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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event April 28th, 1990 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that continues to disappoint like a red-headed stepchild. We have some great action on this night with Warrior vs Haku, Hogan vs Perfect and Akeem vs Big Bossman. Let’s get it on!

Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Perfect W/ The Genius

Perfect says Hogan is vulnerable after his loss, the same could be true for Perfect after the loss to Beefcake. Regardless, these two will finally settle the score once and for all. Hogan shoves off Perfect with ease, Perfect is not happy. Lock-up, hip-toss by Perfect. Hip-toss and scoop slam by Hogan, make it two. Perfect rolls out again, eye rake by Perfect. Rights and lefts in the corner, hard Irish whip by Perfect. Knees to the ribs, chop and right hands. Hogan reverses the whip, Perfect slides out. Hogan gives chase, chop on the floor from Hogan.

 Hogan sends Perfect into the ring-post, Perfect begs for mercy. Chops and right hands, whip and an axe bomber from Hogan. Corner clothesline, chops and rights by Hogan. Whip, massive axe bomber from Hogan. Elbow sends Perfect to the floor, right hands to Perfect. Genius has his scroll, Hogan catches Genius in the act but Perfect wallops Hogan with the scroll. Perfect poses while Hogan struggles to remember what his name is, chops on the floor from Perfect. Perfect rolls Hogan into the ring, snap-mare into the neck-snap. Choke using the top rope by Perfect, elbow drops from Perfect. Perfect misses the third elbow drop, Hogan takes control with right hands.

Whip to the buckle, knee in the corner. Hogan lowers his head off the Irish whip, boot and clothesline by Perfect. Perfect-Plex connects, 1….2… Hogan kicks out! Hogan Hulks Up, you know how it goes from here. The finger wagging, the right hands. The big boot, one Atomic Leg Drop later and we have a winner, it is Hulk Hogan!

Still disappointed that we did not get a pay per view confrontation between the two, the result would have been the same but I think Perfect would have been a worthy opponent for Hogan. Typical solid Hogan Match, happy days!

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Mr. Perfect via Leg Drop!

Hillbilly Jim vs Earthquake W/ Jimmy Hart

Earthquake tries jumping Jim, Jim dodges and rams Earthquake into the buckle over and over. Chops and rights in the corner, eye rake by Earthquake. Clubbing blows and shoulder thrusts from Earthquake, whip to the opposite buckle. Jim chokes Earthquake with his legs, double slap to the head. Corner punches by Jim, Jimm Hart steals Jim’s horse-shoe. Corner splash by Earthquake, elbow drop and one Earthquake Splash later, it’s goodnight.

Winner: Earthquake over Hillbilly Jim via Splash!

 The Rockers vs The Hart Foundation

Jannetty and Bret start, slide through and counters from Jannetty. Hip-toss from Bret, kick off from Jannetty. Tag to Michaels, diving crossbody for two. Rockers nail kicks and Russian legsweep on Bret, Neidhart clotheslines both Rockers. Shoulder block on Jannetty, drop toehold by Jannetty on Neidhart. Tag to Michaels, Neidhart tries a slam but Michaels escapes out the back. Dropkick from Michaels, Michaels gets caught for a scoop slam though. Bret is in, inverted atomic drop and clothesline from Bret.

Stomp to the ribs, tag to Neidhart. Whip to the ropes, Bret nails Michaels with a knee. Neidhart back drops Michaels, tag to Bret. Right hands, snap-mare into an elbow to the face. Whip to the buckle, Michaels goes down hard. Tag to Neidhart, clubbing blows from Neidhart. Shoulder thrusts from Neidhart, tag to Bret. Neidhart propels himself hard into Michaels for two, tag to Bret. Whip, Bret lowers his head which leads to a sunset flip from Michaels for two. Here comes Demolition to watch, Bret regains control with a headbutt. Back-breaker from Bret, Bret spots Demolition. Michaels dropkicks Bret to the floor, we take a break and Bret is in control.

Michaels meets the buckle hard, uppercut from Bret. Michaels reverses the Irish whip, Bret boots down Michaels. Bret tries a middle rope elbow, Michaels dodges. Tag to Jannetty, right hands on Bret. Flying elbow to Bret, shot to Neidhart. Powerslam and superkick on Bret for two, Bret whips Jannetty to the buckle. Sunset flip from Jannetty for two, Bret regains control with a neck-breaker. Bret tags Neidhart, slingshot splash misses for Neidhart. Tag to Michaels, shoulder block from Neidhart for two. Whip by Neidhart, Neidhart lowers his head. Kick and elbow from Michaels for two, Neidhart whips Michaels to the buckle. Michaels lands a crossbody for two, Demolition put their hands on Michaels as Neidhart pressed Michaels to the floor. We have a brawl as the match ends in a no contest!

So, when I saw this match I thought it was bizarre. Two babyfaces teams going at it, why? The Hart Foundation heel it up which is even more confusing but they go at it like crazy with the crowd eating up The Rockers and The Hart Foundation. Solid tag match, strange booking and I am indifferent to the finish.

No Contest!

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs Haku W/ Bobby Heenan

The new world champion’s first title defence on television, Warrior is on the buckle as Haku fires up with chops to the champion. Warrior chops back, big back body drop. Clothesline and Haku rolls to the floor, Haku misses a clothesline and eats a shoulder block. Haku misses a chop, Warrior scores with his chop. Arm-wringer, wrenching away at Haku’s arm. Haku is spun around into the ropes, Warrior side-steps Haku who falls to the floor. Haku runs around the ring before attacking Warrior who re-enters the ring. Warrior sends Haku into the buckle over and over, whip to the opposite buckle. Haku knees Warrior and nails two clotheslines with ease. Make it three and a great dropkick for two.

Haku clobbers the back and rakes the back too. Chops and rights from Haku, back-breaker from Haku for two. Haku pulls at Warrior’s hair, massive belly to back suplex for two. Scoop slam and splash for two, Warrior is powering up. Haku’s attacks have no effect, clotheslines from Warrior. Flying shoulder block and Ultimate Splash for the win, Warrior retains his championship.

It was fine, Warrior is over like rover but his matches seem to lack for me. Maybe I just do not buy into it, maybe it is the lack of selling. Hard to make a man look vulnerable when he never looks like he is in trouble.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Haku via Ultimate Splash!

The Big Bossman vs Akeem W/ Slick

Wrestlemania rematch, former Twin Towers come to blows. Bossman squashed Akeem at Mania, here we might see a more even contest. Bossman unloads on Akeem, rights and lefts. A biel and a leg across the back, Bossman is in control. More gut shots to Akeem, whip to the buckle. Corner splash misses for Bossman, corner clothesline by Akeem. Akeem smashes Bossman with his massive behind as Slick holds Bossman in position. Right hands by Akeem, whip by Akeem. Elbow, running splash but Bossman kicks out. Bossman is rallying, clubbing blows from Akeem. Bossman blocks a piledriver and elevates Akeem to the floor.

Bossman nails a jaw-breaker, Akeem is sent into the buckle over and over. Whip to the buckle for a beautiful Bossman Slam, Bossman is attacked from behind by Virgil and Ted Dibiase. Double clothesline from Dibiase and Virgil, Bossman is being battered by the duo. Bossman is handcuffed to the ring ropes and Virgil has the nightstick. Bossman has a keys for the handcuffs though, Bossman frees himself and waffles Dibiase, scaring the two away!

Not much of a match, more of an angle for Bossman vs Dibiase which is shaping up to be quite the feud. Cannot wait to see where they go from here, Summerslam looks to be the final destination for the two.

Winner: Big Bossman over Akeem via DQ!

This was an alright Saturday Night’s Main Event, I was excited to see Mr. Perfect vs Hulk Hogan. Glad they paid off that feud, I was waiting for that match for quite some time and it was an awesome match to watch. Rockers vs Hart Foundation confused me from a booking standpoint, I do not think we are going to have a three-way for the championships so I have to wonder what was the point? A solid championship defence for Warrior and an angle for Bossman vs Dibiase at the end! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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