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WWF Summerslam 1990 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that brings the goods like an NXT Takeover! It’s WWF Summerslam 1990, double main event time as we have Hulk Hogan vs Earthquake, Earthquake nearly ended the career of Hulk Hogan. We have never seen Hogan so badly injured by one man, not Bundy and not Andre have done this much damage. Hogan needed all your prayers to get back his strength and now Hogan faces Earthquake who will have Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart by his side. We also have Rick Rude vs Ultimate Warrior inside a steel cage. One man has beaten Warrior and his name is Rick Rude, can Rude do it one more time with the championship on the line? We also have Demolition vs The Hart Foundation which should be fantastic and much more. Let’s waste no more time and get this show on the road!

The Rockers vs Power & Glory

This starts on the floor, Michaels is smashed in the knee with the chain of Hercules. Roma has Jannetty in the ring, right hand after right hand. Jannetty battles both men at once, hip-tosses and scoop slams all around. Dropkick and noggin knocker, Slick is on the apron. The numbers are too much, Hercules & Roma batter Jannetty before Jannetty kicks away Hercules and cradles Roma for two. Slick grabs the referee to allow Roma time to survive, Jannetty elevates Hercules to the floor. Roma and Jannetty are in the ring, Hercules kicks Michaels to the floor. Roma whips Jannetty hard, Jannetty attempts a sunset flip but Roma tags in Hercules who takes apart Jannetty.

Jannetty almost cradles Hercules for two, Hercules tags in Roma. Roma nails two back-breakers for two, Hercules kicks Michaels off the apron again. Jannetty reverses an Irish whip for a powerslam, Hercules eats a superkick. Top rope diving fist drop onto Roma with Hercules making the save. Roma is saved by Hercules as Jannetty’s O Connor roll goes wrong as Hercules clotheslines Jannetty’s head off. Double flapjack by Power & Glory, clothesline by Hercules. Tag to Roma, superplex and splash combination and we have your winners.

So, this was an interesting match for sure, Michaels having a legit injury sucks because we were robbed of a great tag match and it seemed like The Rockers were just getting back on track in the WWF. A new gimmick for Roma and Hercules, badly needed for both men. Hercules was dying a slow death as a babyface while Roma was directionless with Powers in The Wild Stallions. Jannetty kicked a lot of ass in there by himself which was great to see the crowd so behind the babyfaces. A good opening match for sure, let’s see if the momentum can continue onto the next match.

Winners: Power & Glory over The Rockers via Suplex/Splash Combination!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Mr. Perfect © W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Texas Tornado

They lock-up, Tornado shoves back Perfect. Perfect felt that one for sure, Perfect takes a breather. Nice arm-drag ad hip-toss from Perfect, Perfect thinks little of Texas Tornado. Lock-up, Perfect grabs the hair to the corner we go. Chop from Perfect, Tornado fires back with an Irish whip reversal. Hip-toss and clothesline to the floor, we reset once more. Arm-wringer and right hands from Tornado, Perfect clobbers Tornado to escape the hold. Chops and rights by Perfect, snap-mare into the neck-snap. Whip to the buckle into the sleeper, Tornado is slowly fading. To the buckle, Perfect unloads with right hands. Slap from Perfect, make it three. Right hands from Perfect, Tornado shakes it off. Catapult to the ring-post, Texas Claw Hold into a Tornado Punch and this match is over!

Talk about making a big star, Texas Tornado is on the map in the WWF. Sad that they did to Perfect, Perfect has gotten the short end of the stick in my opinion with the Hogan feuding not leading to a pay per view match and a short reign for Perfect as Intercontinental Champion. It was quick though, Tornado has been established as a force to be reckoned with in the WWF.

Winner: Texas Tornado over Mr. Perfect via Tornado Punch!

Sensational Sherri vs Sweet Sapphire

These two had been feuding since Macho King set his sights on Dusty Rhodes, Sapphire and Rhodes would get the last laugh at Mania defeating Sherri and Savage in a mixed tag’s match. Sherri vs Sapphire does not take place though as Sapphire does not appear, Sherri is declared the winner as Sapphire has to forfeit because she does not appear.

Winner: Sensational Sherri over Sweet Sapphire via Forfeit!

Warlord W/ Slick vs Tito Santana

With Barbarian and Warlord splitting as The Powers Of Pain, they went their separate ways and freshened up their gear/gimmick. Santana grabs the headlock, Warlord picks up Santana and tosses him across the ring. Lock-up, Warlord pushes back Santana. Santana ducks the punch of Warlord, massive rights from Santana. Arm-wringer, elbow drop and two dropkicks. Actually, make it three. Warlord is on the floor and angry, Slick talks strategy. Arm-wringer from Santana, Warlord counters for a scoop slam. Santana dodges an elbow drop, Santana lands punches to the head before Warlord presses Santana to the floor on a pin-fall attempt.

Slick distracts the referee as Warlord rams Santana’s back into the ring-post. Slick has his shoe but the referee prevents an attack, Warlord throws Santana back into the ring. Massive smash from Warlord, forearms to the spine of Santana. Arm-wringer and shots to the gut in the corner, whip to the buckle. Santana blocks with his foot, massive clothesline for two. Rights and lefts by Santana, Warlord reverses an Irish whip but Santana ducks the clothesline and delivers his Flying Forearm. Warlord places his foot on the ropes to survive, Santana’s monkey flip does not work in the corner. Warlord picks up Santana and a huge Running Powerslam ends this match.

Solid win to establish Warlord as someone not to be messed with in the WWF. Santana brings that babyface fire that had everyone watching the SNME match with Mr. Perfect on their feet, that flying forearm is a thing of beauty. Crowd explodes when Warlord is smashed with it. Good stuff throughout, Warlord has some adjusting to do as a singles superstar but let’s not write off Warlord just yet, there is time for improvement!

Winner: Warlord over Tito Santana via Running Powerslam!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Two Out Of Three Falls Match) Demolition © vs The Hart Foundation

These two tag teams have been on a collision course since after Wrestlemania, The Rockers and The Legion Of Doom have also been wrapped up in this war but it comes to an end tonight with The Hart Foundation challenging for the championships. Demolition consist of Crush and Smash on this night, only 2 members of Demolition may be allowed at ringside at all times to prevent Demolition cheating like they had in previous championship defences.

Smash and Bret to start, Smash has the strength advantage. Smash tries pulling Bret to Crush, Crush tries entering the ring but here comes Neidhart to batter Crush. Double elbow to Smash, O Connor roll by Bret for two. Arm-wringer and tag to Neidhart, Smash sends Neidhart to the corner. Smash misses a corner attack, arm-wringer from Neidhart. Tag to Bret, axe handle to the spine. Arm-wringer and leg drop to the arm by Bret. Key-lock from Bret, Smash counters for a scoop slam. Tag to Crush, scoop slam but the knee drop misses. Headbutt by Bret, right hands and an Irish whip. Crush reverses, Bret ducks the clothesline and tries a crossbody. Crush catches Bret and nails the scoop slam, corner punches from Crush. Whip to the opposite buckle, Bret kicks away Crush.

Schoolboy from Bret for two, Crush tags Smash. Bret tags Neidhart, shoulder block by Neidhart. Neidhart runs the ropes and Crush nails Neidhart in the spine. Smash clubs down Neidhart, tag to Crush. Crush whips Neidhart to the corner, clothesline from Neidhart. Smash and Bret are legal now, clothesline by Bret. Dropkick to Crush, ten punches to Smash. Thesz Press by Bret on Crush and mounted punches, inverted atomic drop on Smash. Smash is whipped into Crush, Russian legsweep on Smash for two. Back-breaker, middle rope elbow for two as Crush leg drops Bret on the neck. Smash tags Crush, Demolition Decapitator for the first fall, the champions are halfway to victory.

Neidhart tries reviving Bret, Demolition double team Bret behind the referee’s back. Crush is with Bret, massive chokeslam from Crush. Tag to Smash, axe handle to the chest. Belly to back suplex for two, tag to Crush. Snap-mare into a chin-lock from Crush, Bret reaches his feet and elbows Crush before Crush cuts off Bret. Smash is in, whip with Bret ducking the clothesline and nailing a clothesline of his own. Bret crawls with Smash grabbing the leg, Bret tags in Neidhart. Forearms for both members of Demolition, elbow to Smash for two. Powerslam for two, shoulder blocks in the corner. Tag to Bret, Neidhart charges in with a shoulder block, Bret knocks Crush to the floor. Hart Attack with Crush stopping the referee from counting three. We have a DQ, we are tied in falls.

Final fall is on the way, Crush clotheslines Bret to the floor. Ax crawls under the ring as Demolition distract the referee. Bret shoulder blocks Smash, apron sunset flip for two. Inverted atomic drop for Smash, Bret stomps on the mid-section. Tag to Neidhart, Smash dodges Bret but does not dodge the clothesline of Neidhart. Nedihart slams Bret onto Smash for two, Smash rolls out of the ring and swaps places with Ax. Ax clubs the bejesus out of Bret as a fresh man, clothesline from Ax on Bret. Shots to the back of the head, scoop slam for two. Russian leg-sweep for two, Bret is whipped into the buckle sternum first hard. Neidhart saves Bret, tag to Crush.

Back-breaker from Crush with Neidhart saving the match again, Neidhart and Crush brawl as Smash appears from under the ring and helps Ax batter Bret. Smash swaps with Ax but LOD are here and are not happy, they grab Ax from under the ring. This stops Demolition from hitting their finish, Smash and Ax brawl with LOD but this leaves Crush all alone in the ring, Crush has fallen from the top rope thanks to LOD. Slingshot shoulder block by Neidhart, roll-up from Bret and we have new champions!

What a classic match, gutsy performance from Bret who takes one hell of a beating throughout this match. Credit for Bret making all three members of Demolition look as strong as possible, love the cheating tactics of Demolition. Such a sucker for the three man gimmick defending the tag belts, love the switching and how much it annoys the fans in attendance. If I have a criticism, I would have to say Crush attacking the referee instead of breaking up the pin-fall made little sense to me but you get that championship change which is terrific, Bret and Neidhart had been part of some of my favourite matches from 1989 and 1990, glad they are where they are right now.

Winners: The Hart Foundation over Demolition via Two Out Of Three Falls!

Bad News Brown vs Jake The Snake Roberts

Roberts has transitioned into a new feud with Brown, should be an interesting match for sure. Brown has a Harlem sewer rat to counteract Roberts’ Damien. Big Bossman is your special referee, Brown misses a corner clothesline. DDT attempt from Roberts with Brown sliding away. Throat thrust from Brown, hip-toss from Brown. Roberts is holding his back, leg drop from Brown. Two for Brown, Brown points at Bossman. Roberts nails a kick to the ribs, another DDT attempt with Brown rolling to the floor. Brown smashes Roberts with a right hand on the floor, chair to the ribs. Bossman tells Brown to enter the ring, Brown obliges before tossing Roberts back into the ring.

Hard Irish whip, make it two. Roberts says bring it on though, Brown continues to land big shots to the neck and chest of Roberts. Another whip to the buckle, clothesline by Brown. Middle rope fist drop misses for Brown, knee-lift from Roberts. Snap jabs and a short-arm clothesline from Roberts, Brown back drops Roberts to stop the DDT. Stomps to the back, Brown grabs a chair again. Roberts is nailed in the ribs and that is all, Bossman disqualifies Brown.

You know for all his popularity, the WWF book Jake The Snake Roberts so poorly. It is almost shocking at times, Roberts and his DDT drive the fans into a frenzy but we hardly see Roberts go over anyone on pay per view. Anyways, this match was about 4 minutes long, the quality of this card is a bit all over the place. It is what it is, Roberts win and Brown is scared of Damian.

Winner: Jake Roberts over Bad News Brown via DQ!

Jim Duggan & Nikolai Volkoff vs The Orient Express W/ Mr. Fuji

Volkoff is now a babyface due to the end of The Cold War with Volkoff becoming a patriot. Awful singing but we have a match to get to eventually, Sato and Tanaka jump the duo. Double atomic drops and boots by the babyfaces, Orient Express is on the floor. Tanaka and Volkoff start, Volkoff pushes off Tanaka. Shoulder block does not work, crossbody does not work either but Sato comes off the top rope with a diving brain chop to allow Tanaka to do some damage. Fuji smashes Volkoff in the throat with his cane, tag to Sato. Hook kick from Sato, tag to Tanaka. Falling splash misses, tag to Duggan. Duggan batters Sato and Tanaka, throat thrust by Tanaka but Duggan answers with a clothesline to the duo. Rights and lefts, noggin knocker and clotheslines. Sato is whipped into Tanaka, Volkoff sends Sato to the floor and Three-Point Stance Clothesline on Tanaka for the win. Quick win to put over the team, hardly a thing to say to be honest, was fine.

Winners: Jim Duggan & Nikolai Volkoff over The Orient Express via Clothesline!

Dusty Rhodes vs Macho King Randy Savage W/ Sensational Sherri

So, Sapphire had been receiving anonymous gifts from a mysterious benefactor. Could this be a reason for Sapphire’s absence? She had not appeared for her match with Sherri, she was nowhere to be found during the day. Here is The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, what is going on here? Rhodes has been thrown by this for sure, Dibiase talks about his money buying anything and anyone. Dibiase has bought Sapphire, she has sold her soul to the devil himself.

Rhodes was chasing after Dibiase, Savage attacks. Diving double axe handle from the top rope, Sherri elbows Rhodes in the face. Foot choke from Savage, knee choke from Sherri. Elbow to the throat from Savage, left jabs from Macho King. Rhodes grabs Savage in the corner, elbows and right hands from The Common Man. Elbow to the head, make it two. Dropkick from Rhodes, Savage hides behind Sherri. Sherri hands Savage her shoe, Sherri is in the ring and Rhodes catches Sherri. Savage nails Rhodes with the high heel, Savage steals the win.

I have no problem with Rhodes transitioning into a feud with Dibiase but damn, they robbed me of a very entertaining match here. Say what you want about Rhodes’ thoughts on his WWF run but I have enjoyed every twist and turn so far, the man is so charismatic and can do it everything he needs to do to get the crowd going wild. It was a great gimmick and I hope Rhodes can recover from this feud and booking because Rhodes is tremendous. Shocked to see Savage as seemingly the odd one out in this feud, too short for a real rating.

Winner: Randy Savage over Dusty Rhodes via Heel To The Head!

Earthquake W/ Dino Bravo & Jimmy Hart vs Hulk Hogan W/ The Big Bossman

Double payday for Bossman, let’s get down to the real business. Earthquake has been built for this moment, Earthquake has steamrolled babyface after babyface, injuring countless wrestlers and putting them out of action. Hogan was on Brother Love’s show which led to Earthquake taking out Hogan. Hogan has never ever been injured like Earthquake did to him, worst night of Hogan’s life. Hogan had support from his friend Tugboat but even Tugboat felt victim to the attacks of Earthquake and Dino Bravo. Big Bossman has stepped up to be in Hogan’s corner but Hogan has the toughest task of them all. Hogan has to overcome the seemingly invincible Earthquake, who will come out on top?

They take their time before locking up, Hogan tries shoving Earthquake back and it does not work. Earthquake shoves back Hogan though, make it double. Doubt creeps across the face of Hogan, side headlock by Hogan. Earthquake shoulder blocks Hogan, Bossman and Hogan are talking strategy. Boot, eye rake and right hands by Hogan, slam attempt is blocked by Earthquake. Clubbing blows by Earthquake, whip to the buckle. Hogan is down, whip to the opposite buckle. Earthquake eats a boot and multiple clotheslines, chops too. Earthquake is still up on his feet, shot for Jimmy Hart and Bravo. A wound up right knocks Earthquake on his ass for the first time ever possibly.

Hogan and Bossman batter Bravo and Earthquake on the floor, Bossman and Hogan whip Bravo. Double big boot for Bravo and Earthquake, the referee asks Bossman to leave the ring. This allows Bravo and Earthquake to nail a scoop slam, elbow drop by Earthquake for two. Earthquake is climbing to the top rope, Hogan is smashed in the spine with a forearm. Earthquake stomps on the fingers of Hogan, Boston crab from Earthquake. Hogan manages to reach the ropes, Bravo scoop slams Hogan hard on the mat. Bravo tosses Hogan in the ring, scoop slam by Earthquake. Hogan dodges the elbow drop, there is a sliver of hope for Hogan.

 Chop and eye rake, Earthquake is too heavy to lift as Hogan collapses on the scoop slam. Bearhug from Earthquake, Hogan rallies and breaks free. Shoulder blocks do not knock the big man down. Crossbody attempt by Hogan, massive powerslam from Earthquake. Two for Earthquake, the tremors are starting as Earthquake nails his splash. Bravo asks for another splash, another splash connects as Hogan Hulks Up motherfucker! Those right hands are not stinging Hogan, right hands by Hogan. Big boot, scoop slam by Hogan. Atomic Leg Drop with Bravo distracting the referee, Jimmy Hart attacks Hogan. Hogan presses Hart onto Earthquake, Bossman is fighting with Bravo.

Jimmy Hart has his megaphone, looking to nail Hogan. Earthquake grabs Hogan from behind but it misses as Jimmy Hart waffles Earthquake by accident. Hogan scoop slams Earthquake through a table and gets the count-out victory. Earthquake, Bravo and Hart try to rough up Hogan after the bell but Bossman saves the day with a chair and his nightstick!

Earthquake did not take the leg drop and the pin? Shocking, could we see these two meet again? The match was all sorts of Hogan awesomeness, the selling, the doubt and the Hulking Up. Loved how Earthquake was so dominant throughout the match, one elbow drop and Hogan was near dead. The powerslam was so solid, the finish leaves the door open for a rematch and I would not mind it as Hogan’s crowd control is simply amazing. Even with a count-out finish, the fans were happy and I was happy too, I mean how good is The Hulkster?

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Earthquake via Count-Out!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match) Ravishing Rick Rude W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Ultimate Warrior ©

This match starts on top of the cage as Warrior tries entering the ring. Rude is blocking his path but Warrior knocks Rude down. Rude is staggered and Warrior nails a diving axe handle. Warrior hurls Rude into the cage wall, Rude tries crawling away. Warrior is in hot pursuit, Rude meets every single cage wall. Warrior misses a flying shoulder tackle on Rude and crashes into the cage wall. Rude is climbing his way to victory, Warrior makes his way to Rude but Rude kicks away Warrior. Rude decides to nail a diving axe handle to stop Warrior, Rude is bleeding. Warrior meets the cage wall, right hand and backhand by The Ravishing One.

Into the cage wall again goes Warrior, Warrior and Rude begin slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Eye rake by Rude, Warrior’s face is raked off the steel bars. Rude nails a gut kick, Rude Awakening is denied by Warrior. Clothesline by Warrior, splash is blocked as Rude lifts his knees. Rude Awakening connects in the middle of the ring, Rude climbs to the top of the cage. Diving Fist Drop from Rude, Rude tries for a second fist drop and Warrior smashes Rude in the ribs. Warrior crawls towards the door, Heenan closes the door on the face of Warrior. 1….2… Warrior kicks out!

Side headlock from Rude, Warrior shoves him off and both men bang heads. Rude goes for the door, Heenan grabs Rude’s hands to help pull him out of the cage. Rude’s bare bottom is exposed for the world to see as Warrior pulls so hard that Heenan is in the ring. Massive right hand floors Heenan, atomic drop with Heenan being knocked out of the cage. Rude clotheslines Warrior down, Warrior begins to rally and shake off the attacks of Rude. Clotheslines by Warrior, gorilla press slam and Warrior begins climbing out of the cage to victory. Rude has no clue where he is as Warrior climbs his way out of the cage for the win.

This just did not do it for me, I do not know if the crowd was burnt out from Hogan vs Earthquake or perhaps this match was so quick but something was a miss with this match. Things never kicked into the next gear, I like both men. Rude’s gimmick is tremendous and his in-ring work is phenomenal while Warrior is over enough with the audience that anything he does in that ring works but it never comes together in this match. Rude blades, trying to add some drama to this one but I never felt like Rude had a realistic hope of beating Warrior. It just did not have that drama for me, I cannot figure out Rude would not try to escape after the Rude Awakening.

Winner: Ultimate Warrior over Ravishing Rick Rude via Escape!

That was WWF’s Summerslam 1990, a mixed bag if I am honest from the WWF. First, let’s address the two matches we did not get. Beefcake vs Perfect and Tito vs Martel. Both would have been great blow-offs to their feuds and while Tornado was a suitable replacement, I cannot help but think where we could have gone with the possibility of Beefcake winning the championship. Roddy Piper and Vince Mcmahon instead of Ventura and Monsoon is awful, Piper gets old real fast in the commentator role. Anyways like Wrestlemania VI, we got extended squash matches on the card. Warlord vs Santana, Volkoff & Duggan vs Orient Express, Savage vs Rhodes. Not a fan of those three matches I mentioned, thought more could have been done to make the last one more interesting for sure. Brown vs Roberts was disappointing too, not a fan of how that match played out, the snake at the end sent the fans home happy but did not justify the match or finish in my opinion.

Hogan vs Earthquake delivered because it was Hogan’s return and Hogan works the crowd to perfection. As I stated above, all of Hogan’s spots come together and the crowd loses their collective mind with a finish that leaves a rematch on the table. Warrior vs Rude does not connect like the Hogan match, it seems abrupt and over before we get to enjoy it. So, did it live up to my expectations? The answer is no, I had high hopes coming into Summerslam 1990 but beyond Hogan vs Earthquake and an excellent tag team match for the tag team championships (Not counting Crush attacking the referee), the quality felt like a decent Saturday Night’s Main Event edition. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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