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WWE Saturday Night's Main Event March 2006

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Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series that has had more stop-start pushes than Ryback! Tonight, we look back at the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, mere weeks before Wrestlemania 22. It makes a triumphant return with Shawn Michaels facing Shane Mcmahon in a street fight and the team of Triple H and John Cena taking on Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio, It’s an odd one with some fun segments thrown in, it clocks in at an hour and a half so do not expect too much, sit back and let’s have some fun!

Opening Promo

Vince opens up the show with Shane, Vince wants to make Michaels’ life hell. Michaels also cuts a promo on Vince, Cena interrupts a Triple H promo which turns out to be very funny. JBL and Austin will be having a beer-drinking contest, Boogeyman eats some worms.

John Cena/Triple H vs Rey Mysterio/Randy Orton/Kurt Angle

This is just odd with two main events for Wrestlemania going at it but it’s a handicap match. Cena and Orton begin the match, eye poke by Orton. Hiptoss by Cena, Angle blind tags in and German suplexes Cena. Angle nails Cena with a belly to belly suplex, Triple H is knocked off the apron. Cena spinebusters Angle, Triple H tags into the match. Right hands by The Game, foot choke by The Game. Angle nails a German suplex, make it two. Make it three, tag to Mysterio. Springboard senton, victory roll for two. Backslide for two, eye poke by The Game. Tag to Cena, shoulder block by Cena. Mysterio dropkicks Cena and headscissor takedowns Triple H.

Drop toehold, Mysterio misses the 619 as Triple H saves Cena. Clothesline by Triple H, Mysterio eats a knee from The Game. Mysterio splats on the floor, Triple H hurls Mysterio into the barricade. Two for Triple H, whip to the corner. Mysterio blocks, spinebuster by Triple H for two. Mysterio fights back, sleeper by Triple H. Hard Irish whip by Triple H, Triple H places Mysterio on the top rope. Mysterio knocks off Triple H, moonsault wipes out The Game. Mysterio makes the tag to Orton, Cena clotheslines and shoulder blocks Orton. FU is blocked, Cena is rammed into Angle. Spinning side slam by Cena, Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena. FU by Cena, Triple H pulls off Cena. Pedigree by Triple H, Triple H walks off on Cena. Triple H pulls Orton on Cena, Mysterio pulls off Orton.

Triple H enters the ring, Pedigree on Mysterio. Triple H is clearing the path for Orton, Angle clotheslines Triple H. Orton RKOs Angle, Orton measures Cena. Cena counters The RKO for a roll-up, 1….2….3! John Cen and Triple H walk away with the win much to the dismay of The King of Kings.

That was fun, everyone seemed to be having a good time in the ring and it is infectious, it rubs off on you. Nothing revolutionary, nothing too serious. Just five guys having fun with a finisher fest in the end with the top star of the company coming out on top. No complaints from me.

Winner: John Cena & Triple H over Orton/Mysterio/Angle via Roll-Up!

Booker T cannot compete

Booker has a sore groin or so it may seem, a doctor confirms that Booker cannot compete tonight and therefore, Theodore Long cancels the match between Boogeyman and Booker T.

Cutting Edge with Mick Foley

Edge talks shit about Foley, Foley comes out with a bag of thumbtacks. Lita saves Edge from meeting the thumbtacks, Foley falls face first into the thumbtacks. Of course, Foley is not fazed by this in the slightest, Foley chases Edge up the ramp and drops Edge with a conchairto. Fun segment with Foley bringing the pain to Edge, showing Edge what he is in store for at Wrestlemania.


Sharmell and Booker are in their underwear, Boogeyman appears and scares the shit out of the couple, fun stuff.

Beer Drinking Contest

JBL challenged Austin to a beer drinking contest, the two begin drinking with Austin drinking the beer while JBL pours the beer down his shirt. Austin catches JBL cheating which does not go down too well with Austin. JBL tosses the beer in Austin’s face and runs, Benoit appears and throws JBL back to Austin. Austin drowns JBL and Stunners JBL for another fun segment.

Candice Michelle/Victoria vs Mickie James/Trish Stratus

Candice got on the cover of Playboy, this led to a little friction between Torrie and the other Vince’s Devils. We also have Mickie James and Trish Stratus competing as a team despite their match at Wrestlemania. Trish asked for time apart from Mickie which leads us here, Mickie holds the ropes for Trish despite their rocky relationship, Candice and Trish begin. Candice dances which leads to Trish forearming Candice, Victoria holds Trish’s hair from the apron. Candice chokes Trish using the ropes. Victoria kicks Trish in the face, two for Candice.

 Slingshot leg drop by Victoria for two, front chancery from Victoria. Candice distracts the referee so Mickie’s tag is missed. Double suplex is countered by Trish for a DDT, Victoria knocks Mickie to the floor. Trish nails Victoria with Stratusfaction, no help from Mickie whatsoever.

Well, it was a match to kill time, I am surprised Mickie did not even get to do anything in the ring. However, this match was clearly about the angle afterwards for Wrestlemania. Mickie extends her hand and Trish shakes, Mickie kisses Trish on the cheek and hugs her idol before nailing Trish with a Chick Mick. Trish is wiped out by a Stratusfaction.

Winners: Trish Stratus/Mickie James over Vince’s Devils via Stratusfaction!

Mark Henry and Undertaker Brawl

Henry talks trash about finishing The Deadman and breaking the streak, Taker comes out and beats up Henry before Chokeslamming and Tombstoning Daivari on the casket, lucky Daivari was marking out for the whole thing.

(Street Fight) Shawn Michaels vs Shane Mcmahon W/ Vince Mcmahon

Michaels and The Mcmahons had issues going back to the end of 2005 with Michaels being a thorn in Vince’s side. The Mcmahons would screw Michaels out of the royal rumble and make Michaels join the Kiss my Ass club. Michaels has his match with Vince at Wrestlemania but tonight, the boy wonder Shane steps up to fight Michaels.

Michaels jumps Shane on the stage, Michaels whacks Shane with a steel chair. Michaels grabs a table too, Michaels pummels Shane before Shane sends HBK into the ringpost. Vince comes down to gloat, Vince helps with the table while Shane grabs a ladder. Shane works the ribs and head of HBK, Michaels is sent back first into the ringpost. Shane sets up the ladder in the ring, Vince has Michaels on the table. Michaels is on the ladder with Shane, Michaels suplexes Shane to the floor. Vince looks on in shock, Vince screams for a doctor. Right hand by Michaels, scoop slam by HBK. Michaels climbs the ladder, Vince whacks Michaels down with a kendo stick.

Shane droops the ladder on Michaels’ back. Shane does it again, two-count for Shane. Shane drives a ladder into Michaels’ face, two for Shane. Elbow and surfboard hold from Shane, Micheals fights out but Shane DDTs Michaels for two. Shane waffles Michaels with a chair, Shane wants Coast to Coast using a trash can. Michaels moves and Shane nails Vince in the face, HBK fires back. Flying forearm, kip-up. Inverted atomic drop, right hands and a huge scoop slam followed by an elbow drop. Sweet Chin Music, Vince pulls out the referee. Low blow, sharpshooter from Shane and Vince tells the timekeeper to ring the bell because Montreal is still funny.

The match was ass backwards with a big spot opening the match, they fell through two tables off a ladder yet they were up from the break. Crazy stuff, Montreal rip-off ending which was old in 1998. It was fun yet a shambles of a match.

Winner: Shane Mcmahon over Shawn Michaels via Sharpshooter!

That was WWE’s Saturday Night’s Main Event of March 2006, a show held together by fun segments and matches that were more filler than anything else. I thoroughly enjoyed the backstage skits with Boogeyman, Austin’s drinking segment and the opening match. More filler than thriller in the ring but take it as it was meant to be, a hype show for Wrestlemania. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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