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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 34: WWF Unforgiven 2000 review

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Good evening you rambunctious rapscallions, it looks like you are back again for the only series that nobody ever asked for, that’s right! It is our Journey Through The Attitude Era where I look back at all the pay per views spanning the Attitude Era while giving critique, providing anecdotes and thoughts on the wrestling and storylines while also providing poor unfunny humour. Today, we will be taking a look at WWF Unforgiven 2000 which features the return of one Stone Cold Steve Austin as Shane Mcmahon had promised he knows the man who ran down Austin at Survivor Series 1999. The Rock will also be defending his WWF Championship against The Undertaker, Kane and Chris Benoit while Stephanie Mcmahon will have to choose between Kurt Angle or Triple H as her marriage falls apart. So you got all that? You feeling nostalgic? Great! So grab a cold one and let’s look back at The Attitude Era and find out if it is all it is cracked up to be!

Opening Promo

A creepy woman speaks as Freddie Blassie speaks of Judgement Day coming, pictures of the four men in our title main event flash on the screen as Triple H and Kurt Angle are shown fighting over Stephanie while the very last shot is of Stone Cold Steve Austin and his imminent return. Really good work here as usual from the WWF. JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action as we are live from Philadelphia!

Right To Censor vs APA/The Dudley Boyz

The Right To Censor believed they had beaten up the APA with no trouble at all but The Dudleys ran down to ringside and beat up The Right To Censor on Smackdown. Goodfather kicks us off with D-Von, clothesline by Goodfather, Goodfather is taken down by D-Von and Bubba is in, right hands from Bubba. Goodfather attempts the Ho Train, back suplex by Bubba. Back body drop by Goodfather, Bull Buchanan is in and he puts the boots to Bubba. Hard Irish whip goes a miss for Bull, Bubba counters and clotheslines Buchanan. Bradshaw is in, huge neckbreaker and haymakers by Bradshaw, Bull turns the tide with an elbow from the top rope.

 Val Venis, the newest member of RTC comes in but Bradshaw catches Val and executes a beautiful fallaway slam. Faarooq nails a reverse elbow on Val before tagging out, D-Von is in, shoulder block by D-Von. White socks Stevie Richards cheap shots D-Von and Val nails a Blue Thunder Bomb. Back suplex by The Goodfather, Bubba saves D-Von, RTC pummel D-Von in their corner. Scoop slam by Val but Val misses an elbow. D-Von tags in Bubba, back body drop on Val, Bubba Bomb on Val and a sidewalk slam on Goodfather. DDT on Bull and now Stevie is in, Bubba is attacked from behind by Val.

 All men begin brawling by ringside, Bubba nails the Devastation Device on Val, Goodfather makes the save. Bubba and Val are still in the ring, Stevie Richards nails The Super Kick on Bubba and RTC steal the win thanks to Stevie’s Super Kick. After the match, Bubba catches Stevie and we have tables ladies and gentlemen. RTC save Stevie Richards from going through the table once but Bubba is awfully persistent. The APA beat down poor Stevie Richards and Bubba puts Stevie right through the table. That was short and sweet as RTC continue their pay per view record as that makes it two out of two for the goody two shoes faction.

Winners: RTC over APA/Dudley Boyz via Superkick!

(Leather Strap Match) Tazz vs Jerry Lawler

Triple H says he will destroy Kurt Angle in tonight’s match while also questioning Stephanie’s allegiance. Triple H explains that Kurt is no friend of Stephanie as Kurt Angle smashed up Triple H’s ribs that are heavily taped. In regards to this match, poor Tazz. At Backlash I wrote that exact phrase, six months on things have gone from bad to worse for The Human Suplex Machine. Tazz returned from injury and assaulted the likes of Rikishi and Al Snow while also picking on JR. Jerry Lawler defended his friend and with the help of JR, Tazz was beaten at Summerslam.

 Tazz had choked out Lawler with a strap so we have this match now. Only way to win is to touch all four corners in quick succession. Tazz jumps Lawler, nails a Tazzzplex before choking out Jerry in front of JR. Tazz taunts JR so Lawler saves his friend, Lawler whips Tazz repeatedly. More choking by Lawler, low blow by Tazz. Tazz whips Lawler repeatedly. Lawler fights back and nails a piledriver, Tazz sits up. Second piledriver and Tazz sits right back up. A third piledriver and Tazz sits up before collapsing to the mat. Lawler starts touching the corners, Lawler has three, Tazz tries stopping Lawler. Tazz kicks down the referee and out of nowhere comes RAVEN! Huge ECW chants as we are in Philly, Raven leaves and Tazz chokes out Lawler for the win.

 Wait what? But you are supposed to touch the four corners to win the match? Well that ending makes no sense and talk about making someone look weak. Tazz could not beat a semi-retired commentator so he needed the help of Raven to win the match. Two words: Poor Tazz.

Winner: Tazz over Jerry Lawler thanks to Raven!

Stone Cold Arrives

Kevin Kelly tries to interview Stone Cold Steve Austin, it does not go well as Kevin Kelly gets assaulted at the hands of The Rattlesnake. Austin pummels Kelly and rams him into a garage door. Michael Cole joins JR as Lawler is taking to the back.

(WWF Hardcore Invitational Match) Al Snow vs Crash vs Test vs Funaki vs Saturn vs Steve Blackman ©

Al Snow is European Champion and comes to the ring from a different European country every night. Tonight is Italy and I really liked this gimmick. As for the rules of this match, it is a ten minute time limit match where these men will try and become the hardcore champion and hold onto the belt until time is up. Blackman starts out beating up Crash and Saturn while Test nails Snow and Funaki. Snow has head, Terri steals Head and throws it to Saturn, Saturn nails Trish with Head and Test nails Terri with Head. Both women are down, Snow was reigning supreme before Crash takes down Snow.

 Funaki and Crash take down Test and Blackman. Funaki turns on Crash, Saturn moonsaults onto everyone. Saturn brings Funaki to the backstage area, Crash pairs off with Snow. Test and Blackman brawl before Test big boots Blackman. Crash knocks out Test and steals the win on Blackman. Crash holds the belt for ten seconds as Saturn cracks Crash with a trash can lid. Blackman is up and goes right after Saturn. Saturn and Blackman continue brawling, Snow has Funaki in the crowd. All six men make their way to ringside, Saturn has a kendo stick and stands alone in the ring. Blackman grabs his own martial arts weapons, Blackman beats down Snow and Saturn, back suplex on Saturn by Blackman. Kendo stick to the head by Blackman.

 Snow is taken down, Funaki, Test and Crash also taste the stick. Blackman cracks Saturn in the head again and Blackman is your champion, Blackman must survive for one whole minute. All five men rush Blackman, trying to get a pin but it is not going to happen as Blackman survives the onslaught of all of his opponents. That was fun, lots of weapon shots that is always entertaining, not much wrestling but who cares right?

Winner: Steve Blackman over Everyone Else by Time Limit Expiration!

X-Pac vs Chris Jericho

Kurt Angle runs into Stone Cold Steve Austin and presents Mr. Austin with some Gold Medals, Austin looks at Kurt and Austin decides to thank Kurt by beating the hell out of him. Now onto this feud, X-Pac had beaten Road Dogg at Summerslam, DX was over and X-Pac was by himself. X-Pac was and is a great performer but you talk about being hated, there was no man in the WWF more hated than X-Pac at this time. X-Pac attacked Jericho with nunchucks on Raw and stomped a table on his chest (What a dastardly Villain). Interestingly, X-Pac had talked about a potential feud with Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship for Wrestlemania 2000 but X-Pac was too stubborn and decided on finishing his feud with Kane which was truly stale at that stage.

 These two feud now with X-Pac being nowhere near as popular as he once was and it is sad in a sense. Jericho runs down to the ring and gets the better of X-Pac in the early going with knife edge chops and a nice spinning heel kick. Triangle dropkick is blocked by X-Pac by pushing Jericho to the floor, nice counter there (never seen that one before). X-Pac scores with a plancha and throws Jericho into the timekeeper’s area. X-Pac clubs Y2J in the back, spinning heel kick by X-Pac that cuts off Jericho. Sleeper hold by X-Pac, Jericho smashes X-Pac with elbows to the ribs, Jericho sends X-Pac into the turnbuckle, looking for a facebuster but X-Pac catches Y2J with a sleeper hold. Jericho battles back to his feet and applies a sleeper of his own before X-Pac drops Jericho with a back suplex. X-Pac chokes Jericho in the corner with his hands first and then his boot.

 Bronco buster by X-Pac and the poor guy, the crowd just hates X-Pac. X-Pac taunts too long and Jericho scores with a powerbomb! Clothesline and flying forearm by Y2J, cover and a two count for Jericho. Jericho hammers X-Pac in the corner and we see the Y2J Bronco buster. Jericho pays for his showboating as Jericho lands shoulder first into the turnbuckle, X-Pac dives out of the ring and grabs nunchucks. X-Pac misses Jericho’s head, roll up by Y2J but it is only two for Jericho. Jericho is low blowed by X-Pac, X-Pac scores with the X-Factor. Two for X-Pac, X-Pac tries for a hurricanrana, powerbomb into the Walls of Jericho. X-Pac claws his way to the ropes, Jericho complains and eats a spinning heel kick for his trouble. Facebuster by Jericho, Jericho attempts the Lionsault. Knees up by X-Pac, X-Pac climbs to the top rope claiming that’s it!

 Jericho catches X-Pac and it is The Walls Of Jericho that finishes the match as X-Pac taps clean. After the match, X-Pac whacks Y2J with his nunchucks, getting his heat back. What a difference a year makes as X-Pac is a very unpopular superstar with go away heat. Match is fine though, two good workers who would top this match at the next pay per view in a steel cage match. X-Pac as a heel just does not do it for a lot of people, he is a small guy who has flashy kicks and dives.

Winner: Chris Jericho over X-Pac via Walls of Jericho!

Stone Cold Promo #2

Austin confronts The Rock in his dressing room saying it was Rock’s car that ran down Austin. Rock claims to know nothing about Austin’s accident. Tensions are high before Just Joe bursts on the scene. Just Joe? Who the hell is that you say? Well he was a bumbling idiot who screwed up all the time when giving and receiving orders. Austin greets Joe with his fists and beats up poor Joe.

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Edge & Christian © vs The Hardy Boyz

These two teams were at the peaks of their powers and now they will settle their feud inside a steel cage. Hardys run down to the ring after suffering humiliation at the hands of Edge and Christian on the prior week’s Smackdown. Hardys take it to Edge and Christian in the beginning, Christian is rammed into the cage wall before Jeff nails a Poetry in Motion on Christian into the cage wall. Both Hardys begin climbing but are stopped by Edge and Christian. However, Jeff shakes off Christian and prepares to dive onto Christian but Edge shoves Jeff into the wiring holding up the cage.

 Jeff falls to the floor so one Hardy has escaped but Matt is all alone, this is bad news for The Hardys. Edge and Christian get to work double teaming Matt as Jeff tries desperately to re-enter the cage. Matt catapults Edge onto Christian and covers Edge quickly. Two count for the challengers, Matt ties up Edge and begins climbing the cage. Both Edge and Christian leap up to the cage, double suplex by Edge and Christian on Matt with thunderous impact! Cover by Egde but Matt kicks out at two and a half. Edge and Christian use Matt as a battering ram against the cage. Anytime Jeff tries to re-enter the cage, Edge and Christian thwart Jeff’s plans. Double stungun by Egde and Christian, Jeff makes his way to the top of the cage but Christian knocks Jeff to the floor. Jeff knocks out Jimmy Korderas to get the key to the cage door, Jeff unlocks the door and brings a chair with him. Christian stops Jeff once more by slamming the cage door in Jeff’s face. Christian escapes the cage and grabs another chair.

 Edge and Christian set up for the conchairto, Christian relocks the door while Matt is busted open by Edge who continues torturing Matt. Edge and Christian miss the conchairto, double clothesline by Matt. Matt begins climbing again, Matt reaches the top. Christian reaches the top also while Edge is slowly making his way up. Jeff uses a ladder to knock Christian to the floor. Both Jeff and Christian have escaped, Matt and Edge remain in the ring, Edge scores with a giant facebuster knocking off Matt. Jeff uses the ladder to re-enter the cage, Jeff is on top of the cage. Matt and Edge are standing in the ring, Jeff nails a Whisper In The Wind from the top of the cage, wiping out Matt and Edge. Oh my god, that is never easy to watch, Jeff is so high up and he lands hard on the mat.

 Christian tries to climb back in using the ladder but Lita runs to ringside. Low blow and hurricanrana by Lita on Christian. Edge has a chair, wham right off the face of Jeff Hardy. Edge climbs the cage, The Hardys follow Edge with two chairs in hand. Conchairto by The Hardy Boyz on Edge who never saw it coming, Edge collapses to the mat and for the first time in at least a year, The Hardy Boyz are your tag team champions and it is well deserved. 

That match has to be one of the best of 2000, you had an interesting story with Jeff being isolated on the floor while the heels punished Matt. Jeff outsmarted the heels in the end and helped his brother win and the finish is the icing on the cake as The Hardys and Lita had been victims of The Conchairto so to see The Hardys use it against Edge & Christian was simply perfection. Unforgiven has been fine up until this point, now it is really picking up steam.

Winners: Hardy Boyz over Edge & Christian via Escape!

Stone Cold Promo #3

Austin storms into Triple H ‘s room, looking for The Game. Austin finds Stephanie who gave Austin the hat that he wore when he was ran over. Stephanie sells Austin on the idea of talking to Shane who claims to have proof of who ran over Austin. Foley and Triple H reminisce about old times with Triple H stating that he is going to destroy Kurt Angle and Triple H wants no funny business from Foley. Foley says I will call it 100% down the middle!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Rikishi vs Eddie Guerrero W/ Chyna

Eddie Guerrero had changed, Eddie had snapped over Chyna posing for Playboy and was a different man as of late. Eddie assaulted Too Cool which led to Rikishi saving his boys, Eddie tried to attack Huge Hefner at the Playboy Mansion (I am serious). Chyna had lost the championship she won at Summerslam to Eddie Guerrero. Chyna had been used by Eddie, Eddie had faked being sick which led to Rikishi squashing Chyna. Eddie pulled out the last trick in his arsenal, Eddie proposed to Chyna, Chyna accepted and Eddie has his woman by his side.

 Eddie uses his quickness to pepper Rikishi, it does not go to plan. Rikishi knocks Eddie to the floor and then into the steel steps. More right hands by Rikishi, Eddie tried for a sunset flip, seeing his life flash before him as Rikishi motioned to squish Latino Heat. Eddie powders and tries to leave the arena, Chyna prevents Latino Heat leaving. Chyna tosses Eddie into the ring, more rights by Rikishi. Corner clothesline by Rikishi who collapses the corner, Chyna saves Eddie from the dreaded Stinkface. Rikishi is like the hell Chyna, Eddie climbs to the top rope after shoving Chyna into Rikishi and nails a crossbody.

 Eddie flings Rikishi into the steel steps, Eddie misses the frog splash, Rikishi takes advantage with a Samoan neckbreaker followed up by a Samoan drop. Rikishi says it’s Banzai time, Rikishi squishes Eddie, Chyna interrupts the pin. Rikishi had the match won, visible pinfall for the challenger. Rikishi snaps and puts his hands on Chyna. Superkick by Rikishi, referee calls for the bell! Not sure why as Rikishi was not assaulted by Chyna. Flat finish, really flat as Rikishi squishes Chyna with a Banzai Drop.

 I must also mention that this would be Rikishi’s last pay per view match as a face until Judgement Day of 2001. After this, Rikishi would begin his heel run as the man who ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin so I would like to draw attention to the fact that as we know the heel turn was a stupid decision but also, Rikishi was still very over and popular at this point in 2000. Rikishi and Too Cool were the act of early 2000. Rikishi you deserved better!

Winner: Rikishi over Eddie Guerrero by DQ!

(No Disqualification Match)  Triple H vs Kurt Angle (Mick DOley is The Special Guest Referee)

Kurt Angle turned up the pressure on The Game by insulting Triple H, claiming Triple H was a lousy husband and Triple H could not measure up to a man like Kurt Angle. Angle was always a goofy heel up to this point but in this feud, specifically the moment where Kurt laid out Triple H with his own sledgehammer gave us a preview of the potentially serious Kurt Angle, the wrestling machine that we would learn to love in the coming years.

 Now I must make a confession here that some people may not like, that being Triple H on his own and as a face, does not excite me in any way whatsoever. To me, The Game comes up as boring and Triple H seems like a modern day Hercules as nothing fazes him in the slightest. With the injured ribs though, there is a good chance that I can get sucked into this match and believe that The Game is in danger of losing the match. They go to lockup but Angle jabs the ribs of Triple H, knee to the ribs and a boot by Angle.

 Triple H backs off into the corner, three huge clotheslines by Triple H. Right hand by Triple H and Angle is elevated to the floor by The Cerebral Assassin. Triple H begins disassembling the announce table, both men trade blows as Angle eats the barricade. Triple H is drilled by Angle with a huge clothesline. Double leg takedown by The Game who lights up Angle with vicious right hands. Triple H attempted a double ax handle but Angle counters with a belly to belly suplex. Mean rights and kicks by Angle, foot choke in the corner by The Olympic Hero. Triple H stops Angle with a DDT, two count for The Game. Angle shoves Triple H into Foley to nail a german suplex, Angle gets in Foley’s face.

 Foley shoves down Angle, right hands by Triple H but Angle scores with a back suplex. Two count for Angle, vertical suplex and a floratover for two. Angle continues the punishment with kicks to the ribs. The Game batters Angle with right hands, hard Irish Whip by Triple H who scores with a neckbreaker in a rare botch from Angle. Knee to the head by Triple H, vertical suplex and a knee drop. Triple H is sent tumbling to the floor by Angle. Triple H clears the announce table, Triple H suplexes Angle on the floor.

 Chair to the back by Helmsley, Triple H has Angle on the announce table. Triple H is thinking Pedigree but Kurt counters with a low blow and belly to belly suplexes Triple H through the announce table. Stephanie and Foley check on The Game, Triple H is coughing up blood, selling the fact that he could have internal bleeding. Shoulder thrusts by Angle, Triple H drops to the mat. Triple H asks for more from Angle, Angle takes the bait. Triple H fights and fights against Angle but the ribs are hurting. Triple H takes a top rope belly to belly suplex from Angle, two count for Angle while Stephanie sells concern for her husband. Angle applies an abdominal stretch and we have a great visual of Stephanie almost crying as Triple H is covered in blood, fading fact, almost succumbing to the pain of his injuries. However, Triple H shakes off Angle albeit briefly, Angle attempts the moonsault, Angle misses his picture perfect moonsault.

 Triple H fights with one arm, facebuster and Pedigree attempt. One armed Pedigree by Triple H, Triple H calls Stephanie into the ring and asks Stephanie to choose between Kurt or Triple H. Stephanie low blows Kurt and Triple H nails The Pedigree. That was a good finish in theory but in execution was poor. The idea was Stephanie was torn between Kurt and Triple H, Kurt saw Angle as a friend while Triple H is her husband. Stephanie should have played up liking both guys and the commentators could have put an emphasis on Stephanie’s reactions.

 But we don’t get that, Stephanie cheers Triple H throughout, never shows any concern for Kurt so when Triple H asks her to choose and Stephanie kicks Kurt, there is no drama as she had been always on the side of Triple H. Stephanie never acted or reacted in a way that would suggest otherwise. This makes things complicated as Kurt would have Stephanie as his manager for the next pay per view as they continued on a business partnership level so what was the point of turning on Kurt at this pay per view? I will leave that to you to figure out or come up with a reason.

Winner: Triple H over Kurt Angle via Pedigree!

Stone Cold Promo #4

Shane Mcmahon stands alone in the ring, claiming to know the identity of the man who ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin as last year’s Survivor Series. Shane claims that Steve Blackman is the one who ran down Stone Cold Steve Austin. The crowd and JR claims that this is nothing but a lie as we all know that Shane Mcmahon hates Steve Blackman for what he did to Shane at Summerslam (Dropping an elbow from on top of the stage onto Shane). Shane tries to blame Blackman for the assault using footage of Blackman assaulting Ken Shamrock before their Lion’s Den Cage Match at Summerslam of 1999. Blackman makes his way to the ring to beat up Shane but Blackman is interrupted by the entrance music of one Stone Cold Steve Austin.

 Business is picking up at Unforgiven as the crowd roars in approval for Austin’s return, complete with new theme music courtesy of Disturbed. JR screams The Rattlesnake is back, Austin is in Blackman’s face. Blackman wants Shane but Austin is not moving as Austin lays out Blackman with a Stunner. Shane celebrates as if it is the second coming of Christ, Shane has a crate of beer for Stone Cold and the two drink beer together. However, Shane’s happiness turns to fear as Austin stuns Shane not once, not twice but three times as Austin is back with a bang and is still on the search for the man who run him over.

(WWF Championship Match) The Rock © vs Undertaker vs Kane vs Chris Benoit

Four men, one championship who is going to walk away with the title? The Rock is a marked man, Kane is coming for the gold, Undertaker wants the gold and Benoit wants the gold. Great promo package hyping up the four competitors as we see montages of each participant wiping out their opponents. Rock cuts another classic promo stating that all his opponents want the WWF Championship but what they will get is an ass whooping all over Philadelphia. Nice touch by having at least 9 referees trying to separate every man from one another to get across the message that all these people deeply hate one another. Kane and The Rock pair off, Undertaker and Benoit.

 Rock and Undertaker battle back on the heels Benoit and Kane. Rock and Undertaker meet eyes and Rock says “Just Bring It”. Undertaker prepares to swing but Kane and Benoit blindside Rock and Taker. Taker and Kane brawl in the ring, Benoit and Rock are in the crowd. Hard clothesline by Kane on Taker, flying clothesline by Kane. Cover and two for Kane, Rock chokes Benoit on the outside. Taker drops Kane with his flying clothesline, Benoit chops Rock on the floor. Big boot by Taker, cover and a two count for The Deadman. Benoit nails Taker from behind, Benoit stomps on Taker.

 Kane and Rock are left in the ring, Samoan drop by Rock. Kane sits up and drills Rock with a one armed slam. Kane chokes the life out of The Rock in the ring, Taker is rammed head first into the ringpost by Benoit. Kane smashes Rock with a corner clothesline, Taker makes his way into the ring, Kane is caught between Rock and Undertaker. Rock and Undertaker score with a reverse elbow and clothesline. Kane falls to the floor where Benoit picks up the pieces. Undertaker and Rock are brawling in the ring, Taker is in control, sidewalk slam and a two for The Deadman. Rock reverses Old School from Taker, huge clothesline by Rock knocks Taker to the floor. Rock cannot celebrate as Kane re-enters the ring and drops Rock. Kane was thinking Tombstone but Rock pushed Kane into the referee, Rock smashes Kane with a DDT.

 Undertaker whacks Rock with a steel chair, Benoit whacks Taker with a steel chair. Benoit covers Taker but Taker’s foot was on the rope. Benoit wins the championship but Commissioner Mick Foley restarts the match as Benoit did not technically win (Weird how this happened to Benoit as something similar took place at Fully Loaded). Good thing the match was restarted though as all the air and life was sucked out of the building when Benoit’s music played. Rock bounces the steel steps off the head of The Undertaker, Kane is down after suffering a low blow from Benoit. In the ring, we are down to two, Benoit and The Rock. Benoit chopped The Rock hard before Rock turns the tide with a belly to belly suplex. Benoit is right back up, triple german suplex with a bridge, two count for Benoit. Big back suplex, Benoit is going up top, Diving Headbutt lands and a cover by Benoit. 1…2….Kickout from The Rock (That was mighty close).

 Benoit looks to beat down The Rock but The Rock executes The Crippler Crossface on Benoit. Taker breaks up Rock’s submission, Kane Chokeslams his brother Undertaker. Rock drops Kane with a spinebuster, Benoit interrupts The People’s Elbow. Rock lays the Smackdown on Benoit. Rock takes The Last Ride from Undertaker, Kane makes the save. Undertaker and Kane are brawling on the floor, Benoit grabs a steel chair and nails both Taker and Kane with the chair. Benoit has The Crossface on The Rock in the middle of the ring, the crowd sense a new champion, would it be Benoit’s moment? Taker makes the save, Chokeslam by Taker on Benoit, Taker goes for the pin. Kane drags out Undertaker, more brawling between the brothers on the floor. Rock drops Benoit with The Rock Bottom out of nowhere and The Rock is still your WWF Champion.

 In the last five minutes, that match was on fire, everyone was hitting their finishers, the crowd was going nuts and anyone of the four could have been champion. Benoit was the star of this match, he was everywhere, Benoit broke up the People’s Elbow, took down Taker and Kane and had The Rock in The Crippler Crossface. The crowd thought it was the end of The Rock’s reign, I am a bit puzzled by Benoit winning the belt in controversial fashion, I mean what did that add to the match apart from almost silencing the crowd? Were they building to Benoit winning the title, is that why he beat The Rock twice and almost had him tap if it had not been for The Undertaker? Nonetheless, great match towards the end.

Winner: The Rock over Everyone Else by Rock Bottom on Benoit!

Overall, an ok pay per view from the WWF, I was not feeling a lot of the matches on display in this pay per view. Unforgiven was largely boring until the cage match between The Hardys & Edge and Christian. Triple H and Kurt Angle was boring to me for the reasons I rambled off above like Triple H seeming invincible and boring as a face. Story really does not add up as Stephanie sides with Kurt Angle the next month in his match against The Rock. Why would Angle trust Stephanie? Austin’s return was a highlight  during the pay per view and the main event delivered in my opinion. Those five minutes in the end were great and with The Rock winning, the fans were sent home happy as they could be, all in all, an ok show from the WWF which left the fans wanting more. Join me next time for WWF’s No Mercy 2000!

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