fun match I like the powder spot and the wrestling was fine.


Winner: Godfather over Goldust via Pïmp Drop!


(Number One Contender’s Match For Tag Team Titles) Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart W/ Debra vs The New Age Outlaws

Road Dogg gets on the mic and asks to see Debra’s puppies as she begins to pose as Jarrett pulls her away, Road Dogg tells Jarrett to stop being so possessive and Billy thinks about showing his ass before Jarrett and Owen attack the outlaws. Billy starts off with Owen Hart, loud nugget chants directed at Owen Hart, European uppercut by Hart, Billy ducks the clothesline, tremendous dropkick and a gorilla press slam as Billy works the arm and tags in Road Dogg.


 Side headlock by Road Dogg as Owen uses his superior wrestling to take down Road Dogg, Jarrett comes in, swinging neckbreaker and a leg across the throat complete with strut by Double J. Right hands by Road Dogg and knee drop, two count for Road Dogg. Blind tag and Owen Hart enters the match, miscue by Jarrett and Hart double dropkicks by The Outlaws. Hart regains the advantage with an enzuigiri that takes Road Dogg’s head off. Double clothesline by Jarrett and Hart, Road Dogg hits an inverted atomic drop but cannot capitalize as Jarrett’s dropkick sends Dogg to the outside. Owen Hart and Jarrett double teams Road Dogg as Road Dogg becomes isolated from his corner.


 Backslide pin by Road Dogg, Dogg gets a visual pin on Hart but referee is distracted by Jarrett. More double teaming on Road Dogg as Billy has words with the referee, powerslam by Jarrett for a two count. Mid-air collision as Road Dogg and Jarrett are down. Sleeper hold by Hart, Road Dogg applies a sleeper on Hart and there is another mid-air collision as both men are down centre of the ring. Billy gets the tab, exploding like a ball of energy, dropkicks and slams by Mr.Ass, Road Dogg comes in and it is a double ten punch in the corner by The Outlaws.


 Double Irish whip as Jarrett and Hart bang heads, Billy and Jarrett go over the top rope to the floor. Debra distracts Road Dogg on the apron but it backfires as Road Dogg hits the pumphandle slam for two. Sharpshooter by Hart on Road Dogg but Billy Gunn hits the Fame Asser on Hart and pins him. Really good match with Billy being on fire when he came in the ring and Hart and Jarrett playing annoying cheating little dickheads.


Winners: New Age Outlaws over Hart & Jarrett via FameAsser!


(Boiler Room Brawl must escape to win) Big Show vs Mankind

Big Show and Mankind’s rivalry continues from Wrestlemania as Big Show steps into Mankind’s world a match that Mankind has never lost, the boiler room brawl. Big Show enters the room searching for the deranged Mankind, Mankind jumps the larger Show with brooms, breaking them over the monster’s head. Big Show tosses Mankind to the floor dumping lockers and trash all over him.


 Mankind is flung over a table before the table is thrown at his head, rake to the eyes by Mankind as he throws right hands at the seven foot giant. Mankind tosses sheets over the head of the Big Show, breaking at least eight. Show counters with a trash can to the face of Mankind, Show continues the assault by smashing the can over his head. Big Show puts Mankind into a trolley before tossing him into large boards a scoop slam had Mankind writhing around in pain. Mankind falls under one of the boards as it crushes his lungs, Big Show walks away from Foley before Foley smashes glass over the head of Big Show.


 Mankind messes up his hand which is cut badly due to the glass, Mankind climbs a ladder trying to reach something before being chokeslammed through two tables covered in glass, Mankind gets right back up which is weird I thought it was a big spot. Apparently not to Mankind who screams and brawls with the larger Big Show, right hands from Big Show another scoop slam on a metal like stairs.


 Foley is rammed over more boards as Big Show feels it is time to escape. Mankind breaks a pipe in front of Show, blinding him as Mankind grabs a pipe and bashes Show’s brains in, leaving the Show buried under a pile of pipes, Foley begins crawling to victory and reaches his destination before being assaulted by Bossman and Test. Big Show awakens and has left the corporation since Wrestlemania, Big Show scares off Bossman and Mankind puts Socko onto Test as Test passes out.


Winner: Mankind over Big Show via Escape!


X-Pac vs Triple H W/ Chyna

Ah yes, the beginning of Triple H’s dickhead heel run, seems so long ago. Triple H turned on D-X at Wrestlemania by pedigreeing X-Pac in his match with Shane Mcmahon. These two would battle it out tonight as years of friendship came to an end. A slugfest begins the match as Triple H catches X-Pac with an elbow, X-Pac knocks his former friend down with his kicks. Triple H powders as Helmsley regroups on the outside.


 Helmsley tastes the steps as X-Pac stays on the attack, not for long as X-Pac lets his anger get the best of him. Triple H sends X-Pac over the top to the floor, Chyna teases a cheap shot but it backfires as X-Pac sees Triple H coming as they move to the Spanish announce table, X-Pac atstes the steel steps as Triple H is in control, X-Pac fires back and gets a two count with a spinning heel kick. Thumb to the eye as X-Pac goes for a bronco buster but he misses thanks to Chyna’s distraction. Clothesline by Helmsley who works the neck of X-Pac who has had severe neck injuries in the past. Swinging neckbreaker by Triple H, two count for Triple H.


 Front facelock by Triple H as X-Pac fades as Chyna smiles on from ringside. X-Pac tries battling back but Helmsley cuts him off with a hair pull and knees to the back of the head. Submission move by Hunter as he keeps working the neck, X-Pac’s arm drops twice before he counters his former best friend, right hands from the kid but no, Hunter cuts X-Pac off again. Chyna slams X-Pac onto the barricade forearms across the neck of X-Pac. Inside cradle by X-Pac but Triple H scores with a clothesline, front facelock and a sleeper by Triple H. Sleeper by X-Pac but it does not last, back suplex by Triple H. Right hands from Pac, spinning heel kick, clothesline by X-Pac. Tornado DDT for two as Chyna comes up on the apron, pedigree attempt is countered into a low blow by X-Pac, two count for X-Pac. Helmsley meets the steel steps as X-Pac rolls into the ring, baseball slide attempt results in referee being knocked down. X-Factor but there is no referee.


 Low blow by Chyna and a falling reverse ddt, Chyna places Triple H on top but the lights go out, it is X-Pac’s tag team partner Kane. Business just picked up, Chyna stands defiant in the ring, big mistake Helmsley eats a chokeslam and so does Chyna for being foolish(I miss the old Kane). Kane places Triple H and Chyna in the corner while X-Pac comes to his feet. Kane leaves his work accomplished, referee is back up and X-Pac surveys the scene, double bronco buster on both but Triple H comes to his feet and nails the pedigree and Triple H wins. Good match with a lot of psychology but the crowd did not care unfortunately as they mostly chanted boring.


Winner: Triple H over X-Pac via Pedigree!


Ken Shamrock vs Undertaker

Heel vs heel is not usually a good idea, especially when you are not planning on turning either man, what is also disappointing is it is well known of Taker’s appreciation of MMA and Shamrock was one of the early pioneers of the sport in Japan in Pancrase and in the UFC so you think there would be a lot to work off in this match. Sadly, the crowd did not care one bit about this match. Undertaker dominates in the early going with Old School and clotheslines before Shamrock targets the left leg of The Phenom.


 Undertaker comes back with chokes and a back suplex, headbutt by Taker, right hands rocking Shamrock, Shamrock counters a back drop with a sunset flip into a knee bar(Beautiful counter). Shamrock goes after that left leg of Taker, Taker battles out of a leg grapevine, elbow to the face of Shamrock. Gut punches and the chin by Taker, hip toss is countered by Shamrock into a rolling knee bar, it is such a shame that it gets no reaction from the fans, they are trying to sell drama and that Taker is in serious danger but they could not care for Shamrock’s offence and transitions. Shamrock stomps on Taker’s ankle repeatedly. They continue the brawl in the ring as Undertaker has to reach the ropes to get away from Shamrock, Taker powders and stunguns Shamrock to gain some recovery time. Shamrock is rammed into the steel steps as Undertaker tosses Shamrock back in the ring, right hands to the back, backbreaker by The Deadman, Shamrock is being stretched just like he would stretch his opponents in Pancrase (Must be a humbling experience).


 Bow and arrow submission by The Undertaker, scoop slam Undertaker goes for a leg drop and Shamrock locks in another heel hook on Taker, another nice move by Shamrock but the crowd goes mild. Undertaker counters Shamrock’s heel hook into a single leg boston crab, right hands from Shamrock, Taker is reeling but he nails Shamrock with a clothesline, spinning elbow from Shamrock, calf kick from Shamrock but it is to no avail, Taker big boots the smaller man. Chop block by Shamrock and a frankensteiner pin and only two. Armbar transition into Ankle Lock, Taker knocks off Shamrock, Taker goes for the tombstsone but Shamrock locks in the ankle lock.


 Bradshaw interferes and distracts Shamrock, Taker goes for a chokeslam but it is countered into an armbar, Shamrock gets a little too cute though as he tries to lift Taker which results in a tombstone by The Phenom, Undertaker walks away with the win. Bradshaw assaults Shamrock after the match with a baseball bat. Shamrock busted out some great counters in this match but the crowd was just not into this match. A shame really but what can you do..


Winner: Undertaker over Shamrock via Tombstone!


(WWF Championship Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs The Rock (Shane Mcmahon = Special Guest Referee)

 A No Holds Barred Match with the stipulation that if Austin gets disqualified for touching referee Shane Mcmahon, the championship would change hands. Vince was preoccupied with Undertaker and his stalking of Stephanie, Shane criticized his father and took over the corporation from Vince. As Shane assumed command, he had one goal in mind, help Rock retain the championship. In the lead up to this match, there were quite the few memorable segments such as Rock stealing Stone Cold’s Smoking Skull Championship as well as Austin’s mock funeral, just thinking about it gets me pumped up for this match, Austin runs down the ramp and lays into The Rock, Shane distracts Austin and Rock begins laying the smackdown.


 Shane orders the timekeeper to take Austin’s Smoking Skull belt back to his office to further frustrate Austin. Austin nails a Lou Thesz Press before Rock takes over with a swinging neckbreaker. Loud Rocky sucks chants as Austin battles back, Rock turns the tables with Austin being thrown to the floor, clothesline on the ramp by the challenger, stomps to the Rattlesnake. Rock grabs a fire extinguisher and nails the champion. Rock sends Austin into the entrance set as it all comes crashing down on The Rattlesnake.


 The Brahma Bull chokes the champion Austin on the entrance set as the crowd roars for Austin. Rock tries for a suplex but it backfires, suplex on the floor from the champion. Right hand from Austin, Rock goes into the entrance set, Austin chokes Rock with a camera cable. Rock regains control and sends Austin onto the concrete with a big clothesline. Scoop slam by Austin on the floor, knees from Austin as Rock tastes the barricade, irish whip into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Austin stomps a mudhole in the Rock and walks it fry. Shane gets in Austin’s face, Rock tries to capitalize but gets send flying over the top rope. Flying clothesline from Austin, they are on the Spanish Announce table, Rock low blows Austin, Rock Bottom through the announce table.


 Right hands by The Rock, Austin grabs a chair and Shane takes it to give to The Rock. Austin blocks the chair shot but is sent flying into the fans. Rock is in control, low blow to the champion courtesy of The Rock. Rock starts clearing the other announce table before grabbing a camera from ringside, Rock views the crowd and gives the middle finger to Austin. Rock admires the fans a little too much as Austin raises to his feet and eats a Stunner on the announce table. Both men end up in the ring, fatigued and badly beaten up, Austin measures for  a Stunner, Rock reverses and sends Austin into Shane, Rock Bottom by The Rock, Shane grabs Rock’s hand and we get a two count, Shane cannot believe what is happening.


 Shane grabs the WWF Championship attempting to attack Austin, Rock gets nailed with the belt and Austin makes the cover, Shane begins counting and then screws Austin by not counting the pin. Vince comes to ringside with the Smoking Skull Belt, Shane gets in Vince’s face and Vince clocks Shane with the belt, Earl Hebnar is now the referee. Rock swings the belt at Austin, miss, Austin hits The Stunner and knocks The Rock with the belt. Austin retains! What a fun match between these two who were on fire! Much better than their Wrestlemania 15 match.


 Austin celebrates with both belts as we cut to backstage footage of Stephanie Mcmahon waiting in her limo for Vince before the driver floors it. It turns out the driver is none other than The Undertaker. What will undertaker do to Stephanie? Where is Stephanie being taken? You had to watch Raw to find out and what a night it would be on Raw.


Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over The Rock via Belt Shot!


Overall, for me Backlash was a one match show, it was all Rock vs Austin and this match had enough excitement and drama for the whole pay per view. There were fun moments like the hardcore match and the boiler room brawl but there was not too much interesting outside of the WWF Championship Match. That title match was great though, a much better match than Wrestlemania, Stone Cold and Rock tore it up in that ring and with Shane as a referee, there was so much drama. An ok pay per view with a great main event is the best way to describe this pay per view. Next up is the U.K. exclusive pay per view No Mercy, a pay per view I have never seen before so it should be fun!

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