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WWE No Way Out 2006 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that lets you down more than Baron Corbin’s cash-in attempt. On the Road to Wrestlemania, we arrive at WWE’s No Way Out 2006 headlined by The Undertaker challenging Kurt Angle for The World Heavyweight Championship. Other big matches on this night include Bobby Lashley’s first big singles match taking on JBL in a one on one match while Rey Mysterio fights for the right to go to Wrestlemania as he places his number one contendership on the line against The Legend Killer Randy Orton. As always, Smackdown has a promising card but can No Way Out deliver a strong outing for the Blue Brand? Let’s find out!

Opening Promo

Focus is on Mysterio, Orton, Kurt Angle and Undertaker. Mysterio speaks about Eddie while Orton says Eddie is in hell. Nice, lots of the two battling until we turn to The Deadman. The Phenom returns after Armageddon to hold the top championship on Smackdown. Angle is a wrestling machine, this looks all sorts of good and I am up for this match.

(WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match) Gregory Helms © vs Scotty Too Hotty vs Paul London vs Brian Kendrick vs Funaki vs Super Crazy vs Psicosis vs Nunzio vs Kid Kash

Similar to last month’s match except we have even more cruiserweights in this match. Helms has annoyed everyone on Smackdown so Helms plays chickenshit on the floor. Lots of action with everyone pairing off in corners, London and Kendrick combine to take down Funaki and Scotty. The Mexicools take care of London and Kendrick. Mexicools dive onto the two, Funaki and Kid Kash are left in the ring. Bulldog by Funaki for two, Helms makes the save.

Helms does not realize as his enemies surround him, the babyfaces stomp the hell out of Helms. Big brawl between everyone, Kendrick misses a big senton. Some nice moves from Mexicools, Helms saves his championship once more. Helms tees off on London, Kash and Scotty square off with Scotty planting Kash. Helms takes out Scotty with a knee, Helms and Kash begin slugging it out. Helms elevates Scotty to the apron, Kash sends Helms to the floor. Scotty takes down Helms with a hilo, Psicosis and Kash brawl.

Psicosis wipes himself out, slingshot hurricanrana by Kash. Sicilian Slice by Nunzio on London, Kendrick saves London. Kendrick and London dive onto everyone ringside. Super Crazy is left with Helms, reverse elbow by Helms. Shining Wizard is ducked, spinning heel kick by Super Crazy for two. Kendrick nails a Sliced Bread on Helms for two, London nails a top rope senton for two. Scotty superkicks London, Scotty drops Helms with a facebuster. The Worm connects with Psicosis saving the match, Kash attacks Psicosis. Chops by Psicosis, Kash dodges a German suplex. Dead Level by Kash, Crazy moonsaults onto Kash but Helms slides in and pins Psicosis.

Was not a fan of this match, a lot of people in this match and they looked like there was not too much thought putting into it. Most of it was a lot of punching and kicking with not much action. By the end, they were pulling it together with the fans reacting for almost every move but I thought it was a little too late to save the whole match.

Winner: Gregory Helms over Everyone Else via Shenanigans!

Booker T and Theodore Long/Krystal Interviews Finlay

Booker is not 100% or so he claims, Long is not convinced. Sharmell and Booer get down on their knees and beg to not have their match tonight. Long gets the better of Booker with Long saying Booker has to wrestle Benoit or forfeit his championship. We also have Krystal being attacked by Finlay, Finlay wanted a fight but had no match for the pay per view. Finlay carries Krystal out to the ring, here comes Bobby Lashley who hammers Finlay. Finlay low blows Lashley and proceeds to beat the piss out of the big man.

JBL W/ Jillian Hall vs Bobby Lashley

JBL sees his opportunity and runs down to face Lashley, Lashley dumps Finlay on his head and is escorted out of the arena. JBL looks on, not so confident as Lashley has rid himself of Finlay. JBL eye pokes Lashley, no effect as Lashley pummels JBL. Shoulder thrusts, JBL boots Lashley and shoulder blocks Lashley. Lashley shoulder blocks JBL back, clubbing blows and knees by Lashley. Elbow by Lashley, chop block by Lashley. JBL runs out, JBL hides behind Jillian. Eye poke works this time but Lashley smashes JBL into the steel steps. Belly to belly suplex by Lashley on the floor, two-count in the ring. Suplex by Lashley, Lashley calls for a dominator but JBL sends Lashley to the floor.

Lashley is booted to the floor, Lashley is bounced off the steel steps. Elbow drop by JBL for two, forearms to the spine by JBL. Clubbing blows, repeated elbow drops by JBL for two. Sleeper from JBL, JBL covers off the sleeper for two. Boot to the head, JBL climbs to the top rope. Lashley counters for a powerslam, clotheslines by Lashley. Belly to belly suplexes by Lashley, JBL escapes a dominator. Lashley blocks the clothesline for a huge t-bone suplex for two. Finlay attacks Chimel, referee is distracted. Finlay nails Lashley with the shillelagh and JBL finishes off Lashley with a Clothesline From Hell.

It was the best they could hope for, it was obvious to many that Lashley was pushed far too soon out of the gate. They would build Lashley as a monster but Lashley had not exactly found his feet just yet, JBL does his best to get something out of the young Lashley and as JBL is a heat magnet and super unlikeable, you get something good. Plus, you have a reason for Lashley and Finlay to feud which is good, let’s hope they follow up on that.

Winner: JBL over Lashley via Clothesline From Hell!

Batista is Here!

The Animal is here, Batista had to vacate the championship due to injury. Batista keeps it simple saying that he will be back and the championship is coming home to The Animal.

MNM W/ Melina vs Tatanka & Matt Hardy

This seems to come out of nowhere, MNM had been holding down the tag team division on Smackdown since debuting after Wrestlemania 21. They had been through the likes of Animal & Heidenreich, Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly and Mysterio & Batista. Seems like they had nothing for them heading into Wrestlemania which is a damn shame but we get to see Matt Hardy who had not been treated the best since joining the blue brand. Hardy was allowed to pick a partner of his choice and none other than Tatanka answers.

Mercury jumps Hardy and stomps away, Hardy hammers back with right hands. Mercury is floored twice with right hands, armwrench from Hardy. Tag to Tatanka, armwrench from Tatanka and a huge chop. Eye rake from Mercury, tag to Nitro. Tatanka works the arm of Nitro with a hiptoss, tag to Hardy. Double back drop, Hardy and Tatanka plant Mercury with a double wheelbarrow suplex. Mercury powders, Nitro is decked by Hardy. Hotshot by Mercury, Nitro stomps on Hardy. Hardy is choked with the middle rope, Melina talks trash to Hardy’s face from ringside. Huge slap from Melina, tag to Mercury. Hardy counters a double suplex for a double neckbreaker, tag to Tatanka. Chops all around, Mercury powders.

Mercury is chopped on the floor, Melina eye pokes Tatanka with the referee focusing on Hardy. Nitro dropkicks Tatanka and Mercury takes it to Tatanka in the corner. Shoulder thrusts, snapmare into a knee drop. Tag to Nitro, elbow by Nitro. Right hands by Mercury, Tatanka battles back before Nitro clubs down Tatanka. Double back elbow after a tag to Mercury, reverse chinlock by Mercury. Neckbreaker by Mercury for two, Mercury tries a crossbody. Tatanka counters for an inverted atomic drop, Nitro tries to help but eats a huge chop. Hot-tag to Hardy, clothesline all around. Tilt-a-whirl sideslam by Hardy, bulldog and clothesline combination by Hardy.

Hardy nails an elbow from the middle rope, Side Effect on Nitro. Hardy misses Twist of Fate on Mercury, superkick by Nitro. Hardy clotheslines MNM, tag to Tatanka. Double chop from the top rope, Samoan Drop for Mercury. Twist of Fate on Nitro and we have winners in Tatanka and Hardy.

Solid tag team match from four solid performers, MNM were in a tough spot with nobody to work with on the blue brand, London and Kendrick did not seem to be a factor just yet and they may have hit a brick wall at that time due to Mercury’s addictions which would lead to Mercury going to rehab. Anyways, this was an enjoyable match for the middle of a pay per view, this card is turning into something good.

Winners: Tatanka & Matt Hardy over MNM via Samoan Drop!

(WWE United States Championship Match) Booker T © W/ Sharmell vs Chris Benoit

The best of seven series had ended with Randy Orton defeating Benoit in Booker’s place as Booker went down with an injury. Booker would interfere and this would lead to Booker holding the championship. Benoit would end up becoming the number one contender and here we are with a final match between the two. Booker must wrestle Benoit or Booker will forfeit his championship. Booker thinks about forfeiting his championship as Benoit gets on the microphone calling Booker a coward. Sharmell slaps Benoit in a foolish move, Benoit is attacked as Booker jumps The Rabid Wolverine.

Rights and chops by Booker, back elbow by Booker. Benoit fires back at Booker, chops in the corner. Booker knees Benoit hard, Benoit ducks a kick and chops Booker. Booker is knocked to the floor, Benoit suplexes Booker. Back suplex for two, mounted punches by Benoit. Benoit baseball slides Booker to the floor, Booker is slammed off the barricade. Booker meets the steel steps, Booker talks about his groin saying he cannot continue the match. Booker lures in Benoit, Benoit meets the steel steps. Thrustkick by Booker, two for the champion. Keylock by Booker, Benoit escapes but Booker grabs the waist and keeps Benoit grounded. Booker transitions to a hammerlock but Benoit wriggles free for a huge German suplex.

Benoit looks for a Crossface, spinning heel kick by Booker. Two for Booker, sleeper from the champion. Back suplex by Benoit, Booker stunguns Benoit. Suplex by Booker, make it two. Chopwar with Benoit winning, Booker blocks Benoit with a boot. Booker looks for Scissors Kick, Benoit ducks and nails a clothesline. Three Amigos from Benoit for two, spinning heel kick by Booker. Booker is on the top rope, Benoit crotches Booker. Benoit headbutts Booker, top rope superplex by Benoit for two. Booker plants Benoit with a spinebuster, Booker climbs to the top rope.

Booker misses The Harlem Hangover, German suplexes by Benoit. Benoit is on the top rope, Sharmell distracts Benoit. Booker crotches Benoit, Scissors Kick by Booker. 1…2….. Benoit kicks out! Benoit is caught for a roll-up out of the corner, Benoit rolls through for a Sharpshooter. Sharmell is on the apron, Benoit bumps Sharmell off the apron and locks in a Sharpshooter on Booker. Benoit transitions into a Crossface and we have a new champion.

Solid match from two veteran performers, Benoit and Booker told a good story to this hard-hitting match. No wonder Booker would soon be moving up the card, the heel persona that Booker was crafting with Sharmell made for such an entertaining pair while Benoit is such a gutsy babyface who keeps on coming and never knew when to quit, Benoit chasing the gold was a fun angle with a perfect ending after all of Booker’s cheating.

Winner: Chris Benoit over Booker T via Crippler Crossface!

(Winner to go onto Wrestlemania) Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton

Mysterio had done the impossible, Mysterio had won the royal rumble entering from number two, conquering some of the biggest and best WWE had to offer and Mysterio was on his way to Wrestlemania all for his friend Eddie Guerrero. Randy Orton was fresh off his entertaining feud with The Undertaker which lead into the rumble, Orton was the last man in the ring with Mysterio. Orton was not happy with Mysterio’s win, calling it a fluke and challenging Mysterio to this match with the winner making it to Wrestlemania.

Lock-up, Orton messes with Mysterio. Orton takes down Mysterio, Mysterio gets the rope for a clean break. Orton slaps the head of Mysterio and hides behind the referee, side headlock and takedown from Mysterio. Wheelbarrow into a bulldog by Mysterio for two, ten punches by Mysterio. Mysterio misses a springboard crossbody, Orton takes control and stomps Mysterio. Foot choke by Orton, Orton clubs down Mysterio. Knee drop, Orton slaps and toys with Mysterio. Hard Irish whip to the corner for two, Orton mocks Latino Heat.

Mysterio kicks back, headscissors by Mysterio. Mysterio tries an apron senton, Orton counters and swings Mysterio into the ringpost. Orton targets the arm, armbar from Orton. Mysterio kicks off Orton, Orton picks up Mysterio for a unique neckbreaker for two. Orton continues working the arm, Mysterio fights back and drops Orton with a hurricanrana. Orton regains control with more armwork, stepping on the arm of Mysterio. Two for Orton, Orton works the arm in the corner, ripping at the fingers of Mysterio. Orton picks up Mysterio for a gutwrench but Mysterio uses an armdrag to leave Orton on the floor. Orton eats a huge forearm to the face, drop toehold to the corner. Mysterio climbs to the top rope, Orton crotches Mysterio. Orton has Mysterio on his shoulders, Orton eats a huge sunset flip powerbomb for two.

Mysterio throws forearms, dropkick to the knee. Springboard senton, snap-over neckbreaker for two. Mysterio kicks the leg of Orton, Orton counters a springboard moonsault but Mysterio counters the powerslam for a neckbreaker. Two for Mysterio, eye poke by Orton. Mysterio kicks down Orton, Orton counters a crossbody with a massive dropkick. Orton measures for an RKO, Mysterio counters with a dropkick. Orton is draped on the rope, Orton ducks The 619 and Orton rolls-up Mysterio using the ropes for leverage.

We have hit a pattern here with every match delivering one after the other, Orton was over-confident believing Mysterio would be no competition. Mysterio gave Orton everything, knocked back The Legend Killer and it looked like Mysterio’s moment had arrived. However, Orton dug deep into his back of tricks with Orton catching out Mysterio. They had a lot of things going right, crowd was up for Mysterio and Orton played up his part perfectly. I would have liked to see a bit more but they were saving that for Wrestlemania which I could live with. Overall, more solid stuff from a rising star in Mysterio and a top heel in Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton over Rey Mysterio via Shenanigans!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Kurt Angle © vs The Undertaker

Angle had moved over to Smackdown and filled the hole left by Batista’s injury. Angle had overcome Mark Henry at Royal Rumble but now, Angle had to face the ultimate foe, The Deadman, The Undertaker. Two babyfaces going at it, two of WWE’s biggest stars. This should be interesting and there is something in the air as these two lock eyes.

Angle takes the back of Taker, Taker grabs the ropes. Angle stays away from Taker, lock-up and side headlock by Taker. Shoulder block by Taker for two, Taker wrenches the arm. Stomps by Taker, Taker applies a short-arm scissors. Angle gets to a vertical base and begins throwing bombs but Taker has the arm. Old School is blocked by Angle, Taker flips the arm of Angle. Old School connects, complete shot by Taker. Snake eyes by Taker, Angle ducks the boot and delivers a German suplex for two. Foot choke by Angle, shoulder thrusts by Angle. Taker Irish whips Angle to the corner, high knee by Taker. Angle ducks the second knee, Taker is bumped off the apron to the barricade. Angle tries an apron axe handle but Taker catches Angle and slams the champion back first into the ringpost.

Elbow by Taker, apron leg drop by The Deadman. Two for the challenger, Taker calls for a chokeslam. Angle goes to the leg, uppercut by Taker. Chop block by Angle, Angle steps all over the knee. Angle wraps Taker’s knee around the ringpost. Figure four around the ringpost by Angle, Angle elbows the knee. More stomps and fists by Angle, leg work from Angle. Taker pulls Angle to the floor, Taker attempts an apron leg drop for an Ankle Lock. Taker is in immense pain, clutching the ankle. Angle zeroes in with a hold, Taker escapes and uses his legs to smack Angle in the face. Angle takes down Taker and nails right hands. Taker holds Angle in a triangle choke, Taker bounces Angle off the barricade.

Angle is sent into Toni Chimel and the timekeeper, Taker pulls apart the announce table. Angle ducks a clothesline and Angle Slams Taker through the announce table, Angle feeds off the energy of the crowd. Taker suckers in Angle as the champion bounces off the steel steps, Taker climbs to the top rope. Angle meets Taker with right hands, Taker avoids a superplex. Angle runs up the turnbuckle for a belly to belly superplex with Taker kicking out at two. Knee by Angle, right hand by Taker. Big boot by Taker for two, Angle rolls through a chokeslam for an Ankle Lock. Taker reverses for the triangle choke, Angle escapes for an Ankle Lock!

Taker escapes for a Chokeslam, two for Taker. Last Ride is countered for an Ankle Lock, Taker writhes around in pain. Taker kicks off Angle, Angle Slam for two. Taker sits-up, Angle and Taker trade bombs. Taker attempts the tombstone, Angle counters but Taker counters again. Angle grabs the ankle, Ankle Lock. Angle grapevines the leg, Taker kicks off Angle with boots to the face. Angle nails an Angle Slam, Taker applies a triangle choke. Angle begins to fade, Angle rolls through for a beautiful jacknife cover and we have a winner in Kurt Angle.

Very good match that felt like a championship match. Angle’s style meshed perfectly with Taker who was all in when it came to selling Angle’s offense and applying MMA-like manoeuvres to the match. The two battle hold for hold, we have them trading bombs back and forth, psychology was there tenfold. I would not hold this match as high as some people praise it, the finish was great with Angle outsmarting The Deadman but the constant protecting of Taker’s character was a bit much at times, it was as if nobody could ever beat Taker without cheating and the confusion over the finish with Angle’s music not being played and Taker thinking that he had won did Angle no favours. It should have been more like Diesel vs Bret Hart where Diesel is more infuriated that he lost but we all saw Hart pin Diesel. With this match, you have confusion and it comes off a little flat. That being said, this match was very good with Taker putting on a performance that could be held alongside his matches with Orton when people point to the beginning of kickass Taker matches.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Undertaker via Jacknife Cover!

That was WWE’s No Way Out 2006, a strong showing from Smackdown. It should not be a surprise that Smackdown was going strong with it being so close to Wrestlemania but I honestly was with this show. Beyond the first match and the booking of Lashley, this show kicked into gear and never failed to deliver once we hit the tag team match. Benoit vs Booker, Mysterio vs Orton Undertaker vs Angle are all big matches and were solid matches that had the fans invested and me glued to my laptop screen. It gave an indication that Smackdown could put on interesting pay per views but many times Smackdown has promised to be on par with Raw and has let me down so I won’t be too optimistic and I will put this show down to being Wrestlemania Season and thus, Smackdown needed a stacked show. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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