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ECW Anarchy Rulz 2000 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that lets you down more than the servers on Gears of War 4! ECW’s Anarchy Rulz 2000, just three months after this and the company will have folded. No doubt though, they were putting together more entertaining shows than WCW at the time. The main event is Jerry Lynn against Justin Credible, Lynn has been growing steadily for more than a year now, it was his time but could Lynn survive Justin Credible? Also, RVD comes back finally for his TV championship, the championship RVD never lost, standing in RVD’s way is Rhino, thee man to beat in ECW. Will this be a home-run? Let’s find out!

Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Christian York & Joey Matthews

Two tag teams, Doring and Roadkill are the veterans. Doring and Matthews lock-up, side headlock by Doring. Shoulder block, headscissors by Matthews. Dropkick, right hands by Matthews. Low blow by Doring, G-Spot Suite. Tag to Roadkill, Matthews tags York. Side headlock by York, shoulder block by Roadkill. Armdrags by York, dropkick does not work. Catapult by Roadkill, York counters for a leg drop on Roadkill’s face. Falling slam by Roadkill, Matthews comes in for a sidewalk slam. Slingshot elbow drop by Roadkill, Matthews bulldogs Roadkill. Lancaster Lariat of Lust by Doring & Roadkill, Doring misses a dive to the floor.

York & Matthews nail suicide dives, double powerbomb by York & Matthews. Springboard clothesline from Roadkill, running powerslam for Matthews. Danaconda, York nails a top rope leg drop on Doring. Neckbreaker by Matthews for two, assisted suplex and senton form York & Matthews for two. Wham Bam Thank You Mam on York, Barn Burner on Matthews. Powerbomb to York, corner splash by Roadkill to both. Bare-Back to Matthews, Buggy Bang for the win.

One word: Fun! Roadkill & Doring had a tonne of moves that were over with the fans, they had chemistry and complimented one another so well. It’s sad to think the company would not be around too much longer because these guys were so much fun, I find it bizarre nobody snapped up the two. Probably because of that ECW vibe, that would not surprise me.

Winners: Doring & Roadkill over Matthews & York via Buggy Bang!

EZ Money vs Kid Kash

Swinger & Diamond attacked Doring & Roadkill, not much to report there but it should setup where we go next, Cyrus threatens Joel before bringing out Julio Dinero, EZ Money and Elektra. Commissioner Spike Dudley says screw that, Kid Kash will fight Money and if Kash wins, the match will take place. Money eats a headscissors, armdrag on Money. Money is side-stepped to the floor, Hamrick & Dinero eat punches to the face. Elektra distracts Kash, sneak attack from Money. X-Plex by Money, two for Money. Money dives onto Hot Commodity, Kash signals it’s time for a dive. Double springboard splash to the floor, unbelievable balance from Kash. Boot by Money, Money Clip which is a flip into a clothesline for two.

Money applies a billy goat’s curse before the pendulum of pain, two for Money. Reverse chinlock from Money, Kash escapes. Both men chop one another, springboard into a sunset flip, springboard hurricanrana from Kash. Swinging DDT for two, Hamrick trips Kash. Electric Dreams for two, Kash nails a corkscrew senton attack for two. Springboard sunset flip for two, series of pins by both. Money Maker, Elektra distracts the referee. Hamrick is on the apron, Dinero nails an STO. Double suplex thing, Hamrick nails a Confederate Crunch but Kash survives it! Money is crotched on the top rope, Kash wants a superplex. Money low blows and wants a powerbomb but Kash reverses in mid-air for a hurricanrana, Gertner will face Cyrus.

Joel Gertner vs Cyrus

Dinero attacks Kash, Hamrick helps out as they nail a springboard dropkick/powerbomb combination. Spike comes in to help Kash, Dinero superkicks Hamrick by mistake. Acid Drop on Dinero, Money chop blocks Spike. Figure four on Spike, The Sandman is here. Cane shots for all, Elektra begs for mercy. Sandman pours beer down Elektra’s top and shoves Gertner’s face in those big enormous boobs. Crowd goes crazy, Cyrus is yanked in the ring. Spear by Gertner, right hands by Gertner. Gertner shows off that Kamala is his inspiration, splash in the corner. Cyrus stops the elbow, stomps by Cyrus. Knee drop, chop by Cyrus. Sandman spits in Cyrus’ face, roll-up by Gertner and that angle has been paid off after almost a year.

Kash’s match was fun, no real psychology but a collection of cool looking spots that make the fans wet themselves, can’t get much better than that for ECW. Gertner beating Cyrus was a feel good moment despite how terrible Gertner was and how short it was. Worth the wait, waste of Sandman for a big show though.

Winner: Kid Kash over EZ Money via Hurricanrana!

Winner: Joel Gertner over Cyrus via Roll-Up!

Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy vs Da Baldies

Big punches by Willy & Mahoney, double neckbreakers. Fork to the head of Devito, elbow by Mahoney. Devito is bleeding, Willy is battling Angel on the floor. More fork attacks from Mahoney, Devito sends Mahoney into the guard rail. Mahoney back drops Devito into the crowd, crowd brawling. Lots of spots in the crowd before Devito and Mahoney make it back to the ring. Headbutts do not affect Mahoney, Balls punches. Mahoney misses a corner splash but crotches Devito, Devito escapes a back suplex. Superkick by Mahoney, massive chair shot from Mahoney. Angel staples Mahoney’s eyes, Da Baldies batter Mahoney & Willy for the win.

A lame finish for a match that was just a lot of brawling, if you like that sort of thing it will be a decent match. For me it was nothing special, marginally better than a New Jack match and that is not saying a lot ladies and gentlemen. Mahoney does not sell his eye until after the match, that’s another knock.

Winner: Da Baldies over Mahoney & Willy via Chairs!

(Number One Contender Match For The ECW Heavyweight Championship) Steve Corino W/ Dawn Marie vs CW Anderson

Not what you think of when you think two heavyweight contenders but CW Anderson was climbing the card, Corino had a phenomenal 2000 by ECW standards. Corino feuded with Dusty Rhodes, stole the show with Tajiri and Jerry Lynn. The man had a great mouth coming into ECW in 1999, Corino bulked up and became the man over the course of the year. Nice stare-down to begin, lock-ups with clean breaks. Side headlock, shoulder block. Nice little wrestling sequence before a Japanese armdrag, armdrag by Corino. Stand-off, series of chops from both men. Corino wins the war, elbow from Anderson who nails a superkick.

Anderson has a chair, Anderson says fuck it. Right hands by Corino, ten punches. Anderson eats an exploder suplex, Corino has a chair. Make it two, Anderson gets smacked. Two for Corino, Anderson is bleeding. Leaping leg lariat for two, Anderson pulls Corino to the floor. Anderson is laying up against a chair, Anderson dodges the baseball slide for a chair to the face. Corino is bleeding, in other news water is wet. Corino meets the guard rail, Anderson wedges the chair in the corner. Anderson works the arm, two for Anderson. Right hands by Corino, single arm DDT by Anderson for two. Anderson stomps a chair into Corino’s arm, Anderson soccer kicks Corino with a chair for two.

Stomps on the arm, left hands from Anderson. Corino fires up, Anderson blocks Old School Expulsion for the Ferris Wheel, two for Anderson. Sleeper by Anderson, Corino crotches Anderson on a chair. Bionic low blow by Corino into a Bionic Elbow, Jack Victory attacks Swinger & Diamond. Left Hand by Anderson for two, Superkick by Corino. Two for Corino, spinebuster is countered for The Old School Explusion on the chair for the win.

Corino wins in what I thought was a decent match, Corino was someone that the fans could buy into, Corino had grown by leaps and bounds over the course of 1999 into 2000. I loved Corino’s change from scrawny annoying chickenshit heel to legitimate ass-kicking and punishment taking babyface. The match will not be blowing anyone’s minds but this was a huge win for Corino, I never thought Corino would be one of the last ECW babyfaces.

Winner: Steve Corino over CW Anderson via Old School Expulsion!

(ECW World Tag Team Championship Match) The FBI © W/ Big Sal vs The Unholy Alliance W/ Sinister Minister

Whipwreck & Tajiri start out hot with kicks, Tajiri decimates Guido. Mamaluke and Guido are dropkicked in the nuts, Tarantula on Guido. Slingshot leg drop on Mamaluke by Whipwreck, Whipwreck is attacked by Big Sal. Big Sal meets the ringpost and a kick to the head, Mamaluke is left in the tree of woe. Low dropkick by Tajiri, fireball from The Sinister Minister. Guido eats a chair, Buzzsaw Kicks to Guido. One with a chair for good measure, Whipwreck throws a chair at Guido. Whipwreck stabs Guido with the chair, headbutts to Mamaluke.

Ten punches to Mamaluke, low blow by Mamaluke. Double Powerbomb by The FBI, two for Guido. Stomps in the corner, faceplant for Whipwreck. Sicilian Slice for two, tag to Mamaluke. Snap suplexes and Russian legsweep by Mamaluke for two, Mamaluke eats a sit-out facebuster. Tag to Tajiri, sidekick for Guido. Handspring Elbow, lariat to Mamaluke. Mamaluke German suplexes Tajiri, Whipwreck makes the save. Gutbuster by Whipwreck, slingshot leg drop by Guido. Kiss of Death is blocked, green mist. Double Whippersnapper for two as Big Sal pulls out the referee. Sinister Minister pisses off Big Sal, splash in the corner. Roll-through snap from the challengers, Guido hurls Whipwreck to the floor. Big Sal eats the championship to the face, Asai Moonsault by Tajiri to Big Sal. Top rope Whippersnapper is stopped with a belt shot, double weird slam thing for the win.

It was fine, nothing special considering the type of chemistry that Guido and Tajiri have with one another, I must go back and check how many times the duo have faced one another on pay per view as it must be a ridiculous number by this time. It started off on high energy but was flat by the end, hoping for more at November to Remember if there is a rematch.

Winners: FBI over Unholy Alliance!

(ECW World Television Championship Match) Rob Van Dam W/ Bill Alfonso vs Rhino ©

RVD is back for his championship, Rhino is side-stepped to begin the match. They brawl on the floor before RVD is shoved into the crowd by Rhino. Military press to ringside by Rhino, Rhino is crotched on the guard rail. Thrust kick Van Damanator style, RVD nails a tope con hilo. Kicks by RVD, inverted atomic drop followed by a skateboard dropkick using a chair. Rhino elbows RVD, diving clothesline by Rhino. Two for Rhino, knees to the head by Rhino. Corner Gore, RVD is tossed to the floor. Rhino reaches for a table, RVD kicks and punches at Rhino. Rhino has a table in the corner, reverse chinlock from Rhino. RVD escapes, enzuigiri and a step-through spinning heel kick.

 Chair to the face by Rhino, RVD nails a rolling firemen’s carry, moonsault and a Five Star Frog Splash. Two as Rhino kicks out! Gore from Rhino, Rhino Driver through the table at ringside. Two as RVD kicks out! Knees to the head by Rhino, Alfonso smacks Rhino with the chair. Van Damanator, RVD signals for The Van Terminator. Credible appears and smacks RVD with the cane, Rhino uses Alfonso for a shield to the van terminator. Gore through the table and a Rhino Driver on the chair for the win.

Fast-count from the referee, the referee is a heel? I am guessing so, RVD is already talking to Alfonso following the piledriver, not a big fan of that at all. RVD and Rhino both do not get dramatic kick-outs of one another’s finishes, that I thought was wasted as RVD survived a Rhino Driver and Rhino survived The Five Star Frog Splash. The finish does setup RVD vs Credible which would be the big match for the company if they managed to get that far so that is a plus.

Winner: Rhino over RVD via Rhino Driver!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Justin Credible © W/ Francine vs Jerry Lynn

Thinking back, Lynn should have beaten RVD clean if they wanted to setup Lynn managing to win the championship, it would work so much better in Lynn’s favour if he could conquer RVD and then conquer Credible. Front chancery by Lynn, hammerlocks and armdrags. Lynn is in control, lock-up. Credible backs in Lynn, chops by Credible. Lynn answers back, Credible answers Lynn. More chops by Lynn, headscissors is countered for that’s incredible, both men escape one another’s finishes, nice sequence. Diving bulldog by Lynn for two, side headlock takedown by the challenger. Lynn whips Credible over the top rope, baseball slide by Lynn.

Diving crossbody by Lynn, Credible nails a massive sidewalk slam in the ring. Francine hands Credible a chair, chair to the face for two. Stomps by Credible, powerbomb by Credible for two. They kill a minute or so crowd brawling, Lynn DDTs Credible on a chair in the ring. Inverted DDT by Credible for two, front chancery by Credible. Credible cuts a promo mid-match to fire up Lynn, it backfires as all sorts of mess is fired at the two wrestlers, Lynn escapes for a crucifix pin. They trade pins, two for Lynn. Swinging DDT by Credible, tornado DDT by Lynn. Right hands and chops by Lynn, corner clothesline by Lynn. Lynn nails his guillotine leg drop, Leg Drop for two.

Lynn has a table, Credible is placed on the table. Francine grabs Lynn, Credible tosses Lynn through the table. Two for Credible, Lynn crotches Credible. Sunset flip powerbomb by Credible for two, Lynn escapes Credible’s tombstone. Cradle Piledriver for two, Credible nails That’s Incredible for two. Superkick for the referee, Lynn rolls-up Credible for two as a crooked referee screws Lynn. Francine canes Lynn, championship to the head but Lynn kicks out again.

Rib-breaker for two, Lynn is caned again by the referee this time. That’s Incredible, the referee stops counting as the referee hears New Jack’s music. Hold on a second, why the fuck did the referee stop counting? How did New Jack’s music stop the referee’s hand? What bollocks is that? Why is New Jack here? What does New Jack have to do with this feud or referee? I am lost, Credible canes New Jack. That’s Incredible by Lynn and Lynn is your new champion.

That was long, that was a crazy finish and I do not know if that kind of finish works for me if I am a fan of Lynn, Lynn was the pure wrestler who could out wrestle someone on any night, why would Lynn need so much interference? Could you have not put over Lynn clean? And the referee stopping his count bothers me tremendously, I am sorry but there was no reason for the referee to stop counting, hearing someone’s music would not stop someone counting a pin-fall, that’s bollocks.

Winner: Jerry Lynn over Justin Credible via That’s Incredible!

That was ECW’s Anarchy Rulz 2000, a fun and easy show to get through with some head-scratching booking towards the end of the night, it is easy on the eyes, there is no doubt about that for ECW. The Rhino vs RVD match was disappointing for me, did not deliver and the finish with RVD being beaten by a fast-count rather than Rhino drilling him with The Rhino Driver and that being all was frustrating, there was no need for a fast count when you have Rhino killing people left right and centre. Rhino is a monster, let him be a monster. The final match had too much interference for my liking, Lynn was hit by referees, Credible and Francine yet kicked out of everything only for a distraction from New Jack to help him win the championship. Not buying that, where does that leave Corino now? Are you going back to Lynn vs Corino? You have RVD vs Credible setup but what about Dreamer and Sandman? There were some big names not on this show, let’s see what you do from here ECW. Overall, thumbs up show with some complaints towards the end, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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