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ECW Anarchy Rulz 1999 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition to Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that says less than Sanada! Another ECW pay per view, it’s ECW Anarchy Rulz 1999! Headlined by Rob Van Dam against Balls Mahoney following a bait and switch with Johnny Smith (Do not ask me why, I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea). We also have a three-way dance for the ECW Championship with Taz defending against two FMW stars in Masato Tanaka & Mike Awesome. While the company may be following apart, the match quality is on the rise. Will this be another hit? Let’s find out!

Lance Storm W/ Dawn Marie vs Jerry Lynn

Building upon last month’s main event, Lynn and Storm are going to wrestle in what may be the sleeper match on this show, I cannot think of a hotter way to kick off a pay per view. Standing switches from both men, floatovers and hammerlocks galore. Side headlock from Storm, Lynn escapes but more flips and tricks before a headscissors and a headlock takedown. Lynn and Storm chop one another, Lynn missiles dropkicks Storm to the floor. Victory roll from Lynn for two, judo throw headlock takedown by Lynn. Elbows by Storm, Storm stunguns Lynn. Dropkick from Storm, right hands from Storm. Cartwheel clothesline by Storm, Lynn comes back with sunset flips but Storm controls with a low blow, two for Storm.

Leg drop by Storm for two, sleeper by Storm. Abdominal stretch from Lynn, Lynn is on the apron. Storm is sent to the floor, splash to the floor. Missile dropkick for two, low blow by Lynn. Roll-ups by both men, German suplex by Lynn for two. Superkick by Storm, two for Storm. Storm reverse DDTs Lynn for two, Dawn gives Storm a chair. Storm is whipped into the chair in the corner, Lynn is crotched on the top rope, sunset flip powerbomb by Lynn with a jacknife cover, two for Lynn as Dawn attacks the referee. Lynn DDTs Storm on the chair, Dawn places Storm’s foot on the ropes.

Storm sends Lynn into the ringpost rib first, knees to the ribs by Storm. Backbreaker into a stretch by Storm, stunner by Lynn for two. Rib shots by Storm, shoulder block to the ribs. Lynn nails a diving hurricanrana for two. Three-quarter nelson pin from Storm out of nothing and we have a winner in Storm.

Flat finish as is my main complaint when it comes to the company, gutsy performance from Lynn, slowly rising the card in the eyes of the fans and in Heyman’s eyes. Extremely happy knowing what is coming down the line for Jerry Lynn because Lynn has been on fire for a number of months now. Storm and Lynn had a great athletic contest, a lot of fun for an opening match.

Winner: Lance Storm over Jerry Lynn via Cradle!

Simon Diamond/Tony Devito/Tom Marquez vs Jazz/Chris Chetti/Nova

Diamond won’t wrestle Jazz, Jazz beats up Marquez. Diamond and Devito attack Jazz, Chetti and Nova make the save. Chetti blows out his knee on a moonsault, putting the match in danger. Nova continues battling Diamond, corner clothesline. Low blow by Devito, Devito stomps and chokes Nova. Diamond suplexes Nova into oblivion for two, Jazz watches on from the floor, not sure what is going on with this match. Devito botches a slam, Roadkill and Doring come out and attack everyone, Angelica is here too. DQ finish, Hart Attack on Jazz. CW Anderson and a whole bunch of jobbers come out before New Jack’s music hits in the arena. New Jack clears the house and we are out of here. DUD!

No Contest!

Little Guido W/ Big Sal E Graziano vs Super Crazy vs Tajiri

Three of the best who were awesome in matches against one another squaring off in ECW’s signature match. The match starts with everyone picking on one another, Tajiri begins kicking the legs of his enemies. Springboards all around from the three, camel clutch by Guido on Super Crazy. Tajiri kicks the head of Super Crazy, Tajiri fools Guido and kicks Guido in the face. Chest slaps by Super Crazy on Guido, Guido is tossed into the crowd. Tajiri baseball slides Super Crazy into the crowd, Asai Moonsault into the crowd. Big Sal slams Tajiri and powerbombs Super Crazy. Sicilian Slice on Tajiri, Guido stomps both opponents.

German suplex by Tajiri on Guido, Super Crazy moonsaults into the crowd on Tajiri and Guido. Big Sal is dropkicked through a table, Tajiri and Super Crazy are in the ring. Tarantula from Tajiri, Guido dropkicks Super Crazy. Romero Special by Crazy on Tajiri, transition into a dragon sleeper. Camel clutch and Boston crab combination on Tajiri. Guido slaps Super Crazy, Tomikaze by Guido on Super Crazy for two. Tajiri kicks Guido and puts him in the tree of woe, low dropkick by Tajiri and a springboard moonsault by Super Crazy finishes off Guido.

Down to two, the classic rivalry renewed. Kick by Tajiri, Super Crazy kicks back at Tajiri. Ten punches from Super Crazy, Tajiri answers with a handspring elbow. Brainbuster is blocked, sit-out powerbomb for two. Tajiri reverses a powerbomb for a DDT, Super Crazy has Tajiri for a dragon sleeper, Tajiri blocks so Super Crazy nails a tornado inverted DDT. Two for Crazy, Tajiri stops the three moonsaults. Buzzsaw kick, low dropkick and Brainbuster this is over!

Super fun match, all these three were key parts of the show by this point, they worked with one another so much, the chemistry was off the charts. I love every spot in this match, some really nice things done by everyone and anyone of the three could be television champion once Rob Van Dam stepped up into the main event scene. These guys were great, one of the best spotfests you will see in ECW!

Winner: Tajiri over Super Crazy via Brainbuster!

Justin Credible W/ Jason vs Sabu

Sabu was pissed at Credible, Credible kept dodging Sabu. However, Sabu is cleared to wrestle and the match will take place tonight, clotheslines for Jason. Sabu hammers Credible, springboard leg drop by Sabu for two. Scoop slam, springboard split-legged moonsault for two. Reverse chinlock with punches by Sabu, chair to the head of Credible. Sabu has a table, Credible Russian legsweeps Sabu. Sabu is on the table, Credible splashes Sabu through the table. Springboard leg lariat by Sabu, baseball slide by Sabu. Triple Jump Somersault Splash by Sabu, table has been setup between the guard rail and ring apron.

Credible rolls off the table, Sabu drops a guillotine leg drop onto Credible. Clothesline by Sabu, Credible is placed on the table. Triple Jump Leg Drop by Sabu, Sabu repeats the spot breaking the table on this attempt. Sabu has Credible in the ring, Camel Clutch by Sabu. Jason distracts Sabu, Superkick by Credible. Two for Credible, Camel Clutch by Credible. Leg drop by Credible, another Camel Clutch. Sabu knees Credible in the dick, low dropkick by Sabu. Camel Clutch, Jason attacks and eats a leg drop. Alfonso has a table for Jason, Credible saves Jason using the Singapore cane. Two for Credible, Sabu reaches the ropes.

 Credible dropkicks a chair into Sabu’s face, springboard DDT by Sabu. Two for Sabu, Credible waffles Sabu with the cane. Two for Credible, jawbreaker by Credible. Credible charges and shoves Sabu through a table, two for Credible as Sabu escapes. Triple Jump Moonsault by Sabu, Triple Jump Leg Drop by Sabu. Sabu eats a superkick from Jason, That’s Incredible for two. Low dropkick by Sabu, Credible dodges the Arabian facebuster. Sabu and Credible trade holds before a That’s Incredible on a steel chair for the win.

Interesting brawl, Sabu did not mess up anything in that ring which is rare! Kidding, Sabu brings the pain to Credible, Credible takes an absolute beating in this match, Sabu makes Credible earn this win with Credible pinning Sabu as clean as you can get in ECW, this was a huge win for Credible. I think this was as good as you could get from these two, it may have even overdelivered when I think about it more.

Winner: Justin Credible over Sabu via That’s Incredible!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Taz © vs Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome

Mike Awesome is added to the match, Taz is on the way out of the company while his championship run on top of the company has been lacklustre due to lack of main event talent. Tanaka and Awesome fight one another until they notice Taz is laughing at the two. Tanaka and Awesome are thrown around by Taz, lots of Tazplexes. Awesome powerbombs Tanaka, Taz nails a head and arm Taz plex on Awesome. Taz eats a Roaring Elbow from Tanaka, Awesome Splash and The Human Suplex Machine has lost his championship. Everyone looks on in shock as the locker room empties to say goodbye to Taz.

Boot by Awesome, Tanaka is clotheslined to the floor. Suicide Dive by Awesome, diving clothesline by Awesome for two. Clothesline by Awesome, sit-out powerbomb by Awesome for two. Awesome has a table ringside, springboard clothesline by Tanaka. Chairs to the ribs and to the head by Tanaka, swinging DDT by Tanaka. Missile dropkick by Tanaka, Tornado DDT for two. Tanaka smacks a chair into Awesome’s face from the top rope for two, Tanaka wants the table. Powerbomb for two, Awesome escapes and Awesome Bombs Tanaka through the table at ringside. Alabama Slam by Awesome, Awesome Splash for two.

Awesome has a chair, two massive chair shots. Three shots, Tanaka has fighting spirit. Diamond Dust by Tanaka, two for Tanaka. Awesome ducks the elbow for a German suplex and a spear for two. Awesome has a chair, wham to the head of Tanaka. Tanaka is on the table, Tanaka was playing possum. Superplex is blocked, Awesome Bomb from the top rope through the table. New champion and his name is Mike Awesome!

An emotional moment as Taz bows out leaving the ring after five minutes and watching the two new heavyweights to carry the company going forward. Taz is thanked for his years of service and then, you have Tanaka and Awesome, two men who tore it up in FMW and now were doing it for the American audience. Tremendous spotfest between Awesome and Tanaka, Tanaka always gave it everything while Awesome was a freakishly agile big man.

Winner: Mike Awesome over Masato Tanaka via Awesome Bomb!

(ECW Tag Team Championship Match) Tommy Dreamer & Raven © W/ Francine vs Steve Corino/Rhino W/ Jack Victory

Raven returned to ECW after a two year absence, Raven’s return was fantastic for the company as they had just lost The Dudley Boyz to the WWF. Rhino and Corino attack an injured Dreamer, Raven is nowhere to be seen due to his hatred of Dreamer. Spinebuster by Rhino on Dreamer, stopping Dreamer who was beating up Victory and chasing off Corino. Corino comes back with a ladder, Rhino is whipped into the ladder. Dreamer is tripped onto a chair, Francine kicks Rhino, no effect. Sit-out Michinoku Driver by Rhino on Francine, Even Flow DDT by Raven on Rhino, Victory and Corino beat down the champions. Double DDTs by the champions and the match is over. Kind of pointless in the long run, a waste of a match. DUD!

(ECW Television Championship Match) Rob Van Dam © vs Balls Mahoney

Originally, RVD vs Johnny Smith, a regular from All Japan. Chaos ensues as The Impact Players annoy The Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freaks before Spike Dudley even the odds, Dawn Marie eats an Acid Drop before we end up with RVD putting his championship on the line against Balls Mahoney. Back suplex by Balls, big clothesline by Balls. Two for Balls, right hands by Balls before RVD fires back with a thrustkick and a crossbody. Leg trip cover for two by the champion, dropkick and Balls is on the floor. Balls and RVD are on the floor, RVD tastes the guard rail. Balls grabs a beer and cracks RVD. RVD sends Balls into the ringpost and then, into the crowd. Mahoney fucks a chair at RVD’s head, hate the chair-throwing nonsense.

Right hands by Balls, two for Balls. Kicks by RVD, belly to belly suplex by Balls. Spinning heel kick knocks RVD to the floor, RVD is whipped into the crowd. Van Daminator in the crowd, RVD somersault planchas from the top turnbuckle into the crowd. Two for RVD, Balls is bleeding. Balls makes it to the top rope, RVD crotches Balls. Balls pushes off RVD, Balls nails a middle rope leg drop for two. Reverse chinlock by Balls, RVD fires back. Balls yanks down RVD with a spinebuster, frog splash by Balls for two. RVD and Balls are on the top rope, superplex by the champion. Alfonso leaves a chair in the ring, Balls eats the chair to the head for two.

Rolling Thunder by RVD using a chair for two, Balls is monkey flipped by RVD. RVD runs into a Liger Bomb from Balls onto a chair, two for Balls. RVD tries a northern lights suplex, DDT counter from Balls for two. Piledriver for two, Balls calls for a superkick. Balls scores, Balls waffles RVD with his chair shot. Alfonso smacks Balls with the chair, RVD thrustkicks a chair into Balls’ face after Balls missed Alfonso with the chair, Five Star Frog Splash and the match is over, RVD retains his championship.

Not blown away by this match, it was solid but any match that comes after RVD vs Jerry Lynn is going to have to be amazing to get that kind of reaction. Balls did well, Balls was a tag team guy at this point much like Bubba against Taz. Balls had some good spots, delivered some nasty shots to RVD and seemed like a credible challenger at times. Disappointed we did not see Johnny Smith vs RVD, big All Japan mark here so watching Smith right before his beastly Champion Carnival run in 2000 against RVD would have been awesome but we cannot all get what we want, I think the main event should have been the ECW heavyweight championship match due to how significant it was with Taz leaving and the new era under Mike Awesome but RVD’s popularity led to Heyman putting Mr PPV on last.

Winner: RVD over Balls Mahoney via Five Star Frog Splash!

That was ECW’s Anarchy Rulz, another solid show from ECW. It is almost a running joke at this point, ECW’s fortunes worsened and the bigger stars left yet there was less overbooked messes when it came to pay per views. No Sandman, No Douglas , No Bigelow, No Funk yet I find myself enjoying the likes of Super Crazy, Guido, Tajiri, Storm and Lynn. The only knocks on this show were the Chetti match that ended abruptly and the tag team match featuring Raven and Dreamer, I feel they could have done more for Raven’s pay per view return and a  lot of time could have been shaved off RVD vs Balls Mahoney. The rest of the card was quite good though, enjoyed Credible vs Sabu, Sabu gave Credible the beating we all wanted to see but Credible was on the rise and Credible gutted it out to beat Sabu, a big win for Credible. Lynn vs Storm was a fun match with counters and technical wrestling throughout, a flat finish hurt what could have been a really great match, I loved both three way dances so it’s a thumbs up show for me. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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