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WWE Survivor Series 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another slightly-agitating edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that’s shorter than The Fingerpoke of Doom! Last of the big four of the year, it’s WWE’s Survivor Series 2007. The major storylines heading into Survivor Series are as follows: Batista has finally bested The Undertaker in a one on one match but Taker is not done yet, it is time for a rematch inside Hell in A Cell. On Raw, Randy Orton cheated his way out of losing his precious WWE Championship to Shawn Michaels at Cyber Sunday but where will The Viper have to run this time in his rematch against HBK. We also have the traditional Survivor Series elimination matches, I am excited so let’s get it on!

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Twenty years ago, it all began as we see highlights of some of the best Survivor Series matches, it is team Triple H vs Team Umaga, Michaels cannot use Sweet Chin Music in this match while Orton cannot be disqualified or he will lose his WWE Championship. Interesting stipulation there while finally, Taker and Batista is built up to insane proportions, pain, suffering, blood, this match has it all ladies and gentlemen.

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) CM Punk © vs John Morrison vs The Miz

CM Punk continues to shine as ECW’s top star, Punk has had problems with the tag team of Morrison and Miz for a number of weeks and now, Punk must be able to survive both to defend his championship. Miz and Morrison attack Punk to begin, Punk is outgunned by the two. Stomps and right hands by the challengers, Punk kicks Miz right in the head, sunset flip on Morrison for two. Punk avoids a catapult and nails a middle rope crossbody on Miz for two. Leaping leg lariat on Morrison, Punk controls the ring alone.

Suicide dive by Punk onto Morrison and Miz, Miz grabs Punk’s leg on the apron, no springboard clothesline. Double suplex by Miz & Morrison, Miz unloads on Punk. Morrison tees off with shots to the ribs, Morrison was going to try for a springboard kick but Miz pushed Morrison to the floor. Miz applies a camel clutch in the middle of the ring, Morrison is decked by Miz. Enzuigiri by Punk, slingshot dropkick by Morrison on Miz. Neckbreaker and backbreaker by Morrison on Punk for two, seated-cobra clutch hold by Morrison. Punk kicks his way out, eye poke by Morrison. Miz yanks Punk to the floor, Punk goes splat on the floor.

Suplex from the apron into the ring by Morrison, Miz nails a falling forward Russian legsweep for two, Miz nails his corner clothesline for two. Morrison kicks Miz down, Starship Pain for two as Punk breaks up the pin attempt. Punk places Morrison on the top rope, frankensteiner by Punk and Morrison falls into a powerbomb from Miz for two. Leaping leg lariat by Punk, series of elbows and clotheslines. High knee and bulldog for two, double underhook backbreaker by Punk. Morrison rolls-up Punk for two, kick to the head by Punk. Morrison is dumped to the apron, Miz waffles Morrison and walks into a GTS, Punk retains his championship.

Crowd were super into Punk, it seems that CM Punk is finally catching on with the WWE Audience. This was balls to the walls for the eight minutes that they were out there, some cool spots mixed with in high impact moves, no hiccups anywhere in the match, good stuff from ECW.

Winner: CM Punk over Everyone Else via GTS!

Team Phoenix ( Beth Phoenix/Layla/Jillian Hall/Victoria/Melina) vs Team Torrie Wilson ( Torrie Wilson/Michelle McCool/Kelly Kelly/Maria/Mickie James)

Ten women tag, expect eliminations every thirty seconds. Victoria and Michelle start, lock-up and Victoria throws down Michelle. Northern lights suplex by Michelle for one, shoulder block for one. Victoria eats a massive boot to the face for two. Tag to Torrie, Victoria nails a swinging side slam for two. In comes Layla, Torrie ducks and snap suplexes Layla for two. In comes Kelly Kelly, Layla tags in Jillian. Boob attack by Jillian, Kelly Kelly boots Jillian in the ass, jacknife cover for two. In comes Maria, Beth blind tags in. Powerslam to Maria, tag to Layla. Tag to Melina, boot to the head. Punch to the head, Melina misses a knee on the back. Tag to Mickie, forearms and kicks all around. Thesz press, kick to Jillian. Mickie gets assists from Torrie and Michelle. Mickie kisses Melina and nails a massive Mick Kick for the win.

It was not even an elimination match, that sucks for your Survivor Series matches. Should have been elimination, they all do what they can but nothing special comes out of this match.

Winners: Team Torrie over Team Phoenix via Mick Kick!

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch © vs Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes continues to learn from veteran Hardcore Holly as they battle Cade & Murdoch. Cade and Rhodes begin, hiptoss by Cade. Dropkick by Rhodes, sunset flip and headlock takedown. Rhodes tries a crossbody but Cade nails a backbreaker, tag to Murdoch. Rhodes flips out of a back suplex, elbows and side headlock by Rhodes. Tag to Holly, elbow to the throat. Chop in the corner, clubbing blows by Holly. Holly is pulled into the turnbuckle, tag to Cade. Boot by Holly, Holly kicks Cade low. Holly and Rhodes clothesline the champions to the floor.

Roll-up by Holly for two, Murdoch blind tags in and boots Holly in the head. Tag to Cade, scoop slam and assisted leg drop. Two for Cade, Murdoch is legal. Snapmare and keylock from Murdoch, Holly escapes but Murdoch beats down Holly. Tag to Cade, massive clothesline. Assisted leg drop misses this time around, Murdoch is in pain. Tag to Rhodes, rights and lefts. Massive clotheslines, back drop to Murdoch. Bulldog by Rhodes, missile dropkick for two. Holly and Cade brawl to the floor, Murdoch avoids the DDT. Last Call sunset flip powerbomb and Murdoch wins clean.

I like the story of the inexperienced rookie learning from the veteran, Rhodes has that babyface fire that reminds me of Kobashi in those big six-man tags in the early 90s, the underdog who has no clue when his ass is about to get kicked. Murdoch and Cade have been a great act even if the division has collapsed two or three times around them, they act tough, they wrestle tough and I am hooked especially when it comes to Murdoch.

Winners: Cade & Murdoch over Holly & Rhodes via Last Call Powerbomb!

Team Triple H (Triple H/Rey Mysterio/Jeff Hardy/Kane) vs Team Kennedy ( Mr. Kennedy/MVP/Umaga/Finlay/ Big Daddy V)

In a nice use of all three brands, we have multiple feuds coming into this Survivor Series style match. Team Triple H is down one member due to MVP injuring Matt Hardy on Smackdown. Mysterio and Kennedy begin, front chancery from Kennedy. Hammerlock from Mysterio, Mysterio uses the ropes to flip out but Kennedy nails knees and forearm shots. Shoulder block by Kennedy for one, Mysterio boots his way out of the corner. Headscissors by Mysterio, sunset flip powerbomb for two. Tag to Jeff, Poetry in Motion. Twist of Fate is blocked, clothesline by Kennedy for two. Tag to MVP, spinal tap by MVP.

Big Daddy V is in the ring, headbutt and  V steps on Jeff. Jeff holds onto the ropes from an Irish whip, tag to Kane. Kane gets caught in a belly to belly suplex for two, uppercuts by Kane. Corner clothesline, MVP gets caught with a right. Sidewalk slam to MVP, Kane climbs high. Diving clothesline, Chokeslam to Finlay. Kane walks into a Samoan Drop, Big Elbow by V and Kane is eliminated by Big Daddy V!

Triple H nails a facebuster on V clothesline by V. Umaga tags in, they trade blows. Irish whip by Umaga, boot by The Game. Belly to belly suplex, headbutt by Umaga. Triple H dodges the middle rope headbutt, Mysterio tags in but Umaga stomps on Mysterio. Umaga misses a banzai drop, low dropkick for one. Kicks by Mysterio, springboard hurricanrana works. 619 by Mysterio, springboard senton for two. Springboard crossbody countered for a spinning sidewalk slam, Samoan Spike and Mysterio is eliminated!

Kennedy tags in, right hands to Jeff. Irish whip to the corner, Jeff leapfrogs Kennedy. Clotheslines and dropkicks, slingshot dropkick misses. Jeff grabs the ropes, MVP is legal and applies a sleeper. Jeff fights his way out, forearms by MVP. Military press but the boot misses, Twist of Fate and MVP has been eliminated.

Kennedy comes right in, stomps to Jeff. Two for Kennedy, Triple H tags in. Facebuster, clothesline by The Game for two. Corner clothesline, Kennedy elbows Triple H on the second attempt. Spinebuster by Triple H, Big Daddy V tries to save the day with an elbow, Triple H dodges and Kennedy is squashed, Triple H lowbridges V and covers Kennedy, Kennedy has been eliminated due to Big Daddy V.

V takes out Triple H and Jeff with ease, they are stacked in the corner. Chest slaps but Jeff and Triple H avoid splashes, double DDT on Big Daddy V and after all that, Big Daddy V has been pinned by a double DDT, not a Pedigree and Swanton Bomb but a fucking DDT ends the streak of Big Daddy V.

Finlay jumps right in, stomps all over The Game. Short-arm clothesline by Finlay, knees to the spine. Elbow by Finlay, middle rope manoeuvre ends badly as Triple H boots Finlay. Tag to Jeff. Clothesline, right hands. Corner crossbody, slingshot dropkick. Two for Jeff, Jeff tries for ten punches but Finlay shoves off Jeff. Umaga gets in on the action, boot to Jeff. Short-arm clothesline and elbows by Finlay, headbutts from Finlay. Jeff nails a Whisper in The Wind off an Irish whip, corkscrew mule kick and a tag to Triple H.

 High Knee by Triple H, boot by Finlay. Spinebuster by The Game, Umaga saves Finlay from a Pedigree. Celtic Cross is blocked, Pedigree for the elimination of Finlay. Umaga batters Triple H, rights and lefts. Running hip attack misses, Pedigree and Jeff gets the tag. Swanton Bomb and Umaga has been defeated, Team Triple H are your winners.

That was a decent Survivor Series elimination match, a lot of star power in there, some eliminations were paced well with others coming fast and furious although Team Triple H was a man down, I never felt like they had a chance of losing even with two monsters in Big Daddy V and Umaga on the opposing team, the elimination of Big Daddy V was bollocks too, not happy about that. Otherwise, a fun match that had the fans going wild.

Winners: Team Triple H over Team Umaga via Swanton Bomb!

The Great Khali vs Hornswoggle

Lots of time-wasting and we want Shaq chants, Vince takes the piss out of the crowd, no Shaq according Vince. Shane and Vince watch from ringside, Hornswoggle undresses and prepares for a fight. Kicks to the legs of Khali, dropkick to Singh. Khali scares off Hornswoggle, green mist by Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle crawls under the ring, Hornswoggle has a shillelagh. Khali throws away the shillelagh, slap by Khali. Finlay comes out with a shillelagh and saves Hornswoggle. More of an angle than a match but Finlay is a babyface and I have loved that man as a heel so this heartbreaking to me.

Winner: Khali over Hornswoggle via DQ!

(WWE Championship Match) Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton ©

No Sweet Chin Music, HBK’s best shot is not allowed in this match. How can Micheals take the championship from Orton without Sweet Chin Music? They lock-up, side headlock into a hammerlock by Michaels, cravate lock by HBK. Michaels cranks the hold for a long time, Michaels is tenacious. Orton works the ribs with big punches, scoop slam but Michaels continues to hold onto Orton in the cravate lock. Right hands by Orton, Orton slaps Michaels repeatedly. Michaels thinks about Sweet Chin Music but HBK thinks better of it, rear-naked choke by HBK.

Michaels uses a front chancery and knees to wear down Orton, Asai moonsault by Michaels. Crossbody by HBK but Orton rolls through, Orton pummels Michaels. Michaels trips up Orton, sharpshooter by HBK. Orton escapes and eye pokes HBK, knee to the back of the head. Rope-hung DDT by Orton, two for Orton. Rear-naked choke by Orton, Michaels escapes and chops back at Orton. Flying forearm by Michaels, inverted atomic drop. Orton dodges an atomic drop with a dropkick for two, scoop slam by HBK.

Elbow drop by HBK, Michaels calls for Sweet Chin Music. Michaels fakes out Orton for a small package, two for Michaels. Crucifix is countered by Orton for two, crossface by HBK. Orton places a foot on the ropes, Orton rolls through the crossface attempt into a clothesline for two. Orton backbreaker, punt is blocked for an ankle lock. Michaels grapevines the leg, Orton manages to roll over and kick off Michaels. Leg trip by Michaels, figure four does not work. HBK bounces off the ringpost, RKO is blocked. Michaels thought about Sweet Chin Music but hesitated, Orton only needed that second and one RKO later, the match is over.

Fuck me, Shawn Michaels is untouchable. I have never seen such perfect use of a gimmick worked into a match, Michaels had no Sweet Chin Music so HBK went to the sharpshooter but it did not stop there, ankle locks and crossfaces, the figure four, fakes/feints using the banned superkick, Michaels was excellent in this match. I have enjoyed Orton’s renaissance but The Viper is not at his crazy best, I want to see Orton torture his opponents but this match was all sorts of awesome mostly due to Shawn Michaels.

Winner: Randy Orton over Shawn Michaels via RKO!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Batista © vs The Undertaker (Hell In A Cell Match)

Taker has his rematch after losing clean to Batista, it is inside Taker’s domain. It is Hell in a cell, shoulder block by the champion to begin the match. Big clothesline, Taker begins striking Batista. Batista strikes back, chokeslam attempt early. Batista blocks, clothesline by Taker. Boot and elbow by Taker, headbutts in the corner. Snake eyes and big boot for two, Taker has a steel chair. Batista Spears Taker, Taker fights back and goes for a triangle choke. Right hands by Taker, Batista is raked across the cage. Batista is bleeding, apron leg drop by Taker. Chair guillotine by The Deadman, Batista is bleeding everywhere.

Old School is countered for a spinebuster, slugfest and Batista wins that war. Running powerslam by Batista, they brawl to the floor and Batista clotheslines Taker. They make it to the ring, Batista has Taker for a superplex. Batista looks for a cover but Undertaker has a triangle choke. Suicide dive from Taker as Batista escapes, Taker grabs steel steps. Batista kicks away the steps, Batista waffles Taker with the steel steps. Taker is bleeding too, ten punches and biting by Batista. Last Ride connects, Chokeslam connects. 1…2.. Batista survives somehow!

Taker calls for a tombstone, Batista slides out for a spinebuster. Two and a half, Batista looks under the ring. Face full of blood, Batista pulls out a table. Batista Bomb through the table, cover by Batista. Two as Taker powers out, Batista pulls in steel steps. Powerbomb is reversed, back drop on the steps by Taker for two. Tombstone by Taker, two as Batista kicks out! Tombstone on the steel steps, the referee is pulled out of the ring. Edge is here, Edge has a camera. Camera off the skull, Edge conchairtos Taker and places Batista on top, Batista retains the championship.

This was good, I believe Michaels stole the show but this delivered as a Hell in a Cell match. There was blood, there was weapons, a table and a twist at the end that made you want to see Taker kill Edge. Plus, it was steeped in logic. Edge had beaten Batista on a number of occasions leading up to Edge releasing the championship, Edge would in his mind, have it easy defeating The Animal. It also piles on the heat for Edge who have screwed over Taker not once but twice when it came to the championship. A great end to the show and Edge is right back at the top of the mountain where he belongs as a top heel.

Winner: Batista over Undertaker via Conchairto!

That was WWE’s Survivor Series 2007, a great big four pay per view for the year. Cannot think of a bad match beyond The Divas match not being elimination style, you have a great WWE championship match between Michaels and Orton, Michaels worked that match to perfection. I would like to see more sinister Orton work but I can let that go when Michaels is working like he is on this night. The main event was brutal in all the good ways with a shock twist that furthers two key storylines on Smackdown from earlier in the year. Edge has Batista’s number, Edge has beaten Batista on a number of occasions and Edge wants to face Batista because Edge believes that The Rated R Superstar can beat The Animal. The other storyline is that Edge has screwed over Undertaker again, Edge has ducked and avoided The Deadman twice without consequences, it is good stuff and I cannot wait for the next pay per view. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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