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WWF No Way Out 2002 Review

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Welcome boys and girls to another pun-tastic edition to the only wrestling review series on the internet that prefers Samoa Joe’s first NXT theme: Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews! I am a bit low on the zingers on this occasion but I plan to more than make up for it with this WWF No Way Out 2002 Review! As I mentioned last time, the WWF was in a bit of a strange period coming into 2002. Chris Jericho was Undisputed Champion and kind of Mcmahon’s chosen champion but it soon became apparent that Vince was pushing himself away from any confrontations with The Rock and Stone Cold as Mcmahon introduced a poison to the WWF, a poison known as The NWO. Jericho finds himself tonight against none other than The Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. Triple H had won The Royal Rumble but was having marital problems, problems which threatened The Game’s quest for the championship. Couple that with the fact that Kurt Angle is out for The Game’s blood and it is obvious Triple H is not a happy camper. We also have the fresh, heel Undertaker taking on The People’s Champion The Rock so there are a lot of big matches on this card so let’s see where the night takes us.

Opening Promo

The first thing I notice is that the opening promo is nowhere to be seen on The Network so I cannot hype up the WWF production theme or even laugh at the terrible stock music which replaces the licensed themes. Damn you Network!

NWO Promo

We open with The New World Order and it is surreal ladies and gentlemen. Knowing the history, the war with WCW and the way in which these men left the WWF, it is truly surreal to see Hall, Nash and Hogan back in a WWF ring. Big Sexy is on the mic and Nash is not happy with the wrestlers in the back giving The NWO dirty stares. Hall is up next who says The New World Order are not bad guys, they just want to work with the big WWF superstars. Hogan has the microphone and people are ready to explode, their hero, the man who made wrestling what it is today begins speaking. Hogan thanks Vince for the opportunity and our heroes leave the ring. Looking back on this, I see potential and tonnes of it. However, nothing has gone wrong yet, this could be fun.

(Tag Team Turmoil Match) Scotty Too Hotty & Albert vs Lance Storm & Christian vs The APA vs Billy & Chuck vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz

Two teams kick us off and the match continues until all teams have been eliminated. Scotty kicks us off against Storm. Scotty outwrestles Storm before tagging in Albert, Albert giant swings Christian before Storm tackles Albert from behind. Albert shakes off Storm with a huge axe kick, Christian distracts Albert and Storm knocks down Albert with a calf kick. Storm drags Christian to the corner, the two put the boots to Albert before Albert fires back with a huge clothesline. Tag to Scotty, Scotty elevates Storm to the floor. Scotty superkicks Christian for a two count, Storm throws Scotty to the floor. Albert misses a splash and is clotheslined to the floor. Scotty nails Christian with a facebuster but Storm stops The Worm. Unprettier by Christian on Scotty and we have a first elimination.

Scotty & Albert have been eliminated via Unprettier!

Hardys enter the match, scoop slam to Christian by Matt. Matt goes for a leg drop but Storm smacks Matt from the apron. Tag to Storm, dropkick by Storm for a two count. Quick tag to Christian, right hands by Christian. Matt battles back and hotshots Christian into the top rope. Jeff gets the tag, forearms and legsweeps to Storm and Christian. Christian saves Storm while Matt and Christian battle to the floor. Single leg Boston Crab by Storm on Jeff, Matt saves his brother. Storm kicks Christian by mistake, Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb by The Hardy Boyz for the elimination.

Storm & Christian have been eliminated via Swanton Bomb!

The Dudleys are in, Bubba yanks Jeff’s hair to avoid a Poetry in Motion. D-Von nails a powerslam on Jeff, tag to Bubba. Spinning toe hold by Bubba is broken up by Matt, tag to D-Von. D-Von pummels Jeff in the corner, reverse elbow by D-Von. Quick tag to Bubba, Bubba looks for a senton form the second rope but Jeff blocks the senton. Tag to Matt, right hands and clotheslines to D-Von, DDT on Bubba. Leg drop on D-Von, Bubba saves D-Von. Jeff wipes out Bubba, neckbreaker combination. D-Von is clotheslined to the floor, Stacy stops a Twist of Fate on Bubba and we have a catfight. Bubba Bomb on Matt, Lita nails her hurricanrana. Jeff dives onto Bubba with a somersault plancha, D-Von looks for Saving Grace but Matt slides out and rolls-up D-Von for the elimination.

The Dudley Boyz have been eliminated via roll-up!

The Dudleys nail a 3D on Jeff and out comes Billy & Chuck. Matt is all alone as Jeff is reeling from the 3D. Neckbreaker on Chuck but Matt runs into a Superkick from Chuck and Billy nails The FameAsser for the elimination.

The Hardy Boyz have been eliminated via FameAsser!

The final team have arrived and it is The APA. Brawl ensues on the floor before it is Chuck and Bradshaw in the ring, fallaway slam by Bradshaw. Tag to Faarooq, Bradshaw cheap shots Billy. It backfires for Bradshaw as Billy cheap shots Faarooq. Faarooq is taken to the floor and roughed up by Chuck as Billy smacks Bradshaw on the apron. Faarooq fires up on Billy, massive spinebuster by Faarooq. Bradshaw receives the tag and starts breaking backs and cracking skulls, big boot to Chuck. Corner clotheslines to Chuck, seconds later the match is over after a Bradshaw Clothesline From Hell to Billy!

Billy & Chuck have been eliminated via Clothesline From Hell!

Good opening match with everyone hitting their signature spots, I find it funny that The APA are the winners of the match. They always seem to wonder into the title picture but I not going to complain because I would like to see these two kick a lot more ass.

Goldust vs Rob Van Dam

The Bizarre One Goldust had returned to the WWF at last month’s Royal Rumble. RVD had been targeted by the veteran of the WWF and these two are set to battle it out on pay per view. Goldust jumps RVD to start the match with a huge scoop slam, snake eyes by Goldust onto the ring apron. RVD suckers in Goldust and kicks Goldust square in the face, shoulder thrusts by Van Dam. Spinning leg drop and a handspring moonsault by RVD. Forearms to the face by RVD before Goldust bails to the floor. Goldust thought about walking away but Goldust thinks better of it and decides to continue the match. Goldust drags RVD to the floor and RVD sends Goldust over the barricade. RVD sets up Goldust for his leg drop across the barricade, RVD nails The Bizarre One. RVD tries to re-enter the ring but Goldust nails a knee to the face and drills Van Dam with an elbow from the second rope. Huge clubbing blows by Goldust, big butt bump by Goldust, cover and a two count.

Goldust props RVD on the top rope and stretches Van Dam over the ringpost. Goldust catapults RVD into the ropes and Van Dam falls onto Goldust’s knees. Modified camel clutch by Goldust, Goldust tries sitting on the back of RVD but Van Dam gets the knees up to alleviate the pressure. RVD tries a backslide, two count but RVD scores with a superkick. RVD fires up, spinning heel kick and a monkey flip. Diving thrustkick by RVD, cover and a two count for RVD. Scoop slam into Rolling Thunder, cover and Goldust powers out of the pin attempt. RVD looks for The Five Star Frog Splash, Goldust moves out of the way and drills RVD with a DDT. Goldust looks for The Curtain Call, RVD slides out and nails a spinning heel kick. Another two count, Goldust misses a bulldog. Step through spinning heel kick and RVD goes high for The Frog Splash. RVD nails it and this match is over!

I thought it was an ok match, fans were not into the match and there was not a whole lot going on in this match. Goldust did well for his first pay per view match back in the WWF and RVD was entertaining with his unique offence. Crowd popped huge for the finish and Van Dam is ridiculously over since the day he stepped foot in the WWF.

RVD over Goldust via Five Star Frog Splash!

NWO/Austin Encounter

The New World Order try to give Austin a gift of beer but The Rattlesnake does not trust The New World Order and decides that he does not want the beer. The New World Order let Austin pass while judging The Rattlesnake for his behaviour.

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Spike Dudley & Tazz © vs Test & Booker T

Test and Booker T jump the champions in the rampway, Test chokes and clubs Tazz in the ring. Tazz elbow Test and nails a huge clothesline, Spike gets the tag. Missile dropkick on Test and dropkick to the knee of Booker T. Spike fights out of a military press slam for a roll-up. Booker distracts the referee and Test clotheslines Spike. Tag to Booker, Harlem sidekick to the face of Spike. Cover and Tazz makes the save, chops by Booker T to Spike. Test chokes Spike over the middle rope, corner clothesline by Test. Test misses an elbow, Spike tries fighting back, Dudley Dog is countered with Spike being thrown to the floor. Booker puts the boots to Spike, Booker receives the tag and nails The Scissors Kick. We see The Spinaroonie and Tazz saves Spike once again.

Booker postures for too long and it is Spike drilling Booker with a tornado DDT. Tazz gets the tag, clotheslines by Tazz. Test attacks Tazz illegally, Tazz ducks The Big Boot, Booker is elevated to the floor and Tazz looks for The Tazzmission on Test. Spike drills Test with a Dudley Dog, Booker T is sent into the ringpost. Test tries rolling-up Tazz, referee catches Test and Tazz takes advantage to lock in The Tazzmission for the win. Another ok match, Test and Booker are not great bullies so the sympathy is lacking for the tags and beat-downs on Spike. I also cannot believe going into Wrestlemania, it appeared that Spike and Tazz against The APA would be the tag team championship match at Wrestlemania. At least Tazz had a championship run in the WWF before moving to the commentary booth.

Spike & Tazz over Booker T & Test via Tazzmission!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match) Edge vs William Regal ©

Vince Russo must be touching himself as we have a brass knuckles on a pole match. Climb the pole and you can use the knuckles, the referee checks Regal for knuckles but Edge jumps Regal so the search cannot be concluded. Clothesline by Edge, snap suplex and Edge goes for the pole. Regal yanks off Edge, Edge pummels Regal on the ground. Dropkick by Edge on Regal, Regal is hotshot into the top rope and dragged to the floor. Edge throws Regal into the crowd, Edge climbs towards the knuckles. Edge nails Regal with a missile dropkick, Regal counters a full-nelson by Edge and throws the challenger into the top rope. Abdominal stretch by Regal who uses the ropes for leverage, Edge powers out of the hold and throws the champion to the floor. Edge is inches away from winning but Regal hurls Edge to the floor and Edge slams into the barricade

Tigerbomb on the floor by Regal, Regal applies The Regal Stretch in the middle of the ring. Edge is bleeding from the mouth which JR mentions that Edge has suffered from internal bleeding. Another tigerbomb by Regal, cover and a two count for the champion. Regal climbs to the top rope and lands gingerly on the top rope. Regal looks for a tigerbomb to the floor but Edge counters for a hurricanrana to the floor. Edge is close to gaining the knuckles, Regal appears and both men brawl. Regal knocks down Edge and pulls down the knuckles. Edge catches Regal with a back suplex, the knuckles fall into the middle of the mat.

Both men crawl towards the knuckles, Regal kicks the knuckles out of the ring, Edge O Matic for a two count, Spear by Edge. Edge searches for the knuckles for revenge but Regal has his own pair of knuckles. Edge eats a shot to the ribs and a shot to the face and Regal retains the championship. Enjoyable match, I liked the chemistry between these two, Regal is such an arrogant snob that you love to see get killed while Edge is standing out among the bunch. The more I watch, the more I realize why Edge climbed to the very top of the company. Regal using his own knuckles was clever too, it was well worked pole match which you cannot say about a lot of this kind of gimmick match.

William Regal over Edge via Brass Knuckles Shot!

The Rock vs The Undertaker

The Rock had disrespected The Undertaker by laughing at The Deadman for being eliminated by Maven in the Royal Rumble. Rock and Undertaker would cost one another important matches such as Rock losing his number one contender’s opportunity thanks to Taker’s interference and The Rock costing Undertaker the Hardcore Championship by helping Maven win the championship. Undertaker also Tombstoned Rock on top of a car which is a cool spot in my opinion.

The Rock sprints to the ring and nails Taker with a leaping clothesline, Rock is caught off-guard by a massive big boot from Taker. Taker chokes Rock with his elbow and the rope. Straight right by Undertaker, Taker lowers his head and Rock drills Taker with a swinging neckbreaker. Taker comes back strong with huge right hands in the corner. Headbutt to The Rock, Undertaker shuts off The Rock’s momentum with a sidewalk slam. Cover and it is a two count for Big Evil. Undertaker continues punishing Rock by kneeing Rock in the ribs and stomping all over The Rock’s face. Rock dodges a big boot and is hung up in the ropes, Rock clotheslines Taker to the floor. Rock rams Taker into the Spanish announce table before Taker turns the tide with a knee. Taker crotches Rock on the barricade by The People’s Jewels. Undertaker knocks The Rock into the crowd and we have a brawl on our hands. Taker smashes Rock with a hard elbow to the face. Over and over, The Rock takes the elbow to the face.

 Leg drop over the back of the head by Taker, Taker tries pinning Rock but Rock will not stay down for the pin-fall. Rock battles back to his feet but lowers his head after an Irish whip, Rock pays for it as Taker nails his DDT like only Taker can. Bearhug by Big Evil, Taker squeezes but Rock will not stay down. Leaping clothesline by Rock and both men are feeling the effects of the match. DDT by The Rock, kip-up and spinebuster. Rock was looking for The People’s Elbow but Undertaker gets up and snatches at Rock’s throat. Rock blocks the first time but Taker nails The Chokeslam on the second try. Undertaker covers but Rock kicks out of the Chokeslam. Undertaker is bewildered so Taker goes to his motorcycle and pulls out a lead pipe to beat The Rock. Undertaker bumps the referee into the steel steps and pulls out the lead pipe. Flair comes to ringside to stop Taker using the lead pipe. The chops by Flair have no effect and Taker boots Flair to the ground.

 Taker aims for Rock’s head but Rock nails a spinebuster and locks in the sharpshooter, Vince Mcmahon is down at ringside. Rock grabs Vince and hurls Vince into the ring. Undertaker looks for a Tombstone on Rock but Flair nails Taker with the lead pipe, Rock scores with The Rock Bottom! Game, set and match, your winner is The Rock!

Personally, I liked this match a lot, it was a breath of fresh air to see an intimidating heel like Taker battle Rock as opposed to the chickenshit Jericho. Undertaker was so good in his role and was allowed to be nasty and kick ass. Undertaker came out looking good too as it took a lead pipe and a Rock Bottom to put The Deadman away. It was fresh and exciting and I wish there was more to be honest. One thing that bothers me though is they never used the announce table after teasing the spot and looking like it was going to be used.

The Rock over Undertaker via Rock Bottom!

Triple H vs Kurt Angle (Winner Goes to Wrestlemania/Stephanie is Special Referee)

Triple H had won The Royal Rumble but Kurt Angle was not happy about this so Vince announced there would be a match between the two to decide the number one contender for the undisputed championship. Stephanie and Triple H had problems, big problems. Stephanie wanted to renew their vows and told the world that she was pregnant. Stephanie lied and lied big time, Triple H will be divorcing Triple H but that was not a good idea because Vince, Stephanie’s father owns the company. So, Triple H had divorced Stephanie, has to fight Kurt Angle for his Wrestlemania opportunity and Stephanie is the referee for this match so Triple H’s chances are slim to none. My one big complaint about all of this is that Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho will be secondary to the big story which is taking place and to be honest, Triple H’s road to recovery story did not need the extra drama just like Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemania did not need The Rock being managed by Debra who was Austin’s wife for the few weeks before the match, it adds nothing.

Stephanie begins the match by trying to fast-count Triple H after multiple pin attempts by Angle, Angle smashes Triple H in the face. Triple H fires out of the corner with a clothesline, Triple H stomps Angle in the corner. Short-arm clothesline by The Game, another one by The Cerebral Assassin. Angle counters the third with a nice back suplex, Angle goes to clothesline Triple H and nails Stephanie by mistake. Stephanie is knocked unconscious and taken to the back while Triple H cannot help himself but smile as the odds are a little more even in this match. Angle hotshots Triple H before eating a swinging neckbreaker. Triple H pummels Angle in the corner, Angle fights out with a German suplex. Triple H eats three German suplexes, Angle stomps all over Triple H. Triple H runs into an overhead belly to belly suplex, cover and a two count for Kurt Angle, another suplex by Kurt. Third belly to belly suplex by Angle, Angle continues smacking around Triple H. Sleeper hold in the middle of the ring by Angle.

Angle tries ten punches in the corner but Triple H counters with a powerbomb, high knee by Triple H, spinebuster for good measure. Cover and a two count, Triple H nails a facebuster for a two count, Angle begs for mercy and rolls to the floor. Angle runs around the ring before blatantly, smacking the referee in the back of the head. Low blow by Angle, Angle Slam and Angle looks for the win but here comes Stephanie. Triple H kicks out of The Angle Slam, Angle looks for The Angle Lock, Triple H kicks off Angle into Stephanie. Angle runs into a DDT, no referee for Triple H. Angle plants Triple H with a German suplex, Angle has a chair, Triple H ducks the chair shot. Pedigree in the middle of the ring, the referee looks to make the pin and gets to two before Stephanie attacks the referee. Triple H looks for The Pedigree but Angle wears out Triple H with the chair, Angle Slam and Angle picks up the win.

Hold on a second here, Angle wins? How does Angle lose his championship match? Good match though, I have said it before but Angle does know what a bad match is, Angle comes in, Angle is entertaining, throws great suplexes and sells to make his opponent look great. Triple H does great too in his face role although, The Game is so much more of a natural heel. I always find it hard to buy into a face Triple H because of how unlikeable he is in that role. Even when he is walking through the curtain and JR is trying to sell the story of how this is heart-breaking, I struggle to buy into the guy. I am curious how Triple H won back his opportunity though, perhaps WWF was thinking of doing a triple threat?

Kurt Angle over Triple H via Shenanigans!

Rock/NWO Promo

Hogan takes a picture with The Rock and makes fun of the current fans’ tastes. Rock does not like Hogan’s tone and proceeds to verbally run-down all members of The New World Order which does not make the trio very happy.

(WWF Undisputed Championship Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho ©

The egomaniac Chris Jericho had beaten The Rock at Royal Rumble but now, Jericho had to contend with The Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. Jericho had mocked Austin, poured beer on Austin and thought he was better than Austin. This is Austin’s last championship match on pay per view and I shall do my best to avoid that clouding my judgment on this match.

Austin and Jericho talk trash, Jericho flips off Austin and Austin flips off Jericho. Lock up, Jericho shoves Austin back and we have a clean break. Second lock up, stalemate and we have a third lock up. Jericho hits Austin with a right hand, boot to the ribs by Y2J but Austin sends Jericho to the floor.

 Back elbow by Austin, chops in the corner by Austin. Austin rams Jericho into the turnbuckle at least thirty times. Clothesline by Austin, suplex by Austin. More chops by Austin, Jericho quickens the pace with a neckbreaker. Elbow by Jericho, Jericho comes off the top rope and lands into a fist from Austin. Austin clotheslines Jericho to the floor. More chops by Austin, shoulder thrusts in the corner by Austin. Austin misses a shoulder thrust and runs into the ringpost, Jericho goes after that shoulder. The two are now fighting by the entranceway.

Jericho gains the upper hand and proceed to light up Austin’s chests with multiple chops. Jericho was looking for a dropkick but Austin crotched the champion, superplex by Austin. Austin goes to the opposite rope and nails another superplex. Third superplex by Austin, cover and a two count for Austin. Austin Irish whips Jericho into all the turnbuckles before Jericho uses the referee for leverage, low blow by Jericho without the referee’s knowledge. 

Chops by Y2J, Walls of Jericho is countered by Austin. Jericho knees Austin in the corner, Austin fires back with a Stungun and an elbow to the face. Jericho hurls Austin to the floor and the two begin brawling by the barricade. Jericho tried using the chair but Austin stopped the chair attack. Jericho looks to put Austin through the announce table, the two fight into the ring. Back elbow by Jericho, Lionsault misses. Sleeper by Y2J.

Austin fights out and catapults Y2J into the turnbuckle, Stunner is blocked. Spinebuster by Austin, knees and right hands combined with a powerslam. Two count for Austin, Jericho reverses an Irish whip and scores with a modified bulldog and a Lionsault. Two in a row, cover and two count for Y2J. Jericho chops Austin, Jericho runs into the ringpost. Austin was looking for The Lou Thesz Press, Jericho counters with the Walls of Jericho. Austin crawls successfully to the ropes, Jericho decides it is time to cheat. Jericho has a belt, Austin nails the referee by accident. Spinebuster on the belt by Austin, Jericho kicks out at two.

 Jericho counters The Stunner into The Breakdown on the championship. Two count for Austin, corner clothesline by Y2J. Jericho clotheslines referee Earl Hebnar and Austin makes Jericho to tap to the Walls. Stunner by Austin but here comes The New World Order. Austin fights but it is three-on-one. Hall Stunners Austin, Jericho drags the referee into the ring and Jericho pins Austin thanks to The New World Order. The New World Order rough up Austin after the match, Stunner by Hall on Austin again. Hogan and Hal spray paint Austin after the match.

Another good match, Austin and Jericho work hard to keep the fans entertained in this main event. The ref bumps were annoying by this point though, we had seen shenanigans and screwy finishes for the last four matches in a row, there is only so much a reviewer can take damn it! Seriously, the match was good, Jericho plays the chickenshit heel well, I think his best years are in front of him but this initial heel run was not a complete failure. Poor Jericho would just be a victim of anything involving The Mcmahons: Jericho would become secondary to what was happening as all the focus went on The Mcmahons. However, on this night, Jericho was saved by The NWO and this had the fans buzzing.

 Yes, The Invasion had been an utter failure but this was The New World Order vs Austin and The Rock. This cannot be anything but awesome. On a sidenote, after watching Austin through his heel run and subsequent babyface turn, I do feel Austin was slowing down a lot in the ring. Austin was still the man and could still go but the same fire or intensity was not there anymore. The man himself said his match with The Rock reinvigorated him but the heel turn which he wanted to do had left him flat and it shows by this point. It seems like an end of an era but there is still a few more battles left for The Rattlesnake so I am going to enjoy them while I still can. Overall, a good match with a big angle for Wrestlemania and Raw the next night.

Jericho over Austin thanks to The New World Order!

WWF’s No Way Out of 2002 was a good show, you had three main event calibre matches which were entertaining for various reasons and an undercard that did not have low points. The tag team matches on the card were quick, fast-paced and fun, the Intercontinental Championship was a very good match for a gimmick match. Rock and Undertaker felt fresh as Undertaker was heel and Rock was working against a larger opponent, Angle vs Triple H felt fresh as it was Triple H’s first singles match back on pay per view and Austin vs Jericho was fun as those two did not square off often and you had The NWO to top it all off. The WWF was in Wrestlemania mode and the card reflects that feeling with enough good matches on the card to make this worth-watching.

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