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TNA Victory Road 2004 Review

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So the word on the street is TNA is going down the drain and to be bought by Vince Mcmahon and the WWE. Formed in 2002, there were high hopes for TNA, specifically around the time-frame of 2005 to 2008. Yes, they would later go onto challenge WWE on Monday nights with the arrival of Hogan and Bischoff yet that would be more of a negative than a positive for the company. TNA could be summed up as a company with tonnes of potential but they never had anyone who could manage the company successfully. It was mishandled, raped, dragged through the cutter and came out worse on the other side. TNA might have its final pay per view on this night so I thought I would look back on the first ever standalone pay per view that TNA produced, that being Victory Road 2004. I have no idea of the card so you will have to guide me and trust me on this as I give my account of Victory Road 2004.

Opening Promo

Well this is a great package about dreams coming to reality as we see the TNA stars in the Impact Zone. AJ Styles is name dropped, Monty Brown who you might remember as Marcus Cor Van and we have Jeff Hardy in his initial TNA run. Jeff Jarrett is put over as the man, dear god kill me. I like Jarrett as a mid-carder but as a top level talent, you are pushing it and TNA was where he ran wild for the first couple of years so if you are new and want to see TNA’s past, prepare for a lot of Jarrett. Package was good though, this feels big and we have Mike Tenay and Don West. They run down the card!

Jeff Jarrett Promo

Shane Douglas is the interviewer as Jarrett appears with a fliphone and Jarrett is prepared to kick Jeff Hardy’s ass.

(Twenty Man Invitational Match Battle Royal)

So we have twenty X division competitors competing for a trophy. You have to be thrown over the top to be eliminated, when they are two left it is down to pinfall and submission. We have Sonjay Dutt and Kazarian to kick us off, Dutt throws Kaz around the ring with awesome smoothness. We have Puma, Puma drops Dutt with a Falcon’s Arrow like move. La Parka, the chairman of WCW is here with a chair. Puma and Dutt and Kaz are smashed with the chair, Parka poses and struggles to take off his jacket. Jerelle Clark is Mr. 630, he does that move so yeah, I am sorry I do not know this guy. 

Next up is Miyamoto who looks like a mini Great Muta, nobody has been eliminated thus far. Jerelle nails his 630 and the crowd roars like mad. That was cool but here comes Matt Bentley. Bentley and Kaz are tag team partners so they toss out Puma and Clark. Miyamoto is out thanks to Kaz and Bentley. Hector Garza comes in and wrecks the dynamic duo, La Parka helps Hector Garza. Nosawa comes in, Shining Wizard on Garza. Dutt is double teamed by Kaz and Bentley while Nosawa is with La Parka. Mikey Batts comes into the match and briefly wrecks Kaz. Bentley cuts off Mikey Batts, Parka and Garza wipe the floor with everyone else. Alex Shelley is next, he looks so young and chubby in a way, Dutt is eliminated by Shelley. La Parka has been eliminated, Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) is now in the ring, Sonny Siaki is in the ring now and Siaki tosses over Nosawa over the top rope. 

Mikey Batts is elevated over by Garza. Jason Kross is in the ring, hurricanranas all around by Kross. Siaki kills Sydal and the commentators make a big deal of Shelley not being eliminated but rolling out of the ring. Sharkboy is out, Sharkboy bites Kaz and Bentley. Shelley is still in the match as Sydal is eliminated by Shelley. Psychosis is in the ring, some big stars of Mexico have been in this match. D-Ray 3000, fear for the fro bro? God I wish I knew this guy, Siaki wipes out D-Ray and Sharkboy. Amazing Red is in the match while Shelley is eliminated. Spanky (Brian Kendrick) comes running down to the ring, flying forearm and an elbow by Spanky.

 Chris Sabin is the final entrant, kick off DDT by Sabin. Siaki is eliminated by Spanky and Sabin. Bentley is eliminated, huge tower of doom superplex spot. Psychosis killed Kross and dumped him over the top rope, Amazing Red eliminates Psychosis. Kaz eliminates Amazing Red, Spanky was eliminated after a Sliced Bread attempt. We are down to three, Sabin, Garza and Kaz. Kaz survives an onslaught from Sabin and we have Hector Garza vs Kaz. Slugfest, Kaz sweeps the legs, springboard leg drop for a two count for Kaz.

 Garza blocks The Wave of The Future, clothesline by Garza, moonsault by Garza for a two count. Slingshot DDT by Kaz, two count. O Connor roll fails for Kaz as Garza rolls out and dropkicks Kaz. Kaz dodges Garza’s corkscrew, Kaz applies a la magistral but Garza reverses the hold and picks up the win. That was quick paced, lots of spots and it showed off a lot of TNA talent. Fine opener!

Winner: Hector Garza over Everyone Else by surviving!

Dusty Rhodes Promo

Dusty Rhodes is running for Director of Authority, it is like a presidential campaign and that’s pretty funny. The event is sponsored by Backyard Wrestling while we find out Dusty Rhodes is competing against Vince Russo of all people. Scott Hudson is the backstage interviewer as Lance Hoyt, Kid Kash and The Naturals are ready for their match tonight. The heels are disagreeing as Kash is an asshole.

Kid Kash/Lance Hoyt/The Naturals vs Erik Watts/Pat Kenney/Johnny B. Badd/Ron The Truth Killings

What is this match? We have Simon Diamond, Erik Watts, Marc Mero and R-Truth on the same team? Simon Diamond as a face? Kash and Diamond wrestle before Badd is tagged into the match. Mero look awful without a beard and boxing trunks, Badd wrestles Douglas by beating the young boy around the ring. Erik Watts dressed like Luke Harper is taken down by Chase Stevens. Hoyt is in, Watts slams Hoyt. 

Hoyt slams Watts, Kash is legal and eats a boot from Watts. Diamond is chopped to bits by Kash, Hoyt comes in and boots Simon Diamond. Hoyt performs a moonsault, the guy is a giant and he is doing moonsaults. Truth comes in and beats the piss out of anything that moves. All hell breaks loose, Badd crotches Stevens, frankensteiner by Badd and Ron nails a Pedigree like manoeuvre for the win. Ok that was quick everyone had to try fit in something and it was not all that interesting so let’s move on.
Winners: Team Old Timers + Truth over Cocky Kids following a Pedigree

Mascarita Sagreda vs Piratita Morgan

A fat man vs a midget, Sagreda flys around the ring while Sagreda takes bump for the little guy. Sagreda scores with a victory roll for a two count. Morgan punches Sagreda, fireman’s carry and a senton by the pirate. Sagreda feigns being dead and armdrags the ref, Morgan nails the referee and Sagreda rolls up Morgan. Like did I really see that on pay per view on TNA? Man, what am I doing with my life?

Winner: Sagreda over Morgan with a roll up!

(TNA/NWA Tag Team Championship Match) 3-Live Kru vs Team Canada ©

Scott Hall is in the ring before our tag team title match, Scott Hall is supporting Jeff Jarrett but is cheered due to another big star coming through the TNA doors. Scott looks a bit rough but things would get worse for The Bad Guy, Scott Hall says there is no Kevin Nash tonight. Team Canada had won the championships from AMW but Konnan and Road Dogg are coming to beat down Eric Young and Robert Roode. Roode looks like a lesbian Modercai from WWE, it is awe-inspiring like his goatee is that bad. Roode kicks BG in the gut, BG smacks Roode and Young with right hands. 

James misses a crossbody block, Roode rams James into the ring apron. Young stomps James in the corner, Roode continues the stomping. Backbreaker by Young and Young gets a two count, Roode is legal, scoop slam and double elbows. Two count for the champions, USA chants for the Mexican Konnan. BG battles back until Roode cuts him off, Young and Roode put the boots to James. Illegal choke by Young and a front chancery, referee misses the tag to Konnan. Team Canada double team BG James until James makes Team Canada smash heads.

 Konnan gets the hot tag, flapjack and hiptoss on Team Canada. Alabama slam by Konnan on Young, Tequila Sunrise on Young. Roode saves his partner, BG is planted with a spinebuster. Konnan saves BG from a clothesline from Roode. Big boot by BG, Pumphandle Slam is blocked by Team Canada’s coach. Ron The Truth chases away with the coach. Konnan drops Roode with a K-Factor for the win, we have new champions! Well, BG did less than he usually does as there was no shake rattle and roll kneedrop. Was ok, do not have a whole lot to say about it.

Winners: 3 Live-Kru over Team Canada following a K-Factor

Piper/Russo Promo

Russo’s Director of Authority promo plays, Russo is cool and hip while Rhodes is old. Piper is interviewing Jimmy Snuka in the ring because reasons. Piper tells Snuka to hit him with a coconut, Piper teases Snuka but Snuka will not hit Piper with a coconut. Kid Kash interrupts Piper? Kash disrespects Snuka, Snuka wipes out Kash. Kaz and Bentley beat down Snuka so Piper starts wrecking shop. Sonjay Dutt appears and wipes out the heels. Kash smashes a coconut over Dutt. Kash bails from Piper. Kid Kash is a big feature of this show and I cannot get over that.

Trinity W/ Disco Inferno/Johnny Swinger vs Jacqueline

Trinity thinks she is the shit and has an open challenge ready for this pay per view. Trinity makes fun of her opponent because Trinity is the New York Hardcore Queen. Jacqueline is here, she kills Swinger and Disco with a side headlock hurricanrana combination. Trinity is dropkicked into her entourage and Jacqueline wipes out all three of the group.

 Disco Inferno grabs Jacqueline’s leg, Trinity stomps Jacqueline and rakes the eyes of the veteran. Kick to the head by Trinity gets a two count, Jacqueline battles back and floors Trinity. German suplex by Jackie, Disco saves Trinity. Jackie is hung up by Johnny Swinger and Trinity scores with a moonsault and Trinity wins. Nice to see Jacqueline but TNA made the right move putting over their talent. There would be no Knockout’s Division until 2007 so I imagine I will sporadically see women’s matches throughout TNA.

Winner: Trinity over Jacqueline with A Moonsault

(Monster’s Ball Match) Raven vs Abyss vs Monty Brown

TNA’s version of a hardcore match, nice package for the match showing off all the wrestlers in this match. Apparently, all men have been starved for a day and left in a room. Abyss looks absolutely jacked, Raven is in a straightjacket, every man so far is selling the effects of the lights in the arena due to being held in darkness overnight. Seems comical for such a serious person about gimmick matches like Raven. Abyss plants Brown with Shock Treatment, Raven makes the save. Raven and Brown block a double Chokeslam but eat a double clothesline from the monster Abyss.

 Abyss squashes Brown in the corner, discuss clothesline by Raven. Raven superkicks Abyss and clotheslines Brown. Raven has the chair and nails his drop toehold spot. Two count for Raven on Abyss, Brown blocks the drop toehold and wipes out Raven and Abyss with right hands. T-Bone suplex by Brown and a Fallaway Slam for good measure by The Alpha Male. Raven dodges a Pounce by pulling the referee into the way, Monty Brown running powerslams Abyss. Monty Brown was thinking Pounce but Raven runs into Brown accidently and Abyss plants Brown with The Black Hole Slam.

 Abyss grabs his black bag from under the ring, Abyss has Brown on the top rope. Abyss pulls out his thumbtacks out of the bag, Brown fights Abyss. Abyss wins the exchange, Abyss is thinking superplex onto the tacks but Brown battles out of the suplex. Raven powerbombs Abyss into the thumbtacks, Raven has the pin and gets a two count after a new referee runs to ringside.

 Raven and Abyss are on the floor, Raven has a table in the ring and a table on the floor. Raven stacks the table in the corner and knocks Abyss through the table by ringside. Raven is blindsided by a Pounce by Monty Brown through the table. Monty Brown covers Raven for the win! That was ok, some cool spots but not much were going on at any stage.

Winner: Monty Brown over Everyone Else with The Pounce!

Petey Williams Promo

Petey Williams is not happy with being the underdog even though he is the champion while Coach Scott D’amore says AJ Styles is going to lose this match. If Styles wins, The Coach is going to leave the company.

(X Division Championship Match) Petey Williams © W/ Coach Scott vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles is the goldenboy of TNA, he is simply phenomenal but Petey has The Canadian Destroyer, a move that nobody has an answer for so can Styles counter the incredible move? Styles takes down Petey before Petey grabs the ropes for a break, Styles counters a German suplex by landing on his feet, both men trade quick pins before a standoff. Styles chops Petey, rake to the eyes by Williams. Shoulder block by Styles, Petey grabs the feet but Styles does his kip up hurricanrana and nails his beautiful dropkick.

 Styles kicks Petey in the back of the head after a moonsault misses. Tope Con Hilo onto Williams. Styles rolls Williams into the ring, champion counters with a jawbreaker, kick to the mush and drop toehold by Williams. Cheap shot by The Coach, Williams distracts the referee. Styles is placed in the tree of woe, Williams stomps on the balls of The Phenomenal One.

 Dueling chants for both superstars, springboard Pele kick by Styles. Both trade forearm shots, Styles is crotched by Williams, Williams was thinking of stepping on Styles’ manhood for a second time but Styles used his strength to German Suplex Williams to the mat from the tree of woe position. Massive enzuigiri to the head of Williams, another forearm exchange with AJ winning the battle. Pumphandle back suplex by Styles, Phenomenal Forearm by Styles gets a two count. Knee to the head by Petey, Russian legsweep out of a headscissors. Petey is going Canadian Destroyer but both men counter one another finishers.

 Coach Scott has the championship, Styles is thinking Styles Clash, Petey fights out, Styles has Petey beaten but Scott distracts the referee. Petey has a hockey stick, the referee saves Styles but Petey nails AJ with the title belt. Styles kicks out at two and a half! Canadian Destroyer is blocked once more, Styles perches Williams on the top rope.

 Styles superplex is blocked, Canadian Destroyer and the match is over! That was good for what it was, thought it was going to go on a bit longer after the title shot to the head but nope, it was over seconds later. Canadian Destroyer looks good in these early days but man, that move makes no sense as in why would your opponent flip with you for such a move.

Winner: Petey Williams over AJ Styles with A Canadian Destroyer!

(Tag Team Elimination Match) Triple X vs AMW (America’s Most Wanted)

Who is the best tag team in TNA? We shall see, story of this match is James Storm’s leg is wrapped up after a chair shot to the leg by Christopher Daniels. Chris Harris clubs Elix Skipper while Storm battles Daniels. Skipper is in the ring with Storm, reverse suplex by Storm. Hart Attack by AMW, Daniels eats a Superkick from Storm. Skipper saves Daniels from The Death Sentence. TKO by Storm on Daniels and Daniels has been pinned.

 I thought this was a simple elimination match but no, you have to stay down for 10 after being pinned. Harris clotheslines Daniels, Daniels puts up a boot and Skipper is now legal. Double slam on Harris, Skipper slams Daniels into Harris. Daniels works the back of Harris, suplex and crossbody combination by Triple X. Two count, Daniels works the back of Harris, Harris battles back before Daniels nails two right hands. Harris scores with a flying clothesline, tag to Storm who runs wild, headscissors and a powerslam on Skipper.

 Storm was measuring Skipper for the Superkick, Daniels smashes the knee with a low dropkick. Triple X lay out Storm with the Payoff, Storm is pinned but he is back to his feet. Daniels uses a chair on the leg of Storm, Daniels pins Storm off the chair shot and Storm cannot make the ten count, Storm is eliminated! Harris is drilled with a slam by Daniels, BME misses by Daniels and a huge spear by Harris. Daniels kicks out and Skipper is knocked to the floor by Harris. Leg drop by Harris on Daniels get a pinfall for Harris.

 Daniels does not make the ten count so we are down to Skipper vs Harris. Harris plants Skipper with a powerbomb, two count. Harris cannot nail a suplex due to his back, Skipper botches the Overdrive finishing move as both men fall awkwardly to the floor. Skipper recovers by grabbing a chair, Harris blocks the chair shot and nails a Catatonic on the chair, Skipper kicks out but referee says three and counts. Skipper does not make the count so yeah, massively botched ending. Daniels and Skipper lay out Storm and Harris, Triple X handcuff AMW together and beat them down with chairs across the back. That was not a good match, Skipper was awful when he was alone in that ring.

Winners: AMW over Triple X following a Super Botch

(TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Jeff Jarrett © vs Jeff Hardy (Ladder Match)

Vince Russo is disgusted as Dusty Rhodes is announced the new Director of Authority. Mike Tenay congratulates Dusty who speaks to the fans and thanks everyone for voting etc. There is also going to be a six sided steel age match at the next pay per view so there’s something to look forward to at my next review. Dusty Rhodes goes on and on and on and on and on, what will he not just leave and let us see the match? Jeff Hardy became the number one contender by winning a fatal four way, Jeff chose a ladder match because Jeff feels at home on a ladder while we are seeing Jarrett thinking he is the man.

 Scott Hall is in Jarrett’s corner while Kevin Nash is in Hardy’s corner. Kevin Nash has not arrived though so Hardy is all alone. Jeff looks like a bulimic Incredible Hulk. Jeff runs to the top of the ramp to bring a ladder right into the ring. It is funny to see Jeremy Borash trying to announce while Jarrett and Hardy try to kill one another. Jeff chokes Jarrett in the corner, flying clothesline by Hardy. Jarrett props the ladder in a corner, Jarrett is flung into a ladder by Hardy. They fight over a ladder before Jeff dropkicks Jarrett in the face.

 Double J eats the ladder, Hardy slams the ladder on Jarrett’s back. Jeff uses the ladder to squish Jarrett before dropkicking The King of The Mountain. STO by Jeff Hardy, Hardy is climbing the turnbuckle and Hardy misses his leapfrog legdrop as Jarrett dodges. Jarrett buries Hardy under a ladder, Irish whip into the ladder by Jarrett. Jarrett places a ladder between the guard rail and the ring. Front suplex onto the ladder, ladder into the ribs by the champion. Jarrett batters Jeff with the ladder, Jeff falls onto the referee. 

Jarrett climbs for the title belt, Jeff dropkicks Jarrett off the ladder. Jeff places Jarrett on the ladder, Swanton Bomb on Jarrett who is lying on the ladder. Jeff is climbing for the win, Scott Hall saves Jarrett’s title with an Outsider’s Edge on Jeff Hardy. Scott is supposed to be escorted away from the ring but he is allowed to sit on a chair and watch the match.

 Jeff drops Jarrett with a leg drop. Jarrett and Hardy brawl onto a top rope, Hardy smashes a ladder into Jarrett’s face in the seesaw spot. Jarrett and Hardy are on the ladder, facebuster by Jeff on Jarrett off the ladder. Scott Hall pulls out Jeff and hammers The Charismatic Enigma. Hardy prevents Jarrett from winning, Jarrett lands groin first on the top rope. Jarrett tips over the ladder with Hardy, Hardy falls onto Scott Hall but Hardy takes out both of his opponents. Jeff nails a Poetry in Motion over the top rope onto both Hall and Jarrett. Jeff has a huge ladder, Jarrett and Hardy brawl atop the ladder on the outside, both champion and challenger fall to the floor.

 They spring back to their feet which is ridiculous. Two ladders are set up in the ring, Jarrett and Hardy brawl more. Hardy botches a sunset flip powerbomb with Jarrett falling to the floor. Hardy nails the sunset flip powerbomb on the floor. Hardy is climbing and Scott Hall has a chair, Hardy drills Hall with a Twist of Fate. Swanton Bomb on Hall, Hardy is climbing again but Jarrett has his guitar. Hardy kicks away the guitar but Jarrett drops Hardy with a chair shot.

 Jarrett climbs to the top of the ladder with a guitar in hand, here comes Kevin Nash in a tracksuit and grey hair. Hardy is smashed with three guitars as Nash turned on Hardy. Jarrett pulls down the belt as The Kings of Wrestling are formed. That was not a great match, Hardy went through all his signature ladder spots match was largely slow though. 

It did make Hardy look like a babyface that you wanted to see get his revenge though so mission accomplished in that regard. After the match, TNA stars try to beat The Kings of Wrestling when The Macho Man Randy Savage comes out to beat their asses.

Winner: Jarrett over Hardy by retrieving the belt!

Overall, I feel TNA tried way too hard to pack so much onto this show in the time that they had, you got to give credit for them for trying but there was so much going on and so many washed up stars from WCW and ECW here that it warms my heart to see them but I really did not need to see them again. The Mexican mini, women’s match, 8 man tag and even the tag team title match felt like wastes of time while the semi-main and the main event were nothing to write home about. On a sidenote, Don West in 2004 seems like his most loud and it could ruin a pay per view for somebody while Tenay was mostly good for this pay per view.

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