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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event July 28th, 1990 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that divides opinion more on the internet than Jim Cornette! Ultimate Warrior vs Ravishing Rick Rude for the WWF Championship. The Rockers vs Demolition for the WWF World Tag Team Championships and Mr. Perfect vs Tito Santana for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. It’s Wild Kingdom edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

(WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match) The Ultimate Warrior © vs Ravishing Rick Rude W/ Bobby Heenan

One man has beaten The Warrior, that is Rick Rude. Rude has the skills to beat the Warrior but could he become champion? Rude has undergone intense training and shaved his trademark long hair. Warrior has his back turned and Rude attacks before the bell, Rude is sent into the buckle head-first by Warrior. Warrior throws Rude to the corner, hard Irish whip combined with an atomic drop. Rude is clotheslined to the floor, Heenan checks on Rude and Warrior bangs both their heads together. Back in the ring, Warrior delivers a massive clothesline. Warrior is on the top rope, diving axe handle by Warrior. Ultimate Splash misses as Rude rolls out of the way. Warrior rolls to the floor, Rude grabs the championship. Heenan distracts the referee as Rude cracks Warrior in the head with the championship.

Rude breaks the count, Heenan is with the referee again. Rude climbs to the top rope, Warrior catches Rude with a right hand. Inverted atomic drop, Rude is in the corner. Rude blocks an oncoming Warrior with a knee and a clothesline knocks down the champion. Rude is attacking the spine, Warrior blocks the slam and delivers one of his own. Rude slides out of the second slam attempt, sleeper hold from Rude. Warrior fades but rallies, jaw-breaker from Warrior. Rude starts delivering right hands to Warrior, Warrior is shocked. Rude steps on the fingers and tries for his neck-breaker. Warrior is blocking Rude’s hands, Rude ducks a clothesline and nails a thrust-kick to the ribs. Rude Awakening for two, Warrior powers up. Clotheslines all around, flying shoulder block and Ultimate Splash but Heenan grabs Warrior’s hair. Warrior grabs Heenan, Rude and Warrior brawl for a bit while the referee continues counting. Warrior beats up Heenan in the ring, Rude is counted out!

That was a very good opening match, a championship level of match on Saturday Night’s Main Event. I do like the angle of Rude having Warrior’s number due to being the only man to ever defeat Warrior. The count-out can lead to another match to find a definitive winner between the two. Rude is a heat magnet and his selling is tremendous. Love his facials when taking the atomic drops, too good was Mr. Rude.

Winner: Ultimate Warrior over Ravishing Rick Rude via Count-Out!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match) Demolition © vs The Rockers

So a whole bunch of new faces have come into the WWF since the last edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event. The likes of Tugboat who is backing Hogan against Earthquake and Dino Bravo, The Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich and a third member of Demolition named Crush. The reason for the addition of Crush was due to Ax’s declining health. Smash and Jannetty start, Smash clubs down Jannetty. Smash misses a corner splash, arm-drag and chop block by Jannetty. Dropkick with Smash hitting the floor, simultaneous head-scissors and dropkicks by the challengers. Lock-up between Jannetty and Smash, Smash goes low with rights and lefts.

Michaels is in off a tag from Jannetty, dropkick and monkey flip by The Rockers. Crush clotheslines Michaels behind the referee’s back, Crush goes to the ribs with rights and lefts. Michaels reverses the whip to the buckle, double hip-toss and elbow drop by The Rockers. Michaels tags Jannetty, side headlock from Jannetty. Crush has Jannetty on the top rope, Crush argues with the referee so Jannetty dives off for a sunset flip, two for Jannetty. Tag to Michaels who works the arm, series of quick tags with Jannetty being the legal man.

Jannetty slides out of the ring to avoid an attack from Smash on the apron, Ax drills Jannetty with a clothesline. Smash clubs Jannetty in the ring, axe handles to the back of Jannetty. Smash tosses Jannetty to the floor, Crush military presses Jannetty into the ring. Tag to Crush, axe handle to the back of Jannetty. Tilt-a-whirl back-breaker from Crush, back-breaker from Crush. Jannetty dodges a clothesline but runs into a chokeslam, Jannetty fights back on his knees before Crush tags Smash. Bear-hug from Smash, Jannetty escapes for a sunset flip but Smash punches Jannetty in the head. Tag to Crush, hard Irish whip to the buckle. Whip to the ropes, Jannetty ducks the clothesline and pulls Crush down by the hair.

Tag to Michaels, right hands and a flying tackle. Dropkick to Crush, right hands to Smash. Smash runs into Crush, double dropkick to Crush and Smash. Smash eats a double superkick, The Rockers are on the top rope, double diving fist drop with Crush pulling Michaels off Smash. O Connor roll from Michaels, Ax comes in for a lariat, Ax trades places with Smash for the win. The Hart Foundation and LOD come out but the decision stands.

What a fun match, The Rockers have never been hotter in the WWF. Michaels is quite the hot tag in there when he gets going, Jannetty sells his ass off inside the ring while Smash gleefully tortures Jannetty. Crush looked alright in there, I would prefer Ax in there but Crush is there for a reason whether I like it or not. Tag team division is stacked cannot wait to see more of these four teams, dug the finish for sure.

Winners: Demolition over The Rockers via Clothesline!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Mr. Perfect © W/ Bobby Heenan vs Tito Santana

Knee from Perfect to start, whip with Santana reversing for the hip-toss, arm-drag and dropkick. Perfect is on the floor and rocked, chop knocks Perfect down. Arm-wringer by Santana, Perfect knees Santana. Santana reverses an Irish whip but lowers his head, kick to the chest and clothesline from Perfect. Knee-lift, chop and right hand. Standing dropkick knocks back Santana, Santana kicks back at Perfect. Right hands, both men trading blows. Scoop slam from Perfect, stomp to the head. Reverse chin-lock, Heenan distracts the referee as Perfect chokes Santana.

Jaw-breaker to escape from Santana, clothesline levels Perfect hard. Santana is fired up, Perfect begs for mercy. Santana waffles Perfect with Perfect falling on the referee’s leg, Santana calls for the figure four. In the middle of the ring, Perfect screams out in pain. No referee for Santana, Heenan is on the apron. Santana tries to revive the referee, Flying Forearm from Santana. 1…..2…… Perfect kicks out! Santana is irate, Santana is on the middle rope. Diving clothesline, two for Santana. Knee to the head by Santana, we have a fresh referee. Perfect clocks Santana in the face, right hand. Whip, Santana ducks the clothesline and nails a flying crossbody for two.

Perfect catches Santana with a right hand, loud weasel chants fill the arena. Closed fists to the face of Santana, chops in the corner. Snap-mare into the neck-snap from Perfect, Heenan wipes the sweating face of Perfect. Santana rallies but a thrust-kick from Perfect takes him down. Perfect uses his legs to damage the neck of Santana. Chops in the corner, right hands too. However, Santana fires up, rights and lefts have Perfect stunned on the floor. Back in the ring, hair-pull with Perfect smashing into the ring-post.

Inverted atomic drop and a regular atomic drop followed by a clothesline for two. Whip but Santana lowers his head, Perfect-Plex attempt but Santana blocks. Small package from Santana for two before Perfect reverses the hold and cradles Santana for the win.

What a match, this match quality is far too high for Main Event. Perfect and Santana steal the show here with a fantastic back and forth match. Referee bump to add to the drama and Tito Santana is tremendous inside of the ring given the chance, I want more Tito now. The crowd was taken on an incredible journey with this match, so many times that they believed we would have a new champion, great match.

Winner: Mr. Perfect over Tito Santana via Small Package!

Playboy Buddy Rose vs The Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich

The debut of The Modern-Day Warrior Kerry Von Erich, all you need to know about Kerry Von Erich is he was a star in his father’s promotion in Texas, a tremendous babyface who was hugely popular. We start with a lock-up and slap from Rose who runs to the outside. Lock-up, hip-toss by Tornado. Scoop slam by Tornado, make it two. To the corner, whip to the opposite buckle. Rose is turned upside down into the buckle, dropkick by Tornado for two. Massive right hand with Rose locked in the ropes, roundhouse rights from Tornado. Rose falls to the floor, eye rake by Rose and knee to the head. Rose is climbing to the top rope, Tornado is up and yanks Rose down. Texas Tornado Punch for the win! Quick win to put over this new star in the WWF!

Winner: Texas Tornado over Buddy Rose via Texas Tornado Punch!

What a great edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, Wild Kingdom surpassed any expectations I had because these matches were simply fire! The world championship match was great, the tag match was fantastic and then Santana vs Perfect was tremendous. Great edition, I would go as far as saying to seek this out! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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