Monday 12 September 2016

WWE Backlash 2016 Thoughts

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Hey guys & gals! Just my quick thoughts on tonight’s Backlash event, the first Smackdown Live exclusive pay per view. Hit or miss? Well, that’s for you to decide, let me know what you think of the pay per view as a whole.

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin

A match made on the pre-show for the pre-show. Corbin, I like a lot, his mannerisms, the way he talks smack and his character is so good, Corbin looks at all of his opponents with such disgust as the evil, big bully, it really is refreshing and entertaining to watch. I guess the only advice I could give Corbin would be to maybe tone his stomach a bit more, a better physique could help Corbin. Apollo is amazingly athletic, sells really well, we all know the problem with Apollo was he was brought up to the main roster too soon. The rush to bring Apollo up has left Apollo bland in terms of character, I really don’t know what you can do with an athletic guy who simply smiles all the time, I mean where do you, how to you connect with Apollo. As for the match, they looked great and the crowd was into both men, Corbin gets the win as he should because they need some heels with AJ Styles being so far ahead of the rest of the pack with Bray Wyatt doing his usual shtick of cutting promos and losing matches while the next biggest heel in comparison with Aj Styles is The Miz.

(6 Pack Women’s Challenge) Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Alex Bliss vs Nikki Bella

The women were given a lot of time, everyone shined with their individual moments, Naomi looked really impressive in this match with her athleticism and Becky has won. Excuse me while I die of happiness. So proud of her, struggled through some shitty booking but she is at the top now, justice is served and it could not come to a nicer person. What also made this match interesting is they planted seeds for feuds such as the eventual Carmella vs Nikki Bella match and we could see Naomi vs Natalya down the line as Natalya made a point of eliminating Naomi.

Backstage segment

Well we read the reports of Randy being injured and it looks like they were correct as Bray roughed up Randy so I wonder what will happen now due to Randy’s injury.

(Second Chance Challenge Match) The Usos vs The Hype Bros

The Usos have new ring gear, it is almost surreal. Important note: bad people wear black always. I am also surprised at how Mojo Rawley does not seem blown up at all after all the running he does in his entrance. Ryder works the majority of the match, Rawley comes in runs wild before Usos capitalize by taking out Ryder’s leg. I like the set up before the tequila sunrise, looks nasty and is established as a finisher after only two matches. Could this be the faith of Rhyno & Slater? We can only hope that Slater & Rhyno overcome The Usos.

(WWE Intercontinental Championship Match) The Miz © W/ Maryse vs Dolph Ziggler

Miz cuts a promo with Bryan before the match, Bryan is close to snapping but surely there is no way they will let Bryan wrestle? So why build anything? Miz confuses me more by performing Daniel Bryan moves throughout the match with the commentators playing it all up. The rumour mill will be in full swing tonight I promise you that much. Anyways, match was fine, everything feels that bit longer due to no Orton and Bray match. Miz’s reign continues as Miz continues to be the most hated man in the WWE. Fair play to The Miz, staying relevant in 2016 after being in the company for almost 10 years.

Bray Wyatt Promo

Randy Orton cannot compete tonight as Bray Wyatt wants a forfeit victory, Bray Wyatt is declared the winner of the match. However, Bray will have a match against someone…..

Bray Wyatt vs Kane (No Holds Barred Match)

Disappointing turn of events as Bray could have picked up a significant victory by beating Randy Orton but instead, we have Kane. Kane and Bray hit some nice spots with the Uranage on the chair and the senton through the announce table. Kane gets the win due to Orton’s interference as an RKO takes down Bray Wyatt. I was thinking, wouldn’t it have been interesting if Bray kicked out? You want Bray to be a monster right? Have him kick it out and beat Kane, it does not hurt Kane, Kane is a legend and should be losing to Bray but imagine the visual of Randy being so confident that the RKO has put down Bray only for Bray to kick out and overcome Kane.

(WWE Tag Team Championship Match) The Usos vs Slater & Rhyno

By God, Heath did it! Was a fine match, it was all about Heath, he got beat and beat but never gave up. Heath would run wild at the end before a little help from Rhyno in the form of a Gore carries both men to victory. This might be the most feel good pay per view that I have seen in a long time.

(WWE World Championship Match) AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose ©

AJ Styles beat John Cena clean in the middle of the ring, AJ Styles is the man to lead the Smackdown brand. Win or lose, AJ is the man on Smackdown. As for Dean Ambrose, why has everyone turned on Dean? Once he won the title, the world rejoiced but everywhere you look, there are people wishing Ambrose’s title reign finishes as soon as possible. So he had a match that did not have that much reaction at Summerslam so what? It was not his fault that Styles stole the show moments before with Cena. Well I guess you would all be happy now as AJ Styles is your new WWE Champion. Ref bump and Styles takes advantage with a low blow, one Styles Clash later and AJ Styles is the man on Smackdown. Great match from these two superstars, cannot wait for the rematch!

Overall, a good showing from the Smackdown brand. Only disappointment was not seeing Bray vs Randy. Everything else delivered with Becky having her moment and also we saw Slater win his Smackdown contract. To top it all off, AJ Styles is your new champion. Backlash was a pay per view to remember!

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