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WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that pays less than Paul Heyman Circa 2000! It’s Cyber Sunday 2008, it is my vote, my voice and my choice (Feel like I am singing Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins). Anyways, the power is in our hands, we decide the matches and the stipulations. Who will face Triple H for the WWE Championship? We do not know! Who will be the special referee for Batista vs Chris Jericho? We do not know! That is what adds to the drama, it could be anyone! Usually, this pay per view disappoints as it is usually a filler event to the more serious pay per views but let’s see what WWE come up with this time!

(No Holds Barred Match) Rey Mysterio vs Kane

Mysterio and Kane had been feuding due to Kane’s hatred of Mysterio and how the fans accept Mysterio and his mask. Kane tried to take the mask of Mysterio but got disqualified in their last encounter. Mysterio ducks Kane’s attacks and kicks at The Big Red Monster. Kane lands a big knee to cut off Mysterio, Mysterio quickens the pace and low-bridges Kane. Tope con hilo to the floor, Mysterio waffles Kane with a kendo stick before grabbing a stop sign. Kane boots Mysterio down, Mysterio is thrown into the ring-post sternum first. Kane dropkicks Mysterio into the ring-post, Kane grabs a camera cable. Mysterio is choked with the cable before being slammed into the ring-post, military press into the ring by Kane for two.

Mysterio reaches for the kendo stick, Kane kicks Mysterio and kicks the stick away. Hard Irish whip to the corner, scoop slam with a leg drop. Two for Kane, back-breaker with Kane stretching Mysterio over his knee. Mysterio battles out of the hold, Kane boots down Mysterio. Two for Kane again, Kane is getting frustrated now. Stretch hold from Kane, Mysterio reaches the ropes and kicks Kane away. However, Kane smashes Mysterio with a right hand, another back-breaker stretch from The Big Red Monster. Mysterio digs at Kane’s eyes, massive kick to the face. Mysterio boots away Kane, bulldog from Mysterio.

Enzuigiri from Mysterio, Kane is in position for the 619. Kane lures in Mysterio who comes in charging, massive clothesline from Kane. Kane grabs a steel chair, tossing it into the ring. Mysterio dropkicks the chair into Kane’s face, tilt-a-whirl neck-breaker from Mysterio. Mysterio has the chair, Arabian face-buster from Mysterio for two. Mysterio tries for a crossbody but Kane catches the underdog with a massive throat thrust. Kane has the steel steps in the ring, boot from Kane to Mysterio. The Steel steps are in the corner, Mysterio slides out of the powerslam. Chokeslam attempt for Kane, Mysterio slips out and drop toeholds Kane into the steel steps. West Coast Pop from Mysterio for two, Mysterio was so close!

Mysterio grabs the chair, to the ribs goes the chair. Knee shots and one to the head, Kane is knocked into the ropes. 619 blocked again, chokeslam attempt but Mysterio counters for a hurricanrana, 619 and springboard splash from Mysterio for the win. Mysterio has beaten Kane within a flash, Kane is fuming.

Good back and forth contest from these two, they work in the weapons in a meaningful manner for sure. Mysterio used the steel steps and the chair to setup big moments, the finishing sequence was pretty too with Mysterio countering the chokeslam into a hurricanrana. Looks beautiful every time I see it, enjoyed this as an opening match.

Winner: Rey Mysterio over Kane via Splash!

(ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Matt Hardy © vs Evan Bourne

Babyface vs babyface, side headlock with Hardy taking down Bourne with ease. Dropkick from Bourne to remind Hardy this will not be an easy task, loud Hardy chants. Snap-mare from Bourne into a side headlock, Hardy breaks the hold for a key-lock. Slam to the mat, Hardy looks for an easy pin-fall. Victory roll from Bourne for two, kick by Hardy. Sunset flip from Bourne for two, Bourne blocks side effect for a roll-up. High knee, kick to the face and a hurricanrana with Hardy looking dazed. Hardy side-steps Bourne who lands on the apron, Hardy forearms Bourne to the floor.

 Hardy rams Bourne off the buckle and lands a vicious clothesline for two, Hardy tries a bulldog but Bourne runs Hardy into the buckle. Cross-arm-breaker attempt from Bourne, Hardy attempts to block the hold as we transition into the arm-wringer. Kicks into a standing moonsault from Bourne for two, hammerlock from Bourne. Hardy clubs down Bourne, Bourne answers with a kick to the head. Bourne is climbing high, Hardy rolls away from the shooting star press. Plancha fake-out from Bourne, Hardy does not fall for it and ties up Bourne in the ropes. Scoop slam on the floor by Hardy for two, middle rope elbow drop to the back of the head for two.

Abdominal stretch from Hardy, extra shots to the ribs of Bourne. Hardy grabs the leg for extra pressure, Bourne fights back though with big right hands before a Hardy clothesline ends that flurry. Stiff kick to the ribs, splash mountain bomb is countered with a beautiful hurricanrana. Hardy looks to reassume control but Bourne kicks away at Hardy, Hardy manages to counter for Side Effect, close two for Hardy. Second Side Effect for another close two, frustration coming across Hardy’s face. Middle rope axe handle goes wrong for Hardy as a spinning heel kick from Bourne wipes out the champion.

Kicks from Bourne, moonsault out of the corner for two. Elbow in the corner, high kick to the face for two. Meteora from the top rope for two, high kick misses for Bourne as Hardy rolls-up the challenger for two. Tilt-a-whirl arm-bar from Bourne, Bourne wants the shooting star press. Hardy climbs up to the buckle, stopping Bourne. Bourne knocks down Hardy, shooting star press misses for Bourne. Twist of Fate is countered for a backslide, two for Bourne. Out of the pin-fall attempt, Hardy delivers a Twist Of Fate for the win.

An awkward one for sure, Hardy had pleaded on TV for a match with Henry but the fans have the power and we get a babyface vs babyface match. Hardy uses his experience to play the dominant heel in this one over Bourne, fans did not want to see Hardy brutalize and control Bourne yet at the same time, Bourne was not familiar to this audience as it seems so the two work hard and Hardy makes Bourne look like a credible competitor but the fans were not buying into it so we had an awkward one to sit through. Some interesting counters in there though, Bourne has massive potential.

Winner: Matt Hardy over Evan Bourne via Twist Of Fate!

Cryme Tyme vs John Morrison & The Miz

Cryme Tyme were mocked on The Dirtsheet, I literally forgot they were still around. They seem to do nothing but manage to stay employed, JTG and Morrison start. Trash-talking, elbows and headlocks from both. Morrison whips JTG, JTG takes a knee and uppercuts Morrison. Morrison tags Miz, Miz eats a dropkick before JTG tags Shad. Corner splash, scoop slam for two. Another slam, tag to JTG. Shad Alabama slams JTG onto Miz for two, Miz throat punches JTG. Tag to Morrison, big kicks to JTG. JTG blocks the right hand and shoves Morrison to his corner. Tag to Shad, Shad elevates JTG onto Morrison. Morrison and Miz are tossed to the floor, Shad military presses JTG onto Morrison & Miz.

JTG and Shad making the most of this rare pay per view appearance, Shad gets a two on Morrison in the ring. Morrison backs Shad to the corner, Miz holds onto Shad. Morrison brings all his weight down on Shad’s hamstring. Miz tags in and works the leg, tag to Morrison. Morrison applies a single leg Boston crab, Shad shakes off Morrison. Morrison tags Miz, Miz applies a heel hook. Miz is shook off, Shad tags JTG. Leaping clothesline and neck-snap on Miz, Morrison is knocked to the floor. Slingblade on Miz, Morrison distracts JTG who is on the top rope. Miz smacks JTG to the floor, Miz covers JTG for two. Double gut-buster from Miz & Morrison, Morrison chokes JTG on the middle rope.

Boot from Miz behind the referee’s back, more stomps and a running knee from Morrison for two. Miz tags in and batters JTG before applying a chin-lock, JTG almost escapes but Miz tags Morrison. They try their slingshot elbow and knee combination but JTG smashes Morrison to the ground and stomps on Miz. Morrison tries stopping the tag but JTG tags in Shad. Boots and flapjacks, a clothesline that turns Morrison inside and out. Morrison is tossed to the corner, Morrison kicks out Shad’s knee. Schoolboy with feet on the ropes, JTG pushes off Morrison’s feet. Shad spinebusters Morrison, Miz makes the save. Miz and JTG brawl, the referee removes JTG. Miz kicks out Shad’s leg, Morrison hits Moonlight Drive for the win.

Average, wonderfully average. Cryme Tyme try so hard to get the crowd into this match but it is not happening, the tag team division has been suffering for an awfully long time in the WWE. Felt like Hardys vs MNM at ECW December to Dismember, felt like the match started over multiple times with Shad and JTG making multiple hot-tags before being shut down. Finish was fine, they look like they have plans for Morrison and Miz, I do not see the point of doing anything with Cryme Tyme anyways so let us see what the future holds.

Winners: Miz & Morrison over Cryme Tyme via Moonlight Drive!

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) Santino Marella © W/ Beth Phoenix vs The Honky Tonk Man

The Honk-A-Meter was a fantastic idea for Marella, Marella was a wonderful goofball heel who of course would think that he is the greatest intercontinental champion since The Honky Tonk Man. Shaquille O’Neal is in attendance tonight which is a wonderful cameo. Fitting that Marella would face the very man who inspired his personal quest to become the greatest intercontinental champion of all-time. Honky belittles Marella before dancing, Honky challenges Marella to dance who dances for a bit. Massive cheapshot from Marella, Honky and Marella lock-up.

Marella backs Honky to the corner, Honky dodges Marella. Marella begs off, Honky grabs a side headlock and smashes Marella in the face. Side headlock, shoulder block from Honky. Beth trips up Honky, the referee disqualifies Marella. Marella gives out to Beth, Goldust comes out because why not. Blocking the path of Marella, Piper comes down too because he is The Hot Rod. Final Cut from Goldust, Piper nails lefts and an eye poke. Shake, Rattle & Roll.

Yeah, do I really need to talk about that? I thought it could have been great heat for Marella to beat Honky or at least you know give us some kind of a competitive match. What they delivered was awful, DUD!

Winner: Honky Tonk Man over Santino Marella via DQ!

(Last Man Standing Match) The Big Show vs The Undertaker

Big Show crushed Undertaker at No Mercy, the most devastating right hand in the business. Show knocks people out with The Knock-Out Punch and boy do I love when Big Show is allowed to be a big nasty SOB who throws his weight around. We start with right hands from Taker, Show is covering up but Taker is the best striker in the business. Show sends Taker to the floor though, more big punches from both men. Headbutt from Show, Taker is sent into the timekeeper’s area. Show looks for a chokeslam, stun-gun from Taker. Chair to the head from Taker, Show retreats to the ring.

Corner clothesline by Taker, Show reverses an Irish whip to the corner. Taker counters with a boot but runs right into a clothesline from Show. Headbutt by Show, rights and lefts from Show. Taker is down in the corner, headbutt floors The Deadman. Show lands a massive leg drop, the referee begins counting. At 7, Taker rises to his feet. Show boots Taker to the floor, more massive right hands. Taker is leaning against the ring-post, Show misses a chair-shot. Taker boots Show and guillotines Show by ramming Show throat-first into the ring-post with the chair on his throat. At 8, Show manages to make it to this feet. Show is laying across the ring apron, elbows by The Phenom.

Setting up the apron leg drop, Show staggers around the ring as Taker stomps the left leg and tees off with rights and lefts. Irish whip attempt by Taker but Show lands a massive lariat. At 8, Taker is on his feet. Show stomps Taker against the ropes, Taker is staggering now. Headbutts from Show, Taker is continuing to battle back from the attacks of Show. A knee cuts off Taker momentarily, headbutt by Show. Taker lands more right hands, chokeslam attempt for Taker. Show grabs Taker’s throat, chokeslam attempt is countered for a DDT from Taker. Show makes it up at 9, Show manages to shake off Taker. Headbutt to Taker again, Show exposes a turnbuckle. Elbow to Taker, Show lifts up Taker.

Taker slips out and shoves Show into the buckle, leaping clothesline from The Deadman. Show makes it up at 9, Taker tries a boot in the corner but Show dodges. Taker hits the exposed buckle and tumbles to the floor, Taker is smashed off the steel steps. Show exposes the announce table, Taker is waffled with the monitor. Taker is knocked into the crowd, Show grabs a chair. Taker punches Show in the face and looks for a leg drop but Show Chokeslams Taker through the announce table. Taker manages to get up at 9, Taker has his fists raised ready to fight. Taker wallops Show and Show is shaking it off, Show slaps around Taker.

Right hand from Taker, right hand from Show. Slugfest, whip by Show. Show lowers his head, DDT from The Deadman. Taker sits up, Old School but Show counters for a Chokeslam. Taker pulls himself using the ropes at 9, Knock-Out Punch right to the face. Taker manages to sit up at 9, Show is irate. Show has the chair, Taker is cracked with the chair in the head. Show tries to pick up Taker but Taker locks in Hell’s Gate. Taker has suckered in Show, Hell’s Gate has choked out Show. Taker is trying desperately trying to pull himself up using the ropes, Taker makes it to his feet and defeats Show.

I thoroughly enjoyed this match, I get its slow pace and lack of manoeuvres might be a turn off for some people but I do love two big bastards going at it and it is so believable. Show working the body with those punches and the knock-out punch is just terrific, Show batters Taker with such glee throughout the match. The finish is beautiful, Show winding up for Taker’s head with that trusted Knock-Out Punch only to fall into Hell’s Gate. Taker sells every attack from Show like death, Taker constantly pulls himself up using the ropes before collapsing again to the floor, really showing the deadly attacks of Show. We are tied one a piece between these two and I am looking forward to that final match.

Winner: The Undertaker over The Big Show via Being The Last Man Standing!

(WWE Championship Match) Triple H © vs Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy’s second chance at becoming a champion against The Game, the two did battle at No Mercy with Triple H squeezing out a win over The Charismatic Enigma. Hardy pushed Triple H to his limits, could Hardy upset Triple H on this night?

Lock-up, clean break from the champion. Arm-wringer from Hardy, Triple H counters for a hammerlock but Hardy counters with his own. Side headlock from Triple H, shoulder block from Triple H. Hip-toss from Hardy, kick off from Triple H. Arm-drag into an arm-bar from Hardy, Triple H shoves Hardy to the corner. Leap-over from Hardy, both men attempt their finishers before a stalemate. Lock-up, side headlock from Triple H. Arm-drags from Hardy into an arm-wringer. Triple H backs Hardy into the corner, shoulder thrusts. Hardy escapes and tries for seemingly whisper in the wind but Hardy is sent tumbling to the floor.

Triple H shoves Hardy into the ring-post, make it double. Schoolboy for two, arm-bar from the champion. Hardy fights back, corkscrew mule kick misses as Triple H dodges. Arm-bar from Triple H, Hardy fights back again but lowers his head on an Irish whip. Face-buster from Triple H, Triple H hits the ropes again but Hardy counters with a sling-blade like manoeuvre. Leg drop to the gut and dropkick to the face from Hardy for two, Triple H reverses an Irish whip. Hardy slips out of the spinebuster for a sit-out front suplex for two. Corner clothesline from Hardy, Hardy attempts a corner dropkick but Triple H lands a spinebuster for two.

 Triple H whips Hardy to the corner, Hardy tries a middle rope crossbody but the champion counters for a crossface. Triple H sees Hardy crawling close to the ropes so Hardy is dragged back to the middle of the ring. Crossface reapplied, Hardy counters the hold for a pin-fall for a close two. The Game stomps Hardy to the floor, Hardy reverses an Irish whip and the champion meets the steel steps. Hardy uses the steps to nail Poetry in Motion on Triple H, both men are down on the floor. Whisper in The Wind, make it double. 1….2… Triple H kicks out! Rope assisted dropkick in the corner, two for Hardy. Twist of Fate is countered, Triple H shoves off Hardy. Pedigree attempt, Hardy sweeps the legs and jacknife covers The Game for two.

Sleeper from Triple H to cut off the challenger, Hardy escapes and nails The Twist of Fate. 1…2.. Triple H manages to kick out! Hardy climbs to the top rope, Swanton Bomb from Hardy. Hardy decides one is not enough, Swanton Bomb number two does not go to plan. Triple H blocks with his knees and both men are now down. Pedigree is countered for a corkscrew mule kick, plancha from Hardy. Hardy tosses Triple H back in the ring, another swanton attempt but Triple H crotches Hardy and lands the Pedigree for the win.

They work hard like they did at No Mercy, Triple H has definitively beaten Hardy now with the Pedigree. Interesting considering what we know the future holds but I thought they did put together an interesting match on this occasion. There do a rehash of last month with Hardy acknowledging how good The Game is while The Game acknowledging that Hardy is so close to climbing to the top of the mountain. I cannot think of much more to say though, it was good but I had also seen this match last month with a relatively similar layout.

Winner: Triple H over Jeff Hardy via Pedigree!

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs Batista (Stone Cold Steve Austin Special Guest Referee)

Jericho had freed himself of Shawn Michaels, a feud that had spanned for months on Raw. Jericho was doing some of the best character work in his life but now, Jericho must face The Animal. Batista has been on a warpath since the summer, defeating John Cena and winning a number one contender’s match. The deck is stacked against Y2J though as nobody is willing to help Jericho weasel his way out of the match and the special guest referee is none other than The Texas Rattlesnake. However, Randy Orton is more than miffed at this choice from the WWE Nation.

The bell rings, Jericho is still talking trash with Austin. Not a wise choice with The Animal in the background. Jericho slaps Batista, Batista spears Jericho to the corner, shoulder thrusts from Batista. Irish whip by Batista, Jericho holds onto the ropes and decides to leave. Jericho continues walking away, Austin asks for the microphone. Austin says that if Jericho gets disqualified or counted out, Jericho loses his championship. Jericho is worried and rushes back to the ring, clothesline by Batista. Hard Irish whip and slap from Batista, high elbow and suplex for two. Batista rams Jericho into the buckle, elbows from Batista. Hip-toss from Batista, Jericho manages to throw the challenger to the floor.

Baseball slide from Jericho, Batista tries entering the ring and Jericho ties up Batista in the ropes. Batista’s left leg is a target for the champion, Jericho makes no mistake in attacking the leg. Jericho wrenches the leg, more kicks to the knee. Chop block from the champion, slaps from Jericho. Bad idea, Batista smashes Jericho in the face. Right hands by Batista, Irish whip but Jericho ducks the clothesline and dropkicks the knee. Back to the knee goes the champion, numerous kicks to the hamstring and calf.

Batista knocks away Jericho with his good leg before Jericho slaps on a sleeper, Batista backs Jericho to the corner. Drop toehold from Jericho cuts off The Animal, ten punches in the corner attempt from Jericho. Batista counters, looking for the powerbomb but Jericho rolls through for a two count. More kicks to the leg from Jericho, Batista uses his good leg for a massive big boot. Batista fires back with right hands, a corner clothesline and a running powerslam. Batista Bomb attempt but Jericho attacks the leg and has The Walls of Jericho locked in, Batista manages to crawl to the ropes. Jericho does not release so Austin forces Jericho to release the hold.

Batista shoves away Jericho, massive black hole slam for two. Jericho ducks a clothesline, crossbody attempt but Batista counters for his powerbomb. However, Jericho wriggles free.  Jericho is on the apron, stun-gun to Batista and Jericho edges towards the top rope. Diving attack fails for Jericho as Batista nails a clothesline, close two for Batista. Batista is measuring for the spear, Jericho dodges last second. Batista hits the ring-post hard, Jericho and Batista are on the apron climbing the buckle. Batista tosses off Jericho, diving shoulder block from Batista for a close two.

Jericho counters the spinebuster for a DDT, Batista is rolling his way to the corner. Batista hits Jericho with an elbow, Batista shoulder blocks Austin by mistake. Codebreaker from Jericho, Austin is down. Here comes Shawn Michaels, Michaels counts super slow for Jericho due to his hatred for Jericho. Jericho and Michaels have words, Batista Spears Jericho who was spooked by Michaels. Michaels tries to count the pin but JBL comes out and Clotheslines Michaels on the floor. Jericho chop blocks Batista, Jericho grabs the championship. Randy Orton runs down and wipes out Austin, what is going on? Jericho waffles Batista with the championship, 1….2… Batista manages to get his shoulder up and kick out!

Austin is up too, Stone Cold Stunner to Orton which sends everyone into a frenzy. Jericho and Austin have words, Jericho avoids the stunner but does not avoid the spinebuster. Batista Bomb for the ages on Jericho in the middle of the ring, 1…2…3!

The deck was truly stacked against the slimy Jericho on this night but Jericho delivered a very good performance in the main event with Batista. The Special Guest Referee stipulation is hit and miss with me, it almost always guarantees shenanigans and boy did this match have that at the end. Austin down, Michaels comes out but we also have JBL and Orton. The crowd lost their minds with each little moment, ramping up the drama and excitement of the match ten fold. How was the match before that ending though? Well, Jericho worked the leg and I was into it, Batista could not deliver his power moves as he needed that leg as his foundation. Batista struggled to put away Jericho because his power was taken away, definitely could have heightened the drama more with a Walls of Jericho in there that made you doubt whether Batista could hang on. When the walls were used, it felt too early, I thought Jericho could have done more to build drama for that moment. However, for a Cyber Sunday pay per view to end with a new champion with a redemption story and as much excitement as it did, I am one happy customer.

Winner: Batista over Chris Jericho via Batista Bomb!

That was WWE’s Cyber Sunday 2008, a decent pay per view due to my low expectations coming into the event. While they are fun gimmick matches on these shows, they tend to have little importance on the grand scheme of things in WWE and the matches tend to be hit and miss. We kick off with a continuation of Kane vs Mysterio, an interesting angle for sure and a great match up due to the Mysterio vs Big Man factor. Mysterio is super popular with the fans, flies around the ring and Kane keeps swatting him down, weapons come into play which help keep the crowd coming with the match until we have a great counter into the finish with Mysterio slaying The Big Red Monster.

Things take a dip with Hardy vs Bourne, nothing majorly wrong here with the two working hard but crowd did not want to boo Hardy who had to dominate and dictate the pace due to being the veteran/champion and the crowd seemed like they did not connect to the high-flying Bourne. Speculating it was due to lack of exposure to ECW, regardless the match suffered from the fans and their torn or disinterested perspective. The tag match between Morrison & Miz & Cryme Tyme did little for me. I like Morrison & Miz, I feel Cryme Tyme are hardly ever booked and the tag division is such a non-factor in WWE that this match meant nothing. Undertaker vs Big Show was hard-hitting with Taker doing his best to showcase The Big Show and how much of a threat he is to The Deadman. I think with these two matches Taker has succeeded with putting Show on the map, I like the brawling battles the two have and the finish is satisfying with Show setting up for his trusty weapon only to fall into Taker’s trap.

Triple H vs Jeff Hardy was good but felt too similar to their previous match, the one positive I suppose you have from it is Triple H can move past this now and they can start to rebuild Hardy towards the main event scene that they desperately want him to attain. The main event is so exciting in those final minutes, it makes the pay per view worth it almost. Batista finally back on top of the mountain but Jericho’s reign is over so quickly, what could possibly be next after Jericho’s hard work? Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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