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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 17: WWF King of The Ring 1999 Review

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Good day to you all my wrestling fans of the world, later today we will have Money In The Bank, one of the best B pay per views of the year produced by our beloved WWE. But we are not here to discuss Money In The Bank predictions, we are here to discuss the 1999 King Of The Ring, a former great B pay per view produced by the WWE. The King Of The Ring would return from time to time after 2002(the last year it was held as a stand alone pay per view) but with no major success for its superstars who achieved the honour of winning The King Of The Ring except Booker T who would win a world championship due to his king inspired gimmick. It was an interesting time in the WWF, we had seen the culmination of the Higher Power Corporate Ministry storyline with Vince Mcmahon being revealed as the higher power and his motive was to screw Austin out of the title picture which made no sense due to Vince and his family suffering numerous attacks at the hands of The Undertaker. In retaliation for Vince’s actions, Linda Mcmahon appointed Stone Cold Steve Austin as CEO of the WWF and The Texas Rattlesnake would battle both Vince and Shane in a handicap ladder match to decide who controls the WWF. The Rock would battle The Undertaker for the WWF Championship and we would crown a new King Of The Ring. The night is young so let’s indulge ourselves on the spectacle that was WWF’s King Of The Ring 1999.

Hardcore Holly vs X-Pac

Before the match begins, we see that Ken Shamrock was brutally assaulted at the hands of Steve Blackman which may have Shamrock injured for his match against Mr. Ass in The King Of The Ring. Shane Mcmahon may have been injured by Ken Shamrock so it might be Austin vs Vince in a ladder match. Hardcore Holly makes his way to the ring and I am left thinking there could have so many others I would have put in Holly’s spot like D’Lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett and Val Venis, I do not want to knock Holly but I think they were a few more interesting competitors put in this tournament.

 Shoulder block by Holly, no mention of these two winning the tag team titles together unfortunately (would love to hear Sparky Plugg and 123 Kid the former friends). Holly starts off the aggressor by blocking a bronco buster attempt and nailing a stiff clothesline, X-Pac counters with a crossbody before eating a powerbomb courtesy of Holly. X-Pac fires back with a belly to back suplex and a spinning heel kick. Kicks in the corner by X-Pac and a bronco buster as Holly powders to the outside. Holly grabs a chair and nails X-Pac in the head and gets disqualified in the process.

 Holly adds in a neckbreaker for good measure, Road Dogg makes the save for X-Pac but the story is told, X-Pac’s neck has been damaged and he is going against the odds by continuing the tournament while clearly being hurt. Short match with the emphasis being the story told which is easy to follow and effective as we are sympathetic towards X-Pac. Terry Taylor of all people interviews Holly who basically says he does whatever he wants.

Winner: X-Pac over Holly by DQ!

Big Show vs Kane

Two faces going at it, two monsters going at it in a battle of the titans, The Big Red Machine Kane taking on The World’s Largest Athlete. Big Show gets in Kane’s face as Kane battles away at The Big Show. Show tosses Kane into the corner and stomps Kane in the chest, Show tosses Kane halfway across the ring and throws some Kevin Nash elbows and knees. Irish whip by Big Show into the corner, Show misses the splash and Kane starts choking Show but it does not last long.

 Show runs over Kane with a clothesline and a huge elbow, two count for Show. Enzuigiri by Kane which momentarily stops Show, double big boot by the two big guns, Kane lands on the outside and Show grabs Kane by the hair. Big mistake as Kane counters with a stungun and goes up top, Clothesline from the top by Kane. Kane hammers away on Show and chokes his opponent. Big Show side kicks referee Jim Korderas, low blow by Kane, Hardcore Holly who has been feuding with Show brings a chair into the ring, intending to destroy Show. Kane stops Holly and plants him with a chokeslam, Big Show and Kane brawl before Kane attempts a chokeslam on Show, Show begins fading as he takes a knee.

 Awkward spot as Kane stands over Show who is on one knee for seemingly forever as the crowd turns on the two men. Show begins coming back to life but it does not last long as Kane cracks Show’s skull with the steel chair. 1…2…3 Kane advances into the next round with a chair shot to Big Show. Controversial ending perhaps for this face vs face match? I’ll let you decide, it was a fine match between these two.

Winner: Kane over Big Show via Chair Shot!

Mr. Ass vs Ken Shamrock

Michael Cole interviews Vince who provides us with an update that Shane cannot compete tonight. Mr. Ass comes to ringside with a tag team title which confused the hell out of me as D-X are broken up at the time. It is later explained that basically Mr. Ass stole the belt from The Acolytes. Billy Gunn calls out an injured Shamrock for being a punk and faking his injuries, Shamrock walks out with blood dripping from his mouth and walks to the ring. Billy Gunn dropkicks Shamrock’s injured ribs, the commentators describing that Shamrock has internal bleeding and that Shamrock should not be competing. Shamrock nails Gunn with a roundhouse kick but is clearly in pain. Backbreaker by Mr. Ass, gut punches and kicks by Gunn.

 Shamrock locks in an Ankle Lock briefly but Gunn counters quickly. Shamrock is dropped rib first on the barricade as Shamrock tries to roll Billy Gunn into another Ankle Lock. Referee Teddy Long continues to check on Shamrock who will not quit. Scoop slam by Billy Gunn as Billy misses a splash from the top. Shamrock dodges, spinning elbow by Shamrock and a calf kick. Shamrock attempts a hurricanrana but Gunn counters with a sit out powerbomb. Referee calls for the bell as Shamrock cannot continue. More good story telling from here that makes up for the ring work.

Winner: Billy Gunn over Shamrock due to referee stoppage!

Road Dogg vs Chyna W/ Triple H

Chyna making history casually as you do by becoming the first and only woman to ever enter The King Of The Ring tournament. Chyna had assaulted Road Dogg on Heat so Chyna had outsmarted her former friend but could she do it again? Tie up with Chyna shoving Road Dogg down, Road Dogg is hesitant to hit the woman Chyna. They wrestle with hammerlocks and armwringers before Chyna elbows Road Dogg knocking him down. Side headlock by Road Dogg as Chyna powers out, forearm shot by Chyna as Triple H talks trash at ringside. Side headlock by Chyna, Road Dogg battles back before eating another forearm.

 Kicks in the corner by Chyna and forearm shots which take their toll on Road Dogg. Hard Irish whip takes Road Dogg down, stiff forearms, and shoulder thrusts, Road Dogg sents Chyna flying over the top rope, Triple H gets in Dogg’s face, Chyna takes advantage by tossing Road Dogg into the turnbuckle. Triple H takes control on the outside, Chyna kicks and more forearms from the ninth wonder of the world. Kicks to the ribs by Chyna, shots to the mid-section by Road Dogg before Chyna nails a DDT.

 Two count for Chyna, stiff kicks to the back and a scoop slam, elbows from Chyna. For good measure, Chyna nails Road Dogg’s signature knee drop as Jerry Lawler loves it. Chyna locks in a sleeper just as Road Dogg was fighting back. Road Dogg locks in a sleeper of his own, Chyna reaches out for Triple H. Triple H places Chyna’s foot on the ropes, Chyna goes for a roll up, two count with Road Dogg being sent into the referee. Triple H uses a chain to KO Road Dogg, Chyna is placed on top but Road Dogg kicks out. Commissioner Shawn Michaels comes to ringside, Road Dogg punches Chyna, and hits his knee drop. Triple H pulls Shawn Michaels off the apron. Road Dogg looks on distracted with the referee, Chyna goes for low blow and hurts her arm.

 Why? Because Road Dogg was wearing a cup of course! Road Dogg nails the pump handle drop for the win. Not much to say here about the match, Chyna was not very good but she was in there with Road Dogg who for me is very boring as a singles wrestler, he has two moves and gets beaten for the majority of the match. Chyna does not have a lot of offence in this match that looks credible so the match is largely boring.

Winner: Road Dogg over Chyna via PumpHandle Drop!

The Brood W/ Gangrel vs The Hardy Boyz W/ Michael Hayes (Number One Contenders Match for The Tag team Titles)

Matt Hardy and Christian kick us off before Matt tags in his brother Jeff who whips Christian all around the ring before Christian counters with a gutbuster. Edge is tagged in and we see a double hiptoss. Jeff counters Edge with a headscissors takeover, Jeff and Edge start killing one another before Edge counters Jeff’s headscissors attempt with an Alabama slam. Jeff tags Matt and they hit Poetry In Motion.

 Edge counters Matt with Christian entering the ring. Falling reverse DDT for Christian is countered by Matt with a northern lights suplex. Second time is the charm for Christian as he nails the falling reverse DDT. Hot tag to Edge who runs wild before Michael Hayes intervenes and gets nailed with a spear. Hardys try poetry in motion again but it fails as Edge nails a spear from the second rope on Jeff.

 Matt breaks up the pin, Christian dives over the top to Matt, Michael Hayes battles with Gangrel before Edge and Jeff brawl in the ring. Gangrel tries to help his team but it backfires as Gangrel spits in Edge’s face rather than Jeff’s face. Twist of Fate by Jeff for the win. Fun Match from these two who would revive the WWF’s tag team division along with The Dudley Boyz.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz over The Brood due to Twist of Fate!

Mr. Ass vs Kane (Semi-Final)

Before the match, Vince tells the crowd that Shane cannot compete tonight in the handicap ladder match. Vince cancels the match but Shawn says no no. Vince has a plan though, he will find a suitable replacement, in-fact he has a suitable replacement for tonight. Who will it be? Billy Gunn AKA Mr. Ass had breezed past Shamrock due to Shamrock’s injury but this is against Kane, Billy Gunn’s odds are not looking too good right about now. Right hands from Mr. Ass but it has no effect as Kane smacks Gunn around the ring.

 Big clothesline, headbutt and stomps in the corner. Billy powders, uppercut by Kane as Billy Gunn falls to the floor. Kane grabs the steel steps but Billy dropkicks the steps into Kane’s face. Right hands by Billy Gunn, Kane meets the ringpost twice. Stomps from Billy and a choke hold from Mr. Ass. Gunn could not nail The FameAsser as Kane makes his comeback with clotheslines and dropkicks (yes dropkicks).

 Billy grabs a chair while Big Show comes ringside, Big Show takes the chair from Mr. Ass while Kane shoves down the referee. Big Show smacks Kane in the head and Billy rolls up The Big Red Machine. Billy cheats to advance to the finals!

Winner: Billy Gunn over Kane due to Big Show's Interference!

X-Pac vs Road Dogg (Semi-Final)

Two remaining members of D-X battle it out as X-Pac takes on Road Dogg. X-Pac nails a belly to back suplex to take down his buddy. Leg drop and a cover by X-Pac, two count for X-Pac. Sleeper by X-Pac gets countered as Road Dogg goes for his signature punch and knee drop combo.

 Two count for Road Dogg, chest slaps from Road Dogg to X-Pac, X-Pac fires back with a spinning heel kick, kicks to the mid-section, bronco buster misses for X-Pac as Road Dogg tries for a pump handle drop but X-Pac counters and nails the X-Factor. Short match that is about the neck injury to X-Pac.

Winner: X-Pac over Road Dogg via X-Factor!

(WWF Championship) The Rock vs The Undertaker © W/ Paul Bearer

The Rock had survived what was essentially a handicap match against Triple H and Undertaker to receive his shot at the WWF Championship, would The People’s Champion become The WWF Champion once more? Triple H would challenge the winner of this match for the championship so keep that in mind as we begin. Loud Rocky chants to begin with as Undertaker stares down the referee, Undertaker jumps the referee immediately, Rock nails The Rock Bottom, no referee as Rock had Undertaker beaten within seconds.

 Referee Earl Hebnar races down to count the pin but Paul Bearer pulls out Earl and nails him. Chokeslam by Undertaker, Mike Chioda revives and counts, two count for Undertaker he cannot believe it. Rock fires back with a clothesline and right hands to The Phenom. Undertaker is sent over the top ropes as they brawl on the entrance way. Rock and Undertaker make their way to the left side of the entrance stage as Rock gets knocked on his ass with a clothesline from The Deadman. Retaliation right hands from The Rock as they brawl to the other side of the entrance way.

 Suplex on the ramp by Undertaker, keeping the challenger down. Rock is sent into the steel steps as Taker stalks his prey, Rock tossed back into the ring. Kicks to the head by Undertaker, Undertaker attempts Old School but falls groin first. Rock grabs a bottle of water from ringside and spits in the face of the champion. Some good old crowd brawling from Rock and Undertaker (it seems to be all the rage back in those days). Rock tries to whack Undertaker with a chair but Taker blocks with a ringbell (Shouldn’t that be a disqualification?). Undertaker distracts the referee while Paul Bearer brings his shoe down on the head of The Rock.

 The Rock mounts a comeback with right hands but Undertaker cuts him off with DDT. Chinlock by Undertaker who is choking the life out of The Rock. Undertaker extends his advantage with a big boot to the face of the challenger. Rock and Undertaker trade reversals before Rock drops the champion with a Samoan drop. Two and a half for The Rock, both men stagger to a vertical base, Rock has Undertaker reeling but both men taste the floor as a double clothesline scores. Rock pulls himself up, Undertaker sits up, right hand by Rock multiple right hands from the challenger. Thumb to the eye by Taker, he attempts the tombstone, it is reversed and Rock plants Taker with a DDT. Two and a half for The Rock! Undertaker sends Rock into the referee(third ref bump already). People’s elbow as Rock gets a second visual pinfall on Undertaker, low blow by Undertaker as Paul Bearer shows the crowd he has some sort of liquid to knock out The Rock. The Rock grabs the rag with the substance on it, Rock knocks out Undertaker.

 Triple H sprints to the ring and nails Rock with the pedigree. Undertaker climbs to one knee and breaks the referee’s ten count. Undertaker drops an arm on The Rock, 1..2.. Kickout by The Rock! Undertaker measures The Rock and scores with The Tombstone Piledriver. A lot of referee bumps like seriously three? Another good story told here though as Rock is put over as one hell of a competitor as he survived so much abuse from Undertaker and Triple H and had visual pinfalls on The Undertaker. Triple H is revealed as Vince Mcmahon’s secret partner but it backfires as Shawn Michaels the commissioner has security escort Triple H out of the arena. Vince could be all alone against Austin.

Winner: The Undertaker over The Rock via Shenanigans!

X-Pac vs Mr. Ass (King Of The Ring Final)

Billy Gunn has cheated his way to the finals, Big Show helped Billy beat Kane, Shamrock was injured so Billy received an easy pass. X-Pac has an injured neck he is the underdog in this match. Billy jumps his former friend to begin the match and works X-Pac’s neck. Splashes from Billy Gunn and a bulldog puts down X-Pac. Gorilla press slam by Billy as X-Pac cannot mount any continued offence. Front facelock by Mr. Ass and a powerslam by good measure. FameAsser by Billy Gunn, two count for Mr. Ass. X-Pac hits his first real move with The X-Factor.

 Two count as X-Pac cannot capitalise due to his injuries, bronco buster by X-Pac. X-Pac winds up for a spinning heel kick but Mr. Ass counters with a neckbreaker. Billy goes up top but X-Pac crotches Mr. Ass with a dropkick. They battle on the top rope before Billy pushes X-Pac off the top rope and lands a FameAsser from the second rope.

 Quick match with Mr. Ass dominating due to X-Pac’s injury. Like I said before, Billy Gunn would have his best run in early 1999 as the company got behind him. Unfortunately, politics would damage Billy’s run but from Wrestlemania until Summerslam, Mr. Ass would have a great singles run in the WWF.

Winner: Billy Gunn over X-Pac via second rope FameAsser!

(Handicap Ladder Match For The Control of The WWF) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Vince and Shane Mcmahon

Good god Austin vs Mcmahon was pure gold and even though Vince being the higher power was completely ridiculous, just watching the promo package brings so many happy memories. Vince comes to the ring alone who shall be his partner? Vince’s partner will be Shane’s replacement, and GTV strikes again as Shane is revealed to be absolutely fine. Shawn Michaels catches Shane faking the injuries so Steve Blackman is no longer the replacement and Shane will compete in the match.

 The Mcmahons try running away, not too good of an ideas Austin nails both men. Austin stomps the hell out of Vince and a Lou Thesz Press on Shane. Stomps on Vince’ back, running elbow to Vince. Austin grabs Shane and jeopardizes the boy wonder’s chances of having children(you can figure out what happened). Vince outsmarts Austin and Austin runs right into a clothesline from Shane, the Mcmahons team up but the advantage does not last long as Austin whips Shane  into the steel steps and knocks Vince down.

 Austin throws Vince at the stage, Shane climbs the stage which is contrasted of ladders. Austin and Shane stand upon the ladders before Austin knocks Shane to the floor(must have been sore). Vince is tossed through a ladder twice, Shane is tossed through as well. Austin makes the ladders collapse on top of Vince and Shane as Austin stomps away at the two. Stone Cold brings a ladder into the ring, Shane tries to stop Austin but it does not go to plan, Vince tastes the ladder as does Shane who is knocked over the announce table. Shane is placed on the Spanish Announce Table as Austin begins climbing, elbow from the ladder through the table.

 Vince and Austin meet at top the ladder but Vince gets the advantage as Austin lands on the announce table. Vince ascends the ladder in the ring, Austin is up and a low blow to the crown jewels, Austin rams Vince’s head into the ladder with a suplex type move off the ladder. Austin sandwiches the Mcmahons between the ladder, catapult by Austin, Shane eats the ladder. Austin uses the ladder to stand on Shane’s back as Shane taps like a baby. Austin has both Mcmahons down, Austin begins climbing but Vince tips over Austin.

 Vince tries to boost Shane up but they need a ladder the fools! Vince places Shane on his shoulders to reach the briefcase, Austin measures The Mcmahons. Stunner on Vince, Stunner on Shane. Austin reaches for the briefcase but the briefcase is going further and further away, Vince is trying to reach for the case but Austin meets Vince and hammers away at Vince. Shane tips over Vince and Austin while climbing to the top, Shane grabs the briefcase.

 Good match with Austin beating the hell out of both Mcmahons, screwy finish which leads to the question who was lowering and raising the briefcase? Rumour has it that it was Jeff Jarrett but Austin refused to work with Jeff Jarrett due to being screwed over money by Jeff Jarrett’s father when Austin was working for him. Austin would have the last laugh though as the next night he would battle Undertaker for the WWF Championship and win the title much to Vince’s annoyance.

Winners: Shane & Vince Mcmahon over Austin via Shenanigans!

Overall, a solid pay per view from the WWF, I liked the story told through the King Of The Ring with Billy Gunn not proving himself and gaining advantages through luck and cheating like a heel should and X-Pac battling against the odds even with an injury like a plucky underdog face should, I liked the Hardys vs The Brood, the two teams shone and gave us a slight taste of what was yet to come from these two tag team juggernauts while The Rock proved he was the man against The Undertaker and it would only be a matter of time before he was champion once more. Finally. For what it was the main event was entertaining watching Austin beat the hell out of Vince and Shane. Join me next time for WWF’S Fully Loaded 1999, The End of The Austin vs Mcmahon Saga

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