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ECW Heatwave 1999 Review

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Hello and welcome to another rebel-rousing edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that wants to beat up Corey Graves more than Booker T! ECW’s Heatwave 1999 headlined by The Impact Players taking on Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn, that’s disappointing. What about Sabu? Why not have Sabu & RVD take on The Impact Players? We also have Taz vs Tajiri, once again Taz faces a rising star in the promotion who fans will believe does not have a chance of winning the championship. It is really not a good look for Taz, the rest of the card seems decent so we will see what comes my way!

Danny Doring & Roadkill W/ Angelica vs Chris Chetti & Nova

 Lita has one fat ass let me tell you that! Nova and Chetti are ECW’s odd couple, Chetti loves himself while Nova wants to whoop all kinds of ass. Nova attacks Doring and Roadkill why Chetti is in love with himself, Doring attacks Chetti. Hart Attack by Doring & Roadkill, Irish whip to the corner. Corner splash by Roadkill, Bareback by Doring for two. Nova fires back at Doring, G Spot Suite by Doring. Tag to Roadkill, springboard leg drop by Roadkill for two. Sidewalk slam, springboard elbow by legal man Doring. Beautiful Spin Doctor from Nova, Chetti gets the tag. Clotheslines, scissors kick to Roadkill. Powerslam to Doring for two, Nova stunners and DDTs Roadkill & Doring.

Nova and Chetti combine for a monkey flip into a clothesline, figure four by Nova. Doring & Chetti leg drop both figure four wrestlers, blue thunder bomb by Chetti, Double Springboard Moonsault by Chetti. Chetti is on the mic, Chetti begins talking trash. Chetti dances, Angelica comes into the ring. Nova is in Chetti’s face, Angelica slaps Chetti. Chetti nails The Amityville Horror. Nova drops Doring with The Kryptonite Krunch, Amityville Horror on Roadkill and Tidal Wave for the win.

Unbelievably fun match from these four young wrestlers, Chetti and Nova gelled inside of the ring while Roadkill was a crazy, athletic big man who was doing all sorts of dives, the crowd was hot into this match. Not all was bad it seemed for ECW when a lot of their bigger stars were leaving, these four could rip it up inside of the ring given the spotlight. That was one of the best opening matches that they had on ECW pay per view.

Winners: Chris Chetti & Nova over Doring & Roadkill via Tidal Wave!

Jason vs Jazz

Jazz was in Credible’s entourage, not saying much before Jason annoyed Jazz for the last time. Jazz is here to kick all sorts of ass, think of ECW’s version of Chyna but even better in the ring when given the chance. Slap from Jazz, clothesline has no effect. Crossbody as Jason slaps Jazz’s ass and nails a falling slam, drop toehold by Jazz. Scoop slam by Jazz, middle rope crossbody for two. Legsweep by Jazz, chop by Jason. Jason misses a leg drop, necksnap and cradle by Jazz for two.

Lock-up, knees and chops by Jason. Dropkick by Jason, middle rope elbow for two. Dropkick to the back by Jason, crucifix pin by Jazz for two. Jason sweeps the legs for two, chop and elbow for two. Leg drop for two, kicks by Jazz but Jason absorbs the punishment. Suplex by Jazz, Samoan drop by Jazz for two. Headbutt to the groin, Jazz has a chair. Make it two, Jazz smacks a chair into Jason’s nuts, enzuigiri from Jason. Jason tries for a powerbomb, Jazz nails The Jazz Stinger on the chair for the win.

Fun match from these two, the crowd seemed so into this match, I was rather shocked but Jason was a little dickhead and it’s been a while since we have seen Jason be brutalized while Jazz could go inside of that ring, Heyman would use Jazz very well from this point.

Winner: Jazz over Jason via Jazz Stinger!

Super Crazy vs Little Guido W/ Big Sal E Graziano

ECW is making the most of Super Crazy and Guido, two very good wrestlers who really impressed at the last pay per view, Guido brought a lot out of Tajiri, a side we had not really seen before while Super Crazy had a great match with Taka Michinoku. Lock-up by Guido, clean break from Guido. Guido pulls Super Crazy down by the hair, leg sweeps all around by the two. Arm drags a plenty, stand-off. Guido lures in Super Crazy, Fujiwara armbar off a springboard attempt from Super Crazy. Springboard moonsault by Super Crazy after a legsweep for two, Guido nails a swinging neckbreaker for two. Chest slap, Irish whip to the corner by Super Crazy, lariat in the corner. Ten punches, stomps by Super Crazy.

Elbow by Guido, ten punches by Guido does not work. Powerbomb, standing moonsault for two. Big Sal grabs Super Crazy’s leg, Guido is sent flying to the floor, Guido could not take control. Crowd brawling time, moonsault from the bleachers, nice spot. Super Crazy has Guido for a moonsault in the ring, Big Sal interferes, neckbreaker by Guido. Super Crazy fires back with a headscissors and a springboard spinning heel kick. Guido blocks a springboard splash, Sicilian Slice for two. Big Sal attacks Super Crazy as Guido distracts the referee, splash against the guard rail, slam on the floor. Sicilian Crab but Super Crazy reaches the ropes.

 Irish whip to the corner, big powerbomb by Guido for two. Guido has the referee again, Big Sal nails Super Crazy with a rocker dropper, middle rope splash by Guido for two. Guido blocks a headscissors, kimura lock from Guido. Swinging DDT from Super Crazy for two, Guido dodges the springboard moonsault. Chest slap from Super Crazy, Michinoku Driver. Three Turnbuckles Moonsaults from Super Crazy before diving onto Big Sal, Guido dodges the moonsault. Tomikaze for two, Guido blocks the powerbomb the first time. Cross-armed Powerbomb for the win by Super Crazy.

Very good match, these two have their styles and they mesh so well with one another inside of that ring, Guido may be one of the best workers in the company at that time, Tajiri and now Super Crazy have come out looking better than when they walked into the match. A flatish finish though, I do not know what it is about ECW but when it comes to finish, they seem to just happen and it’s like oh that’s it? Cool, I guess. But this match was so much fun, I want to see more of these guys mixing it up and luckily, I will get my wish.

Winner: Super Crazy over Little Guido via Powerbomb!

(ECW Tag Team Championship Match) The Dudley Boyz © W/ Dudley Entourage vs Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley

This match again? Guess it is all we have in terms of seasoned tag teams, Bubba throws Spike onto the ramp in a horrible bump. Balls pummels Bubba, Bubba ducks the chair shot. Balls is cracked with the chair, Spike dodges the chair. Dudley Dog using the top rope, Bubba eats the ramp. Balls is sent into the guard rail, Spike is back dropped into the ring. Sign Guy puts in the ringbell, ringbell to the throat of Spike. Bubba claws at Balls’ eyes, spinning reverse elbow by D-Von. Balls is messing up Bubba, Bubba tips into the crowd. Spike tries for a hurricanrana, Spike is successful as D-Von spills to the floor. Bubba and Balls are in the ring, Spike cutters D-Von on the guard rail. Bubba has a Dudley Street sign, Spike is cracked with the sign.

Cheesegrater, that’s pretty sick. Balls recovers for a superkick, cheesegrater to the head of Bubba. Spike and D-Von are crowd brawling, they all go crowd brawling before Spike dives off the bleachers onto everyone. Balls and D-Von are in the ring, D-Von pounds away on Balls. Superkick by Balls, Bubba scoop slams Spike before being punched in the nuts. Ten punches by the challengers, the champions nail double powerbombs. Spike and Balls are in a bad way, double neckbreaker by the challengers for two. Sit-out spinebuster and Acid Drop for double two counts, low blows by the challengers. Acid Drop/Nutcracker Suite, Sign Guy pulls out the referee. Balls smacks Gertner and Sign Guy’s heads together. 3D is blocked for double roll-ups, the challengers win.

See what I mean by flat finishes? This should have been huge, The Dudleys put over the next big tag team as WWF is calling for The Dudley Boyz. A simple finish to do but they somehow made it seem flat and boring, it was brawling for the most part so there was nothing that they could do that was going to blow me away, I have seen the same type of match since The Dudleys became thee team to beat in ECW. New Jack makes the save and I believe that is the last we see of The Dudleys in ECW on pay per view. They were great heels, they had beaten every major team in the company and they earned it, you could see them as a legitimate act in WWF, they had that big team feel about them and they proved it becoming the most decorated tag team in wrestling history.

Winners: Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley over The Dudley Boyz via Roll-Ups!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Taz © vs Tajiri W/ Corino/Victory/Rhino

Corino shits all over Dreamer and Francine, Francine beats Corino in a match. Tajiri kicks the duo of Francine and Dreamer before Taz comes down to the ring. Handspring Elbow by Tajiri, baseball slide followed up by an Asai Moonsault. Taz blocks the tarantula for an Alabama slam, Tajiri lands on his feet out of a German suplex, low dropkick and Oklahoma Roll for two. Reverse chinlock by Tajiri, belly to back suplex by Taz. Head and arm Tazplex, enzuigiri by Tajiri. Tajiri is crotched on the top rope, head and arm Tazplex from the top rope. Low blow by Tajiri, Buzzsaw Kick and low dropkick by Tajiri for two.

Tajiri is on the top rope, Taz shoves Tajiri onto Rhino. Taz has Jack Victory, wheel chair to the face. Thrustkick by Tajiri, hurricanrana is blocked for a powerbomb by Taz. Tajiri kicks Taz over and over, Taz lures Tajiri in for a leg trapped Tazplex through the table. Taz goes to the stage, what is that in Taz’s hands? Barbed wire, Taz has barbed wire. Taz chokes Tajiri into a Tazmission, disqualification in a championship match in ECW?

Well, that ending sucked two tonnes, they say Tajiri tapped but it came off more as a DQ, how could we tell when the camera was so far away? Pointless stuff at the end of the day, Taz continues to have no credible challengers as the badass and focal point of ECW. Greener pastures in WWF for Taz await, soon it will be all about how Taz leaves the company. Enjoying Corino’s work, biggest heel in the company when he opens his mouth, the look also helps as Corino appears to be about 5 years old compared to the rest of the locker room.

Winner: Taz over Tajiri via Tazmission I think?

The Impact Players W/ Dawn Marie vs Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn W/ Bill Alfonso

Lynn and Credible to start, unlikely partners in Lynn & RVD while The Impact Players are on the same page. Credible shoves Lynn to the corner, knees to the ribs. Chops, Lynn chops back. Both tease finishers to play on their past matches, Lynn whips Credible to the corner. Michaels flip and a bulldog by Lynn, Storm eats a dropkick before Lynn catapults Credible onto Storm. RVD vs Storm, drop toehold by RVD. Waistlock by RVD, stand-off. Side headlock, shoulder block by RVD. Monkey flip by RVD after a series of dodges, Storm kicks RVD. Series of flips, Storm and RVD trade more counters.

Roll through into a Single Leg Boston Crab by Storm, huge kick counter by RVD. Storm and Lynn are in the ring, chops by Storm. Lynn chops back, abdominal stretch from Lynn, hotshot by Lynn. Credible waffles Lynn with the Singapore cane, chops by Credible. Foot choke by Credible, knee to the face using the chair for extra pain. Sit-out powerbomb for two, eye poke by Credible. Dropkick by Storm, Lynn fires up. Boot to the face of Storm, victory roll for two. Series of pins, this spot is overdone with Lynn. Happens every match, low blow and Superkick by Storm for two. Backbreaker and tag to Credible, Credible taunts RVD while Storm works over Lynn.

Outsider’s Edge for two, Credible tags Storm. Knee to the head, Storm wedges a chair on the top rope. Storm tries using the chair for a crossbody but Lynn dropkicks the chair into Storm’s face. DDT by Lynn on a chair, Credible is down. Lynn tags RVD, double underhook slam by RVD. Spinning heel kick, diving thrustkick by RVD. Inverted atomic drop, RVD kicks a chair into Storm’s face. Baseball slide, corkscrew guillotine leg drop by RVD. Middle rope bulldog to the ramp by Lynn on Credible. RVD misses a crossbody into the crowd and wipes out, RVD fights back before nailing Storm with a somersault splash. Inverted DDT on the ramp by Credible on Lynn.

RVD has Storm on the top rope, Storm pushes RVD onto the chair, Diving Spinning Heel Kick for two. Low blow by Storm, RVD kicks back at Storm. Rolling Thunder with the chair on Storm, Credible makes the save. RVD whips Credible to the floor, RVD drop toeholds Storm onto a chair. Sabu runs down and smashes Credible through the table, RVD frog splashes Lynn by mistake as Storm dodges. Van Daminator on Storm, Cradle Piledriver by Lynn and this match is over.

For a tag match to main event a show, it has to be something special. This was not that something special, RVD and Lynn never really teased any dissension, it was much more of Lynn taking an ass-whoopin until RVD’s eventual hot-tag. Credible and Storm were fine as were Lynn and RVD but there was nothing special about this main event, you could have done two single matches and it would have been a better result. I do feel sorry for the company though, they were about to start on network television and they are losing three of their biggest stars in Taz and The Dudley Boyz, the next pay per view will be interesting to see what takes place.

Winners: RVD & Jerry Lynn over The Impact Players via Cradle Piledriver!

That was ECW’s Heatwave 1999, another good show from ECW it must be said, ECW pay per views are becoming far more easier to breeze through, the squash matches are disappearing in favour of young tag teams and junior heavyweights ripping it up inside of the ring, that’s all good in my eyes. Something needs to be done for the heavyweight championship though, feels very weak at the minute as nobody seems close to touching Taz. The main event was rather boring with nothing of any significance going on even when RVD splashed Lynn, Lynn just kept going and won the match. Hate each other my ass, there was no drama to that match while flat finishes do hurt matches in ECW but this was an overall good show, looking forward to the next one. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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