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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 37: WWF Rebellion 2000 review

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It seems some people are never happy with wrestling, John Cena is gaining a championship title match alongside Dean Ambrose against AJ Styles and some people are complaining that Cena does not deserve it, some people are mad that Sasha Banks dropped the women’s title to Charlotte only to face her at the very next pay per view. My point is wrestling fans are always complaining, we love to do it, there is no denying the truth. There is one era in wrestling that gets a lot of love compared to others and I am of course talking about The Attitude Era. A long time ago, we all loved pro wrestling but now it is time to look back and see was the WWF all cracked up to be what we said it was? Well, I am here to answer that question with the next addition of my series titled A Journey Through The Attitude Era. Tonight’s stop is WWF Rebellion 2000, the WWF’s second pay per view in the good old UK after Insurrextion. Main matches of the card include Kurt Angle defending his WWF Championship against The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rikishi while Undertaker battles Chris Benoit and Y2J takes on Kane. Let’s Rock “N” Roll!

Opening Promo

Mick Foley has arrived with deputy commissioner Debra, the promo starts with featuring the four men in tonight’s title match. No Triple H but we have Tazz on commentary, Tazz before TNA is ok with me but then again, nothing is as bad as TNA Tazz. Foley sucks up to the crowd while naming all four championship competitors and Foley explains Triple H is not in the title match so he did not make the trip to England. Foley outsmarts Kurt Angle by deciding that the fatal four way match has no disqualifications or countouts. Angle’s music hit and the WWF Champion is not too pleased with Foley’s decisions. Debra lays down the law and says sorry Kurt but the match will go ahead as planned.

(Elimination Table Match) T&A vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz

T&A come to the ring in their ring gear which mocks The Acolytes. There does not seem to be much to this match, more than likely put together to make the fans happy. Albert and D-Von kick us off, Albert smashes D-Von in the corner, D-Von clothesline Albert three times who does not drop, tag to Bubba and double suplex by The Dudleys. Bubba drops elbows on Albert, big chest slap and Albert feels nothing. Albert tosses Bubba into the corner, tag to Test and double reverse elbow. T&A have a table, Bubba and D-Von nail Test but Albert scissor kicks a table into the faces of The Dudleys. Test chokes Bubba in the corner, Test and Albert have Bubba, ready for a table bump but D-Von saves his brother by moving the table.

 Bubba lights up Test but Test nails a Big Boot. Edge blind tags in briefly before tagging in Test, Test runs into a boot from Bubba, D-Von is in, big punches to Test, flying clothesline and smack to Albert. Albert smashes Test by mistake, reverse 3D on Albert. Albert cheap shots Edge, it backfires as Edge & Christian double team powerbomb Albert through a table. T&A are eliminated, Edge and Christian jump The Dudleys, Christian drags D-Von to the floor, the heels put the boots to D-Von while the referee is dealing with Bubba. Edge nails D-Von with a reverse elbow, right hands by Christian. D-Von is stuck in enemy territory, Edge nails Bubba and Christian has a table. D-Von baseball slides a table into Edge and Christian’s faces. Referee misses Bubba getting the tag so the heels dominate D-Von once more, D-Von dodges Christian’s punch and nails The Saving Grace. Bubba is in, clothesline and huge back bodydrop.

 Bubba is nailed with a spear by Edge, Christian assaults D-Von. Christian and Edge attempt the what’s up headbutt but D-Von recovers to shove Edge into Christian and we have the original what’s up headbutt. Table is set up, Christian saves Edge from the 3D but Christian cannot save himself as The Dudleys pick up the win with a 3D. Fun opener with the fans getting exactly what they wanted with The Dudleys picking up the win. Not much else to report here.

Winners: The Dudley Boyw over Everyone Else!

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Lita vs Ivory © W/ Stevie Richards

Just like in 1999, Ivory is back trying to restore dignity to the women’s division of the WWF. Lita had ended Stephanie’s awful reign and now Lita has someone to work with in Ivory who had rediscovered success in The Right To Censor. Stevie cuts a promo on the crowd while Ivory believes Lita has been sending the wrong message to the female demographic of the audience. Lita spears Ivory, armdrag and dropkick by Lita. 

Knees to the ribs by Lita with a dropkick to the neck. Ivory kicks back Lita with a boot to the face but Lita fires back with a back suplex, Lita floors Stevie with a stungun. Ivory is back up though, chops and stomps by Ivory. Ivory chokes Lita with her necktie, legdrop by Ivory. Northern lights suplex by the champion, two count for Ivory. Lita fires up with a headscissors, dropkick and a Twist of Fate. Lita wipes out Stevie with a tope suicida. Lita attempts a sunset flip but Ivory reverses and grabs Stevie for leverage. Ivory retains through dastardly tactics. Fine match, very quick but in the Attitude Era, you should come to expect short women’s matches.

Winner: Ivory over Lita due to Shenanigans!

Rock Promo

Rock says that Kurt Angle’s reign is coming to an end and The Rock is giving Angle a choice, the front side of The Rock’s hand or the back of The Rock’s hand. Fans chant Rocky loud as The Rock promises to lay the Smackdown on Kurt Angle’s candy bum!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Perry Saturn vs Steve Blackman ©

No Terri with Perry which makes this a Christmas which is not merry (I apologize, that was just the worst). Moving swiftly along, Blackman walks down to the ring, stone faced as per usual. Saturn jumps Blackman, knees to the chest. Blackman fires back on Saturn, Blackman misses an enzuigiri, Saturn dodges Blackman and sends the champion sailing over the top rope. Plancha by Saturn, Saturn attempts a suplex but Blackman reverses. Blackman has some baking trays, wham to the knees and the back of the head.

 Cover and a two count for Blackman, Blackman wedges the trash can into the corner, Saturn reverses the Irish whip and drop toeholds Blackman into the corner. Saturn blasts Blackman with a trash can lid, shoulder thrusts in the corner. Blackman backslides Saturn, two count for the champion, crucifix pin by Saturn, two for the challenger. Blackman tries skinning the cat but Saturn crowns Blackman with a tray to the head. Saturn celebrates too long as Saturn’s suicide dive ends with Blackman smashing Saturn with another baking tray.

 Fire extinguisher to the face by Saturn, Saturn grabs a chair and nails Blackman twice. Blackman nails The Raven spot as Blackman drop toeholds Saturn onto the chair. Blackman has his signature sticks, Saturn is knocked down quickly, Saturn kicks out at two after a suplex. Saturn low blows Blackman, inside cradle and a two for the challenger. Blackman karate kicks a steel chair into Saturn’s face and that’s all she wrote for Saturn. Ok match, just a bunch of weapon shots, I don’t mind it as much as some who would have nothing but disdain for hardcore matches.

Winner: Steve Blackman over Saturn via Karate Kick!

(WWF European Championship Match) William Regal © vs Crash Holly W/ Molly Holly

William Regal had been tearing it up in the WWF in his second run in the company after the dreadful Real Man’s Man Gimmick. Regal won the European Championship from AL Snow and had defeated the likes of Naked Mideon and Hardcore Holly. Tonight, Regal’s opponent is Crash, Hardcore’s cousin. Regal is miffed by the reaction of his home country fans. Regal’s facial expressions must be some of the greatest in comedic wrestling history and wrestling in general. Regal cuts a quick promo, claiming that he is Britain’s hero. There is actually a Regal chant starting before Crash nails Regal.

 Headscissors takedown and a dropkick by Crash, Regal puts the boots to Crash and stomps on Crash. European Uppercut and knee to the head by Regal, reverse elbow with a wave by Regal. Vertical suplex and a floatover for two for the champion. Multiple pins by Regal end in two before the champion locks in a reverse chinlock. Nice pin by Crash ends in two before Regal puts Crash in his place with a boot to the jaw. Elbow to the nose by Regal, double knees to the face by Regal. Another uppercut by Regal, forearm smashes by Regal in the corner. Back suplex by Regal who folds up Crash like an accordion. Another reverse chinlock as Molly rallies the crowd.

 Regal uses the ropes for leverage, referee does not catch Regal. Two quick pin attempts from Crash, hurricanrana pin by Crash. Regal slams Crash into the mat, Regal pins Crash and Crash’s foot is on the rope. Referee restarts the match after Molly informs the referee that Crash’s foot was on the ropes. Molly dropkicks Regal and Crash pins the champion. Outraged by his pride being besmirched, Regal jumps Molly and Crash, stealing the belt in the process. That wasn’t very good, crowd was only interested as Regal was English and we were in England. I am not sure how responsive an American crowd would have been to this match.

Winner: Crash over Regal via Missile Dropkick!

Chyna/Billy Gunn vs The Radicalz

Chyna had been looking for Eddie all night on Raw, Eddie was nowhere to be found. Where was Eddie? Well, Eddie was in the shower with two hot Mamacitas. Eddie was caught red-handed and Chyna called off the wedding. Billy Gunn ridiculed Eddie as Billy stuck up for his friend Chyna, Billy turned his back and smashed Billy Gunn with a bottle over the head. Dean Malenko is your Light Heavyweight Champion for almost a year at this point, that poor title. I hope someone interviews Malenko someday and asks about his WWF run. The story of this match is simple, Chyna wants to kill Eddie and Eddie wants no part of Chyna. Eddie jumps Billy, ramming his head into the turnbuckle, Eddie takes out the leg of Billy.

 Billy battles back with a tilt a whirl sideslam, punches in the corner by Billy. Referee tries pulling off Billy, Eddie begs off from Billy Gunn. Eddie offers his hand, Billy shakes his hand and drops Eddie with a clothesline. All hell breaks loose, double military press slam on both Radicalz. Eddie and Dean try to leave, Chyna and Dean Malenko are in the ring. Chyna throws forearms at Dean, hiptoss and a clothesline. Malenko floors Chyna, looking for a Texas Cloverleaf, Chyna reverses into a small cradle. Chyna reverses Malenko into the corner, Handspring elbow on Malenko but Eddie trips up Chyna by grabbing her leg. Eddie beats down Chyna, choking her with the rope.

 Malenko cheap shots the ninth wonder of the world, double reverse elbow. Front facelock by Malenko, Chyna edges toward Billy, Eddie attacks Chyna and Billy is restrained by the referee. Double team beat down by The Radicalz, Malenko rams Chyna into the corner, Chyna low blows Malenko (Referee was looking right at her). DDT by Chyna and she makes the tag to The One Billy Gunn. Billy gets cut off by The Radicalz, huge double clothesline by Billy.

 Billy and Malenko square off, powerslam by Billy. Pin but Eddie saves Malenko, Chyna and Eddie bail to the floor. Jackhammer by Billy, motioning for the FameAsser. Billy scores but Eddie makes the save, Eddie is hurled to the floor by Billy. One and Only by Billy and Malenko does not kick out of that. It was good, wish Chyna would have got her hands on Eddie but I am guessing the feud will continue into Armageddon.

Winners: Chyna & Billy Gunn over Radicalz via One & Only!

Kane vs Chris Jericho

I went into detail on this feud at the last pay per view but basically, Kane hates Jericho because Jericho is a good looking guy who the fans cheer for while Kane wants to destroy the pretty boy Jericho. These two would cost one another important matches with Kane beating Jericho at Survivor Series. Can Y2J defeat the Big Red Machine in this rematch? Jericho does his usual shtick, Jerichololics and never ever been the same again etc.

 Jericho runs to the ring and takes the fight to Kane, kicks and punches to Kane. Big Boot by Kane, Kane misses an elbow, huge dropkick by Y2J. Jericho clothesline Kane over the top rope, Kane lands on his feet and tosses Jericho into the ring apron and into the ring. Jericho drops Kane with a springboard dropkick, on the outside, Jericho tosses Kane around the ring. Jericho climbs the top rope, high crossbody goes wrong as Kane powerslams Jericho. Cover and a two count. Flapjack by Kane and Jericho screams out in pain. Kane grabs Jericho by the head and chokes Y2J who dangles in the air.

 Jericho uses the turnbuckle to flip over and apply an inside cradle (nice reversal). Kane floors Jericho with uppercuts, Kane picks his shots to the face of Jericho. Kane clotheslines Jericho in the corner, Jericho fires back. Sidewalk slam by Kane, Tazz is terrible on commentary, I had to point this out. This match he was especially irritating. Kane is up on the top rope, Jericho dropkicks Kane before Kane could score with his clothesline. Enzuigiri by Y2J, missile dropkick by Jericho. Two count for Y2J, right hands by Y2J. Kane has Jericho in a powerslam position, Jericho hurls Kane into the turnbuckle, Jericho pulls down Kane with a schoolboy before Jericho transitions into a Walls of Jericho.

 Kane counters going for a Chokeslam, Jericho battles out, bulldog by Y2J. Lionsault is countered with the knees and Jericho tastes The Chokeslam with Kane coming out on top. I felt this match was not as good as their previous match as Survivor Series. Jericho did not look like he ever had Kane on the ropes or beaten in this match. If you are trying to tell me that Jericho is admirable in defeat, then sell me that story. Do not half ass it because it does not work. JR says we should admire Jericho for his efforts but to me, this one never looked like it was close.

Winner: Kane over Jericho via Chokeslam!

Backstage Promo

Ah Trish, the one who could not resist taking jabs at her eternal rival Lita. Lita throws water on Trish and beats the crap out of Kurt Angle’s soon to be best friend. Lita tosses Trish into Ivory who is wearing rather large pants. Lita would have the last laugh on Trish as Trish would soon enter a partnership with Vince Mcmahon.

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz vs RTC ©

Goodfather and Bull to take on Matt and Jeff. RTC jump The Hardys and I have lost count with the number of times that the heels have jumped the faces on this night. Double plancha by The Hardys as they outsmart the champions. The champions take a breather before Bull and Jeff kick us off. Knee to the ribs by Bull, Jeff fights back, headscissors takedown. Jeff celebrates for too long as Goodfather clotheslines Jeff illegally. Double shoulder block by RTC, Goodfather is in and smashes Jeff with a right hand.

 Kicks in the corner before Goodfather tags in big Bull. Matt enters the ring with Jeff collapsing to the outside, commentators are confused and I am too as apparently, Matt is legal. Matt has Bull, Twist of Fate but Goodfather interrupts, Goodfather nails Bull with the title belt by mistake. Matt covers Bull but Goodfather pulls out the referee. Goodfather works on the arm of Matt as Matt was sent flying into the ringpost. Double hair pull by RTC, punches in the corner by Bull. Matt DDTs Goodfather, Goodfather blocks Matt from making the tag, Ho Train misses and now Jeff is in the match. Dropkick to Goodfather, kicks in the corner but Bull saves his partner. Whisper in the Wind by Jeff on RTC, RTC is stacked in the corner.

 Poetry in motion by The Hardys, Matt nails The Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb on Goodfather. Bull distracts the referee and Val Venis lands The Money Shot on Jeff. Goodfather pins Jeff and RTC retain their tag team championships. It was a solid tag match, champions retaining was predictable due to European shows not being a top priority.

Winners: RTC over The Hardy Boyz thanks to Val!

Backstage Promo/ Undertaker vs Chris Benoit

Kurt Angle had tried recruiting Edge & Christian and The Radicalz to back him up in the main event. Kurt has only antagonized each group so it looks like Angle is going alone. Benoit greets Undertaker in a hallway as The Radicalz rough up Undertaker, Benoit smashes a bin over Taker’s knee while the rest of The Radicalz rough up the knee. Undertaker’s music plays but there is no Undertaker. Benoit asks to be declared the winner of the match, Taker’s music hits and there is still no Undertaker. Tony Chimel was about to say Benoit was the winner but Taker limps down to ringside, Benoit goes right after Undertaker’s left knee. Over and over, stomps to the knee.

 Taker protects his leg, and goes after the Rabid Wolverine. Military press slam by Taker, Old School by Taker. Taker sells the leg after nailing Old School. Big boot by Undertaker, Benoit powders and grabs Taker’s legs. Taker fights off Benoit. Benoit is rolled into the ring, Taker is sent flying to the floor by Benoit. Benoit attempts a crossbody but Taker counters with a bearhug into the ringpost. Taker repeats the spot with Benoit screaming out in pain. Undertaker tries beating down Benoit but the pain of his leg costs Taker valuable time. Taker decides it is bearhug time, Benoit headbutts out of the bearhug. Big boot by Taker who drills Benoit, cover and a two count.

 Taker Irish whips Benoit into the corner, Benoit counters a powerslam by dropkicking the knee of The Deadman. Benoit tries hyper extending the knee of Taker, Benoit succeeds and Taker grimaces in pain. Undertaker throws haymakers at Benoit, escaping his clutches. Benoit dropkicks the knee again and Taker falls hard to the mat. Standing leg lock by Benoit, Taker rolls through but Benoit takes down Taker with his superior wrestling skills. Figure four by Benoit, Taker reverses the pressure. Benoit has the ropes, Taker breaks the hold. Slug fest by both men, Taker gets the better of Benoit but Benoit dodges a punch and nails a back suplex. Benoit lands his diving headbutt into Taker’s leg.

 Benoit was going for another figure four but Taker grabs Benoit for a small package. Taker gets the win with the small package. That was unique, Benoit outwrestled Taker and had him right where he wanted but Taker, the veteran was able to fool Benoit and outwrestle Benoit by locking in the small package. It was different, it had psychology that was clear as night and day so I really enjoyed this match.

Winner: Undertaker over Chris Benoit via small package!

(WWF Championship Match) The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Rikishi vs Kurt Angle ©

Main event time! The Rikishi heel turn experiment would soon be over (thank god) but for now, we have heel Rikishi who is as bland as bland can be while Angle, the champion enters second (Not a fan of the champion not entering last). Austin is in last and Austin and Angle get it on while Rock goes for Rikishi. Austin spinebusters Angle, two count for Austin. Suplex on Angle, Rock and Rikishi are on the floor. Rikishi drags out Austin, Rock goes after Angle, Samoan drop on Angle. Angle rakes the eyes of The Rock, right hands by Angle but Rock takes control and Angle is tossed to the floor. 

Austin and The Rock double team Rikishi in the ring, double stomps to Rikishi. Rock chases Angle to the ramp, Rikishi clotheslines Austin in the ring, Lou Thesz Press by Austin, elbow on Rikishi. Pin and a two count as Rikishi kicks out. Lou Thesz Press on Angle, Rock has Rikishi, right hands by Rock. Flying clothesline by Rock, Rikishi is reeling. Rikishi rams that big ass into The Rock, Rikishi is thinking Stinkface, low blow by The Rock. Spinebuster by Rock, People’s Elbow on Rikishi. Angle makes the save for his title, Austin beats up Angle. Rikishi and Austin brawl, Angle stomps Rock.

 Rikishi stomps Austin while Angle chokes Rock. Rock and Austin battle back on the big men, Rock and Austin stand tall in the ring, crowd realizes that these two are going to come to blows. Here we go, Austin hammers Rock, Rock fights back, Stunner by Austin, Angle makes the save. Rikishi tries pinning Rock but Rock kicks out. Angle and Rikishi work together on Austin, Austin fights back. Austin stomps Angle, Rock Bottom on Austin but Rikishi pulls out the referee. Angle Slam on The Rock, Angle has the match won but the referee is with Rikishi. Rock kicks out of The Angle Slam, Austin school boys Angle, two count for The Rattlesnake. Here comes Edge & Christian, Rock and Rikishi are in the ring. Rock Bottom on Rikishi, Edge saves Angle’s title.

 Stunner on Rikishi, Saturn and Eddie save Angle’s title. Rikishi walks into an Angle Slam and Kurt Angle steals the win. The Radicalz assault Rock and Austin, Austin battles back, Stunner for Malenko, Rock Bottom on Saturn and Rock Bottom on Eddie. Well, that was quick but boy, that was almost at lightening pace, The Rock and Austin tore through Rikishi and Angle, the amount of finishers and nearfalls was insane but I cannot complain, I loved it. He babyfaces kicked all sorts of ass while there were times when both could have been champion and the crowd loved every second of the match and why wouldn’t they? It was their favourite stars, they hit all their moves and it was the best way you could sent the fans home happy as Rock and Austin annihilate The Radicalz. To top it all off, we see our two heroes drink beer with one another in the centre of the ring.

Winner Kurt Angle over Everyone Else via taking advantage!

Overall, Rebellion was your standard European pay per view, quick matches with not a whole lot of wrestling going on and cheap finishes galore. However, the main event was simply awesome, so much action packed into like 13 minutes. Just great stuff while we saw a whole lot of the WWF roster apart from Triple H. For the ending alone, this pay per view would have been great for the fans! Join me next time for WWF’s Armageddon 2000!

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