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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 15: WWF No Mercy 1999 U.K Review

Good morning you eager rapscallions who cannot seem to get enough wrestling in your lives, disappointed with TNA? Frustrated by WWE? Have no fear as we here at Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews are back for another instalment of Journey Through The Attitude Era. Our adventure stops in the U.K tonight as we enjoy WWF No Mercy. Shane Mcmahon has usurped his father’s control of the corporation, formed an alliance with The Undertaker and created The Corporate Ministry. One goal for Shane Mcmahon and that is to take the WWF Championship from Stone Cold Steve Austin and place it around the waist of either Triple H or Undertaker.


Opening Promo

The show kicks off with a promo courtesy of The Corporate Ministry, Shane leads the group with Triple H and Undertaker acting as Shane’s crown jewels. Bit strange that it is called The Corporate Ministry as the members of the Corporation who were originally in the group such as Test and Shamrock are no longer present in the group. Former Corporation members would go onto form the Union to combat the Corporate Ministry. Shane shows off his impressive stable and tells the crowd that The Acolytes will destroy The Brood, Mideon will destroy Kane(yes really Shane said this) and that Shane, himself, will destroy X-Pac for the European Championship. Shane proves he is quite the dastardly prick as he changes the triple threat main event match to a no holds barred triple threat main event match. Good promo from Shane but was it really needed? Not necessarily, the same could have been accomplished in a two minute backstage interview.


Tiger Ali Singh vs Gillberg

What a match to kick us off, Tiger Ali Singh to put it nicely, was not his father and Gillberg for those who do not know, was WWF’s parody of WCW star Goldberg, fake piped in chants an entrance mocking Goldberg’s poses, the gear the mannerisms you name it. Dwanye Gill played his part well, Tiger cuts a promo insulting the crowd and the foreign shtick where he says he is better etc, etc, etc.


 Sad to see the light heavyweight championship around the waist of Gillberg, sadder to think he beat Christian for it! Gillberg starts off by punching Singh all around the ring, Tiger gorilla press slams Gillberg but misses an elbow and slams Singh. Gillberg goes for the spear and nails it, signalling for the jackhammer. Gillberg taunts for too long though as Singh hits a neckbreaker for the win. DUD I mean how can I rate that? It was a squash and nothing more.


Winner: Tiger Ali Singh over Gillberg via Neckbreaker!


The Brood vs Acolytes & Mideon

So to recap, Christian would give the location of Stephanie away to Ken Shamrock which caused Christian to be punished. Edge and Gangrel could not bear to see their friend be destroyed so they attacked the Ministry. The Brood were banished and fought The Acolytes and Mideon at last month’s pay per view with The Acolytes walking away victorious thanks to Viscera. Tonight, The Brood are out for revenge. Gangrel and Viscera start us off, Gangrel dodges Viscera and lays in the right hands, no effect on the big man, Gangrels gets slammed hard by Viscera, running splash misses by Viscera, Gangrel tries a suplex. Bad idea as the bigger man Viscera suplexes Gangrel, Gangrel counters the big man after dodging a leg drop, elbows and a dropkick by the leader of The Brood.


 Edge comes in and tries wearing down the Viscera, Viscera overpowers Edge and in comes Bradshaw. Bradshaw clubs and smashes Edge before Christian nails a cheap shot, the cheap shot allows Edge to dropkick Bradshaw. Double team facebuster by The Brood. Christian tags in but eats a boot from Bradshaw, Faarooq enters the fray and plays with Christian before Edge comes in off a tag from his brother. Faarooq nails a spinebuster on Edge and Edge plays face in peril as he is picked apart by Faarooq and Bradshaw. Desperation DDT by Edge as he tags in Christian, Faarooq tags Bradshaw, pair of dropkicks by Christian, Bradshaw turns the tide with a fallaway slam on Christian. Christian is thrown to the outside as Faarooq slams Christian into the barricade. Irish whip by Bradshaw with tremendous velocity as Christian falls to the mat. Bearhug by Bradshaw as the crowd goes wild for Christian. Christian fires back but eats a boot from Bradshaw, Viscera comes in and nails a big sidewalk slam. Edge breaks up the pin attempt, crucifix attempt on Viscera but sit is not the smartest idea as Christian feels the wrath of Viscera with a samoan drop.


 Faarooq slows the pace with a sleeper hold, Christian fights back and creates a separation, Farrooq tags Bradshaw who cuts off Christian. Big right hand, only two for Bradshaw. Powerslam by Bradshaw, Edge breaks up the pin, saving his partner. Faarooq provokes Edge while Viscera and Bradshaw mug Christian. Christian goes for a small package, only two as Bradshaw is tagged in once more. Mideon and Shane appear on the rampway, observing the match. Bradshaw attempts a superplex but is thwarted by Edge on the apron, tornado DDT as both men are down. Christian tags Gangrel, spinning elbow on Bradshaw, Bradshaw cuts off Gangrel momentarily with a fallaway slam attempt.


 Edge turns the tide with a dropkick assist, Christian frog splashes Bradhsaw for a two count. Double DDT on Bradshaw for a two count. Mideon runs to ringside and spikes Gangrel with a DDT and Gangrel walks into a Clothesline From Hell by Bradshaw as The Corporate Ministry walk away with the win. Good match between these two as the crowd seemed really into The Brood. The heels cheat to win as expected with The Corporate Ministry having a man advantage.


Winners: Corporate Ministry over Brood via Clothesline From Hell!


Steve Blackman vs Droz

Droz comes out with a fantastic pimptastic hat that hides his beautiful hairstyle. Droz is disappointed by the crowd’s response to him so he decides to cheat to get the advantage on the Lethal Weapon. Spinning reverse elbow from Droz as Droz trash talks Blackman, nice snap suplex by Droz, Right hands from the rookie but he misses a flying clothesline and eats a number of kicks from Blackman. Kicks to the ribs as Droz hits the mat hard, Droz powders but he eats a baseball slide from Blackman. Hard knife edge chop from Blackman. Backbreaker from Blackman as he whips Droz into the corner, they brawl with Blackman winning out but the Louz Thesz Press backfires for Blackman as Droz counters with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Droz chokes Blackman repeatedly before missing a splash in the corner.


 Scoop slam by Blackman, Blackman climbs to the top rope and attempts an elbow drop. Big miss for the Lethal Weapon, Droz takes control albeit briefly before Blackman goes for a small package and nails a northern lights suplex for two. Droz counters with a powerslam as Droz applies a sleeper, Blackman comes back but is foiled by a knee from Droz. Blackman is tossed to the floor as Droz drops an elbow from the apron. Droz eats a foot from Blackman and a reverse elbow before applying a triangle choke out of nowhere for the win. That was kind of quick with no built or heat, I guess it was ok.


Winner: Steve Blackman over Droz via Triangle Choke!


Beaver Cleavage Promo

Oh dear God why is this here? Why did I have to be reminded of this abomination? Poor Mosh, Poor Chaz and Poor Beaver Cleavage. The angle would be dropped in a worked shoot live on air by Mosh but good God, you have to wonder how this kind of thing gets a green light from Vince or why Vince would think this would be funny. Anyways, Union Leader Mankind comes out to cut a promo and speaks about Manchester and The British Bulldog. Just there for killing time between matches.

Mideon vs Kane

Mideon is in a world of trouble as Kane is in monster mode , Mideon tries to run from The Big Red Machine but it does not go as planned as Kane begins decimating Mideon. Kane chokes poor Mideon and leg drops Mideon. Kane rams his shoulder into the steel ringpost as Mideon identifies the weakness and starts going after the arm.


 Arm wringer by Mideon but the advantage fades instantly, Mideon tries a jawbreaker and throws a few punches, Kane does not even flinch, Mideon is knocked off his feet multiple times by right hands, top rope clothesline by Kane as he signals for the chokeslam. Chokeslam by Kane before The Acolytes and Viscera assault Kane. Shane Mcmahon directs the traffic as X-Pac with a kendo stick defends his tag team partner.


Winner: Kane by Disqualification!


Sable W/ Nicole Bass vs Tori

Once again, before you say The Bellas helped killed the women’s division, just remember Sable was the figurehead of the division, could not wrestle and lost her championship to Debra for not stripping down to her underwear. Sable does not seem ready to compete as she grabs the microphone, and taunts the crowd. Sable cites a chest infection as a reason for not competing so her suitable replacement is none other than her bodyguard Nicole Bass, an amazon of a woman who has more muscles than I have in my dreams.


 So Tori will now face Nicole Bass as Sable leaves the arena. Tori attacks Bass from behind as Bass blows off the attacks, Tori runs right into Nicole’s grasp before eating a chokeslam and it is over. DUD and quite possibly Sable’s last appearance until 2003, she would sue the WWF over sexual harassment and win a lot of money before entering a relationship with Brock Lesnar.


Winner: Nicole Bass over Tori via Chokeslam!


(WWF European Championship Match) X-Pac vs Shane Mcmahon ©

You think for a feud between X-Pac and an untrained wrestler like Shane would be awful and laughable but it is one of those feuds that I really really like, I am not sure how others feel about it but Shane was a very entertaining performer and would continue to raise the bar with each occasion he went into the ring and X-Pac was over big time, no X-Pac heat here. X-Pac knocks Shane out of the ring twice in quick succession as Shane decides he has enough and walks to the back, Patterson and Brisco prevent Shane from leaving as Shane had previously fired Vince’s two associates.


 Leg drop by X-Pac as Chyna comes to ringside, Chyna nails The Stooges as X-Pac is distracted. Chyna slams X-Pac into the ringpost while the referee tends to Shane. Referee begins his count as the referee reaches a count of 9 before X-Pac rolls in, Shane pounces immediately with a suplex and knees to the midsection. Bret Hart like elbow from the second rope by The Boy Wonder Shane. Two count as Shane slaps some sense into X-Pac. Sleeper hold by Shane but X-Pac counters with a back suplex, spinning heel kicks by X-Pac.


 Shane tries to clothesline X-Pac but takes out the referee. X-Pac thinks of going for the bronco buster but Chyna nails X-Pac with the belt. Shane covers X-Pac after the belt shot but X-Pac kicks out at two, Triple H comes to ringside. Shane misses the bronco buster, X-Factor, Chyna trips referee Mike Chioda, Chyna climbs to the top rope, X-Pac crotches Chyna and nails Triple H. X-Pac tries for a bronco buster on Chyna but she blocks with her foot and Triple H recovers for a pedigree, Shane crawls to the cover for the victory.


 Shane bronco busters X-Pac after the match as Kane comes to his tag partner’s aid. Shane, Chyna and Triple H bail at the sight of Kane. Ok match from these two, it was short and there was a lot of interference to cover for Shane’s lack of experience. Just thought X-Pac should have eventually defeated Shane for the championship but that would not happen so that’s disappointing.


Winner: Shane Mcmahon over X-Pac via Shenanigans!


Mankind vs Billy Gunn

Mankind is assaulted at the hands of The Corporate Ministry with his knee being the target of the assault. Billy Gunn waits patiently in the ring for his opponent. Billy had turned on Road Dogg, D-X imploded and everyone went their separate ways. Mr. Ass and Mankind brawl on the outside before it becomes clear Mankind’s knee is not in good shape. Mr. Ass goes right after the knee, Mankind stumbles around the ring on one leg, Billy continues damaging Mankind’s leg. Gunn continues to choke Mankind as Mnakind tries walking off the pain. Mankind catches Gunn with a clothesline but Gunn regains control with an irish whip into the crowd.


 Mankind returns the favour by elevating Gunn over the barricade back to ringside. Elbow from Mankind on Billy Gunn. Billy slams Mankind’s leg against the ring post as the crowd rallies behind Mankind. Mankind breaks Gunn’s momentum with a snap suplex on the floor, Mankind tries to re-enter the ring but Billy nails the chop block and a figure four by Billy Gunn who grabs the rope for extra leverage(illegally I might add). Referee Teddy Long catches Gunn and Mankind reverses the figure four, Gunn reaches the ropes but continues wrenching at Mankind’s injured leg.


 Mankind battles back with right hands and grabs a chair from ringside, the referee takes the chair away from Mankind so Mankind plants Gunn with a double arm DDT. Mnakind reaches for socko but Billy Gunn reverses the mandible claw into a drop toehold. Gunn nails a piledriver on the steel chair for a two as the bell rings confusingly, Billy Gunn nails the Fame Asser on the steel chair for the win. Impressive victory for Billy Gunn who was in line for a big push in the early to mid-part of 1999.


Winner: Billy Gunn over Mankind via FameAsser!


(WWF Championship Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs The Undertaker vs Triple H(No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match)

Chyna accompanies Triple H to the ring for his first opportunity at the WWF Championship on pay per view, Paul Bearer accompanies Undertaker as the odds are stacked against the champion. Hunter and Austin brawl in the aisle way to kick us off, Undertaker grabs Austin’s belt and lets Austin have it across the face. Austin fights for his life to overcome the two on one handicap but it does not look good for Austin. Undertaker chokes Austin with cables as Triple H throws some mean right hands on The Rattlesnake. Triple H holds Austin while Undertaker nails the champion.


Triple H nails Taker by mistake as Hunter and Austin brawl in the ring, Lou Thesz Press by Austin on Triple H, Austin cannot enjoy his advantage as Undertake takes Austin’s head off with a big boot. Reverse chinlock by Undertaker as Triple H continues to cheap shot Austin. Elbows across the neck and throat of Austin. Austin is on the defence as once he gets the upper hand on one man, the other beats him down. Austin suplexes Triple H on the floor and tries to piledrive Undertaker. Taker reverses as Taker overlooks his prey, right hands from the lord of darkness, Taker chokes Austin with a boot. Austin takes an irish whip from Triple H and fires back with a clothesline, Undertaker nails Austin with a clothesline before Austin grabs a chair from ringside, two shots, one each for both men. Austin tries to nail Triple H but Undertaker stops Austin in his tracks, Undertaker gets a two count.


 Stomps in the corner by Hunter and Triple H, Undertaker and Triple H begin to have problems as Undertaker stes up for a chokeslam on Triple H. Triple H is saved by Austin low blowing Taker by use of the ring post, Triple H is not saved from Austin who starts opening a can of whoop ass around the ring. Taker resurrects and hammers away on Austin, heel hook by Taker who is trying to take down Austin. Triple H and Undertaker have a hissy fit which leads to Taker smaskcing the crap out of Triple H. Austin stunguns Taker, Triple H lays in some cheap shots on Taker before Austin and Triple H brawl into the crowd. Low blow by Undertaker on the champion Austin, Triple H breaks up a chokeslam attempt by Taker. Austin and Triple H double team Taker with elbows before Triple H wipes out Austin with a clothesline. Knee to the face by Hunter on Austin, pin attempt is broken up by The Phenom. Austin battles back, Austin counters the Tombstone, Taker counters The Stunner, Austin catapults Triple H into Undertaker who nails a chokeslam. Two count, Austin hits The Stunner on Undertaker,1….2… broken up by Triple H. Austin hits The Stunner on Triple H, Shane and The Corporate Ministry attack Austin, 6 men beating on The Rattlesnake. However, X-Pac and Kane to the rescue as they start wiping out The Corporate Ministry, The Brood and Mankind join the action as all hell breaks loose.


 Undertaker and Mankind brawl to the back so only Triple H and Austin remain in the ring with Shane, Chyna and Paul Bearer remain at ringside. Chyna steps in the ring and tries a handspring elbow but eats a Stunner as Triple H eats a Stunner too. Austin retains the title, Shane tries to escape but X-Pac blocks his path, clothesline by Austin on Shane and Stone Cold Stunner. Bronco busters for Shane Triple H and Chyna. Austin and X-Pac celebrate to end the show, almost surreal to see X-Pac there as the backup to Stone Cold Steve Austin, in all the shoot interviews I have seen with X-Pac, I have never seen him asked about this moment, could be interesting to know his thoughts on this night.


 The match was your standard triple threat, one man stays down while the other two brawl, Taker and Triple H were working together but it could only last so long before they imploded, they implode and Austin takes advantage in the ensuing chaos to retain his championship. Tonnes of interference as The Corporate Ministry supported the heels while The Brood and Kane/ Mankind/ X-Pac even the odds in a cool brawl that has the crowd lose their shit and to top it off, Austin stunners everybody and the show ends on a high note.


Winner: Austin over Everyone Else via Stunner!


Overall, this show was very hit and miss, two definite squashes with Tiger Ali Singh beating Gillberg and Nicole Bass beating Tori, you could add a third if you wished as Kane dominated Mideon in their match. The Droz vs Blackman was your basic Raw match while the fans did not seem to care for all the leg work or injury angle in the Mankind vs Billy Gunn match. That being said, The Brood vs The Acolytes and Viscera was very entertaining with The Brood seemingly at the peak of their popularity, X-Pac vs Shane was fun but a tad on the short side while Austin vs Undertaker vs Triple H was fun from the beginning to end, the fans never gave up shouting for Austin and he sent the fans home happy and they certainly got their money’s worth for the main event alone. Next up on this journey is WWF Over The Edge 1999, the tragic event where Owen Hart passed away due to falling from the rafters. I originally thought of not covering this due to thinking that it would not be on the network but to my surprise, it is on there so I will be reviewing it next. See You There!

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