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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 39: WWF Royal Rumble 2001 Review

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2001 is upon us! The WWF had its most successful year in 2000 and now the challenge was to continue to grow in 2001. Austin had returned in late 2000 and The Rock enjoyed his greatest success with Austin’s absence. With the two back in the WWF, the company was in a rare position with two top babyfaces who were white hot as opposed to in the past where only one white hot babyface would exist. Wrestlemania would surely be a clash between these two titans of the sport but we have to get there first and tonight, we shall be looking at the first step on the road to Wrestlemania, that being The Royal Rumble. 30 men with one opportunity to headline Wrestlemania and wrestle for the most prestigious prize in the industry, the WWF Championship. Kurt Angle currently holds the championship with Triple H vying for the title tonight while The Dudleys will be challenging Edge & Christian for the tag team titles while we have a hot feud as Chris Jericho challenges Chris Benoit for the Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match. Let’s get it on!

Opening Promo

Thirty men are highlighted as our narrator explains what is at stakes, a title opportunity at Wrestlemania. Clips of various moves play with the package really highlighting the stacked roster of the time.

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Edge & Christian © vs The Dudley Boyz

Champions are out second (It is the little things that make me happy). So Edge & Christian won the championships at Armageddon in a four corners match, the story going into this match is Edge & Christian have conchairtoed Bubba and D-Von on a prior Raw so The Dudleys may have concussions. Dudleys beat down the champions briefly before Edge & Christian try to wlak out on the match. In the rampway, Bubba hammers Christian while D-Von has Edge in the ring, neckbreaker by D-Von. Two count for D-Von, Edge clubs D-Von on the back and tags Christian. Christian runs into a hiptoss from D-Von, Bubba and D-Von double shoulder block Christian.

 Bubba punches Christian in the corner, flapjack by Bubba. Corner headscissors by Christian, Bubba shakes it off and drills Edge on the apron. Sidewalk slam by Bubba on Christian, D-Von is in and battles Edge who runs into a powerslam. Cheap shot on the apron by Christian. Dudleys sell their concussions by randomly grabbing their heads. Side Russian legsweep by Christian who smacks D-Von’s head off the canvas. Christian distracts Bubba while Edge chokes D-Von in the corner, D-Von fires up but Edge cools off one half of the challengers. Neckbreaker on D-Von by Edge and Bubba breaks up the pin attempt.

 Christian is in and stomps on the head of D-Von. Sleeper hold by Edge on D-Von, Edge trash talks Bubba and tags in Christian. Edge illegally chokes D-Von from the apron, D-Von blocks a spike piledriver from the champions, D-Von catapults Edge into Christian and then we have a double clothesline knockdown by D-Von and Edge. Christian distracts the referee and Bubba’s tag is not seen. Edge & Christian grab chairs and attempt the conchairto but D-Von ducks and knocks down the champions with a flying shoulder block. 

Bubba tags in, flapjack and Bubba Bomb on Christian. Dudleys nail the What’s Up headbutt on Edge, it is time for tables! Christian and D-Von brawl on the floor, Edge misses Bubba with the title belt, school boy by Bubba gets a two. Christian is kicked in the mid-section by D-Von, 3D is foiled by Edge who spears Bubba. Bubba kicks out of the spear, Edge & Christian attempt the What’s Up headbutt, Bubba reverses Christian and D-Von shoves Edge into Christian. 3D on Edge and we have new champions! It took The Dudleys almost a year but The Dudleys are back on top of the tag team mountain. Good choice of opener, Edge & Christian worked the head well of D-Von to play into the concussion story.

 Edge & Christian tried multiple times to cheat with the chairs and the titles with the fans buying every false finish. Dudleys were very over with the crowd wanting to see Bubba raise hell and 3D Edge & Christian. Very good tag team match that I really enjoyed, love seeing the likes of these teams and The Hardys tearing it up in the ring.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz over Edge & Christian via 3D!

Triple H Promo

Triple H wants to know if Stephanie will be able to control herself around Trish tonight, Stephanie says Trish will be handled tonight and the championship is coming home with The Game. The APA are drinking beer and playing cards as they show one another their entry numbers for the Rumble. Bradshaw says it will be interesting as he looks as Faarooq’s number. Crash walks into the APA’s office and says even though we are friends, I have no problem throwing you two over the top. I miss Crash.

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Chris Benoit © vs Chris Jericho

Great video package showcasing the war between these two that has spanned over three pay per views and continued on and off for the whole year of 2000. The war ends tonight as they meet for the fourth time on pay per view in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho and Benoit hammer one another in the middle of the ring, reverse elbow by Y2J. Kicks in the corner by Y2J, Benoit goes after the arm of Jericho, Jericho rolls through and attempts The Walls of Jericho. Benoit battles out and tosses Jericho shoulder first into the ringpost.

 Shoulderbreaker by Benoit, Jericho reverses Benoit with a flying forearm, springboard by Jericho goes wrong as Jericho crashes to the floor. Benoit hurls Jericho into the ringpost, Benoit has the ladder. Jericho is sent crashing into the steel steps, Benoit has the ladder in the ring. Benoit is high up the ladder as Jericho brings the champion crashing back to earth with a backdrop to the canvas. Jericho uses the ladder as a battering ram against the head of Benoit. Jericho stabs Benoit with the ladder in the ribs, Jericho props the ladder across the top rope. Benoit uses Jericho’s momentum against him as Jericho meets the ladder with his face. 

Jericho slips to the outside while Benoit prepares himself for a tope suicida. Jericho blocks the tope with a chair shot to Benoit’s head. Jericho hands Benoit across the barricade, Jericho tries squishing Benoit with the ladder. Benoit dodges and Jericho crashes and burns, Benoit pays Jericho back with his own chair shot. Benoit stacks the ladder in the corner before darting Jericho into the ladder. Benoit gets too cocky and attempts the move a second time and Jericho makes the champion pay. Back suplex into the ladder by Jericho, Benoit is stuck in the ladder and Jericho pulls Benoit to the mat. Benoit dropkicks the ladder into Jericho’s face, huge back suplex by Benoit. Jericho whips Benoit into the ladder, head first.

 Jericho uses the ladder like a seesaw which smacks Benoit right in the face. Jericho follows up by missile dropkicking the ladder into Benoit’s face. Jericho is climbing but Benoit is back up, hard shots and a backdrop to the floor by Benoit. Benoit is climbing, Jericho has Benoit on top of the ladder. Walls of Jericho across the top of the ladder (Unbelievable spot). Benoit collapse to the mat but uses what he has left to tip over the ladder with his foot and in the process, knock Jericho to the floor. Benoit catches Jericho in The Crossface. Again, Jericho meets the ringpost, Jericho somehow flapjacks Benoit into the ladder. Jericho sandwiches Benoit with the ladder, both men start climbing the ladder. Jericho has Benoit for a superplex, Benoit headbutts Jericho off the ladder and Benoit misses his diving headbutt from the top of the ladder (another great spot). Jericho traps Benoit with the ladder but Benoit breaks free and Jericho falls to the mat and out of the ring.

 Benoit begins climbing but Y2J has a chair, Benoit bounces to the ropes and out to the floor. Benoit cannot get to his feet, the pain is too great as Y2J edges his way to the belt. Jericho has the championship and pull the belt down. Fantastic, that is all I can really say, there was some great spots with the ladder, a lot the fans had never seen like the headbutt from the top or Jericho’s Walls on top of the ladder. These two guys worked their asses off in this match. Just fantastic, you have to see the match.

Winner: Chris Jericho over Benoit via Retrieving the Belt!

Drew Carey Promo

Drew Carey hits on Trish and promote his Superbowl Saturday thing ( Sorry I did not really listen). Carey asks Vince for promoting advice and Vince offers Carey a spot in The Royal Rumble. Carey replaces either D’Lo Brown/Tiger Ali Singh or Chaz as they cannot believe they will not be in the match. Billy and Chyna argue in the back as Billy is concerned about Chyna’s health. Chyna says she is fine and she can take down Ivory.

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Ivory © W/Stevie Richards vs Chyna

RTC Member Val Venis spiked Chyna with a piledriver and it was revealed that Chyna could have retired due to injury. Chyna overcame the injury while RTC mocked Chyna for the injury. Chyna is not 100% but she will fight tonight. A lot of people were not happy about Chyna wrestling women, including Chyna herself. Chyna had been fighting men since 1999 and it just did not seem possible to have Chyna beaten by another woman because she was so much bigger and stronger than the rest.

 I cannot argue with that but I was not booking at the time and the WWF made the call to have Chyna wrestle women. Chyna drills Ivory with clotheslines and hairpulls. Ivory is Irish whipped back and forth by Chyna who is toying with the champion. Forearm shots and stomps by Chyna, huge shot knocks Ivory to the floor. Ivory tries running away from Chyna, Chyna catches the champion. Military press slam by Chyna, Ivory lays humbled on the floor. Powerslam by Chyna, Chyna nails Stevie Richards for good measure. Chyna has Ivory in the corner, match comes to an end as Chyna hits The Handspring Elbow and collapses to the mat.

 Ivory covers Chyna who cannot move and Jerry Lawler goes to check on Chyna. Chyna had reinjured her neck that she had been getting therapy on for the match. I am not a fan of this angle, I like Chyna and I like the fact that they were saving Chyna’s big moment for Wrestlemania but faking a neck injury, a serious neck injury that could leave someone paralyzed is never an easy watch or in good taste especially after what happened with Droz.

 To their credit, the WWF do a very impressive job of making this 100% believable with Chyna not moving and JR having his serious voice on for describing what happened. Ivory did not hit a single move in the match which would be a foreshadowing of things to come at Mania but for now, it seemed that Ivory’s reign would continue. Nice touch with Billy coming to check on The Ninth Wonder of The World. Angle is really stretched out and I appreciate the effort from the WWF to hammer home that this could be Chyna’s final appearance.

Winner: Ivory over Chyna due to Reasons!

Stephanie and Trish Promo

Two bitches cross paths and exchange insults. Kane meets Drew Carey backstage and Kane looks the fat man with the glasses up and down. Next, we see Tiger/D’Lo/Chaz find out that they are not in the Rumble anymore. Vince replaces Tiger with Drew, Tiger cannot believe his has been replaced with Drew Carey. Tiger says Drew Curry because he is Indian and that is funny to Vince.

(WWF Championship Match) Triple H W/ Stephanie Mcmahon vs Kurt Angle  © W/ Trish Stratus

Hmm a heel vs heel for the championship? Interesting, I mean Triple H is positioned to be a face as Stephanie hates Trish as Trish is going after Vince Mcmahon. Vince picked Triple H due to him being part of The Mcmahon Family. Since Kurt is such a goof, Trish sets her eyes on Vince and since Vince has divorced Linda, Vince is using his superpowers (By this I mean, Vince owns the company so he can kiss employees if he wants) to bring Trish to his side.

 Triple H is being cheered as the lesser of two evils because let’s be honest, Triple H ran over Stone Cold and is feuding on and off with Austin. First pay per view use of Triple H’s The Game theme, Triple H always had killer facials, he looks like he wants to kill Angle which always add the intensity to a match. The look of disgust that Stephanie shoots at Trish is so perfect.

 Lock up and arm lock by Triple H, Angle outwrestles Triple H and takes him down with a firemen’s carry. Triple H has the side headlock, shoulder block, hiptoss by Angle and a huge clothesline puts Triple H on the floor. Triple H knees Angle and hammers away on the champion. Right hands on the corner by The Game but Angle fires out of the corner and drops Triple H with a back body drop. Angle has control on the arm, Triple H fights out but Angle suplexes The Game. Make it three as we have a cover, two count for the champion.

 Triple H powders to the floor, Angle hammers Triple H against  a barricade before Triple H reverses an Irish Whip. Angle is hurled into the barricade, Triple H introduces Angle to the steel steps. In the ring, Triple H drop toeholds Angle and applies pressure with an Indian Deathlock like manoeuvre. The Game gets too cocky grabbing Angle’s leg and Angle drops The Game with an enzuigiri. Triple H goes back to the leg of Angle, Angle alleviates the pressure by tossing The Game over the top rope. Angle hurls The Game into the steel steps, Angle misses a splash in the corner and Angle’s leg is rammed into the ringpost.

 Stephanie distracts the referee while Triple H whacks Angel’s leg with a steel chair. Shin breaker on the steel steps by Helmsley, chop block on Angel’s left knee. Another chop block with Angle selling the leg very well. Elbow to the knee by The Game, Triple H has Angle in a submission in the centre of the ring. Facebuster by The Game, Angle kicks out at two. More knee work by Helmsley and Triple H throws in a figure four for good measure. Triple H uses the ropes for leverage which leads to Trish and Stephanie beating one another on top of the Spanish announce table.

 Vince comes down to ringside and breaks up the two fighting. Vince cannot keep control the two so Vince grabs Trish and takes Trish out of the arena. Triple H stood in the ring and watched, Angle reverses the figure four into an inside cradle, two count for the champion. Angle DDTs Triple H, inverted atomic drop and a german suplex by Angle for a two count. Side Russain legsweep by Angle, Angle climbs high but Triple H reverses Angle into a Razor’s Edge. Cover and a two count for The Game, Angle counters the Pedigree and both men collapse to the mat. Angle nails the moonsault but cannot capitalize due to his leg.

 Triple H accidently nails referee Earl Hebnar with a double ax handle, Angle hits the ringpost hard and is thrown into the ring by The Game. Angle lures in The Game for an arm drag from the top rope, cover by Angle but there is no referee. Triple H tosses Angle into the steel steps which re-annihilates poor Earl. Triple H has the championship, Angle belly to belly suplex to The Game. Angle has the belt, Triple H blocks and nails The Pedigree.

 No referee but guess who is here? Austin is here and Austin hammers the hell out of Triple H, title belt to the face of Triple H, Stunner to Triple H by Austin. Angle crawls in for the cover and your champion has retained thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin. That was an ok match for me, Triple H worked the majority of the match which seemed like a big wanking masterpiece by The Game who seemed to be doing his best Ric Flair impression with all the leg work.

 Heel vs heel is a strange dynamic for a match and I cannot see it paying off unless there is a turn in the match. There was no turn here though, Triple H just worked the leg of Angle for the majority of the match before Austin came in after the ref bumps and stunned The Game which led to Angle’s victory. It was fine but not as interesting as I had hoped it to be but have no fears as the rumble is up next!

Winner: Kurt Angle over Triple H thanks to Stone Cold!

Rock Promo & Rumble Promo

Lumping these two together as Rock cuts a trademark promo, spouting his signature catchphrases, making fun of the competition and pushing the crowd into a frenzy for the upcoming Rumble match. Rock puts over that The Undertaker and Kane could be working together in The Rumble. Faces of the thirty entrants are shown with angelic like music. The rumble highlights the big players such as Rikishi who is number thirty, Kane the monster who dismantles everyone, The American Badass Undertaker who owns that yard known as the ring, The People’s Champion who wants to be back in the title picture and finally, Stone Cold Steve Austin who wants to win it all and be back on the top of the professional wrestling mountain.

The rules are simple, two men start off with participants entering every 90 seconds until all thirty men have entered. Elimination occurs only when a man is thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. I shall review this in blocks of fives to make it an easier read for all of you.

Entrants 1-5

Jeff Hardy is number one in the rumble while RTC member Bull Buchanan is number two. Bull almost eliminates Jeff instantly but Jeff fights back with a headscissors takedown. Bull roughs up Jeff in the corner, Jeff fights back trying to eliminate the big man. Bull rakes the eyes and tries eliminating Jeff. Number three is none other than Jeff’s brother Matt. Matt rushes Bull, Poetry in Motion on Bull and Bull is clotheslined over by The Hardys. Matt and Jeff decide to fight one another, Matt has the upper hand on Jeff but Jeff wards off his brother, back suplex by Matt but Jeff answers back with a jawbreaker.

 Faarooq is number four and momentarily runs wild before Jeff and Matt block a Dominator. Matt nails The Twist of Fate and Jeff scores with The Swanton Bomb. Faarooq is tossed over the top rope. Matt and Jeff go back to killing one another but first, they must strip. Hardys brawl before we have number five and it is Drew Carey! Matt nails a legdrop on Jeff while Drew watches from the outside of the ring, Jeff has Matt on the apron, Matt lifts Jeff onto the apron. Matt and Jeff try suplexing one another, Jeff shoves Matt off but Matt pulls Jeff to the floor aswell. Drew Carey is the only man in the ring.

Entrants 6 to 10

Kane is number six, Drew Carey is pissing himself, he wants The Hardys to come back as Kane stalks his prey. Kane shoots off his pyro while Drew cowers in fear, Drew tries shaking Kane’s hand and offering the monster money. Kane prepares to Chokeslam Drew but Raven is number seven and Raven saves Drew Carey. Drew eliminates himself from the match while Kane hammers Raven. Kane sidewalk slams Raven who rolls to the floor and introduces some hardcore elements to the rumble. Fire extinguisher to the face by Raven, Al Snow assaults Raven (The two had been brawling as of late). Snow is number eight and smacks Raven and Kane with a trash can lid.

 Snow grabs a bowling ball and smashes into the sensitive parts of Raven. Kane big boots Snow and wipes out Raven, Snow uses a trash can on Kane, Raven joins in with a can of his own. Drop toehold on the trash can by Snow and Raven. Number nine is Perry Saturn, Saturn drags Kane to the apron and smashes The Big Red Machine’s leg. Leg lock by Saturn on Kane, Kane kicks his way out, Raven has a sleeper on Kane. Saturn hammers away on Kane before Kane drops Saturn with a military press slam. Raven, Saturn and Snow unite to take down The Big Red Machine. Number ten is Blackman, a majority of WWF’s hardcore division is in the ring killing one another. Blackman’s momentum is stopped by Kane, Raven has Snow in the corner. Saturn and Blackman double team Kane. Kane recovers and chokes Blackman in the corner.

Entrants 11-15

Grandmaster Sexay is number eleven, the ring is starting to fill up, Raven smacks Saturn and Sexay with a trash can lid. Kane slides out to the floor and grabs a trash can. Sexay is eliminated with a trash can shot, Kane wears out every remaining member in the ring. Blackman and Snow are eliminated by Kane, Raven is eliminated next and Saturn is thrown over the top rope too! Kane has thrown out everyone and here comes The Honky Tonk Mane at number twelve, Honky grabs the microphone and starts to sing to his “adoring” fans. Kane grabs the guitar and smashes it over the head of The Honky Tonk Man. Honky is unconscious and is tossed to the floor.

 Loved that spot as a child and love it now. The Rock is number thirteen and The Brahma Bull charges Kane, right hands on Kane. Flying clothesline by Rock, Rock tries tossing Kane but Kane is too strong, Rock is hurled across the ring. Elbow in the corner by Kane, uppercuts are on the menu for The People’s Champion. Huge knockdown on The Rock, Rock blocks a right hand and fights back but Kane has his big boot. Number fourteen is The Goodfather, Rock hammers Goodfather and Goodfather is eliminated just like that. Kane drills Rock when he turns around.

 Vertical suplex by Kane, Kane chokes on Rock. Right hands by Rock but Kane scores with the sidewalk slam. Number fifteen is Tazz and his rumble appearance sums up his WWF career, it was promising for all of about five seconds as Kane grabs Tazz, places him on the top rope and smacks him to the floor. Kane tries eliminating The Rock but Rock battles to freedom. Kane shakes himself free, Rock Samoan drops Kane.

Entrants 16-20

Bradshaw is number sixteen, the Texan roughs up Kane and Rock. Spinebuster on Bradshaw by Rock but no People’s Elbow as Kane wipes out Rock with a clothesline. Number seventeen is Albert who jumps Rock, Kane beats on Albert as does Bradshaw. Bradshaw and Rock avoid elimination in tricky predicaments with Hardcore Holly entering at number eighteen. Baldo Bomb on Bradshaw by Albert. Bradshaw and Holly have The Rock but Rock holds on like there is no tomorrow. Albert scissor kicks Kane, Rock almost beheads Bradshaw with a clothesline. Number nineteen is K-Kwik who rocks Albert’s world. Everyone tries eliminating one another but nothing comes of it as number twenty is Val Venis.

Entrants 21 -25

The participants are killing time before number twenty one enters, there is nothing of note going on, half of the men in the ring are lying on the mat doing nothing. William Regal is number twenty one, European Uppercuts to K-Kwik and double knees to the face for good measure. Val beats on The Rock, huge spinebuster on Val. Bradshaw clothesline Val repeatedly while Hardcore Holly almost has The Rock eliminated.

 Number twenty two is Test who is gunning got Albert after Albert turned on Test. Test hurls Regal over the top rope, Test stomps Albert and then Kane. Number twenty three is The Big Show who we have not seen since Taker Chokeslammed the big man off the stage in mid-2000. Show cleans house, Test and K-Kwik are gone thanks to Big Show. Chokeslams to Val/Bradshaw/Albert/Hardcore Holly/Kane. Show motions for it on Rock, Rock goes low, right hands and Show is knocked over by a huge clothesline from The Rock.

 Show is irate and grabs Rock from the bottom rope, Chokeslam to The Rock through the announce table. Nmber twenty four is Crash Holly. Everyone in the rumble gangs up on Kane, five men beat down The Big Red Machine. Number twenty five is The Deadman, shall Undertaker help his brother Kane?

Entrants 26 to 30

Undertaker knocks down everyone, Kane and Taker lock eyes and Bradshaw is gone, Crash and Hardcore is gone and finally, Albert and Val are tossed over the top rope. Only Taker and Kane remain, they lock eyes (Like two star crossed lovers). Love is in the air as the two decide to team up against number twenty six which is poor Scotty Too Hotty. Scotty knows he is screwed but Scotty runs into the ring and it is all downhill for the master of The Worm. Double big boot and Chokeslam on poor Scotty, Scotty is tossed out to the floor.

 Austin is number twenty seven, Austin is assaulted by Triple H for costing him the title earlier in the night. Rock slides back into the ring and goes to work on Kane, Taker helps his brother. Referees cannot control Triple H and Austin is a bloody mess. Triple H beats Austin to a bloody pulp and leaves Austin as Triple H is satisfied that Austin’s chances of winning are ruined. Number twenty eight is Billy Gunn, Gunn beats up Taker and Kane before the two overpower The One. Corner clothesline by Kane, Austin is laying on the ground by the entrance way covered in his own blood. Rock lays the smackdown on Taker, huge DDT by Undertaker spikes The Rock.

 Kane works on Billy in the corner while we have number twenty nine, it is Haku formerly known as Meng in WCW. Haku was briefly signed to the WWF where he teamed with Rikishi before being released before the Invasion. Haku chops and headbutts Taker and Kane, Haku is one tough son of a bitch in the ring and out of the ring. Haku continues chopping the two giants, double choke by The Brothers of Destruction. Austin is crawling slowly to the ring with the crowd chanting Austin’s name. Rikishi is number thirty, Rikishi thinks Austin is easy prey but Austin nails Rikishi and Billy Gunn. Austin eliminates Haku, Taker and Rikishi are going at in the corner. Rock has Billy Gunn, Taker Chokeslams Rikishi but Rock battles Undertaker.

 Undertaker tries headbutting Rikishi, bad idea as Rikishi has the harder head and a superkick by Rikishi eliminates Undertaker. Rock goes after Rikishi, Rikishi reverses Rock, right hand and Rock is down. Rikishi sets up for The Banzai Drop, Rock springs to his feet and low blows Rikishi followed up by a clothesline that eliminates Rikishi. Who would have thought Billy Gunn would be in the final four? Gunn counters The Stunner into a FameAsser, Billy flips off Austin and pays for it as Austin tosses over Billy. Rock DDTs Kane and for the third straight pay per view, Austin and Rock lock eyes and the match everyone wants is teased one more time! Bomb after bomb, these two light one another up, Rock has control and motions for The Rock Bottom.

 Austin counters and nails The Stunner. Austin stomps Rock in the corner, Kane is back up though, Austin nails Kane with rights and lefts, Lou Thesz Press by Austin. Low blow on Kane, Rock and Austin trade blows but Rock scores with The Rock Bottom. Kane is on his feet, Kane goes through the middle rope. Rock and Austin are alone, more rights are thrown between the two. Austin has Rock in the air, Rock rakes the eyes and Rock has Austin in the air. Kane sweeps back in and The Rock has been thrown out of the rumble.

 Austin hangs on and we are down to two, Kane vs Austin. Kane is reeling but Kane catches Austin, Chokeslam on Austin! Low blow by Austin and both men are down in the centre of the ring, Kane grabs a chair, Austin blocks, Tombstone is reversed into a Stunner. Kane sits up, Austin has the chair, one shot, two shots and make it three shots and one final clothesline and Austin has eliminated Kane. Austin is going to Wrestlemania!

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin over Everyone Else!

That was awesome, from that rumble had a bit of everything. You had some entertaining entrants like Honky Tonk Man and Drew Carey mixed with the returns of Haku and The Big Show. The hardcore part was certainly unique as it has not been done ever again since this rumble. You had Austin raising hell at the end, The Rock whipping ass and you had Kane look like an absolute beast. Just a great rumble, one which ranks very high on many people’s lists. Take out the Chyna vs Ivory match and you have a phenomenal pay per view with a great tag opener, a great ladder match from two great athletes and an interesting title match which two heels. Royal Rumble 2001 was great, join me next time for WWF No Way Out 2001!

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