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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 20: WWF Unforgiven 1999 Review

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Welcome one and all to our Journey Though The Attitude Era, a series which analyses all the pay per views from our beloved Attitude Era. Has Monday got you down, sad that Games Of Thrones is over for another series? Fear not as this review shall keep you strong for another night or disappoint you depending on the pay per view. Tonight, we analyse 1999’s Unforgiven, the main event is a 6 pack challenge for the vacant WWF Championship. Why was the championship vacant? Well Triple H won the championship on Raw the night after Summerslam from Mankind but Triple H foolishly crossed the boss and you do not mess with Vinny Mac. Vince fought Triple H on Smackdown and with the help of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince won the WWF Championship. Vince is not a competitor so he vacated the title and that’s how we got to the 6 pack challenge with Austin as the special guest referee. Another note is that most of the referees are on strike due to attacks at the hands of the wrestlers.

Steve Blackman vs Val Venis

Val stole Blackman’s weapon bag which led us to this match, The Brooklyn Brawler is the referee for this contest. Blackman and Val trade blows before Blackman misses a baseball slide, Val takes advantage momentarily before Blackman drops Val gingerly on the top rope. Blackman continues his dominance by sending Val into the steel steps, Val is tossed into the ringpost by Blackman. Two count for The Lethal Weapon, Val tries to fight back but gets caught with a backbreaker. Snap suplex from Blackman and a sleeper hold from The Lethal Weapon. Val battles back, desperation clothesline and rights hands from The Big Valbowski. Knees to the midsection and a side Russian legsweep, Val poses and pins Blackman for two.

 Crossbody attempt by Blackman is reversed by Val for another two count. Blackman plants Val with a spine buster for two. Val revives and nails a bulldog and DDT before scoring with The Money Shot. Decent match, not too short and not too long, Val grabs Blackman’s bag after the match but Val makes a mistake and Blackman Kos Val with the kendo stick. EMTs tend to Val including BB named for her.  Ugh… assets. Blackman attacks the head of security and pays for it with a tackle from Jim.(Head of Security and RIP).

Winner: Val Venis over Steve Blackman via Money Shot!

Promo Time

Big Show says he is going to win the 6 pack challenge, Michael Cole asks about The Undertaker. Undertaker had walked out of the WWF on Smackdown, the real reason was Undertaker had suffered a groin injury and would be out of action until May of 2000.

(WWF European Title Match) D’Lo Brown vs Mark Henry ©

Mark Henry was fat so D’Lo Brown his best friend whipped him into shape, D’Lo was tough on his friend but Henry lost the weight he needed to lose and all seemed right with the two best friends. However, at Summerslam Henry turned on his friend helping Jeff Jarrett become a eurocontinental champion. As a reward for Mark Henry, he was awarded the European championship by Jarrett. Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry comes out with two fine ladies as Mark says there will be no title match tonight. Mark was slapped in an interview by Lillian Garcia and cites this as an injury and thus, he cannot compete tonight. D’Lo enters the ring and says hell no we are having this match and the match goes ahead.

 The referee for this match is Dr. Tom Prichard, Mark smacks D’Lo around on the outside before they go toe to toe in the ring. Sky High by D’Lo in the early going after dodging a gorilla press slam. Two count for D’Lo, second rope elbow from the challenger, D’Lo charges Henry but it backfires and D’Lo is out Mark’s mercy but D’Lo was playing possum and he dodges Mark Henry. Plancha over the top rope from D’Lo, D’Lo goes high once more, crossbody and a two count for D’Lo again. Right hands from D’Lo but Henry shakes it off, gorilla press slam plants D’Lo. Sleeper hold and Henry drops a leg on D’Lo.

 D’Lo tries building momentum but Mark Henry squashes his former friends. Scoop slam and a leg drop from Henry, two count for the champion. Running splash in the corner, Henry perches D’Lo on the top rope and slams him to the canvas. D’Lo turns the tide with a hurricanrana. Both men are down, right hands from D’Lo, flying forearms from Brown, calf kick and a leg drop from Brown. Cover and just two for the challenger, D’Lo looks visibly frustrated and throws haymakers at Brown, Henry splashes Brown and starts punching D’Lo in the corner. Henry gets cocky and gets powerbombed by D’Lo, Lo Down frog splash from D’Lo and D’Lo is your new champion.

 I really liked this match, a lot more than I should have but D’Lo has won me over in the last couple of months and I have a soft spot for big guys especially Mark Henry after all the WWF have done to him. D’Lo was on fire in this match and the crowd loved him, Mark Henry was great in his role in that match. Cut to the locker room and the wrestlers beat the hell out of Chaz(AKA Mosh) as he has allegations of beating his girlfriend Marianna. No surprise this story was dropped quickly.

Winner: D'Lo Brown over Henry via Lo Down!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship) Jeff Jarrett © W/ Miss Kitty vs Chyna

Chyna was nearing being red hot, the crowd had erupted when she defeated Triple H to become number one contender for the WWF Championship. Plans would change and Chyna would not get her match but then she was embroiled in this feud with Jarrett, Jarrett a male sexist pig who felt women had their place in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Chyna would have her shot at the title and let’s see what she is made of in this match. Jarrett jumps Chyna to begin the match but Chyna takes it to Jarrett with a low blow and a couple of clotheslines. The referee is Harvey Whippleman of all people, Jarrett drags Chyna into the ringpost twice, the first time sternum first and the second time head first into the pole. Jarrett had attacked a number of women in the weeks leading up to this match applying the figure four to Lillian Garcia, Fabulous Moolah and others. Jarrett had also disrespected Debra his former valet.

 I mentioned this as Moolah and Mae Young sit at ringside. Jarrett continues to work Chyna and superplexes Chyna from the second rope. Chyna battles back against Double J, Jarrett dodges the splash and nails a single arm DDT from the second rope. Jarrett gets too cocky and Chyna drops Jeff with an electric chair drop like move. Jarrett catches Chyna with a sleeper, saying “she ain’t going anywhere”. Chyna counters Jeff and nails a suplex. Chyna blocks Jarrett’s punches, powerslam by the Ninth Wonder Of The World. Jarrett gets dropped with a powerbomb from Chyna, Jarrett returns the favour with a powerbomb of his own. Jarrett looks for the figure four but Chyna kicks Jarrett over the top rope, they brawl to the outside, Chyna nails Jarrett with a steel chair.

 Jarrett gets dropped on the announce table by Chyna. Back inside the ring, pedigree attempt from Chyna, Jarrett counters and Chyna is sent catapulted into the referee, referee is down. Miss Kitty gifts Jarrett the guitar, Moolah and Mae Young stop Jeff using the guitar and Mae and Moolah punch and double suplex Jeff. Jeff takes out Moolah and Mae with a double clothesline, Debra comes to ringside clearly after seeing enough, Debra knocks down Miss Kitty and grabs the guitar. Jeff doesn’t see it coming WHACK Debra just knocked out Jarrett with the guitar.

 Chyna surveys the scene and covers Jarrett,1…2…3 Chyna wins the intercontinental champion but wait referee Tom Prichard comes to ringside and shows footage of Debra attacking Jeff. The decision is reversed and Jarrett retains the title, Chyna isn’t happy and Tom Prichard pays the price, low blow and a pedigree for good measure. Good match from these two, Jarrett was always a solid hand and he pulled a very entertaining match out of Chyna. Jarrett hid her weaknesses and let her shine, really good match.

Winner: Jarrett over Chyna due to referee decision!

The Dudley Boyz vs The Acolytes

Interesting match here due to the backstory, Bubba and D-Von had come in from ECW and The Public Enemy a former ECW team had left a sour taste in the mouth of WWF Management. Bubba and D-Von would have to show they could do business by taking an ass whooping from The Acolytes. If I could describe this match in one word, it would be stiff. Bubba had reverted back to his stutter gimmick so he stutters at the start in his promo.

 Bubba misses a splash on Faarooq, Bradshaw is tagged in, double flapjack, big boot from Bradshaw. Bubba fights back and nails Bradshaw with a senton, Bubba tries once more but Bradshaw scores with a superplex from the second rope. Bubba and Bradshaw brawl on the outside, Bubba meets the steel steps face first. Bradshaw misses the clothesline from hell and Bubba tags in D-Von. D-Von’s advantage does not last long as Bradshaw nails a fallaway slam. Powerslam from Faarooq on D-Von for a two count.

 D-Von creates some separation with a DDT, Bradshaw comes in and isolates D-Von. D-Von dodges an elbow and The Dudleys nail a reverse 3D for a two count. Bubba nails a powerbomb on Bradshaw and D-Von nails a diving headbutt for a two count. D-Von climbs the top rope again but Faarooq drops poor D-Von. Super backdrop from Bradshaw on D-Von. Bubba and Faarooq brawl on the outside, Bradshaw covers D-Von only two. Bubba scores with a bulldog, two count for D-Von the match breaks down , 3D by The Dudleys on Faarooq, Bradshaw nails a Clothesline from Hell. Stevie Richards comes to ringside and nails a Stevie Kick on D-Von, Faarooq pins D-Von.

 Stevie Richards does not get welcomed by The Acolytes as he gets powerbombed for his interference. Not a big fan of this match, it was basically The Dudleys on trial as Faarooq and Bradshaw rough up the former ECW tag champs. Ending was lame too.

Winners: The Acolytes over The Dudley Boyz via Powerbomb!

(WWF Women’s Championship Hardcore Match) Ivory (C) vs Luna

Ivory sneak attacks Luna with a trash can as the two women brawl all around the arena. Ivory shoves Luna into a bin and tries to cover her, referee does not count the pin, Luna whips Ivory into a garage door before throwing her on top of some boxes. Luna climbs a forklift and drops a splash on Ivory, two count for Luna, she was seconds away from being champion.

 Luna chokes Ivory with a pipe as they continue smashing one another around the backstage area. Tori saves Luna as Ivory had called Tori a skank and a slut in the past. Tori brings a pool cue with her but it backfires as Ivory uses the pool cue to beat Luna. 

Afterwards Ivory gets in Moolah’s face and it is the beginning of their “rivalry” if you can call it that. Damn I had high hopes for poor Ivory and her goal of bringing some respect to the women’s division, I will have to wait as the dark days are ahead.

Winner: Ivory over Luna via Pool Cue Shot!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Edge And Christian vs The New Age Outlaws ©

Billy Gunn’s single run ended at last month’s Summerslam losing to The Rock, in that time Rock and Sock Connection had been formed and won the tag team titles. However, Billy would reunite Road Dogg because I have no earthly idea but they did reform, they put the bad blood behind them and defeated Rock and Mankind for the tag team championships. Edge and Billy tie up, clean break from Edge, side headlock from Edge and a hip toss takes down Mr. Ass. Edge gets knocked down by Billy, Road Dogg comes in and Christian takes over on Road Dogg, Dropkicks and deep arm drags by Christian.

 Billy and Road Dogg double team Christian with punches on the youngster. Christian meets the boot of Road Dogg and Billy press slams Christian on Road Dogg’s knee. Christian creates some space and Edge is tagged in, Edge cheap shots Billy but the advantage does not last, Road Dogg hits his two moves, the punches and knee drop. Christian and Edge toss Road Dogg to the outside and take the pain to one half of the champions.

 Splash by Christian on the lower back of Road Dogg, backbreaker on Road Dogg and a sleeper hold applied by Christian. Road Dogg fights back and both men meet mid-air with a crossbody attempt. Edge tags in and takes out Mr. Ass, double kicks in the corner from Christian and Edge. Edge tags in Christian, double team move from the challengers, Billy Gunn breaks up the pin attempt. Road Dogg creates space with a DDT on both challengers, Billy comes in and cleans house, all hell breaks loose.

 Mr. Ass tries a jackhammer, Christian nails a reverse DDT, Edge and Christian have the advantage but The New Brood AKA The Hardys and Gangrel interfere, Jeff dropkicks Edge and Mr. Ass scores with The FameAsser for the win while Gangrel attacks Christian on the outside. The New Age Outlaws retain and that was a fun match.

Winners: New Age Outlaws over Edge & Christian via FameAsser!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match Kennel From Hell Match) Big Bossman vs Al Snow©

Al Snow had loss his best friend Head, a spike had been driven through its head and this did not sit well with poor Al so he replaced Head with a dog named Pepper. Bossman dognapped Pepper and fed the dog to Al Snow without Snow’s knowledge. They will meet in a hell in a cell like structure with a second cage around the ring with trained dogs around the ring. Disaster is a good word to describe the match, Al requested trained dogs for this match and trained dogs Al did not get so the dogs spend the majority of this match shitting all around ringside.

 Both Bossman and Al were disappointed with the match but what can you do? Al refuses to allow Bossman to enter the ring, Al smacks Bossman with the nightstick, Al refuses to let Bossman in as The Rottweilers are brought to ringside, Bossman freaks out at the sight of the dogs, Bossman climbs the cage to escape the dogs, the dogs fight one another instead of attacking Al. This match sucks big time. Bossman suplexes Al back into the ring after Snow escaped the clutches of the dog. Al is thrown into the cages multiple times, right hands from Bossman takes down Snow.

 Bossman whacks Al with a tray and busts Snow wide open. Bossman begins climbing the cage and tries to cut his way out of the cage. The dogs gather below Bossman as Snow grabs a bat and whacks Bossman. Bossman counters Snow and grabs some powder, Snow smashes the powder into Bossman’s face and Bossman is busted open. Snow unscrews a bottom turnbuckle before grabbing Bossman’s hand wanting the dogs to rip Bossman’s hand off. The dogs ignore poor Snow as Bossman continues to beat Snow with a shovel.

 Bossman grabs his cuffs and Snow is stuck in the corner, Snow tries to free himself but he cannot get out. Bossman celebrates as he believes he has won, Snow watches as Bossman begins climbing. Snow pulls himself free and grabs Head, Snow clocks Bossman, Snow escapes the cage and retains his title. Bossman remains in the ring while the dogs fight one another, through a pull of piss and poop, Bossman escapes and this disaster of amatch finally ends. DUD enough said.

Winner: Al Snow over Bossman by Escape!

Chris Jericho W/ Curtis Hughes vs X-Pac

Y2J’s first pay per view against X-Pac, Road Dogg had been put through a table by Chris Jericho and X-Pac was standing up for his friend. Jericho and X-Pac trade holds to begin with, shoulder block from Jericho, hip toss from X-Pac. Jericho dodges a spinning heel kick and clotheslines X-Pac. Right hands from Y2J, X-Pac reverses Jericho, sets up for the bronco buster but Jericho dodges, X-Pac chases Jericho, Jericho outsmarts his opponent and counters the X-Factor, X-Pac reverses The Walls of Jericho, springboard plancha from Jericho. Curtis Hughes wipes out X-Pac, snap suplex on the outside and a missile dropkick from Jericho.

 Tilt a whirl backbreaker and a knee from Jericho stops X-Pac’s momentum. Springboard splash from Jericho and a reverse chinlock from The Ayatollah of Rock “N” Rollah. Clothesline and Lionsault from Jericho, springboard dropkick from Jericho takes X-Pac to the floor. Hughes cheap shots X-Pac, Jericho tries to take advantage but X-Pac blocks him in the corner, spinning heel kick by X-Pac. Another spinkick, Jericho irish whips X-Pac but it backfires, X-Pac wipes out Hughes and then wipes out Jericho. Second bronco buster attempt but Jericho blocks it with his boot, a senton bomb from Jericho, only two for Jericho. Backbreaker by Jericho, Jericho climbs to the top, X-Pac crotches Y2J, superplex from second turnbuckle.

 Jericho nails his double powerbomb, two count as X-Pac kicks out. Jericho hung upside down and Jericho tastes the bronco buster while hung upside down. Curtis Hughes attacks the referee and the match ends in disqualification, Road Dogg helps his buddy X-Pac and that’s the end of this match. A decent match from these two entertaining wrestlers, some nice moves in there. Jericho had not clicked with the audience just yet but he still showed his abilities in this match.

Winner X-Pac over Y2J by DQ!

(6 Pack Challenge Match For The WWF Championship Match) Kane vs The Rock vs Mankind vs Big Show vs Triple H vs British Bulldog(Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Stev Austin)

Triple H picked on Vince’s wife and that is something you do not do as Stone Cold Steve Austin helped Vince Mcmahon win The WWF Championship. Triple H has his back against the wall as there are five men who are hungry for the WWF Championship. Rock and Bulldog kick us off, right hands from The People’s Champion, Bulldog tags in Triple H, Triple H wears down Rock and assaults Kane. Big mistake as Rock battles back and takes down The Game with a stungun, right hands from Rock.

 Kane comes in and chokes Triple H, powerslam from Kane. Triple H tags in Mankind before Triple H cheap shots the man he tagged in. Mankind makes Triple H pay with a knee to the face before Kane recovers and clotheslines Mankind. Mankind tries battling back but Big Show tags himself in and goes after Kane. Elbows to the back of the head of Kane, Show tags in Bulldog briefly before Kane levels Bulldog. 

Show re-enters the match and kicks Kane square in the face. Mankind and Show brawl before Show tags in Bulldog. Bulldog tags in on one side while Rock tags in on the other, big suplex by Bulldog on Rock and Bulldog tags in Mankind. Mankind does not want to fight his partner The Rock so he tags in Kane. Kane and The Rock brawl in the ring before Rock tags in Mankind. Piledriver by Mankind on Kane, Kane tags in Triple H.

 Triple tosses Mankind to the outside, Triple H blocks a suplex on the ramp, Triple H plants Mankind with the suplex. Rock clotheslines Triple H and now all 6 men brawl on the entrance ramp. Near the ring, Mankind drops Triple H with a steel step shot, piledriver on the steel steps by Mankind. Kane and Rock continue to brawl on the ramp, Rock is sent into the steel steps while Mankind and Bulldog continue to kill one another in the ring. Mankind tags in Rock and Rock & Sock Connection continue to co-exist in this match. Rock tags Big Show with a punch to the face, Bulldog tags in Kane.

 Big boot by Show on Kane, Kane tees off on Show in the corner. The striking referees make their way ringside as they do not think kindly of referee Jimmy Korderas is not on strike and is working. Big Show goes to work on Mankind, scoop slam and an elbow from The Giant. Rock breaks up Big Show’s pin attempt, Mankind tags in Rock and Rock smashes Show with right hands and a clothesline, Show still stands it takes three clotheslines to floor Show. Triple H gets involved and floors The Rock, Triple H and Rock brawl on the outside, Stone Cold Steve Austin watches on from the announce table.

 Kane and Mankind fight back inside the ring, Mankind DDTs Kane and starts choking him from behind, Kane powers up to his feet and grabs Mankind into the tombstone, Kane goes for the pin and Show is the legal man so Kane cannot capitalise, Show motions for the chokeslam, Kane takes out Show with a clothesline from the top rope.

 Bulldog plants Kane with a powerslam, Triple H plants Bulldog with a pedigree, Rock knocks Triple H out of the ring, Mankind applies the Mandible Claw to The Rock, The Rock reverses and scores with The Rock Bottom. Rock has the match won but Triple H breaks up the pin. Big Show cleans house and chokeslams Mankind. Show is screwed by the referees as they attack Korderas for working while they strike. This brings the wrath of one Stone Cold Steve Austin upon them, shit is about to get real! Stone Cold kills every referee, Rock nails Triple H with a DDT, crowd thinks Rock won the title but no it was only two.

 Triple H stomps Rock in the corner, Rock reverses Triple H, Rock Bottom and it is time for the most electrifying move in Sports Entertainment today, The People’s Elbow, two count, Show pulls out Austin, Bulldog drops Rock with chair shot, Bulldog looks ready to smash Triple H but Austin grabs the chair and smashes Bulldog. Triple H scores with the pedigree on The Rock and wins, Triple H gets in Austin’s face and Austin nails a Stunner. It will be Austin vs Triple H at No Mercy. 

Winner: Triple H over Everyone Else via Pedgree to The Rock!

That was good chaotic fun, everyone hit their signature spots and there was a lot of drama with everyone within a moment’s reach of winning the title. Overall, the pay per view was decent, I liked D'Lo vs Mark Henry and the main event was fun but a lot of matches were disappointing, the hardcore title match was poor, the women's match was very brief and some of the other matches would not have felt out of place on Raw. Triple H escapes with the title thanks to Bulldog’s accidental help but Rock will have his rematch at Rebellion and that is where we are heading next so I will see you there!

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