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TNA Lockdown 2005 Review

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Well hello there! It has been some time since the last review right? Well I have a busy bunny, frequent trips and preparation for college graduation have left me a little low on energy but I am back and back with a bang! So ignore the cheesy puns, the atrocious grammar and stroke your dog by the fire as it’s time for another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! So I  thought to myself what would annoy me so much and make a good review at the same time? There is was only ever going to be one answer and that is TNA during 2005. You see TNA and I are not seeing eye to eye, it comes down to one problem really, I watch their pay per views. The matches are mostly fun and good but then, the main event comes along and shits all over everything else, making the whole experience a waste of time because I get so worked up over how the pay per view finished. These early pay per views really infuriate me but tonight, it could be something different as Jeff Jarrett is not the main event, it is AJ Styles vs Abyss for a future world championship opportunity! Things are looking up people! However, this is TNA Lockdown 2005, a pay per view where every match is contested inside of a steel cage. This is going to be repetitive, it is going to be boring but there could be some good matches mixed in there so I am done wasting your time, let’s rock!

Opening Promo

Darkness, lightening and a witch-like voice, it is the Lockdown cage. Six sides of steel, punishment and pain is all you will know. There is no escape, it does not take sides, it will feast on your soul and then some. So yeah you get the idea, cage = pain for everyone.

Chris Candido/Lance Hoyt vs Sonny Siaki/Apollo

Not too familiar with the story here if there is one, Candido was a pal of The Naturals but they are not here while Lance Hoyt was a bodyguard of Kid Kash. Siaki was at a lot of TNA shows but never really shined too much. Siaki starts with Candido and Siaki dropkicks Candido, Candido lands wrong his foot crumbles under him and Candido is out of this match as Siaki looks on concerned for Candido. To Hoyt’s credit, he works with Apollo and does not even look back as Candido is taken out of the cage due to his injury.

 Siaki starts hammering Hoyt, Hoyt big boots Siaki. Hoyt scoop slams Siaki and climbs high for a moonsault. Apollo makes the save, Hoyt fallaway slams Siaki into the cage wall. Siaki battles back, Hoyt rakes the eyes and crushes Siaki into the cage wall. More scoop slams and Hoyt climbs high but Siaki runs to the top rope and German suplexes Hoyt. Apollo superkicks Hoyt for a two count, right hands by Apollo. TKO by Apollo, Siaki nails a splash from the top rope and Siaki gets the win. 

Hoyt thinks of killing The Naturals but releases his grip. Douglas stupidly jumps Hoyt. The Naturals toss Hoyt into the cage twice, beat down goes on way too long but The Naturals lay out Hoyt. That match was fine considering the circumstances, eerie to see the injury to Candido as a blood clot from the operation to repair the leg of Candido would cost Candido his life. RIP Chris you were truly entertaining and you went way too soon.

Winners: Sonny Siaki & Apollo over Lance Hoyt following a big splash!

Dustin Rhodes/Dusty Rhodes Promo

We find out that Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and Jeff Jarrett  are chosen as the first two entrants in the Lethal Lockdown match while Dustin Rhodes is confident ahead of his battle with Bobby Roode in the two out of three falls Prince of Darkness Match.

(Prince of Darkness Match) Bobby Roode W/ Scott D’Amore vs Dustin Rhodes

A young Bobby Roode, the powerhouse of Team Canada vs Dustin Rhodes who had finished up with WWE. Rhodes and Roode throw bombs, Rhodes with the advantage. Rhodes pummels Roode in the corner, throat thrust by The Lone Star. Bionic Elbow by Rhodes, Roode uses the referee for a shield. Roode pins Rhodes immediately with a roll up and using the ropes for leverage. Roode is up 1:0! Rhodes nails Shattered Dreams on Roode, superplex by Rhodes. Roode recovers and cannot nail the piledriver, slingshot catapult into the cage by Rhodes.

 Hard Irish whips by Rhodes, Roode runs into a powerslam. Two count for Rhodes, Roode counters the bulldog. Rhodes nails a low blow but Roode shrugs off Rhodes a second time. Shoulder thrust by Roode, vicious right and knees by Roode. Knees by Roode, back suplex for a two count. Rhodes fights back, small package for a two count. Roode kicks out and hits a clothesline and a knee drop. Two count for Roode, reverse chinlock by Roode.

 Rhodes counters the chin lock with an electric chair drop, Rhodes smacks Roode around the ring. Rhodes and Roode trade blows before Rhodes smashes Roode into the cage. Curtain Call is blocked, Northern Lariat by Roode. Cover and Rhodes puts his foot on the ropes, Roode perches Rhode on the top rope. Roode was looking for a german suplex, Rhodes nails an avalanche bulldog for the pin. It is now 1:1!

The final fall is a Prince of Darkness match, both men are blindfolded, both men stumble across the cage comically while Rhodes uses the crowd to find Roode. Rhodes was looking for the bulldog, Roode slips out and we have more stumbling around the ring. Roode kills the referee, Scott D’Amore throws a chair into the ring. Coach D’Amore unlocks the cage, Roode nails D’Amore by accident. Rhodes cracks Roode with the chair and Rhodes gains the victory. 

Ok the match was alright, the last stipulation really took away from the seriousness of the feud, you have Team Canada one of your hottest heels act and a veteran like Rhodes who is mentoring one of your superstars and you have them trying to find one another while comically walking into things and knocking people out by accident. I understand they are not the big matches on the card but I am not sure comedy is what this feud needed.

Winner: Rhodes over Roodes via chair shot!

(X-Division Escape) Bentley W/ Trinity vs Sabin vs Shocker vs Sonjay Dutt

Ok so it is an elimination match until we are down to two when it becomes the first man to escape will be the winner. Dutt is so explosive and filled with confidence, I have no idea why he is not higher up on the card except for a lack of a real gimmick. Sabin was saved by Shocker who is a Mexican star so I am looking forward to seeing Shocker work. Bentley is part of a great little chicken shit heel act with Kazarian while Sabin has been left behind in the grand scheme of things for the X Division as the focus is on Daniels and Styles and a certain Submission Machine from Samoa will soon be tearing things up so it does not look too good for any of the guys in this match as it relates to the X Division.

 We have Sabin and Dutt start off as the other two wait on the apron. Nice little chain wrestling between the two, Sabin pushes Dutt off. Shoulder block by Dutt, fancy flips and jumps with a stand-off. Beautiful headscissors by Sonjay, hurricanrana by Sabin. Shocker and Bentley are legal, Shocker drills Bentley with a bulldog. Chops by Shocker, running facebuster. Double hiptoss by Dutt and Shocker. Dropkick by Dutt, Sabin is in and stomps Bentley. Tag back to Dutt, tag team moonsault and leg drop by Dutt & Sabin.

 Bentley earns himself a break by smashing Dutt into the cage, short-arm clothesline by Bentley. Bentley has Dutt in the tree of woe, Bentley chokes Dutt with his foot and dropkicks the son of a gun. Reverse chinlock by Bentley, Dutt fights back. Bentley boots Dutt in the face, two count for Bentley. Bentley tees-off on Dutt, Dutt is back with a headscissors takedown. Sabin is in, flying forearm by Sabin but Sabin is caught with an Alabama Slam into the cage by Bentley. Springboard DDT by Sabin drills Bentley, Shocker clotheslines Bentley. Scoop slam and a springboard moonsault.

 Dropkick to the knee and a La Magistral for a two count. Bentley chokes Shocker with his feet but we have Dutt grab a hold on Bentley and Sabin locks in a Boston Crab on Dutt. Dutt & Sabin begin brawling, Buckle bomb into a Liger Bomb by Sabin on Dutt. Shocker is pissed! TKO on Sabin for a two count, elbows by Shocker, Sabin drills Shocker with a kick to the head. Phoenix Splash by Dutt on Shocker but Bentley breaks it up! Bentley prevents a frankensteiner by Dutt into an Alley Oop. Superkick by Bentley on Dutt, Shocker lands a splash and Dutt is eliminated.

Tilt a whirl back breaker by Shocker on Bentley, Shocker was thinking of another splash but Sabin runs to the top and belly to belly suplexes Shocker. Bentley and Sabin are on the top rope, Trinity is climbing the cage to help Bentley but Traci tries to drop Trinity. Trinity kicks off Traci who appears to have broken her foot. Trinity climbs to the top and nails a moonsault from the top of the cage onto every man in the match. Traci is fine though because she clotheslines Trinity. Cradle Shock by Sabin on Bentley and we are down to two men!

Rules change as you can only win by escaping the cage, Shocker and Sabin smash one another into the cage before dropping to the mat. Shocker and Sabin are on top of the cage once more, they bang heads and fall to the floor but Shocker reaches the ground first to be declared the winner. That was certainly entertaining, Dutt was really a highlight in this match it is a shame he was being treated so poorly during this time. As well as that, Trinity continues to come off like a star with a moonsault from the top of the cage. Jeff Hardy eat your heart out as that was insane from Trinity. Incredible bumps and fast paced action, fun match from the X Division.

Winner: Shocker over Everyone Else through escape!

(Table Match) Raven vs Jeff Hardy

If you look back the idiotic concept of a table match inside a cage, this is an interesting match as it pits the hardcore Raven against an equally insane risk taker in Jeff Hardy. Jeff has a chair and wipes out the legs of Raven poetry in motion into Raven. The second time it does not connect as Raven dodges the move. Raven rams Jeff into the cage wall, Jeff’s head is kicked into the wall. Classic Raven with the drop toehold into the chair, right hands to the face by Raven. Raven scores with The Even Flow and places Jeff on a table in the corner.

 Raven runs full speed at Jeff but Jeff dodges and Raven crashes through the table. Chair across the back by Jeff, snap suplex by Hardy. Leg drop with the chair by Jeff, Raven is introduced to the cage wall. More right hands to the face by Jeff, Jeff stomps Raven in the corner. Hardy has opened up Raven, clubs to the back by Jeff. Raven blocks a suplex, Raven crotches Jeff on the top rope, facebuster by Raven with both men crashing to the mat.

 Jeff nails Raven with a Twist of Fate. Jeff sets up a table, chair shot by Jeff. Jeff climbs to the top of the cage, Jeff misses The Swanton as Raven moves out of the way. Unbelievable move but it is no surprise by Jeff Hardy. Raven cannot capitalize on Hardy as Raven did a little too much posturing. Raven low blows Jeff! Jeff Hardy gives Raven a taste of his own medicine with a drop toehold. Jeff is climbing the cage, Raven stirs and opens the cage door. Hardy lands groin first on the door, Jeff is on top of the cage and Raven blocks Jeff with a boot to the face. Great camera work of concerned women and children in the crowd who love Jeff as they wish Jeff would stop jumping off high things. Raven stomps the shit out of Jeff before setting up four tables.

 Raven and Jeff are fighting on the cage by the tables, Raven is laid out on the four tables after Jeff reverses a back suplex attempt. Jeff climbs to the top and leg drops Raven through every table. Another crazy bump for Jeff Hardy who has done some stupid shit over the last three pay per views but you cannot take it away from him. Jeff was at home taking high risk and it makes for an always entertaining watch.

Winner: Jeff Hardy over Raven following leg drop through tables!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Title Match) Team Canada vs AMW ©

AMW are the undisputed kings of the tag team division, they had a hot rivalry with Triple X and ran over Team Canada to win the championships. Unfortunately, AMW have had a disappointing run thus far as they have no real heel tag team on their level. Team Canada are re-challenging for the titles in this cage match which is also a strap match. However, as Bobby Roode already competed, Eric Young is teaming with Petey Williams.

 Young and Storm are in the ring battling while Harris goes after Petey Williams. Young is dropped in between Harris & Storm, Young is yanked in a million different directions on top of the cage, Petey takes down Harris while Storm waits in the ring. Storm is alone in the ring as A1 smashes Harris with a title belt. A1 locks the cage so Storm is at a disadvantage while his partner cannot enter the cage. A1 hurls Harris into the guard rail, Petey and Young beat on James Storm in the ring. 

Clothesline by Young and foot to the face by Williams. Storms is a bloody mess, right hands to the face by Young. A1 continues to pummel Harris on the floor. Right hands by Petey and Young on Storm. A1 slams Harris into the announce table, Young whips Storm with the belt. Williams grabs an American flag and chokes Storm with the flag. Storm kicks out of a pin attempt and drops Young with a jawbreaker and an enzuigiri on Williams. Harris whips A1 into the guard rail, Harris tries climbing the cage but Young smashes himself into the cage to keep down Harris. Storm powerbombs Williams, military press slam into the cage wall by Storm. Young and Storm whip one another with Storm firing up on Young. Williams saves Young with a tornado DDT. 

Two count for Williams, double foot choke by Team Canada. Harris catches a break by nailing A1, Harris is finally in the cage. Double clothesline on Team Canada, Harris lashes both of the challengers. Spinebuster on Young and stalling vertical suplex on Williams. Young saves Williams from being pinned, Hart Attack on Young for a two count. Tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep by Petey, Young is crotched by Harris. Williams locks in the sharpshooter on Storm, Young drops an elbow on Storm. Cover and a two count, Petey was looking for The Canadian Destroyer on Storm. Harris spears Petey in half for a two count.

 Young attempts a superkick, Harris blocks and Storm nails a superkick. Death Sentence misses as Williams drags Young out of the way. A1 passes Williams a hockey stick, Williams cracks Harris in the head. Two count for Williams, Williams has A1 pass him powder. Storm kicks the powder into Petey’s eyes. Petey Canadian Destroyers Young and walks into a Death Sentence as AMW retain. That was a well told story with Team Canada realizing that they could not beat AMW in a fair fight so they had a gameplan.

 Their strategy was to cheat and keep Harris out of the match but cheaters never prosper as Harris makes his way into the ring and the heels evil plans are thwarted as the good guys prevail. Second comedy ending to a Team Canada match, not sure I am happy with it due to Team Canada’s position on the card. I mean outside of Jarrett, they are the top heels in the company so having them lose comically is something I am not a fan of but I am not the booker and the deed is done so let’s move on.

Winners: AMW over Team Canada following Death Sentence!

(X Division Championship Match) Christopher Daniels © vs Elix Skipper

These two have history, two former friends who were an amazing tag team but now it all comes to a head in this match. Build has been disappointing for the sole reason that Skipper looked like a chump in the run-up to the match. Skipper was positioned as a big deal scoring some wins and he was in the match where Daniels won the championship. They had the opportunity to cement Skipper as a face by attacking Daniels outright but this did not happen as Skipper would trust and work with Daniels only to be rolled up like a chump by Daniels. Lock up and we have a clean break. Another lock up, Skipper takes the back, Daniels slaps on a side headlock, Skipper applies the same hold.

 Daniels knees Skipper, kick to the mid- section, Daniels counters and motions for Angel’s Wings. Skipper drives for the play of the day and Daniels counters. More roll ups and pin attempts with Daniels saying he knows Skipper inside out. Skipper slaps Daniels like the baldy bitch that he is and applies a headlock. Daniels counters, shoulder blocks and nobody moves. Skipper floors Daniels with a shoulder block, Daniels come back strong with forearms and chops.

 Skipper shakes it off and nails a beautiful double underhook suplex. Gutwrench suplex by Skipper and a back suplex. Two count for Skipper, headstand leg drop using the turnbuckle by Skipper. Skipper was looking for a reverse suplex but Daniels slides out and using a fireman’s carry, Daniels rams Skipper into the cage. Skipper sells the shoulder, Daniels kicks the arm. Armwringer and a deep armdrag by Daniels, right hands to the arm. Skipper is put down by Daniels who bends, twists and contorts the arm. Skipper dropkicks Daniels but Daniels answers back with a massive knee to the back that sends Skipper into the cage wall. Cross armbreaker by Daniels, Daniels chops the arm of Skipper, Hammerlock back suplex by Daniels, submission hold by Daniels who finds himself on the receiving end of multiple elbows by Skipper.

 Skipper slams Daniels to the mat, series of clotheslines and a spin kick by Primetime. Stiff kick to the spine, belly to belly suplex by Skipper who climbs high. Massive leg drop on Daniels, two count for Skipper. Daniels uranages Skipper, BME by Daniels for a two count. Daniels climbs to the top, Skipper crotches Daniels. Skipper is going to try to recreate his most famous moment as Skipper motions to walk the tight rope and nail a hurricanrana. Daniels drops to the mat, Skipper says screw you and crossbodies onto the referee and Daniels. Two count for Skipper when the referee recovers, Skipper could not get Daniels up for the Sudden Death, shoulder come backs to haunt Skipper.

 Daniels drops Skipper with an Angel’s Wings to retain his championship. That was a well fought match between these two, Skipper was fine and botch-free in this match which is an improvement over the other matches I have watched with him in them. I liked the story of Skipper fighting through the pain and in the end, he could not survive any longer as Daniels’ gameplan had worked but it just about worked.

Winner: Christopher Daniels over Elix Skipper following Angel’s Wings

(Lethal Lockdown Match) Team Jarrett vs Team DDP

It is unavoidable as Jeff Jarrett continues his feud with his former WCW associates Kevin Nash and DDP. I do not believe it was every explained but Sean Waltman has been trying to beat up The Outlaw and Jeff Jarrett. Waltman is dressed in his street clothes and there is no Kevin Nash for Team DDP so will there be a replacement? And no he did not tear his quad control yourself please! Jarrett comes out in jeans with a guitar and a bin full of weapons. Waltman runs up the ramp to beat on Jeff Jarrett! 

Waltman cracks Double J with a trash can as we are in the crowd. Lots of crowd brawling, Waltman beats on Jarrett on top of the announce table. Waltman cracks Jarrett with a cow bell, Waltman misses a chair shot on Jarrett. We are finally in the ring, Waltman rams Jarrett into the cage wall multiple times. Waltman misses the bronco buster as Jarrett dodges. Clothesline by X-Pac but we have Kip James from Team Jarrett entering the match. Waltman spinkicks Kip James but the two on one advantage proves too much for Waltman.

 Trash can lid to the head by James, James and Jarrett beat down Waltman with trash can lids. James rams Waltman into a trash can. Odds are evened up as DDP is next down to the ring. DDP has a kendo stick and he walks the crap out of James and Jarrett. DDP boots a trash can into James’ head and goes back to beating on Jarrett. DDP clotheslines James and Jarrett, DDP attempts the Diamond Cutter but James low blows DDP. Final entrant for Team Jarrett as Monty Brown is in, the freshly heel Monty Brown I might add. The heels use various weapons to beat down Waltman and DDP. 

Waltman is whopped into the cage repeatedly while Jarrett awaits the final entrant for team DDP. It is BG James! BG wipes out Jeff Jarrett and we have so many member of DX in the ring that I am getting flashbacks motherfucker! BG and Kip stand still not fighting one another, Waltman nails Kip with an X-Factor. Waltman nails Bronco busters on Brown and Jarrett. Brown Pounces BG and Waltman, DDP saves BG from being pinned. DDP drops Jarrett with The Diamond Cutter, Kip saves Jarrett. Waltman saves DDP from a FameAsser. Brown is rocked by trash can shots to the head, Double Pounce by Brown wipes out BG and DDP.

 Victory Roll by Waltman and Waltman pins Brown. First time around, Waltman botched the finish with Brown but it does not ruin the match. The match was not to begin with, certainly an easy pay day for those involved as there was a lot of lying down and weapon shots. Brown getting pinned upsets me too as the guy is just being stripped more and more of what made him awesome as time goes by and that claim that he could be world champion by me is looking more wrong with each and every passing pay per view.

Winners: Team DDP over Team Jarrett!

(Number One Contender’s Match) AJ Styles vs Abyss

Ok so Abyss had won a future world championship match by retrieving a contract in a match with Jeff Hardy at a view pay per views back but somehow, Abyss had lost his contract so Styles was able to make his way into a match with Abyss for a future world championship match. Styles topes out of the cage and onto Abyss, this match starts on the floor.

 Styles tries whipping Abyss, bad idea as Abyss reverses but Styles like a ninja slides under the guard rail and snaps off a hurricanrana on Abyss. Abyss throws a right at AJ which rocks The Phenomenal One. Styles jumps into the crowd after an Irish whip attempt and forearms Abyss. Ridiculous by Styles, the man is a human highlight reel. Styles attempted a senton on Abyss but Abyss sidesteps the daredevil. We are in the crowd as Abyss pummels AJ.

 Styles is tossed ringside by the monster. Big right hands by Abyss who is not happy with the crowd’s love for Styles. Styles fights back with chops and right hands, Abyss is hurled into the barricade. Abyss smashes the cage door on Styles’ face. It looks brutal as it appears Styles has been killed. Abyss does it one more time, it looks so violent. Great sell from Styles!

 Styles has donned the crimson mask, blood is everywhere and Abyss has his thumbtacks and his signature chain. Abyss wraps the chain around Styles’ neck, Styles frees himself from Abyss’ clutches but AJ cannot dodge the massive big boot. Styles is fighting to his feet, Styles dodges the chain once more. Abyss hot shots AJ into the steel chain which is on the top turnbuckle. Gorilla press slam into the steel cage, referee is constantly checking on Styles who looks like he is close to death. Abyss flings our hero into the steel cage, two count for the monster. Abyss has a vice grip on Styles, Styles is back on his feet.

 Abyss cuts off Styles with the flapjack! Abyss has his chain and drops it in the centre of the ring. Abyss was looking for a military press slam on the chain but Styles countered into a DDT. Styles smashes Abyss in the face with a nasty kick, headscissors takedown. Styles was looking for his springboard reverse DDT but he botches the landing. Styles recovers well to send Abyss head first into a chair. German suplex by Styles for a two count!

 Styles cannot get Abyss for a Styles Clash. Abyss has AJ, Chokeslam is countered into a victory roll for a close two count. Styles runs into a Black Hole Slam, Styles kicks out of The Black Hole Slam! Abyss unveils his thumbtacks and spreads the tacks around the ring. Abyss whips Styles for the Black Hole Slam, Styles countered and hammers Abyss with right hands.

 Abyss slows Styles with a knee, Abyss was looking for the powerbomb. Styles countered and dropped Abyss with a Styles Clash on the tacks. Two count for Styles off of The Styles Clash. Styles is climbing the cage, Abyss slams the referee into the cage to drop Styles who was walking the top rope. Abyss has his chain and is swinging for Styles. Abyss and Styles are now at the top of the cage. Abyss has the chain around Styles’ neck, Abyss is choking and hanging Styles.

 Abyss drops the chain, right hands by the monster. Abyss is thinking Chokeslam, Styles bites Abyss’ fingers and sunset flip powerbombs Abyss into the thumbtacks. AJ Styles gets the pin and will be facing Jeff Jarrett at Hard Justice! Well that was a nice change of pace in the main event, Styles is an athletic freak, he was flying around the ring and selling so well. 

Abyss was his typical monster self, annihilating Styles with his power and going for his weapons. I was interested in seeing how they would finish this match as I knew Styles was going on to face Jarrett. When Styles climbed the cage, I was worried he would just win by dropping down, rendering most of what was done in the ring such as the kickouts of one another’s finishes utterly pointless.

 However, it did not go down with that, Styles used what he had left to smash the monster into the tacks and get the pin with the last of his injury. Styles was up on his feet to celebrate the win immediately so I wished he had sold the effects of the match because his selling was good throughout the match but that is just me nit-picking.

Winner: Styles over Abyss following a sunset flip powerbomb on to the thumbtacks!

Overall, I do not know how to feel about this pay per view. Every match is essentially the same with every match being inside of the steel cage. The likes of the main event, the X division match, and the table match were fun for the spots involved, the likes of the tag match and the X Division title match were good for the stories they told despite my thoughts on Team Canada doing comedy and Skipper as a likeable babyface. 

I would say that the matches were more disappointing than exciting on this pay per view. The Lethal Lockdown match did not blow me away and could potentially be one of the worst I will cover during my time reviewing TNA and there is the fact that I cannot ignore which is every match is in the cage so the variety is really limited. I will finish with this, I enjoyed some of the bigger spots of the night on this pay per view but the concept of a pay per view full of cage matches is not a good idea! Hope you liked this and continue to come back for more! I am the Seanomaniac and I shall see you next time!

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