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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 13: WWF Wrestlemania 15 Review

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It's me it's me it's that reviewer that is annoying as he can possibly be, yes that was lame and I apologize, I am very tired alcohol does not allow me to sleep very long so instead of sleeping off my hangover, I am awake at crazy hours like 7 in the morning(I forgot this time existed). So I started off the day by watching Wrestlemania 15, The Ragin Climax. The Grand Daddy of them all, Wrestling's Superbowl, Wrestling's World Cup/Champions League Final, Wrestling's Wimbledon, ok you get the picture. Tonight, the focus is on Stone Cold Steve Austin who is challenging for The WWF Championship against The Rock, Rock is backed by Mcmahon and his millions of dollars and The Corporation. Unfrotunately for Mcmahon, he cannot place all his focus on The Rock as The Ministry of Darkness led by The Undertaker are making threats to Vince and his family. Let us waste no more time and dive into some Wrestlemania action!


(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Al Snow vs Billy Gunn © vs Hardcore Holly


So let us decipher the confusion first as you may notice that Billy Gunn who had been fighting for the intercontinental championship for the past three months is now the hardcore champion while Road Dogg who was the hardcore champion is now intercontinental champion, really dumb move by WWF. Snow jumps Gunn in the beginning before Holly starts whooping all sorts of ass. Snow takes over and stomps both opponents into oblivion. Snow takes Holly to the outside with Billy Gunn blind siding Snow.


 Holly suplexes Snow on the rampway before Billy Gunn takes over again and smashes Snow into the steel steps. Billy attempts a piledriver on Holly but Snow breaks it up and grabs the first weapon of the match, a hockey stick. Snow reverts to his Shinobi days as he goes all ninja on Gunn and Holly. Gunn grabs the hockey stick and breaks it across Holly’s back. Snow grabs a broom and low blows Billy Gunn. Both Holly and Gunn are laying in a heap as Snow continues his beat down of both men. Al Snow takes a page out of Sabu’s book using a chair to attack both men, Snow misses Holly and Billy Gunn tosses Holly to the outside.


 Snow grabs Head and takes out Gunn and Holly. Snow goes for a table, Holly reverses Snow and nails him with a clothesline. Billy Gunn knocks out Holly with a steel chair shot and hip tosses Al through the table. Fame Asser by Billy Gunn on Al Snow, Gunn goes for the pin but Hardcore Holly smashes Gunn with a steel chair and steals the pin on Al Snow. Fun match with a lot of weapons, very enjoyable for an opener.


Winner: Hardcore Holly over Everyone Else via Chair Shot!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett W/ Debra © vs Test & D’Lo Brown W/ Ivory

Test and D’Lo had won a battle royal on Heat to team up and face Jarrett and Hart, Test and D’Lo have no respect for one another so the big question is whether these two men can co-exist or will they fall apart and be beaten by Jarrett and Owen Hart? D’Lo and Test jump the champions as Test boots Hart and knocks him to the outside, D’Lo squares off with Jarrett with D’Lo knocking Jarrett all around the ring with a hip toss and a forearm. D’Lo tags Test and Hart comes in as well, Hart tries attacking Test but pays for it with a gutwrench powerbomb by Test.


 Hart stays alive with an enzuigiri, Hart goes for sharpshooter but D’Lo makes the save with a clothesline. Jarrett cheap shots D’Lo and now the champions take control, Jarrett enters the ring, double clothesline by the champions. Strut by Jarrett as he tags in Hart, double clothesline by D’Lo and a pair of scoop slams and right hands. Sky High by D’Lo on Jarrett but Owen breaks it up, Ivory and Debra get into it on the outside, D’Lo was preparing for a powerbomb before Owen Hart nails a dropkick and Jarrett jacknife pins D’Lo for the win. A very quick match with the right team winning.


Winners: Jarrett & Hart over Test & D'Lo Brown via jacknife pin!


(Boxing Match) Butterbean vs Bart Gunn

Where do I begin? Hmmm…. So the WWF held a real boxing tournament dubbed The Brawl For All where wrestlers fought each other for real with the hope that Steve Williams would win the tournament and feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, it did not go as planned as Bart Gunn knocked out Dr Death Steve Williams and so Bart was get off tv for a number of months and this was his reward, a fight with actual boxer Butterbean.


 This can only end badly and end badly it does, my commentary could not do this justice you just have to see the destruction of Bart Gunn in a matter of seconds, I really have no idea what they were thinking with this idea. Bart gets knocked within 10 seconds and 3 seconds later the match is over as Bart is murdered on pay per view. DUD a waste of time and had no place on a Wrestlemania Card, thank god it only lasted a couple of seconds.


Winner: Butterbean over Bart Gunn via Knockout!


Big Show vs Mankind (Winner referees Main Event)

Big Show’s first pay per view match in the WWF, Vince Mcmahon wants Big Show to win to referee the main event to secure Rock retaining the title while Mankind would referee the match fairly. Mankind tries battling the giant but it is to no avail as he eats a big boot courtesy of Paul Wight. Wight shoves Mankind into the steel steps as Mankind tries to make it to his feet. Right hands by the world’s largest athlete, big chops and clubs to the back by Big Show Paul Wight. Russian leg sweep by Show, Big Show misses the right hand and finds himself on the outside, Mankind gets Socko and applies it on the big man but Big Show headbutts out of the mandible claw, Mankind tries again but it is the same result as Big Show punches his way out.


 Third time is the charm as Big Show begins to sink to his knees, Mankind goes behind Big Show to help choke the big man out. Show is fading as the referee checks his hand. Show lifts up Mankind and falls back, all his weight crushing Mankind which Mankind sells like death is at his door. Kicks to the ribs by Show, Big Show grabs a chair and smashes the back of Mankind. Show grabs two chairs and throws both in the ring, Show sets up the two chairs and chokeslams Mankind through the chairs.


 Mankind wins due to disqualification as Big Show screws up big time, Vince Mcmahon comes to ringside, appalled by Big Show’s actions, Mcmahon gets in Big Show’s face for screwing up his plans and slaps some sense into the Big Show. Big mistake as Paul kills Vince with a right hand, Show would later be arrested on the show due to his assault of Mcmahon.


Winner: Mankind over Big Show by Disqualification!


(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Road Dogg © vs Val Venis vs Goldust W/ Blue Meanie & Ryan Shamrock vs Ken Shamrock

When people ask you who is the most useless IC champion of all time, do not say Santino say Road Dogg, he should have been fighting for the hardcore championship, not holding and defending the second most prestigious championship in company history. This is a four corner elimination match, Shamrock dominates early on as he starts beating the Road Dogg, corner kicks by the world’s most dangerous man, Road Dogg counters Shamrock and quickly tags out to Goldust, Goldust plants Shamrock with a spinebuster and a clothesline.


 Shamrock tags in Val but Val beats the piss out of Shamrock, Goldust tries for a curtain call but Val counters with a spinebuster. Goldust regains control with a clothesline, Goldust tries a top rope superplex but Val counters with a bulldog, Val gets a two count. Val nails a fisherman suplex, both man bang heads and Val nails Goldust in the groin. Road Dogg and Shamrock step in to ddt both legal men, referee starts a ten count, Goldust covers Val, Goldust gets another two count. Road Dogg cheap sots Val and Goldust, chops in the corner by Road Dogg before Val clotheslines the champion in the corner. Shake Rattle and Roll by Road Dogg as he nails all the challengers with right hands and his knee drop.


 Road Dogg celebrates too long as Val plants Dogg with a back suplex. Road Dogg counters with his pumphandle slam. Shamrock tags himself in and applies the ankle lock on Val, Val reaches the ropes, Val has Shamrock’s number with a baseball slide as they battle up the ramp. Both men are counted out and Shamrock snaps and suplexes Goldust and Road Dogg, Val and Shamrock are eliminated so we are down to two.


 Goldust covers Road Dogg but only gets a two count, Goldust whips Road Dogg but Road Dogg reverses the whip, Ryan Shamrock grabs Goldust’s foot by mistake, Road Dogg reverses a powerslam by Goldust and covers for the win. It was an alright match with Road Dogg getting the win.


Winner: Road Dogg over Everyone Else via Survival!


Kane W/ Chyna vs Triple H

Before the match, Kane tombstones Pete Rose continuing their feud from the previous Wrestlemania. Chyna had turned on D-X joining the corporation and Kane began to show feelings towards Chyna as he protected her when she was in the tag match at the last pay per view and when she was blinded by a fireball meant for Kane. Triple H low blows Kane to begin but Kane shakes the leader of D-X off. Big boot by Kane, Triple H throws Kane over the top rope before Kane drags Triple H out and starts destroying him. Triple H uses his quickness to counter Kane and send Kane into the steel steps. Kane is knocked to the floor by a high knee and a baseball slide from Triple H.


 Triple H rams Kane into the announce table and lays in the right hands on the big red machine. Kane comes back into the match with a big boot, Hunter is tossed to the outside with one hand by The Corporate Monster, Kane plants Triple H groin first onto the barricade. Kane irish whips Triple H hard into the turnbuckle as Kane decimates the leader of D-X. Choke in the corner by Kane as Triple H cannot get any momentum going in this match, Kane drops a leg and gets a two count. Triple H is tossed to the outside by Kane and Kane dives over the top rope (haven’t seen that before from Kane). Kane climbs to the top rope but Triple H drags Kane down, Kane sits up within seconds as Triple H dodges a splash and starts mounting a comeback, right hands from the game facebuster by Triple H and a high knee.


 Chyna makes her way to ringside as Triple H is livid, Chyna places steel steps in the ring as both men lay down after a failed pedigree attempt from Helmsley. Kane grabs the steel steps, Triple H kicks them into Kane’s face, drop toe hold by Triple H as Kane lays knocked out. Triple H clotheslines Kane to the outside, Kane tastes the barricade, Triple H tries for the pedigree on the steel steps but it is in vain as Kane back drops Triple H to the floor. Chokeslam by Kane, Kane has it won but Chyna grabs a chair and says she wants to take out Triple H.


 Huge shock as Chyna smashes Kane with the chair as Kane looks on confused at first wanting to kill Chyna but looking down confused afterwards (it is amazing how well Kane could emote with a mask on). Chyna and Triple H embrace as Kane wins by disqualification. Good angle and good reaction to Chyna’s return to D-Generation X.


Winner: Kane over Triple H by DQ!


(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Sable © vs Tori

Tori was originally Sable’s stalker of sorts, a crazed fan who wished to be like her idol Sable, Sable was not a fan of Tori and instead of being embraced by Sable, Tori was disrespected and assaulted by Sable which led us to this match. Have no idea what Tori is wearing, Sable keeps Tori on the outside before kicking Tori in the ribs, Tori is tossed to the outside as Sable shows off her ass in the ring(one thing she does well). Tori drags Sable to the outside and smashes Sable all around the barricade. Sable reverses Tori’s irish whip attempt and dives onto Tori with a crossbody that barely hits Tori.


 Another kick to the ribs by Sable, Sable begins dancing and gets clubbed by Tori, Tori punches Sable into the corner, Tori almost wins with a sunset flip before they trade pin attempts, Tori hits the referee by accident, Sable attempts a Sablebomb but Tori counters, Tori goes for the Sablebomb but Nicole Bass, an amazon of a woman gorilla press slams Tori.


 Sable powerbombs Tori for the exclamation point and Sable retains. That was poor but do not worry we will see much more terrible women’s matches over the course of the series. Sable would soon leave the WWF and Ivory would try to form a respectable reputation to a division that badly needed it after Sable.


Winner: Sable over Tori thanks to Nicole Bass!


(WWF European Championship Match) Shane Mcmahon © vs X-Pac

Thanks to Chyna, Shane Mcmahon was able to beat X-Pac for the championship on an episode of Raw. Mcmahon had stolen the bronco buster and X-Pac’s title, X-Pac is out for revenge. The Mean Street Posse(Shane’s childhood friends) sit at ringside and they will surely be involved. Shane taunts X-Pac before they finally get in the ring, X-Pac hammers away on Shane before Test pulls Shane out of the ring. Shane tries leaving the arena but X-Pac prevents Shane from leaving. Test attacks X-Pac as the referee is distracted by Shane.


 Shane throws left hands and knees at X-Pac, scoop slam by Shane as he goes for The People’s Elbow, Shane misses as Test appears on the apron. Low blow behind the referee’s back, Shane whips X-Pac with Test’s belt. X-Pac turns the tide with a backdrop over the top rope, X-Pac nails a body press over the top. The Mean Street Posse grab X-Pac before X-Pac knocks out all the Posse. Test helps Shane regain control with a clothesline, Shane hits a second rope elbow before X-Pac crotches Shane. Top rope superplex, Test pulls out X-Pac, Test attempts a spear but he misses and runs into the steel steps. X-Pac whips and kicks Shane and it is time for the bronco buster.


 Test is in the ring again and X-Pac gets nailed with the European title, Shane crawls over and covers X-Pac 1…2.. Kickout from X-Pac. Shane chokes X-Pac with the boot and Shane tries for the bronco buster but he misses, Test tries to get involved again but eats a kick from X-Pac. X-Factor as Chyna distracts the referee and Triple H gets involved, Triple H pedigrees X-Pac and Shane lays on top, Shane wins as Chyna and triple H join the corporation. Test and Triple H rough up X-Pac as The New Age Outlaws rush to X-Pac’s aid.


 Test and Triple H gain control as the lights go out and Kane comes to the rescue. So we have a great match that never should have achieved so highly as Shane is not even a trained wrestler, we have the beginning of Triple H’s single run and we have Kane’s first face turn I believe. D-Generation X would disintegrate before our very eyes.


Winner: Shane Mcmahon over X -Pac due to Shenanigans!


(Hell In a Cell Match) Big Bossman vs Undertaker

Probably the worst Hell In A Cell match of all time as Undertaker was beginning to shift focus onto Mr. Mcmahon as Bossman was fighting for The Corporation. Undertaker and Bossman battle it out as Paul Bearer screams nonsense from the outside of the cell. There is no real crowd reaction in this match which is shocking considering we are watching a Hell In A Cell. Undertaker takes over on Bossman early on as both man taste the steel, Bossman has handcuffs and nails Taker in the face, he cuffs Undertaker to the cage wall, Bossman grabs his nightstick and busts open Undertaker, Taker grabs a steel chair chair across the swell of the back as Bearer cackles in delight.


 Bossman is a bloody mess as the crowd stays almost silent like a Japanese crowd. Bossman counters old school and bumps Undertaker into the cell wall. Uppercuts by Bossman as Undertaker fires back, headbutt by Bossman but Undertaker low blows Bossman, Undertaker tries for the tombstone and nails it on the second attempt. That sucked really bad it was so tame for a Hell In A Cell. The Brood descend from the rooftop and hang Bossman from the ceiling on a rope. Yeah… no wonder they do not bring this up in Taker’s Mania matches.


Winner: Undertaker over Bossman via Tombstone Piledriver!


(WWF Championship Match) The Rock © vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Who will be the referee? Mankind was supposed to referee the match but he was in hospital with possibly internal bleeding and broken ribs, Big Show is in jail due to his attack on Mr. Mcmahon. Vince decided he would be the referee, and all was going so swimmingly until Commissioner Shawn Michaels said nope and thus, Mcmahon’s plans of screwing Austin were damaged. Jim Ross re-joins the commentary team for this match and I could not be happier as Cole was alright back in those days but JR is simply untouchable.


 Austin makes his way to the ring and starts talking trash to the champion, The Rattlesnake vs The Brahma Bull, Rock vs Austin, even the video package for this match is spectacular. They exchange right hands as Austin is dumped over the top rope by The Great One. Rock chokes Austin with his shirt, right hand from The Rock, right hands from Austin before Rock nails a thumb to the eye. Austin catches The Rock and sends him flying over the top rope, they brawl into the crowd. Austin double ax handles Rock back to ringside as Rock is sent through the crowd on the otherside of the ring, not a big fan of brawling in the crowd as they cannot do much interms of moves and you can bareky see what is going on out there. Rock regains control as they brawl up to the entrance way. Austin sends Rock into a barricade and explodes with a thunderous clothesline, right hands from Austin have Rock reeling. Austin goes for a piledriver but Rock scores with a back drop.


 Austin clutches his leg as Rock zeroes in on the heavily taped knee of The Rattlesnake. Low Blow from Austin but it is no disqualification thanks to the kindness of Mr. Mcmahon. Rock rakes the eyes but the advantage does not last long as Rock is sent face first into the entrance way. Rock turns the tide with a suplex on the concrete, Rock spits water in the face of Austin but it backfires as Rock is placed on the Spanish Announce Table. Elbow from Austin onto The Rock, table does not break so Austin goes for it again, the table collapses this time as Rock is taking an ass whooping.


 Rock rolls out of the ring away from Austin, grabbing the knee of Austin as Rock targets the knee, Austin uses his strength to kick off The Rock as Rock is sent into the steel steps, these two have not stayed in the ring longer than thirty seconds so far, it is crazy. Out of nowhere, Rock Plants Austin with The Rock Bottom, only two for the champion. Rock is frustrated and grabs a steel chair, miss by Rock and Austin nails the referee with the steel chair as Rock pulls him in the way. Rock grabs the chair, Austin counters but eats an elbow from Rock, Rock takes out his frustration on Austin with a steel chair to the knee and face. New referee comes in, Rock only gets a two count. Rock applies the sleeper, wearing down Austin. Austin fires back but Rock nearly takes his head off with a clothesline, another sleeper hold by the champion. Austin fires back but Samoan drop by Rock for two and a half. Rock nails The Rock Bottom on referee Tim White out of frustration, Austin nails the stunner but Rock kicks out of The Stunner! Lots of drama in this match as Vince is coming to ringside, Austin grabs a chair, Mcmahon taunts Austin, it succeeds as Rock nails a low blow, Vince gets in the ring and starts stomping away on Austin. Another referee is knocked out as Mankind makes his way to


 ringside, injured ribs and all. Mankind slides in and nails Mcmahon, Austin has the roll up but it is only two, Lou Thesz Press by Austin, elbow from Austin, Rock reverses Austin and Rock nails The Rock Bottom. Corporate Elbow time as Rock misses, Rock tries for Rock Bottom, Austin battles out and it’s the Stunner, Mankind counts the pin we have a new champion and it is Stone Cold Steve Austin!. Oh Hell Yeah, this might be the weakest of their Wrestlemania matches but that does not mean it sucks, the crowd was on fire and erupted when Austin nailed that final Stunner. Austin celebrates and stuns Mcmahon as we go off the air.


Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over The Rock via Stunner!


Overall, it is a hit and miss for me, The Hell In A Cell the Women’s match, The Bart Gunn catastrophe were all awful in my opinion while matches like Kane vs Triple H and the tag team title match were passable. The only highlights were Shane’s performance vs X-Pac and the main event. It was Wrestlemania though and I still thoroughly enjoyed watching this pay per view. Up next will be Backlash so I will see you next time!

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