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TNA Final Resolution 2005 Review


Welcome, welcome, and welcome my dear internet wrestling fans to the only wrestling blog on the internet that does what is best for you and not what’s best for business. Ok so could TNA be sold? Will WWE buy the library, raid the roster? Or relegate TNA to the dustbin of history? Will Billy Corgan, lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins but TNA and revamp the withered promotion? TNA has pulled through so many moments where everyone thought it was the end but can the company survive this? These are all questions that many a wrestling fan are pondering so why you take a moment to wonder on what will be the outcome for TNA, let me bring you back to a simpler time in TNA where they began banging out pay per views month after month. Tonight’s stop will be TNA’s first effort of 2005 which was named Final Resolution. Let’s rock!

Opening Promo

AMW, Monty Brown and Elix Skipper feature in the promo as matches are announced, Team Canada will be defending their titles against AMW. We have a rematch between Sabin and Williams with the addition of AJ Styles to the mix as we have an Ultimate X Match. Kevin Nash is facing DDP and Monty Brown for a championship match against Jeff Jarrett. I am a bit miffed to this booking with Macho Man disappearing after pinning Jarrett. There is no follow up, Styles who was seen as the hopes and dreams of TNA battling Jarrett is now back competing for The X Division title? I thought the rivalry had concluded with Petey but now I guess it is continuing.

Franchise Interview

Jarrett is not afraid of Monty Brown, DDP and Kevin Nash. Jarrett runs down all his potential challengers because Jarrett is The King of The Mountain.

Matt Bentley/Kazarian/Christopher Daniels vs 3-Live Kru

The former tag team champs do their usual shtick to get the crowd hyped up for this opening contest, I can see why they open up pay per views. Konnan starts with Daniels, Konnan takes the arm. Konnan surprises Daniels with his quickness and smooth wrestling. Shoulder block by Konnan, clothesline and cheap shots by Konnan. Bentley eats an Alabama Slam as Truth drops a leg on the crotch of Bentley. Truth hammers Bentley to the mat, huge clothesline by Ron the Truth. Bentley uses a jawbreaker to make the tag to Kazarian.

 Truth drop toeholds Kazarian and in comes BG James. BG and Truth team up to stomp Kazarian, BG takes the arm of Kazarian. Bentley has this weird spot where he tags Kazarian twice but it does not count because he either tags Kaz’s foot or isn’t in his corner. Eventually, Daniels receives the tag and Daniels beats up BG with a dropkick. Kazarian is legal, corner clothesline and illegal chokes by Bentley and Daniels. BG counters Daniels with a pop powerbomb, Truth gets the hot tag, Truth decks all three opponents.

 Scissor Kick on Bentley, Daniels makes the save. Axe kick by Kaz on Truth, K-Factor by Konnan on Daniels. Bentley and Konnan double clothesline one another, everyone is down as the fans chant “TNA, TNA, TNA!”. All hell has broken loose, Truth knocks Kaz to the floor, Daniels is on the floor. Bentley is alone, reverse DDT by Konnan on Bentley for a two count. Truth attempt his crotch leg drop again but it does not work. 

Kazarian crotches Truth, Daniels nails BG. Daniels misses a moonsault on Truth and takes out Kazarian. In the ring, Bentley is held in position by Konnan and BG when Truth knocks down Bentley with a huge kick. That is it, good solid opener entertaining as well!

Winners: 3-Live Kru over Bentley/Kazarian/Daniels following a Scissor Kick by Truth on Bentley!

Dusty Promo

Dusty Rhodes is in a pickup truck with two hot tamales and some guy with a head on him like Sideshow Bob, I have no idea what Dusty wants found but there are clues around the arena and Sideshow Bob man decides to look for the clues while Dusty waves goodbye to the girls and slaps one on the ass. I don’t know what I am doing with my life, I need to get outside more. Update: Sideshow Bob man is called Johnny Fairplay.

Primetime Elix Skipper vs Sonjay Dutt

So Skipper split up with Daniels after losing their cage match to AMW, Skipper is now looking to impress as singles wrestler. I have ragged on Skipper from what I have seen due to his amount of botches. Dutt worked a good match at the prior pay per view so hopefully, this is good. Dutt and Skipper lock up and Dutt proceeds to pin Skipper in ten different ways before nailing a headscissors takedown with a lot of extra rotations as if to say “Yeah Skipper is my bitch”. Dutt gets over confident though, Skipper tosses Dutt into the crowd.

 Dutt no-sells and takes out Skipper with a plancha from the crowd. Two count for Dutt, Fujiwara armbar by Dutt. Skipper reaches the ropes but Dutt continues working the arm. Dutt hangs up Skipper on the top rope and nails a springboard dropkick to the arm. Two count for Dutt, arm stunner by Dutt. Skipper sells like his arm is completely screwed, Dutt is thinking 450 splash but Skipper was playing possum. Skipper kicks Dutt to the floor.

 Dutt smashes his face into the guard rail and Skipper does the man no favours by kicking him square in the face with a roundhouse. Skipper hard kicks Dutt in the spine, kick to the back of the head by Primetime. Dutt counters The Play of The Day, Skipper lands on his face but blocks the Lionsault attempt by Dutt. Skipper gutwrench slams Sonjay, flip-over clothesline by Skipper. Knee to the side of the head by Skipper, knees in the corner.

 Dutt is perched on the top rope, Skipper and Dutt battle with Sonjay nailing a sunset flip powerbomb on Skipper. Spinning heel kick, elbow and clothesline by Dutt. Back suplex for a two count, tilt-a-whirl DDT by Dutt. Skipper kicks out but he is out, Dutt misses The Phoenix Splash.

 Dutt lands on his feet but Skipper hotshots him onto the ropes and nails a Catatonic for the win. That was alright, Dutt looked like a star with the little offence that he got in the match, Skipper was fine. Skipper sold his arm well and him winning was surprising as I would have thought out of the gates, Daniels would flourish and Skipper would flounder but that was not the case on this night.

Winner: Skipper over Dutt following Catatonic!

Nash & DDP Promo

Nash has dyed his hair brown since the last pay per view and plans to team up with DDP to take out Monty Brown. DDP says he is the man and does not need know help from Nash.

Kid Kash vs Dustin Rhodes

Kash does not like anybody, Dustin Rhodes is in TNA after being let go from WWE. Kash is hard to buy into as a heel, I do not know what it is, perhaps it is babyface like offence? Or the fact that for whatever reason, they have the guy fighting legends. Dustin Rhodes levels Kash with a clothesline, knocking Kash to the floor. Kash quickens the pace and pays for it as Rhodes smashes Kash with an elbow. Catapult and knees into the back by Rhodes who sports a magnificent goatee.

 Kash crotches Rhodes on the top rope, Rhodes blocks the superplex. Kash sells his leg as if it is broken, referee shoves away Rhodes. Kash low blows Rhodes and kicks the bigger man twice. Kash takes out the knee, I will give Kash credit for the heel tactics. Kash punishes Rhodes’ leg, multiple kicks to the leg as Rhodes screams in pain. Spinning toehold by Kash, shot to the groin behind the referee’s back. Spinning toehold is countered into an inside cradle, Kash kicks out and lashes out at Rhodes’ leg.  Kash frog splashes the knee of Rhodes, nice move looks very vicious. Figure four on Rhodes, Rhodes slaps Kash but Kash does not break the hold. Rhodes turns the hold, applying the pressure to Kid Kash.

 Kash kicks the leg, Rhodes applies a sleeper. Kash reverses into a sleeper, Rhodes battles back. Huge clothesline, make it two. Huge right hand by Rhodes, Goldust drop down punch. Inverted atomic drop does not work for Rhodes, his leg gives out on Rhodes. Kash attempts a crossbody, Rhodes rolls through but Kash survives. Roundhouse misses by Kash, Rhodes does not hit The Curtain Call. Kash nails a huge kick, two count and the referee and Kash have a shoving war. Bulldog by Rhodes for the win out of nowhere! Well, that was alright, Rhodes sold the leg well. Kash had some good heel work but I was just not feeling this match.

Winner: Rhodes over Kash following a bulldog!

Johnny Fairplay Promo

Johnny finds a clue in Dusty’s hat so the loser of this treasure hunt is fired I think, that’s what I thought I heard.

Title Match Promo

Monty Brown is being built as the future of TNA, Jarrett has surrounded himself with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Rhodes announced that Nash would be in a match with Monty Brown and DDP to decide the number one contender. Jarrett could be in serious trouble tonight!

Raven vs Erik Watts

Raven and DDP had a mutual friend in Erik Watts, Watts has some sort of dark secret, this secret had Watts turn on DDP but Watts saw the error of his ways and will face Raven tonight in this match. Watts comes out with a chair and Raven beats down Watts. Raven drop toeholds Watts to the outside, Russian legsweep into the guard rail twice. Raven facewashes Watts with his boot. Jabs to the face by Raven and a discuss clothesline.

 Raven slams Watts into the ring apron and scraping his face with his nails. Watts springs off the top rope and nails a mule dropkick. Raven powders so Watts chases his opponent. Watts Russian legsweeps Raven into the guard rail (A taste of one own’s medicine. Watts crotches Raven on the guard rails and clothesline Raven. Watts nails the Chokeslam, Watts talks trash and decides to grab a chair, referee saves Raven who low blows the shit out of Watts.

 Falcon Punch level low blow by Raven, Raven sticks the chair in the turnbuckle, Raven rams Watts into the chair. Raven says it is drop toehold time, Watts blocks and slams Raven’s head into the chair. Watts uses the chair to propel himself into Raven, axe kick on Raven. Watts hammers Raven in the face, Watts pummels Raven before Raven slips out leaving Watts to smash his face on the turnbuckle. Watts blocks the clothesline, turnbuckle powerbomb (Eat your heart out Seth Rollins!). Watts’ Chokeslam is countered into an Ankle Lock by Raven, Watts rolls through but Raven nails a superkick for a two count.

 Clothesline by Raven, Watts drop toeholds Raven for a STF. Raven reverses into an Ankle Lock, Watts Chokeslams Raven and does it once more. Watts beats Raven. Watts was just awful, I am sorry but this guy was not good. Botching the finish was the icing on the cake, Raven showed a lot of offence in this like the Superkick and the Ankle Lock. Post-match, Raven apologizes and asks for forgiveness. Raven was faking the apology so he knocks Watts off the stage. Not one fan in the building cared for Watts as the crowd chants Raven. Overall, it was ok but I really do not want to see anymore of Erik Watts.

Winner: Watts over Raven following a Chokeslam (Non-Botched Version)

Scott Hall vs Jeff Hardy (Piper = Special Guest Referee)

Hardy had been screwed out of the NWA/TNA championship by Hall in the past so Hardy wants to kick Hall’s ass pretty bad. Piper frisks Hall and finds three different weapons on Hall’s body. Hall is in his Elvis costume, Hardy slaps Hall on the back and steps on Hall’s head. Hall grabs Jeff’s foot but Jeff kicks out at Hall. Whisper in the Wind finds the spot, Hall counters a complete shot attempt, fallaway slam by Hall. Cover and a two count for Hall, Hall is not happy with Piper. Hardy rolls up Hall for a two count. 

Piper might be slow-counting Hall and Hall is not happy. Jeff planchas onto Hall, wham and Hall hits the steel steps hard. Leg drop to the groin by Jeff, Hardy attempts the complete shot for a second time and Hall counters with hard elbows. Corner clothesline by Scott Hall, Hall slaps Hardy repeatedly. Indian Deathlock with a hairpull by Scott Hall. Chokeslam, Hall shoves Jeff into Piper. Scott Hall looks for a weapon that is hidden in the top turnbuckle. 

Piper saves Hardy from being hit with the brass knucks. Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb for the win! That match was not very long but Hall really was a great asshole in this match, he messed with Hardy, had the hidden weapons, put his hands on the referee. Hall’s life may be a wreck but in the ring, he was at home. After the match, Abyss jumps Jeff Hardy and drills Jeff with Shock Treatment. Looks like these two will be feuding! Could be some fun hardcore matches on the way!

Winner: Jeff Hardy over Scott Hall following a Swanton Bomb!

Traci Segment

Traci uses her womanly charm on some employee, Trinity sends Traci away so she can hit on the guy that Traci was hitting on but this man is useless so Trinity walks away in a huff.

(Number One Contender’s Match) Monty Brown vs DDP vs Kevin Nash

Monty Brown is being positioned as the future of the company, Nash is one of Jarrett’s friends who is sick of Jarrett’s shit while DDP, well I am not sure why DDP deserves a shot but he is here. Maybe he is mad at Jarrett after putting him over in WCW? DDP starts off with Brown, lockup by DDP. Brown overpowers DDP and throws him to the mat. DDP tries again against Brown but Brown shakes off DDP. Nash sits back and watches the two go at it, DDP grabs a side headlock, Brown knocks DDP to the floor.

 DDP is a little frustrated as Brown seems to be just too strong. DDP says “Go ahead Nash”, Brown pushes back Nash into the corner. Another lockup, Nash does break clean but Brown blocks the rights and floors Nash. Nash plays possum to shove Brown into a turnbuckle. Knees and elbows by Big Sexy, sidewalk slam on Brown. Cover and a two count for Nash, knees in the corner by Nash.

 Brown back suplexs Nash who bails to the floor, DDP clotheslines Brown twice. Elbow and a cover for a two count by DDP, Brown DDTs DDP. Nash saves the match with an elbow. The two WCW legends beat up Monty Brown in the corner, repeated shots to The Alpha Male. Nash tries to turn on DDP and DDP elevates Nash to the floor and Nash is eliminated?

 That’s pretty lame. DDP nails The Diamond Cutter on Brown and Nash pulls out DDP to prevent Page winning the match. Small package by Brown, two count, DDP has his own roll up. Two count for Page who explodes on his feet with a clothesline. Monty clubs Page on the back, corner clotheslines and a fallaway slam. Running powerslam for a two count by The Alpha Male, chops by Brown. 

DDP elbows Brown, Page was looking for a running Diamond Cutter but Brown counters into the Pounce. Nice finish but the match could have been done a lot better, the over the top rope elimination was lame. If your plan is build Brown, why not have Brown pin both legends? Easy way to cement the guy as the fans were huge into Brown and The Pounce.

Winner: Brown over Page & Nash following a Pounce!

(NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship Match) AMW vs Team Canada © W/ Coach D’Amore

AMW are the premier tag team in TNA, already five time champions and they are looking for their sixth. Great match at the last pay per view against Triple X so will AMW regain their championships? Following last month’s match, I am a big supporter of Storm & Harris so there will no mention of Braden Walker ok? AMW jump Team Canada, Roode has Harris by the stage, huge clothesline by Wildcat Chris Harris.

 Storm and Young are on the other ramp, headscissors on the ramp by Storm. Roode and Harris are by the announce table. Young and Harris are in the ring, I believe the match is about to officially begin. Huge lefts from Harris, Young is tossed over the top rope. Shoulder block by Harris knocks Young to the floor, the cartoony selling works well as we see a close up of Young’s head, the guy has a massive bump on his head like an egg has formed under his skin. 

AMW reverse elbow Young, and throw Roode into Young. AMW are on fire in the early stages of this match, they toss Young onto Roode with both Team Canada ending up on the floor, this is what you call a shine. AMW look like stars and we haven’t even had any real wrestling. Storm fires up on Roode, big back body drop and a clothesline by Storm. Hurricanrana by Storm, Young cheap shots Storm and Roode drills Storm with a neckbreaker.

 Tag to Young, kicks to the ribs of Storm. Foot choke by Young, Young also uses the rope to choke Storm. Roode is legal and Roode chokes Storm. Vertical suplex on Roode gets a two count, reverse chinlock by Roode as the crowd comes alive for AMW. Knees to the ribs by Roode, stomps to the back of Storm by Team Canada. Backbreaker by Young, two count for the champions.

 Storm battles back, enzuigiri to both Team Canada members. Roode nails Harris right before Storm makes the tag (Perfect timing from Roode on that). Young drops an elbow on Storm, sleeper hold. Storm sunset flips Young for a close two, Roode is legal. Knee across the throat by Roode. Roode applies a reverse chinlock, Roode yanks Storm’s hair preventing the tag. Storm misses an enzuigiri but dodges a spear from Roode, Roode hits the ringpost hard. Tag to Harris, bulldog to Young. Roode saves Young but not for long, full nelson slam on Roode, flying clothesline from Harris on Young.

 Stalling vertical suplex on Young, Roode breaks up the pin. Storm has Roode, powerslam for a two count. AMW attempt The Death Sentence, Young stops Harris. Storm powerbombs Young but Young has Harris in a northern lights suplex so Harris wipes out a standing Bobby Roode. (You got all that? That’s a difficult one to explain!). Storm superkicks Roode and D’Amore saves Roode by pulling out the referee, AMW corner D’Amore and handcuff him to the Ultimate X pole. Hart Attack on Young, Young kicks out at two.

 Johnny Devine runs to ringside, Harris chases Devine and Roode wipes out Harris. Storm never saw it coming as Devine smashes Storm with a hockey stick across the back but Storm kicks out! Holy shit did not see that coming! Spinebuster on Devine, Roode is dropped with The Power Plex for a two count! Crowd loses its mind, they thought it was all over. Young knocks out Storm, Harris has Young, Catatonic. Devine slides in a chair, Harris has the chair but Roode lariats Harris into the chair. Harris puts his foot on the ropes, Young is losing his mind, Devine hits Young in the face with a chair because he was not looking and Harris rolls up Young for the win. 

They had that place rocking, the shine for AMW got the fans heavily into the match, Roode and Young’s heel work was spot on. Handcuffing D’Amore was a good tactic from AMW, Devine’s interference had me thinking AMW would be beat but no, they survived two moments where I thought it was over.

 I think it should have ended with The Death Sentence as opposed to the chair shot from Devine, I mean why did Devine has his back turned  and it is not like Young grabbed him by the hair or tried to assault him, he tapped the guy on the shoulder. I am just nitpicking really but yeah, another great match from AMW, I am really into the two and I hope they can keep bringing quality matches.

Winners: AMW over Team Canada due to Shenanigans!

Johnny Fairplay Segment
Fairplay calls the two women bimbos so they proceed to beat the piss out of this wannabe. Traci and Trinity have the clue so both women survive, Trinity and Traci have to find a tag team who have never competed in TNA, whoever brings the best tag team will be Dusty’s new secretary.

(Ultimate X Match) AJ Styles vs Petey Williams © vs Chris Sabin (X-Division Championship Match)

This could be your show stealer ladies and gentlemen. If you have never seen this type of match before, let me explain. The title hangs above the ring like a ladder match, the belt is hung by red cables. To win the match, you must climb the cables and unhook the belt, a promo package hypes up all three amazing athletes.

 Styles is the ace of the division, Sabin is a former champion who has won the most Ultimate X matches while Petey is the longest reigning X Division champion. All three men have defined the division, Petey had been a great heel champion and Styles & Sabin had showed so much fire as babyfaces that either could have a chance of winning this match. Styles chops both men, a lot of quick knockdowns. Williams heels it up before bailing to the floor. 

Sabin chases Williams, Styles is behind Williams. Right hands by Styles and Sabin, Williams is double teamed, leaping clothesline by Styles and springboard dropkick by Sabin. Williams is on the floor so our two good guys decide to duke it out, Sabin gains control through forearm shots. Styles misses grabbing the X cables, Sabin chops Styles. Styles was ready for his dropkick but Williams dragged out Sabin, Styles decides to somersault plancha onto the two men.

 Styles and Sabin are on top one of the turnbuckles, Sabin dropkicks Styles into the X structure. Sabin begins his climb to the title, D’Amore grabs Sabin and Williams lands an inverted atomic drop. The referee banishes D’Amore from ringside, the crowd sings goodbye to D’Amore. Williams adjusts his gameplan without D’Amore and wipes out AJ. Reverse elbow to Sabin, snap suplex on Sabin. Back suplex on Sabin, Petey stomps AJ.

 Sabin battles back against Petey, Williams snaps Sabin’s leg into the mat before locking in a sharpshooter. AJ climbs the pole, Williams drags down Styles and German suplexes Styles. Williams kicks Sabin to the floor, forearm shots to Styles. Styles is placed in the tree of woe and we have the Canadian anthem sang by Williams as Styles’ nuts are crushed by Petey’s boot. 

Styles catches Williams with a massive Pele kick. Sabin and Styles drag one another down from the X Structure. Styles places Sabin on his shoulders, Williams is climbing the structure and hurricanranas Sabin off Styles shoulders. Tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep by Williams on Styles. Styles and Williams climb the structure on the opposite sides, both men kick one another. Sabin drags down Styles, Styles springboard forearms Williams off the X structure. Sabin is on the structure, Styles eats a hurricanrana from Sabin, huge bump from Styles there. Sabin kicks Williams, Cradle Shock is countered though for a reverse DDT but Styles say screw you guys.

 Springboard reverse DDT by AJ Styles. Styles is climbing towards the championship, Sabin dropkicks Styles and Styles takes a nasty front flip bump which looks like he almost broke his neck (Thankfully, he was fine!). Williams nails Sabin with a Cactus Jack clothesline. Williams recovers to climb the structure, Styles meets Williams on the structure. Blow are traded, Williams smashes Styles’ arm into the structure.

 Sabin is on all fours in the ring, Williams is caught and Sabin drills Williams with The Cradle Shock. Sabin is brought down from the cables by Styles, Styles with one arm nails Sabin with A Styles Clash. Styles climbs towards the championship with one hand, Styles drops to the mat with his injured arm. Canadian Destroyer by Williams, Styles is spiked (Such a ridiculous move). DDT by Williams on Sabin, Sabin nails a Razor’s Edge into the turnbuckle on Williams. Sabins and Williams race towards the belt, Styles is stirring on the apron. Sabin and Williams both have the belt, they hold it in the air but Styles springboards into the air and steals the belt from the two men.

 Good entertaining match, not a lot of selling, it was more spot after spot after spot. Was a little bit of a story with Styles’ arm being busted up so he had to figure out another way to grab the championship rather than climbing. Styles did it and it was good.

Winner: AJ Styles over Everyone Else by retrieving the belt!

(NWA/TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match) Monty Brown vs Jeff Jarrett ©

So Brown won his triple threat elimination match earlier in the night and was rewarded with this opportunity at Jarrett. The vibe I have got from Brown is he was on the track to win the big one, Brown was screwed out of the title by multiple chair shots, Scott Hall a guitar shot and Abyss the last time. All signs point to Brown winning the match but will that happen? My gut tells me no because of Jarrett’s ego. Lockup, Brown is taken down by Jarrett who struts, Jarrett grabs a side headlock, dropkick by the champion. More strutting and posing by the champion, side headlock by Jarrett.

 Shoulder block does not work for Jarrett, gorilla press slam by The Alpha Male. Knee to the ribs by Jarrett, hiptoss does not work for the champion. Brown knocks down Jeff. Jarrett rakes the eyes to stop the powerslam but the second time, Brown nails the powerslam. Brown headbutts Jarrett in the groin, Jarrett lowbridges Brown and Jarrett misses a plancha.

 Brown catches the champion and backbreakers Jarrett. Jarrett reverses Brown into the ringpost and the crowd. Jarrett slams Brown with a chair, make it two shots across the back. Lots of chair shots to the ribs of Brown, Jarrett brings Brown by the announce table. Jarrett cannot use the title belt as referee Rudy Charles takes the belt from Brown. Sleeper by the champion, sleeper by Brown. Jarrett counters but Figure Four is reversed into a roll up.

 Two count for Brown, Brown dodges the leg of Jarrett, Jarrett dodges the corner clothesline. Both men bang heads in the ring, Jarrett waits for Brown. Brown blocks the rights, rights of his own. Brown nails a powerbomb, two count and that was close. Swinging neckbreaker, two count as Jarrett kicks out. Jarrett cuts off Monty, Stroke is countered and Jarrett is rammed into the referee. Brown punches Jarrett in the corner, Jarrett boots Brown. Jarrett has the guitar, smack over the head of Brown, Brown is down and Jarrett covers.

 Brown kicks out! Jarrett has a chair, Brown is cracked in the face with the chair, Jarrett falls too as Jarrett was on Brown’s shoulders. Brown kicks out again! Jarrett has the belt, wham to the face. Jarrett makes the cover and Brown powers out! Talk about putting a guy over, Brown has survived the guitar, a chair and a belt. Brown punches the referee by mistake, second referee bump this is ridiculous. Jarrett has another guitar, Brown blocks the guitar shot. Chokeslam by Brown, Brown grabs the guitar and Jarrett is knocked out. Here comes a referee and Jarrett kicks out after the guitar shot, fans are not happy.

 Jarrett uses what’s left of a guitar for another shot on Brown, Stroke and another Stroke. Three Strokes with a low blow by Jarrett and Jarrett wins the match. That was shit, over-booked, egotistical bullshit from Mr. TNA. Why in God’s name would you have Brown survive all those weapon shots for him to still come up short? Why so many referee bumps and why so many guitars? It was dumb, it halted any momentum Brown had and I think his career has peaked in TNA now, I am pretty confident I don’t need to see anymore from Brown because this was pretty damaging to the guy’s career and disgusting affair from Jarrett.

Winner: Jarrett over Brown following stupid over-booking!

Overall, I needed a few moments to wash out my mouth after that main event, that really was piss-poor but the rest of the card, I must say I enjoyed. Tag Team match was great, a lot of heat from the crowd, not a big fan of the finish but it was the right call for AMW to go over so I hope there are good teams to work with them as I continue looking back at TNA. Ultimate X was one of their best matches, so unique and so many crazy spots with three good workers. All the other matches were solid, nothing was really terrible so yeah, it was mostly a positive show, I just really dislike the booking of the main event and I don’t think anybody would really disagree if you have seen the match.

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