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TNA Slammiversary 2005 Review

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Welcome to another edition of the only wrestling review series on the internet brave enough to watch WCW in 2000: Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews and I am back with more TNA. The last time we left TNA, we saw the end of Jarrett’s reign of terror as Styles vanquished the dastardly guitar-wielding Jarrett with a spinal tap and a knock-out right from Tito Ortiz. Fast forward to this month and we have a King of The Mountain Match for Style’s championship. Meanwhile, we have the debut of one Samoa Joe in TNA on the lower card so there is a lot to look forward to in this show. With no Jarrett in the main event, my hopes can remain high and not be utterly squashed! So, sit back, grab your mountain dew and tweet about it as this is TNA’s Slammiversary 2005!

Opening Promo

I am seeing a new-born infant in a mother’s eyes, Slammiversary was the pay per view to mark the anniversary of TNA which was started in 2002. Footage of legends in TNA and talk of how TNA has evolved since then is played while we see so many wrestlers who were ruined by bad booking (I am joking relax). The package highlights a lot of cool spots and moments which would get you excited if you tuned into this show. Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the action and they are already shouting, this drives me nuts.

On the pre-show, Jeff Jarrett attacked a fan and was arrested, Jarrett was suppose to The King of The Mountain match and now Raven has taken the place of Jarrett. No complaints from me, I cannot take another over-booked Jarrett main event.

(X-Division 6 way Match) Jerelle Clark vs Zack Gowan vs Delirious vs Amazing Red vs Elix Skipper vs Sharkboy

TNA knows their fan-base (Wow cannot believe I am saying that but it is true here) so they waste no time by giving us flippy X-Division wrestlers. Delirious and Skipper kick us off, Skipper shoves down Delirious down twice. Skipper and Delirious kick one another before Skipper scoop slams Delirious. Delirious tags Red, side headlock by Skipper. Monkey flip by Red, Skipper grounds Red with a Boston Crab. Dropkick by Red, Clark tags into the match.

 Running frankensteiner by Clarke, Red fires back with a headscissors takedown, spinning kick and Japanese armdrag. Gowan tags himself into the match, Sharkboy is in and dropkicks Gowan. Neckbreaker and a two count for Sharkboy, Sharkboy pummels Gowan in the corner.

 Gowan shoves off Sharkboy, reverse DDT by Gowan. Skipper tags in off Gowan, Sharkboy clotheslines Skipper to the floor. Springboard moonsault by Clark, Gowan was looking for a monnsault but Delirious cuts off Gowan. Red doves onto everyone with a corkscrew senton. Big TNA Chants for that move.

In the ring, we have a tower of doom spot, Gowan moonsaults Clark but Sharkboy keeps the match alive. Skipper nails Sharkboy but Red makes the save. Clark powerbombs Red and Delirious saves the match. 

Delirious drops Clark and smashes Skipper in the face. Sharkboy nails Delirous with a Diamond Dust for the win. Well, it was ridiculous, had no-selling and was simply a spot-fest but it got the fans excited for the rest of the show so I cannot pick it apart. It knew its purpose and fulfilled its purposes.

Winner: Sharkboy over Everyone Else via Deep Sea Drop!

Alex Shelley vs Shocker

Shelley comes out looking like a cross between Neo from The Matrix and Cyrus The Virus. Meanwhile, Shocker is dressed like a Rey Mysterio in his Filthy Animals days. Shocker strips out of his overalls and into his wrestling attire. Lock up and Shocker takes the back. Shelley shoots for the arm and takes down Shocker, Shocker kips up and takes the arm.

 The two men trade counters with Shelley gaining control. Shocker and Shelley continue to mat wrestle with Shocker arm dragging Shelley and Shelley bailing to the floor. Huge chop by Shocker, more mat wrestling and Shelley is upset at Shocker’s ability to make Shelley look like a muppet. 

Shelley extends the arm to Shocker, Shelley is on his knees and kisses the foot of Shocker. Shelley suckers in Shocker and nails the Mexican with a massive right hand.

Shocker smacks down Shelley and nails a basement dropkick, headscissors takedown by Shocker. Shelley misses a plancha and Shocker nails a missile dropkick off the apron. Shelley blocks a moonsault with his feet, back suplex by Shelley, Russian legsweep by Shelley. 

Snap suplex with a floatover by Shelley, Shelley looks for a missile dropkick but Shocker drills Shelley with a dropkick of his own. Tope suicida by Shocker, Shelley blocks an apron suplex into a rolling rock cradle, two count for Shelley. Sunset flip by Shocker is turned into a dropkick to the face by Shelley, suplex by Shelley brings another two count.

 Shocker was looking for a La Magistral but Shelley answers with his own swagtastic pin. Shocker lands a huge right on Shelley, Shelley is back on his feet within seconds. Stiff kick to Shocker, double knees in the corner, Shocker blocks a tornado DDT and types up Shelley with a pin that is so smooth and gets the victory. Decent match between these two, Shocker and Shelley show off their various holds and moves while putting on an entertaining match.

Winner: Shocker over Shelley via super pin-fall!

The Outlaw vs Ron The Truth Killings

Who’s side is BG James on? BG does not attack The Outlaw, it seems like The New Age Outlaws are on the verge of reforming. BG is trying to convince Truth and Konnan that BG is on their side but it does not seem that BG can convince his partners that there is no alliance between The Outlaw and BG. Lock up and The Outlaw pushes back Truth, another lock up and Truth takes the arm.

 Outlaw elbows out of the hold and slaps on a side headlock, shoulder block and pose by Outlaw. Headscissors by Truth but Outlaw sidesteps Truth and smacks around Truth in the corner. Truth climbs to the top rope and nails a missile dropkick, botched hiptoss by Truth and Outlaw low blows Truth in front of the referee. Outlaw misses a stinger splash, right hands by Truth. Truth was looking for a sidekick but Outlaw moves out of the way and Truth ends up on the mat clutching his nuts.

 Outlaw chokes Truth with the rope, Outlaw smacks Truth into the steel steps. Outlaw wears down Truth with a reverse chinlock in the ring. Truth fires up and Outlaw cuts Truth off with a big knee. Outlaw looks for a knee drop from the second rope but Truth blocks with a big foot.

Truth fires up, flying forearm and Scissor Kick misses. FameAsser by The Outlaw and Outlaw motions for The One and Only. Truth counters for the world’s worst O Connor’s roll but Truth is your winner. That was a nothing match, not much fan reaction and not much going on in the ring.

 Both men looked like they were not motivated and phoned it in. Outlaw wipes out Truth after the match. BG saves Truth while Outlaw asks BG to smack him with a chair. BG could not nail The Outlaw with the chair so the mystery continues.

Winner: Truth over The Outlaw via roll-up!

(TNA Tag Team Championship Match) The Naturals © vs Team Canada

When I spoke about TNA tag teams awhile back, two teams stuck out and they were AMW and Team Canada. AMW were as hot as ever coming into the year and Team Canada were easily the best heel tag team on the roster. The Naturals on the other hand, are as bland in a way that I did not even think that was possible. 

These two became tag team champions by beating AMW due to Chris Candido’s unfortunate death and The Naturals are now awkward babyfaces. Going into this match, The Naturals have an ace in the hole, that being a mentor for the dynamic duo but who will it be?

Side headlock by Young and Stevens counters Young. Young pulls Stevens’ hair and Stevens returns the favour. Young slaps Stevens and they lock up again, series of slaps by both men. Stevens tags Douglas, Young rakes the eyes and tags Williams. Williams outwrestles Douglas but Douglas outpowers Williams applying a brock lock type manoeuvre. 

Young makes the save and in comes Stevens. Young saves Williams from The Natural Disaster but Young eats an inverted DDT. Young fakes a knee injury, Stevens does not fall for the ruse but Williams cheap shots Stevens which allows Young to dump Stevens to the floor. A1 and Scott D’Amore put the boots to Stevens, scoop slam by Young. Williams places Stevens in the tree of woe and stomps on Stevens’ groin.

 Quick tag to Young, leg drop by Young. Douglas saves his partner Stevens, big elbow by Young. Young shoulder thrusts Stevens, leg drop by Young from the top rope and Stevens kicks out at two. Reverse chinlock by Eric Young, Young chokes Stevens and tags in Williams. D’Amore and A1 cheap shot Stevens while Williams distracts Douglas. Williams chokes Stevens by using his boot, repeated stomps by Williams.

Tag to Young who eats a few rights from Stevens, Young cans Stevens to the floor and A1 puts the boots to Stevens for a third time. Young roughs up Stevens in the corner, Stevens reaches down and begins fighting back but A1 has Stevens boot. Douglas comes out and beats up A1, Stevens finally makes the tag. Clotheslines and a backbreaker by Douglas, high knee to Young.

 Backbreaker onto Williams for a two count, Douglas is all fired up in this match. Williams applies a sharpshooter to Douglas, Stevens saves Douglas but Williams knocks out Stevens with a DDT. German suplex by Douglas on Williams for a two count. Douglas and Young are on the floor, Stevens and Williams are in the ring. Doomsday Device by The Naturals for a two count, Naturals plants Young with The Natural Disaster.

 Williams saves Young. Williams looks for The Canadian Destroyer on Douglas, Douglas fights it off and Stevens nails Williams with a megaphone as Jimmy Hart appears out of nowhere.

Douglas pins Williams after the megaphone shot and The Naturals retain their championships. Not a fan of this match, The Naturals are not on the level of Team Canada. The match was largely on the boring side with the beaten of Stevens going on for too long for my liking and the finish was so quick and rushed, I missed it the first time. The tag team division sorely needs some fresh blood in TNA. The Naturals are not the answer and with Team Canada being the lead heels of the division, it begs the question: What is next for AMW?

Winners: The Naturals over Team Canada thanks to Jimmy Hart’s megaphone!

Samoa Joe vs Sonjay Dutt

Joe’s debut and it was a big deal, Joe was the ultimate free agent at this time. Two-year reign as champion, Joe was an animal and somebody who had credibility. Dutt was like TNA’s gatekeeper so this is not good for Dutt. Joe kicks Dutt around the ring before nailing Dutt with his signature uranage out of the corner. Kick to the chest and a giant knee drop by Joe, running high knee and facewash by Joe. Running knee to the face by Joe, right hand to the face of Dutt. Dutt battles back before Joe flattens Dutt. Joe sweeps the leg of Dutt and nails his senton. Dutt kicks out at two.

Huge chops by Joe, Dutt lowbridges Joe. Tope con hilo by Dutt, Dutt nails a springboard dropkick for a two count. Enzuigiri by Dutt and Dutt climbs to the top rope, 450 splash for a two. Joe catches Dutt with a snap pwerslam, punches and chops by Joe and Joe looks for The Muscle Buster. Giant enzuigiri by Joe and Dutt is broken in half by The Muscle Buster before Joe taps out Dutt with a coquina clutch. Fantastic debut match for Joe who looked unbeatable in this contest. Joe did not just live up to the hype, Joe smashed all expectations. TNA had a star on their hands!

Winner: Samoa Joe over Sonjay Dutt via Coquina Clutch!

Lance Hoyt vs Bobby Roode W/ Scott D’Amore

Lance is six foot nine and he flies around like a cruiserweight. Hoyt is somehow over like rover with the audience, honestly I do not understand why but I will do my best to figure it out in this match. Hoyt overpowers Roode easily and Roode is not happy with Hoyt. Hoyt shoves Roode to the floor and nails a scoop slam. Roode is clotheslined to the floor and the crowd is chanting Hoyt’s name like a God. Roode drags Hoyt to the floor but Hoyt has Roode’s number. D’Amore distracts Hoyt so Roode baseball slides the big Texan. Rood puts the boot to Hoyt, Hoyt is rammed into the turnbuckle and choked across the rope. Hoyt fires up with chops but Roode cuts off Hoyt with a series of knees. Back suplex and pose by Roode, cover and a two count for Roode. Roode climbs to the top and Hoyt yanks off Roode.

Hoyt measures, series of clotheslines and a big back body drop, ten punch by Hoyt. Hoyt Chokeslams Roode hard, Hoyt looks at D’Amore and waists time. Hoyt is climbing to the top rope, Roode nails a running powerbomb for a two count. Roode takes a hockey stick from D’Amore, the referee takes the stick. Chokeslam by Hoyt, Hoyt is looking for the big boot. D’Amore grabs the foot of Hoyt, Roode nails his lariat from behind and steals the win. Average match with Hoyt looking like a star based merely on his reaction. I do not know what to say other than that because I cannot understand the phenomenon known as Lance Hoyt. Rood jumps Hoyt after the match. D’Amore is looking for a moonsault on Hoyt and misses, Hoyt wipes out Roode and has D’Amore all alone. I have seen D’Amore’s fat bare ass before Hoyt chokeslams the fat mess. Moonsault by Hoyt on D’Amore. That was more than I wanted to see.

Winner: Roode over Hoyt via Lariat!

AMW vs 3-Live Kru

AMW are falling apart, they are in a slump and are at one another’s throat. 3-Live Kru do their usual shtick with the fans reacting like it is 1999 all over again. Konnan is jacked and looks to be great shape. Konnan and Harris trade holds, Harris works the arm before Konnan works the head. Side headlock by Konnan, rolling clothesline by K-Dawg. Konnan takes off his shoe and throws it at both Harris and Storm. Storm enters the ring illegally and stiff kicks Konnan. Harris and Storm choke Konnan in the corner, back elbow by Storm. Double axe handle by Harris, tag to Storm and Konnan lays out Storm with a facebuster. Tag to BG James, right hands to both Harris and Storm.

BG walks into a Superkick from Storm, cover and a two count for Storm. Storm tags in Harris and Harris nails BG with a bulldog. Two count for Harris, leaping clothesline by Harris. Tag to Storm, BG fires up on Storm but Storm halts BG with a big boot and a reverse DDT. Konnan saves BG, tag to Harris. BG nails Harris with a huge right and Harris bumps into Storm by mistake, Konnan and The Outlaw are brawling on the floor. Hart attack by AMW on BG and the match is over. Alright match, more of an angle between 3-Live Kru and AMW beginning to become heels who took advantage to steal the win.

Winners: AMW over 3-Live Kru via Hart Attack!

(X Division Championship Elimination Match) Christoper Daniels © vs Matt Bentley vs Chris Sabin

Matt Bentley and Traci Brooks had been reunited, Chris Sabin had been pissed at Shane and Traci for the attacks and insults while Christoper Daniels had beaten Shocker and was thrown into this feud because they needed to do a championship match on the pay per view. Sabin has Trinity in his corner to counteract the Traci factor. A shoving match ensues to start us off, Bentley and Daniels team up on Sabin for a second before everyone begins chopping one another. Sabin nails Daniels with a headscissors, kick to the face by Sabin to Bentley. Daniels nails Sabin with a calf kick, STO into a Koji clutch by Daniels on Sabin. Bentley elbows Daniels which defies logic as this is an elimination match. Powerslam by Bentley on Daniels, jawbreaker by Daniels on Bentley. Sabin lands a crossbody on Daniels, Daniels drop toe holds Sabin onto the bottom rope. Sabin is choked by Daniels, Daniels elevates Bentley onto Sabin.

Daniels nails his moonsault on Sabin but Bentley dodges, dropkick  by Bentley on Sabin. Daniels nails his own dropkick on Sabin, Bentley hurls Daniels to the floor. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Bentley brings a two count, Daniels eats a baseball slide from Bentley. Bentley nails Sabin with a leg drop, two count for Bentley. Sabin combines with Daniels to dump Bentley onto the floor, Daniels smacks around Bentley before blocking a plancha from Sabin with a gut buster. Bentley rolls into the ring and Daniels attempts an Angel’s Wings, Sabin comes into the ring and drills Bentley with a DDT. Sabin clotheslines Daniels and Bentley, double dropkick by Sabin.

Suplex by Sabin on Bentley, Bentley blocks The Cradle Shock and Sabin ducks a punch to nail Daniels with a tope con hilo. Springboard dropkick by Sabin on Bentley for a two count, Traci trips up Sabin who went to run the ropes and Trinity trips Bentley. The two women enter the ring and we have a catfight! Trinity wins the war, Bentley looks to superkick Trinity but Sabin makes the save. Sabin drills Bentley with The Cradle Shock and eliminates his rival but Daniels drops Trinity with The Angel’s Wings.

Bentley has been eliminated by Sabin via Cradle Shock!

Sabin vs Daniels, Trinity looks like a wreck at ringside. Sabin eats a death valley driver from Daniels for a two count. Daniels applies a crossface variation. Sabin counters with a headscissors into a schoolboy, two count and a bulldog by Sabin. Backbreaker by Sabin and a straight-jacket German suplex for a two count. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and massive headbutts by Daniels into a running STO for a two count. Daniels nails the BME for a two count, Daneils is in utter shock. Sabin misses an enzuigiri  but scores with a tornado DDT, Daniels manages to kick out, Sabin is in control and signals for the kill, Cradle Shock is countered, Sabin lands on the apron but Daniels kicks the ropes into Sabin’s groin and Daniels drops Sabin with an Angel’s Wings for the win. Solid match, a lot of fun spots and Daniels goes over clean in the middle of the ring. Interesting to see where Daniels goes after this, I feel bad for Sabin. From what I have seen so far, the guy is over-looked for the likes of Williams and Styles but with these two and their focus being elsewhere, you think it would be Sabin to pick up the slack but I don’t think it is going to happen. Daniels is an enjoyable heel though.

Winner: Daniels over Everyone Else!

(TNA Heavyweight Championship King of The Mountain Match) AJ Styles © vs Monty Brown vs Abyss vs Raven vs Sean Waltman

Oh boy! TNA’s reverse ladder match is here! Let me explain the rules to this match before getting into the story because it is a stupid concept for a match and I want you to understand what is taking place. There are five men in the match, you must score a pin-fall or submission to be eligible to hang the belt from the ladder. The wrestler who is pinned or submits must wait in a penalty box for two minutes and finally, you win by hanging the championship up. Have you got all of that? Does it sound stupid? Well, you are not the only person who thinks it is a little far-fetched.

Anyways, Styles had defeated Jarrett, Jarrett was supposed to be in this match. However, Jarrett was arrested earlier in the night and Raven was Jarrett’s replacement. Waltman had none done much in TNA apart from replace Jeff Hardy who missed a pay per view match against Raven. Abyss has been well-protected in TNA, Monty Brown had a tonne of momentum as a babyface and now he is a heel with everything interesting about the guy disappearing. Raven has been entertaining but has wrestled in mostly mid-card hardcore matches with former WWE/WCW stars. In the past month, Raven had been suspended and on the verge of quitting TNA but Raven might have been the luckiest man on the planet to be in this match. Styles comes down to the ring clutching a ladder and the champion looks prepared for war.

Waltman leaps off the penalty box onto Raven, Styles dives off a ladder onto Abyss and Monty Brown pins Raven after a Pounce. Raven is in the penalty box, Waltman kicks a ladder into Brown’s face. Styles nails a plancha onto Abyss, Brown begins tearing apart Waltman’s ribs in the ring. Waltman chops Brown and Abyss nails a corner splash on Brown. Spinning heel kick by Waltman on Abyss, Brown tosses Waltman across the ring. Raven is out of the box. Brown powerbombs Waltman and Waltman is in the box. Makes no difference for Brown as Brown was already eligible to win the match. Styles clotheslines Abyss and Brown before Brown springs up for a Pounce on Styles and Raven pins Styles on the floor? We were not told that pins counted anywhere but there you go. Raven and Brown are eligible to win the match.

Raven knocks down Abyss and Brown with huge clotheslines, Waltman and Styles are in the box and it looks like they are teaming up in this match. Waltman is out, Waltman has a trash can, shots to Abyss and Brown. Abyss boots the can into Waltman’s face. Abyss nails the Black Hole Slam on Brown and Abyss is eligible to win, Raven turns his attention to Styles. Styles counters The Even Flow into The Styles Clash and Abyss breaks up the pin so Styles cannot be eligible. Waltman smacks Abyss in the head with a chair over and over, Abyss is smashed through a table with a spinal tap by Styles. Abyss is in the penalty box and Monty Brown is out of the box. Brown and Raven fight by the guard rail, Brown is smashed into the railing. Styles works his way to the top and Waltman nails an X-Factor off the ladder to pin Styles. Styles is in the box with Abyss, Raven stomps all over Waltman. Raven has a staple gun and Waltman feels Raven’s wrath. Abyss is out of the box.

Waltman plants a staple on Abyss’ nuts, Waltman and Styles are on the ladder and dumped through a table by ringside. Larry Zbyszko hands the belt to Abyss but Brown Pounces Abyss through a table, Raven nails The Even Flow DDT on Brown. Raven kicks off Abyss and Raven becomes the champion. Zbyzsko shakes his head in disbelief, the one man Zbyszko did not want to hold the championship is now the face of TNA.

That was an enjoyable match with a tonne of spots that included tables and dives, every big spot popped the crowd and the wrestlers worked hard too. Raven’s win comes out of nowhere but the seeds had been planted weeks before and you could argue that it was the culmination of Raven’s journey in TNA. Raven was able to prove that he was not a one trick pony and his days were not behind him as he now held a major title in another promotion as opposed to being only an ECW world champion. Raven had scratched and clawed but his moment had finally come, Raven is your new NWA/TNA world heavyweight champion and Zbyszko wants the belt taken away from Raven!

Winner: Raven over Everyone Else via hanging of the belt!

My thoughts on TNA’s Slammiversary are largely on the negative side, I did not feel like I was watching any special on this show apart from Joe’s debut and the main event. The X-Division opening match was quick and exciting while most of the show after that was slow and dull. The Naturals are not meant to be the top babyface tag team in the division, the x-division championship match was lame and felt as if Daniels was added just to have the champion on the show. We had matches like Outlaw vs Truth and Roode vs Hoyt which were more about the angles after the match than the actual matches.

 Joe’s debut was something fresh and was in a way, sorely needed because TNA’s roster was seemingly threadbare and was in dire need of new faces and fresh blood. Joe looked like a killer in his match and you could not ask for more, everyone knew who Joe was and went nuts for anything that he did in that ring. The main event was chaotic fun with a strong mix of storytelling and further angle development. Styles and Waltman’s friendship had turned sour, Abyss was seen as Zbysko’s handpicked champion and Raven is your champion with a lot of people gunning for his championship. So if you want to watch this show, I say skip to Joe’s match and the main event because there is not a lot going on elsewhere!

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