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WWF Wrestlemania VI Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomanaic Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet with more hate than Brad Sheppard! Brother, it’s Wrestlemania VI! Hogan vs Warrior, two of the biggest stars of the era, the ultimate challenge with both championships being defended! We also have Ted Dibiase having nowhere to run as Jake The Snake has the match with the man who almost ended his career! The Colossal Connection of Andre & Haku vs Demolition and much, much more! Could this be Warrior’s finest hour? Will this Wrestlemania be the best that I have seen so far? Anything is possible!

Rick Martel vs Koko B Ware

The Model is here with arrogance and ready to take out Koko, Martel has been flying solo since splitting with Santana, the duo have fought numerous times between survivor series and the rumble. Martel jumps Koko to begin, whip to the buckle. Koko jumps to the middle rope for a crossbody, two for Koko. Two dropkicks and Martel is down on the floor. Martel recovers, Koko flips in Martel from the apron. Shoulder block but Martel side-steps Koko. Martel taunts the crowd, right hands and a boot from Martel as Koko tries re-entering the ring.

Koko is rammed into the ring apron, stomps in the ring from The Model. Beautiful vertical suplex from Martel for two, more stomps from Martel. Clubbing blows to the spine, Martel ascends to Bret’s rope. Axe handle from Martel, all targeting the lower back. Back-breaker and Boston Crab attempt from Martel, Koko is blocking the submission. Koko makes the ropes, Martel breaks the hold. Koko is rammed off the buckle, no effect on Koko. Koko blocks, Martel is rammed into the buckle. Whip reversal from Martel, Martel lowers the head, boot from Koko. Two flying headbutts from Koko for two, Koko is whipped to the buckle. Koko misses the flying crossbody, Martel applies The Boston Crab for the win.

A squash match to get over The Model who is growing on me with each pay per view in the WWF. Martel had proved he was the business inside the ring in the AWA but now it is shining through in the WWF. Koko has a great connection with the fans despite his booking so this was a great opening choice for the fans, solid start to Wrestlemania VI.

Winner: Rick Martel over Koko B Ware via Boston Crab!

(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match) The Colossal Connection © W/ Bobby Heenan vs Demolition

We have transitioned from Brainbusters vs Demolition to The Colossal Connection against Demolition, Haku and Andre jump Demolition. Smash and Haku are legal, Smash fires back and tags Ax. Ax clubs and snap-mares Haku, in comes Andre to help his partner. Ax tags Smash, reverse chin-lock from Smash. Tag to Ax, Haku is firing back. Ax clubs down Haku, tag to Smash. Eye poke by Haku, whip to the ropes. Smash blocks the hip-toss, backslide attempt but Haku is blocking. Smash eventually gets it before a boot from Andre, Smash has an arm-wringer and tags Ax. Right hands and a whip from Ax, Haku ducks the clothesline and a throat thrust from Haku.

Haku smashes Ax on the mat, back-breaker from Haku. Cover for two, thrust-kick from Haku. Stomp to the lower mid-section from Haku, choke using the bottom rope. Heenan slaps Ax from the outside, Ax is infuriated and runs right into Andre. Headbutt for two, Ax is fighting back but Andre grabs Ax from the apron. Headbutt from Andre, Smash saves Ax from being pinned. Another thrust-kick from Haku finds the mark, choke against the bottom rope from Haku. Ax fights back from his knees, Haku goes to the throat. Snap-mare and Mongolian chops from Haku, Haku cheap shots Smash on the apron. Ax is being battered by Andre as Haku uses the referee as a shield from Smash.

Ax begins to mount a comeback once more but Haku cuts it off, shoulder-breaker from Haku for two as Smash saves Ax. To the buckle, Ax is bounced off it before being whipped to the opposite corner. Ax puts up the boot, clothesline on Ax. Tag to Smash, back elbow off an Irish whip. Another whip, back drop from Smash. Flying crossbody from Smash, Andre is in with Smash decking Andre. Double clothesline on Andre, double clubbing on Haku. Demolition clothesline Haku, Andre grabs Smash. Haku superkicks Andre by mistake, Andre is tied up in the ropes. Tag to Ax, double stun-gun on Haku. Demolition nail their finish and we have new tag team champions!

After the match, Heenan slaps Andre and Andre chases away Heenan leading to the final time we would see Andre on pay per view in a match in the WWF and Andre would be allowed to leave as a hero like the once in a lifetime athlete he was and boy, did Andre deserve it for being the man. The match was alright, Andre obviously limited due to his condition at the time so Haku works the match himself. Haku takes it to Ax, Ax sells his ass off for that comeback and Smash delivers, the last minutes is a frenzy as the fans lose their minds. Thumbs up for a happy ending to Andre’s career in the WWF!

Winners: Demolition over The Colossal Connection via Demolition Decapitator!

Hercules vs Earthquake W/ Jimmy Hart

Earthquake is the shiny new monster in town, Earthquake has been dominate since his debut squashing anyone who is foolish enough to get in his way. Earthquake shoves Hercules to start, test of strength between the two. Earthquake starts out on top, Hercules uses the crowd for support and begins to shake off the beast. Earthquake goes low and clubs Hercules, Hercules meets the buckle hard. Throat thrust from Earthquake, Hercules is all over the place in that ring. Shoulder thrusts from Earthquake, whip to the ropes. Hercules kicks the lowered head of Earthquake, two shoulder blocks and a clothesline do not knock Earthquake.

Three clotheslines leave Earthquake to a knee, full-nelson attempt but Earthquake elbows down Hercules. Two more elbows from Earthquake and Hercules is knocked loopy. Earthquake stomps around the ring and Earthquake squashes Hercules into the canvas for the win. Another Earthquake Splash on Hercules after the bell, Earthquake is unstoppable!

Another squash match, a product of the time to place it on pay per view but not such a good idea in the modern era. So, it is fine, Earthquake is going through the babyfaces in the WWF, big things in Earthquake’s future!

Winner: Earthquake over Hercules via Splash!

Mr. Perfect W/ The Genius vs Brutus The Barber Beefcake

Beefcake is Hogan’s partner so Beefcake was wrapped up in Hogan’s feud with Perfect. Perfect jumps Beefcake, the two trade advantages with Beefcake sending Perfect to the floor. Whip by Perfect, boot to the head by Beefcake. Atomic drop sends Perfect to the floor, strut from Beefcake. Genius talks strategy with Perfect, we reset after some stalling from both. Lock-up, knee and chops by Perfect. Whip to the corner by Beefcake, clubbing blows to the back. Scoop slam for one, Beefcake rams Perfect into the buckle. Hard Irish whip by Beefcake, clothesline knocks down Perfect. Beefcake calls for the sleeper, Genius is on the apron and drops his scroll for Perfect.

Perfect waffles Beefcake with the scroll, Beefcake lays unmoving on the canvas. Perfect does not go for the pin, preferring to stomp on the face on Beefcake. Neck-snap from Perfect, two for Perfect. Kick to the ribs from Perfect, Perfect taunts the fans before chopping back at Beefcake. Right hand and boot to the back of the head, knee-lift from Perfect. Perfect talks trash and slaps Beefcake, Perfect shoves and boots Beefcake around. Right hand floors Beefcake, Beefcake catapults Perfect into the ring-post and Beefcake covers for the win, the streak is over.

So, I do like the finish upon reflection, over-confident Perfect paintbrushes Beefcake over and over, thinking that Beefcake is not worth his time only for Beefcake to knock out The Perfect One. That’s not bad at all, I do think it is a waste of the streak ending for Perfect, I will always find it odd that they never get Perfect that chance at Hogan on pay per view, I think it would have been some great stuff.

Winner: Brutus Beefcake over Mr. Perfect via Catapult into Ring-post!

Roddy Piper vs Bad News Brown

Piper and Brown had brawled in the rumble which led to insults thrown by both sides, here they meet to end their feud. Piper is half painted black and looking back, does not look good but it is a psychological move from Piper to get under the skin of Brown. Anyways, the match starts with a brawl, they roll around and batter one another. Piper lands a flying crossbody, the two brawl again. Brown and Piper brawl again, clubbing blows from Piper. Brown floors Piper with a right hand, Brown continues the assault. Brown rams Piper into the buckle but Piper is shaking off the effect.

Shot to the gut floors Piper, shoulder claw from Bad News. Piper escapes and tees off on Brown, headbutt from Brown has no effect on Piper. Snap-mare and choke from Brown, two for Brown. Scoop slam and elbow to the throat for two, eye poke from Piper. Kicks and rights from Piper, Brown rakes the eyes. Brown exposes the top turnbuckle, whip to the buckle is reversed as Brown meets the buckle. Piper has a glove in his tights, massive fist to the face. Brown eats three rights to the head, middle rope fist to the face. Brown is sent tumbling to the floor, Brown and Piper brawl on the floor. Brown punches the ring-post as Piper ducks, Piper has a chair. We have a double count-out as the two brawl!

Do not see the point in doing a double count-out at Wrestlemania, it is your biggest pay per view and not having a blow-off to a feud at the biggest pay per view of the year makes little sense to me. However, maybe it does not mean to much in the end as Piper is part-time and will not be around forever and Brown will soon be leaving the WWF. The brawling was entertaining and I would like to see a conclusion but this finish has soured my outlook on this feud.

Double Count-Out!

The Hart Foundation vs The Bolsheviks

I did not know The Bolsheviks were still in the WWF at this point, this match will not last long, I am guessing. The Russians sing their anthem before The Hart Foundation jump the duo. Volkoff is sent to the floor, Zhukov eats The Hart Attack and it’s over. Pointless, could have done without that.

Winners: Hart Foundation over Bolsheviks via Hart Attack!

The Barbarian W/ Bobby Heenan vs Tito Santana

Barbarian is Heenan’s new acquisition, no longer owned by Mr. Fuji. Means no more Powers of Pain, here we have Barbarian against Santana. Santana pummels Barbarian to begin, Barbarian recovers on the floor. Knee by Barbarian, Santana nails a shoulder block and Barbarian does not move. Flying crossbody for two, right hands into a side headlock by Santana. Barbarian is staggered, another side headlock. Shove off, hip-toss by Barbarian but Santana dodges the headbutt. Santana looks for a hurricanrana, Barbarian wants the powerbomb but Santana punches down Barbarian. Another side headlock, Santana runs into a big boot. Shoulder-breaker by Barbarian, middle rope elbow drop misses. Santana dodges the corner splash and a boot, right hands by Santana.

Dropkick by Santana, Barbarian staggers back. Second dropkick floors Barbarian, middle rope axe handle from Santana. Flying Forearm by Santana, 1…2… Heenan places Barbarian’s foot on the bottom rope. Right hands by Santana, Santana tries for an O Connor roll but Barbarian runs Santana neck first into the top rope. Diving Clothesline by Barbarian for the win!

A decent back and forth match between these two, ultimately the match is there to put over Barbarian. I do not have any issues with the match, it just seemed like pure filler which I feel should not be happening when it comes to Wrestlemania.

Winner: Barbarian over Tito Santana via Diving Clothesline!

Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire vs Macho King Randy Savage & Queen Sherri

Macho continues to descend into Madness Oh Yeah! One year ago at Wrestlemania, Savage was champion but lost his friend Hulk Hogan and lost his love/manager Miss Elizabeth. Savage moved on, replacing Elizabeth with Sherri and found himself confronted by The American Dream. Macho King looks down on The Common Man Rhodes for his lifestyle but also because he performs for the fans that once adored himself. Savage looks to rid himself of Rhodes and Sapphire at the grandest stage of them all. Rhodes comes to the ring and messes with Savage once more, it’s Miss Elizabeth.

Savage have you really moved on? Savage can you even look at her? Savage is freaking out at ringside. Savage and Rhodes to begin, knees by Savage. Rhodes whips Savage and nails a back elbow, Sherri attacks Rhodes. Sapphire grabs Sherri with Savage making the save. Savage dives into the arms of Rhodes, Rhodes throws Savage into Sherri. Tag to Sapphire, Sherri is thrown into the ring. Sherri is shoved into Savage, Sapphire knees down Sherri. Airplane slam for one, right hand from Sherri. Sherri tries a slam, it does not work with Sapphire covering for two. Sapphire tags Rhodes, Sapphire slaps Savage. Sherri and Savage bang heads again, Rhodes shoves away Sherri.

Savage knees Rhodes in the spine to the floor, Sherri slaps Rhodes and Savage nails a diving double axe handle to the floor. Sherri kicks Rhodes in the face, eye rake by Sherri. Savage is on the top rope, diving axe handle again. Sapphire protects Rhodes, Savage throws Sapphire to the floor. Elizabeth helps up Sapphire, Rhodes eats a diving axe handle in the ring. Two for Savage, suplex by Macho King for two. Savage has his sceptre, wham to the back of the head of Rhodes. Tag to Sherri, Sherri climbs to the top rope. Diving Splash by Sherri for two, Rhodes stops Savage with his axe handle.

Noggin-knocker from Rhodes, elbows to the head of Savage. Sherri jumps on the back of Rhodes, Sapphire snap-mares Sherri down for two. Slap from Sherri, they lock-up. Biel from Sapphire, Elizabeth throws Sherri back into the ring. DDT from Sapphire, Savage attacks Sapphire. Rhodes makes the save, Sherri attacks Elizabeth, Elizabeth shoves down Sherri who is rolled up by Sapphire for the win.

Fun stuff but all the focus here is on Elizabeth, she plays into the finish. The crowd erupts when she gets involved and Savage is completely thrown off by her appearance. If they knew what they were going to do when they reunited the duo at next year’s Mania, they are simply masterful story-tellers because I love this angle so much.

Winners: Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire over Randy Savage & Queen Sherri via Roll-Up!

The Orient Express W/ Mr. Fuji vs The Rockers

Sato & Tanaka take on Jannetty & Michaels, two exciting teams locking up on the grandest stage of them all. Jannetty and Tanaka begin, lock-up with Tanaka using the hair for control. Jannetty blocks the second punch, thrust-kick from Tanaka. Sato and Tanaka combine before a powerslam from Jannetty, double hip-toss to Sato and dropkick to Tanaka. Double plancha from The Rockers, side headlock from Jannetty, Fuji hooks the ropes and trips Jannetty to the floor. Sato holds Jannetty as Fuji cracks him with the cane, Jannetty meets the ring-post hard.

 Right hands by Tanaka, tag to Sato. Double kicks, chops by Sato. Tag to Tanaka, Jannetty avoids the back drop and tags Michaels. Double superkick, scoop slam and back drop by Michaels. Tanaka tags Sato, knees by Sato. Sato lowers his head off an Irish whip, neck-breaker by Michaels. Whip reversal by Sato as Tanaka drills Michaels with a kick. Gut-buster from Sato, tag to Tanaka. Flying cross chop from Tanaka, tag to Sato. Diving knee drop for two, shoulder claw from Sato. Tag to Tanaka, Tanaka flips over the back of Michaels but Michaels connects with a clothesline.

Hot-tag to Jannetty, right hands to everything in sight. Noggin-knocker, Sato elbows Tanaka by mistake. Jannetty is distracted by Fuji, Sato sneaks up on Jannetty throwing salt in his eyes. Michaels continues attacking Tanaka while Jannetty trips into the fans from being blinded by the salt thrown in his eyes, The Orient Express win by count-out!

Rather disappointing match, had some bright spots with The Rockers showing that high-flying style and double team manoeuvres that made them a popular tag team in the WWF. Better than a squash match but not by much!

Winners: Orient Express over The Rockers via Count-Out!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Dino Bravo W/ Jimmy Hart

This feud stretches back to Summerslam where Duggan waffled Bravo with the 2X4, Duggan starts off hot. Clothesline and back drop, atomic drop by Duggan. Ten punches in the corner, whip to the buckle. Duggan hits the buckle hard, right hands by Bravo and throat thrusts. Inverted atomic drop by Bravo, illegal choke hold. Earthquake chokes Duggan using the bottom rope, elbow drop by Bravo.

Duggan meets the buckle, Duggan shakes off the attacks. Duggan comes back with right hands, Duggan lowers his head. Bravo boots Duggan in the head, whip to the buckle. Duggan comes back with clotheslines, Duggan takes his stance but Earthquake gets involved. Jimmy Hart throws Bravo the 2X4, Duggan stops Bravo using it and waffles Bravo for the win. Earthquake lays out Duggan after the match, big day for Earthquake.

Solid match, Duggan ends the feud with Bravo getting his heat back as his partner wipes out Duggan. Bravo would be in a good place in the card by Earthquake’s side, Duggan is over like rover which makes this an easy watch.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan over Dino Bravo via 2X4!

(Million Dollar Championship Match) Jake The Snake Roberts vs Ted Dibiase W/ Virgil

Almost ending a man’s career is never a good idea, Dibiase could not get the job done and now the two will meet at Wrestlemania for Dibiase’s custom made championship. The two trade right hands in the middle of the ring, whip by Dibiase. Shoulder block by Roberts, knee-lift to Dibiase. DDT attempt with Dibiase rolling out to the floor. Hip-toss by Roberts, both men miss elbow drops. Two more DDT attempts, Dibiase drops out to the floor. Arm-wringer from Roberts, hammerlock into knees to the spine. Dibiase counters the hammerlock and Roberts sends Dibiase to the floor.

Dibiase tries running away, Roberts throws Dibiase back in the ring. Roberts lowers his head off a back drop, clubbing blow by Dibiase. Whip to the buckle, Dibiase eats a knee to the face. Roberts wants a knee-lift but Dibiase dodges and Roberts comes crashing down on his neck. Front chancery from Dibiase, Roberts charges Dibiase into the corner. Dibiase releases the hold and stomps Roberts down, Dibiase pulls Roberts shoulder-first into the ring-post. Piledriver by Dibiase, Dibiase poses for the fans with Roberts reversing a pin-fall attempt for two. Knees to the back of the head by Dibiase, Dibiase says this match is over.

Dibiase calls for The Million Dollar Dream, Dibiase applies it in the middle of the ring. The crowd is coming alive, Roberts fades to one knee but Roberts places his foot on the ropes. Roberts places his foot on the ropes to block the pin-fall, Dibiase drags him to the middle of the ring but Roberts kicks out again! Dibiase is on Bret’s rope, Dibiase misses an axe handle. Clothesline by Roberts, inverted atomic drop, another clothesline. Whip and a back drop, short-arm clothesline by Roberts. Roberts calls for it! Dibiase is holding the referee, Virgil pulls out Roberts. Roberts slams Virgil, Million Dollar Dream on the floor but Roberts sends Dibiase into the ring-post. Both men collapse to the floor but Virgil rolls Dibiase back into the ring for the win, count-out victory for the win.

I was looking forward to this match and the beginning justified my thoughts, the two brawling and going after one another. They lost me in the middle though, a hammerlock and front chancery for the ages. It went on forever, really took me out of the match and the fans too as they began a Mexican wave that overshadowed anything Roberts and Dibiase did. That comeback though, Roberts beating Dibiase up and down that ring was beautiful. The call for the DDT, the expectations of the crowd and then, that finish. It fit for the match but damn I did not want that to happen. We get the DDT afterwards as Roberts gets his heat back but damn, this could have been more.

Winner: Ted Dibiase over Jake Roberts via Count-Out!

Akeem W/ Slick vs The Big Bossman

The Twin Towers have split with Bossman going babyface as Akeem sticks with Dibiase. The match begins with Dibiase slamming and clotheslining Bossman on the floor, Bossman has taken an ass-whipping before even meeting Akeem. Akeem goes to work, whip to the buckle. Corner Splash for two, clobbering blows from Akeem. Akeem pushes Bossman back into the corner, ten punches from Akeem. Bossman cuts it off with an inverted atomic drop, boot to the face. Akeem meets the buckle hard, Irish whips to the buckles. Clothesline by Bossman, rights and lefts. Akeem ducks the elbow but eats The Bossman Slam for the win. Another match that does not last very long, was fine but hardly deserving of a Wrestlemania match.

Winner: Big Bossman over Akeem via Bossman Slam!

Bushwhackers & Rhythm & Blues

Honky and Valentine sing together as their new tag team Rhythm & Blues before The Bushwhackers stop that performance and smash their guitars.

Ravishing Rick Rude vs Jimmy Snuka

The Ravishing One vs The Superfly, Snuka has been putting over many of the top-tier talents in the WWF since returning so this could be another one-sided affair. Rude jumps Snuka from behind, forearms from Rude. Whip but Snuka holds onto the ropes, Snuka lands a flapjack. Snuka poses mocking Rude, back drop from Snuka. Falling headbutt, dropkick with Rude falling to the floor. Rude tries a sunset flip from the apron but Snuka holds on, right hand. Snuka ducks his head off an Irish whip, Rude lands a snap suplex.

Snuka is rammed into the buckle, no effect on Superfly. Rude lands a back drop, Snuka slams Rude into the canvas. Eye rake by Rude, side headlock. Shoulder block by Rude, flying headbutt by Snuka. Snuka leapfrogs Rude, whip to the buckle. Rude is on shaky legs, scoop slam by Snuka. Middle rope diving headbutt misses for Snuka, Rude Awakening for the win.

Another squash level match, fine for its placement on the card as it serves as a breather for the main event. However, I have seen so many squash matches at this point on this show that I am more angry than agreeable at this moment. How dare they do this many squash matches at Mania, I would be mad paying for this.

Winner: Ravishing Rick Rude over Jimmy Snuka via Rude Awakening!

(WWF World Heavyweight/Intercontinental Championship Match) Ultimate Warrior © vs Hulk Hogan ©

Two men, two championships one ultimate challenge. The first brawled in the Royal Rumble, both men saved one another from the attacks of Earthquake. Neither man wanted the other’s help but they will clash for all the gold on this night. The match we are all here to see, Hogan vs Warrior.

We begin with a stare-down, Hebnar goes over the rules. Both men talk trash to one another, Warrior shoves Hogan and we are off ladies and gentlemen. Hogan shoves back, lock-up. Warrior pushes back Hogan, Hogan pushes back Warrior. Both men psyching one another out, Warrior wants a test of strength. They lock-up, two of them are evenly matched. Warrior out-powers Hogan, Hogan is down on his knees. Hogan powers up, Warrior is down to his knees. Warrior is powering up, trip and elbow by Hogan. One count for Hogan, shoulder block with nobody going down. Criss-cross, slam by Hogan. Warrior no-sells that brother. More criss-crossing, scoop slam by Warrior.

Hogan feels that one, clothesline by Warrior. Hogan is down, Hogan’s knee is bothering him. Warrior stomps on Hogan before returning to the ring, Hogan is limping around the ring. Warrior kicks the knee of Hogan, Hogan rakes the eyes. Warrior rakes back, both men are choking one another. Referee tries breaking the action, Hogan is firing up. Right hands by Hogan, whip to the buckle. Corner clothesline, ten punches by The Hulkster.  Scoop slam, elbow drops for two. Small package for two, Hogan applies the chin-lock. Right hands and chops by Hogan, Warrior is in serious trouble. Axe Bomber by Hogan, two for Warrior.

Back-breaker from Hogan, two for Hogan. Reverse chin-lock from Hogan, knees to the spine. Belly to back suplex from Hogan for two, another chin-lock from Hogan. Warrior begins rallying, elbows break the hold. Both men clothesline one another down, both men are waking up from the malfunction at the junction. Rights and lefts by Hogan, Warrior is not feeling any of them. Right hands by Warrior, clotheslines by Warrior. Make it three, whip to the buckle. Hogan collapses to the canvas, snap suplex. Two for Warrior, bear-hug from Warrior. Hogan is fading and fading fast, the referee checks the arm of Hogan. Hogan does not pass out from the pain, right hands from The Hulkster.

Warrior shoulder blocks the referee as Hogan drops down off an Irish whip. Warrior nails a top rope diving axe handle, make it two. Warrior attempts his shoulder block, Hogan side-steps and drives Warrior into the canvas. Visual pin-fall for Hogan, Warrior lands a belly to back suplex and covers Hogan. Visual pin-fall for Warrior, both men could have won this match had the referee been conscious. Hebnar crawls over though, 1….2… Hogan kicks out! Schoolboy by Hogan, two for Hogan. Right hands by Hogan, back elbow sends Warrior to the floor. The two are trading right hands on the floor, headbutt by Hogan. Warrior sends Hogan into the ring-post, both men roll back into the ring.

Warrior nails a clothesline, Gorilla Press Slam and Ultimate Splash. 1…2….. Hogan kicks out! The Hulkster is Hulking Up! Warrior is stunned, Warrior is lost. Hogan is shaking off the right hands from Warrior, right hands by Hogan. Big Boot, here comes the leg drop. Atomic Leg Drop misses! Warrior dodges and connects with The Ultimate Splash! New Champion, The Ultimate Warrior wins The Ultimate Challenge with Hogan raising Warrior’s hand, can you believe it?

Finest match of Warrior’s career to this point, Hogan leads Warrior to one of the most intense and dramatic matches we have ever seen. Test of strengths, one-upping one another with the crowd being torn between the two the entire match. Odd that the tweaking his knee part of the match goes nowhere, thought it would have been silly though to have Warrior attack a weakened Hogan, made little sense for a babyface to do that. Hogan did lean on Warrior when he needed to, slowing down Warrior with chin-locks but that was as close as it came to heeling it up. Hogan’s Hulk Up is deafening with the fans sensing the end but the unthinkable happens, Warrior dodges the leg drop and pandemonium ensues as once splash later, Hogan has been dethroned. Great match with tonnes of emotion and drama packed in, a must-see for any classic WWF fan.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Hulk Hogan via Ultimate Splash!

That was WWF’s Wrestlemania VI, a Wrestlemania with an unforgettable main event but I am not sure about the rest of the card. You have bright spots, they include Andre’s last moment in the spotlight smacking around Haku and Heenan, you have Elizabeth foiling Savage once more with the fans loving every second of it and you have one of the best WWF Championship matches of all-time between Warrior and Hogan. However, you have double count-out finishes, count-out finishes and squash matches littered throughout the card. Martel squashes Koko, Earthquake squashes Hercules, Hart Foundation squashes The Bolsheviks, Bossman squashes Akeem and you could make arguments for several other matches that could be deemed squashes like Bravo vs Duggan/Rude vs Snuka/Barbarian vs Santana. So, it was definitely an easier watch than a lot of the prior Wrestlemanias which did not have a roster/product as popular as the product here is at Wrestlemania VI but I think a lot of these matches could have been left off to give more time to more meaningful feuds. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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