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WWF Judgement Day 2001 Review

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Another Day = another review! Welcome ladies and gentleman to the only professional wrestling blog that is not on the list of Jericho: Seanomaniac’s Wrestling Reviews where I, The Seanomaniac reviews wrestling pay per views and moments of the past. Tonight I shall be diving head first into WWF’s Judgement Day 2001. The Power Trip had been formed and they hold all the gold, Undertaker and Kane stand as our heroes against the evil Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. In the mid-card, we have Chyna’s final WWF match and Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle one last time as Angle bids to recover his stolen gold medals. Business may be down but certainly the action has not cooled off (God I hope not!) so let’s rock! This is Judgement Day 2001!

Opening Promo

 We see a homeless man proclaiming that we are all going to die, pain, wrath and hell is upon us. We see Taker, Austin, Kane and Triple H with flashes of action and blood. Stage has a cool design with hour glasses of sand being replaced with blood because blood is hardcore. Ok I am over-exaggerating but the design is nice and refreshing from the bland HD stages of today’s pay per view.

William Regal vs Rikishi

Rikishi had returned from injury as a face and stinkfaced Stephanie Mcmahon, Rikishi was back being a face since his infamous heel turn so let’s see how the big guy does as he tries to win back the momentum he had lost. Regal warns Rikishi that he shall beat the piss out of the fat man and Regal will not be taking no stinkface tonight. Reception is pretty good for the recently turned Rikishi, JR talks about a potential shoulder injury for Rikishi.

 I imagine Regal will work this into the match, Rikishi hammers Regal with right hands, clothesline and a headbutt by Rikishi. Regal blocks a potential stinkface in the early going, Regal low blowed Rikishi. Regal pummels Rikishi against the ropes, Rikishi counters. Sunset flip by Regal does not work but Rikishi does not land his ass on Regal’s chest. In the corner, Regal uses forearm shots to punish Rikishi, European Uppercut floors Rikishi. 

Regal chokes Rikishi with his knee and waves to the crowd. Rikishi reverses an Irish whip, huge clothesline. Corner ass splash and a stinkface to Regal. Regal is deep in that ass! Regal’s facials are great once again as he feigns puking on the outside. Rikishi slams Regal’s head into the steel steps, massive sidekick. Rikishi runs into the ringpost and slams his shoulder. Regal takes advantage and Regal Cutters Rikishi for the win. That was brief, there was not a story to the match but the finish played into the brief narrative explained by JR with Rikishi slamming his arm into the ringpost.

Winner: Regal over Rikishi following a Regal Cutter!

Edge & Christian Promo

The dynamic duo speak of Jericho’s mystery partner for the tag team turmoil match tonight, Christian reassures Edge that there is nothing to worry about as they will become eight time tag team champions. Kurt Angle interrupts and asks for tips for his potential ladder match clash with Chris Benoit. Christian tells Kurt not to fall off because falling off sucks while Edge says if you are going to fall off, make sure you have your medals. Kurt leaves to prepare for his match.

Triple H Promo

Triple H meets Vince Mcmahon and Triple H is questioned about messing with Undertaker’s wife. Triple H makes fun of Vince saying don’t mess with another man’s wife as Vince messed with Linda. Vince retorts yeah but that was my wife, Undertaker might kill you!

(Two out of Three Falls Match) Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit stole Angle’s medals and stuffed them down Benoit’s pants. Angle stole back the medals at one stage, comically kissing them but Benoit took back the medals after a Crippler Crossface. Interestingly, these two had the same type of match as Insurrextion with Benoit winning two straight falls. First fall you can only win by pin, second fall is only by submission and final fall is a ladder match.

 These guys won’t be going easy like Insurrextion, this is an American pay per view so my expectation are high. Angle jumps Benoit, stomps on the corner, no feeling one another out this time. Angle hammers Benoit with right hands, German suplex, make it two and a third for good measure. Angle goes to the top rope, Angle attempted a headbutt like Benoit, Benoit drills Angle with The Angle Slam and Benoit is up 1:0!

Benoit locks in The Crippler Crossface for a quick victory but Angle bails to the floor, Benoit rams Angle into the steel steps. Angle is hurled into the steel steps, Angle also eats chops from Benoit. Benoit misses a chop and Angle sends Benoit into the ringpost groin first. Stomps on the floor by The Olympic Hero, Benoit is bounced repeatedly off the announce table.

 Angle was thinking Ankle Lock but Benoit makes it to the ropes. Benoit is whipped into the corner, boot to the face by Benoit. Both men trade submission attempts before Angle reaches the ropes after a Crossface attempt by Benoit. We are back on the floor, Angle stomps Benoit when we are back in the ring. Elbow to the nose by Angle, Angle rakes the eyes of Benoit and clubs The Rabid Wolverine in the back over and over. Snap suplex by Angle, belly to belly by The Olympic Hero. Angle looked for the belly to belly once more but Benoit has the Crossface. Angle reaches the ropes, Benoit has to break the hold, massive clothesline by Benoit. Angle was playing possum, Ankle Lock does not work for Kurt as Benoit reaches the ropes.

 Chops by Kurt and now right hands by The Olympic Hero. Benoit snap suplexes Angle, Angle retaliates with a hotshot onto the ropes. Leg grapevine with a sleeper by Angle, Benoit trips up Angle and we have a Liontamer by Benoit. Angle is able to survive and rolls to the ropes. Benoit executes the figure four, Angle rolls to the ropes again. Mean right hand from Benoit, shin breaker by Benoit. Benoit drops all his weight on Angle’s leg, shin breaker into a dragon screw leg whip. Angle hangs onto the ropes, knee to the ribs by Kurt and Benoit is hurled to the floor. 

Angle lays into Benoit by the barricade, Benoit battles back on Angle, DDT by Benoit. Angle staggers to the ropes, Angle Slam by The Olympic Hero. Ankle Lock and we have a tap-out. It is 1:1!
Kurt stomps Benoit who falls to the floor, Angle is not happy about having a ladder match. Angle tosses Benoit into the steel steps, Kurt makes his way towards the ladder. Kurt grabs this tiny red ladder, I guess it is meant to represent Angle’s fear of the match so it looks safer and easier to climb than the regular ladder.

 Benoit pushes Kurt off the ladder and throws Angle into the crowd. Benoit grabs the proper ladder and climbs high for the medals, Angle yanks Benoit off the ladder and pushes over the ladder. Belly to belly suplex, Angle grabs the ladder and batters Benoit in the ribs three times. Benoit dodges the fourth shot as Angle is elevated to the floor along with the ladder. Benoit smacks Angle in the jaw with the ladder, Benoit climbs the ladder but Angle is still alive. Low blow and Angle yanks Benoit off the ladder. Angle props a ladder in the corner and introduces Benoit’s face to the ladder.

 Benoit counters the Irish whip into the ladder and catapults Kurt into the ladder. Benoit drops the ladder onto Angle who is in a heap underneath the ladder. German suplex by Benoit, Benoit wedges the ladder in the corner horizontally. Benoit and Angle trade blows, Angle Irish Whips Benoit into the ladder. Snap suplex by Angle on the ladder, Benoit recovers to seesaw the ladder into Angle’s face. Ladder to the face, Benoit drops Angle under the ladder and plans to climb. Angle is still strong enough to tip the ladder from underneath and Benoit smacks off the turnbuckle. Shoulder thrust by Kurt, make it three.

 Benoit retaliates and Irish whips Angle before applying The Crippler Crossface. Edge & Christian are here, Benoit wipes out the back-up but Angle is all alone in the ring and Kurt steals the medals while Benoit deals with Edge & Christian. Ok let’s break it all down, the first fall was brief but it set the tone for the match. Kurt had slowly eased his way into prior matches with Benoit, they would mat wrestle and feel one another out but with the loss of his medal, Kurt loses it and attacks Benoit wildly, drilling the man with three German suplexes.

 However, Kurt’s eagerness has led him to blind rage and Kurt gets over-zealous as he attempts a diving headbutt which misses and allows Benoit to gain victory in the first fall. In the second Kurt learns from his mistake and attacks Benoit slowly breaking him down. Both men attempt their finishers multiple times and both reach the ropes many times.

 I would say I felt the finish to this fall came off as flat as Kurt had not decimated Benoit’s ankle, it was rather Benoit who has messed up Kurt’s ankle with figure fours and a Liontamer. So for me, Kurt nailing The Angle Slam and the following Ankle Lock came out of nowhere. The final fall was not much in terms of wrestling, it was just some interesting and cool ladder spots. That doesn’t bother me because I was expecting technical wrestling in the ladder match. It was a good series with Kurt regaining his medals.

Winner: Kurt over Benoit following a retrieval of the medals!

Regal/Undertaker Promo

Someone is calling Undertaker’s wife, Austin is the suspected culprit. Taker threatens Regal into making the WWF Championship match a No Holds Barred Match. Jerry Lynn is also live from WWF New York, Lynn is pissed that he is in New York and not whipping ass at Judgement Day.

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Test vs Big Show vs Rhyno ©

Test & Big Show had been feuding since Show went after Shane, Shane is not here at Judgement Day so we shall see Test take on Big Show after Big Show lost his match to Shane thanks to Test. However, that is not it as Rhyno is here for some reason and his title is on the long, Rhyno wastes no time and brings steps into the ring. Test and Rhyno teaming up does not work well as Show clotheslines both men. Rhyno is knocked to the floor by Show while Test lowbridges Show.

 Test & Rhyno team up to whip Show into the barricade, the alliance breaks down as Rhyno whips Test into Show and all three men are now battling in the crowd. We are backstage as Test chokes Show with some sort of hose, Rhyno is on the floor. Rhyno uses a cart with anvil cases to batter Rhyno, Test grabs Rhyno and throws the champion into some boxes.

 Show is back to his feet, Rhyno leaves a dent in a wall, Show tries to pin Rhyno on the wall, Test makes the save and the two smack Show onto some pallets. Test and Rhyno spill into the arena, Rhyno hurls Test into the ringpost. Rhyno has some trash cans and lids, Test is thrown into the ring. 

Test punches a lid into Rhyno’s face, the crowd chant for Show who appears from the crowd. Rhyno ducks a punch from Show but Show nails a Chokeslam, Test drop Show with his Big Boot. Cover by Test only gets a two count, Rhyno Gores Show but Test dodges, trash can to the head of Rhyno from Test.

 Two count! Test has a fire extinguisher, Rhyno eats a big boot and Show is blinded by the extinguisher. Test grabs some steel steps, Rhyno nails Test with a trash can. Rhyno throws a trash can at Show and runs up the steel steps to Gore Show for the win. That match was ok, not a lot of wrestling and not a lot of weapons/violence for a hardcore match. It was a really average match.

Winner: Rhyno over Everyone Else following a Gore! Gore! Gore!

Lita/Regal Promo

Regal is outside of Austin’s locker room, Regal panics and he does not want to talk to Austin. Regal tells Austin and is expecting to get killed but Austin says “Fine” to Regal’s surprise and it looks like Austin has a plan. Meanwhile, Lita is ready for her match against Chyna, Eddie offers Lita advice to fight Chyna but Lita rejects the help from Eddie.

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Lita vs Chyna ©

Chyna won the championship in a match with Ivory at Wrestlemania, it was a burial and the division was not looking good with Chyna as the head as she wanted to fight men, she fought men for so long that for her to fight women now took out a lot of the wonder and excitement. Chyna destroyed the whole division even in handicap matches on the way to this match so this could be a bad day for women’s wrestling in the WWF. Lita was always super popular, the alternative to the likes of Trish, Lita was hugely over. 

Lockup and Chyna shoves off Lita, Chyna lifts up Lita as we see the two are friends. Lita dodges elbows from Chyna and throws Chyna into the corner. Gut kick from Chyna, gorilla press slam is countered by Lita. Lita went to help up Chyna but Chyna suckered her in for a pin, two count for Chyna and a huge forearm by Chyna. Kicks to the rib and a massive knockdown by Chyna.

 Short-arm clothesline for a two count, spinning DDT by Lita who punches Chyna repeatedly. Leaping clothesline from the second rope for Lita, Lita uses an arm-wringer as Chyna momentarily pops out of her dress. Chyna rakes the eyes of Lita and floors her with a forearm. Swinging neckbreaker and a powerslam for two, military press slam to Lita who lies on a crumble on the ground, Chyna disrespects Lita dragging her to her feet. Cross armbreaker by Lita on Chyna. Chyna is caught for her taunting, crowd is cheering for Lita.

 Chyna counters into a headscissors and Eddie Guerrero is at the top of the ramp. Eddie watches with his arms folded, Lita struggles out of the headscissors. Chyna hair pulls Lita across the ring, Powerbomb is countered for a hurricanrana by Lita. Close two count, Twist of Fate is countered into the Powerbomb. It is over and Eddie shakes his head. The thing about this match is it is hard to rate as there would be no follow-up to anything that took place in the ring.

 We were not able to see Chyna turn heel in the division as there were multiple times in the match where she came across as the bully and took shortcuts (the sneaky pin, eye-rake etc). We also did not see what Eddie’s storyline with Lita would have been as Chyna & Eddie would be gone from the WWF after this pay per view, the women’s title would be deactivated until Survivor Series. So it was an ok match, nothing sloppy so it was a lot better than a lot of women’s matches I have seen through my time covering the WWF.

Winner: Chyna over Lita following Powerbomb!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship match) Triple H © W/ Stephanie Mcmahon vs Kane (Biker’s Chain Match)

Kane had his arm destroyed by Triple H and Austin, Kane is back though and Kane wants the intercontinental championship. Isn’t it funny seeing Triple H as intercontinental champion? Makes me laugh every time! Kane’s arm is heavily bandaged so expect Triple H to work the arm.

 Triple H has his own chain, he assaults Kane with the chain before Triple H rips at the arm of The Big Red Machine. Triple H smashes Kane’s arm into the ring apron and ringpost. Triple H grabs a chair and smacks Kane across the back, Kane’s arm is on top of the announce table and The Game whacks the arm with a chair. Triple H ties himself to the chain as Kane’s arm could be nullified after the beating from The Cerebral Assassin.

 Kane is up, Kane pummels Triple H before The Game reasserts his dominance by attacking the arm. Triple H tugs on Kane’s arm before nailing a double axe handle, Kane powers out of a pin attempt. Triple H kicks the arms and ribs of The Big Red Machine. Triple H uses the chain to further damage the arm of Kane. Triple H has a chair but Kane is on his feet, Kane pulls Triple H into the ringpost and the chair smacks back into Triple H’s face. 

Triple H is bleeding and Kane goes wild, again and again, Triple H eats the steel steps. Triple H begs for mercy from Kane, Kane chokes The Game and rakes the face of the champion. Massive shot with the chain to the face of The Game, Triple H powders to the floor. Triple H is choked and whipped with the chain, Kane was measuring for his signature clothesline but Triple H yanked Kane off the turnbuckle. Clothesline by The Game, we are back on the floor.

 Kane and Triple H battle to the crowd, Triple H pulls Kane into the barricade. Kane slams Triple H from the top of the barricade to the floor. Sounded sore, facebuster and clothesline in the ring by Helmsley. Triple H measures for The Pedigree, Kane reverses and drops head first on The Game’s crown jewels. Smack with the chain by Kane, Kane is climbing high and Triple H eats a chain clothesline. Chokeslam by Kane, Austin is here and Kane boots The Rattlesnake, tossing his sorry ass to the floor. 

Triple H takes Kane to dick-kick city, Austin has a chair and Austin cracks Triple H with the chair by mistake. Kane covers Triple H after Austin had knocked out The Game with the chair. That was a very physical match lots of psychology with the arm work, I think the match could have benefited with Kane going ape on Undertaker in the beginning of the match as it was very slow at the start with all the arm work while Kane winning clean would not be the worst thing to happen.

 However, Stone Cold attacking Triple H with the chair would tie in with the narrative being told of dissention between Austin and Triple H. Triple H would accidently nail Austin with a sledgehammer in their tag team match on Raw and they would lose the titles. The plans were to have Triple H face Austin at a later stage so the match was good!

Winner: Kane over Triple H following a Stone Cold Chair Shot!

(Tag Team Turmoil) Edge & Christian vs APA vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Radicalz vs Chris Jericho/? Vs X-Factor

Two teams start, when a team is eliminated, another enters until we have one team left. APA start out with The Radicalz, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn. I am glad that Malenko had another pay per view match after the dreadful Double Ho Seven Storyline with Lita. Saturn belly to belly suplexes Faarooq, the referee restrains Bradshaw while Malenko calf kicks and stomps Faarooq.

 Saturn receives the tag from Malenko, Saturn beats down Faarooq before we have a double knockdown. Malenko cheap shots Faarooq, Bradshaw knocks out Malenko and Faarooq spinebusters Saturn for the first elimination.
Up next are The Dudley Boyz with little brother Spike. Bradshaw and Faarooq assault Bubba and D-Von. Double shoulder block to D-Von, D-Von eats a powerslam from Faarooq. Bradshaw hot shots D-Von, D-Von creates some space with a flying shoulder block. Bubba is legal, right hands from Bubba.

 Bubba misses a splash, Bradshaw is legal. Double clothesline to Bubba, elbow and a cover for a two count. Bradshaw’s clothesline is countered into a sidewalk slam, D-Von is in and we have a reverse elbow. D-Von scores with a leaping clothesline and a Russian legsweep. Bradshaw clubs D-Von, fallaway slam by the big Texan. Big boot by Bradshaw, Bubba saves D-Von.

 Bradshaw has D-Von perched on the top rope, Bubba has Bradshaw on his shoulders, Dudley death device. Faarooq receives the diving headbutt to the groin, it is time for tables. D-Von has the table set up on the floor, Hardcore Holly slams D-Von through the table and Bradshaw Clotheslines From Hell Bubba so The APA are advancing while the story of Spike & Molly continues to cause problems.

X-Factor enter the match, X-Pac has no beard and it is bizarre, it looks so wrong. Faarooq wastes no time with X-Pac, massive back breaker and Bradshaw is legal, snap suplex by Bradshaw. Giant back suplex by Bradshaw, X-Pac puts his foot on the ropes to survive. Tag to Justin Credible who is bowled over with a shoulder block, Bradshaw beats on Credible on the floor.

 Albert gets involved with a massive boot to the face. Bradshaw recovers in the ring with a powerslam, Faarooq is legal. Second rope leg drop for a two count, Credible reverses Faarooq with a facebuster and X-Pac is in the ring. Corner choke by X-Pac, kicks and chops. 

Powerslam by Faarooq for a two count, Bradshaw receives the tag, big boot to Justin Credible. Bradshaw was looking for a fallaway slam but Albert grabs the leg, tripping Bradshaw and holding onto the leg so X-Pac steals the pin.
The Hardys run to the ring, they pose as X-Factor slither into the ring. The Hardys whip X-Factor into one another, Jeff has Credible in the ring. Jeff is lowbridged by X-Pac and X-Factor ram Jeff into the ringpost.

 Albert gorilla press slams Jeff into the ring. Kicks in the corner by Jeff Hardy, bronco buster by X-Pac. Jeff double dropkicks X-Factor, Matt is in, neckbreakers on both X-Pac and Credible. Leg drop on X-Pac, Credible is knocked to the floor, poetry in motion on X-Pac. Scoop slam into the Swanton Bomb, Matt has the pin but Albert pulls out Matt. Jeff tope con hilos onto Albert but in the ring, Credible superkicks Matt and X-Pac gets the pin. X-Factor are alive!

Jericho’s music hits and we all wait to see his partner is none other than Chris Benoit! These two men who had one of the best feuds of 2000 are now partners, the masters of submissions teaming as one. Jericho is caught by Albert on the floor, Albert rams Jericho into the ring post and onto the barricade. X-Factor double team Benoit in the corner, chops to the chest of the fatigued Benoit. Tag to Credible, Credible boots Benoit in the corner, sit-out powerbomb from the turnbuckle.

 Sleeper in the centre of the ring, X-Pac is legal and clothesline Benoit. Corner kicks from X-Pac, X-Pac misses the bronco buster. Jericho is legal, Credible is knocked to the floor, chops to X-Pac, missile dropkick. Credible tries to make the save, pays for it by being knocked to the floor.

 Jericho flying forearms the referee, Albert beats up Benoit and X-Factor nail X marks the spot for a two count. Credible has Jericho, X-Pac is crotched by Benoit. Credible is catapulted into X-Pac, Albert is suplexed onto Creidble and we have a double submission spot with Jeriho and Benoit tapping out X-Factor with their submission moves.

Edge & Christian rush to the ring, Jericho chops Edge in the ring. Stalling suplex by Jericho, Christian drop toeholds Benoit into the steel steps. Edge hot shots Jericho into the ropes, Edge forearms Jericho hard. Christian stomps Jericho and hammers away on Y2J. Standing dropkick by Edge, Jericho battles back and Edge cuts off Y2J with a massive knee to the mid-section. Christian is sent back by Y2J, Jericho misses a right hand and Christian nails a neckbreaker. Christian pisses off Benoit so Benoit comes in the ring, the heels put the boots to Jericho. Jericho attempts the Lionsault but Edge puts the knees up, Benoit saves Jericho from losing the match.

 Edge & Christian’s attempt at poetry in motion does not work as Jericho dodges and Benoit gets the hot tag. Snap suplex by Benoit, Christian clubs Edge by mistake. Benoit German suplexes Christian with a bridge for a two, Jericho and Edge fight in the corner. Benoit is left alone as Y2J is down, Christian and Edge were attempting a superplex. Christian is caught by Benoit and Jericho, missile dropkick by Benoit onto Christian who is on top of Y2J’s shoulders. Edge sends Jericho into the ringpost and DDTs Benoit.

 Edge & Christian are readying for a Conchairto but Jericho and Benoit nail a double baseball slide. Benoit and Jericho were aiming for a Conchairto but Edge speared Jericho, Benoit was rolled up for a two count. Benoit locks in the Crossface on Christian after Jericho stops a Conchairto from Edge & Christian. Christian taps and we have your winners. Ok so elimination matches are short on story and high on action and eliminations (Naturally enough).

 A lot of the matches were quick, over before you could even process what was happening. So it was alright, Jericho getting revenge and Benoit gaining retribution over Edge & Christian was a nice touch to what was many quick, average tag matches. Benoit & Jericho would go on to have one of the best Raw main events in recent memory against Stone Cold & Triple H. Sadly, Benoit’s death would affect the match’s prestige and availability due to the circumstances surrounding Chris Benoit’s murder/suicide.

Winners: Benoit & Jericho over Everyone Else following survival!

(WWF Championship Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs The Undertaker (No Holds Barred Match)

Austin had called the police and ambulance services alerting them that Taker’s wife had been in a car crash. It turned out to be a hoax and I will dive more into that story in a few moments. Taker attacks Austin on the ramp way, lots of punching by The American Badass who chokes Austin with camera cables. Vince is at ringside doing commentary as Taker continues to  brutalize The Rattlesnake. 

Undertaker uses the barricade for Old School, Austin runs to the entrance way. A few right hands by The Rattlesnake but Taker is dominating Austin. Fire extinguisher to the head of Taker, Taker grabs a chair from ringside. Austin starts building some offence, Austin drills Taker with a neckbreaker. Austin rams Taker into the turnbuckle and starts kicking the knee of Taker. Taker avoids a chair shot, leaping clothesline by Taker.

 Austin avoids the tombstone, Taker avoids the Stunner, big boot for a two count for The American Badass. Huge right hand from Taker on the outside, Taker shoves Austin into the timekeeper’s area. Taker stalks Mcmahon but Austin makes the save, Austin works the leg. The ringpost is the weapon of choice. Right hand by Austin, Taker tastes the steel step. Elbow and chop block by Austin, Mcmahon laughs with glee. Austin stomps Undertaker in the knee, single leg takedown and kicks to the leg.

 Low blow from Austin, Austin repeatedly slams Taker’s leg into the mat. Taker rakes the eyes to break Austin’s grip. Austin uses low blows to regain control of the leg, Taker breaks the hold of Austin with shots to the face with his leg. Huge clothesline and Austin is on the floor, Taker redecorates the announce table and looks for a Chokeslam. Taker plants Austin right through the announce table, Vince is running from Undertaker.

 Undertaker pushes Austin into the ring, cover and a two count for the challenger. Undertaker stomps Austin in the middle of the ring, Undertaker scoop slams Austin and nails an elbow. Cover and a two count, Taker is distracted by Vince and Austin bullseyes Taker with a monitor. Austin unties the turnbuckle, exposing the steel. Taker is bleeding everywhere, Austin rams Taker into the steel steps and announce table. Clothesline by The Rattlesnake, Austin and Taker trade blows with Austin gaining control with a Lou Thesz Press. 

Austin low blows Undertaker and covers for a two count. Austin is frustrated with the referee, Austin chokes Taker with the ropes, knee across the back by Austin. Austin has a sleeper on The Deadman, Taker reverses with a back suplex. Austin recovers to scramble Taker’s head with a chair shot! Austin wants Taker to get up, Taker flips off Austin. Stunner by Austin, cover and a two count as Taker kicks out of The Stunner. Austin has the chair, shots to the back. Austin motions to stab Taker but Taker low blows Austin.

 Chokeslam in the centre of the ring, Taker looks to the chair and Taker wears out Austin with the chair. At least 6 shots with the chair, Triple H has a sledgehammer, Taker wallops Triple H with the chair. Austin takes another shot, Vince saves Austin from losing the title. Taker hits Mcmahon, Austin nails Vince by mistake. Undertaker sets up for a Last Ride on Austin but Triple H saves the day with a sledgehammer to the face.

 Kane’s music hits but Austin pins Taker to retain the title. Austin vs Undertaker matches have never appealed massively to me, they are two of the biggest stars in the industry and fought throughout the late 90s and early 00s but I never felt we got the big match we deserved from these two. I enjoyed the main event but it just did not click with me. The interference was typical of Attitude Era WWF, we had chairs, Vince and finally, it was a sledgehammer that put down Undertaker.

 I must say I enjoyed the story being told that Undertaker had what it takes to put down Stone Cold but Triple H had Austin’s back, Austin had accidently screwed Triple H out of the intercontinental championship but when push came to shove, Triple H had his priorities straight and he helped Austin hold onto his championship. So the seeds were being planted for Triple H’s turn, Austin could have said he defended his championship and got the job done on his own. Austin would blame Triple H for the tag team championship loss to Benoit & Jericho so you had the feud simmering between The Power Trip.

 Where the match falls for me is Austin receiving cheers and garnering crowd chants, it is normal nowadays, heels are cheered because we like them and they are more interesting than the bland babyfaces but this is not cheering a heel because it is cool, this is full-on rejection from the WWF fans who do not want to see a cowardly Stone Cold Steve Austin, they wanted their hero, the man who fought the system and drank beer every night. The reaction to Austin really hurts the match for me, it is like a fly in your room. Just making noise and you are constantly aware of it due to the extent where you cannot concentrate on what you are trying to do.

Winner: Austin over Undertaker following a Sledgehammer Facial!

Overall, Judgement Day 2001 was an average pay per view, providing three really solid matches with a lot more matches that had little meaning or substance to them. The three stages of hell match and The Power Trip matches were the highlights while most of the other action is largely forgettable. Following this pay per view would make a major turn though, WCW stars were beginning to cross over to the WWF and it shall make for a very interesting time in wrestling. Change was coming and we could be on the verge of a war between WCW and WWF. You couldn’t possibly fuck this up could you? Right? ……………

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