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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 35: WWF No Mercy 2000 Review

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Hello and a warm welcome to all of you wrestling fans who just love to take trips down memory lane. Yes, it is time for another instalment of The Journey Through The Attitude Era series, hard to believe that we are nearing the end of our journey but do not be too sad because it has been fun reliving some of the most vivid memories of my childhood. So sit back and relax as we dive into what was WWF’s No Mercy 2000. Stone Cold Steve Austin had returned, The Rattlesnake was back with a vengeance, searching night and day for the man who ran him down at Survivor Series. On an episode of Raw before No Mercy, we had our answer, the man was Rikishi! Yes why this was a poor decision in the long run will be discussed below but all you need to know is tonight, Austin wants Rikishi. Kurt Angle is looking to capture his first WWF Championship, Angle became number one contender after defeating Triple H on an episode of Raw due to interference from Chris Benoit. Angle will face The Rock tonight for the WWF Championship while Triple H will take on Chris Benoit. Similar to Fully Loaded, it seems we have three main events on our hands so let’s get it on!

Opening Promo

Austin narrates the promo as we see black and white footage of The Rattlesnake threatening the man who ran him over, the final line is Austin stating he sees a dead man when he looks at Rikishi. There will be no mercy for Rikishi. Strange to see no focus on The Rock and Angle, also very noticeable is the absence of Kane and The Undertaker from this pay per view. Oh well, the show must go on! JR and The King welcome us to the action.

(Dudley Boyz Tag Team Table Invitational Match) Too Cool vs Tazz & Raven vs Lo Down vs RTC vs The Dudley Boyz

Five teams compete in the first ever Dudley invitational, if one member of the team goes through the table, the team is eliminated. Too Cool are facing Lo Down in the beginning, it is good to see D’Lo back on pay per view but this was it for one of my favourites through this series (The Droz botch killed off all momentum for D’Lo). Crazy to see Chaz on pay per view too (formerly known as Mosh). Too Cool take it to Chaz and D’Lo before two tables are set up.

 Chaz lays Scotty on a table, D’Lo smashes Sexay with the table and places Sexay on the table. Too Cool fight off the tables and Lo Down take suplexes from each member of Too Cool. Scotty puts Chaz on the table, Chaz crotches Scotty, D’Lo drops Sexay with the Lo Down. D’Lo puts Sexay on the table, Scotty pushes Chaz through a table while D’Lo misses his splash on Sexay and crashes through the table. Chaz and D’Lo have been eliminated, it would only get worse for these two as they would team with Tiger Ali Singh as Middle Eastern men (The highlight of their run would be losing their Royal Rumble spot to Drew Carey).

Raven and Tazz are out next, baseball slide by Too Cool. Raven is laid across the table on the floor, Scotty signals for a splash but Tazz locks in the Tazzmission. Raven and Tazz take over on Too Cool, Tazzplex on Scotty while Raven nails a clothesline/bulldog combo on Sexay. Raven and Tazz try double suplexing Scotty through a table but Sexay makes the save. Botch by Sexay as he tries a sunset powerbomb through a table on Raven but Sexay destroys the table with his feet. Scotty nails The Worm on Raven but Tazz picks up the pieces by hotshotting Sexay into the ropes and with the help of Raven, eliminate Scotty with a double suplex through the table.

Dudley Boyz are out now, four ECW alumni in the ring, Bubba Bomb on Tazz and Wassah headbutt on Raven. Bubba says “Get The Tables”! Table is set up, Tazz takes down Bubba with a T-Bone suplex, D-Von nails Tazz with a shoulder block. Raven and D-Von square off with Raven powdering after a snap suplex. Bubba beats down Tazz before D-Von drops Tazz through the table with a leg drop.

The final entrant is Bull Buchanan and Goodfather of The Right To Censor. The Dudleys jump RTC, reverse elbow by D-Von. RTC turn the tide as Buchanan overpowers Bubba, big knockdown by Bull. Goodfather and D-Von brawl on the floor. Bull sets a table up in the ring, make it two. Bubba attempts a Bubba Bomb but Bull scores with a low blow, referee is taking down accidently by Bull. Bull goes for a ten punch in the corner but Bubba reverses and powerbombs Bull through the table. Referee is down and Goodfather takes advantage as Goodfather nails Bubba with a chair, Goodfather drags Bull out of the table wreckage and the referee wakes up to see Bubba laid out. The referee declares RTC the winners before another referee informs the original referee of RTC’s cheating. The match is restarted and justice is served as Bubba and D-Von score with a 3D through the table on Goodfather. Fine opener that made the crowd happy because tables are awesome! But yeah, it was fine, I cannot say much, there was not a lot of wrestling.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz over Everyone Else!

Promo Time

We have a T&A promo where Trish exclaims that she hopes to distract the APA as they team with Lita in tonight’s six person intergender tag match. Rikishi is shown patrolling the parking lot waiting for Stone Cold while holding a sledgehammer. JR gets the message across well that Rikishi is a sick man with evil intentions on his mind.

Lita/APA vs T&A

T&A had been feuding with APA recently while Trish had been at Lita’s throat on and off. Faarooq and Bradshaw are taken out pre match by T&A, leaving Lita all alone against Trish and T&A. Faarooq and Bradshaw would been off television for a month while T&A mocked the APA by wearing shirts mocking The Acolytes. 

T&A distract Lita while Trish attacks from behind, Trish and Albert were going to destroy Lita but The Hardys save Lita from further punishment. Not a match but more of an angle, I wish I could provide you with a fitting conclusion to the story but all teams would go their separate ways. Lita would feud with Ivory while T&A would be separated by December (two months after this pay per view).

No Contest!

(Cage Match) Chris Jericho vs X-Pac

A continuation of their feud from last month, X-Pac is a nut case while Jericho just wants to end his feud with X-Pac. X-Pac comes out to a chorus of boos (X-Pac heat had peaked, from the second X-Pac steps out of the curtain, nobody wants to see him wrestle). Match starts on the floor with Y2J nailing X-Pac with a baseball slide, chops by Y2J on the floor. X-Pa rakes the eyes and swings for Jericho’s head with a chair. Jericho dodges and we have the two enter the ring, X-Pac takes advantage after slamming the cage door on Jericho’s face. Huge chops by X-Pac in the corner, kicks and chokes by X-Pac. X-Pac tries walking out the door before Jericho grabs X-Pac’s leg. X-Pac drops Jericho with an enzuigiri.

 X-Pac climbs the cage but Jericho springboard dropkicks the ropes and X-Pac drops groin first onto the rope. Bulldog by Y2J and right hands from Jericho. Jericho stomps X-Pac in the corner, X-Pac reverses an Irish whip that works in Jericho’s favour. Jericho climbs the cage, shakes off X-Pac and executes a beautiful dropkick. Jericho taunts for too long and The Lionsault does not pay off as X-Pac puts his knees up, X-Pac punishes Jericho, Jericho eats the cage wall. X-Pac attempts a splash on Jericho but Jericho reverses, back body dropping X-Pac into the cage wall. Jericho battles back but X-Pac cuts Jericho off with a spinning heel kick. Kicks by X-Pac and a Bronco Buster.

 X-Pac climbs high but Jericho is not done yet, powerbomb from the top turnbuckle by Y2J (Huge bump right there, X-Pac would suffer a neck injury in this very match, reports would say it was the back body drop into the cage but that powerbomb surely did not help either). Jericho cannot escape after the powerbomb as X-Pac drops Jericho onto the top rope, X-Pac is almost out the door of the cage, Jericho drags X-Pac back in the ring but X-Pac grabs a chair before the cage door shuts. X-Pac annihilates Y2J with a chair shot, X-Pac is climbing to the top of the cage, Jericho is stirring and drops X-Pac.

 X-Pac is laying across the corner of the cage, Jericho climbs up and executes The Walls Of Jericho on top of the cage, X-Pac reverses Y2J and Y2J falls to the mat. X-Pac is almost out of the cage, X-Pac celebrates prematurely as Jericho stirs and dropkicks the cage, X-Pac lands groin first on the cage door and Jericho walks out of the cage door. That was a fine match with an innovative finish for a cage match, bringing the cage door into the finish was quite a clever finish on the part of Jericho and X-Pac. Some big bumps in there too as we saw a powerbomb from the top of the cage and Jericho took a front flip bump from atop the cage (Jericho would exit the cage holding his back as a trainer looked to be asking Y2J was he ok?).

Winner: Chris Jericho over X-Pac via Escape!

Val Venis & Steven Richards vs Chyna & Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn is back! After being injured on an episode of Smackdown in February, Billy Gunn is back and better than ever (Gunn injured himself by trying to perform a FameAsser on Bubba Ray Dudley who was standing on top of a table, Gunn came right down on his shoulder and that was it for Mr. Ass). Chyna and Eddie broke up due to GTV footage of Eddie being with two models in the shower, Billy Gunn stuck up for Chyna and Eddie would crack a bottle over the head of Billy Gunn which would have led to an Intercontinental Championship match at this pay per view.

 However, Eddie would be injured by Jericho and thus, we have this match instead. Val to start with Billy, Val hammers away on Billy Gunn, Gunn’s head meets the turnbuckle hard. Billy fights back, reverse elbow and a scoop slam by Gunn. Knee drop and cover by Gunn, two count for Mr. Ass. Val tees off on Gunn momentarily before Gunn knocks down Val with a hard Irish whip. Stevie tries helping Val, the referee’s distracted as Chyna sends Val flying into the steel steps. In the ring, Val stunguns Billy and makes the tag to Stevie. Stevie charges in before Gunn catches Stevie with a military press slam. Chyna is in and she beats Stevie all around the ring, Val is a very lucky man as Chyna rubs Val’s head in her cleavage (Best part is Val has to sell as if he is disgusted by this act). Billy re-enters the match, Stevie Richards dodges Gunn who runs shoulder first into the turnbuckle.

 Single arm DDT by Val, Val works on the arm as Stevie comes into the ring with a double axe handle to Billy’s arm. Billy works back to a vertical base, DDT on Stevie and Val screams for the tag while Chyna awaits the hot tag from Mr. Ass. Chyna is in, two clotheslines for Val, handspring elbow by Chyna on Val. Stevie eats a low blow and FameAsser from Chyna and Billy.

 Billy sees more members of RTC coming down to ringside so Billy wipes out Bull and Goodfather. Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero nails Chyna with a bouquet of flowers containing a lead pipe. Val pins Chyna due to Eddie’s distraction. Good match from these two, Chyna was very over still and people hated the RTC. Finish was good too, continuing the feud between Chyna and Eddie Guerrero. We would receive the happy ending to the feud as Billy Gunn would defeat Eddie Guerrero for the Intercontinental Championship.

Winners: RTC over Chyna & Billy Gunn via Shenanigans!

Promo Triple H

Stephanie wished to be by her husband’s side as Triple H would battle Chris Benoit. Triple H ordered Stephanie to stay out of his way while Stephanie leaves Triple H to take care of business with Kurt Angle. Triple H lays down the law as he words are short and sweet, if anything happens to Stephanie, Kurt will be held responsible.

(No Holds Barred Match) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Rikishi

The obvious answer to who ran down Stone Cold was simple, it was Triple H, it had to be Triple H, we all felt it was Triple H. To swerve everyone, Rikishi was the man who ran over Stone Cold, Rikishi did it for The Rock so The Rock could climb to the top of the WWF. At the time of Survivor Series, Rikishi was not active on the WWF Roster, Rikishi would be on dark matches but Rikishi was not on WWF TV at the time so that was the big flaw of the storyline. To be fair, watching Rikishi’s work as a heel, it is good, Rikishi comes off as a heartless monster with no remorse, his promos, mannerisms and tone are all good.

 Yes, there was still a lot of mileage in the Rikishi face character, yes there is no need to turn Rikishi especially when Triple H would be revealed as the person who orchestrated the whole event and yes, this would almost be a death nail for Rikishi’s career as he would never again reach the heights of his initial run as Rikishi but I think Rikishi’s heel work was not a complete fail unlike the actual heel turn which was truly poor. This match begins with Austin riding down to ringside in his truck and beating the life out of Rikishi. Austin chokes Rikishi with a wire cable before Austin knocks Rikishi into the crowd.

 Rikishi starts beating on Austin briefly but this seems very one sided as Austin whips Rikishi with the belt that held up his trousers. Rikishi tosses Austin over an announce table but Rikishi is knocked down seconds later as Austin comes back with a huge clothesline. Austin chokes Rikishi with a rope, Austin grabs a monitor from ringside but Rikishi starts stringing some offense together. Huge right hands and a side kick by Rikishi take down The Rattlesnake.

 Austin dodges a chair shot from Rikishi and nails Rikishi twice with a steel chair. Third shot to Rikishi who is a bloody mess, 6 vile chair shots by Austin who decides to grab a sledgehammer. Rikishi is able to dodge the sledgehammer but Austin uses his truck to beat up Rikishi before placing Rikishi in the back of the truck with the help of a 7th chair shot. Austin brings Rikishi to the outside of the arena, propping Rikishi up against some stones at the side of a road. Austin gets back inside his car as JR even pleads for Austin to cease and desist. Austin was moments away from running over Rikishi but Austin runs into a cop car and The Rattlesnake is arrested for ramming a police car. While Austin did not hit Rikishi, Austin had Rikishi thoroughly beaten to a bloody pulp.

 As a match, it was not much, just punches and chair shots so it is hard to give it a rating. Crowd was big into Austin and happy to see his return, Rikishi’s heel turn was off to a bad start and unfortunately, it would not get any better for Rikishi. The bright side of Rikishi’s heel turn was Rikishi got to work with Austin and The Rock which would have been good paydays. However, Rikishi running down Stone Cold really is a blemish on his career and a blemish on WWF booking in the year 2000 which was a year where they were quite spot on in a lot of their booking. Triple H should have always been the culprit and they should have kept Rikishi as an upper card face.

No Contest as Austin is arrested!

(WWF European Championship Match) William Regal © vs Naked Mideon

Regal had returned to the WWF after his drug problems which had affected his initial stint in the WWF as a Real Man’s Man Steven Regal. Regal returned and won the European Championship from Al Snow. Regal’s opponent is Mideon, who was in trouble in terms of a career after the end of The Corporate Ministry. Mideon was known as Naked Mideon, a gimmick where Mideon was like a streaker. Mideon would interrupt matches by running around ringside in a fanny pack/thong. Another forgotten gimmick from The Attitude Era (And that is probably for the better). Mideon and Regal trade holds and advantages before Mideon drops Regal with a dropkick.

 Regal reverses Mideon with a boot to the face and some nasty knees to the head. Regal rams Mideon into the ring apron repeatedly while waving to the fans. Regal dumps Mideon to the floor who responds by taking off his shirt, Mideon’s physique is let’s just say lacking (What? I am feeling nice today). Double underhook suplex by Regal with a floatover, two count for the champion. Chinlock by Regal, crowd is trying to cheer for the challenger.

 Mideon is knocked to the floor and gets back in the ring and strips down to a fanny pack. Mideon kisses Regal and nails a reverse elbow. Mideon climbs to the top rope, Regal crotches Mideon. In a hilarious moment, Regal thought about The Regal Stretch but said screw that, I am not touching this disgusting slob so Regal finished off Mideon with A Regal Cutter. That match could have been described as the piss break match, Mideon hardly was ever featured on TV and never ever won.

Winner: Regal over Mideon via Regal Cutter!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) The Hardy Boyz © vs Los Conquistadors

The Hardys had won the tag team championships in a great cage match with Edge & Christian. Tonight, Los Conquistadors will be challenging Matt & Jeff for the titles, Los Conquistadors seem to be incredibly similar Edge and Christian who were apparently unable to compete in their match tonight. Everyone can tell that Los Conquistadors are Edge & Christian but The Hardys and Commissioner Mick Foley have no proof so far. The Los Conquistadors “communicate” with the Spanish announcers. Dos avoids Matt’s early moves before rolling right into a clothesline, Matt rips at the mask but Dos powders to the floor.

 Uno is in, Matt outwrestles poor Uno, blind tag to Jeff who stomps all over Uno. Choke by Jeff, headscissor takedown and a dropkick by Jeff. Uno cuts off Jeff, Dos and Uno have a miscommunication and bang into one another. Jeff takes his eyes off Uno though who attacks Jeff from behind, Jeff nails Uno with a boot to the face. Matt and Jeff double team Uno, with an extreme combination, Matt gets a two count. Matt throws a few fists before tagging in his brother Jeff, poetry in motion by The Hardy Boyz. Uno & Dos nail a double dropkick on The Hardy Boyz. Los Conquistadors miss a double baseball slide, Jeff is in the ring with Uno & Dos. Matt is talking to the referee and Los Conquistadors take control.

 Dos & Unos beat up Jeff with some nice tag team moves. Powerslam by Uno on Jeff, tag to Dos. Sleeper hold by Dos, Dos climbs high and misses a senton. Jeff tags Matt, Matt knocks down Uno, DDT on Dos, double flapjack on Uno. Jeff wipes out Dos with a barricade clothesline. Uno wipes out Jeff with a plancha, Matt wipes out everyone. Uno nails Matt with a reverse DDT, Jeff drops the Swanton Bomb on Uno. Matt battles both Uno and Dos, Matt nails Dos with a Twist of Fate and tries to unmask the man.

 Dos had another mask underneath and Uno takes advantage by nailing Matt with an Unprettier. Was a fine tag team match with a fun finish as Edge & Christian sneak away with the gold, Edge & Christian would challenge Los Conquistadors the next night on Raw for the tag team titles. Edge and Christian’s smiles would later turn to disgust as Los Conquistadors do appear to do battle and Los Conquistadors defeat Edge & Christian for the tag team championships.

Winners: Los Conquistadors over The Hardy Boyz via Unprettier!

Chris Benoit vs Triple H

Benoit had headbutted Stephanie, you do not put your hands on a man’s wife JR yelled and boy was he right as Triple H vowed to tear Benoit limb from limb. Benoit cost Triple H his shot at the WWF Championship by whacking The Game in the head with a steel chair. Loud Triple H chants to begin the match, almost seems surreal after the year that Triple H has spent as a heel. Lockup by the two as Triple H backs up Benoit with his superior power. Benoit kicks the legs of The Game but Triple H unloads with right hands on Benoit. Triple H wins the slugfest as he goes after the leg of Benoit, over and over, Benoit’s leg is rammed into the mat. Triple H continues the assault on Benoit’s leg as Triple H drops elbows repeatedly.

 Benoit fights back from the ground, shin breaker from Triple H as Triple H takes a moment to admire the reaction from the crowd. Benoit reverses a shinbreaker into a sunset flip but Triple H rolls through, scores with the drop toe hold and punishes Benoit with a Muta Lock. This has been all Triple H thus far, Benoit catches a breather by back suplexing Triple H over the top rope. Catapult by Benoit as Triple H eats the ringpost, Triple H is sent careening into the steel steps. Hard chops by Benoit, Triple H battles back but Benoit nails a single arm DDT. Benoit hurls The Game into the ringpost, back suplex right onto the arm by Benoit. Northern Lights suplex by Benoit for a two count, Benoit goes to the floor with Triple H, Triple H is dropped elbow first onto the announce table. Snap suplex, armbar like manoeuvre by Benoit, cross armbreaker by Benoit, Triple H is in real trouble. Benoit breaks the hold to nail another back suplex with a hammerlock to damage The Game’s arm.

 Benoit goes high and nails The Diving Headbutt. Triple H shocks Benoit with an inside cradle. Benoit drills Triple H with a clothesline, Benoit sets up a suplex but Triple H counters into a reverse suplex. Triple H fires up, big high knee on Benoit, neckbreaker and a two count for The Game. Triple H props Benoit on the top turnbuckle, top rope superplex, devasting manoeuvre by The Game. Two count for The Game as Triple H could not properly cover Benoit, Triple H went for The Pedigree but Benoit countered, triple german suplex timem Triple H could not fight out of the move, dragon suplex by Benoit, make it two dragon suplexes and Triple H narrowly escapes. Facebuster by The Game but Triple H walks into The Crossface, Triple H temporarily fights out of The Crossface but Benoit locks it back in, Triple H fights out again!

 Death Valley Driver by Triple H and Stephanie is running down to ringside, Stephanie slaps Benoit, Benoit is distracted and Triple H thinks Pedigree, Benoit tries for The Crossface but Triple H low blows Benoit thanks to Stephanie distracting the referee and Triple H scores the win thanks to Stephanie and The Pedigree. Interesting match, I like matches where a body part is worked, it is easy to do and the story of the match writes itself. 

Triple H worked Benoit’s leg in the early going but it led to nothing, I really think Triple H did all that leg work to massage his ego and prove that Benoit was not the only one who could be technical. That being said, Benoit never has a bad match, it is impossible, the match was hard hitting, Benoit was intense as always. Another interesting point is that Benoit was beaten by a low blow and The Pedigree, it was not clean with The Pedigree but Triple H needed the low blow. When you look at it, Benoit had a great 2000, working all the top faces in the company bar Stone Cold and Triple H did not beat him clean. However, Triple H would turn heel the next night so maybe using the low blow was a subtle hint at the heel turn and we would have heel Triple H too soon in some fans’ eyes.

Winner: Triple H over Chris Benoit via Pedigree!

(WWF Championship Match) Kurt Angle W/ Stephanie Mcmahon vs The Rock ©

So after choosing her husband over Kurt, Stephanie would side with Kurt after Triple H called Stephanie a liability. Kurt accepted despite last month’s event because why the hell not so Stephanie is in Kurt’s corner even though she considered herself finished with Kurt a month ago. The Rock was off his game, Rikishi admitting that he ran down Stone Cold for The Rock had put the WWF Champion in a precarious position. Pinned by Angle on Smackdown and with Stepahnie at ringside, The Rock has to focus or Angle will make The Rock pay. Stephanie distracts The Rock from the get go and Angle takes control, Rock’s head is smashed off the announce table and Kurt grabs a chair and whacks Rock over the back.

 Angle chokes The Rock with Stephanie taunting The People’s Champion. Rock explodes with some offence, Samoan drop by Rock, Kurt powders and Rock chases after Angle and knocks The Olympic Hero on his Olympic Ass. Kurt is rammed into the technical area and stage structure. Angle takes control briefly before Rock smashes a Rock cardboard cut-out over Angle’s head. Rock wraps Angle’s leg around the ringpost while also using a chair to weaken Angle’s leg. Rock applies a sharpshooter to Angle and Angel taps! But Stephanie has the referee distracted, Rock had the match won but Angle stays alive thanks to Stephanie. Rock chases Stephanie but Angle stops Rock in his tracks with a belly to belly, flying forearm by Angle. 

Cover and a two count for Angle. Angle slows the match down with a sleeper, Rock’s hand does not drop a third time (hate that spot). Angle sails over the top rope as Rock beats down on Angle. Rock and Angle trade turns slamming one another’s heads off the announce table before Angle gains control. Stephanie throws the WWF Championship into the ring, Angle misses the championship shot. Rock Bottom? No Angle fights out, championship to the face but Angle is almost reduced to tears as Rock kicks out at two. Angle goes to the top rope, Rock crotches Angle, Angle fights out and attempts a moonsault. Angle misses big and both men are down.

 Rock battles back, floatover DDT for a two and a half. Rake to the eyes by Angle, Rock returns the favour with a belly to belly suplex. Spinebuster, Rock is thinking People’s Elbow, Stephanie is in the ring and Rock drops Stephanie with a Rock Bottom. Angle saves Stephanie from a People’s Elbow but Triple H warned Angle, Triple H tosses Angle to the floor and Pedigrees The Rock. Triple H drags his wife out of harm’s way. Angle tries to capitalize off of Triple H’s pedigree, two count for Angle. DDT by The Rock and it’s two and a half for Rock, Angle rolls to the floor, Rock sends Angle into the steel steps and back into the ring. Angle is running from The Rock, Rikishi is coming out to ringside, Rikishi nails Angle helping The Rock. Angle low blows Rock, Rock Bottom by The Rock, Rock is hurt and slow to cover.

 One arm cover and Angle kicks out at the very last second. Rikishi is in the ring, Angle pulls Rock in the way, Rikishi hits The Rock with a superkick by accident, Angle nails An Angle slam on Rikishi and on The Rock. Angle hooks the leg and Angle is your new WWF Champion! The fastest rising star in WWF history wins The WWF Championship. Rock is bleeding, I don’t remember that but Rikishi and Rock lock eyes with The Rock staring a whole through Rikishi, setting up the feud between the two for next month’s pay per view. Great moment for Kurt, it is shocking to see Angle rise to the top so fast, he was only on the roster less than a year at that point, Angle deserved it though and we have the feud between Rikishi and Rock set up.

 You could say it was over booked but I don’t mind that too much here, you have drama and you have controversy, you want to know what’s going to happen and you feel a need to know what was going to happen next, that’s all you truly want from a pay per view ending, the fact that it peaks your interest to such an extent where you need to tune it the next night on Raw to see  what was going to happen with Austin, Rock and Rikishi, and who would be Kurt Angle’s first opponent as champion.

Winner: Kurt Angle over The Rock via Angle Slam!

Overall, I was not overly impressed from No Mercy, I think it might have been the poorest pay per view of 2000 so far anyways. Apart from Angle’s first WWF Championship win and the match between Benoit and Triple H, I found myself largely bored and gong through the motions as I reviewed this pay per view. Austin’s returning match was simply a beatdown which made Rikishi look very weak as a heel, the cage match finish was nice but the match was largely on the dull side, The European Championship match was like something I would see if I tuned into Heat, both tag matches were nothing special and the opener with the tables was fun but not very long. So if I had to recommend this to somebody, I would only do so that the person could see Angle’s first WWF Championship win. Join me next time for Survivor Series, another one of the big four pay per views!

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