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WWE Summerslam 2002 Review

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Hello ladies and gentlemen to another stress-inducing edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, which is best taken in small doses! Brock Lesnar’s meteoric rise continues in the WWE, Lesnar’s journey culminates tonight at Summerslam as Lesnar faces The Rock for the undisputed championship. Also, after four years, Shawn Michaels returns to the WWE for a street fight with his former best friend Triple H. Two big money matches and I have not even mentioned the rest of the card which features Benoit vs RVD and the pay per view debut of Rey Mysterio. This is Summerslam 2002 and thank you for joining me for this trip down memory lane! Let’s do it!

Opening Promo

We are greeted by no opening package on the WWE network. Shame on you network for denying me some epic promos. No problem I shall cover them later on the card. Interesting note: This was the first pay per view to feature Michael Cole and Tazz to call Smackdown matches as JR and Jerry Lawler had announced for all matches on pay per view regardless of brand.

Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle

Mysterio debuted vs Chavo Guerrero a month before this pay per view and was like nothing the WWE fans have ever seen. Sure, they had seen Mysterio in ECW and WCW but here was Mysterio in the big leagues so to speak and his first feud? None other than Kurt freakin Angle (Endorsements do not get much better). Before the bell rings, we could have a match of the night candidate.

Match begins with Mysterio surprising Angle by appearing behind Angle and nailing a springboard headscissors, headscissors takedown and a dropkick. Monkey flip by Mysterio before Angle tries for a German suplex, Angle rolls into an Ankle Lock, Mysterio kicks off Angle. Mysterio goes for a 619, Angle dodges and drags Mysterio onto the floor face first. Angle hurls Mysterio into the ring, stomps to the mid-section of Mysterio. Right hand by Angle, Mysterio kicks Angle in the face, Mysterio tries for his wheelbarrow bulldog but Angle counters for a wheelbarrow suplex.

Angle clotheslines Mysterio after a roll-up, backbreaker by Angle brings a two count. Angle uses the ropes to choke Mysterio, right hands by Angle. Mysterio dodges a punch, Mysterio fires up and attempts a headscissors. Angle counters for a sidewalk slam, two count for Angle. Single leg Boston crab by Angle, Mysterio counters for a small package. Two count for Mysterio, clothesline by Angle. Straight right by Angle floors Mysterio. Another right by Angle, Mysterio counters with a jawbreaker. Kicks and forearms by Mysterio, sunset flip and Angle misses a right hand. Belly to belly suplex by Angle, Mysterio counters an Angle Slam with a deep armdrag, Mysterio lowbridges Angle.

Mysterio knocks down Angle off the apron, Mysterio dives over the referee and wipes out Angle with a tope con hilo. Mysterio nails a springboard leg drop across the neck of Angle for two. Irish whip by Angle, Mysterio was looking for a victory roll, Angle counters for an Ankle Lock. Mysterio kicks off Angle which sets up Angle for The 619, The 619 connects and there’s The West Coast Pop! 1…2.. Angle kicks out at the last possible second. Spinning heel kick by Mysterio, Mysterio climbs to the top rope. Mysterio leaps over Angle and Angle is perched on the top rope. Mysterio was looking for a top rope frankensteiner but Angle holds on for an Ankle Lock. Mysterio has to tap out to the pain of The Ankle Lock.

Talk about fast-paced, the match was the perfect opener. It was hot from the get-go, the fans were so into each man. Mysterio was on fire, everything was so clean, crisp and perfect. Angle as the bully and the over-confident heel was great, I cannot say enough good things about that match. It was great stuff!

Winner: Kurt Angle over Rey Mysterio via Ankle Lock!

Stephanie & Bischoff

The two GMs share a moment, Bischoff is in Stephanie’s office. Bischoff suggests to share the office with Stephanie. They sit down and watch the pay per view together.

Chris Jericho vs Ric Flair

Flair is an active wrestler on the Raw roster since losing control of the WWE to Vince Mcmahon on Raw thanks to Brock Lesnar. Jericho ran down Flair and the two battled all over Raw which included Flair assaulting Jericho during a Fozzy concert. Flair still looks to be in good shape as opposed to how he would appear in later over a year.

Lock-up, Flair slaps Jericho, another lock-up with Flair out-wrestling Jericho. Jericho kicks Flair’s gut, right hands by Y2J. Jericho chokes Flair in the corner, back body drop by Jericho. Clothesline by Jericho, back suplex by Y2J. Jericho misses an elbow, chop by Flair. Make that chops, Irish whip and Flair sidesteps Jericho. Jericho skins the cat but walks into a chop. Jericho scores with eye poke, chops by Jericho. Irish whip and Flair flip, clothesline to the floor by Jericho. Jericho rips apart the barricade and drops Flair across the exposed barricade. Jericho climbs to the top and drops an elbow across Flair’s back. More right hands by Y2J, Flair is down.

Flair blocks the right hands, chops by The Nature Boy. Jericho blocks Flair coming in, missile dropkick by Jericho and it’s two for Y2J. Jericho exposes the top rope turnbuckle, Jericho chokes Flair with his wrist tape behind the referee’s back. Flair comes back with chops, right hand by Jericho. Jericho chokes Flair with the middle rope, leg across the back of Flair. Vertical suplex by Y2J, Jericho is climbing to the top rope. Flair springs up and chops Jericho, Flair pulls Jericho off the top rope. Jericho runs shoulder first into the ringpost.

Back body drop by Flair, back suplex by Flair. Two count for Flair, right hands by Flair. Jericho drops out of a suplex, schoolboy into a Walls of Jericho but Flair counters for a small package. Two count for Flair, clothesline by Y2J. Chops by Jericho, modified bulldog. Flair dodges The Lionsault, more chops and Flair applies a single leg Boston crab, Jericho counters for a figure four. Flair suffers in the hold for a long amount of time before reaching the ropes. Jericho crotches himself on the ropes, chop by Flair and Jericho nails the referee. Low blow by Flair and a Figure Four by Flair. Jericho taps out to the hold.

Was not feeling this match, I feel Flair and Jericho did their best but it did not come together on the night. I liked Jericho’s wrist tape spot but there was not a whole lot of cheating going on from Y2J. The finish was fine, a bit abrupt as Jericho tapped instantly.

Winner: Flair over Jericho via Figure Four!

Eddie Guerrero vs Edge

Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit had defected to Smackdown in a raid by Smackdown General Manager Stephanie Mcmahon. Behind the scenes, Paul Heyman was writing Smackdown and wanted Guerrero and Benoit to begin building his Smackdown Six. Guerrero had ignited a feud with Edge who continued rising the ranks of the WWE off the back of a great feud with Kurt Angle. Guerrero was no slouch himself since returning after feuding with RVD and pulling a very good match out of Flair.

Lock-up, Guerrero takes the back and twist the arm of Edge, Irish whip by Edge and a nice flapjack. Edge takes the back, Guerrero switches until Edge tries a suplex. Guerrero hotshots Edge’s neck onto the top rope. Right hands by Guerrero, elbow to the back of the head. Monkey flip by Edge and a nice slam. Cover and a two for Edge, Edge ties up Guerrero in the ropes. Spear by Edge, Guerrero avoids the second Spear, Edge lands on the floor on his left shoulder. Guerrero goes right after the arm of Edge, Guerrero hammerlocks Edge and hurls Edge into the steel steps. Nice bit for story with Guerrero going after Edge’s previously injured shoulder.

Single arm DDT by Guerrero, Guerrero nails a diving single arm DDT. Hammerlock on the canvas by Guerrero, Edge crawls to the ropes. Guerrero talks trash and applies a variation of the crossface chickenwing. Edge fires up, snapmare by Edge but Guerrero takes down Edge for a Fujiwara armbar. Back suplex and top wristlock by Guerrero, Irish whip into a short-arm clothesline by Guerrero. Edge catches Guerrero with a one-armed powerslam. Clotheslines by Edge, back body drop. Guerrero nails an elbow to stop Edge before Edge scores with a facebuster. Edge suplexes Guerrero from the ring to the floor, Edge is climbing to the top rope, crossbody by Edge. Guerrero stops Edge on the top rope, front suplex falcon arrow style by Edge for a two count.

Edge measures, Guerrero dropkicks Edge in the face and shoulder to block the Spear. Guerrero goes for The Frog Splash, Edge gets the feet up and Edge nails an Edgecution. 1…2.. Guerrero kicks out at two. Edge tries for another Edgecution but Guerrero counters for a northern lights suplex and a neckbreaker. Guerrerp climbs to the top but Edge meets Guerrero. Guerrero headbutts Edge’s shoulder. Guerrero scores with a Frog Splash on the shoulder, Edge kicks out at two. Guerrero is on the top rope, Edge shoves off Guerrero from the top rope. Edge ducks a clothesline, rebounds off the ropes and nails a devastating Spear to win the match.

Loved the layout of this match, Edge misses a Spear, lands awkwardly on the shoulder and Guerrero is on that shoulder like a fly on a pile of dogshit. Loved the armwork, loved Guerrero’s work and Edge looked great battling through the pain to pull out a victory. Guerrero and Edge had good chemistry together.

Winner: Edge over Eddie Guerrero via Spear!

Un-Americans Promo

Christian and Storm rip on the fans and the team of Goldust & Booker T. Easy heat for The Canadian superstars but I am not complaining.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) Booker T & Goldust vs The Un-Americans ©

The Un-Americans would capture the championships from Edge and Hulk Hogan, the gimmick was picking up some serious steam at this point. Goldust and Booker T had united as the WWE’s most popular odd couple. Lock-up, Christian and Goldust to start, butt bump by Goldust on Christian and a powerslam on Storm. Uppercut and a two count for Goldust, Christian springs up with a knee, tag to Storm. Irish whip and an inverted atomic drop by Goldust and followed by a clothesline. Tag to Booker, back elbow by Booker. Sidewalk slam and an enthusiastic knee drop. Cover and a two count, Goldust is legal. Right hands by Goldust, Christian nails a cheap shot from the apron.

Thumb to the eye by Storm and Goldust is hurled over the top rope, Christian rams Goldust into the barricade. Cover by Storm, two count. Storm and Christian unload on Goldust, knees and clubbing blows by Christian. Foot choke by Christian, Christian and Storm double team Goldust with the referee handling Booker. Backbreaker for a two count, Christian tags in Storm. Storm misses a dropkick, jacknife pin by Goldust for a two count. Goldust flapjacks Storm but Storm makes the tag and Christian grabs a front chancery. Goldust is inching towards the tag, Storm distracts the referee and Goldust makes the tag behind the referee’s back. Booker runs wild for a second before the referee tells Booker he must go to the apron.

Christian is in, Goldust fires out of the corner. Goldust catapults Christian into Storm, roll-up for a two count. Double knockdown with both men down, Storm runs around and drops Booker off the apron. Booker misses Goldust, the referee has Booker. Storm and Christian wind up for a conchairto, Goldust blocks and nails a double clothesline. Tag to Booker, clotheslines all around. Back body drops, chops and right hands. Flying forearm by Booker, missile dropkick on Christian.

 Cover and a two count, Storm and Goldust brawl on the floor. Christian blocks The Scissors Kick, Booker shoves off Christian from The Unprettier. Flapjack by Booker, Storm nails the referee with a calf kick, Booker nails Storm and Christian with a double Scissors Kick. Harlem sidekick on Christian but there’s no referee. Booker and Goldust wipe out Storm, here’s Test with a Big Boot on Booker T. Christian crawls in for the cover and The Un-Americans retain their championships.

Good tag team match, the tag to Booker was built up and when it happened, it was everything that the fans could have wanted. A good showing from Goldust and Booker T, I did think it was too soon to take the titles of the heel Un-Americans. The day will come though and when it does, the fans will erupt in approval as The Un-Americans are starting to get over big time. Goldust was a great face in peril, Christian and Storm worked over Goldust well. I enjoyed everything about this match.

Winners: The Un-Americans over Goldust & Booker T via Test Big Boot!

Nidia making out contest

Jamie Noble watches as his girlfriend violates some fan on a couch. Riveting stuff, Stephanie and Bischoff banter back and forth with sexual references and such. Hmmm, so much chemistry no wonder they kissed on screen.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs RVD

Benoit won the championship and jumped ship to Smackdown. RVD is the hero of Raw as he battles to return the championship to its home on Raw. RVD kicks the leg of Benoit to begin the match, Benoit swipes at RVD’s face. RVD kicks Benoit down, Benoit powders as RVD poses for his fans. Benoit re-enters the ring, another kick by RVD but Benoit grabs the leg for a dragon screw. Reverse chinlock by Benoit, RVD shoves off Benoit. Shoulder block by Benoit, RVD leapfrogs over Benoit, nice crossbody for a two. Spinning heel kick by RVD, forearm shots by RVD. Benoit catches RVD for a nasty German suplex, RVD clutches at his neck. Benoit elbows RVD right on the neck.

RVD is rammed into the turnbuckle, short-arm clothesline and a two count for Benoit. Backbreaker, two count for Benoit. Snap suplex and another two count for the champion. Benoit has RVD by the shoulder, RVD rolls out of the hold but Benoit is back on top with a back elbow. Small package by RVD, two count for Van Dam. Monkey flip by RVD but Benoit springs up and cleans RVD’s clock with a forearm shot. Chop by Benoit, RVD blocks with a boot. Split-legged moonsault goes awry as Benoit blocks with his knees. Benoit misses his diving headbutt, leg drop by RVD and RVD misses The Five Star Frog Splash. Benoit clamps on The Crippler Crossface. RVD puts his feet on the ropes and the hold is broken.

RVD is shoved to the floor by Benoit and RVD clutches his arm. Hammerlock and RVD hits the ringpost. Shoulderbreaker by Benoit, slap by Benoit. Chops by Benoit, back elbow and a two count for Benoit. Benoit chokes RVD with a straight-jacket like hold, RVD counters the hold. RVD sweeps the legs, misses a handspring moonsault and Benoit has The Crippler Crossface. RVD elbows his way out of the hold, Benoit transitions to a roll-up for a two count. Benoit hammerlocks the arm and hurls RVD into the ringpost. Benoit holds onto the hammerlock before transition into a northern lights suplex. Benoit rolls through two northern lights suplex to knee RVD in the ribs over and over.

Finally, Benoit goes for The Crippler Crossface again after decimating RVD’s shoulder. Benoit breaks the hold to apply a dragon sleeper, Benoit blocks off the ropes by applying the hold from the side nearest to the ropes. RVD applies The Crippler Crossface momentarily before Benoit wriggles free. Forearms in the corner by Benoit, RVD blocks with an elbow and then a springboard thrustkick. Cover and a two for RVD, step-over heel kick by RVD. Rolling Thunder, cover and another two for the challenger. Spinning heel kick by RVD, two once more for Van Dam. RVD tries a monkey flip in the corner, Benoit crotches RVD.

Benoit jumps up, clubs the worked on shoulder before RVD counters a back suplex in mid-air into a crossbody. RVD sucks it up and delivers a Five Star Frog Splash to bring the Intercontinental Championship home to Raw.

One hell of a match, heavy in psychology. Benoit was tremendous in his destruction of RVD’s arm, Benoit always lays in his shit so snug, it looks real and he will make sure you think it’s real. Possibly, RVD’s best match since coming to the WWE, it was great stuff.

Winner: RVD over Chris Benoit!

The Undertaker vs Test

Test gets a hype package as part of The Un-Americans. Test always seem to have a good run at some point in the year. Undertaker has turned babyface and is hell bent on decimating Test. Undertaker’s heel run had been promising before I soured on the run as bad matches were taking place with Austin, Hogan and Triple H.

Lock-up, side headlock by Test. Shoulder block by Test and Taker answers with a hiptoss. Shoulder thrusts by Taker, Test buries knees into the ribs before Taker nails his leaping clothesline. More shoulder work by Taker, Taker signals for Old School. Test shoves the referee into Taker, Taker lands groin first on the top rope. Test bumps Taker to the floor, Test flings Taker knee first into the steel steps. Test nails some Nash style elbows in the corner, foot choke by Test. Taker tries battling back before Test ends that with a knee to the head. Clothesline and a rest hold from Test. Taker fights out of the hold to score with a back suplex, Taker misses an elbow.

Slugfest with Taker taking control, Irish whip by Test and a DDT by Taker. Two count for Taker, Old School by Taker. Snake eyes and a boot misses for Taker, Test misses his pumphandle slam. Taker motions for The Chokeslam, Test fights out and misses a Big Boot. Chokeslam by Taker, cover and Test kicks out of The Chokeslam. Here comes Storm, Taker hurls Christian and Storm into the ring, corner clotheslines. Chokeslam on Storm, Chokeslam on Christian. Big Boot by Test on Taker and Taker kicks out at two. Test grabs a chair, Taker boots the chair into Test’s face. Tombstone by Taker, it scores and Taker is your winner.

A good match, I would have expected worse but I must admit I was surprised with this match. Test did a good job, took some great bumps for Taker and Taker was hugely popular with the fans. Still, it seems like they are big plans for Test so I must question The Big Boot kick-out? Maybe, Test should have never connected with the move, that’s just a nit-pick though from me. Taker celebrates with The American Flag afterwards. A nice little match in the middle of the card, no real complaints from me.

Winner: Taker over Test via Tombstone!

(Non-Sanctioned Match) Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

Story-telling perfection ladies and gentlemen. Two former best friends, Triple H was the understudy to Michaels in their days of DX. Shawn Michaels had to retire due to a back injury and Triple H picked up the ball and ran with it, winning titles and having memorable matches. Michaels would return to Raw with The NWO and Michaels would convince Triple H to join Raw and reform DX. However, Triple H would Pedigree Shawn Michaels on Raw and Triple H would tell the world that he was the main event, the show-stopper and all the other monikers that Michaels would use. Triple H would attack Shawn Michaels in a carpark from behind, Michaels returns to the rings for one final match at Summerslam.

The promo before the match is fantastic, the history, the story, it is perfect. I loved the segment they would have on Raw before this match with Michaels pushing back Brock Lesnar, the pop was great. Anyways, this match is full of emotion and you believe that Triple H is a bitter prick who vows to destroy his best friend. Michaels looks to be in great shape, wearing jeans and a shirt for a street fight which Michaels would always do when it came to these type of matches. Triple H cannot take his eyes of Michaels as he makes his way to the ring while Michaels is playing it cool.

Michaels throws his towel at Triple H and starts pummelling Triple H, Triple H throws out Michaels for a breather but Michaels will not be stopped. Side headlock by Triple H, shoulder block and Michaels sidesteps Triple H. Plancha by Michaels and huge rights to Triple H’s face. Michaels rams Triple H into the ringpost, Triple H is trying to avoid Michaels. Clothesline on the floor by Michaels, Michaels grabs a trash can and a lid from under the ring. Triple H blocks with a knee to the ribs, Triple H drops Michaels onto the barricade. Michaels smacks Triple H with a trash can lid, Michaels skins the cat and nails a clothesline. Trash can shot to the head of The Game.

Michaels is on the top rope, double axe handle by Michaels. Michaels measures for Sweet Chin Music, Triple H ducks and nails a backbreaker. Michaels sells like death as Triple H has gone after the repaired back. Another backbreaker, Michaels screams out again. Strong Irish whip, Triple H looks down at Michaels with utter disdain. Another hard Irish whip, Triple H tells Michaels to suck it and knocks his former best friend down with a massive right. Elbows to the back, cover and a two count. Triple H rolls out, The Game has a chair. WHAM, chair across the spine. Cover and Michaels kicks out of the pin.

Michaels fires back, Triple H scores with a knee. Michaels rolls out of a suplex, O Connor roll for a two. Facebuster by The Game, Triple H has the chair again. DDT on the chair, cover and Michaels kicks out of the pin. Michaels is a bloody mess, Triple H has Michael’s leather belt. Triple H wraps the belt around his hand, huge right hands to the face of Michaels who is bleeding heavily. A vicious right floors Michaels, Triple H has his sledgehammer. Michaels blocks the sledgehammer, Michaels throws right after right. Irish whip, Triple H reverses and Michaels hit the corner hard, abdominal stretch by Triple H. Triple H uses the ropes for leverage. The referee cannot make Triple H break his hold.

Michaels fights from his knees, Triple H overpowers Michaels and places Michaels for a superplex. Michaels fights off Triple H, Michaels was thinking elbow but Triple H shoves the referee into the ropes. Michaels is hanging upside down and Triple H wallops Michaels with the steel chair. Triple H backbreakers Michaels onto a steel chair. Cover and Michaels will not lay down. A second backbreaker on the chair, cover and Michaels is still in this match. Triple H plans for a Pedigree on the chair, Michaels slips out with a low blow. Triple H has the chair, Michaels is in the corner. Sweet Chin Music by Michaels, the chair is blown back into the face of Triple H. Both men are down and Triple H has been opened up by Michaels.

Right hands by Michaels, flying forearm and Michaels kips-up. Michaels nails  a back body drop on the chair, chair shot to the face of Michaels. Triple H is tossed to the floor by Michaels, Michaels has his belt. Triple H is whipped across the back by Michaels, trash can to the head by Michaels. Triple H is smacked onto an announce table, Michaels nails Triple H with Hugo’s boot. Michaels nails a facebuster at Triple H collapses onto the steel steps. Michaels pulls out a ladder, Michaels batters Helmsley with the ladder in the face. More ladder shots to the chest, Michaels props up the ladder against the ringpost. Triple H is catapulted into the ladder, two count for Michaels off the pin. Triple H baseball slides the ladder into Michaels who is trying to bring it into the ring.

Triple H is climbing to the top rope, Michaels is planning a superplex. Cover and a two count, crucifix into a sunset flip by Michaels, Triple H throws off Michaels and nails a clothesline. Triple H brings in a set of steel steps, Michaels drop toeholds The Game and Triple H’s face bounces off the steps. Clothesline to the floor by Michaels, Michaels pulls out a table. Michaels nails Triple H with a fire extinguisher and Michaels is on the top rope. Michaels nails a splash through the table from the top rope. Both men roll into the ring, Michaels garbs a ladder on his way. Michaels climbs high and drops an elbow to the heart of The Game. Michael grimaces but fights through the pain, Michaels is calling for Sweet Chin Music.

Triple H blocks, Pedigree but no. Michaels trips The Game and scores the win with a jacknife hold pin. Michaels has no time to celebrate as Triple H destroys Michaels with the sledgehammer, JR loses his mind as Triple H brings the hammer down on the injured back of Michaels. Triple H leaves the arena with a sadistic grin as Michaels is stretchered out of the ring.

Tremendous match, there was so much that was great about this match. The heat segment from Triple H was great, the backbreakers, the whipping and the chair shots, all it was so brutal and the way Triple H went about it was so great. Michaels fire and selling was also great, some people have an issue with the kip-up as it destroys the image of Michaels having a crippled back but I am not as harsh as some.

 Michaels was able to generate so much sympathy and bring the fans to their feet with his comebacks and his high-risk manoeuvres. The finish was awesome too, Michaels was able to show Triple H that Triple H was not yet The Show-Stopper but Triple H would get his heat back by achieving his other goal of crippling Shawn Michaels. Just awesome stuff and it would be the beginning of Michaels’ second run with company as Michaels’ back held up during the match.

Winner: Michaels over Triple H via jacknife pin!

Howard Finkel & Trish Stratus

Finkel is a heel? Finkel claims to be sticking around forever and acting heelish. Trish interrupts as Finkel claims Trish has repeatedly embarrassed by Trish. Trish lays the charm on Finkel, Fink makes some terrible puns and it’s awkward. Trish and Fink hug, Lillian Garcia is behind The Fink. Lillian slaps Fink and low blows Fink. I have no idea why they would have Fink as a heel but this brings the crowd down for the main event.

(WWE Unidsputed Championship Match) Brock Lesnar W/ Paul Heyman vs The Rock ©

Lesnar had killed everyone in his path, won King of The Ring and earned the opportunity to main event Summerslam. Rock returned and won The WWE Undisputed Championship in a great triple threat at Vengeance. In the lead-up to the match, Lesnar had decimated Hulk Hogan. I loved the promo which showed the two working out in the gym and preparing for the match, it is such a small touch but it adds so much, a little realism is always welcome.

Rock sprints down for a war with Lesnar, Lesnar catches Rock with a belly to belly suplex, two count for Lesnar. Lesnar nails two backbreakers, cover and a two count for the challenger. Shoulder thrusts by Lesnar, Rock eats a high knee from Lesnar. Cheap shot from Heyman, Lesnar clotheslines Rock into the crowd. Lesnar military presses Rock onto the barricade and clothesline Rock back to the ringside area. Lesnar nails another belly to belly, two count for Lesnar. Rock fires up on Lesnar but Heyman trips the champion. Lesnar makes Rock pay with elbows.

Heyman chokes Rock as Lesnar has the referee. Rock fires back, Lesnar nails a huge powerslam. Right hand and shoulder thrusts by Lesnar, huge spear in the corner from Lesnar. Rock dodges the second spear and Lesnar tastes the ringpost. Back suplex by Rock, both men kip-up at the same time, Rock nails a clothesline and Lesnar is still on his feet. Third clothesline floors Lesnar, DDT by Rock for a two count. Rock was going for a sharpshooter but Heyman distracts Rock. Rock nails Heyman and applies the sharpshooter to Lesnar. They sit in this hold for quite some time before Heyman is on the apron again. Rock hurls Heyman into the ring, Rock was going to nail Heyman with a Rock Bottom. Lesnar has a chair and smashes Rock in the ribs.

Bearhug by Lesnar, Rock fights but Lesnar nails a back suplex and transitions into a gator roll. Lesnar wrenches and Rock begins to fade. Rock fires up, right hands by Rock. Heyman is on the apron, low blow by The Rock. Lesnar catches Rock and rams the champion into the corner, spear by Lesnar. Rock recovers for a clothesline, Rock knocks Lesnar to the floor. Rock clotheslines Lesnar and catapults Lesnar into the ringpost. Rock grabs Heyman and decides to Rock Bottom Heyman through the announce table. Lesnar is tossed into the ring, Rock measures for A Rock Bottom. Rock lands The Rock Bottom, 1..2..Lesnar kicks out at two.

Lesnar recovers to nail his own Rock Bottom, cover and Rock kicks out at two. Lesnar Irish whips Rock, Rock counters for a spinebuster, Lesnar blocks The People’s Elbow. F-5 is blocked, right hands by Rock. Rock Bottom is blocked into The F-5, Lesnar is your new WWE Undisputed Champion.

Great match for these two, not as good as Michaels vs Triple H but this match was a great main event. Lesnar worked the ribs throughout the match, Cole and Tazz informed us that Rock’s ribs were busted up beforehand so some good psychology there. What I truly loved about this match was The Rock. Rock acknowledged the fans, the fans were split and at some points, Lesnar sounded like a clear favourite. Rock worked it into the match, his facials were on point as they said “Are you people booing me?” Rock talked trash and came off as a little heelish and I loved it because it added to the match for me, it is something that I wish Cena would incorporate more into his matches, Cena would do a similar style match against RVD at ECW One Night Stand.

Anyways, this was great from both men. Rock was never afraid to do a job and put Lesnar over as clean as a sheet in the middle of the ring. WWE could now move forward with this hot new heel leading the ranks and hopefully, correct the mistakes of the past few months.

Winner: Brock Lesnar over Rock via F-5!

WWE’s Summerslam of 2002 was a great show, every match was enjoyable and ranged from good to great. You had five great matches from Angle vs Mysterio, Benoit vs RVD, Guerrero vs Edge, Michaels vs Triple H and Rock vs Brock. There was so much good wrestling going on with this pay per view, I rate it very highly in terms of all around great pay per views. WWE had bounced back from the lows of the past months and were slowly gathering momentum. A good change for the WWE and a homerun, Summerslam 2002 was a great showcase of the depth of the roster in which WWE had at its disposal. I am The Seanomaniac and until next time, remember : There is always another night!

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