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WWE Cyber Sunday 2007 Review

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Hello and welcome to another nerve-wrecking edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that comes back from the brink of death more times that WWE’s tag team division! WWE’s Cyber Sunday 2007 where the fans decide the matches, where we have all the power in theory. Big matches coming into tonight’s show include a rematch from Wrestlemania 23, The Deadman is back and Batista is in Taker’s sights. These two tore the house down on two back to back pay per views could they be as lucky on the third attempt? Meanwhile on Raw, Shawn Michaels is back and Randy Orton is a dead man walking, Orton attempted to end the career of Michaels but you can’t stop The Show Stopper. Will this be something special? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

Cue the Taboo Tuesday music as it is all about You, You will choose the match, You will choose the stipulations, You are in control. This is followed by focus on the two Brand Championship Matches.

(Stretcher Match) Rey Mysterio vs Finlay

Nice bit of continuity with the match being a stretcher match due to Finlay fooling Mysterio with a stretcher act at the last pay per view. Finlay slaps Mysterio, Mysterio slaps back. Finlay takes down Mysterio, knees by Finlay. Mysterio meets the ringpost, forearm shots and short-arm clothesline by Finlay. Mysterio is thrown onto the stretcher, Mysterio battles off the stretcher. Low dropkick to Finlay’s knee, Finlay sends the stretcher into Mysterio. Finlay suplexes Mysterio onto the ladder, Mysterio is thrown ribs first into the ring apron.

Mysterio lands a headscissors on Finlay, ducking a clothesline. Low dropkick, Mysterio kicks Finlay hard in the side of the head. Finlay slides off the stretcher, Finlay spot the shillelagh. It’s legal, Mysterio stops Finlay. Low dropkick, Mysterio looks for the shillelagh. Finlay drags down Mysterio, Mysterio climbs up too. Sunset flip powerbomb by Mysterio, Mysterio pulld down the shillelagh. Mysterio is knocked off the turnbuckle by Finlay, Finlay has the shillelagh. Mysterio is drilled in the knee twice, Mysterio baseball slides Finlay. Finlay smacks Mysterio onto the stretcher, knees to the head by Mysterio.

Finlay rams Mysterio with a stretcher twice, Mysterio’s back is rammed into the ring apron. Mysterio kicks Finlay, 619 using the ring apron. Tope atomico with Finlay on the stretcher. Mysterio does not win though, a camera cable has tied up Mysterio. Finlay gets off, Finlay grabs the shillelagh but Mysterio flapjacks Finlay onto the stretcher and over the line.

Good opening match, I liked the way they worked the shillelagh into the match with the two stipulations coming into the match. Finlay’s work is awesome and I shall fight you to the death if you disagree, Finlay makes everything look real while hating his opponent, Mysterio held his own in this match being an explosion of excitement when the time was right, good stuff.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Finlay!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) CM Punk © vs The Miz

In an absolute shocker, CM Punk has to defend his championship against The Miz of all people with John Morrison being shunned by the voting. Lock-up, Miz takes the back. Hammerlock and front chancery by Punk, side headlock by Miz. Side headlock by Punk, takedown and jacknife cover by Punk for one, side headlock takedown on Miz. Miz and Punk continue to mat wrestle with both men countering the other’s holds, Miz talks trash and forearms Punk hard. Leaping leg lariat by Punk, massive chop to the chest. Snapmare and spinal tap, rope assisted suplex.

Clinch-hold knees by Punk, leg drop by Miz. Miz climbs to the top rope, Punk stops Miz. Miz blocks the superplex and Punk smacks his head off the canvas. Rights and lefts by Miz, corner clothesline for one. Miz had a cravate hold but Punk escapes and tries for a crossbody. They botch bad but Miz is in control, two for Miz. Sleeper from Miz, suplex by Miz. Punk grabs Miz who climbed to the top rope, super hiptoss. Elbows and heel kick by Punk, boots to the head. High knee and bulldog connects, springboard clothesline for two. Two O Connor rolls for two, reality check is dodged and Punk nails a massive GTS for the win.

It was decent, Miz had not been wrestling for a long time so this was all on Punk when it came down to carrying the match. Punk has a tendency to be hit and miss at this point in his career, I would say this was a victory for Miz who made it through without too many ugly moments, the show continues to carry momentum.

Winner: CM Punk over The Miz via GTS!

Mr. Kennedy vs Jeff Hardy

Lock-up, Kennedy eats a side headlock takedown but responds by shoving Hardy to the corner, waistlock from Kennedy. Side headlock by Hardy, big takedown from Hardy. Kennedy battles out of the headlock, Hardy elevates Kennedy to the apron. Low dropkick and Kennedy hits the ring apron, crossbody to the floor. Ten punches from Hardy, Kennedy pulls Hardy to the floor. Hardy tries re-entering the ring, Kennedy boots Hardy in the head. Cravate lock into a sleeper from Kennedy, Hardy tries an Irish whip. DDT from Kennedy for two, rear-naked choke from Kennedy.

Hardy fights out, clothesline by Kennedy for two. Hardy crotches Kennedy on the top rope, hurricanrana from Hardy. Slugfest but Hardy nails a massive lariat, two clotheslines follow. Neckbreaker drop from Hardy for two, twist of fate is blocked but Hardy nails Whisper in The Wind for two. Corkscrew mule kick by Hardy, Hardy misses his slingshot corner dropkick whiplashing hard and Kennedy wins after Hardy knocked himself out.

I must say it was nothing that would be different from a Raw match, you think both would be eager to impress when they could have world heavyweight championship matches down the line in their careers. Just never became anything special, never stepped up to the plate. It was a match, just a match and that’s ok but I won’t remember this match in half an hour.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy over Jeff Hardy via Whiplash!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Kane vs MVP ©

Kane faces MVP after being chosen over Great Khali and Mark Henry, all options are terrible for MVP. MVP ducks Kane and comes in throwing blows, Irish whip is reversed and Kane nails a big boot. Corner clothesline by Kane, make it two and we have a sidewalk slam for two. MVP stops the diving clothesline by crotching The Big Red Machine. Kicks to the ribs, Player’s Boot from MVP. Kane kicks out at two, MVP stays on the ribs but Kane tackles MVP and dishes out his own shots to the champion. Knees by Kane, big blows to the ribs. Backbreaker by Kane, abdominal stretch by Kane. Kane batters MVP with uppercuts, MVP is pulled into the ringpost. MVP gets himself counted out. DUD!

Winner: Kane over MVP via Count-Out!

(WWE Championship Match) Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton ©

Shawn Michaels is looking for revenge against the man who took him out at Judgment Day Randy Orton, Orton punted Michaels in the head just like he would do to the likes of RVD, John Cena’s Father and John Cena himself. This is personal, this is Michaels’ return to pay per view. Lock-up, clean break from HBK. Second lock-up, knee by Orton. Clubbing blows by Orton, right hands to the head. Michaels nails a kitchen sink, massive chop to the chest. Orton is whipped off the ropes and grabs on, powdering for a breather. Michaels planchas onto the champion, Orton uppercuts Michaels in the ring. Drop toehold and front chancery from Orton, HBK escapes and sends Orton into the ringpost shoulder first.

Michaels stomps the arm and snaps the arm back, hammerlock scoop slam. Short-arm scissors from Michaels, Orton comes out of the hold and stomps on the face of Michaels. Right hands by Orton, boot by Michaels. Big kick to the arm by Michaels, hammerlock back drop. Michaels has a side headlock on the ground with a crucifix on Orton’s bad left arm. Orton uses his good arm to pull HBK’s head down to his legs, Orton escapes the hold and clubs Michaels. Michaels sidesteps Orton, Orton lands hard on the floor. HBK swings at Orton but Orton ducks and back suplexes The Heartbreak Kid on the barricade. Orton goes to work, two for Orton.

Hard Irish whip to the corner, Orton stomps on the back of HBK. Orton applies a rear-naked choke with a bodyscissors to Michaels, Michaels is on his feet. Orton misses a dropkick, jacknife cover from HBK for two. Chops by Michaels, right hands by Orton. HBK eats an elbow to the head, Orton’s back suplex is countered for a crossbody. Orton backbreaker, two for Orton. Orton places Michaels on the top rope, Michaels fights and fights, no suplex for Orton. HBK is in position, Orton dodges the elbow drop. Orton looks for The RKO, backslide counter by Michaels for two.

Chop by Michaels, right hands by Orton. The two trade blows, chops from Michaels. Irish whip and a big flying forearm from Michaels, Michaels kips-up. Inverted atomic drop and big right hands, scoop slam. Elbow drop by Michaels, Orton ducks Sweet Chin Music and low blows Michaels, Orton loses the match by DQ.

Good stuff from Orton and Michaels, nobody can touch Michaels when it comes to selling in the WWE at this time, they did not go all out in this match saving it for the bigger pay per views that were coming like Survivor Series and I am fine with that as long as the next match tops this match. Orton’s low blow was a great finish too, Orton knew that Michaels had gotten the better of The Viper, it was a coward’s move and all that Orton could do to save his championship. After the match, Orton looks to Punt Michaels to prevent there ever being a rematch but Michaels takes the head of Orton with Sweet Chin Music, Michaels delivers and we eagerly await the rematch.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Randy Orton via DQ!

(Street Fight Match) Triple H vs Umaga

William Regal and Vince Mcmahon continue to screw over Triple H by putting The Game in the ring with The Samoan Bulldozer. Triple H starts the brawling on the ramp, knees by The Game. Umaga shakes off everything, big rights from Umaga. Headbutt by Umaga, Triple H is tossed to the top of the stage. Triple H tries a pedigree, Umaga wants the Samoan drop but Triple H wriggles free, the two continue to brawl at the stage. Triple H spears Umaga through a part of the stage, crowd brawling until we are near ringside. Umaga misses a diving splash and Triple H staggers Umaga, huge right hands.

Triple H topples Umaga with a trash can shot, two for Triple H. Triple H tries again but Umaga nails a massive Samoan drop. Umaga headbutts The Game and works the ribs, the lower back of Triple H is the target. Umaga drops all his weight Banzai style on Triple H. Splash for two, Umaga whips Triple H repeatedly into the barricade, ring apron and steel steps. Leg drop by Umaga for two, throat thrusts by Umaga. Triple H blocks a third, bearhug from Umaga stops Triple H in his tracks. Triple H punches back at Umaga, belly to belly suplex from Umaga ends the flurry of Triple H.

Triple H is beat down into the corner, Umaga nails his running hip attack. Two for Umaga, Umaga brings in a chair. Triple H low blows Umaga and nails a DDT on the chair for two. Facebuster but Umaga stops the pedigree, Umaga spears Triple H into the corner. Triple H kicks back Umaga, Umaga catches Triple H for a spinning sidewalk slam. Umaga begins to pull at the ECW and Raw announce table, Umaga misses a chair shot. Triple H tackles Umaga over an announce table, Umaga batters Triple H onto the ECW announce table. Umaga climbs an announce table two tables away and runs across the tables to splash Triple H through the ECW announce table.

Triple H lies in a heap on the ground, a crowd of referees surround The Game. Triple H does not move from the wreckage, Umaga pulls Triple H from the wreckage. Umaga fights with the referees, Umaga spots Triple H crawling in the ring. Umaga climbs to the top rope, Triple H dodges the diving headbutt. Triple H pulls out his sledgehammer from under the ring, Umaga ducks and hits the ribs. Triple H ducks the Samoan Spike, sledgehammer to the head and a Pedigree this match is over.

Good brawl between Umaga and Triple H, these two powerhouses came out and annihilated one another, Triple H thought he could go toe to toe with Umaga but Umaga swatted down Triple H, some nice spots mixed in, I enjoyed the announce table splash and the dramatic finish with Triple H knowing that the only thing that could save him would be his trusty sledgehammer. I would have enjoyed a win for Umaga to make the feud a little more even but taking a hammer to the head is pretty protective.

Winner: Triple H over Umaga via Pedigree!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Batista © vs The Undertaker (Stone Cold Steve Austin As Special Guest Referee)

Before the main event, Mickie James won best Halloween contest and JBL cut a promo stating why the people should have chosen JBL, Foley and Austin get involved before Austin Stunners all and we kick off between the two. Batista has never beaten Taker, this is a big match and rightly has the main event position.

We kick off with both men missing attacks such as spears and big boots, they trade holds before Batista has a side headlock, boot by Taker for one. Taker zeroes in on Batista’s left arm, hammerlock using the ropes. Batista fires back at Taker, spear to the corner. Shoulder thrusts by The Animal, uppercut to The Deadman. Rights from Batista, the champions stomps the challenger. More right hands, Taker is covering up before an Irish whip to the corner. Reverse elbow by Taker, two for Taker. Triangle choke from Taker, elbow across the throat and boot to the head by Taker. Two for Taker, Taker headbutts the left arm of Batista. Taker misses a running knee to the arm, right hands and boots by Batista.

Batista sends Taker into the ring apron, Irish whip by Batista. Taker ducks the clothesline and nails his leaping clothesline for two. Batista sees Taker attempting Old School, Batista joins Taker on the top rope. Taker beats down Batista, two for Taker. Taker meets a big boot in the corner, Batista drops his weight on Taker’s back. Taker pulls Batista to the floor, Taker nails his leg drop on the apron to Batista. Two for Taker, Irish whip to the corner. Corner clotheslines by Taker, snake eyes but Batista counters the boot for a clothesline, two for Batista.

Taker avoids the Batista bomb by backing Batista into the corner, headbutt by Taker. Batista reverses an Irish whip to the corner but misses the spear, Batista hits the ringpost hard. Old School is countered for a spinebuster, two for Batista. Taker counters the pin for a triangle choke, Batista pins down Taker’s shoulder so Taker must break the hold. Batista elbows out of a chokeslam, not for long though as Taker nails The Chokeslam for two! Tombstone is avoided for a Spear, Batista gets two. Batista bomb is reversed, Batista drop toeholds Taker into the turnbuckle.

Punches by Batista, ten punches by Batista. Taker counters for The Last Ride, 1….2… Batista kicks out! Batista slips out of the tombstone, spinebuster for two. Taker sits up, Batista is in shock. Batista nails a massive Batista Bomb, two for Batista. Second Batista Bomb and Batista retains his championship.

That was a lot of fun, Batista and Taker have a chemistry where the two just bring the ass-kicking to a super high level in their matches. They have great sequences, great transitions and they ramp up the drama in their battles with one another. It’s good for Batista to be put over so strong against Taker, Batista needed it after chasing the championship for a solid six to seven months. My only complaint would be with hindsight, did this win mean a whole lot when by Wrestlemania time, it is Edge vs Taker with Batista stuck in the middle of the card. Anyways, this match kicked ass and a clean loss from Taker is as rare as they come ladies and gentlemen.

Winner: Batista over Undertaker via Batista Bomb!

That was WWE’s Cyber Sunday of 2007, a decent pay per view from WWE. The likes of Cyber Sunday and Taboo Tuesday are never home-runs when it comes to pay per views, they are sandwiched in between bigger pay per views and while the idea of the show is that we, the fans have all the power, there is little in the way of say major title changes or results that the fans truly want when all is said and done. So, we have a mix of wrestlers building towards their eventual big matches like Michaels and Orton laying the groundwork for what will become a great match mixed in a bunch of gimmicky matches like the street fight and stretcher matches and matches that disappoint or are pointless like MVP’s championship match. The main event was a lot of fun, people hold this match between Taker and Batista as their best I can see why it’s a great end to the show but there was a lot of nothing on this card. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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