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TNA Turning Point 2004 Review

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 Good Evening you sexy beasts of the wrestling community! So having reviewed TNA’s first pay per view and having mixed feelings throughout, I decided why the hell not look at another TNA pay per view and what better way to it than chronological order? Does it mean I am going to have to see more Jarrett? Am I going to have to watch a bunch of people who disappeared from wrestling because no one cared for him? And will I have to see swerves everywhere I go? It’s TNA Turning Point 2004! Bring on the madness Oh Yeah!

Opening Promo

Macho Man loves the business, Jeff loves his dream and AJ loves TNA. Savage has come back to save TNA while we see The Kings of Wrestling are dressed as Elvis and are having the time of their lives in front a green screen. Nash is pretty funny as always! That was corny but I mean they are dicks so it fits their characters.

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) 3-Live Kru © vs Team Canada W/ Scott D’Amore

Before the match starts, Abyss is backstage and scares off two people impersonating Vince Mcmahon and Triple H, I am not making this up, the guy is dressed like Vince and talks like Vince while the other guy has a sledgehammer and spits water. Anyways, Konnan is injured with a separated shoulder so Ron The Truth is BG’s partner for this title defence. Roode stills has his Mordecai beard while Young is wearing straps in the Canadian colours.

 Young punks out BG James, James fires back, slamming Young into multiple turnbuckles. Young mocks BG’s punches and pays for it, Roode has the referee while Truth leg drops Young in the groin. Side headlock by Roode, shoulder block by Roode, two arm drags by Ron. Calf kick wipes out Roode, quick cover and a two count. BG is legal, punch to the face and knee drop by BG James. Ron the Truth scoop slams Roode, Truth is crotched by Roode after Ron kicks Young off the apron. Tag to Young who double stomp Truth, backbreaker by Young.

 Kickout at two by Truth, quick tag to Roode, backbreaker on Truth and another two count for Team Canada. Truth battles back but Roode cuts off Truth with a knee to the gut and a back suplex. Young takes too long taunting and Truth scores with a missile dropkick. Roode gets the tag and nails BG off the apron, Truth counters both Team Canada members, hot tag to BG. Punches everywhere and a big boot for good measure. Roode is knocked to the floor, jabs to Young. Flying forearm by BG James, Eric Young and Truth battle, Truth crotches Young and Scissor Kicks Young. Spinebuster by Roode on BG gets a two count, Roode measures for a Lariat, Calf kick on Roode.

 The Coach breaks up the pin, Roode and BG brawl in the ring. Pumphandle Slam is prevented by Johnny Devine, Devine cracks BG with a Canadian Flag and it is over as Roode pins BG. Good opener, 3–Live Kru were over as were Team Canada. Team Canada regain through cheating which means there will be another match in the future, the score has not been settled.

Winners: Team Canada over 3-Live Kru due to shenanigans!

Dusty Rhodes Promo

Shane Douglas is your backstage interviewer as Dusty Rhodes tells us some of the competition up North is here tonight! Who could they be talking about at all?

Sonny Siaki/Hector Garza/Sonjay Dutt vs Kid Kash/Matt Bentley/Kazarian W/ Traci Brooks

Kash had lost his mind, attacking Jimmy Snuka and beating people up with a coconut. Funny to see Bentley with Traci as Kaz would later marry Ms. Brooks. Sonjay Dutt is fighting for the honour of Jimmy Snuka so let’s see what happens in this 6 man tag match. Dutt squares up to Kash, shoving match and brawl between the two. Dutt outwrestles Kash, dropkick and headscissors takedown by Sonjay. Kash cannot do much as Dutt is one step ahead, tag to Hector Garza.

 Garza is blinded by Kash as Bentley is in, shoulder block by Garza. Right hand by Bentley, double boot to the face by Bentley. Leg drop by Bentley, Kaz is legal. Garza throws out Bentley and tags in Siaki. Neckbreaker by Siaki for a two count, Dutt hurricanranas Bentley with help from Siaki. Traci grabs Dutt’s foot and Bentley drills Dutt with a single arm DDT. Shoulder blocks by Bentley, leg drop to the arm. Siaki and Garza protest Bentley’s actions as Kash is now in the ring.

 Dutt crossbodies Kash but Kash regains control, hard knife edge chops to Dutt. Cross armbreaker by Kash and then Bentley. Arm Stunner by Bentley on Dutt, backbreaker and leg drop combination by Bentley and Kaz. Bentley and Kash hold back Dutt while Kaz dropkicks Dutt. Kash is legal, fisherman suplex nekbreaker, scoop slam with a hammerlock on the arm. Siaki and Garza save Dutt but Dutt is still in the ring. 

Bentley smashes Dutt’s arm. Kaz uses his power to cut off Dutt from his partners, Kaz muscles Dutt to the ground. Dutt out of desperation, nails a hurricanrana. Garza has the tag, polish hammers and clotheslines are on the menu, beautiful moonsault on Kaz. Kash hurls Garza to the floor, Siaki elevates Dutt onto Kash and Bentley. Traci accidently hits Kaz with a senton, corkscrew splash by Garza for the win over Kaz. That was a surprisingly not spotty X-Division match that had a lot of heavy psychology, a lot of arm work on Dutt and a fun finish and win for the babyfaces, it was good.

Winners: Siaki/Dutt/Garza over The Cocky Punks following a Corkscrew Splash!

(Serengeti Survival Match) Monty Brown vs Abyss

Brown had beaten Raven and Abyss in The Monster’s Ball Match, Brown had his title match with Jeff Jarrett before Abyss injured the back of The Alpha Male. Jarrett could not beat Brown in their match, it took The Kings of Wrestling to take down Brown only after Abyss had injured Brown’s ribs. Abyss does not screw around from the beginning as we see The Monster has the thumbtacks in his hands.

 Brown comes to the ring with taped up ribs, challenging Abyss to a brawl on the floor. Brown hammers away on Abyss, hurling the monster into steel steps. Brown works the ribs of Abyss before Abyss counters back with Brown tasting the ringpost. Abyss tares off the protective tape around Brown’s ribs. Abyss pulls out a table, Abyss has the thumbtacks and Brown rises to his feet, knocking the tacks out of his hand. Brown cannot whip Abyss but he can clothesline the monster, right hands by The Alpha Male.

 Big boot by Abyss wipes out Brown, two count for Abyss. Chair to the ribs by Abyss and Brown groans in pain. Abyss has the chair on Brown’s ribs, Earthquake splash on the chair onto Brown’s ribs. Cover and a two count, somehow Brown survives. Abyss drives his knees into the spine of The Alpha Male. Elbow across the throat, chair is on Brown once more. Abyss attempts his splash but Brown drives the chair into Abyss’ little bits. Chair to the head, powerslam on the chair and Brown is all fired up so it looks like it is time for The Pounce.

 Abyss catches Brown though, Black Hole Slam out of nowhere! 1..2.. Kick out by Brown! Abyss places his chair in the corner, Brown sends Abyss into the chair and Pounces Abyss but Abyss falls to the floor! Bad news for Brown (Ha I am so funny!). Brown drags the monster into the ring, cover by Brown and Abyss kicks out. Brown pummels and clubs Abyss, Abyss dodges The Pounce and Brown crashes through the table, Brown kicks out again. Both men have thumbtacks, Abyss signals for a Chokeslam on the tacks, low blow by Brown and Brown rips off Abyss’ shirt. Brown wants a powerbomb, Abyss wants a powerbomb on the tacks. Alabama Slam on the tacks and Brown wins the match?

 So you can win by pinfall, submission or a move on the tacks. That is lame but I understand it, both men are high on TNA’s protection list, Abyss is like Kane during his early years while Monty Brown is like TNA’s Ryback before they ruined him. Good hard hitting match with a weak finish.

Winner: Brown over Abyss with Tack Alabama Slam

Vince/Triple H Promo

Vince and I use that term loosely, fires a few employees while Triple H uses his hammer to smash up things. Poking fun at WWE are we TNA? I wonder what the payoff will be for this angle?

(Jacqueline = Special Guest Referee) Simon Diamond/Johnny B. Badd vs Johnny Swinger/Disco Inferno

So weird seeing Diamond as a face, he is way too unlikable to be a face while seeing Diamond and Swinger not on the same team is also strange. Johnny milks his Badd Blaster entrance for all it is worth. Swinger and Diamond start out and they maul one another, Diamond roughs up Swinger with a back body drop and an elbow. Swinger begs for mercy, Diamond says “Fuck You” and tags Johnny B.Badd. Badd and Disco roll around with Badd taking down Inferno. Arm wringer and Diamond is legal, right hands by Diamond. 

Northern Lights suplex for a two count, Swinger misses a cheap shot but Inferno nails Diamond. Diamond is smashed into the ringpost, stomps to the face by Disco. Inverted atomic drop and knee to the back by Swinger and Inferno. More quick tags and shots to the back of Disco. Jacqueline pulls back Inferno, Diamond clotheslines Inferno but Swinger is too strong.

 Hard Irish whip, Diamond sells the back, Inferno rams Diamond. Inferno works the back and dropkicks the head of Diamond. Spinebuster by Diamond on Swinger, Badd got the tag, knee to the face of Swinger and Inferno. Double noggin knocker, Badd double ax handles Inferno.

 Russian legsweep on Badd, Diamond superkicks Swinger. Inferno Stunners Diamond, Inferno piefaces Jacqueline, Jacqueline slams Inferno and we have The TKO on Inferno for the win. That was mostly a bad match, it was hard to care for these guys, it was slow and boring.

Winners: Simon Diamond & Johnny B. Badd over Swinger & Disco Inferno following a TKO

Kings Of Wrestling Promo

Apparently, The Kings of Wrestling have kidnapped The Macho Man. Yep…

Raven vs Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page made his way to TNA and will be battling Raven. So it feels like 1997 WCW once more. There is something to do with Erik Watts, I guess we will find out what Watts has to do with this feud. DDP must be 48 by this stage, great shape before DDP Yoga. DDP has his Nirvana rip off theme and DDP charges Raven. Rights and lefts to Raven’s face, Watts is supposed to be responsible for the feud.

 Referee is down on the floor as DDP boots the referee. DDP Russian legsweeps Raven into the guard rail three times. We have some crowd brawling ladies and gentlemen! DDP throws Raven back to ringside, knee across the throat by DDP. Raven counters with a boot but DDP drags Raven groin first into the ringpost. Diamond Cutter is countered by Raven, Raven uses the ropes for a pin but DDP kicks out at two. Helmet to the head by Raven, DDP is rocked. Second helmet shot by Raven, two count for Raven.

 DDP rolls up Raven but it is a two count, foot choke by Raven in the corner. Raven has the chair, eye rake by Raven. Raven knees Page right in the face, classic Raven setting up for the drop toehold. Raven scores with the drop toehold onto the chair and gets a two count. Slaps in the corner by Raven, DDP comes out of the corner and unloads on Raven. Discuss clothesline, make it two and a big boot by the master of The Diamond Cutter.

 Raven counters with a low blow, small package gets a two for Raven. Another roll up by Page, two count and Raven nails a corner clothesline and bulldog. Belly to belly suplex by Page, superkick by Raven. Cover and a two count for Raven. Clothesline by Raven, DDP blocks the second and nails The Diamond Cutter, Raven kicks out of The Diamond Cutter! Two hooded figures come to ringside, low blow by Raven and an Even Flow DDT. Page kicks out of the Even Flow, Watts is in the ring and is ready to fight the hooded figures. Watts clotheslines both hooded men and Chokeslams the hooded goons.

 Watts helps DDP to his feet before clotheslining Page. DDP cutters Watts as Raven is on his feet. Russian legsweep by Raven, Even Flow is countered into the Diamond Cutter and DDP walks away the winner. Ok I have to be careful in my analysis of this match due to liking both men very much, the match was good from a physical standpoint as both men had their limitations like DDP’s age and Raven was not as mobile or young as he once was.

 There was an added intrigue with Watts at ringside which turned into a swerve. Not a fan of it to tell the truth and really not a fan of Watts not even helping Raven achieve the victory. Raven looked weak being unable to beat Page and the story can really not go anywhere from here as Raven and Watts were humbled yet, I just know this will continue for no logical reason at the next pay per view.

Winner: DDP over Raven following Diamond Cutter!

Triple H/Vince Promo

Traci serves Vince and Triple H cookies and milk, Traci is kicked out of their locker room while Triple H eats cookies off the floor. They want Dusty Rhodes!

(X Division Championship Match) Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams © W/ Scott D’Amore

The match is based around Sabin having a counter for The Canadian Destroyer, Sabin countered the move three times into The Cradle Shock. Sabin was inside Williams’ head so how will Petey deal with Chris Sabin? Staredown and we are underway with a lockup, Petey has the arm before Sabin outwrestles the champion, Cradle Shock attempt but Petey bails to the floor. D’Amore screams Petey is the champ and he cannot be beaten.

 Shoving contest, lockups and legsweeps. Sabin kicks Petey in the head and we have a standoff with no reaction, forearm brawling. Springboard dropkick by Sabin, Petey reverses a Cradle Shock attempt into a hurricanrana like move which leaves both men on the floor. Hurricanrana by Williams leaves Sabin on the floor. Petey stomps Sabin on the floor before Sabin pulls out a spinkick. Sabin powerbombs Williams into the steel safety rail. Sabin dives from the crowd onto Williams who is ringside.

 Williams stunguns Sabin and drives his knees into Sabin’s head. Coach D’Amore chokes Sabin, Sabin is chopped and stepped on by Petey Williams. Petey sings the national anthem while Sabin’s balls are stamped on, I love it! Williams spikes Sabin with a DDT, two count for the champion. Dropkick to the back of the head by Williams who chokes Sabin. Sabin eats a nasty dropkick from Williams who is starting to be frustrated by Sabin’s resiliency, Petey stops to sing the national anthem and goes back to beating up Sabin. Snap suplex by Petey and a back suplex for good measure. 

Scoop slam and a leg drop by Williams, Sabin is hanging on by a thread. Williams chokes Sabin using the ropes, cheap shot by Scott. Williams continues knocking around Sabin until Sabin chops and chops Williams. Northern lights suplex from the top rope by Sabin, Sabin sprang up to the top rope like Kurt Angle and smashed Petey to the mat. Both men throw haymakers with Sabin nailing an enzuigiri and a running Ligerbomb.

 Two and a half for Sabin! Tremendous nearfall right there! Sabin climbs high, Williams crotches Sabin, Petey was thinking baseball slide, Sabin dodged the slide and dived onto Williams who was on the floor. Cover and a two count, rake to the eyes by Williams. Headscissors into a Russian legsweep BY Williams, Canadian Destroyer is countered into a Cradle Shock, Petey counters The Cradle Shock into a Sharpshooter.

 Sabin makes it to the ropes, Sabin elevates Williams to the apron, chop and Sabin is thinking superplex. Petey is looking for a powerbomb, Sabin blocks and scores with an Alley Oop into a piledriver for a two count! Crazy near-fall again, these two are tearing it up right now. Coach D’Amore saves Petey from a Cradle Shock, Petey uses the distraction to grab his brass knucks out of his pants and wham!

 Petey pins Sabin after the brass knucks shot! That was good, really liked that match especially Petey using brass knucks to get the win, such a cheap finish and a heelish tactic to extend the feud. Sabin showed great fire and I am looking forward to a rematch.

Winner: Petey Williams over Chris Sabin due to Shenanigans!

Vince Promo

A midget kicks Vince in the dick as Vince asks for his son Triple H. Alright, it was funny before but now it is getting sad.

Kings of Wrestling vs AJ Styles/Jeff Hardy/?

We have Hall and Nash in Elvis gear while Jarrett comes out in his regular gear. As mentioned above, Macho Man was kidnapped and not in the arena so it is 3 on 2 for now. Styles to kick off with Jarrett, slow start with both men posturing and talking smack. Jarrett tries wrestling Styles, Styles is too quick for the champion Jarrett. Beautiful headscissors by Styles and perfect dropkick on Jarrett. Scott Hall is in the ring, armwringer by Hall and slaps to the head of Styles.

 Thumb to the eye by Hall and chops in the corner, Styles kicks the legs of Hall and dropkick to the face of Hall. Styles wants the big man Kevin Nash. Knee to the gut and elbow to the back of the head by Nash, straight right hand by Nash. Nash misses snake eyes and Styles dropkicks all three Kings of Wrestling. Hardy dropkicks Hall & Jarrett before two dropkicks to Nash. Hall cheap shots Hardy, Nash scores with the big boot.

 Jarrett stomps Hardy and drops a leg across the back. Strut by Jarrett, tag to Hall who works the gut of Hardy. Chokeslam by Hall, two count for Hall. Tag to Nash, huge sidewalk slam by Nash, Hardy is saved by Styles. Hall works the abdominal stretch on Hardy while using Nash for leverage, good heel work. Deathlock by Hall who slaps Hardy’s head. Jeff is slapped multiple times before taking down Hall with a boot, Styles is legal. Double clothesline on Jarrett, dropkick to Nash on the apron, springboard DDT by Styles for a two count. Jarrett counters The Styles Clash, Styles wards off Jarrett and Nash sweeps the legs of Styles who was preparing for a springboard forearm.

 Hall disrespects Styles with slaps to the head, Fallaway Slam by Hall. Styles kicks out even with Hall’s extra leverage using the ropes. Knees to the ribs by Nash, elbows in the corner. Nash attempts multiple pins on Styles but Styles will not stay down, Jarrett drops Styles with a gutbuster, Figure Four is countered into an inside cradle, two count for Styles. Hall interferes, smashing Hardy and distracting the referee, Hall is being a tremendous heel so far in this match. Jeff is frustrated while the heels put the boots to Styles.

 Bearhug by Nash, squeezing the life out of Styles. Styles elbows Nash over and over, Styles reaches Jeff Hardy but Scott Hall distracts the referee which means the referee misses the tag. Styles and Jarrett go shot for shot with Styles and Jarrett having a malfunction at the junction. Hardy gets the tag, Whisper in the Wind on Jarrett, complete shot on Hall. Jeff stunguns Nash, Hardy is caught by Jarrett. Stroke is blocked, Twist of Fate on Jarrett. Styles crossbodies Hall and Nash decks the referee who was surely going to count to three. Hall smacks a guitar across Jeff’s back, Hardy falls onto Jarrett.

 Styles dives onto Hall. Everyone is down but here comes The Macho Man! Savage has Jarrett, huge right hands and Hall & Nash are knocked down by Macho Madness. Sleeper by all three faces, Macho Man pins Jarrett after countering a sunset flip.

 Wow, that was another lame finish, Macho Man pins the champion but would it not have made sense for AJ to pin Jarrett since AJ is your future champion and star? Hall’s heel work throughout was great, cutting off the tags, distracting the referee and his utter disdain for his opponents, it was great. Action was alright in the ring and it was nice to see Macho Man in the ring but he did barely anything and I do not think anyone wanted to see Savage vs Jarrett for the title.

Winners: Styles/Savage/Hardy over Kings of Wrestling

Production Truck

So Vince is carted away in an ambulance while Triple H ponders what to do next, Dusty Rhodes asks to play a tape in the production truck. Abyss, BG James, Traci and Konnan are looking to meet WWE people. I have no idea why this is here and why WWE had a problem with TNA at this time but hey, we have to kill time.

(Six Sides of Steel Match) AMW vs Triple X (Losing Team Disbands)

These two teams are the very best, they had fought for the title before with AMW annihilating Daniels with The Death Sentence (Harris would drop a legdrop from the top of the cage). It is the end of the road for one of these teams as the losing team will be done forever. Harris has handcuffs as Triple X had roughed up AMW with the handcuffs multiple times.

 Daniels slaps Storm and we are underway, both men try slamming one another into the cage. Tag to Skipper and Harris, forearm war between the two. Skipper drives his knees into Harris, Harris drills Skipper with a full nelson slam. Double back body drop on Skipper, Daniels is smashed around by AMW. Double throw into the cage, clothesline to skipper.

 Storm rams Daniels into the cage wall and Daniels is opened up bad. Harris rakes Daniels off the cage, Skipper saves Daniels from a vertical suplex. Skipper scoop slam on Harris, elbows to the head. Reverse elbow to Harris as Daniels clubs the back of Harris. Standing crossface by Daniels, clothesline by Daniels. Storm is distracted by the referee as Skipper smashes up Harris in the corner. Kicks to the leg by Skipper, Harris grabs the leg of Skipper and nails a catapult into the cage. Storm is legal and is like a house on fire, powerslam and enzuigiri by The Cowboy James Storm.

 Death Sentence is prevented by Daniels, Harris eats the cage courtesy of Skipper. Skipper has handcuffs which were hidden underneath a towel on the turnbuckle, that is brilliant I must admit. Harris is tied to the top rope while Triple X have their way with Storm. Daniels dangles the key in front of Harris before choking Storm with the key. Triple X use Storm as a battering ram who eats the steel cage. Daniels cheap shots Harris who cannot help his partner. Skipper holds Storm and Daniels drops an elbow onto Storm. Cover and a two count as Storm kicks out. Daniels goes high once more but takes out Skipper, Storm clotheslines Daniels and the key is in the open. Storm has the key, Harris frees himself and pummels Triple X. Spinebuster on Daniels, Storm explodes on Skipper.

 Daniels is rammed relentlessly into the cage. Vertical suplex on Daniels, Skipper belly to belly suplexes Harris. Crossbody/suplex combination on Harris for a two count. Storm nails a swinging neckbreaker on Skipper, Daniels meets the cage wall. Hart Attack on Skipper, two count for AMW. Death Sentence on Harris, ultimate humiliation but Harris kicks out at two. Skipper climbs to the top of the cage, Storm blocks The Death Sentence, Storm powerbombs Skipper to the canvas. Storm is in shock as Skipper kicks out of the powerbomb. Angel’s Wings on Storm and Storm kicks out!

 Daniels and Harris are climbing the cage. Skipper is following the two, Skipper nails his most memorable moment of all time as Skipper tight rope walks the cage line and nails a hurricanrana on Harris. The crowd loses their mind, it was deserved. Daniels drops an elbow from the top rope, Daniels is back on top of the cage. Storm is thinking suplex and we have the stacked up superplex spot. All four men are down after that tower of doom spot! Harris and Skipper drill one another, no Catatonic on two attempts, both are down.

 Daniels and Storm brawl, headbutts by Daniels. Daniels has Storm on the top rope, Daniels knocks Storm to the floor. Harris spears Daniels into the cage wall, Daniels is handcuffed to the cage and it is sweet revenge. Daniels watches as Skipper is Superkicked and AMW plant Skipper with The Powerplex for the win. That was a really good match, it had blood, the intensity and the violence needed for a finale blow off match.

 It was almost a call back to the 70s/80s days of wrestling where a cage match was seen as the end all and be all. This had highspots which would be in TNA highlight reels for years, it had the revenge for AMW after all the attacks with the handcuffs by Triple X. The heels ended up with egg on their face after getting a taste of their own medicine, it was great storytelling.

Winners: AMW over Triple X following a Powerplex!

Overall, TNA’s second pay per view was superior to the first based on that main event alone. The card was solid, can’t say I didn’t enjoy any match except for the Simon Diamond match but come on, nothing could have made that interesting. The title matches were good, X Division championship match was really enjoyable, I loved the cheap finish with Petey not being able to admit Sabin was the better man. The Kings of Wrestling vs Hardy & Styles was good albeit the weird booking, the Vince segments were funny and the main event was really good. Good show from TNA, I look forward to seeing more in 2005!

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