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ECW Living Dangerously 1999 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that makes a mockery of the wrestling business more than those guys down in CZW! I venture back into the Land of Extreme with ECW’s Living Dangerously 1999, headlined by the farewell of Shane Douglas coupled with another match between Taz and Sabu, one of ECW’s greatest feuds which is becoming more like a joke due to ECW style booking. New Jack battles Mustafa in a battle of The Gangstas while Spike Dudley finds another partner to beat up The Dudley Boyz. Shall I be pissed after watching good matches being ruined by overbooking? Well, let’s find out!

Super Crazy vs Tajiri

After a Taz promo and Styles doing his usual shtick, we have Tajiri vs Super Crazy which would be the new ECW version of Malenko vs Guerrero as these two men could wrestle, they meshed well together and there was always fun involved in these matches. Some mat wrestling to begin, they have a stand-off before some more nice wrestling. Hurricanrana roll through from Super Crazy, monkey flip followed by armdrag by Tajiri. Kip-ups and the whole lot, Richochet and Ospreay eat your heart out! Handspring back elbow by Tajiri before a tope con hilo, Asai moonsault by The Japanese Buzzsaw. Super Crazy nails sunset flip onto the ramp, springboard moonsault by Super Crazy.

Super Crazy clotheslines Tajiri into the ring, Triple Moonsaults by Super Crazy for two. Super Crazy wants a back superplex, Tajiri is kicked in the spine and left in the tree of woe. Low dropkick, springboard moonsault for two. Tajiri has a sunset flip for two, Super Crazy is back on his feet. Firemen’s carry but the moonsault is blocked, massive head kick by Tajiri. Low dropkick by Tajiri, two for Tajiri. Kicks floor Super Crazy, another low dropkick for two. Sunset flip from the corner by Super Crazy for two, Super Crazy botches a springboard. German suplex for two, Super Crazy blocks the dragon suplex. Sit-out powerbomb for two, Tajiri counters the powerbomb with a sloppy DDT. Super Crazy reverses a hurricanrana for a roll-up out of nowhere.

Botches aside, another good and fast-paced entertaining match from these two, I smile when I see these two because I actually get to see wrestling. That’s a rarity when it comes to ECW especially when the two men in the ring can work and tell a story, that is not the case with most of these hardcore ECW wrestlers. So, I was happy watching this match, it wasn’t their best match by any stretch but still good.

Winner: Super Crazy over Tajiri via Roll-Up!

Steve Corino vs Balls Mahoney W/ Axl Rotten

Mahoney clotheslines and mauls Corino to begin, Mahoney misses a spinning heel kick and tumbles to the floor, baseball slide by Corino. Corino teases a suicide dive, Mahoney catches Corino and Rotten clotheslines Corino. Scoop slam by Mahoney, frog splash for two. Corino dodges the leg drop, leaping leg lariat by Corino. Two, superkick by Corino. Corino has the chair and sits to apply a chinlock, Mahoney nails his own superkick. Chair shot rapes poor Corino and it’s over. Hardly a match, DUD!

Winner: Balls Mahoney over Steve Corino via Chair Shot!

Antifaz Del Norte vs Little Guido W/ Big Sal Graziano

Young high-flying Mexican luchador does battle with cocky shoot-style wrestler Little Guido. Guido gains control with a shoulder block, cross armbreaker from Guido. Rope break, we reset. Slaps by Antifaz, nice armdrag. Thrustkick, springboard dropkick. Diving corkscrew tornillo by Antifaz, springboard sunset flip for two. Guido counters hurricanrana for powerbomb, stomps to Antifaz. Slapfest, sit-out suplex by Antifaz. Leg drop and elbows by Antifaz, Guido nails a middle rope Russian legsweep for two. Sleeper by Antifaz, jawbreaker by Guido. Clothesline for two, Antifaz nails a corkscrew for two. Spinning heel kick, Guido powders. Antifaz dives into Big Sal’s arms, slam through the table. Sicilian Crab and the match is over. Very short match, difficult to rate. DUD!

(ECW Television Championship Match) Rob Van Dam © W/ Bill Alfonso vs Jerry Lynn

RVD had beaten Bigelow and was finding his stride as champion, Jerry Lynn came into ECW alongside Tommy Rogers but was breaking out as a reliable star when called upon in the promotion. We begin with the two trading pins, large RVD chants from the crowd. Side headlock by RVD, shoulder block with a series of leapfrogs before a kick from Lynn. Middle rope crossbody by Lynn with another stand-off, side headlock from Lynn. Inverted atomic drop by RVD, clothesline response by Lynn. RVD powders, side headlock by Lynn. Leg drop from Lynn and a low dropkick, RVD is clotheslined to the floor. Lynn nails a running senton from the apron, Lynn knocks RVD into the crowd before delivering a great springboard crossbody into the crowd.

In the ring, RVD kicks Lynn as Lynn enters, forearms by RVD. RVD tries a springboard, Lynn dropkicks RVD to the floor. Lynn and RVD brawl on the floor, Lynn is left sprawled across the guard rail. Guillotine leg drop by RVD across the guard rail, springboard crossbody by RVD off the guardrail. Backbreaker by RVD in the ring, Alfonso gives RVD a chair. Romero special by RVD, pin using the special for two. Kicks in the corner, Irish whip by RVD. Lynn dodges the monkey flip for a sunset flip powerbomb on the chair for two, nice spot. RVD back drops Lynn onto the chair, Lynn hangs on though. RVD counters a DDT for an inverted atomic drop but Lynn counters the northern lights suplex for a falling reverse DDT on the chair for two.

Nice dodging of chair shots before Lynn leg drops RVD’s head into oblivion using the chair for two, Lynn has the chair and is climbing to the top rope. Alfonso grabs Lynn’s foot, Lynn cracks RVD with the chair but RVD with his last ounce of strength, kicks the chair into Lynn’s face who falls through a table at ringside. Scoop slam in the ring, RVD places a chair on Lynn but eats knees off the split-legged moonsault. RVD smacks Lynn in the head with the chair, series of pins by the two with neither men winning the match. German suplex by Lynn for two, Lynn stomps RVD in the corner. Lynn elevates RVD to the apron, Lynn is on the top rope. Tornado DDT but the table at ringside does not break, that looked painful as hell.

Two for Lynn, big lariat by RVD. Two for RVD, scoop slam into Rolling Thunder. Two for RVD, forearms by RVD. Lynn tries a tornado DDT, RVD blocks initially before being spiked with a DDT. Two for Lynn, the bell rings as the time limit has expired while Lynn asks for five more minutes. The champion agrees, Cradle Piledriver by Jerry Lynn for two. Lynn eats a boot, Van Damanator and a Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

The beginnings of a series that would be arguably RVD’s best work and Jerry Lynn showing why he was so revolutionary and great for the wrestling business. Lynn came across as a big star following this match, this was a very important match for Lynn in the eyes of management and the fans. You want a competitive match in ECW, bring in Jerry Lynn and the man shall not disappoint. It did have its flaws, the dangerous table moments and the ridiculous setup for the van damanator that rarely made sense, I mean why would the opponent hold the chair and wait for their head to be kicked off their shoulders? Anyways, this was the beginning of some good stuff in terms of wrestling for these two talented athletes.

Winner: Rob Van Dam over Jerry Lynn via Five Star Frog Splash!

Mustafa vs New Jack

The Gangstas imploded as Mustafa was a hired gun for The Dudleys, taking out his former partner New Jack. New Jack comes into the match looking for revenge, this is going to be weapon shots and brawling for ten plus minutes, I am not looking forward to this match. The two take turns hitting one another with all different types of weapons, they trade control before a botched guitar shot from New Jack as it flies into the crowd. New Jack is bleeding, no surprise there. Mustafa survives with a low blow, no-selling the guitar to the head. The two spill into the crowd, they find a table. New Jack dives like always, you know what happens next. New Jack wins, total trash. DUD!

Winner: New Jack over Mustafa via Splash Of Death!

The Dudley Boyz W/ The Dudley Entourage vs Nova & Spike Dudley

Nothing new here with The Dudleys fighting Spike, D-Von and Bubba crack trays on Nova and Spike. Bubba hurls Spike into the crowd, they just love body surfing don’t they? Diving headbutt to the groin of Nova, middle rope sit-out powerbomb by Bubba. 3D on Nova, Bob Ortiz helps Nova. 3D for your sins, Mr. ring announcer. The Dudleys shit talk the locker room, Judge Jeff Jones brings out Sid Vicious. The Dudleys jump Sid, Double Chokeslam by Sid. Sid and Spike attack The Dudleys, Spike and Sid stand tall before Sid kills Spike. DUD! Just an angle!

No Contest?

The Impact Players W/ Jason/Jazz/Dawn Marie vs Shane Douglas & Tommy Dreamer W/ Francine

Shane Douglas was looking towards greener pastures, WCW to be exact. The Franchise found himself under attack from the new combination of Lance Storm and Justin Credible, Credible was being solidly pushed despite his lack of well, anything special inside of the ring. Storm had found new life as a heel with his fake Tammy Lynn in Dawn Marie, the two were looking like they could be a big force in the company. So, now we have the team of old enemies Douglas and Dreamer joining sides to take down the new threat in Storm & Credible.

Dreamer and Storm begin, right hands by Storm. Corner clothesline by Storm, Dreamer clotheslines Storm after a miscommunication between the impact players. Tag to Douglas, drop toehold and rolling neck snap by Douglas and Dreamer. Douglas and Credible begin fighting, right hands and poor looking ones at that. Snap suplexes by Douglas, delayed vertical suplex by Douglas. Chop war between the two, Credible does his flair flip to the apron. Inverted atomic drop and flapjack by Douglas, tag to Dreamer. Sidewalk slam/elbow combination for two, spinebuster by Dreamer. Abdominal stretch by Dreamer, Douglas military press Storm onto Credible. Right hands by Douglas before Storm knees Douglas in the back, superkick by Credible. Tag to Storm, the impact players put the boots to Douglas.

Dropkick by Storm, tag to Credible. Chops by Credible, tag to Storm. Storm rakes the eyes, Douglas nails a back suplex. Storm grabs the leg of Douglas, stopping the tag. In comes Credible, jawbreaker and right hand by Credible. Douglas eats a pair of elbows, Credible misses a low dropkick and rams his special area into the ringpost. Hot-tag to Dreamer, right hands to Credible. Russian legsweep by Dreamer, Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor. Storm planchas onto Dreamer, Douglas whips Storm into the guard rail before sending Storm balls first into the ringpost. Powerslam by Dreamer on Storm for two, Tomahawk for two. Dreamer eats a superkick from Storm, repeated elbows by Storm. Tag to Credible, reverse chinlock from Credible.

Storm is tagged, front chancery to prevent the tag. Leaping leg lariat by Storm for two, delayed suplex with middle finger by Storm. Tag to Credible, middle rope elbow. Double suplex on the ramp by the impact players, right hands in the corner by Storm. Storm is crotched on the top rope, hanging neckbreaker by Dreamer. Low dropkick by an interfering Credible, Dreamer nails Credible with a diving cutter. Tag to Douglas, clothesline by The Franchise.

Scoop slams a plenty, dropkick to Storm. Dropkick for Credible, noggin knocker. Dawn Marie low blows Douglas, here comes Francine. Snapmare and catfight on pay per view, the first of many between these two on pay per view. Storm grabs Francine, Storm beats down Douglas. Credible on Dreamer, Francine has a ladder. Dreamer balances the ladder on the turnbuckle, Dreamer drops Credible on the ladder. Crossbody by Douglas on Storm for two, Dreamer and Douglas see-saw the ladder on The Impact Players, two for Douglas. Belly to belly suplex on Credible for two, Credible low blows Douglas. Credible has his kendo stick, Francine takes the stick and kicks Credible in the head, Pittsburgh Plunge for the win.

A rather boring match when all was finished, The Franchise was a magnificent promo, a true heel inside of that ring but I never saw what was special about Douglas inside of the ring in ECW, not that much changed when we got to WCW. In that same vein, I am not a big fan of Credible who I just do not buy into as a top draw within the company and the feud with Dreamer has been going on and on for months now, I am truly bored of the two inside of the ring. Give me something new, happy days for Douglas who would not have his cheques bouncing on him at the end of the day.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas over The Impact Players via Pittsburgh Plunge!

(ECW/FTW Championship Match) Taz © vs Sabu ©

Well, somehow we are back at these two fighting once again, the biggest show for ECW ended with no championship change, Taz did not defeat Shane Douglas but we had Taz and Sabu staring one another down. Barely Legal in 1997 was built around this match, that match was rather disappointing and I am not thrilled with the prospect of the rematch. However, when you look at the roster, I am not sure who else you could put in that ring with Taz as Douglas was now a babyface, leaving the promotion and some of the bigger names like Bigelow had left the company while Storm, Credible and RVD were rising the card, feeding them to Taz would do no favours for anyone.

Sabu has his jaw taped up after Taz broke it with a clothesline, the match is made a falls count anywhere deathmatch. Sabu shoots for a takedown on the wrestling machine Taz, poor strategy choice from Sabu. Right hands by both, Taz nails the jaw. Sabu blocks the cross-armed punches, Sabu and Taz mat wrestle before a stand-off. Takedown and crossface punches by Taz, boot to the side of the head. Sabu whips Taz to the corner, springboard leg drop, slingshot somersault leg drop for two. Air Sabu in the corner, baseball slide as Sabu dumps Taz into the crowd. Sabu triple jumps to the floor eating a chair to the face. Crowd-brawling, Sabu dives into the crowd from the ramp for two.

They make it to the ramp, Taz suplexes Sabu to the crowd below. Sabu and Taz are in the ring, fists are flying. There is a table lying across the guard rail and apron, Taz belly to belly suplexes Sabu over the top rope and through the table. Clothesline on jaw, Sabu rakes the eyes of Taz. Chair to the head, more crowd brawling. Taz chases away Alfonso, leg drop by Sabu on Taz for two. Camel Clutch by Sabu, table is set up in the ring. Taz is on the top rope, top rope hurricanrana by Sabu for two. Taz plants Sabu with a powerbomb after an attempted hurricanrana from Sabu. Two for Taz, Sabu rolls to the apron.

Taz is on the apron, Sabu nails a sunset flip powerbomb for two. Taz did not want to eat that bump, Sabu has a table set across the guard rail. Splash through the table, Sabu dives off the top rope to the floor for two. Arabian Facebuster for two, low blow by Taz. Pump handle throw by Taz, two for Taz. Sabu grabs a chair and whacks Taz, Triple Jump Moonsault by Sabu for two. Head and arm Tazplex for two, Triple Jump Leg Drop for two. Another Tazplex, Sabu is lifted to the top rope. Middle rope Tazplex, two for Taz. Sabu has a table, Taz has the table in the corner. Dragon suplex through the table, two as Sabu kicks out! Alfonso throws in the towel, Tazmission and it’s over.

Not feeling it ladies and gentlemen, they are some nice visual such as Sabu digging Taz’s eyes out or the blood of the fractured jaw but the match is the same as it was two years prior. Could not live up to the hype, crowd brawling is always garbage in my eyes. A struggle maybe but this was not the super fight they were trying to sell, it was very boring at times with them just building to a table spot here and there, selling was the last things on their mind. Passable but another boring main event for The Human Suplex Machine.

Winner: Taz over Sabu via Tazmission!

That was ECW’s Living Dangerously 1999, a pay per view that somehow makes it to the two and a half hour mark. I am serious about that, this show had  so much nothing going on that I can’t believe it is that long. You had squashes, drawn out matches that could have ended minutes beforehand and I do not even know what to call The Dudleys or The New Jack match. Simply a whole lot of punching taking place, garbage wrestling, the type of thing that people who would knock the company would bang on about, there were not wrong as it was on full display tonight. The finishes were exactly exciting in this company either, I do not know what it is but ECW just irks me the more that I watch the company in action. However, I will be soldiering on until I am finished, thanks for watching and remember: There’s always another night!

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