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WWF Royal Rumble 2002 Review

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Good evening steroid-heads and muscle guys to another testosterone-filled edition of the only wrestling review series that makes sure to always make Roman look strong: Seanomaniac Wrestling Review! I am on a hot streak baby with enough content to hold you over until Christmas or at least, I hope I do. Yes, I am banging out another review like I was born to do so! Tonight’s review is WWF’s Royal Rumble 2002. Triple H made his triumphant return after his quad tear and set his sights on becoming WWF Undisputed Champion. However, Triple H will have to survive a Royal Rumble match with 29 other superstars vying for the opportunity to main event Wrestlemania. Also, Chris Jericho, the first ever Undisputed Champion will defend his coveted championship against none other than The Rock. We also have the Tag Team championships and Intercontinental championships being defended, Vince vs Ric Flair in a street fight for control of the WWF, and Royal Rumble shows are always fun so sit back and enjoy WWF’s Royal Rumble 2002!

Opening Promo

Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin, RVD and Triple H are some of the big names in the rumble, this is going to be one hell of a show. Focus is on the rumble itself as we are shown footage of various rumble winners. We are live from Atlanta, Georgia and JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action.

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Dudley Boyz W/ Stacy Keblier vs Spike Dudley & Tazz ©

I still find it hard to believe that Tazz won a championship this late into his career but Tazz is one half of your champions alongside Spike Dudley. The match begins with Bubba and D-Von roughing up Tazz on the floor. The Dudleys drop Tazz with a modified neckbreaker on the floor. 

This is not good for Spike who is wearing a neck brace as the match begins. Modified neckbreaker on Spike, Bubba tears off the protective collar and neckbreakers Spike. Snap suplex by Bubba on Spike, tag to D-Von. Quick tag to Bubba who brainbusters Spike. Spike slides out of a suplex and nails The Dudley Dog on Bubba.

D-Von distracts the referee so Tazz’s tag is not seen. Massive flapjack to Spike, D-Von attempts his headbutt but Spike dodges. Bubba is in the ring but Bubba mauls D-Von by mistake. Tag to Tazz who clotheslines everyone in sight, suplexes to both Dudleys. Northern Lights on D-Von, Bubba makes the save. Tazz boots Bubba and Spike nails a second Dudley Dog. 

Tazz chokes out Stacy, D-Von launches Spike to the floor but D-Von does not see Tazz who chokes out D-Von for the submission win. That was brief but a hot opening match. The Dudleys might be the most natural heel tag team I have ever seen, the ending comes out of nowhere. Bubba disappears and Tazz makes D-Von taps immediately. No complaining from me though, a good match.

Winners: Tazz & Spike over The Dudley Boyz via Tazzmission!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Edge © vs William Regal

Regal had begun using the brass knuckles and the war between Edge and Regal had turned nasty as Edge had snapped busting Regal with a chair as a result of Regal’s cheap assaults. Regal is searched for brass knuckles with the referee finding a pair of knuckles. Edge hammers Regal once the knuckles have been taking away. Back body drop by Edge on Regal, Regal is stomped in the corner by Edge. Edge rams Regal’s face into the mat, Regal cuts off Edge with a knee and drives Edge to the mat with a knee to the head.

 Edge counters an uppercut into a backslide before Regal floors Edge with a left hand. Edge nails an enzuigiri out of nowhere before Regal drills Edge with a half-nelson suplex. Knees to the face by Regal, Regal uses a reverse chinlock to wear down Edge. Edge blocks a Tigerbomb into a back body drop like manoeuvre, Regal holds on to eventually nail a Tigerbomb. Two count for Regal. Huge left hand by Regal, Regal knees Edge who falls to the floor.

Regal was looking to Tigerbomb Edge from the apron to the floor but Edge counters for an Edgecution on the apron. Edge pins Regal but Regal places his foot on the ropes, Edge Irish whips Regal but Regal puts on the brakes and both men bang heads. Huge forearms by Edge, spinning heel kick and a vertical suplex, Edge gets a close two. Regal nails a release German suplex but Edge comes back with a massive clothesline.

 Edge looks for The Edgecution but Regal reverses into The Regal Stretch. Edge makes it to the ropes which sickens Regal, Edge counters Regal into The Regal Stretch. Regal grabs the ropes so Edge dropkicks Regal and schoolboys the challenger for a two count. Regal is pushed off the top rope by Edge.

Edge scores with a spinning heel kick, Edge motions for The Spear but Regal has a second pair of brass knuckles. Regal uses the referee as a shield for The Spear and Edge Spears the referee.

 Regal recovers to nail Edge with the brass knuckles and the referee counts the pin-fall. I liked this match, I like Regal’s style in the ring although as I have stated in the past, Regal’s moveset is not the most exciting for the fans. Regal using the second pair of brass knuckles was good heat and the finish is believable while also protecting the babyface Edge. Edge’s comeback was good and the former champion was over.

Winner: Regal over Edge via Power of The Punch!

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Trish Stratus © vs Jazz (Jacqueline Special Referee)

Jazz is an animal who would destroy men in ECW, Jazz was big, black and nasty. There is also an angle going into this match as Trish’s hand is busted up from an assault by Jazz on Smackdown. Trish’s hand is taped up due to the assault. Jazz jumps Trish and begins ripping at Trish. Big rights and a splash by Jazz, Trish fires back, sunset flip by Trish begins a series of pins by the two women before Jazz hotshots Trish into the ropes. 

Jazz stomps on the hand of Trish, huge leg drop by Jazz. Jazz wrenches the arm over the ropes which Trish screaming in pain. Jacqueline and Jazz have an argument, Jacqueline shoves Jazz and Trish responds with a schoolgirl for two. Trish uses forearms to fire up but Jazz wrenches the arm and smacks Trish into the ground. Trish nails her Stratusfaction for a two count, Jazz is right back up.

DDT by Jazz gains the challenger a two count, Irish whip by Jazz. Corner clothesline by Jazz, Trish dodges and nails a one-handed bulldog for the win. Wow, I was not expecting that, I thought Jazz was going to demolish Trish due to her injured arm.

 They had a solid story going on in the match with Jazz looking like a beast and Jazz winning due to Trish’s injury but no, Trish goes over clean on your hottest heel in the women’s division. I am not sure about that booking choice but there you have it!

Winner: Trish over Jazz via one-handed bulldog!

(Street Fight Match) Ric Flair vs Vince Mcmahon

Vince Mcmahon and Ric Flair have never gotten along, Flair challenged Vince to a match and now they will fight in a street fight. In the lead-up to the match, Vince had busted Flair open with a lead pipe. On an episode of Smackdown, Flair had his revenge by bloodying Vince Mcmahon. 

We are in Georgia so we are in Flair Country, you could not ask for a better place for Flair’s first match since returning to the WWF. Stare-off between these two men, lock up with Vince outpowering Flair. Lock up with a side headlock by Vince, Vince squeezes down hard on Flair. Shoulder block by Vince who poses and struts to mock Flair, lock up and hammerlock by Flair.

 Flair punches Vince and stomps away on Mcmahon. Vince kicks Flair in the ribs, shoulder thrusts by Vince. Elbows to the face of The Nature Boy, Vince chops Flair and Woos but Flair chops Vince who screams comically. Vince rakes the eyes.

Clothesline by Vince, Flair flop and Vince goes back to the shoulder thrusts. Flair flip in the turnbuckle and Vince knocks Flair to the floor, Vince wallops Flair with a sign. Vince grabs a trash can from under the ring, Flair has been busted open (No surprise there). Vince decimates a bloody Flair with punches, Vince scoop slams Flair beside Flair’s children.

 Vince takes the first ever selfie beside Flair’s children. Vince begins working the leg of Flair, more leg work by Vince who has Flair exactly where he wants him. Vince goes for The Figure Four on Flair. Flair turns over Vince and Vince has to relinquish the hold. Vince powders and looks for a lead pipe from ringside. Flair blocks Vince with a massive low blow. Vince is on the floor once more.

Flair chops Vince which Vince sells like being shot, monitor to the face by Flair. Flair smashes Vince with right hands and now, Vince is bleeding. Vince begs for mercy but Flair begins working the leg of Vince. Flair’s children take pictures of the screaming Vince. Low blow by Flair and Flair has the lead pipe, Vince takes the pipe to the head and locks in The Figure Four for the win. 

Vince and Flair have one of the most entertaining matches you might ever see, Vince poses and rants, Vince makes face and ultimately, Vince takes an ass-kicking from Flair which is all the fans wanted from the match. It was not a wrestling match but the story-telling and the entertainment was top-notch.

Winner: Flair over Vince Mcmahon via Figure Four!

Stephanie/Austin Promo

Stephanie is back in the WWF after being banished in The Invasion storyline, that lasted all of a month. Anyways, Stephanie believes Triple H is going to win the rumble while Austin interrupts the interview by screaming what repeatedly which makes Stephanie freaks out and runs away from Austin. Austin says Austin is going to win The Royal Rumble. Funny promo from Austin and Stephanie’s freak-out was fun too.

(WWF Undisputed Championship Match) Chris Jericho © vs The Rock

Jericho defeated The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night at Vengeance, Rock defeated Booker T for this opportunity which makes me laugh. Of all people, The Rock defeated Booker T for this opportunity? Anyways, we have a rematch from No Mercy and Vengeance with The Rock looking to score the big win over Jericho. Jericho talks trash to The Rock to begin the match, Jericho puts the hand up and tells The Rock to Just Bring It.

 Rock proceeds to drop Jericho on his head with a Samoan Drop. Jericho powders but Rock gives chase, takedown by The Rock and a flurry of fists by The Rock. Flying forearm by Jericho who changes the momentum, right hands and chops by Y2J. Corner clothesline and slaps by Y2J, Rock dodges the second corner clothesline and Jericho runs into the ringpost. 

Rock cannot enjoy control as Jericho hotshots Rock into the top rope, Jericho stomps all over The Rock. Jericho tries to chop The Rock but The Rock reverses Y2J with a back elbow. Jericho catches The Rock with a nice spinning heel kick. Jericho exposes the top turnbuckle, Rock fires up on Y2J. Jericho looks for The Walls, Rock uses his legs to kick off Chris Jericho.

Jericho does not let up on Rock, Y2J climbs to the top rope and nails a missile dropkick. Cover and two for the champion, reverse chinlock by Y2J. Rock battles to a vertical base, back elbow by Y2J cuts off Rock. Y2J climbs the top rope but Rock crotches the champion by hitting the ropes, hard chops by Rock. Superplex by Rock, big right hands by Rock. Overhead belly to belly throw for a two count by the challenger. Jericho Irish whips The Rock and lands a modified bulldog and a Lionsault. Jericho nails two, cover and it is a two count for Jericho.

 Jericho and Hebnar enter a shoving match, Jericho taunts Rock who counters a missile dropkick into a sharpshooter. The Un-Americans run to ringside, Jericho taps to keep Rock strong but the referee does not see the interference. Jericho scores with The Rock Bottom for a two count, Nick Patrick ejects Lance Storm and Christian. Jericho nails a senton and attempts The People’s Elbow.

 Rock kips-up and sidesteps Y2J to the floor. Rock clears the announce table planning to destroy Jericho, Jericho drops Rock sternum first on the Spanish announce table. The Rock Rock Bottoms Jericho through the announce table.

Y2J is dragged into the ring, Jericho barely kicks out at two and a half. Rock signals for The Rock Bottom, Jericho blocks. Walls of Jericho are locked in, Rock reaches the ropes. Small package by The Rock for a two count, Y2J boots Rock in the face. Referee bump as Rock nails Hebnar with a leaping clothesline, Jericho nails Rock with one of the belts. Cover and Rock kicks out at two, Jericho walks into a massive DDT.

Rock makes the cover and Nick Patrick is not making the count, Rock decides to Rock Bottom Nick Patrick. Spinebuster to Jericho, People’s Elbow by The Rock. No referee for The Rock, Rock begins to awaken the referee when Jericho scores with a low blow and rams Rock into the exposed turnbuckle while using the ropes to steal the win.

 These two have fought so match over the past number of months that it is impossible for them to have a bad match. Rock gets the visual tap-out on Jericho and is beaten by a combination of using the ropes and an exposed turnbuckle which makes The Rock look strong despite the loss. 

The run-in was weird though, I am so accustomed to run-ins leading to the end of a match but Storm and Christian’s interference had nothing to do with the ending of the match. Really good stuff from Rock and Jericho.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Rock via Shenanigans!

Thirty Man Royal Rumble Match

Thirty men and one opportunity to headline Wrestlemania. Just in case you do not know the rules, let me explain: Two men begin the match and at timed intervals, a new superstar enters the match until all thirty men have entered the match. Elimination occurs by throwing your opponent over the top rope and both their feet touching the floor.

 A lot of big names and surprises are in the rumble which makes the match entertaining. Surprisingly, I see the WWF have spoiled a few of the returns in this promo package but I won’t spoil that for you because I am a nice guy (And possibly sexy… that is yet to be confirmed).

Entrants 1 to 5

To make it easy to follow, I shall break up the entrants and action in groups of five. Number one is Rikishi and number two is none other than the returning Goldust. Goldust taunts Rikishi which leads to Rikishi knocking down Goldust quickly. Right hands by Goldust, Goldust is almost tossed over but Goldust hangs on, Goldust is almost elevated to the floor for a second time.

 Rikishi hammers Goldust but The Bizarre One hangs on by a thread. Number three is The Big Bossman, Rikishi works over both heels. Clothesline by Bossman, Goldust helps Bossman. Bossman and Goldust begin brawling while number four enters. Bradshaw is number four, everyone takes bumps for the stiff Texan. Stinkface by Rikishi on Bossman superkick and clothesline.

Bossman has been eliminated by Rikishi!

Goldust hammers away on Bradshaw but Bradshaw powerbombs Goldust. Number Five is Lance Storm, Storm clotheslines Goldust before Goldust hotshots Storm. Rikishi and Bradshaw brawl in the corner. Storm and Goldust do the same with no man giving an inch and every man surviving the elimination attempt. Bradshaw roughs up Storm with huge rights and a clubbing blow.

Entrants 6 to 10

Number six is Al Snow, Snow whacks everything that moves, Bradshaw kills Storm with a Clothesline From Hell. Storm survives elimination with a low blow. Snow and Bradshaw throw bombs before we have number seven. It’s Billy Gunn with blond locks, Billy eats a boot from Bradshaw. Storm and Snow end up on the apron and Snow superkicks Storm out.

Storm has been eliminated by Snow!

Bradshaw works over Goldust but in comes Billy Gunn who eliminates Bradshaw just like that!

Bradshaw has been eliminated by Billy Gunn!

Undertaker is in at number eight, Chokeslam to Billy. Shots to Snow, Goldust and Rikishi. Undertaker Chokeslams Goldust to the floor. Undertaker’s not done though, Snow has been tossed over the top rope and over goes Rikishi and Billy. Undertaker is dominant in this match.

Goldust/Billy/Snow/Rikishi have been eliminated by Undertaker!

Matt Hardy is number nine, Matt goes after Undertaker. However, Lita is involved in this match, Taker is low blowed by Lita. Matt nails a neckbreaker and Lita is kicking The Undertaker. Matt tries eliminating Undertaker but Taker is too strong. Matt battles with a back elbow, right hands by Matt and Matt almost has Taker but Taker fights off Matt. 

We have number ten enter the match and it is Jeff Hardy. Jeff saves Matt and The Hardys beat down on Taker. Team Extreme are triple teaming Taker and all our friends once again. Taker clotheslines both Hardys though, Taker eats a Twist of Fate and a Swanton. The Hardys try to eliminate Big Evil but Taker catches Jeff for Poetry in Motion and tosses out Jeff Hardy. Matt eats a Last Ride and Matt is the next man eliminated.

The Hardys have been eliminated by Undertaker!

Entrants 11 to 15

Maven is number eleven and the winner of Tough Enough. Maven runs into Taker’s arms, Lita and The Hardys jump Taker. Taker beats down all Hardys and takes his eyes off Maven. What follows next is one of the biggest shocks in wrestling as Maven dropkicks Taker out of the match.

Undertaker has been eliminated by Maven!

Taker re-enters the ring and proceeds to beat Maven all around the arena. Maven is never officially eliminated but we do not see him for the rest of the night as Taker wipes the floor with Maven. 

Savage chair shot to the skull by Undertaker. We have number twelve and it is Scotty Too Hotty, Scotty eats a right hand from Undertaker who continues brutalizing Maven. Undertaker drags Maven through the crowd and it is the last we see of The Tough Enough Winner.

Maven has been eliminated by Undertaker!

Scotty makes his way into the ring while number thirteen which is Christian. Christian poses while Scotty tries to remember what his name is, Christian poses in the corner with not a care in the world. 

Scotty rolls in and battles Christian. Christian drills Scotty with a reverse DDT. Number fourteen is DDP, DDP nails a discuss clothesline on Christian. Diamond Cutter on Christian, Scotty measures Christian for the facebuster and delivers The Worm. DDP tosses Scotty over following The Worm!

Scotty has been eliminated by DDP!

Number fifteen is Chuck, DDP knocks down Chuck with a neckbreaker, Chuck nails a discuss lariat on DDP. Chuck stomps all over DDP while Christian recovers in the corner, DDP fights back with chops and right hands. Christian reappears with a clothesline on DDP, Chuck and Christian double team DDP. DDP battles to survive which proves successful.

Entrants 16 to 20

Godfather brings out twelve hoes at number sixteen because Godfather is the man and everyone wants to be a pimp. DDP is eliminated off-screen which sums up his WWF career quiet accurately.

DDP has been eliminated by Christian!

Godfather spent so much time dancing that we have a new entrant already, Albert is number seventeen, Albert crushes everyone that stands in his way. Axe kick to Godfather but Chuck and Christian eliminate Albert.

Albert has been eliminated by Christian & Chuck!

Godfather misses a double Ho Train on Christian and Chuck and The Godfather has been eliminated.

Godfather has been eliminated by Christian & Chuck!

Perry Saturn is number eighteen, Saturn beats down on Chuck and Christian before Chuck gains control. Chuck chokes Saturn in the corner while Christian helps Saturn. Saturn drills Chuck with a brainbuster, here comes number nineteen and it is Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Austin hammers everyone in the ring, stomping a mudhole on Chuck, Christian and Saturn. Christian is tossed over, Stunner to Saturn and Chuck is thrown over the top rope as is Saturn.

Saturn/Christian/Chuck have been eliminated by Austin!

Austin eliminates Chuck and Christian twice because Austin has so much time to wait until the next entrant. Austin is perched on the top rope, waiting for his next victim while screaming what over and over. 

Austin’s prayers are answered as Val Venis comes in at number twenty. Austin stomps Val while the crowd chants What like their lives depending on chanting that word. Val takes it to Austin though, right hands to The Rattlesnake, knee drops by Val Venis.

Entrants 21 to 25

Test is number twenty one, Test beats down Austin in the corner. Val and Test team up to put the boots to Austin. Test Big Boots Val by mistake, Val is clotheslined over and Test eats a Stunner before being tossed over too.

Test/Val have been eliminated by Austin!

Austin awaits the number twenty-two entrant and it is The Game! Triple H and Austin are alone in the ring for two minutes, Triple H and Austin look one another in the eyes. The trash talking commences before the bombs start flying. Austin controls Triple H before Triple H battles back.

 Number twenty-three is Hurricane Helms, Austin and Triple batter one another before Hurricane signals for The Double Chokeslam on Austin and Triple H. Hurricane’s powers do not work as Triple H and Austin toss over Hurricane.

Hurricane has been eliminated by The Power Trip!

Triple H and Austin continue their war, spinebuster by Austin and in comes number twenty-four which is Faarooq. Faarooq goes after Austin and Triple H, spinebuster on Austin, Triple H goes after Faarooq. Stunner on Faarooq and Triple H clotheslines Faarooq to the floor.

Faarooq has been eliminated by The Power Trip!

Austin and Triple H continue their brawl, right hands by Austin and Triple H rakes the eyes of Austin to stay alive in the match. Number twenty-five is Mr. Perfect! Perfect is in phenomenal shape, Perfect saunters to the ring while Austin and Triple H murder one another. Perfect knocks down Austin and knocks down Triple H. Austin and Triple H team up on Perfect, Perfect hangs on to survive.

Entrants 26 to 30

Twenty-six is Kurt Angle, Angel beats down Triple H. Austin chops Perfect while Angle chops Triple H. Angle suplexes Triple H while Perfect and Austin continue their chop war. Twenty-seven is Big Show, Show headbutts Angle and Chokeslams Perfect. Austin and Triple H batter Show, double clothesline by Show on both Austin and Triple H. 

Big boot by Show on Triple H, another headbutt to Angle and Perfect. Twenty-eight is Kane, Kane squares off with Show and both men trade blows. Kane low blows Show and lifts Show out of the rumble. However, Kane eats A Stunner and Angle throws over Kane.

Big Show has been eliminated by Kane!

Kane has been eliminated by Kurt Angle!

RVD is in at twenty-nine, Five Star Frog Splash on Angle, Rolling Thunder on Austin. RVD runs into a Pedigree but Angle attacks Triple H. Perfect drills Angle with a suplex before number thirty Booker T is your final entrant. Booker T tosses over RVD who was dead from The Pedigree. Booker attempts a Spinaroonie but Austin throws over Booker.

RVD has been eliminated by Booker T!

Booker T has been eliminated by Austin!

Austin eats three German suplexes from Angle before low blowing Angle. Who would have thought Mr. Perfect would have been in the final four? Austin fires away on Angle and Perfect, Angle dumps over Austin when Austin almost had Perfect.

Austin has been eliminated by Angle!

Huge shocker with Angle eliminating Austin, Austin grabs a chair and nails Perfect and Angle with the chair before drilling Triple H. Angle nails Perfect by mistake, Perfect nails The Perfect Plex on Angle, flipover neckbreaker by Perfect but Triple H blindsides Perfect and it is not a Perfect night.

Perfect has been eliminated by Triple H!

Angle and Triple H begin brawling, Angle nails an overhead belly to belly. Triple H is almost eliminated but hangs on, Triple H chokes Angle and pummels The Olympic Hero. Triple H is elevated to the apron, facebuster by Triple H and clothesline by The Game. Kurt Angle has been eliminated!

Winner: Triple H by lastly eliminating Kurt Angle!

2002’s Rumble was an entertaining one if nothing else, the result was largely predictable even back then when we all were not smartened up to what was going on but still very satisfying. Triple H’s road to redemption was a very easy story to tell, of course the focus of the story became Stephanie vs Triple H with Jericho being a mere afterthought but before all that crap, yeah this looked like an easy story to invest into, the surprises were fun and the last 8 superstars in that match might be one of the most star studded final entrants I might have ever seen.

 Undertaker being eliminated by Maven was a great moment, Angle eliminating Austin was a shocker and Triple H winning was a great feel-good moment. I know the comparisons will be to the Rumble the year prior and Royal Rumble 2001 was a superior Rumble but I mean that Rumble holds up there with the 1992 Rumble was one of the best of all-time so any comparisons to last year’s event is unfair.

 It was a very good Rumble, I did not feel bored watching the match like it tends to be sometimes and the ending sucked me in, leaving me very happy that Triple H was able to come back and aim for the top.

WWF’s Royal Rumble 2002 was an overall great show, the matches before The Rumble were filled with action and drama, the crowd loved seeing Ric Flair whoop Mcmahon’s ass. Vince is simply one of the most entertaining characters in the company’s history, he was tremendous in that match and he is not even a wrestler! Jericho and Rock delivered another very good match for the championship.

 I liked Jericho going over so that his reign is not considered a cup of coffee reign and I also like how Jericho cheated to win so it appears that his championship reign is nothing more than a fluke which will add to things when the chickenshit heel Jericho eventually drops the title to The Game. The other title matches ranged from solid to good, I am interested to see where Edge goes next in his pursuit of Regal and where does Trish go from here after beating Jazz in their first encounter. 

Trish beating Jazz is the only low point from the show I can think of, if you are going to use the injury angle, it is the perfect way for the heel to win because you can sit there and say oh well the babyface was not 100% so there should be a rematch and so forth. I understand a babyface fighting through the pain of an injury to win a final encounter in a feud but a babyface going over clean to kick off a feud while injured? 

That makes no sense to me. Overall, Royal Rumble was a better show than Vengeance, part of that is due to the likes of Flair and Triple H and the show being one of the big four but there has to be credit on the performers and matches that took place too. This was an enjoyable show to review that I felt passed by very quickly as I was taking my notes. That’s all you could really want out of a show.

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