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Journey Through The Attitude Era Vol 32: WWF Fully Loaded 2000 Review

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Welcome one and all back to the Journey Through The Attitude Era with thrills, spills and everything in between, that’s right, the WWF at its finest in many people’s opinion so let’s take a look at another pay per view and analyse why the WWF would so damn entertaining during this time period. Very rarely in this series will I come across a pay per view I have not seen and this is one of those times. As I look across at my video collection for the year 2000, WWF’s Fully Loaded is one of the pay per views missing but thanks to the network, I get to review it. So my prior knowledge of this pay per view is from The Rock’s and Chris Jericho’s DVDs which cover this pay per view so I know that The Rock is defending his WWF Championship against Chris Benoit who has Shane Mcmahon in his corner while Chris Jericho is facing Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match. Kurt Angle will also be facing The Undertaker so this looks like this could be a fun pay per view, perhaps a hidden gem? Well, there is only one way to find out!

Opening Promo

The opening highlights the three main events for the evening while the phrase one roll of a dice is repeated throughout to coincide with the theme of gambling and casinos. JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the action that emanates from Dallas, Texas.

T&A/Trish Stratus vs Team Extreme

Intergender tag match as we see the beginnings of the rivalry of Lita vs Trish Stratus. Lita had been rescued by The Hardys from the clutches of Essa Rios. Tensions were high between Trish & Lita as they had assaulted one another, choked one another and Trish had thrown Lita through a table. Lita comes into this match holding her back. The Hardys battle T&A as Lita chases Trish. Matt and Albert kick us off, Matt hammers away on Albert, Matt tastes a turnbuckle but Matt dodges a back suplex from Albert and Matt rams Albert into the turnbuckle. Albert blocks a twist of fate from Matt, Albert kicks Matt in the ribs and kicks Matt to the canvas. Albert attempts multiple pins but it does not go right for the giant. Matt counters Albert with an arm drag, Albert knocks Matt to the floor with a back body drop.

 Test is in, hard Irish whip to Matt. Matt uses a boot to the face to momentarily stop Test, Matt is on the second rope and scores with the leg drop. Tag to Jeff, double team move by The Hardy Boys. Jeff attempted a headscissors but Test counters with a sidewalk slam. Jeff outsmarts Test and nails a plancha, Test is tossed into the ring. Double foot stomps by The Hardys, loud Lita chants. Small package by Matt on Test, Test kicks out and scores with The Big Boot. Tag to Trish as she slaps Matt right across the face, Matt slides out of the way and Trish accidently slaps Test. Trish misses an elbow on Matt and Lita is in the ring, Trish runs from Lita and Albert is in. The Hardys save Lita, poetry in motion on Albert, double suplex on Albert, suplex on Test and Trish from Team Extreme. All of Team Extreme take their shirts off, Albert catches Jeff and throws Jeff to the floor with a gorilla press slam, Test puts the boots to Jeff. Double underhook suplex by Albert, double flapjack by T&A.

 Test gets a two count off the flapjack, Test attempts a pumphandle slam, Jeff battles back with rights and lefts. Sunset flip out of the corner by Jeff, two count and Test nails Jeff with a full nelson slam. Test applies the sleeper, Jeff fought back and was thinking hurricanrana but Test was thinking powerbomb and Test scores with the powerbomb. Test misses an elbow form the top rope, Jeff kicks Test and Jeff tags Matt. Clothesline by Matt on Test, second rope bulldog by Matt on Test. Cheap shot on Albert by Matt, Matt pays for it as Test scores with a pumphandle slam. Jeff saves Matt with a Swanton Powerbomb, Albert breaks up Matt’s pin. Albert’s slam is thwarted by Matt’s DDT. Lita is in, tornado DDT on Test, Crossbody on Albert, hurricanrana on Test and Dallas is rocking for Lita. Albert cheap shots Lita and Test nails a gutwrench powerbomb on Lita, pin and Lita kicks out. Bulldog by Trish on Lita, two count for Trish. Lita counters an Irish Whip, Lita has Trish on the top rope, superplex by Lita on Trish! Unbelievable! Cover by Lita and Albert breaks it up again, The Hardys start brawling with T&A.

 Lita has Trish in the centre of the ring, Lita climbs high and Lita scores with the moonsualt and The Hardys win the match. Albert jumps Lita after the match and The Hardys are laid out. Trish whips Lita with a belt across her injured back, The Hardys save Lita but the damage has been done. What a great opener, Lita was so over as the punk rock chick that every guy wanted to date while Trish was just so natural as the bitch everyone wanted to see get dismantled. The Hardys were fantastic while T&A were great in this match too. When Lita was in the ring, the crowd came alive and when Lita nailed Trish with that moonsault, the crowd erupted. Unfortunate that Lita could not celebrate the win but Lita would be the next women’s champion due to how over she was so I guess she could not complain.

Winners: Team Extreme over T&A following Litasault!

Tazz vs Al Snow

The background to this match was that Tazz returned from injury and started attacking people randomly, the likes of Snow, Rikishi and Kane were beaten down by Tazz. Snow rushes down to the ring and takes it to Tazz, side Russian legsweep by Snow and Tazz powders to the floor. Tazz and Snow brawl with Tazz emerging the victor, hard rights by Tazz. Snow blocks the northern lights suplex, superkick by Snow. Unique spinebuster by Snow gets a two count. Snow rams Tazz into the turnbuckle, choke in the corner by Snow. Snow is caught in the corner by Tazz, Alabama Slam by Tazz. Snow counters an Irish whip, right hands and a scoop slam by Snow. 

Top rope ledgrop by Snow, Snow says it is moonsault time, Snow scores but Tazz kicks out at two. Snow grabs Head but Tazz chop blocks Snow, right hands by Tazz who simply beats down Snow. Drop toe hold by Tazz and vicious rights to the face of Snow. Snow grabs Tazz and lands some mean headbutts, huge kick to the chest. Tazz catches Snow’s foot, arm capture suplex. Snow blocks The Tazzmission once before Tazz locks it in and there is nowhere to go for Snow and Tazz emerges the winner. Was a fine match, nothing of note, seemed like a Raw match.

Winner: Tazz over Snow via Tazzmission!

(WWF European Championship Match) Eddie Guerrero © W/ Chyna vs Perry Saturn W/ Terri

Before this match, we see the beginning of the affair angle between Kurt Angle and Stephanie, Stephanie receives multiple bunches of flowers from what she expected to be her husband Triple H but it is not the case at all as it is revealed Kurt sent the flowers to Stephanie. Great heel work from Terri in the beginning as she hides behind Perry Saturn. Chyna floors Perry Saturn before Eddie and Saturn begin brawling on the entrance way, Chyna had chased off Terri. Eddie unloads on Perry Saturn because of Perry assaulting Chyna. Back suplex by Eddie, somersault plancha move by Eddie, spinning calf kick by Eddie. Saturn falls to the outside and Chyna nails Saturn with a clothesline. Eddie places Saturn on the top rope, hurricanrana by Latino Heat.

 Clothesline by Guerrero grounds Saturn, Eddie tosses Saturn to the floor where Chyna smashes Saturn into the steel steps. Crossbody by Eddie from the top rope to the floor, Eddie kisses Chyna’s hand and continues destroying Saturn. Uppercut by Eddie, Eddie got caught attempting another hurricanrana, powerbomb by Saturn. Saturn takes some rights from Eddie before using a thumb to the eye to stop Eddie. Saturn runs into a boot from Eddie, tornado DDT by Guerrero. Two count for the champion, Saturn reverses a headscissors into a flapjack, second flapjack by Saturn. Cover by Saturn and that’s a two for Saturn. Eddie scores with another hurricanrana, Eddie and Saturn trade counters with Saturn scoring with a pop up powerbomb.

 Saturn drags Eddie to the corner and Saturn misses the moonsault, brain buster by Latino Heat. Eddie climbs high, Saturn dodges and nails a flapjack. Scoop slam and Saturn says it is all over, Saturn is greeted on the top rope by Eddie, Eddie dropkicks Saturn to the floor. Chyna attempted to cheap shot Saturn but Saturn saw it coming, Saturn clotheslines Chyna through the announce table. Terri reappears and kicks Eddie in his groin and Saturn delivers the killing blow with an elbow from the top rope to Eddie’s Kidneys. Saturn is your new European Champion. Good match from these two but it is not surprising as they had locked up hundreds of times from their days in WCW. Good chemistry leads to a good match!

Winner: Perry Saturn over Eddie Guerrero due to Elbow Drop!

(WWF Tag Team Championship Match) Edge & Christian © VS The APA

Edge & Christian continue their reign as the most entertaining heels on the roster while The Acolytes seem to float in and around the WWF Tag Team Titles. Every couple of months or so, The Acolytes seem to earn a WWF Tag Team Championship match. Fiery promo by Bradshaw who is a native of Texas, great stuff as Bradshaw continues to fire up the crowd. Bradshaw goes after Edge as Faarooq nails both Edge & Christian with steel steps. Edge & Christian assault Bradshaw, Bradshaw snatches Christian out of the air and nails a fallaway slam from the second rope, big boot to Edge. Faarooq is in one quick scoop slam and Bradshaw is back in the match. Elbow brings Bradshaw a two count, Edge meets the turnbuckle.

 Bradshaw has Edge for a powerbomb, Edge fights out of the powerbomb but it is for only so long as Bradshaw breaks down Edge and we see the powerbomb. Bradshaw thinks about another powerbomb, Chistian illegally enters the ring and dropkicks Bradshaw. Succession of quick tags by the tag team champions, Bradshaw is isolated. Swinging neckbreaker by Edge, double beatdown by Edge & Christian. Chokes in the corner by Edge, Bradshaw is placed on the top rope, Bradshaw counters the double suplex attempt, shoulderblock by Bradshaw on Edge. Faarooq is in and cleans house, Clothesline From Hell by Bradshaw on Christian.

 Edge and Bradshaw are brawling on the floor. Dominator by Faarooq on Christian, Edge says screw this and grabs the tag team championships. Edge whacks Faarooq right in front of the referee and we have a disqualification finish. Disappointing end to the match, match was not all that to begin with so I am not too bothered by all of it.

Winners: APA over Edge & Christian via DQ!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Rikishi vs Val Venis ©

Tazz had used a television camera to help Val Venis capture the Intercontinental Championship. Val and Rikishi had issues prior to that match as Rikishi had defeated Val Venis in The King Of The Ring tournament while Val had brawled with Rikishi on Smackdown, busting Rikishi wide open in the process. Val hesitant to step foot in the ring with Rikishi, Val immediately tries running away, Rikishi hammers away on Val, Val tastes the cage. Rikishi begins climbing the cage, Val meets Rikishi on the cage. Rikishi knocks Val off the cage, Val attempts escaping through the door but Rikishi has Val grounded. Back suplex by Rikishi, Val chop blocks Rikishi. 

Val sends Rikishi into the cage twice, kicks in the corner by Val. Val chokes the life out of Rikishi. Rikishi reverses Val with a clothesline, Rikishi was thinking Stinkface but Val low blows the challenger. Huge clothesline by Val on Rikishi, two count for the champion off the clothesline. Val and Rikishi are climbing the cage wall, Val slams Rikishi’s head off the cage, Rikishi falls to the mat and Val delivers an elbow from the top rope to the heart of Rikishi. Two count once more for the champion, Val begins climbing the cage. Rikishi stops Val by grabbing the champion’s hair, Val is moments away from winning. Rikishi drags Val back into the ring. Both men clash heads and fall groin first onto the ropes. Val is bleeding above his left eye, looks like Val was opened the hard way.

 Rikishi is edging himself towards the cage door, Val grabs Rikishi and unloads on Rikishi, lots of rights find the mark. Rikishi reverses Val, Samoan drop, and Rikishi Banzai Drops Val. Val places his foot on the rope so Val stays alive, Rikishi is almost out of the cage door but Trish slams the door on Rikishi’s head. Rikishi is laid out, Val is climbing the top rope, Money Shot by Val and Rikishi kicks out! Lita is out at ringside and she slams down Trish. Lita strips Trish and whips her with that leather strap. Trish is at the mercy of Lita as they go to the back of the arena. Rikishi and Val are on the top rope, beating one another. Val tastes the steel and falls to the mat, Val crushes the referee in the process. Rikishi climbs to the top of the cage and says It is Snuka Time!

 Rikishi dives off the top of the cage onto Val. Unbelievable Move from the Big Man, one of the underrated bumps of The Attitude Era. Poor Val, that must have sucked to take. Just as Rikishi was going to win, Tazz lays out Rikishi with a camera. Val is slowly stirring, holding his ribs. Val drapes one arm over Rikishi and Val steals the win. The dive was the defining moment of the match, unbelievable by Rikishi. Tazz would screw Rikishi here but the next feud for Tazz was against Jerry Lawler while Rikishi would face The Right To Censor. So the interference in this match did not lead to a pay per view match so perhaps you could argue that it is wasted. Good match though with Rikishi taking an insane bump.

Winner: Val Venis over Rikishi thanks to Tazz!

Promo Time

Triple H believed that Kurt Angle had been sending Stephanie flowers but it was not to be as Chris Jericho had fooled The Game and lured him into a locker room for an assault by Y2J. Kurt Angle would assault The Undertaker with a wrench on Undertaker’s knee. This would be a continuation of their confrontation on Smackdown where Angle targeted Undertaker’s knee in a similar way. Meanwhile, Shane Mcmahon calls out The Rock for a match, Rock smells a set up plan. Benoit is in The Rock’s locker room destroying Rock’s clothing. Did we need to see that? I am not sure it added to the match.

(Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker)

Kurt Angle had messed up by costing The Undertaker and his brother Kane the tag team titles while also messing up Undertaker’s motorcycle. Kurt would try to make it up to The Undertaker but Kurt would continue to frustrate The American Badass. Ok so Kurt is petrified of Undertaker so Angle’s plan is to duck and dodge The Deadman. Undertaker interrupts Angle’s entrance and proceeds to beat down Angle around the outside of the ring. Big boot and elbow drop by Taker for a two count. Undertaker breaks his own count wanting to destroy Angle.

 Delayed vertical suplex by Undertaker, Taker breaks his own count once more. Mean right by Taker, Kurt blocks Taker with a boot to the face, sleeper by Angle. Taker backs Angle off, corner clothesline and a sidewalk slam. Cover and Angle kicks out at two, Angle is tossed to the floor. Kurt hammers Taker with the wrench to the knee, Taker tastes the barricade. Taker is like a wounded animal as Angle goes after the injured leg of Taker. Huge chop block, repeated elbows to the leg of The Deadman. Taker counters with a leg to the throat of Angle, trading of blows. Taker catches Angle could be a Chokeslam, Angle kicks out Taker’s leg. Angle stays alive for now, leg lock by Angle wrenching away at Undertaker’s vertical base. Taker rolls through with a counter, Taker’s leg gives out on him, Taker fights on his knees and floors Kurt. Chokeslam by Undertaker, Taker says it is not over yet, it is Last Ride time.

 Kurt is dragged to his feet and Kurt is planted. Undertaker wins the match. I will be honest, I expected more from this match, Kurt had just won The King Of The Ring and I can understand Kurt not winning the match but I thought Kurt would put up more of a fight. It was brief and Kurt was dominated by Taker once Taker nailed The Chokeslam. Kurt would main event next month’s Summerslam so was this the best way to go?

Winner: Undertaker over Kurt Angle following a Last Ride!

(Last Man Standing Match) Triple H W/ Stephanie vs Chris Jericho

Jericho had kissed Stephanie Mcmahon, this was one step too far for The Game. Since April of 2000, Jericho had been a thorn in Triple H’s side. Kissing Stephanie was too much for Triple H so this match was scheduled after Jericho had embarrassed The Game by costing him an opportunity against The Rock, allowing Rikishi to Stinkface The Game and finally, allowing The Brooklyn Brawler to pin Triple H on Smackdown. Triple H retaliated by beating down Y2J with a sledgehammer and his DX buddies. This was personal between these two and this should be an awesome match. Jericho’s ribs are taped up due to Triple H’s assault with a sledgehammer.

 Opening seconds are all Jericho, stomp to The Game and two big clotheslines leave Triple H on the apron looking for help. Springboard dropkick by Y2J, on the outside Jericho brawls with Triple H. Jericho nails a reverse elbow and punches Tripe H repeatedly. Facebuster by The Game, hard knock down clothesline by Helmsley. Jericho tastes the barricade courtesy of Helmsley. The Game throws Jericho back into the ring and kicks Y2J in his injured ribs. Knees to Jericho’s ribs, shoulder thrusts to Y2J’s ribs who have been exposed by The Game. Over and over again, Triple H messes up Jericho’s ribs. Triple H chokes Y2J with the bandages that were around Jericho’s ribs. Knee drop across the ribs by The Game, Jericho is tossed to the floor by Helmsley. Stephanie sneaks in a few slaps to the face of Jericho, suplex on the floor by The Game.

 Excellent rib work by Triple H thus far. Jericho fights back to a vertical base, abdominal stretch by Helmsley (Good psychology by Triple H going after the injured ribs of Jericho. Hopefully, the ribs play into the finish). Triple H uses the ropes for leverage, Mike Chioda stops Triple H and Chioda takes a shove by The Game. Spinning Heel Kick by Y2J, Lionsault is countered with knees by The Game. DDT by Triple H and the referee begins counting. We reach a count of 8 before Jericho climbs slowly to his feet, sleeper by Triple H with added pressure to the ribs. Triple H lets Jericho go as the referee counts, Jericho is up at 9 and says “Bring It Game”. JR puts over Jericho’s heart and bravery like any good commentator and story teller. DX chop by Jericho and Triple H says “Fuck This”. Massive Pedigree by The Game who relaxes on the top rope. Amazingly, Jericho stirs and makes it to his feet, The Game grabs a chair from ringside, chair shots to the ribs. Triple H motions for a pedigree on the chair. Jericho counters with a low blow, Jericho has the chair!

 WHAM right to the head of Helmsley, Stephanie is in shock and Triple H has been opened up badly, there is blood everywhere. Right hand from Jericho, make it another. Triple H tries fighting back but Jericho floors Triple H with a mean right. More rights but Jericho nails the flying forearm. Missile dropkick by Jericho, Jericho has the chair in the middle of the ring, facebuster on the chair. Jericho stomps away on Triple H, Triple H sails over the top rope. Triple H changes the momentum as Jericho crashes into the steel steps. Triple H is thinking pedigree on the steel steps but Jericho lifts up Triple H for a back body drop. Triple H grabs a monitor and does Jericho, they had the same idea and both men are down! Both men stir and make the count at 9. Jericho locks in The Walls Of Jericho, Triple H taps in the ring showing Jericho had Triple H beat in the match. Triple H reaches the ropes but there are no rope breaks. Stephanie has seen enough and tries attacking Y2J. Walls Of Jericho by Y2J on Stephanie (Holy Shit Big Pop for that). Triple H has his sledgehammer, swing and a miss by Triple H. Catapult by Jericho, Jericho has the sledgehammer, right to the ribs of Triple H.

 Triple H is laying on the announce table, Jericho climbs the table, low blow by Triple H and Triple H backdrops Y2J through the announce table. Triple H wins the match but just barely as he collapses immediately after the ten count. Great storytelling from these two men in this match, Jericho had the taped up ribs, he was not 100% but Jericho came for a fight and Jericho took it to The Game. Jericho survived chair shots, excellent rib work by Triple H and even the almighty Pedigree.

 Jericho looked like a warrior by the end of this match and that is all you could really want from your babyfaces when they have to lose, looking awesome in the process. Triple H was great too, Triple H made Jericho look amazing, his psychology was great and the finish made both men look like tough sons of bitches. Excellent bring me more!

Winner: Triple H over Chris Jericho by making the count!

(WWF Championship Match) The Rock © vs Chris Benoit W/ Shane Mcmahon

Benoit had his first main event in the company after joining in January. I am happy for him and this was quite interesting as Benoit continually ambushed The Rock on a number of occasions because The Rock would beat Benoit in a fair fight. There is more to the story as Shane Mcmahon is in the corner of Benoit, Mick Foley saw that The Rock could not control his emotions around Benoit due to Benoit’s sneak attacks so if The Rock gets disqualified, Benoit will become champion. Benoit comes out wearing what is left of Rock’s clothes. Benoit steps on and spits on The Rock’s shirt.

 Now I might be wrong but I believe around this time Shane Mcmahon had formed The Conspiracy which consisted of Benoit, Shane, Kurt and The Big Show who earlier had been injured by Shane. Show would be sent back to OVW to lose weight so that angle was quietly and quickly dropped (Upon checking my sources, Shane’s Conspiracy Faction began after this pay per view, shame it was dropped). Shane begins the match in the ring luring The Rock in for Benoit to attack, Benoit attempts The Crossface. Rock tosses Benoit to the floor and chases Shane repeatedly. Benoit is floored by The Rock before being catapulted into Shane, Crossface attempt by Rock and Benoit powders to the floor.

 Rock and Benoit slug it out briefly with Benoit winning the war with a knee to the gut, hard Irish whip and a gutwrench by Benoit. Repeated kicks to the ribs by Benoit, hard chops by The Crippler. Another knee to the ribs by Benoit, two count for the challenger. Rock counters Benoit and drops Benoit across the rope, kick to the face by The People’s Champion. Huge back suplex by The Rock, both men down and the referee is counting. Shane tosses the WWF Championship into the ring, Shane distracts the referee and Benoit nails Rock with the belt. Two count off the belt shot! Rock eats a nasty snap suplex by Benoit, Rock catches Benoit with a powerslam for a two count. Rock is caught by the challenger, back suplex and a sharpshooter by Benoit. Rock reaches the ropes, Benoit drives The Rock’s leg into the mat. Benoit goes back to the sharpshooter but Rock has it scouted. Rock battles back before Benoit Irish whips Rock into the ropes, Shane pulls down the top rope and Rock crashes and burns.

 Rock reverses Benoit into the steel steps, Rock locks in the figure four on Benoit, Shane distracts the referee to allow Benoit to reach the ropes. Benoit knocks Rock to the outside, Shane clotheslines Rock behind the referee’s back. Make it another clothesline by Shane, Benoit stomps on Rock and we are in the crowd (I hate crowd brawling but you know that by now). Benoit suplexes Rock back into the ringside area, Rock is sent back first into a barricade. DDT by The Rock on Benoit, two count and Benoit comes back strong with a clothesline. Backbreaker by The Rabid Wolverine, cheap shots by Shane to The Rock. An exchange of fists from both men, Rock drills Benoit with an alley oop into the ropes (That is not what you see every day from The Rock). Scoop slam by Benoit, diving headbutt. Right hands by The Rock, Benoit rakes the eyes but Rock delivers the spinebuster and it could be People’s Elbow Time. Shane distracts the referee long enough for Benoit to kick it out at two and a half, this crowd is hot for this match now. Chops by Benoit in the corner, top rope superplex and a cover by Benoit.

 Kick out by The Champion, kicks in the corner by The Rabid Wolverine. Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, Benoit nails a reverse elbow and grabs a chair. Benoit has a chair, Shane smacks Earl Hebnar with the chair. Rock unloads on Benoit and tries smacking Shane with a chair. Earl Hebnar is on his feet and sees The Rock lock Benoit in The Crippler Crossface. The bell rings but The Rock is not your winner, Benoit is declared The Champion as Earl thought The Rock had smashed him with a chair. Benoit escapes with the belt as The Rock is nailed between the eyes by Shane. Rock is busted wide open but hold on one second we are not done here at all. Commissioner Mick Foley reverses the decision as Foley knows Shane smashed Earl with the championship, the match is ordered to restart.

 The match is back on, Benoit grabs a waistlock, three German suplexes but The Rock hangs on. Benoit rams Rock into the turnbuckle, Rock collapses at Benoit’s face, Benoit pulls Rock to the centre of the ring and it is Crippler Crossface time. Rock is a bloody mess, you can see the agony on his face but The Rock will not quit, Rock is fading but one last shot of strength and The Rock reaches for those ropes. More stomps to The Rock, Rock nails The Rock Bottom out of nowhere and The Rock retains the championship. I feel Benoit and Rock put on a really good match here, Benoit is a machine we all know this and he has one gear when it comes to wrestling and that is go. I do not think I have ever seen a bad Benoit match and Benoit certainly delivers in this match.

 The original screwy finish I liked because The Rock was robbed, it was dramatic and would piss a lot of people off because everyone loved The Rock. So you could have gone somewhere with that story like having Rock win it back at Summerslam but The Rock just won the title and it would be silly to take it from him so soon once more so I understand why you would not choose to do this. However, resolving the controversial finish kills the intrigue for me, imagine this, you are watching your favourite tv show, the main character is shot/plunges off a cliff/stabbed/run over, that is your season finale and you want viewers to watch the next season.

 The best thing to do is leave it on a cliffhanger so people want to see what happens, if you show the hero falling off a cliff, presumably to his death but in the next scene show that he is perfectly alright, it kills the interest in the show. That’s what I feel about this match, a pay per view main event is like a season finale and if you go for a controversial finish and immediately rectify the mistake, you kind of kill of the whole point of the controversy in the first place. That being said, I thought the match as a whole and the ring work was really good stuff from both men with Rock trying to control his emotions while Shane and Benoit continuously attempted to provoke The Rock into losing control.

Winner: The Rock over Chris Benoit via Rock Bottom!

Overall, Fully Loaded was a really entertaining show with a lot of good moments and matches outshining the bad. The opener was red hot with Lita and Trish being as over as their respective male counterparts. The action was fast and furious with Lita scoring the win over Trish which made everyone happy. Nice underrated 6 person tag match while Rikishi and Val had a good heated cage match with Rikishi recreating The Snuka Splash albeit the bad finish. The three main events could be considered hit and miss, Angle and Undertaker was not what I had hoped for, I hoped for Kurt to look a little more of a threat to Undertaker but it was not the case as Kurt Angle was brushed aside the second Undertaker got his hands on him. I am all for chickenshit heels, I mean one of my all-time favourites is Yoshinari Ogawa (Otherwise known as Rat Boy, the ultimate chickenshit heel for All Japan and Pro Wrestling Noah) but I think Kurt should have looked more like a threat as he was fresh off winning King Of The Ring and was main eventing Summerslam the next month.

 Triple H vs Y2J was the strongest of the three with Jericho looking like a beast for all the abuse he took in that match and gaining the visible submission over Triple H. Finally, The Rock vs Benoit was hard hitting with a controversial finish that was resolved immediately which I was not a fan of but nonetheless, a very entertaining night of WWF action that maybe does not get the respect it deserves!

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