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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 18: WWF Fully Loaded 1999 Review

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The end of an era, Mcmahon vs Austin would end tonight as Stone Cold Steve Austin would defend his WWF Championship against Undertaker in a First Blood Match. The rights to D-Generation X would also be on the line as Road Dogg and X-Pac battle Chyna and Billy Gunn while The Rock continues his battle with Triple H. Good Morning and welcome to another instalment to the only series approved by my mother, My Journey Through The Attitude Era where I look back at all the major pay per views of The Attitude Era and give an honest opinion of the events because I am a pretentious prick (And you love it don’t you?) So, sit back and let’s enjoy some WWF as we kick into 1999’s Fully Loaded!

Opening Promo

It is exactly what you expect, a nostalgic trip that makes you long for the days when you were tuned in every Monday night. A sad song accompanies iconic moments of The Austin/Mcmahon feud as it is truly End Of The Era. Suddenly, an early version of the theme of Rebellion kicks in as the pyro explodes and we are live, look at all those signs and we are greeted by the familiar voice of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. On Heat, Undertaker assaulted Austin from behind and busted wide open before there match tonight. We can see The Mcmahons smile at the Undertaker as he busts open Austin.

(WWF Intercontinental Championship) Edge © vs Jeff Jarrett W/ Debra

Ah Edge’s first title reign, Edge had won the Intercontinental Championship the previous night at a house show in Toronto. Jarrett is accompanied by the lovely Debra as footage plays of Jarrett receiving a bloodbath. Jarrett grabs the mic and says he owns Debra’s puppies and that the Intercontinental Championship is Jarrett’s property. Some nice mat wrestling from both man with both men getting in each other’s faces. Jarrett takes over on Jarrett with a spinning heel kick, quick pin by Edge earns him a two count. Edge has Jarrett’s number with these quick pin attempts, sunset flip from the second rope leaves Jarrett powdering to the outside. Jarrett grabs Debra and the belt and begins leaving, Jarrett counters Edge with a thumb to the eye and pulls the champion to the outside.


 Jarrett sends Edge into the steel steps, right hands by Jarrett. Edge has Jarrett well scouted and plants him with a northern lights suplex before appearing to injure his leg. Jarrett being the veteran that he is, goes right after the injured leg as Edge writhes in pain. Jarrett tries to hit the figure four but Edge counters with a pin but Jarrett launches Edge into the turnbuckle and nails a single arm DDT. Stomps by Jarrett, he drops a leg across Edge’s throat while strutting to the crowd’s disapproval. Jarrett slams the hand of Edge across the rope once more, Jarrett grabs a sleeper but Edge slams Jarrett head first into the turnbuckle, Edge battles back before Jarrett stops the flow with a flapjack.


 Another sleeper is applied by the challenger, Edge begins fading but fights back to a vertical base, right hands and a sleeper of his own, Jarrett tries to counter but Edge quickly tries pinning Jarrett only two for the champion. Both men are down as they bump heads with Edge falling into the crown jewels of the challenger(I let you figure out where he fell). Two count for Edge off the headbutt, right hands by Edge, calf kick and a swinging neckbreaker. Edge goes to the second rope, Jarrett dodges but Edge catches Jarrett with an inside cradle, two count for Egde. Edge catches Jarrett with the boot, tornado DDT by Edge, Edge measures for the spear but Jarrett tosses Edge to the outside. Gangrel’s music hits and it appears Gangrel has turned on Edge and The Brood is no more as Gangrel is laid out on the floor with Edge standing over his former friend. Jarrett tries a crossbody but Edge rolls through, two count again for Edge. Jarrett gets planted with a powerbomb from Edge, Edge nails the spear but Debra is up on the apron distracting the champion.


 Jarrett knocks Edge into Debra, Edge looks concerned for Debra allowing Gangrel to stungun Edge which allows Jarrett to hit The Stroke for the win. Really good match for an opener between these two, Edge showed a lot of fire and his series of nearfalls had the crowd on their feet. Jarrett was great as usual as the cheating heel who works body parts which is something I always enjoy in my wrestling Austin comes out after being busted open by Undertaker and Stunners Jarrett. Austin wants Undertaker and if Undertaker does not show up, Austin will seek him out personally.


Winner: Jeff Jarrett over Edge via Stroke!


(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Acolytes vs The Hardy Boyz © And Michael Hayes

These two teams start brawling on the ramp, speaking of first title reigns, we see The Hardys defending their belts after Michael Hayes assisted Matt and Jeff in winning the belts. Michael Hayes is double teamed by The Acolytes as Matt and Jeff are down, Faarooq and Jeff Hardy start off in the ring as Bradshaw beats the piss out of Michael Hayes. Jeff Hardy dodges Farrooq as he somersaults over the top rope, Matt ups the risk with a moonsault onto The Acolytes. Bradshaw catches Matt with a fallaway slam, Jeff enters the ring illegally and dropkicks Bradshaw repeatedly as Matt and Jeff have the advantage as Michael Hayes attacks one Acolyte to allow Matt and Jeff to finish the other.


 Double team suplex and a swanton bomb gets a two count on Farrooq. Bradshaw tosses Jeff to the outside and Hayes is knocked to the floor. Farrooq takes over Matt with a spinebuster, Bradshaw is tagged in and scoop slams Matt. Matt is at The Acolytes’ mercy as Faarooq chokes out Matt. Two counts for Faarooq off his pin attempts, Bradshaw comes in, double shoulder block. Michael Hayes is tagged in, Big Boot by Bradshaw who seems to be really enjoying brutalizing The Freebird. Faarooq is tagged in and he stomps the legend Michael Hayes, Hayes tags in Jeff as Jeff gets caught with a powerslam from Farrooq. Bradshaw kicks Jeff in the ribs and powerbombs him to the floor. One finger salute from Bradshaw to Michael Hayes, Jeff is isolated as Faarooq locks in the sleeper on Jeff. Jeff counters Faarooq with a chinbreaker. Matt jumps in the ring as does Hayes and Bradshaw. Matt and Faarooq remain in the ring, twist of fate by Matt gets a two. Bradshaw clotheslines Matt and nails a super back drop on Matt. Jeff breaks up the pin, Jeff grabs the cane of Michael Hayes and nails Bradshaw.


 Jeff tries poetry in motion but runs into a Clothesline From Hell. Matt is elevated over the top rope as Michael Hayes is powerbombed by The Acolytes and pinned. We have new champions in The Acolytes. Enjoyable match from these two teams with Hayes getting pinned by The Acolytes.


Winners: The Acolytes over The Hardy Boyz via Powerbomb!


(WWF European Championship Match) D’Lo Brown vs Mideon ©

Shane Mcmahon was European Champion after defeating X-Pac prior to Wrestlemania. As The Corporate Ministry became more important, Shane deactivated the title as it was forgotten about, Mideon would fine the belt in Mcmahon’s bag and Shane would grant Mideon ownership of the title so Mideon is champion. Mideon slaps D’Lo which is not a good idea as D’Lo goes to work on The Corporate Ministry Member. Ten punches in the corner and a hard irish whip. Baseball slide and a suicide dive by the challenger. Right hand by the challenger, Mideon cuts off D’Lo’s momentum with a whip into the steel steps. Mideon drops D’Lo across the barricade, clothesline by the champion.


 Quick cover by Mideon, two count for Mideon, gutwrench powerbomb and a sleeper. Neckbreaker, Mideon remains in control as he chokes D’Lo in the corner. D’Lo fires back and chops the chest of Mideon. Sky High by D’Lo plants Mideon and he hits his signature leg drop. D’Lo climbs high and nails The Lo Down and we have a new champion.


 Ok match with D’Lo holding the championship, bigger things were to come for D’Lo as we will see the next month but unfortunately, Droz’s accident would derail the career of D’Lo Brown but the next month would be the highest point of D’Lo’s WWF run.


Winner: D'Lo Brown over Mideon via Lo Down!


(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Al Snow © vs Big Bossman

Al Snow has been tormented in recent weeks, he cannot sleep as he is in constant pain and Head has been injured as the Bossman rammed a spike through its skull. Bossman and Snow brawl at the entrance way to begin the match, Bossman gets knocked down by Snow with a sandbag before Bossman sends Snow through an entrance prop. Snow begs for more from Bossman as they brawl to the backstage. 2x4 across the back for Snow but he quickly counters, Bossman counters Snow with a low blow before stabbing Snow with a stick.


 Rights and lefts from Al Snow as Bossman is reeling, Snow grabs some hot coffee and burns Bossman. Bossman is also smashed with a trash can before taking a suplex through a nearby table. Snow tastes a garage door as Bossman attempts to run over Snow but we have a botch on this night as the golf cart does not start for the former cop. Bossman whips Snow with his leather belt, slamming him from wall to wall. Snow and Bossman make their way outside where Al smashes Bossman with a hub cap. Cone across the head by Snow has no effect as Bossman starts kneeing Snow in the face, brick to the face by Bossman only gets a two.


 Bossman rams Al into a fence, bottle across the head from Bossman, Bossman pulls out the handcuffs and pulls out a nightstick, Bossman destroys Snow with the nightstick and pins Snow with his foot. Hardcore matches are usually hated or loved, either you like the brawling and the spots or you are frustrated that they are not in the ring and are only punching one another. I do not mind hardcore matches so this was ok for me.


Winner: Bossman over Snow via Nightstick Beatdown!


Big Show vs Kane (Special Guest Referee = Hardcore Holly)

Hardcore Holly thinks he is the bigshot and I am sadly disappointed I never knew of this Holly until now, he is great thinking that he is the man, he is even called the bigshot. Kane and Big Show have problems, they do not like one another so these two giants will slug it out tonight. Big Show has his name on his trunks which I only remember thanks to the awesome game that is WWF Wrestlemania 2000 on the n64 (These trunks did not last too long). Holly starts throwing his weight around as the boss, this allows Big Show to cheap shot Kane.


 Kane fires back and Big Show Gorilla Press Slams Kane from the ring to the floor, that looked painful. Kane pops right up because he is a monster and tries going toe to toe with Big Show. Show overpowers Kane and sends him flying into the ringpost. In the ring, Kane counters Show and lays in some uppercuts on Show. Holly distracts Kane which allows Show back into the match, giant headbutt by Show. Chest chop from Show, hard irish whip and some more right hands from Show. Show uses the rope to choke Kane, stomps from Show to Kane.


 Club across the back by Show, Show is all over Kane at this point. Big clothesline from Show, low blow from Show which is ignored by Holly, giant headbutts from Show but Kane keeps getting to his feet. Powerslam and Big Show is dominating Kane, side Russian legsweep by Show. Show misses an elbow, DDT by Kane, Holly gets in Kane’s face, Kane climbs to the top rope, huge clothesline, down goes Show. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Holly chop blocks Kane. Show nails The Chokeslam and Holly counts the fast pin.


 X-Pac attacks Holly and Undertaker attacks Kane, this is the formation of the unholy alliance of Undertaker and Big Show. Austin gets his hand on Undertaker and makes sure to bust open Undertaker. Both men have been opened up before tonight’s match.


Winner Big Show over Kane via referee screwage!


Ken Shamrock vs Steve Blackman (Iron Circle Match)

Blackman had assaulted Shamrock on more than one occasion, costing Shamrock The King Of The Ring potentially. Shamrock has been unable to get the advantage on Blackman, will that change tonight? What is an iron circle match you say? Well it is a match that takes place within a circle of cars, first man to leave the circle wins. Superstars like Droz, Val Venis and Godfather sit and watch the fight. Shamrock hiptosses Blackman and throws him into two cars in quick succession.


 Shamrock and Blackman continually miss strikes on one another before Blackman slams Shamrock on a hood of a car. Kicks to the ribs by Blackman, superkick onto a hood of a car. Blackman grabs a chain, swing and a miss for Blackman, scoop slam by Blackman. Blackman reaches into a car and pulls out a tyre iron, another swing and a miss for The Lethal Weapon. Shamrock grabs a can and puts the chain around his fist.


 Blackman gets knocked out from punches from Shamrock’s taped fist. Shamrock chokes out Blackman for the win. A different kind of match but a welcome addition, like the hardcore match not much wrestling but still fun to watch.


Winner: Ken Shamrock over Blackman via choke-out!


(Rights to D-Generation X Match) Road Dogg And X-Pac vs Billy Gunn And Chyna

Why fight for the rights? Pride and Money, D-Generation X had imploded at Wrestlemania, everyone had gone their separate ways. Chyna and Triple H had remained together while Mr. Ass was in the midst of his best singles run, X-Pac was teaming with Kane and Road Dogg would often help out his buddy X-Pac. Chyna and Mr. Ass want the money from the name DX while Road Dogg and X-Pac want the name because it represents what there are all about.


 Road Dogg kicks it off with Chyna, lock up and side headlock from Chyna, shoulder block from the ninth wonder of the world. Another side headlock and shoulder block. Chyna gets too cocky and nails Billy Gunn by accident twice before escaping Road Dogg’s pump handle drop. Mr. Ass comes in, right hands from Billy, right hands from Road Dogg. Mr. Ass splashes Road Dogg while Chyna nails Dogg with a clothesline behind the referee’s back. Chyna is tagged in and kicks Road Dogg, clubs to the chest has Road Dogg is down. Chyna chokes Road Dogg with her boot, snapmare and stiff kick to the spine. Elbow from Chyna, twice and a cover, just two for Chyna. Mr. Ass plants Road Dogg with a jackhammer, Ass climbs to the second rope, Road Dogg catches Mr. Ass with the boot. X-Pac comes in and nails two spinning heel kicks, X-Pac nails Chyna before Mr. Ass stops his momentum with a stungun. Right hands to the face of X-Pac, Chyna tags in and kicks X-Pac in the ribs, forearms to the back.


 Chyna chokes X-Pac while Mr. Ass gets in a cheap shot, front facelock by Chyna, X-Pac makes the tag but the referee does not see it as X-Pac gets double teamed in the corner by Mr. Ass and Chyna. Powerslam by Mr. Ass cuts off X-Pac’s momentum, Chyna is tagged in and kicks X-Pac’s ribs again, Chyna tries for her handspring elbow move but X-Pac counters with a clothesline out of the corner. Hot tag to Road Dogg, Road Dogg runs wild on Mr. Ass, punches to Chyna and the knee drop, Mr. Ass breaks up the pin on Mr. Ass.


 Bronco buster on Chyna who has taken that move every pay per view she has appeared in against X-Pac (poor woman). Road Dogg catches Mr. Ass after a missed splash on X-Pac and nails him with a pump handle drop. X-Pac and Road Dogg walk away with the rights to DX. It was alright, crowd went quiet apart from the signature spots of X-Pac and Road Dogg, was a largely boring tag match.


Winners: X-Pac & Road Dogg over Billy Gunn & Chyna via Pump Handle Drop!


(Leather Strap Match) The Rock vs Triple H W/Chyna

Good promo package hyping up the history of these two from their days in DX and Nation of Domination respectively. Triple H had smashed a casket with The Rock inside, he had screwed Rock out of the championship at King Of The Ring. Rock pounds away on triple H before being strapped to his opponent, Rock straps himself in and lays the smackdown on Triple H. Rock takes a picture and nails Triple H.


 Hunter is not too happy and starts battling back, Triple H whips Rock with the strap before they fight onto the announce table, Rock gets dropped with a clothesline. Right hand from Triple H, Rock counters Hunter and nails him with a clothesline. Rock gets caught by Triple H who takes control with some right hands. Triple H gets sent flying into the steel steps as Rock takes over. Triple H tastes the steps, into the crowd both men brawl. They trade blows before Triple H smashes Rock with a double ax handle, vicious right hands from The Game. JR makes note of the fact that Chyna is nowhere to be seen as she is usually by Triple H’s side.


 Triple H wanted to get it done on his own but will it backfire tonight? Rock is choked by Helmsley under a guard railing, more crowd brawling from these two top athletes, pins count anywhere as Triple H goes for the cover by the stage, two count for The Game. Rock blocks Triple H’s suplex attempt and reverses it with one of his own, Triple H takes over by pushing Rock into the guard rail. Two count for Triple H, Rock is whipped with the strap and sent into the steel steps. Right hands from The Rock, Triple H goes low with the knee and cuts off The People’s Champion. Large boos from the crowd as Chyna appears at ringside, Chyna distracts the referee while Rock nails The Rock Bottom.


 Rock had the match won but the referee’s back was turned, Triple H low blows Rock and we restart with both men down. Right hands from Hunter find the mark on Rock’s head. Triple H climbs the turnbuckle and starts choking out The Rock by placing the strap around his neck. Rock throws Triple H to the canvas, an act of desperation that creates a little space. Rock battles back clothesline, stungun and a samoan drop. Cover and a two count, Triple H sends Rock over the top rope, The Game grabs a chair from ringside but it does not go swimmingly as Rock lays the smackdown the leather strap.


 Billy Gunn enters the ring and smacks Rock with a leather pipe. Rock kicks out after being smacked with the pipe. Rock counters the pedigree, People’s Elbow, Mr. Ass drags out Rock, Rock Bottom on Mr. Ass but its three on one and Rock does not see Triple H coming, pedigree and Triple H is going to Summerslam. I was not a fan of this match, crowd brawling is not really a big deal for me, especially seeing it in every big match from this period. Ending was fine as Triple H was not the main event badass that people know, this was the weasel Triple H who needed his buddies to get the job done. Rock would not be hurt no matter how many times he would lose as he was so damn entertaining he would always remain over.


Winner: Triple H over The Rock via Shenanigans & Pedigree!


(WWF Championship Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs The Undertaker (First Blood Match)

If Undertaker loses, we will never see Vince Mcmahon again, if Austin loses, he will never have another shot at the WWF Championship. Vince Mcmahon comes to ringside on crutches, Vince Mcmahon is on commentary, entrance way battle, Taker dodges a belt shot from Austin, Taker pummels Austin targeting the cut on Austin’s head. Taker tries to pry open Austin’s head with his fingernails, Austin battles back but Undertaker has it well scouted, Austin is sent into the crowd(god damn it here we go again).


 Punches and more punches as Austin continues to cover his head so that Undertaker cannot open up his wound and win this match. Undertaker chokes Austin with his boot, Austin goes after Undertaker’s leg and tries opening up Taker’s stitches. Austin smashes Undertaker’s leg into the ringpost, more crowd brawling. Taker grabs a chair swinging for Austin’s head, Austin drops Taker onto the steel steps. Austin ties up Taker in the ropes, Taker is a sitting duck, it could be curtains for Vince. Shane runs to ringside, chair shot to the head, Shane has been basically murdered on television. Taker kicks the chair in Austin’s face, low blow.


 Undertaker exposes a turnbuckle and tries to ram Austin into the turnbuckle, Austin reverses, Stunner to Undertaker. Mcmahon hobbles to his feet, right hand from Austin to Vince. Austin grabs a chair, Taker blocks Austin’s chair with his own chair. Taker knocks down the referee and X-Pac nails Taker with a spinning heel kick, Taker is down and Austin grabs a camera. Camera across the face and Shane Mcmahon is somehow alive, Austin knocks him down, Taker is bleeding the referee rises to his feet and calls for the bell.


 Austin wins and Mcmahon is gone, we will not see Vince going after Austin anymore. Vince enters the ring and eats a Stunner for his trouble. Triple H comes down to ringside attacking the champion, here comes The Rock as the crowd loses its mind. Rock and Triple H brawl out of the ring. Taker rises from the dead and busts open Austin. Undertaker and Austin fight on the outside as Taker loses control and smacks Shane. Referees try to separate the two men, Stunner to Vince Mcmahon and so closes the final chapter on arguably the most profitable and greatest feud of all time. Same match as the others between these Taker and Austin, I do not know what it was but these guys were never on fire in the ring with one another, it was usually just a lot of punching over and over again with dull moments in between.


 X-Pac was involved with the finish for a second pay per view helping Austin, makes you wonder did they have big things planned for him if he remained a babyface. Weird to see so much blood as well due to being conditioned to the current product. A solid main event with wider implications as Triple  would face Austin in the main event of Summerslam or would he? And this was also Undertaker’s second last pay per view of 1999 as he would leave in September due to his groin injury, what would Taker offer in his final pay per view?


Winner: Austin over Undertaker via opening of Blood!


Overall, a solid pay per view from the WWF, the semi-main and the main event were good matches with The Rock and Austin being stupidly over so they could do no wrong. Not much of note outside of this, D’Lo squashed Mideon, Jarrett won back his title and Big Show vs Kane was just two big guys punching one another. Will things pick up with WWF Summerslam 1999? I guess we will see next time, hopefully you enjoyed this review and I will see you next time!

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