Wednesday 7 December 2016

Raw Women's Division: Can we have something new?

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Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair are doing fantastic things for women's wrestling with their struggles for the Raw's Women's Championship. With each match, those two women are putting women's wrestling on a level that was unprecedented for WWE standards. Some are torn on whether the belt is devalued with the constant title changes or whether the belt is more prestigious as both women are proving just how badly they want to hold the championship. However, there is a complaint about these two women wrestling and it relates to the other women on the roster.

The issue being raised is yes, Sasha vs Charlotte will go down as a classic rivalry but the fans need a break from seeing these two go head-to-head in the ring. Think of all your favourite rivalries, the likes of Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels, Undertaker vs Kane, and Stone Cold vs The Rock. These wrestlers had a lot of epic wars but it was not every pay per view, Stone Cold did not fight The Rock every pay per view, Lita did not battle Trish every pay per view, John Cena did not always face CM Punk. The fans love these two women, they love to cheer Sasha and love to boo Charlotte but is it necessary to have these two battle at Roadblock with no-end in sight?

Why would WWE be so hesitant to move away from this rivalry? There could a number of reasons such as it is a hot rivalry, the two continue to have great matches but the real concerning reason could be who else do they have? At Survivor Series, Charlotte and Bayley were the two surviving members of their team, Charlotte attacked Bayley after the match which naturally, should have led to a feud for the title between the two. That has not happened as we are having Sasha vs Charlotte at Roadblock and Bayley is fighting Alicia Fox. What about Dana Brooke? Dana looked like she was turning on Charlotte and there could be a championship match between the former protege and mentor. That has not happened. There is also Nia Jax, the monster of NXT but she seems to be nowhere the title picture.

If you are not developing new characters, building up challengers and at the very least, focusing on women not named Charlotte or Sasha, you are going to fail. Charlotte vs Sasha Banks will go down as a great rivalry but once that feud ends and it will have to end, where does the WWE go next?

Smackdown Live may not have the superior wrestling matches but look at Alexa Bliss and her metamorphosis into the top heel on the women's side of the roster. Look at Carmella and the 180 turn on her character. It was a gamble and the feud with Nikki Bella was a bit on the boring side but they are trying things. You have Nikki trying to reclaim the championship, Natalya trying to prove she is the best in the division. Why can't Raw have two women's feuds going on at the one time? 

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