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WWE Wrestlemania 22 Review


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that gets injured in the middle of its big push! Wrestlemania 22 is upon us, the biggest extravaganza of the year for wrestling, our superbowl, our champions league final, our Wimbledon. All eyes are on the WWE as all major storyline come to an end and we look forward to a new year of WWE programming. The big matches of this stacked card are John Cena defending his WWE Championship against Triple H, Kurt Angle defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, Trish Stratus defends against her stalker/superfan Mickie James and Edge against The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley just to name a few. If you remember last year’s show, it was a barn-burner up until the title matches, will Wrestlemania 22 go one step further? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

We see flashbacks of previous Manias, records being broken, champions being crowned, some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. Shinedown rings out while we see the biggest names in the history of the sport of professional wrestling, truly inspiring with goosebumps covering my body. After a trip down memory lane, we have hype promos for the matches. Great stuff, makes me so God damn hyped.

(WWE World Tag Team Championship Match) The Big Show & Kane © vs Carlito & Chris Masters

Bit of an odd match to kick off the show and an odd match in general due to the way things have gone with these four men. Masters and Carlito had been buddies since the elimination chamber at the beginning of the year but on multiple occasions, Carlito had double-crossed Masters such as pinning him in the chamber and throwing him out of the rumble. Meanwhile, Kane and Big Show had not defended their championships since winning them off Cade and Murdoch who were a legitimate team in the division.

Masters grabs a side headlock, shoulder block. Dropkick by Kane, headbutt by Show. Tag to Show, huge chest slap from Show. Masters pokes the eyes, in comes Carlito. Show plants Carlito on the top rope, Masters eats a thrustkick and a gorilla press slam. Show press slams Carlito onto Masters on the floor, Kane climbs to the top rope and dives onto the challengers. Show pulls Carlito into the ring, Masters distracts Show. Double flapjack by the challengers, two for Carlito. Tag to Masters, the challengers try a double suplex but Show catches both with his own suplex. Tag to Kane, right hands to Carlito and Masters. Huge back drop for Carlito, scoop slam for Masters.

Ten punches by Kane, corner clothesline by Kane. Sidewalk slam on Carlito, Masters dodges a diving clothesline for a Masterlock on Kane. Show saves with a superkick, snake eyes and Masters is down. Carlito nails a Backstabber on Kane, Show looks for a chokeslam but Masters chop blocks Show’s legs. Kane is battered by the challengers, Kane boots Masters. Masters nails Carlito with a double axe handle by mistake, Chokeslam by Kane on Carlito and this match is over.

Solid opening tag team match, I was curious when I saw this would be the show opener but Kane and Show were allowed to do their thing. Carlito and Masters bumped all around, it was quick and smooth. The best you could hope for in a tag team match featuring Show and Kane.

Winners: Kane & The Big Show over Chris Masters and Carlito via Chokeslam!

Michaels and The Coach

Coach questions Michaels about the No Holds Barred match, Micheals has no regrets and promises to kick Vince’s ass. Michaels is not going to give us a five star match like the years before, Michaels is going to beat the piss out of Vince Mcmahon.

(Money in The Bank Match) Rob Van Dam vs Shelton Benjamin vs Finlay vs Ric Flair vs Bobby Lashley vs Matt Hardy

The second ever Money in The Bank match, it debuted at Wrestlemania 21 with Edge emerging victorious. The stakes are high as we all saw Edge cash-in the briefcase and become WWE Champion. It was a game-changer and anybody could become WWE Champion after winning the briefcase.

Huge RVD chants to begin, Lashley begins hammering everyone in the ring. Raw power from Lashley, Flair is slammed hard. Huge kick by Benjamin floors Lashley, Hardy comes right after the ladder. Baseball slide by RVD, Hardy is crushed under the ladder. Benjamin surveys the scene before looking for victory, Benjamin props the ladder against the ropes, Benjamin runs up the ladder and planchas onto three men below. Flair and Finlay are reaching for the briefcase, Hardy chases Flair. Hardy suplexes Flair off the top of the ladder, Flair screams out in pain. Flair is taken to the bac after his huge bump, RVD drop toeholds Benjamin onto a ladder. Rolling Thunder misses as Benjamin dodges, RVD smacks the ladder hard.

 Lashley is on the top rope, Benjamin gives chase. Lashley is powerbombed off the ladder by three men, Finlay, Hardy and Benjamin. Finlay begins dissecting anyone in his way, Flair appears a few minutes after leaving. Flair chops down Hardy and Benjamin, Finlay joins Flair and knocks Flair with his shillelagh. Flair falls to the floor, Benjamin and Finlay battle atop the ladder. Lashley knocks the two over with another ladder, Dominator on Benjamin. Lashley climbs with RVD using a chair to dropkick Lashley off the ladder. Hardy knocks RVD to the floor, Hardy climbs a ladder in the corner. Leg Drop off the ladder onto Lashley, Hardy climbs to the top. Finlay is chasing Hardy, Side Effect by Hardy onto Finlay.

RVD climbs a ladder in the corner, RVD nails Finlay with a Five Star Frog Splash. RVD has his hands on the briefcase, Benjamin springboards onto the ladder with RVD. Hardy has another ladder, stealing the briefcase. Benjamin and Hardy brawl on the ladder, RVD kicks over Hardy and Benjamin. RVD is standing tall, RVD grabs the briefcase and we have a winner! RVD is Mr. Money in The Bank!

Tough to top the original, the second would always be judged against the first. They were some standout moments like Flair’s suplex, RVD’s splash and Benjamin being the athletic freak that is, guy was amazing. Ladder matches are always fun, the crowd had an amazing time, I just think it’s a notch down from the last Money in The Bank which was all sorts of crazy and told a story whereas this was more of a spotfest with a happy ending.

Winner: RVD over Everyone Else via Retrieval of The Briefcase!

Mean Gene and Randy Orton

Orton interrupts Mean Gene, Orton talks about becoming a Hall of Famer and World Heavyweight Champion. Orton is interrupted by Batista, the two Evolution stablemates catch up with Batista threatening Orton, fun stuff.

(WWE United States Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs JBL W/ Jillian Hall

Lock-up with both men trading bombs, side headlock by JBL. Shoulder block, drop toehold by Benoit into a crossface attempt. Headbutts by Benoit, JBL reaches the ropes with his foot. JBL has a headlock, Benoit wriggles free to pound on JBL’s head. Chops by Benoit, JBL boots Benoit but Benoit comes back with an armdrag and looks for the sharpshooter. JBL pushes off Benoit, JBL powders and hides behind Jillian. Eye poke by JBL, clubbing blows by JBL. JBL misses a clothesline, German suplexes by Benoit. Benoit calls for the headbutt, JBL uses the referee as a shield and crotches Benoit. JBL mocks Eddie, JBL looks for a superplex and it connects.

Two for JBL, JBL looks for The Three Amigos. Benoit blocks the third suplex, boot by JBL for two. Forearm to the spine by JBL and a reverse chinlock, Benoit wriggles free for a back suplex. Benoit nails The Three Amigos, Diving Headbutt by Benoit. Two as JBL kicks out, Benoit misses a corner clothesline. JBL misses his clothesline, JBL holds onto the ropes to avoid a German suplex. JBL eye pokes Benoit, Benoit counters the clothesline for a Crossface but JBL rolls over and uses the ropes for leverage, JBL wins the championship.

This was an ugly brawl between two tough bastards, I loved it. Benoit matches rarely disappoint while JBL has grown on me so much since being out of the main event scene on Smackdown, I feel JBL was crucified and was not allowed to be a big coward to the fullest. JBL mocking Eddie and everything about calling himself a great technical wrestler despite cheating to win, JBL was tremendous since the end of 2005 and into 2006. Liked it a lot.

Winner: JBL over Chris Benoit via Shenanigans!

(Hardcore Match) Mick Foley vs Edge W/ Lita

Edge had been solidly pushed since 2002, an injury would halt Edge’s progress but Edge switched over to Raw and slowly became a heel. Week after week with Lita by his side, Edge was growing as a star. Then, it happened with Edge cashing in and becoming champion. However, it did not last as it was during Wrestlemania season and Edge did not figure into main event plans but luckily for Edge, Foley was lined up for a show-stealing program. Edge blamed Foley for his loss to Cena, Foley brought out his old self and we have this hardcore match between the two.

Edge has a baseball bat in his hand, Foley dodges and pummels Edge. Facebuster by Foley, Edge is in the tree of woe. Running elbow drop to the face, Edge comes back with a clothesline. Lita hands Edge baking trays and stop signs, Foley is waffled in the face. Edge baseball slides a sign into Foley’s face, Edge measures for a spear. Spear connects but Edge writhes around in pain, Foley reveals to have wrapped himself in barbed wire. Edge is bleeding from his shoulder, Foley has outsmarted Edge. Foley whips Edge with the barbed wire, Edge is choked with the barb wire. Edge is tied up in the ropes, Foley pulls out the barbed wire baseball bat. Edge is screaming out for help, Lita dives on Foley’s back. Foley nails Edge with a Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor for two.

Foley tees off on Edge, Edge hiptosses Foley into the steel steps. Foley is whipped knees first into the steel steps, Edge pulls out a table. Edge slams Foley head first onto the ramp for two, Edge has lighter fluid, planning to burn Foley. Foley knocks Edge down and nails a piledriver for two, Foley has a chair. Edge DDTs Foley for two, Edge has a baseball bat. Foley is a bloody mess, Edge rakes it off Foley’s head. Edge finds brass knuckles and thumbtacks, Foley backdrops Edge onto the thumbtacks. Foley has Socko with barbed wire around Socko, Edge is choked with it as is Lita. Foley has the barbed wire bat, Edge is smacked in the ribs.

 Elbow drop with Barbie, Edge is bleeding everywhere. Foley grabs the lighter fluid, Foley has the fluid on the table. Lita smacks Foley with Barbie, Lita sets the table on fire and Edge Spears Foley through the table to the floor. Oh My God screams Styles in an insane spot, Edge covers Foley and this match is over.

Talk about a show-stealer, Foley manages to make Edge look like the biggest deal in wrestling on this night. It did not matter who it was whether it be Triple H, The Rock, Randy Orton or Edge, Foley knew how to play to his hardcore strengths and make a star of his opponent. This hardcore match built and built with layer after layer building the violence and the suspense, Edge got his ass-kicked for all his shit talking while Edge comes out on top after one of the greatest hardcore matches of all-time. It was phenomenal, it was one of the best matches that Wrestlemania has ever had, truly a great match for both men in their careers.

Winner: Edge over Mick Foley via Spear through a Table!

Booker T and Sharmell

Booker walks past other freaks in the WWE like Eugene, Paul Burchill who believes he is a pirate and Snitsky licking the feet of Mae Young. Booker even has a run-in with his old friend Goldust, Goldust tries to rally Booker. It does not work, Sharmell is awesome in this segment.

Booker T W/ Sharmell vs The Boogeyman

Sharmell is terrified of Boogeyman, Booker hides behind Boogeyman. Booker leaves the ring with Sharmell in there with Boogeyman, I had no clue this was a handicap match. Booker jumps Boogeyman, clubbing blows by Booker. Boogeyman chokes Booker, Sharmell distracts the referee. Low blow and thrustkick by Booker for two, Booker chokes Boogeyman with the bottom rope. Book-End for two, Boogeyman fights back. Scissors Kick is ducked, forearm by Boogeyman. Boogeyman has his worms, Boogeyman eats them. Sharmell has Boogeyman’s staff, Boogeyman catches Sharmell and Boogeyman kisses Sharmell. Sharmell runs to the back, Booker misses a clothesline. Boogeyman Slam thing and we have a winner.

It was a bit slow and bit too long for what it needed to be, Sharmell was more than likely the best part of the match. DUD!

Winner: The Boogeyman over Booker T via Boogeyman Slam!

(WWE Women’s Championship Match) Trish Stratus © vs Mickie James

Here we are at the culmination of one of the longest running storylines in women’s wrestling for the WWE. Mickie James came in as the ultimate Trish superfan. Mickie idolized Trish, Mickie knew everything about Trish. Mickie wanted to be Trish, Trish was creeped out by Mickie’s behaviour, Mickie would be hugging, kissing and seeing Trish naked. Trish cut off Mickie which led to Mickie knocking out Trish with a Mick Kick. Mickie was no longer the superfan, Mickie wanted to be the next women’s champion. Mickie had kidnapped Ashley to play mindgames with Trish, they would brawl with Mickie beating down Trish with her MickieDT. When you think of women’s angles in WWE, the only thing close was Victoria vs Trish from late 2002 which did not last nearly as long.

Lock-up, waistlock and slaps from Mickie. Trish elbows and forearms Mickie, Lou Thesz Press by Trish. Stomps by Trish, chops in the corner. Huge slaps from Trish, Mickie eats a huge kick to the head. Mickie is kicked to the floor, Trish misses a Chick Kick and smacks her foot against the ringpost. Mickie works the leg, wrapping it around the ringpost. Trish hobbles but fights on with forearms, Mickie goes for the leg. Leg snap DDT for two, Mickie is kicked off by Trish. Mickie focuses on the leg, single leg Boston crab by Mickie. Two for Mickie, Mickie chokes Trish in the corner while going back to the leg.

 Mickie basks in the applause of the fans, submission hold from Mickie, Trish escapes with a headscissors. Forearms by Trish, clothesline that takes down Mickie. Make it two, spinebuster by Trish for two. Whip to the corner, Mickie kicks off Trish. Mickie climbs to the top rope, Trish looks for her handstand headscissors, Mickie counters to wrench the leg of Trish off the mat. Two for Mickie, inside cradle by Trish for two. Trish powerbombs Mickie for two, mounted punches by Trish. Trish looks for Stratusfaction, Mickie grabs a feel of Trish’s private parts, Trish forearms Mickie but Mickie knees Trish in the face. Huge Mick Kick and we have a new champion.

That was a fitting match to bring this feud to Wrestlemania, Mickie was huge over with the fans in attendance. Mickie worked the hell out of Trish’s leg, there was good psychology and Mickie was a great character at the time while Trish was reaching a level in terms of wrestling ability for a WWE Diva that few would ever match, Trish and Mickie had chemistry together and this was the best match I had seen up to this point from WWE Divas. Look forward to more from these two, they were tremendous on this night.

Winner: Mickie James over Trish Stratus via Mick Kick!

Vince Prays!

Hilarious segment involving Vince praying before his match with his family, mocking God and Shawn Michaels. Vince says absurd things and acts like a stereotypical black preacher, priceless from Mcmahon.

(Casket Match) The Undertaker vs Mark Henry

Henry came back destroying Batista, battling Kurt Angle for the world heavyweight championship and targeting The Deadman. This leads us into a casket match with Taker’s streak on the line.

Match starts with Henry jumping Taker, who was taking off his coat. Henry stomps and punches Taker, Taker boots Henry and clotheslines Henry twice but Henry is on his feet. Clothesline by Henry, Henry chokes Taker. Henry drops all his weight across Taker’s back, Taker flops to the floor. Taker smacks Henry off the steel steps, Henry shakes it off to smack Taker off the steel steps. Taker fights back against Henry, Taker calls for Old School. Henry knocks down Taker, huge punt to the ribs. Henry chokes Taker by the casket, Taker stays in the game low blowing Henry. Taker boots Henry and delivers Old School. Complete Shot is blocked by Henry, Henry stomps on The Deadman.

 Henry misses Taker and lands in the casket, Taker pummels Henry. Henry unloads on Taker on the casket, Taker has Henry by the throat. Taker tees off on Henry, Henry plants Taker with The World’s Strongest Slam. Taker is kicked into the casket, Taker hotshots his way out. Headbutt by Taker, Henry survives the damage and clotheslines Taker. Henry ten punches Undertaker, Last Ride by Taker. Taker tosses Henry to the floor, Suicide Dive by Taker, Taker soars through the air. Tombstone from Taker, Henry is placed in the casket.

It was fine, casket matches are not the most dramatic affairs when it comes to wrestling, they are not high on my list when  I think of exciting matches. Taker does a top-notch job making Henry look like an absolute monster, struggling to get Henry off his feet. Taker entertains the fans too with his offense which makes the match enjoyable at the end of the day. A weaker match on the card but nothing to be ashamed of.

Winner: Undertaker over Mark Henry via Placement in The Casket!

(No Holds Barred Match) Shawn Michaels vs Vince Mcmahon W/ Shane Mcmahon

After returning in the fall of 2005, Vince was back to his egomaniac self, hogging time on Raw. Michaels stood up to Mcmahon, giving the boss crap for his behaviour. Vince did not appreciate being told to go fuck himself by Michaels, Vince made Michaels’ life hell. Michaels was screwed out of the rumble, Michaels was forced to kiss Vince’s ass. Michaels was decimated by The Mcmahons and The Spirit Squad, it was time for Michaels to gain revenge and nobody and I mean nobody is better than Vince Mcmahon taking an ass whooping when it came time for to pay for his sins.

Vince comes to the ring looking like he was gang-banged by an orange Crayola and jacked to the heavens, a grin on his face that seems like he is ready to drop the atomic-bomb. Vince unveils a cover of himself on a magazine, Michaels pummels Vince on the floor. Vince is bounced off the announce table, chops by HBK. Vince is thrown onto JR’s lap, right hands to the head by HBK. Vince is choked with the announcer’s headset. Microphone to the head, Michaels cracks Vince’s magazine cover over his head. Vince is cracked with the cover, The Spirit Squad come out to maul Michaels. The Spirit Squad drop Michaels, Kenny misses his leg drop. Michaels drops Mitch, Mikey, Nicky and Johnny. Kenny is tossed out on the rest of the goons.

Vince clotheslines Michaels, shoulder thrusts and choke from Vince. Vince takes off his belt and whips Michaels, Michaels is choked with the belt. Vince mocks Michaels and calls for sweet chin music, Michaels blocks and punches Vince. Flying forearm by Michaels, Vince is whipped with the belt. Scoop slam, Micheals drops the elbow on Vince. Shane whacks Michaels with a kendo stick to save Vince from sweet chin music. Vince wants Michaels to kiss his ass, Shane grabs Michaels for the moment. Michaels elbows Shane and shoves Shane into Vince’s ass. Low blow by Michaels, Shane is clotheslined to the floor.

Shane is handcuffed to the bottom rope, watching Michaels attack Vince. HBK mocks Shane and whips Shane with the kendo stick. HBK waffles Vince with a chair, Vince is bleeding everywhere. Michaels pulls out a ladder and Vince eats it in the face. Michaels grabs a table too, Vince is played on the table as Michael ascends the ladder, crotch-chopping DX style and dropping a massive elbow onto Vince’s blackheart. One final Sweet Chin Music and Vince is going nowhere. One final fuck you from Vince who flips off the camera men as he is stretchered away.

Tremendous match, Vince is the closest thing you will get to a pantomime villain. Vince gloats, laughs and struts while on top but when it comes time for Vince to get his ass kicked, he takes a beating that nobody else would take. Vince is not going to save face, Vince is not going to try to protect his character, Vince takes the asskicking of a lifetime and everyone loves every single minute of it, fantastic character work from Vince and they came close to stealing the show but I believe Edge and Mick Foley was a notch above this.

Winner: Shawn Michaels over Vince Mcmahon via Sweet Chin Music!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Kurt Angle © vs Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton

Angle was walking tall following beating Undertaker and Mark Henry, the question was who would he face at Wrestlemania. Mysterio had won the rumble but Randy Orton defeated Mysterio for the right to go to Wrestlemania, Theodore Long added Mysterio to the match. It was not the best way to put Mysterio in the match, Long felt sorry for Mysterio and put him in the match and that’s all there is to it? When The Rock lost his opportunity to Big Show, The Rock put his career on the line to win it back but Mysterio is simply handed the opportunity? Bullshit cough cough.

 Orton waffles Angle with the championship belt, Mysterio and Orton are in the ring. Dropkick by Orton, Angle German suplexes Orton once. Mysterio and Orton are suplexed by Angle, crowd goes nuts for the wrestling machine, two for Angle on Orton. Orton backbreakers Angle for two, Orton is whipped to the corner. Belly to belly suplex by Angle, Mysterio and Angle brawl. Orton is sat on the top rope, Mysterio is elevated by Angle onto Orton for a hurricanrana. Angle gets a two pinning Orton, Mysterio is thrown to the floor. Apron suplex by Angle for two, Angle clothesline Mysterio for two. Roll through kick to the head by Mysterio for two, headscissors by Mysterio. 619 is countered for an Ankle Lock, Mysterio taps but Orton had the referee distracted with a chair. Ankle Lock again, Orton saves Mysterio.

Orton and Angle trade bombs, German suplexes by Angle. Mysterio is Angle Slammed to the floor, Ankle Lock on Orton. Mysterio distracts the referee, Orton taps but Mysterio saves the match. Another Ankle Lock, Mysterio springboard leg drops Angle for two, Angle hurls Mysterio to the floor. Orton avoids The Angle Slam for an RKO, Orton covers for two. Orton is on the top rope, Angle sprints up and belly to belly suplexes Orton. Mysterio dropkicks Angle, springboard senton for two. Orton kicks out Angle, Orton seizes up Mysterio. Orton looks for his gutwrench neckbreaker, it connects for two. Angle Slam on Orton for two, Angle measures Mysterio.

Angle aims for it, Mysterio counters for an armdrag. Dropkick to the back of Orton, Orton is on the ropes. 619 by Mysterio, West Coast Pop and Mysterio does the impossible, Mysterio becomes champion for his friend Eddie Guerrero a beautiful bittersweet moment for Mysterio and the last time we would see Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania.

Well, it was balls to the walls from the get-go, they had their time cut and they wasted no time in dishing out as many awesome spots as they could, loved the three man spots. Angle was impressive, so over and so much to give with his wrestling machine character, shame that life problems would prevent Angle from more stellar performances in the company. Great moment from Mysterio, despite botching a 619 Mysterio was ridiculously good and Mysterio winning the championship by pinning Orton was poetic justice and fitting for the end of that feud.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Kurt Angle & Randy Orton via 619!

(Playboy Pillow Fight) Candice Michelle vs Torrie Wilson

Both women had graced the cover of Playboy, both were extremely beautiful and this led to friction with Candice and Victoria ridding themselves of Torrie and disbanding Vince’s Devils. Candice and Torrie throw down on the bed, they role around slamming one another’s head onto the mat. Suplex by Torrie, Irish whip and backdrop onto the bed by Torrie. Candice is crushed by the bed and Torrie bounces on Candice. Torrie uses Chloe and wipes the dog on Candice’s face.

Torrie strips Candice to her underwear, nothing new there for Candice. Irish whip to the corner, Candice boots Torrie. Candice does her leg choke on the apron, nice move from Candice. Go Daddy dance from Candice, snapmare onto the bed. Candice drops a huge elbow onto the bed and uses a scissors to cut up Torrie’s dress. Torrie is rammed into the mat, Candice looks for a Playboy magazine. Whip to the corner, roll-up by Torrie and it is over.

Filler but I am not going to complain about that kind of filler. It served as a break from the serious nature of the other matches, it distracted the fans and now we are all nice and toasty for the main event of Wrestlemania.

Winner: Torrie Wilson over Candice Michelle via SchoolGirl!

(WWE Championship Match) Triple H vs John Cena ©

John Cena had been champion for all but three weeks of the last WWE calendar year, Cena had conquered the likes of JBL, Christian, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle to name a few. Cena was growing into the star that WWE wanted, the matches were not off the scales but Cena was doing his best. Cena is main eventing Wrestlemania for the first time and he could not ask for a better opponent in Triple H. However, Triple H had a history with certain talents and getting them over, sometimes it happened and other times it was a struggle. Triple H had a good track record at Mania though, putting over the likes of Batista and Benoit at the last two. So, Cena steps into a main event with a hostile crowd and needs to hit a home-run when in the ring with the man who is not the best at getting over newer talent. Let’s see how Cena fares in this match.

From the beginning, we have Triple H with an entrance that rivals the best of all-time, no pressure trying to top that Cena. The bell rings with the crowd being very pro-Triple H. Lock-up and side headlock by Triple H, hammerlock by Triple H and a paintbrushing from the cocky challenger. Armwrench from Triple H, Cena is kicked in the ass as The Game says bring it. Lock-up and knee by Triple H, whip to the corner with a reverse by Cena. Elbow by Triple H, Cena tries a quick FU, Triple H decks Cena with a right hand. Triple H is ruling this match with an iron fist, Triple H tosses Cena to the floor. Triple H poses which leads to Cena pummelling Triple H. Back drop, hard Irish whips to the corners. Fisherman suplex for two, reverse chinlock by Cena.

Lock-up with Triple H pushing back Cena, right hands by Cena. Triple H is sent to the floor, knee by Triple H. Triple H wants a piledriver on the ramp, Cena counters for a back drop on the ramp. High knee in the ring by Triple H, right hands by The Game. Cena is sent into the steel steps, two in the ring. Knee drop by Triple H for two, Cena comes back with right hands. Knee facebuster by The Game, huge clothesline. Two for Triple H, neckbreaker for two. Cena continues to fight back but Triple H puts down Cena once more. Neck vice by Triple H, Triple H sinks in a sleeper which weakens the champion. Cena backs Triple H into the corner, shoulder thrusts by Cena. Boot by Triple H but Cena fires back with a massive clothesline.

They trade bombs, Cena wins the war. Clotheslines and powerslam, spinning side slam by Cena. Triple H counters the five knuckle shuffle with a spinebuster for two. Cena counters for a side suplex and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Drop toehold into The STFU, Triple H reaches the ropes to survive. FU attempt, Triple H squishes the referee with Cena, low blow by The Game. DX Suck It from Triple H, Triple H has his sledgehammer. Cena dodges and jabs The Game, Cena runs off the ropes and gets decked between the eyes. 1….2…. Cena kicks out! Pedigree is countered, back drop and an FU for two. Cena climbs to the top rope, Cena misses a crossbody. Pedigree is countered for an STFU. Triple H has to tap out, Cena retains his championship.

Tough match to rate, I had my reservations about The Game in there with Cena. Triple H had done some great work since coming back, the emotional feud with Flair and his Royal Rumble performance but I had a feeling about being in there with someone who was not one of his buddies. You have that feel to it as it begins with Triple H making Cena looking second rate with Cena taking control because Triple H was looking to the crowd, that could have been structured a bit better to help out your top babyface me thinks.

You have a referee bump which feels a little cheap for a Wrestlemania main event but I can look past that, Triple H never nails The Pedigree though yet Cena plants Triple with an FU and Triple H gets to kick out. Again, bit iffy on that decision but I felt that match was slow and not too much of what was going on in the ring meant anything until the referee bump. The crowd was like molten lava throughout which helped to carry the match but it was about on par with last year’s main event or perhaps slightly above. The most important part was placing Cena atop the WWE mountain, there was no doubting that Cena was the man.

Winner: John Cena over Triple H via STFU!

That was WWE’s Wrestlemania 22, one of the better Wrestlemanias in my opinion. The whole show had a good flow to it, only dull moments were Boogeyman and Playboy match but you needed those breaks because there was so much action going on in the show. A lot of memorable moments with Edge and Foley stealing the show but Michaels vs Mcmahon, the best women’s match in Mania history for many years in Mickie vs Trish, Mysterio’s crowning moment, just so much to it. I do think the main event was a little disappointing but not enough to sour the whole show, this was a great pay per view worthy of the title of Wrestlemania. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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