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WCW WrestleWar 1992 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that always says it’s survey time! God bless Scott Hall! It’s time for WCW Wrestle War 1992, featuring WarGames main event of Sting and his allies taking on The Dangerous Alliance. I am not going to be gushing about my love for The Alliance on this night because the whole of The Dangerous Alliance is tied up in that main event so what makes up the rest of the card? A whole lot of squash by the looks of it, there is one match buried in there of The Steiners and more NJPW representatives in Fujinami & Iizuka which could be a stiff and hard-hitting contest but the rest of this card looks really weak and I was so high on the company following Superbrawl II, let’s get it on.


(WCW United States Tag Team Championship Match) Greg The Hammer Valetine & The Taylor-Made Man © vs The Fabulous Freebirds

The fuck is this match? Greg Valentine is here in WCW? Freebirds as babyfaces? Terry Taylor holding a championship? These championships still existing in 1992? So many odd things going on here, Taylor and Hayes to start after some trademark strutting. This is also the second PPV with Jesse Ventura on commentary so let’s see if this relationship between JR and Ventura is as bad as they made it out to be, also poor Tony.


Shoulder block by Hayes, Taylor and Valentine clash heads after a lot of drop-downs, schoolboy by Hayes for two. Large calls for a DDT, side headlock from Hayes. Hip-toss from Hayes, Valentine is not a happy camper. Clothesline from Valentine, elbows to the head. Chops from Valentine, Hayes blocks a boot and atomic drops Valentine before landing two clotheslines. Two for Hayes, right hand from Valentine but Hayes fights back with chops and tags in Garvin. Valentine whips Garvin to the buckle, Garvin dodges and Valentine smashes his shoulder off the ring-post. Garvin applies the wristlock, tries an O’Connor roll and fails but Valentine misses an elbow drop and Garvin works the arm again before tagging in Hayes who lands a diving axe handle to the arm.


More DDT chants, Valentine shoves Hayes before landing a big knee to the ribs. Snap-mare and tag to Taylor, Taylor misses his elbow drop and in comes Garvin. Wrist-locks galore, Taylor is getting battered by The Freebirds. Flying crossbody from Garvin and a leg-drop to the arm before a tag to Hayes. Taylor headbutts Hayes twice, Hayes pulls the hair to land the arm-bar. Taylor survives but eats an elbow to the face and an elbow drop for two, tag to Garvin. Garvin works the arm, more DDT chants. Taylor pulls Garvin to the floor, Valentine comes off the apron and chops Garvin. Taylor drags Garvin back in and lands a jaw-breaker, tag to Valentine.


Valentine lands big chops, Garvin fights back with big rights before Valentine lands a forearm. Garvin is whipped to the opposite buckle, boot counter from Garvin. Valentine clubs down Hayes to prevent the tag, Garvin blocks a suplex and lands one of his own. Valentine tries a splash and Garvin blocks with the knees, tag to Taylor. Fist to the head, whip to the buckle and a corner clothesline by Taylor. Reverse chin-lock from Taylor, Garvin manages to break free and clothesline Taylor. In come Hayes who lands big right hands all around, back body-drop on Valentine. Noggin-knocker, we have a breakdown with Hayes wanting a DDT on Valentine, Five-Arm from Taylor and Valentine covers for a close two.


Big body slam from Valentine on Hayes, back-breaker from Valentine for two. Headbutt to the groin from Valentine for two, Hayes will not stay down despite the attacks from Valentine. Valentine tastes knees down low as Hayes blocks, tag to Taylor. Taylor rakes the eyes of Hayes, Hayes reverses an Irish whip but lowers his head off the Irish whip. Dr. Bomb for two, tag to Valentine who wrenches at the leg but Hayes is fighting, Valentine cannot be stopped though and applies the hold before Garvin makes the save. Valentine whips Hayes hard and Hayes collapses to the mat, tag to Taylor. Taylor has his head bounced off the buckle, then the opposite buckle. Left hand from Hayes, can Hayes make the tag now?


Tag to Garvin, right hands and a back body-drop. Clotheslines by Garvin, atomic drop and a clash of heads. O’Connor roll for two, Garvin lands a double clothesline. Valentine trips up Garvin from the outside, knee-drop to the head by Taylor. In comes Hayes, Garvin back-drops Valentine and drills Taylor with the DDT while Hayes holds off Valentine.


Freebirds are over anyways, you cannot doubt that but I think the usefulness of this team is long gone unfortunately, I was happy that Taylor was able to hold a championship in WCW for some length of time considering his work was solid in the mid-card but having Valentine in 92? It is incredible how bizarre one company can be.


Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds over Valentine & Taylor via DDT!


Young Pistol Tracy Smothers vs Johnny B. Badd

Since turning babyface, Badd is not doing too badly for himself with his push while Smothers is more solo now without any real direction since becoming a heel, I cannot imagine this going well for Smothers. They trade hammerlocks before Badd schoolboys Smothers, Smothers is irate and says that was some sort of cheating. Elbow by Smothers and a shoulder block, Badd leapfrogs and drop-downs before landing arm-drags. Badd lands a flying crossbody for two, dropkick and another arm-drag from Badd. Transition into the arm-bar, Smothers uses the hair for an advantage and drills Badd with right hands before Badd works the ribs with body punches.


Smothers is whipped to the opposite buckle, boot to the face of Badd and Smothers lands a massive calf-kick to the back of the head. Smothers kicks Badd while he is down, back-rake from Smothers. Smothers climbs high, diving reverse elbow from Smothers for two. Smothers climbs high again, twisting diving crossbody from Smothers but Badd rolls through for two. Another calf-kick to the head for two, reverse chin-lock from Smothers. Badd survives and tries a small package for two, Smothers applies a reverse chin-lock again but gets decked with a high knee. Rights and lefts, face-buster and an Irish whip into a powerslam. Badd is climbing high, Badd nails that diving sunset flip for two. Smothers misses a massive leaping leg lariat and Badd lands his left for the win.


Not bad to be honest, I have seen worse from the young Johnny B. Badd, Smothers is very solid inside of that ring, I really enjoy his work and I am definitely curious to see how Smothers did in Smokey Mountain Wrestling because he definitely does it for me inside of that ring. Badd is a bit away from putting it all together but there is a lot of time and if Badd continues to work with the right wrestlers inside of that ring, Badd could go very far in the company.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over Tracy Smothers via Left Hook!


Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs Scotty Flamingo

Scott Levy pre-Raven gimmick should be an interesting watch, they lock-up and refuse to budge with this being very even. Slap from Flamingo and slap form Bagwell, this is fun. Flamingo spears Bagwell and dumps him to the floor, Bagwell comes back in and tackles Flamingo. These two are slapping the taste out of one another, Bagwell avoids a scoop slam and lands a right hand. Whip to the buckle, belly to back suplex for two. Flamingo is planted with a suplex for two, Flamingo dumps Bagwell to the floor. Schoolboy from Bagwell for two before Flamingo lands a belly to back suplex, elbow to the head and right hands to the ribs. Snap-mare and a middle rope fist from Flamingo for two, reverse chin-lock from Flamingo.


Both men end up on the floor after a tumble, they both make it into the ring and Bagwell rams Flamingo’s head into the mat. Elbow by Flamingo, hip-toss by Bagwell. Clothesline and Bagwell fires up, right hands by Bagwell that rock Flamingo. Elbow by Bagwell and middle rope Bagwell lands a diving axe handle. Bagwell calls for the end, Flamingo places his foot on the ropes to survive the fisherman suplex. Flamingo whips Bagwell to the buckle, Bagwell ducks the clothesline and grabs an O’Connor roll for two but Flamingo rolls over and grabs the rights for the win.


A little rough in patches, neither man exactly a veteran by this point but Bagwell looked a lot rougher around the edges in this one than in previous matches, Flamingo has a decent gimmick, not the one that would make him famous but still has a good thing going, I imagine Flamingo and Pillman could put on some fun matches together, we will see though.


Winner: Scotty Flamingo over Marcus Bagwell via Handful of Tights!


Ron Simmons vs Mr. Hughes

It is meant to be a tag team match but Cactus Jack lands his Cactus Jack Elbow off the ramp onto JYD on the concrete, JYD cannot continue so I am not sure how Simmons is meant to be getting the rub from teaming with JYD but Simmons shows great guts and says I will fight both men because I am one bad motherfucker. Simmons is clubbed before landing a massive clothesline, Hughes and Cactus roll to the floor. Simmons punches Hughes who goes to the eyes, Hughes is drilled with a massive clothesline. Hip-toss from Simmons, Hughes powders and comes back in the ring and clubs down Simmons. Clothesline and elbow drop from Hughes, two for Hughes.


Scoop slam by Hughes, knee-drop from Hughes. Two for Hughes, Hughes punches Simmons in the corner. Simmons is whipped to the opposite buckle, elbow counter from Simmons. Hughes goes low with a fist to the ribs, Hughes chokes Simmons with the top rope. Simmons comes back with a sunset flip for two, Hughes continues to drill Simmons with right hands. Middle rope choke by Hughes, Cactus attacks Simmons behind the referee’s back. Hughes chokes Simmons with the bottom rope, Simmons whips Hughes and lands a hip-toss. Hughes misses a middle rope attack, Simmons lands a clothesline and a back body-drop.


Eye-rake from Hughes, Simmons reverses the Irish whip and drills Hughes with the Spinebuster. Cactus tries coming in but gets taken out with a brutal shoulder block and Simmons chop-blocks Hughes for the win before knocking down Cactus Jack one more time for good measure.


Hughes has a decent look but he is the shits inside of that ring, Simmons has been dominating the feud but I am not too sure that it is doing him any favours, hopefully Simmons and Cactus can move onto better things.


Winner: Ron Simmons over Mr. Hughes via Chop-Block!


Todd Champion vs The Super Invader W/ Harley Race

Harley Race is with this ridiculous gimmick? It is Hercules Hernandez, more ex-WWF talent on this card. Big clothesline and elbow drop, whip to the buckle and a test of strength. I am looking at the mask of Invader and there are no eye-holes or mouth hole, how is this man breathing? Sidewalk slams after massive thrusts from Super Invader. Reverse chin-lock from Super Invader, Todd Champion begins to fire back, Invader lands a clothesline. Champion is tossed to the floor, apron axe handle from Invader. Scoop slam on the floor, in the ring Invader climbs to the top rope and Champion lands a foot to the head. Right hands by Champion, flying forearm. Spinning reverse elbow, Invader stun-guns Champion. Massive powerbomb and its over.


That was bad, the mask is terrible and I do not think I want to see more passed over WWF talent in WCW in prominent spots on the card, I want to see Steamboat and Rude, people who could contribute and still had a lot to give to WCW, not Valentine and Hercules.


Winner: Super Invader over Todd Champion via Powerbomb!


Big Josh vs Richard Morton

How is Ricky Morton still in this company? How is he still a heel? Big Josh is obviously bigger so Morton cowers away from Big Josh. Shoulder blocks for two, hip-toss and massive scoop slam from Big Josh. Log-Roll, lock-up and Morton cheap-shots Big Josh. Knee-lift and Big Josh has his shirt ripped before Big Josh ties off with left hands. Morton cannot escape the blows of Big Josh, massive running fist to the face. Chops in the corner, Morton dodges a corner clothesline and belly to back suplexes Big Josh. Inverted atomic drop from Morton, Morton takes control with foot chokes and arm-bars. Big Josh is down on his knees as Morton squeezes the arm and lands a single arm DDT. Big Josh comes up and ducks Morton and stomps Morton in the head. Scoop slam, elbow drop from Big Josh for two.


Irish whip and Big Josh lowers his head, Morton kicks Big Josh hard in the face and continues working the arm, the crowd try to rally Big Josh. Big Josh lands a belly to belly suplex for two, Morton rakes the eyes. Big Josh stops Morton flying off the top rope with an inverted atomic drop, massive chop and The Northern Exposure for the win.


I just want Morton to be a babyface with Robert Gibson and go to Smokey Mountain Wrestling, The York Foundation turn didn’t work, the big match with Robert did not work. It was simply a bad choice, they need to move on badly from it while Big Josh is a horrific gimmick and hardly lighting the world on fire in WCW.


Winner: Big Josh over Richard Morton via Northern Exposure!


(WCW Light Heavyweight Championship Match) Flyin’ Brian Pillman © vs The Z-Man

Originally I thought they had turned Z-Man heel with the black trunks but watching back the footage, this is simply a heated contest between two babyfaces and more importantly, two friends. Zenk has been someone I have not cared for in WCW, they talk about the duo being former tag team partners but Pillman moved onto bigger things pretty quickly while Zenk was stuck with other lower-card babyfaces.


Pillman wants to shake hands and Zenk is not too happy with that, Pillman works the wrist. Zenk transitions into a hammerlock and then a side headlock, shoulder block and lots of drop-downs and leapfrogs before both try a dropkick and we have a stand-off. Pillman scores with the drop toehold, Fujiwara arm-bar from Pillman. Both men run the ropes and both men try arm-drags, they build up the duo knowing one another so well so that’s why we continue to have neither man gaining control. Pillman lands a snap-mare followed by a knee-drop, Zenk is caught in a side headlock. Zenk shoves off Pillman and manages to land an arm-drag which leads to a hammerlock. Pillman is in the ropes, Zenk whips off Pillman.


More counters, head-scissors from Pillman into the arm-drag and Fujiwara arm-bar. Snap-mare into a head-scissors, Zenk escapes and tries multiple pins that all end in two. Pillman chops Zenk and applies the toehold into an Indian Death-lock. Elbow to the knee, Pillman stretches the leg with a fantastic stretch. Pillman tried a somersault senton attack but Pillman misses as Zenk dodges, the lower-back of Pillman was apparently injured heading into this contest. Suplex from Zenk for two, slingshot splash from Zenk misses as Pillman blocks with his knees. Pillman kicks out the leg of Zenk, Pillman stretches the foot. Single leg Boston crab from the champion, Zenk sends Pillman to the buckle. Zenk misses a knee, Pillman applies the figure-four leg-lock in the middle of the ring. They take turns slapping one another, Zenk eventually counters the hold.


They end up in the ropes, the referee breaks the hold. Chops and Irish whip by Pillman, Zenk elevates Pillman to the buckle. Pillman tries a slingshot crossbody but Zenk counters with a powerslam for two. Zenk whips Pillman off the ropes, crucifix pin from Pillman for two. Pillman slaps Zenk and sets him up on the top rope, Pillman is shoved to the mat. Diving crossbody from Zenk for two, both men bang heads off a leapfrog. Zenk flapjacks Pillman for two, Zenk plays possum and boots Pillman who tried a diving crossbody, two for Zenk. Zenk kicks over Pillman, Zenk is kicking the lower back of Pillman. Zenk wants his missile dropkick but Pillman swats away the missile dropkick and jacknife rolls-up Zenk and this match is over, Pillman retains!


Very good championship match, this had a bit more to it than the Liger vs Pillman match in terms of heat here with the fans being more familiar with both men’s work. I have been a critic of Zenk’s work but he pulled it off here, lots of interesting spots mixed in with both men showing a vicious streak by targeting body parts to capture that championship while the spots where they showed they knew one another inside out, I thought it was great stuff too. Two great light heavyweight championships matches back to back, shocking considering the tournament to crown the first champion had Mike Graham!


Winner: Flyin’ Brian Pillman over The Z-Man via Roll-Up!


The Steiner Brothers vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Takayuki Iizuka

The Steiners want the IWGP Tag Team Championships so we should get a fun match here with Fujinami returning to WCW after his Superbrawl match with Flair, Tatsumi seems to have aged a lot in that year but I think it is just the beard. Scott Steiner and Fujinami to start, clean breaks from both men. Arm-drag from Fujinami, Scott Steiner takes the leg of Fujinami who scrambles to the ropes. Scott fireman carries Fujinami for two, front chancery from Scott Steiner. Shoulder block by Scott Steiner, flipping powerslams from Scott Steiner. Steiner-line and Fujinami is reeling, tag to Iizuka.


Scott backs Iizuka to the corner, knee strikes in the corner. Shoulder thrust, scoop slam and elbow drop. Iizuka climbs high once more, somersault attack from Iizuka for two. Boston crab, Scott Steiner powers out and Tiger-Bombs Iizuka to the mat. Scott tags in Rick, diving elbow drop combination from The Steiners for two. In comes Fujinami and a side headlock from The Dragon, German suplex from Rick. Two for Rick, Rick slaps on the reverse chin-lock. Tag to Scott, Irish whip and elbow by Scott Steiner. Single leg Boston crab from Scott Steiner, in comes Rick. Fujinami batters Rick and tags in Iizuka, Iizuka tries a crossbody but Rick turns in mid-air with a belly to belly suplex for two.


Iizuka is saved by Fujinami, chops from Iizuka. Rick runs into Iizuka with a shoulder block, tag to Fujinami who kicks the legs of Rick. Fujinami wrenches the leg of Rick before Rick rolls up Fujinami for a close two. In comes Iizuka to work the leg, Rick is in a bad way. Rick escapes and in comes Scott Steiner, tilt-a-whirl side-slam from Scott and Scott applies a double chickenwing hold. In comes Rick who works the leg of Iizuka, Rick picks up Iizuka and sends Iizuka into the buckle upside down. Tag to Scott, pump-handle slam from Scott. Elbow drop for two, Scott works the head of Iizuka. Iizuka manages to tag in Fujinami, Fujinami and Rick get into it too so this match breaks down big time.


Iizuka attacks Scott Steiner before Fujinami locks on the abdominal stretch, transition into the cradle for two. Front chancery from Fujinami, Fujinami lands big right hands. Scott muscles down Fujinami and tags in Rick, Rick wants a fair-fight. Right hands by Rick, Fujinami brings Rick to his corner and in comes Iizuka who gets tackled half-way across the ring, belly to belly suplex with Fujinami saving Iizuka from a three-count. In comes Scott, Fujinami comes in also. Iizuka and Fujinami are arm-dragged by Scott, Rick lands a diving clothesline on Team NJPW. Scott Steiner is caught on the top rope, Fujinami lands a belly to back suplex. German suplex from Iizuka for two, tag to Fujinami.


Spike Piledriver from Team NJPW, Scott Steiner is down bad. Missile dropkick from Iizuka, Irish whip into the sleeper and a transition into The Dragon Sleeper. Scott Steiner is in the ropes, sleeper again but Scott kicks out of the sleeper. Clothesline and shoulder block with both men banging heads, tag to Rick. Steiner-line and elbow on Iizuka, belly to belly suplex on Iizuka. Pier-Six Brawl time, Rick lands a middle rope Belly To Belly Suplex for the win.


Good wrestling match here, Fujinami and Iizuka are definitely not the flashy type or the type to get those big reactions from the WCW audience but they are willing to hit hard and be hit hard and that’s what works in this one because The Steiners have tonnes of fun moves in their arsenal, really fun tag team stuff here.


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over Tatsumi Fujinami & Takayuki Iizuka via Belly to Belly Superplex!


(WarGames Match) The Dangerous Alliance (Rick Rude/Stunning Steve Austin/Bobby Eaton/Arn Anderson/Larry Zbyszko) vs Sting’s Squadron (Sting/Ricky Steamboat/Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes/Nikita Koloff)

Only a contest like this could settle the feud between all these men, think of what we have heading into this match. We have a stable created with the sole purpose of destroying Sting, we have Rick Rude’s attempts to break the neck of Ricky The Dragon Steamboat. We have Barry Windham wanting to kill Larry Zbyszko for breaking his hand and the wild card that is Nikita Koloff. That is a hell of a build and we have had a lot of WarGames matches but this feels like the most heated of the lot.


So how does it work? Two men start, a coin-toss will decide which team has the man advantage and it can only end when all 10 men have entered and you can only win by surrender or submission. Who will start this match for each team? Stunning Steve Austin vs Barry Windham to begin this match, Austin has trimmed his thinning long hair, these two start brawling really good to kick us off. Right hands from Windham, shoulder blocks but Austin tries sending Windham into the cage. Windham blocks and peppers Austin over and over, scoop slam but the elbow drop misses as Austin lands massive right hands. Windham’s head meets the buckle, shoulder thrusts from Austin.


Austin blocks the piledriver and back-drops Windham, Windham tosses Austin into the other ring. Massive DDT from Windham plants Austin, Austin manages to avoid having his face touch the cage, Windham is tossed between the rings. Flying clothesline by Austin, Austin is dropped off the top rope and down to the mat. Austin is the first man to taste the cage, Windham rakes the face of Austin off the cage wall. Austin is now bleeding, these two are setting the tone for this match. Right hand by Windham decks Austin, Windham bites the head of Austin. Windham lands a knee-lift but The Dangerous Alliance win the toss. In comes Ravishing Rick Rude, massive knees and elbows from Rude.


Windham fights back but Rude rakes the eyes, right hands by Windham. Shoulder thrusts from Rude, Windham blocks the cage. Austin comes back and lands a diving clothesline. Windham meets the cage thanks to Austin and Rude, who will be next in? It’s Ricky Steamboat who wants Rude and chops all around, Austin meets the cage wall. DDT on Rude, DDT on Austin. Crowd is going fucking bananas by this point, hell yeah WCW! Austin saves Rude from an assault, Steamboat dodges Austin and kicks him down. Rude eats a hurricanrana and a flurry of fists from Steamboat. The next man is Arn Anderson, knees and DDT by Anderson on Windham. Spinebuster on Steamboat, Anderson has turned the tide in this one.


Steamboat is caught in a double crab, Steamboat’s back may be broken. Windham saves the day with massive rights, Windham is bleeding now. Steamboat is tossed to the other ring, who will be next for Sting’s Squadron? The Natural Dustin Rhodes is next! Rhodes brawls with Anderson, boots to the face and a Bionic Elbow. Irish whip and an inverted atomic drop and clothesline on Austin, Anderson is down too after a clothesline. Electric chair drop on Austin, Anderson is being crushed between the rings by Windham. This is fantastic fun here, number four will be The Cruncher Larry Zbyszko.


Rhodes meets Zbyszko and Zbyszko is being waffled, Medusa is climbing the cage what is going on here? She drops down the telephone for The Dangerous Alliance but Sting scares away Medusa from the top of the cage. Rude rakes the eyes and nose of Steamboat, Steamboat screams out in pain. Austin is pummelling Windham. Zbyszko is taking it to Rhodes who is bleeding now, Sting is coming in for his team! Stinger running wild baby, face-busters and jaw-breakers for Anderson and Rude. Anderson meets the steel cage, Austin is back-dropped into the steel cage. Anderson is bleeding all over the place, Eaton is having his fists taped. Nice touch as that right-hand is well documented as deadly, Rude is being tortured by Steamboat and Sting before the final man comes in for The Dangerous Alliance.


Beautiful Bobby starts using that beautiful right hand, Rhodes is bleeding like crazy. Lots of babyfaces meeting the cage wall, Zbyszko is trying to unhook a buckle, Rude wants to rip it apart, there must be a plan here. Anderson is stomping Sting, here comes the final man: Nikita Koloff! Nikita drills Anderson to start, Nikita shows that he can be trusted and they will work together. Russian Sickle and clothesline from The Stinger, Nikita is an ally. Rude is working on the buckle again, Zbyszko is drilled in the head with a boot. Sting has The Scorpion Death-lock on Anderson, Eaton makes the save and takes the rod from the buckle. Figure Four from Rhodes on Zbyszko, Nikita smashes Austin into the buckle over and over. Steamboat has the sleeper on Rude, Eaton has the steel rod. Zbyszko has the hook now, aiming for Sting. Eaton is drilled with the steel, Sting applies the arm-bar and wrenches the arm, Eaton surrenders!


What a fantastic match, this has action and heat throughout the contest, props to every man involved, there was a lot of bad blood heading into this match. We have Zbyszko vs Windham, Rude vs Steamboat and the overall package of The Dangerous Alliance having beef with all members of Sting’s Squadron. It is setup in fantastic fashion as Austin and Windham just hammer one another from the get-go and it’s on, not a second of wasted motion from that point, everyone comes in and gets their shit in and there are buckets of blood here, Austin is fantastic here with every babyface coming in, they just torture the guy and its brilliant. Loved every minute of this and the only knock I have on this is that it will speel the decline of The Dangerous Alliance which personally sucks in my eyes because I loved the faction and I really didn’t get to see them kill it as much as I wanted to when it comes to rounding out the card. This is one of the matches that you hear a lot of hype for and it delivers, this may not save the terrible card but by God does it come close in that regard, excellent match recommended viewing!


Winner: Sting’s Squadron over The Dangerous Alliance via Surrender!


That was WCW’s WrestleWar 1992, a WCW PPV that has an absolutely amazing main event and possibly a hidden gem in there but still has some good old WCW stink on there. We kick things off with Freebirds vs Valentine/Taylor, I like Taylor who has grown on me but everyone else in this match has to go, Freebirds whether they are heels or faces have been around for so long in that United States Tag Team Championship scene, I just cannot get excited for them as I have seen everything they have to offer, they truly have nothing more to give. Bagwell vs Flamingo is awkward from these two up and comers, rough around the edges for sure but Flamingo has a charisma to him that makes him much more interesting than generic Bagwell. Simmons vs Hughes does no favours for Simmons who after the Reed feud and split of Doom has had the ball dropped on him in my eyes. The rub from JYD could have helped but I am not sure how Ron Simmons will go from this to capturing the WCW Heavyweight Championship.


Todd Champion vs Super Invader was as bad as you think it might be, enough said there. Richard Morton vs Big Josh is just so poor, Ricky Morton needs to leave this company because he’s been irrelevant for well over 2 years at this point and Big Josh is not doing much for me, the gimmick is just horrific as is his work inside the squared circle. Z-Man has probably the match of his career against Brian Pillman here, two babyfaces tearing it up for the richest prize in their division, both Pillman and Zenk showcase a side of themselves that would be new to us, showing more fire than ever before and Pillman wins thematch as he should while we shall see what is next for The Z-Man. Steiners vs Iizuka & Fujinami is hard-hitting and flies by in terms of action, big hits and the crowd pops huge for the action in the ring, very happy with this match. Finally, the main event is just top-tier stuff with everyone on their A game and there is drama and excitement throughout, loved every minute of it and kept me guessing where it was going next, cannot say enough about this. Check it out for the main event, it is well worth your time! Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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