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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 33: WWF Summerslam 2000 Review

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Yes oh yes it is time once more to dive into the era which has defined a generation of wrestling fans, there is not one person who watched wrestling from that time period who would say The Attitude Era was the greatest era in wrestling. What we are here to do is to put that theory to the test, was it really that great? Was every pay per view a hit? Did the good outweigh the bad? So grab a cold one, sit back and join me while I sit back and watch some good ol’ Attitude Era Wrestling. Tonight’s stop is WWF Summerslam 2000, one of the big four. The Rock defends his WWF Championship against The King Of The Ring Winner Kurt Angle and Triple H who became number one contenders by both pinning Chris Jericho on an episode of Raw. Shane Mcmahon had tried valiantly to have Triple H and Angle on the same page but you see there was a problem, Kurt was developing a questionable friendship with Triple H’s wife Stephanie which led to Stephanie and Kurt kissing while Triple H was annihilated by The Acolytes. Can Triple H control his emotions to recapture the WWF Championship? Can Kurt Angle compete on the level of Rock and Triple H? Can Rock survive the onslaught of these two men? Other key matches on the card include the first ever TLC match. Tables, Ladders and Chairs Oh My! The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian while Chris Jericho maintains his rivalry with Chris Benoit, Undertaker takes on his freshly turned heel brother Kane and we shall see the pay per view debut of The Right To Censor.

Opening Promo

We have Freddie Blassie sitting on a chair while clips are shown of Kurt Angle, Triple H and The Rock and the drama which surrounds all of three. Kurt and Stephanie’s kiss is a focal point while the other is Triple H wanted to kill Angle for his “friendship” with Stephanie. Everything is in sepia tone and it is all about the WWF Championship. JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Summerslam which emanates from North Carolina. Awesome Summerslam logo which was kept for the next number of years due to its epicness!

Right To Censor vs Too Cool/Rikishi

Ah yes the RTC! Due to the response of various parental organisations to the sexual content and violence of the WWF, Vince created a stable parodying the groups which were rallied against the WWF. Led by Steven Richards, this stable would effectively kill off Godfather and Val Venis’ careers in WWF. Rikishi and Too Cool bring the Hos out to mess with the head of RTC. One Ho is Bobcat who would be Hardcore Champion and the other is Victoria who would later become Women’s Champion. RTC jump Rikishi and Too Cool, Scotty starts it off with Bull Buchanan. Scotty outfoxes Bull and knocks the big man down with a crossbody. Tag to Grandmaster Sexay and a double suplex, Sexay is taken down by Bull. Goodfather is in with Sexay, Victoria is shoved to the floor by Goodfather who is ashamed of his old gimmick. Apparently, there was a Save The Hos campaign (Ah WWF you never let me down).

 Bull is in and nails a backbreaker before Stevie comes in and scores with a Steviebomb. Scoop slam by Stevie, Sexay crotches Richards and scores with a huge superplex. Enzuigiri and Rikishi in in, the crowd explodes, Rikishi knocks down everyone. Stevie is tossed to the outside and Victoria throws Richards back into the ring. RTC are stacked in the corner, splash from Scotty, splash from Scotty and a splash from Rikishi. Rikishi is thinking Stinkface but Bull Buchanan scores with a Scissors Kick. Scotty nails a facebuster on Bull, Scotty goes for The Worm but Scotty eats a superkick and it is all over.

 Wow that was quick and damn, that would be the last match we would see Too Cool and Rikishi together on pay per view. These guys honestly deserved so much better and should have been more successful but some idiot in WWF decided that Rikishi should be the won to run over Stone Cold. This is one of the great tragedies of the Attitude Era, Too Cool and Rikishi went way too early as a team. Good win for RTC though, they need to be established as a new heel team and a win over a big act like Rikishi and Too Cool was exactly what they needed but damn it, poor Too Cool and Rikishi.

Winners: RTC over Too Cool & Rikishi via Superkick!

X-Pac vs Road Dogg

You will have noticed that there was no DX with Triple H in his war with Chris Jericho at Fully Loaded. Well DX have been having problems, a friendly rivalry between the two leads us to this match with Road Dogg being the face and X-Pac being the heel. There is a good argument for X-Pac being the most hated heel on the roster at time because there were just loud X-Pac chants every night. Imagine just a year ago at this very event, X-Pac was arguably the third most over man on the roster with only The Rock and Stone Cold being above him in popularity. X-Pac and Road Dogg would try and one up one another in the early going, X-Pac is taking down with a clothesline, Road Dogg misses a clothesline and dodges a bronco buster from X-Pac.

 X-Pac cheap shots Road Dogg and locks in a sleeper. Road Dogg fights out of the sleeper but X-Pac scores with a spinning heel kick. Bronco Buster by X-Pac who takes time to taunt as the crowd shouts boring and boos loudly. Road Dogg nails his two moves of the punch and knee and attempts his finish, X-Pac counters the pumphandle slam, Road Dogg counters the X-Factor. Road Dogg tries for the pumphandle slam again and X-Pac low blows Road Dogg and nails The X-Factor. This was nothing, X-Pac was just pissed on by the fans and Road Dogg is super boring on offence, two moves and an attempt at his finish. Just dull and I did not really care for it. Road Dogg lays out X-Pac after the match and that would essentially be it for Road Dogg in the WWF as he would team with K-Kwik briefly later in the year before being let go. X-Pac did ok for himself as he continued being despised until an injury led to the creation of his stable The X-Factor.

Winner: X-Pac over Road Dogg following X-Factor!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Tag Team Match) Eddie Guerrero/Chyna vs Val Venis ©/Trish Stratus

To be clear, anyone can be pinned and the winner will become the champion. Val and Eddie had their issues dating back to King Of The Ring while Chyna had powerbombed Trish and Trish had broken a jar of glass over Chyna’s head. Val and Eddie to start, lockup and a calf kick by Latino Heat. Val knocks Eddie with a shoulder block and a knee drop. Backbreaker, blind tag to Chyna. Huge clothesline by Chyna, Chyna and Eddie nail a double flapjack, two for Chyna. Kicks in the corner by Chyna, kicks to the ribs. Val tries beating down Chyna but Chyna obliterates Val with a clothesline. Trish distracts Chyna which allows Val to mount a little offense. Back suplex by Val, knees in the corner. Vertical suplex by Val and it seems Chyna’s gear has ripped.

 Chyna reaching for the tag but Val prevents the tag, Low blow by Chyna and Chyna was thinking Powerbomb. Val backdropped Chyna but Chyna nails the DDT. Eddie is in, quick clotheslines, back body drop, rope assisted hurricanrana for two by Eddie. Val hotshots Eddie into the turnbuckle, Blue Thunder Bomb by Val, mid-air collision by both men. Trish is in and she pins Eddie for two, kicks to the ribs by Trish. Eddie trips Trish and Chyna is in, clothesline by Chyna, make it two and a scoop slam. Trish is in the corner, Chyna was going for the handspring elbow, Val trips Chyna and throws Eddie over the top rope.

 Val and Trish miss the double clothesline, Chyna scoops up Trish for a gorilla press slam on Trish and Chyna is your new Intercontinental Champion for a second time. That would be it for poor Val and Trish, Val would join the RTC and would not taste success on this kind of level ever again. Chyna was not a two time champion, fantastic achievement but she was fantastic. Match was good when Eddie and Val were in there, Trish was fine as a coward while Chyna hit some good moves.

Winners: Chyna & Eddie Guerrero over Trish & Val!

Tazz vs Jerry Lawler

I wrote in my Backlash review that I felt bad for Tazz, if only I knew what was in store for the former ECW star. Tazz had attacked Rikishi, Kane and JR. Attacking JR was a step too far for Jerry Lawler, Lawler would often make fun of JR but when JR was hit by Tazz, Lawler could stand no more. Tazz had kidnapped JR and busted open JR’s eye. Tonight it would be revenge for Jerry Lawler or would it? JR is mocked by Tazz who comes out with a walking stick, Lawler nails Tazz right in front of his face. Talk about making someone look stupid, Tazz looks like a chump and now, it is time for a competitive match with a commentator. Lawler takes it to Tazz in the beginning, rights and lefts even dropkicks and diving fist drops.

 Lawler misses a fistdrop and Tazz stomps Lawler repeatedly. Clothesline and an eye rake by Tazz, Lawlwer is tossed to the floor. Lawler derails Tazz’s momentum with a huge punch, Tazz begs for mercy but headbutts Lawler down low. Tazz climbs to the top, Tazz misses a senton (Tazz doing a senton). More rights by the King, Piledriver and Tazz is right back on his feet. Referee is knocked out as Tazz is sent into the referee, Tazzmission by Tazz. Tazz taunts JR and JR says you want it? You got it, glass jar to the head of Tazz and there you have it, Lawler has won thanks to JR smashing glass over Tazz’s head.

 Real feel good moment here with JR standing up to his bully and The King celebrating a victory which makes it seem like we are in Memphis in the 80s. God Bless America (Ok that is a bit much but I love feel good cheesy moments, I mean how can you not love JR getting revenge? It is great and screw you if you do not love it!).

Winner: Jerry Lawler over Tazz thanks to JR!

(WWF Hardcore Championship Match) Shane Mcmahon © vs Steve Blackman

So the last time we checked in, Shane was managing Benoit in the main event scene and was determined to get the championship off The Rock. Shane would also begin forming a stable called The Conspiracy which included Benoit, Angle Big Show and Edge & Christian.

 It looked really promising, they had laid out Rock and Undertaker but now, Big Show had been chokeslammed off the stage by Undertaker. This was done to write him off television due to Show not being healthy or fit enough for TV. Somewhere between this angle, Shane won the hardcore championship because why not? Benoit went back to Jericho and Edge & Christian had to handle The Dudleys and Hardys. You got all that? So there is no conspiracy, Big Show is back in OVW and Shane is feuding with Blackman over the hardcore title. Imagine Shane Mcmahon, the son of the owner of the company facing Steve Blackman of all people on pay per view. Shane won the championship with the help of 4 other men but Blackman now has Shane one on one, Blackman storms down to the ring with a kendo stick in hand. Shane is thrown the kendo stick by Blackman, Blackman begs Shane to hit him with the stick, Shane obliges but Blackman catches the stick in mid strike.

 Shane is knocked with a right hand and they run around the ringside area. Shane jumps into the crowd and Steve Blackman cuts off Shane’s escape. Blackman smashes Shane with a trash can, Shane battles back against Blackman. Blackman regains control and throws Shane to the ringside area. Scissor kick by Blackman from the apron, Blackman grabs two trash can lids. Shane’s knees are taken out while Blackman smashes Shane in the back of the head. Shane is crowned by Blackman with a trash can, Blackman grabs two martial arts sticks and beats Shane down without remorse. Super kick to the side of the head floors poor Shane, martial arts stick assisted back suplex. Blackman grabs a leather strap and chokes Shane while placing some nice body shots. Shane is hurled up to the top rope and jerked off the rope by Blackman. Single leg boston crab and Blackman chokes Shane with the leather strip.

 T&A come to ringside, Baldo Bomb by Albert and Test grabs a trash can, setting it into the turnbuckle. Splash and a trash can to Blackman, Shane says dive onto him. Test nails his huge elbow and T&A lift up the beaten Blackman. Stinging left shots to Blackman, Blackman kicks a can into Shane’s head before Shane cracks a sign over Blackman’s head. Shane drags Blackman to the top of the ramp, in a moment similar to Big Show’s injury, Shane tries dropping an amplifier on his leg. Blackman dodges and a miscue allows Blackman back into the match.

 Blackman smashes T&A with a kendo stick while Shane climbs the Summerslam structure. Blackman follows Shane with a kendo stick in hand, there is nowhere to go, Blackman smashes Shane with the kendo stick and Shane falls at least 30 feet (Oh My God that was insane by Shane). Blackman says screw it and jumps dropping an elbow on Shane, cover and Blackman is the new hardcore champion. It was brief but exciting, Shane takes a crazy bump because he is a fearless, crazy man. Props to Blackman for making the jump too. Overall, a fun match.

Winner: Steve Blackman over Shane Mcmahon via super elbow!

(Two out of Three Falls Match) Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho

Stephanie is freaking out backstage over Shane because he seems to be in a bad, bad way. Benoit vs Jericho, the match that I could never ever get enough of and neither could the WWF as these two would meet so often throughout the year 2000. The bell rings and both men are throwing haymakers at one another, referee is trying to pull one off the other, Chioda’s pulling skills are weak as all three tumble to the floor. Chioda lands right on the back of his head, falling from the ring to the floor (it looked nasty). Benoit gets the better of Jericho as Y2J is letting his emotions get the better of him. Y2J is locked in the STF moments later, Jericho reverses into the Walls of Jericho before catapulting Benoit into the turnbuckle. German suplex by Y2J who continues building momentum, bulldog by Y2J. Benoit blocks The Lionsault with his knees and locks in The Crippler Crossface. Jericho taps out and Benoit is up 1:0 in the match.

 Benoit goes back to The Crossface, Y2J fights out but Benoit locks in The Crossface. After a lot of struggling, Jericho grabs the ropes. Jericho is sent hard into the turnbuckle, tree of woe by Benoit who stretches Y2J’s neck. Jericho is flung shoulder first into the ringpost, Benoit is wearing down Y2J. Jericho’s left shoulder is almost separated as Benoit rams up the punishment. Benoit stomps on Jericho’s arm, Jericho floors Benoit with a forearm, creating some much needed separation. Jericho sells the arm well as it dangles at his side. Jericho misses a punch and Benoit punishes Jericho with a German suplex. Jericho counters a German suplex into The Walls Of Jericho. Benoit crawls but Jericho drags Benoit back and applies The Liontamer. Benoit taps and it is 1:1. Jericho scores with a backbreaker, hard chop, Irish whip and a reverse elbow. Spinning reverse elbow by Y2J, cover and a two count. Benoit tries for a powerbomb, Jericho lands on his feet, backslide pin by Jericho is countered. 

Dragon suplex by Benoit for a two count, leg drop by Benoit. Y2J lays prone while Benoit climbs the top rope, Jericho was playing possum. Frankensteiner from the top rope by Y2J. Flying forearm by Y2J and two huge clothesline, spinning heel kick and Jericho gets another two count. Right hands by Y2J, Benoit is floored with a forearm. Lionsault by Jericho but Jericho clutches at his damaged arm. Benoit shoots Jericho into the ropes, Jericho catches Benoit with a schoolboy but Benoit reverses and holds onto the ropes to steal the victory. 

Good finish that nobody saw coming, it was quick and refreshing in a way, Benoit would build upon this momentum as Benoit would challenge for the WWF Championship at next month’s pay per view. Good psychology from both men, Jericho sold the arm throughout and two straight fall victories for either man would destroy their momentum. With the cheating finish, this feud could continue if they wanted to, smart booking there as they knew if needed them, the WWF could always rely on Benoit vs Jericho.

Winner: Benoit over Jericho due to Shenanigans!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Edge & Christian © vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz (First Ever TLC Match)

The Dudleys were synonymous with tables, Edge & Christian with chairs and The Hardys with ladders. All three teams hated one another so it was inevitable they would clash in a combination of all these weapons. One way to win and that is to retrieve the tag team belts hanging in the air. The Hardys and Dudleys get it on as Edge & Christian try to sneak attacks both teams. In the opening seconds, I have seen two chair shots to the head. Christian nails D-Von with a splash, and Edge follows up with a drop toe hold for D-Von. Bubba smashes Edge with a ladder before nailing Christian with a DDT. Bubba climbs the ladder before The Hardys powerbomb Bubba off the ladder, Jeff begins climbing the ladder, D-Von sets up a ladder beside Jeff.

 Edge climbs between D-Von and Jeff and Russian legsweeps both men. Christian begins climbing but Bubba drops Christian with a Bubba Bomb. Jeff is climbing a ladder before Edge yanks him off, Jeff’s body falls onto a ladder, smashing Matt in the face. Edge & Christian are floored with a ladder from Bubba. Bubba scoop slams Edge and nails a Wassup Headbutt on poor Edge. Christian eats a 3D from The Dudleys through a table. The Dudleys decide they need more tables and set up four tables, two on the bottom and two on top. Jeff could be powerbombed through the tables but Edge saves Jeff with vicious chair shots to the heads of The Dudleys. Matt nails Edge with a Twist Of Fate, leg drop by Matt off the ladder, Jeff nails a leg drop of his own. Edge is placed inside a ladder, while Matt crushes Edge. Christian tries saving Edge but Matt hurls Christian onto the ladder.

 Jeff climbs a 20 foot ladder and misses a Swanton Bomb on Bubba who dodges, Jeff crashes through the table (Jeff would continue to do crazy things over the years, this almost seems tame by the later things Jeff would do). Matt grabs the 20 foot ladder with D-Von, Edge and Christian interrupt Matt and D-Von. Reverse DDT by Christian on Matt, D-von and Edge fall to the floor. Bubba is back on his feet, Bubba begins climbing but Edge and Christian climb to their feet and Bubba smashes through the four tables he set up (Insanity at its finest, pure craziness). Edge and Christian are all alone, Lita runs down to the ring and Edge & Christian fall onto the ropes groin first. Lita roars on Matt, Matt climbs but D-Von tips the ladder and Matt falls through two tables at ringside. Edge spears Lita in half at ringside.

 D-Von is climbing the ladder with Jeff Hardy who is somehow alive. Jeff is so close but so is D-Von, D-Von and Jeff are hanging high in the air, Edge throws a ladder at Jeff to knock him to the floor, nobody else is available to stop Edge & Christian who retain their tag team championships. Pure insanity is the best word to describe this match, it was just spot after spot with each spot being more dangerous than the last. That must have took a lot out of those men and I hope they were proud of their performance and paid handsomely for nearly killing one another.

Winners: Edge & Christian over Everyone Else by retrieval of the belts!

(First Ever Thong Stinkface Match) The Kat W/ Al Snow vs Terri W/ Perry Saturn

Have we hit a new low? I am not sure, Stephanie was champion for a couple of months before they put the title on Lita. The championship had been held by The Kat and Harvey Whippleman dressed as a woman during this year but Lita now had the belt. However, she is not competing tonight, instead we have The Kat vs Terri, a culmination of their 6 month long rivalry.

 Yes this lasted 6 months, terrible match and segment, one after another comes down to this, a thong stinkface match. Why? Simple! Rikishi stinkfaced Terri thanks to The Kate so Terri attacked The Kat and gave her a Stinkface so we have this match. Both women look fabulous and if you came just for my review of this match, you are a very bad person (Shame on you!). Terri strips and Perry Saturn covers up Terri (boo bad Perry). Kat drags Terri to the ground, scoop slam by The Kat, Kat goes for the win, but Perry pulls out Terri. Spear by The Kat and we have a catfight (Or a Katfight? Ok I am sorry).

 Another hair pull by Kat, you can hear the disdain in JR’s face. Kat bronco busters and spanks Kat, Perry Saturn saves Terri, facebuster by Terri who poses on top of The Kat. Clothesline by Kat, another scoop slam, Kat goes for a sitting stinkface and misses. Terri goes for The Stinkface, Terri is shoved into The referee’ crotch. Kat uses Head to floor Terri, Terri is out cold and we see The Stinkface. Terri’ face is buried deep in Kat’s ass (What the hell am I saying? What am I writing ? ). So Kat ends this feud while JR wishes to move on so fast I can only admire the man. So yeah..DUD , mindless T&A. A disgrace to women’s wrestling, a slap in the face to any woman wanting to be a wrestler, thank god we have moved past it!

Winner: The Kat over Terri by Stinkface!

Undertaker vs Kane

Two weeks earlier, Kane had saved his brother from Benoit but wait, Kane said screw you Deadman and Chokeslams his brother through the ring. Kane is a monster. That is his explanation, fair enough from The Big Red Machine, I am guessing Vince wanted more heels and Kane is not a bad choice. One thing from the start that is clear is that poor Taker was packing a few extra pounds during the early 2000s. Undetaker does not allow Kane to make his entrance as they brawl on the ramp way. Back and forth, Kane might have debuted his new sleeveless attire at this pay per view (I am not sure).

 Undertaker’s game plan is to rip off the mask (interesting as nobody have ever gone after the mask before). Kane grabs a chair and aims for Undertaker who prevents Kane form using the chair, Undertaker smashes Kane with the chair, the match is unsanctioned. Taker is ripping off various parts of the mask, Kane covers up before nailing Taker with a huge right hand. Kane slams his brother into the steel steps. Undertaker blocks the steel steps from Kane and nails Kane with his own set of steel steps. Taker hammers away on his brother Kane. Kane low blows Taker and Kane is a bloody mess, Kane smashes Taker in the face, again and again The American Badass stands right back up on his feet.

 Taker spears Kane, Taker tears part of the mask off, Kane thinks Chokeslam but Taker low blows Kane and rips off the mask. Not a big fan of this, they brawled for a bit but they missed a big opportunity here I think, Kane had never beaten Undertaker one and one, Taker had ripped at Kane’s mask and bloodied the big red machine. Could Kane have flipped and destroyed his brother? It would certainly be a better way of establishing Kane as a big heel in a big way. Doesn’t matter anyways, just my thoughts.

Winner: Undertaker over Kane by Count-Out?

(WWF Championship Match) The Rock © vs Triple H vs Kurt Angle

Did you know The Rock was the champion and was in this match? Well, if you didn’t, I could not give out to you because the focus is so far off him, it would be hard to remember he is in the match. The story is Kurt is friends with Stephanie because Triple H and Stephanie’s marriage is on shaky ground as Stephanie walked in on Triple H teaching Trish wrestling moves. Kurt would be the one to be friends with Stephanie with Triple H becoming more and more suspicious. Kurt would later kiss Stephanie on the Smackdown before this pay per view and Triple H knows what has happened. Kurt begins by speaking on the microphone, criticising Triple H for being a poor husband.

 Kurt signs his own death wish as Triple H’s music hits and poor Kurt is going to be pummelled by a vengeful husband. These two start the match without The Rock as Triple H floors Kurt Angle. More right hands and stomps from Triple H, Angle explodes with a clothesline after Triple H shoved the referee. Cactus Jack style clothesline by Angle, Triple H meets the barricade. Triple H sidesteps Angle and tosses Angle into the steel steps. Triple H starts tearing at the announce table before placing Angle on top of the table. The table gives way before Triple H could deliver the pedigree. Triple H immediately checks on Kurt who is completely out of it, severe concussion for our Olympic Hero.

 Triple H grabs a sledgehammer and Rock finally makes his entrance, Triple H waits for The Rock in the ring as Earl Hebnar checks on Kurt Angle. Rock takes down The Game with a Samoan Drop and a reverse elbow. Doctors tend to poor Kurt while Triple H drops Rock across the announce table. Rock is rolled into the ring, right hand by Triple H. Elbow by Triple H who shoots a glance at a Kurt Angle who does not know where he is at all. Rock fires up on Triple H, Triple H shuts off Rock with a stungun. Triple H stops Kurt Angle’s stretcher, sneaking in a few cheap shots while Hebnar tells Triple H Kurt is out of his mind. Rock saves Kurt with a clothesline, catapult and another clothesline. Stephanie checks on Kurt as Rock lays The Smackdown on Triple H.

 Triple H battles back, dropping The Rock on the barricade, big clothesline by Helmsley. Stephanie makes her way to ringside, Triple H is not happy, telling she is not supposed to be here. Rock is cut off by a high knee by Helmsley, Stephanie is ordered to get the belt by Triple H. Stephanie is in the ring and accidently, nails Triple H with the belt. Rock spots Stephanie and grabs her hair, Triple H low blows Rock and tells Stephanie to piss off love. Triple H knocks down The Rock, Rock explodes with a flying clothesline but Triple H is right back in control with a neckbreaker. Triple H grabs a sledgehammer from ringside, Rock stops Helmsley momentarily before Triple H smashes Rock’s ribs with the sledgehammer. Big rugby like kick to the ribs of the champion, make it two as The Rock writhes around in pain. Shoulder thrusts in the corner by Helmsley, over and over again The Rock crumbles in pain. Facebuster by The Game, cover and a two count for Triple H. Knees to the ribs by The Game. Rock is shoved into the ringpost by Triple H, Triple H stalls by taunting in the ring for a while.

 Triple H smothers any offense that The Rock can muster by attacking the injured ribs. Swinging neckbreaker by The Rock but Triple H scores with a knee strike. Triple H climbs to the top rope, Rock meets The Game and we have a superplex. Backstage, Stephanie begs Kurt to help Triple H and Kurt Angle reappears at the top of the ramp. Rock covers Triple H after the superplex and we have two and a half. Rock and Triple H brawl before Rock nails a belly to belly suplex. Rock tees off on Triple H in the corner, Angle trips Rock and there is the pedigree by The Game. Angle stops Triple H from winning, shoving him into the steel steps. Angle pins Rock but The Rock kicks out at the last second. Kurt reverse elbows The Rock, belly to belly suplex. Belly to belly suplex and DDT by The Rock and Angle kicks out at two! Kurt is sent into Triple H knocking The Game to the floor, Rock Bottom on Angle but Triple H saves the match for himself. Triple H wipes out Rock and asks for the hammer, Triple H plans on using the hammer, Angle grabs the hammer but Triple H punches his wife out with a right hand.

 Angle nails Triple H with the hammer and Rock breaks up the pin. Rock smashes Angle out of the ring and Rock scores with a People’s Elbow on an unconscious Triple H. The Rock scores the win in the triple threat. Well, it was dramatic to say the least, I have to give credit where credit is due because of Rock and Triple H working a majority of that match which could have not been planned due to Angle’s injury. Major props to Angle to working the rest of the match, one tough son of a gun and a dramatic way to end the pay per view as Kurt Angle carries Stephanie backstage in his arms while Triple H lays unconscious in the ring.

Winner: The Rock over Angle & Triple H via People's Elbow!

Overall, a good showing from the WWF, TLC was insane, Benoit vs Jericho delivered and the main event was chaotic fun. Shane took a big bump, there was T&A for the fans thanks to that stupid stinkface match and Chyna won the Intercontinental Championship for the second time. A very positive show from the WWF, I guess my one concern would be the Mcmahon’ stories always overshadowing the rest of the action. The main focus here was Stephanie’s Love triangle and the pay per view ended with Angle carrying Stephanie not The Rock holding high his WWF Championship. But do not worry because there will be plenty more instances where The Mcmahons dominate the stories in WWF (Cough Cough The Invasion). See you next time for Unforgiven!

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