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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event October 13th, 1990 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that has less credibility than a Brad Sheppard report! It’s WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event, the one before Survivor Series 1990. Featuring the likes of LOD, The Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado and Demolition. Let’s see what the WWF has to offer!

LOD & Ultimate Warrior vs Demolition

As we head towards Survivor Series, we have a little preview of one of the major matches as LOD who had been at war with Demolition throughout the year team up with the WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior to have this massive six-man tag match. Warrior runs down to the ring and we have a triple clothesline as Demolition are sent tumbling to the floor. Dustin Rhodes is here at ringside, I am sure that will mean something later. Smash and Animal kick off the match officially, Smash clotheslines and clubs Animal. Rights from Smash, Animal reverses an Irish whip and lands his powerslam for two.

Smash smacks the throat of Animal, tag to Ax. Animal tags Warrior, multiple stomps in the corner. Running shoulder blocks from Warrior, clothesline takes down Ax. Scoop slam for Smash, scoop slam for Crush and Ax. Warrior misses his splash on Ax though, Smash tags into the match. Axe handles from Smash, Smash talks to the referee as Crush hurls Warrior into the ring apron. Warrior tries fighting back but Crush grabs Warrior from the apron. Smash reassumes control as Demolition quick tag in and out while punishing Warrior. Crush is the legal man, Crush chokes Warrior in the corner. Tag to Smash, they all beat down Warrior before Animal makes the save.

Demolition Decapitator is stopped by Hawk, Smash is down holding his back while Warrior is rallying on the canvas. Tag to Hawk, big right hand. Elbow for Smash, flying shoulder block from Hawk. Fist drop, Hawk to the top rope. Diving Clothesline, Hawk sees Crush and Ax coming in but Hawk batters them away. In comes Warrior, clotheslines for Smash and Ax on the apron. LOD attack the other two members of Demolition. Flying shoulder tackle from Warrior on Smash, Ultimate Splash and this match is over!

Hot crowd, action is fast and snug as Demolition cheat at every corner while Warrior and LOD run through everything in their way. Like bulldozers, Team Warrior bring the pain to this match and it was a lot of fun when all was said and done, great way to kick off the show.

Winners: Team Warrior over Demolition via Ultimate Splash!

Macho King Randy Savage vs Dusty Rhodes

Big rematch from Summerslam here as Sapphire was stolen away from Dusty which led to Savage stealing the win over Rhodes. Sapphire is now in the corner of Ted Dibiase which is a sight almost too sore to bear for Rhodes. Savage gets caught with an elbow, hard Irish whip. Make it two, bearhug from Rhodes. Savage rakes the eyes, jabs by Savage. Savage reverses an Irish whip, hip-toss is blocked for a backslide pin from Rhodes for two. Rhodes is distracted by Sherri, knee from Savage. Sherri chokes Rhodes behind’s the referee’s back. Knee drop by Savage, lefts and rights by Savage. Sleeper by Savage, here comes Dibiase and Virgil.

They buy off the fans and gain seats, Dibiase and Virgil are front row for this match. Dustin Rhodes tears up the money, Dibiase is in shock. Dibiase sits down by Dustin, Rhodes breaks free from the sleeper. Shoulder block, Dibiase and Dustin are having issues. Bionic Elbow on Savage, Rhodes is on the floor shouting at Dibiase. We take a break, Savage is in control. Eye rake, and a choke using the top rope. Sherri chokes Rhodes behind the referee’s back, cover for two. Top rope guillotine from Savage, diving axe handle for two.

Savage chokes at The American Dream, rights and lefts by Savage. Rhodes is firing up, another eye rake by Savage. Rhodes sends Savage into the buckle, shot to the throat by Savage. Savage misses a knee to the back, headbutt from Rhodes. Rhodes counters a scoop slam for a two, Savage and Rhodes are trading punches. Savage misses a diving axe handle, Dustin nails Dibiase. Dibiase and Virgil are brawling with Dustin, Dustin is down. Rhodes has no idea, choking the life out of Savage in the ring. However, Rhodes spots what is going on, saving his son. Savage is on the top rope, diving axe handle with Rhodes hitting the guardrail, Savage wins by count-out.

Great way to build heat for the Dibiase vs Rhodes match, Dusty dives onto his son to save him from the beaten that Dibiase lays down on him. Dustin blades too which looks great with his long flowing blonde hair. Terrific stuff with Dusty cradling Dustin, I want to see these two go at it so badly right now. Savage rips up a poster of Warrior, a subtle hint at things to come down the road. Fun match, great angle.

Winner: Randy Savage over Dusty Rhodes via Count-Out!

Tugboat & Hulk Hogan vs Rhythm & Blues W/ Jimmy Hart

Hogan’s partner is back, the fearsome Tugboat is here and he wants Bravo & Earthquake but they have to settle for Rhythm & Blues. Valentine has dyed his hair black and is teaming with Honky, prolonging his WWF career which was a wise choice for both men at this point as the focus was shifting towards a lot of newer and younger stars in the WWF. Hogan and Honky to kick us off, knee by Honky. Right hands by Honky, tag to Valentine. Kicks by the tag team, Hogan ducks their clothesline though and nails a massive clothesline on Rhythm & Blues. Hogan whips both into the boot of Tugboat, it’s timber for Valentine & Honky.

Tag to Tugboat, arm-wringer from Tugboat. Valentine jumps into the ropes, tag to Hogan. Middle rope axe handle, arm-wringer from The Hulkster.  Tag to Tugboat, axe handle for Valentine. Eye rake from Valentine, chopping away at Tugboat. Elbow to the head, tag to Honky. Honky runs into a bearhug, Valentine comes in illegally with an axe handle. Stomps from Honky, tag to Valentine. Big knee drops to the back of the head, tag to Honky. Big elbow to the throat, Hogan makes the save. Valentine gets in some cheap shots behind the referee’s back, tag to Honky. Axe handles from Honky, choke from Honky. Reverse chin-lock from Honky, tag to Valentine. Double elbow misses, tag to Hogan. Right hands for Jimmy Hart as well as Rhythm & Blues, whip and axe bomber from Hogan.

Hogan mounts Valentine and delivers massive right hands, another Irish whip. Elbow to Valentine, big boot from Hogan. Hogan stops from doing the leg drop as Tugboat spots Earthquake coming down to ringside, Bravo too. Hogan tags Tugboat, double clothesline from Tugboat & Hogan. Corner splash from Tugboat, Honky is knocked off the apron. Jimmy Hart is grabbed by Tugboat, Honky waffles Tugboat with his guitar. We have a DQ but Earthquake and Bravo are here, Hogan is trying to battle everyone off but there are too many heels for Hogan to battle off, Tugboat is damaged from the guitar to the back. Powerslam from Earthquake on Hogan, giant splash on Hogan. Tugboat whacks Earthquake with the guitar, guitar shots for everyone as Tugboat fends off everyone.

Another good angle on this show, Hogan has been left battered once more by Earthquake. Earthquake is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the WWF, a count-out victory at Summerslam left the door for this feud open and we are rocking steadily onto Survivor Series, another match I am looking forward to for sure.

Winners: Tugboat & Hulk Hogan over Rhythm & Blues via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Texas Tornado © vs Haku W/ Bobby Heenan

First defence for the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, Kerry Von Erich defeated Perfect at Summerslam but here is Haku, another member of Heenan’s Family. Arm-drag and scoop slam from Tornado, attempt at the claw-hold. Haku blocks and rolls to the floor, Haku applies a sleeper after an Irish whip. Tornado escapes before running back into a sleeper, Heenan seems to have something on his person. What could it be? Tornado escapes the sleeper but Haku nails shoulder blocks, corner clothesline. Headbutt by Haku, choke from Haku. Tornado escapes for an Irish whip to the buckle, Claw Hold from Tornado. Spinning Tornado Punch from Tornado, this one is over. Quick match to establish the reign of Tornado, nothing major to note here.

Winner: Texas Tornado over Haku via Tornado Punch!

Koko B Ware vs Sgt. Slaughter W/ General Adnan

Slaughter made his pay per view debut at Summerslam appearing on The Brother Love show, Slaughter a symbol of The USA is now an Iraq sympathiser with General Adnan in his corner. Koko is the quicker of the two, arm-drags which catch Slaughter off guard. Koko’s shoulder block does not move Slaughter, Koko slides through the legs and delivers a dropkick. Whip to the buckle but Koko misses the corner splash. Big chop and back body drop from Slaughter, knee drops to the head. Back-breaker from Slaughter for two, Koko is whipped to the ropes but Slaughter ducks the head. Neck-breaker by Koko, two big dropkicks and a headbutt. Koko ducks a clothesline but runs right into a stun-gun, knuckle-lock from Slaughter with Koko submitting. Squash match to put over Slaughter, big things to come from Slaughter.

Winner: Sgt. Slaughter over Koko B Ware via Knuckle-Lock!

This was an above average edition of the show for sure, the positives are the two excellent angles you get from the first two matches of this show. We have the build up for Dusty Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase with Dibiase attacking and busting open Dusty’s son Dustin. Dusty could only throw his body on top of Dustin to protect his son from the attacks of Virgil and Dibiase, it was great. We also had Earthquake once again destroy Hulk Hogan, all the heels combined to do the damage to Hogan and I want to see those two tear it up in the ring at Survivor Series! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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