Tuesday 20 December 2016

My top 6 of WWE in 2016, Who's Yours?

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2017 is almost here which means The Royal Rumble is coming, a new year for the WWE and a chance to set in motion storylines and angles for Wrestlemania and beyond, 2016 had been a year of up and downs in the WWE so, I am here for my own countdown of what I believe to be the most important superstars of 2016 for WWE and the reasons for my choice. Why 6? Because I like to be different damn it! Disclaimer: These are my choices, it does not mean they are going to be everyone's choices and you certainly do not have to agree with me so without further time wasting, read on....

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                                                      Number 6: The New Day

The former tag team champions have been one of the main highlights of 2016, winning a legion of fans before they turned face, The New Day continued to dominate the tag team division while also entertaining the fans. It is remarkable how WWE took three guys who were doing nothing on the main roster and turn them into one of the hottest acts in wrestling. Their antics and matches have ranged from solid to awesome and they certainly deserve their spot as the longest reigning tag team champions so clap for your former two-time champs and let the power of positivity wash over you! 2016 was the year of The New Day!

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                                                    Number 5: Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose began 2016 by being inches away from winning the WWE championship on two occasions, many people believed Ambrose should have been champion but creative saw otherwise with Reigns having his moment at Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania was a disappointing pay per view for Ambrose who had one of the worst matches on the card as Lesnar trampled and decimated The Lunatic Fringe. However, in the months that followed Ambrose would climb to the top of the WWE, Ambrose would win Money In The Bank, capture the WWE Championship and score a win over John Cena. Ambrose may have soured at certain points (His reign as champion did not play out to its full potential) but Ambrose is now the top babyface on Smackdown in John Cena's absence and The Lunatic Fringe continues to be  a ball of energy on the blue brand. Perhaps a heel turn could help Ambrose reach even greater heights? Is it a long overdue? 

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                                                     Number 4: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho's returns have been hit and miss, some contain memorable moments and others may have been wasted in hindsight. 2016 began with Jericho returning as a face and forming a tag team with Styles, things were not clicking until Jericho turned heel. In the span of a year, Jericho has managed to get the phrases "Drink it in man", "Stupid Idiot" and "You just made the list" over to the point where fans are disappointed if they do not here at least one of these phrases from the man of 1004 holds. Many fans will argue that Smackdown Live has been superior to Raw (Myself included) but I do see Jericho and his bromance with Kevin Owens as a highlight each and every Monday. The eventual split between these two could be something very entertaining but Jericho even at the age of 46, proved that he is a valuable part of the company and is unselfish as ever as he continues to put over the likes of Ambrose, Rollins and more than likely, Kevin Owens.

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                                                           Number 3: The Miz

Heels are meant to be booed, they are meant to be the villains and in wrestling, you pay your money to see them get their asses kicked. In 2016 when heels are cheered more so than the babyfaces, The Miz consistently is one of the most hated people on the roster. Make no mistake about it, I bought into the Miz since the fatal four way with Cesaro, Zayn and Owens. The match was great between the three I just mentioned, I would have been happy with anyone of those winning the match but Miz just had to sneak in and steal the win, it pissed so many people off and everyone wanted to see Miz get destroyed, it was perfect. And then Miz had to sucker me and everyone else with the Talking Smack segment with Daniel Bryan, Miz and Dolph Ziggler had a great feud of the Intercontinental Championship and I still want to see someone destroy The Miz. The chemistry with his wife Maryse is fantastic too, I love the pairing and maybe just maybe, we could have Daniel Bryan vs The Miz at Wrestlemania. Picture it now: Miz kisses Maryse at the apron and walks into a Flying Knee from Bryan just like what happened to Bryan when he fought Sheamus. Kudos to you Miz one of the few true heels still left in wrestling!

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                                         Number 2: Sasha Banks/Charlotte Flair

I could not include one without the other and there is no way I could rank one above the other so I am putting thee two together as one. What can I say? Two women who have had so much tv time, main events, first-time matches and wars that will be talked about for years to come. This generation's Trish vs Lita, Sasha and Charlotte have had some great matches, great chemistry and a feud that has sucked in a lot of wrestling fans. Yes, you may be sick of them fighting one another and that the Raw's women's division is lacking due to the focus being solely on these two but it did lead to some incredible matches, made even more special by the short amount of time that both these women have been on the main roster and the fact that they survived that shambolic start to the so-called Diva's Revolution. Hats off to these two warriors who have made their mark on wrestling history! Charlotte continues to have an undefeated streak in singles matches on pay per view so hopefully, it will be a big moment when Bayley topples Ms. Flair at Wrestlemania (Don't you screw this up Vince!)

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                                                         Number 1: AJ Styles

Could it be anyone else? Styles has been WWE's MVP. Styles' rookie year in WWE has to be up there with the likes of Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. Styles can be serious, can do comedy, can be a babyface and can be a heel. Styles has excelled at everything, Styles came in with the biggest buzz in recent memory and the man has owned every event he has been on, no doubt about it. Ambrose may be the top babyface on Smackdown but Styles is the top star on Smackdown. Styles put over Roman Reigns when he was champion and Styles pinned John Cena, the kingpin of WWE clean in the middle of the ring. The biggest endorsement I have ever seen, it was the ultimate vote of confidence and Styles has repaid that faith with quality matches month after month. If the plan is for Cena to beat Styles for the 16th world championship, I cannot think of a more fitting place than the main event at Wrestlemania and Styles deserves that main event as he is my choice for WWE's top superstar of 2016.

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