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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 36 : WWF Survivor Series 2000 Review

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Good evening wrestling fans, Backlash and CM Punk UFC debut are finished, some held their heads high in anticipation, some wanted the events to be over and done with so they can complain about them to the masses. I am here to do neither as my only goal to provide you with a trip down memory lane as we continue the series known as A Journey Through The Attitude Era. 2000 is almost at its end, The Mcmahon/Helmsley Regime is a distant memory, The Undertaker and Stone Cold have returned from the injuries and Kurt Angle sits upon the throne as the WWF Champion. Tonight we have the pleasure of reviewing Survivor Series 2000, the last of the big four in 2000. The main matches of the card include Kurt Angle defending his WWF Championship against The Undertaker, The Rock battling his former friend Rikishi and Stone Cold Steve Austin doing battle with the man who had him run over, The Game Triple H.

Opening Promo

Triple H promo kicks us off, Triple H had fooled us all, pull the wool over our eyes, Triple H pulls the strings and for Austin, The Game is over. Austin’s first match back hell yeah! This is going to be a good night. JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action which emanates from Tampa, Florida.

(Intergender Tag Match) T&A vs Crash Holly/Molly Holly/Steve Blackman

What an odd team, Hardcore was not teaming with Crash due to facing William Regal later in the night. Molly was formerly known as Miss Mona in WCW debut after No Mercy as the kayfabe cousin of Crash and Hardcore. Blackman works on Albert before tagging Crash, Blackman helps Crash take down Albert with a crossbody. Albert tags Trish, Trish tries kicking Crash, Trish accidently nails Albert. Crash tags in Molly but Trish wants no part of Molly. Trish tags in Test and Crash is in too. Hurricanrana by Crash, Crash’s offence is cut off by a nasty big boot from Test, Test unloads on Crash. Albert is in, double flapjack on poor Crash, guillotine by Albert.

 Test is back in, pump handle attempt by Test fails as Crash pushes Test into Albert. Double noggin knocker as Test, Albert and Crash are down. Molly gets the tag, scoop slam and an elbow on Trish. Chops by Molly, Test pulls Molly’s hair dragging her to the mat. The referee is distracted by Test, referee misses tag to Blackman. Trish roughs up Molly before all hell breaks loose, Trish chokes Molly from the top turnbuckle and also nails a bulldog. Trish kicks Molly in the corner, Trish eats a boot from Molly and Molly steals the win with a sunset flip. Trish looks beautiful but she looked awful in this match, she was preparing for spots five seconds before hand, it looked for amateur and bush league.

Winners: Crash Holly/Molly/ Blackman over T&A following sunset flip!

Promo Time

Oh dear God, Lo Down and Tiger Ali Singh cannot get into the building, the end of Chaz, the lowest point for D’Lo and how the hell was Tiger Ali Singh still employed? I had not seen him since Capital Carnage 1998!

K-Kwik/Road Dogg/Chyna/Billy Gunn vs The Radicalz

Let’s get Rowdy, K-Kwik who would later be R-Truth is here rapping with Road Dogg who would soon leave the company. We also have Chyna and Billy Gunn, complete with Billy having short hair. The Radicalz are back together, there are also wearing all yellow (Heels are evil because they wear matching attires people remember this!). Perry vs Billy, rake to the eyes by Saturn, Saturn goes wild on Billy in the corner, hard Irish whip goes awry for Saturn, Billy boots Saturn in the face and nails a clothesline.

 Double suplex by Billy & Chyna, Chyna hammers away on Saturn, powerslam and a flapjack by Chyna. Handrspring elbow, Chyna gets caught but Chyna nails a low blow behind the referee’s back and knocks  Eddie off the apron. Chyna nails a DDT on Saturn and the match falls apart, the referee loses control. Eddie grabs a belt from ringside and nails Chyna in the back of the head. Saturn pins Chyna and Chyna is the first person eliminated.

Road Dogg comes in but The Radicalz beat down on the Dogg, Eddie eats punches from Road Dogg but Eddie cuts off the punches by going to Road Dogg’s knee. Dean Malenko works the leg briefly before Eddie comes back in with a splash on the leg. Eddie climbs high to the top rope, Eddie taunts for too long. Road Dogg battles back to nail a top rope superplex. Billy comes in and gets beat down by all four Radicalz, Billy fights his way out. Billy has Eddie, gorilla press slam and a version of the One and Only. Eddie has been eliminated.

Malenko and Billy brawl, K-Kwik is in with Malenko, shoulder block by Malenko, both men trade blows and theatrics before Benoit says enough with this. K-kwik nails a calf kick, headscissors takedown and a Japanese arm drag before Benoit scores with a german suplex, K-Kwik is eliminated.

Malenko and Saturn rough up Road Dogg, Saturn kicks Road Dogg in the ribs, Road Dogg catches Saturn with a right hand, Saturn counters Road Dogg with a northern lights suplex and Road Dogg is eliminated. Billy is all alone, three man beat down on Mr. Ass. Malenko chokes the life out of Gunn in the corner, right hands to Gunn, knees to the face by Malenko. Saturn stunguns Billy, low bridge by Benoit so Billy falls to the floor. Benoit and Saturn try roughing up Billy, Saturn superkicks Benoit by mistake, Billy can breathe for a second as Malenko scores with a baseball slide. Back in the ring, Malenko gets too cocky as Billy scores with a FameAsser. It is down to 2 on 1.

Billy jackhammers Saturn, Benoit breaks up the pin. Saturn rolls into a tag for Benoit, Benoit scoop slams Billy, Diving Headbutt by Benoit. Two and a half for Benoit, reverse elbow by Billy, Benoit is hurled into Saturn. Billy tries an apron suplex but Saturn trips Gunn and holds down his feet. The Radicalz steal the win.

Decent traditional Survivor Series match, weird to see Benoit as a part of this match, it seems such a step down from working the likes of Kane/Undertaker/Rock. A really nothing match on the pay per view due to the fact that it did not come down to Chyna getting her revenge on Eddie or Billy Gunn defending Chyna’s honour against Eddie. Instead it came down to Billy against Benoit who was put in the match with seemingly nothing to do and Saturn who had no part of the story between Eddie, Chyna and Billy Gunn. Final thoughts are it was fine but ending did not continue or resolve any of the issues in the feud.

Winners: Radicalz over Billy's Team via elimination!

Chris Jericho vs Kane

A feud over some coffee, almost as lame as Bret Hart’s feud with Pierre Lafite over his stolen jacket. However, this feud at heart was not about coffee, Kane hated the beautiful Jericho as Kane is scarred and disfigured. The more you cheer Jericho, the more Kane wants to kill Y2J. Jericho starts off strong against Kane, dodging Kane’s blows. Kane gets his hands on Jericho and Kane smashes Jericho in the corner. Jericho reverses The Big Red Machine before nailing a dropkick and a baseball slide to send Kane to the floor.

 Jericho attempts a plancha, lands badly (looks like Jericho got caught up in the ropes). Kane brutalizes Y2J on the floor, Jericho is rammed into everything, barricades, steps and the floor. Kane rolls Jericho into the ring, Jericho stunguns Kane, springboard dropkick by Y2J. Y2j grabs the steel steps and kicks them into Kane. Jericho is caught by Kane, running powerslam. Two count for Kane, Jericho kicks Kane after Kane lowers his head. Momentarily, Kane is not in control but Kane drops Jericho face first into the mat after a flapjack. Kane chokes Y2J in the corner, Jericho fights out of a back suplex but Kane swats away Jericho like a fly.

 Kane misses a clothesline in the corner but follows the miss up with a huge big boot, Kane chokes Jericho with a nasty looking submission. Kane props Jericho into the corner, throat uppercut and stomps by Kane. Kane exposes the top turnbuckle, and grabs Y2J by the hair. Kane planned to destroy Jericho’s face, Jericho prevents his face being smash. Kane tees off on Jericho with rights but Jericho keeps on getting to his feet. Kane has Jericho on the floor, Kane military press slams Y2J back into the ring. Kane ascends to the top, Jericho was playing possum though. Jericho crotches The Big Red Machine, Kane fights off Jericho but Jericho dropkicks Kane after a clothesline attempt. Kane sits up but Jericho is relentless, Jericho blocks the boot, trips up Kane and now Jericho is climbing to the top. Missile dropkick and Kane powers out at two.

 Kane picks up Y2J for another running powerslam, Jericho slides out and tosses Kane into the exposed turnbuckle. Jericho follows up with a school boy but Kane escapes at two. Jericho goes for his kill shot, The Walls of Jericho. Kane has never submitted, Kane reaches the ropes, Jericho won’t break the hold. Kane fights, twists and turns out of The Walls Of Jericho. Kane breaks free, bulldog by Y2J, Lionsault by Jericho but no wait, Kane blocked it and has Jericho by the throat, Jericho tried valiantly to fight out but Kane went back to the injured ribs of Jericho and nails The Chokeslam for the win.

 Kane had battered Jericho’s ribs over the past number of weeks with JR mentioning Jericho’s battered back throughout the match. So it was nice to see an injury play into the finish as Kane went to the ribs of Jericho so that Kane could connect with The Chokeslam. Jericho showed a lot of heart and maybe Y2J would be able to overcome the monster Kane but this night belonged to The Big Red Machine.

Winner: Kane over Chris Jericho via Chokeslam!

(WWF European Championship Match) William Regal © vs Hardcore Holly

Ah Hardcore Holly, it seemed every once and a while, Holly would be given an angle or a title shot. Was he over? Not really but the company seemed to like him enough to reward him with a big match every once and a while. Regal hammers Holly with uppercuts in the corner, shoulder block by Holly but Regal drop toe holds and hiptosses Holly. Brief standoff with Holly pushing Regal back into the corner, Holly is sent shoulder first into the ringpost as Regal targets Holly’s surgically repaired shoulder after a Kurt Angle moonsault broke Holly’s arm. Regal keeps up the pressure on Holly’s arm as Regal drops his knees repeatedly on Holly’s arm. 

Cross armbreaker by Regal, Holly reaches the ropes. Regal stomps all over Holly as Holly crumbles to a heap on the floor, Regal drags Holly back into the ring. Hammerlock by Regal, applying more pressure to Holly, Holly battles back, high crossbody by Holly for a two count. Regal low blows Holly and smashes Holly with a double knees to the face, Holly is all tied up in the ropes as the referee tries to free Holly.

 Holly frees himself and clotheslines the champion, steel steps are on the menu for Regal. Holly grabs the European belt from ringside and smashes Regal in the face with the belt and beats Regal to a pulp. That was strange, Holly as a face got himself disqualified by smashing Regal in the face with the belt. Perhaps Holly thought Regal was trying to break his arm but it is just such a strange story for a face to blow his chances at winning a championship.

Winner: Regal over Hardcore Holly via DQ!

Rikishi vs The Rock

Rikishi told the fans that The Rock called Rikishi to run over Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock wanted nothing to do with Rikishi so The Rock laid out Rikishi. Probably was not the best idea by The Rock as Rikishi took his frustration out on The Rock, Rock would have his ribs crushed by Rikishi by the use of the sledgehammer. Rock is a wounded animal,  is he in any shape to take on the monster that is Rikishi? Rikishi’s Bad Man theme has to be one of the worst of all time right?

 It does not appeal to anyone, it is so quiet and almost brings down a crowd. Rock sprints down to the ring, wanting to beat down Rikishi and end the match quickly due to his injuries, Rock’s initial plan works but soon Rikishi turns the tide. Rock nails a massive Samoan drop and grabs a chair but the referee takes away the chair and that distraction was all Rikishi needed, huge shuffle sidekick by Rikishi. Reverse elbow by Rikishi and a massive leg drop across the chest of The Great One. Kicks to the chest by Rikishi, Rikishi hammers Rock’s ribs. Rock does a great job selling that his chest is about to cave in on him. Rock lures Rikishi in briefly but Rikishi counters the Irish Whip and drops The People’s Champion with a massive sidewalk slam.

 Stomps across the chest of The Rock by Rikishi, Rock tosses Rikishi to the floor using Rikishi’s own momentum. Rock slams Rikishi into the steel steps, Rikishi drops Rock across the barricade after slamming Rock into the announce table. Rikishi whips The Rock into the referee, Rikishi sees the referee is down and says it is time for the sledgehammer! Rock saw the hammer blow coming, Rock Bottom, massive Rock Bottom but Rock is in so much pain after lifting the 400 plus pound Rikishi. Rock crawls and hooks one leg but Rikishi kicks out, Rock could not get a proper cover due to his injuries. Rock throws rights at Rikishi, Rikishi blocks with a headbutt into the chest, Rock drops to the mat screaming in agony. Headbutt to the chest, Rock battles back in huge pain, Samoan drop by Rikishi and Rikishi sits across the chest of The Rock.

 Somehow, The Rock kicks out at two, Rock is placed in the corner, Rikishi rams Rock with his ass and Rikishi applies The Stinkface. How humiliating for The Rock screams JR (So surprised that The Rock took the move). Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline that turns Rikishi inside out. Rock drops Rikishi with a spinebuster and sets up The People’s Elbow. Rock nails Rikishi and Rock is in pain but Rock crawls over to Rikishi for the pin. Rock beats Rikishi with Rikishi assaulting Rock after the match with multiple Banzai drops. I like my matches to be simple and this was a simple match and works very well. Rock’s ribs were hurt, the narrative was established from the very beginning, Rock would wince and grimace in pain performing moves, showing the extent of his rib injury.

 Rock battled through the pain and defeated the monster, vanquishing the villain. Rock was so over, the crowd exploded when he came out, the fans felt bad for The Rock when he was in pain and was overcome with joy when The Rock won. I feel bad for Rikishi, cast in the role which he did not want but also the fact that Rikishi was constantly coming up short against the big guns. Maybe a win over The Rock would not have been the worst thing in the world. The only big win I can remember for heel Rikishi was defeating Kane to determine the number 30 spot in The Royal Rumble and that was a fatal four way match which included Undertaker and The Rock.

Winner: The Rock over Rikishi following People's Elbow!

Promo Time

Mick Foley lays down the law, explaining to Triple H that The Radicalz are banned from ringside and it is no disqualification in Triple H’s match. Triple H says fine because Triple H is simply going to destroy Austin.

(WWF Women’s Championship Match) Lita vs Ivory ©

Lita rushes down to the ring to beat up Ivory, hairpull and punches by Lita, Lita drops Ivory with an enzuigiri. Ivory battles back but Lita drops Ivory with a clothesline. Ivory roughs up Lita in the corner and Lita is busted wide open (Ivory had accidently cut Lita with one of the heels of her boot). Ivory stomps on Lita repeatedly, punches to the open cut and a northern lights suplex. Two count for the women’s champion, headscissors takedown by Lita.

 Stevie Richards comes to ringside to help Lita, Ivory is tossed to the floor while Lita dives onto both RTC members with a crossbody. Another crossbody and a two count for Lita, Lita climbs for the moonsault and Stevie Richards pulls Ivory out of the way of the moonsault. Ivory has the title belt and misses a swing at Lita, Lita climbs high but Ivory uses the belt to protect herself, the referee was distracted with Stevie so Ivory steals the win thanks to the use of the title belt.

 Lita is a bloody mess but I think it really helped her character because Lita was a tomboy, someone who was like one of the guys, she was the alternative to Trish or the models, Lita was the cool girl that you wanted to date so I do not think that the blood was the worst thing for her image. As for the match, it was quick but fun with Lita showing a lot of offense and Ivory playing the chickenshit heel to perfection.

Winner: Ivory over Lita due to Shenanigans!

(WWF Championship Match) Kurt Angle © vs The Undertaker

A rematch from Fully Loaded which was earlier in the year, Undertaker takes on the new champion. Undertaker defeated Benoit, Kane and Jericho to earn this championship match. My question is where is Stephanie in all this? Did Kurt separate from Stephanie because of Trish so soon after gaining the championship? I really cannot remember so I presume Stephanie has separated from Kurt. Angle comes out looking confident, all through the night Kurt has been telling whoever would listen that Kurt has Taker’s number.

 Kurt grabs the microphone and reflects upon his first year in the WWF, listing his accomplishments in his rookie year such as winning championships and being undefeated etc. Taker has heard enough and comes cycling down to ringside, Kurt is disgusted by Taker’s interruption. Taker’s pants are ….. interesting to say the least. I can see why Taker only wore these beige like pants. Taker parades Angle’s belt around the ring while Angle scowls in the outside. Taker grabs a chair from ringside, Angle hides behind Earl Hebnar.

 Undertaker throws the chair to Angle, Angle picks up the chair and nails Taker in the back, stomps in the corner by Kurt. Kurt ties himself out punching The Deadman and Taker counters, big boot and a legdrop across the throat of Angle. Undertaker wants to punish Angle, scoop slam and elbow drop. Taker has fun with Angle, Old School time! Angle powders to the floor, Taker gives chase. Angle stomps Taker and nails some nice rights, right hands by Taker who has Angle staggering. Angle catches Taker with a german suplex, two count for the champion. 

Clothesline by Angle sends Taker to the floor, Angle attempts a double ax handle from the apron but Undertaker catches Angle and slams the champion into the ringpost. Twice, Angle is rammed into the ringpost, club to the back of Angle. Taker misses a big boot in the corner, Kurt goes after Taker’s leg. Taker battles back, Angle goes back to the leg. Angle misses a clothesline and Taker locks in a fujiwara armbar. Angle taps to the armbar but Edge and Christian are here, Edge and Christian get scared off by Taker. Angle survives by taking down Undertaker, leg lock by the champion.

 Taker fights desperately out of the leg lock, Angle clotheslines The Deadman, regaining his advantage. Taker claws at Angle’s face before smashing the champion with his free leg. Taker is up and goes to the outside to beat up Edge and Christian. Referee is distracted with Edge and Christian, Angle runs right into a Chokeslam from Taker, Angle kicks out at two and a half thanks to Hebnar being distracted. Angle tries rolling up Taker, two count and a clothesline for his troubles. Russian legsweep by The Deadman, two count and Angle drops to the floor. Angle lures Taker in, pulling The Deadman down and smashing his leg off the ring apron. Figure four leglock by Angle, Taker fights through the pain and reverses the pressure onto Angle.

 Angle reaches the ropes, the hold is broken. Taker Irish whips Kurt into a powerslam, pin and a two count for The Deadman. Angle fights out of a possible Tombstone and sweeps the leg of Taker, Taker’s leg is wrapped around the ringpost as Angle has the figure four leglock again on The American Badass. Right hand by the champion, Taker fights back from his knees, stungun into the turnbuckle by the challenger, two count for Undertaker. Low blow by Angle, referee somehow did not see it, Angle tries a scoop slam, Taker reverses into a tombstone, Angle kicks his way out of the move, Taker knocks Angle to the floor. Angle crawls under the ring to avoid The Deadman.

 Taker signals for the end , Last Ride and Taker makes the cover. Earl Hebnar stops the pin as Taker realizes that is not Kurt Angle who Taker nails The Last Ride on but it is Kurt’s brother, Eric. Angle slides back into the ring and rolls up Taker with a hold of the tights. Good match from these two, Angle worked the leg well while Taker looked menacing and a threat throughout. Angle was a great chickenshit heel here by having his brother take the beating and swooping in to steal the victory. These two had good chemistry and would have an even better match six years later at No Way Out but this was really good with the right man going over.

Winner: Kurt Angle over Undertaker via Shenanigans!

(Survivor Series Elimination Match) RTC/Edge&Christian vs The Hardy Boyz/The Dudley Boyz

That RTC theme is like nails on a chalkboard, I am glad I will not have to suffer through that theme for much longer. Dudleys have been feuding with RTC on and off, one memorable segment had The Dudleys fooling RTC into believing that The Dudleys would join RTC. Bull Buchanan cheap shots Bubba, right hands from Bull in the corner, Bubba blocks Bull with a foot, clothesline by Bubba and D-Von is in the match. Reverse spinning elbow by D-Von, diving shoulder block by D-Von. Bull takes over on D-Von with a big  boot, Goodfather is in who boots D-Von in the face. Right hands and choke by Goodfather, Christian tags into the match. Stomps in the corner by Christian, Christian misses a punch and D-Von nails The Saving Grace.

 Matt Hardy comes in to a mild reaction and runs wild on everyone. Neckbreaker on Edge, Christian makes the save and the match breaks down. Hardys have camouflage shirts like The Dudleys before stripping off completely. Matt was trying to leg drop Edge but Val chokes Matt on the top rope, Edge drills Matt with the Edge O Matic for the elimination. 4:3 to RTC & E&C. D-Von drills both Edge & Christian, Buchanan cheap shots D-Von, allowing Christian to nail The Unprettier, D-Von has been eliminated, it’s 4 on 2.

Jeff is in, springboard moonsault on Christian, Christian reverses Jeff into the ringpost with Bull tagging into the match. Gorilla press slam by Bull, right hands by Bull. Bull misses a splash, Jeff capitalizes and tags in Bubba. Bubba wipes out the entire opposing team, Edge spears Bull by mistake and Bubba pins Bull. Bubba scores with The Bubba Bomb on Edge, Christian tries saving Edge but accidently, Christian dives onto Edge and Bubba makes the pin to eliminate Edge. Christian and Goodfather double team Bubba and Bubba is hit with The Pimp Drop and Bubba is now eliminated!

Jeff is alone against Christian and Goodfather, Jeff collides with Goodfather and Goodfather is out of commission. Jeff lands The Swanton Bomb on Christian, Christian is eliminated. Jeff avoids a Ho Train from Goodfather and Val clotheslines Goodfather by mistake. Jeff gets the quick pin on Goodfather and that’s the end of the match. RTC attack Jeff before The Dudleys and Matt even the odds. 3D on Goodfather, What’s Up headbutt on Val. Bubba says it is table time! We have two tables, crowd is chanting tables. Bubba has Steven Richards, Matt has Val. Legdrop through Val, Bubba powerbombs Stevie Richards through the table. The table spots make up for the rushed match, match was fine but nothing to really expand on or describe in detail.

Winners: Team Hardy/Dudleys over Team RTC & Edge & Christian!

(No Holds Barred Match) Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Rikishi had been the driver, Rikishi ran over Austin and everyone shat all over that because not one person bought the story so when it was revealed that Triple H ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin, everyone rejoiced as we collectively said just because it is obvious, it does not make it bad. Triple H should have always been the only answer, Triple H cemented his turn by turning on Austin in a tag match against Kurt Angle & Rikishi. Austin’s first pay per view match in over a year, Triple H has a weird variation of his My Time Theme but more importantly, Triple H has The Radicalz in his corner.

 The Radicalz are banned from ringside but Triple H has a plan for Austin involving the reformed Radicalz. Austin steps into the ring, flips off The Game and the two start hammering one another. Triple H is backed into the corner, Austin beats down The Game. Reverse elbow and elbow drop by Austin. Triple H is rammed head first into multiple turnbuckles. Thumb to the eye by The Game, Austin tastes the turnbuckle. Knee to the ribs by Austin who right hands The Game. Austin smacks Triple H in the back repeatedly before Triple H scores with a facebuster but Austin comes right back with a Lou Thesz Press.

 Austin smashes Triple H against the guard rails, Austin picks up some of the stage structure, Triple H blocks the shot and sends Austin into the guard rail. Right hands from The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H tosses Austin onto a table and some of technical area. Austin fires up and mows down Triple H with a clothesline, Austin attempts a superplex on the floor, Triple H blocks and counters with a lovely suplex of his own. Austin takes over on The Game as we edge closer to the ring, Triple H is hurled into the steel steps.

 Austin wallops Triple H with a monitor from the announce table, Triple H gets good colour as per usual. Austin opens up his beer cooler, takes a Budweiser and beats up Triple H with the rest of the cooler. Smack, Triple H takes a Budweiser to the head. Triple H rolls into the ring but Austin had the ringbell, Triple H sense danger and jumps onto The Rattlesnake. Triple H low blows Austin to gain control, Austin was looking for The Stunner but Triple H blocks with a neckbreaker. Triple H hammers Austin with his elbow. Clothesline by Triple H, Austin briefly fires up but Triple H drops Austin with a neckbreaker, two count for The Game. Vile rights by The Game, spine buster by Austin, second rope elbow by Austin misses.

 Triple H stomps The Bionic Redneck in the corner, Triple H drops Austin across the barricade, Triple H tosses the ringbell into the ring. Triple H looks for The Pedigree on the steel steps but Austin backdrops The Game through the announce table. Triple H is begging for mercy from Austin, Austin denies Triple H’s request and proceeds to stomp a mudhole in The Game. Stunner by Austin, Austin does not pin Triple H. Austin grabs a chair from ringside, Austin is thinking Pillmanizer as Austin places the chair on Triple H’s leg. Austin relents and puts the chair on Triple H’s neck instead. Triple H rolls to safety as Austin took too long to make up his mind.

 Brawling on the rampway and before long, we end up in the back of the arena. Triple H is rammed into a vending machine by Austin who mounts The Game and unleashes tirade of right hands. However, The Radicalz appear, saving Triple H’s skin. Referees break up The Radicalz assaulting Austin as Triple H is thinking of getting out of the arena. Despite the best efforts of The Radicalz, Austin is still standing. Benoit lures Austin to the outside as Triple H is setting up Austin to run him over again. Austin does not come after Benoit, Triple H asks Benoit to find Austin. Benoit runs off while Triple H sits alone in his car, talking to himself. Austin is in a forklift like crane vehicle and Triple H is lifted into the air, my god Triple H has been hoisted at least 20 feet into the air as Austin looks on maniacally.

 Triple H screams Holy Shit as the car plummets twenty feet to the ground. Well that was a simply awesome twist at the end, the match was fine. It is funny after not seeing Austin in the main event for so long, I forgot about the constant brawling of his style. It is fine just very repetitive at times, Austin dropping The Game out of the car was the kind of craziness and over the top silliness that many people fondly miss about this time period. 

Don’t get me wrong, the execution was perfect with Triple H trying to lure Austin out to run him over again with Austin the babyface, outsmarting the heel and gaining a considerable level of revenge by dropping his nemesis to the floor out of a car which would certainly kill someone in real life. Unfortunately, Triple H would be back in less than a week and would compete in a Hell In A Cell match at next month’s Armageddon. For such a big angle, it seems like a disappointing waste but that is me just being a dick. Overall, very entertaining with a wacky ending that feels right at home in the Attitude Era.

Winner: No Contest but Austin flips over Triple H's Car!

Overall, Survivor Series was a good show, I would not say the weakest of the big four pay per views that year (That would easily be Wrestlemania 2000). It was a shame to have Survivor Series style matches with little to no meaning to them as they felt like filler and were rushed in order to showcase the bigger matches. I felt Jericho vs Kane was good, Rikishi and Rock was fine and Austin vs Triple H was entertaining but the rest of the card would leave you feeling flat. The opener with the combination of Crash and Steve Blackman might be the worst opener I have seen throughout this series while Hardcore Holly vs Regal was very slow and boring and as I said previously, the tag matches felt like there was nothing behind them, they were just there because it was Survivor Series. Join me next time for Armageddon 2000!

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