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WCW Great American Bash 1992 Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more surprising than seeing Buff Bagwell in a deathmatch! It’s time for WCW Great American Bash 1992 and I am pissed! Why? Because we are treated to an NWA Tag Team Championship Tournament, this is a shock for me because I thought this tournament would have been concluded by the time this show came around but that means I am going to have to watch lots of tag team tournament matches all over the card and it just makes me sad because that would mean this card has a good chance of dragging but the less-serious teams are all eliminated, the tournament is populated by big stars but I wonder will it be any good? The other hook for this PPV is none other than Vader challenging Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!


(NWA Tag Team Tournament Quarter Finals Match) Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs Nikita Koloff & Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Babyfaces all around, Nikita shoulder blocks and out-powers Pillman before Pillman drop toeholds and slaps on a front chancery, Nikita powers up and places Pillman on the top rope like a child. Pillman kicks Nikita and lands a dropkick, Nikita stops the ten punches and lands an inverted atomic drop. Pillman dodges the corner splash and lands a schoolboy for two, tag to Liger. Liger works the arm with arm-wrenches over and over, tag to Pillman. Diving double axe handle from Pillman, Liger comes back in with his own axe handle. Another tag to Pillman who kicks the arm and wrenches the arm, hammerlock throw to the ropes. Nikita’s arm is being destroyed before we have a shoulder block in the middle of the ring with Liger not knocking down Nikita.


A dropkick and a shoulder block take down Nikita, Pillman is in the ring again. Nikita tags in Steamboat who lands a noggin-knocker, Team Pillman is dumped to the floor. Drop toehold into an arm-bar, Steamboat continues to control the tempo with arm-drags and clotheslines. Pillman clotheslines Steamboat down, tag to Liger who lands a double dropkick with Pillman. Steamboat trips up Liger, shoulder block by The Dragon for wo. Tag to Nikita, scoop slam by Nikita. Elbow by Nikita, Pillman tags into the match. Side headlock by Nikita, tag to Steamboat. Side headlock takedown from Steamboat, Pillman fights out with a back body drop and a dropkick for two. Side headlock takedown from Pillman, tag to Liger who lands kicks and a back-breaker. Diving moonsault for two, tombstone piledriver from Liger for two. Somersault senton from Liger for two, Steamboat lands a belly to back suplex. Nikita lands a boot and an elbow drop, make it three. Reverse chin-lock from Nikita, Steamboat comes in and lands a back-breaker. Make it three back-breakers from The Dragon, a running powerslam with Pillman making the save.


Tag to Nikita, double elbow to the face of Liger. Two for Nikita, Nikita has the reverse chin-lock before tagging in Steamboat. Irish whip and Steamboat ducks his head, kick from Liger and tag to Pillman. Back body drop to Steamboat, dropkick to Nikita. Dropkick and scoop slam for two, side headlock from Pillman. Liger comes in and Steamboat takes down Liger, in comes Nikita. Liger kicks and smacks Nikita, no effect on Nikita. Flying shoulder block, it’s time! Pillman comes in and lands a dropkick to stop Nikita, Liger tags in Pillman. Irish whip and dropkick by Pillman, make it two. Pillman tries a crossbody but Nikita catches Pillman, Liger lands an assist dropkick. Nikita sends Pillman to the apron, Air Pillman and a diving missile dropkick, Steamboat is dropkicked to the floor too. Pillman covers for two and a half!


Pillman chops Nikita in the corner, Nikita sends Pillman to the buckle. Pillman stops Nikita with two boots, Pillman slaps on the sleeper. Jaw-breaker from Nikita, Liger and Steamboat tag into the match. Enzuigiri from Liger, Steamboat avoids a dropkick. Backslide by Liger for two, tag to Pillman. Slingshot crossbody by Pillman for two, side headlock takedown from Pillman. Backslide from Steamboat for two, Pillman lands a belly to back suplex. The match breaks down with Steamboat rolling through Pillman’s diving crossbody for the win.


What a hot start to the show, there was no way this was not going to be good when you have Ricky Steamboat, Jushin Liger and Brian Pillman. They all play their part well here and the crowd is freaking out during the majority of the match so it is wonderful stuff here to kick off the show. Really good chemistry between these men and that’s a good start for a show that I am not really too keen on, hoping for more surprises!


Winners: Team Steamboat over Team Pillman via Roll-Through Diving Crossbody!


(NWA Tag Team Tournament Quarter-Finals Match) Shinya Hashimoto & Hiroshi Hase vs The Fabulous Freebirds

This match sounds like the greatest joke of all-time, imagine I am going to see Michael Hayes get smacked around by Hashimoto? Who would you believe you with that statement? Hashimoto is obviously a massive upgrade from AKIRA but what can The Freebirds do with Hase and Hashimoto?


Hayes and Hase to start, Hase works the arm but Hayes kicks away Hase. Side headlock from Hase, Hayes counters with a head-scissors. Hase flips out of the head-scissors, Hase takes down Hayes but Hayes rolls through into the arm-bar. Tag to Garvin, Garvin wrenches the arm but Hase backs Garvin to his corner. In comes Hashimoto, side headlock from Garvin. Hammerlock from Garvin, Hashimoto drop toeholds but they are in the ropes. Side headlock takedown from Hashimoto, arm-bar from Hashimoto. Tag to Hase, diving chop to the arm. Garvin avoids the wristlock, knees from Hase. Tag to Hashimoto, brutal kicks from Hashimoto. Scoop slam from Hashimoto for two, Garvin scrambles away and tags in Hayes.


Shots to the arm from Hayes, Hashimoto lands a throat thrust and batters Hayes. Tag to Hase who lands a somersault senton for two, Hase works the ribs. Hayes tries chopping back, tag to Hashimoto. Measured kicks from Hashimoto, Hayes collapses to the mat. Garvin saves Hayes but Hashimoto lands a northern lights suplex for two, reverse chin-lock from Hashimoto. Hase is sent into Hashimoto, Hayes ducks a clothesline and lands two lefts to sting the NJPW stars. Tag to Garvin, running forearms and scoop slams. Clotheslines too, Garvin walks into a kick from Hashimoto and a Northern Lights Suplex from Hase for the win.


Yeah went about how I thought it would, very middle of the road I am shocked the fans still care about The Freebirds, they have faced everyone so I am not sure what you do with them but the act ran stale a long time ago.


Winners: Team Hase over The Fabulous Freebirds via Northern Lights Suplex!


(NWA Tag Team Tournament Quarter-Finals Match) Ravishing Rick Rude & Stunning Steve Austin vs Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham

This could be a show-stealer right here, we will ever see the Television Championship match that they continue to talk about week in and week out? Who knows! Austin and Windham will be starting out, Austin sends Windham to the buckle. Lock-up and Austin sends Windham to the buckle twice, Windham sends back Austin and lands an arm-drag. Austin lands right hands after not giving the clean break, backslide attempt from Austin. Austin secures it for two, schoolboy with a handful of tights for two. Shoulder block but Windham lands a massive right-hand. Austin is furious, side headlock takedown from Windham. Austin counters with a head-scissors, Windham counters and teases the right hand before slapping Austin around.


Rhodes lands a bionic elbow and Austin powders, Rude decides to come into the ring and they lock-up, tag to Rhodes. Rhodes works the arm, Rude battles back with forearms that rock Rhodes. Whip to the opposite buckle, boot counter by Rhodes and a clothesline. Rude eats a belly to back suplex, arm-drag into an arm-bar from Rhodes. Rhodes is backed to the corner, shoulder thrusts from Rude who slaps on a reverse chin-lock. Knees from Rude but Rhodes counters the tombstone and spikes Rude, Austin makes the save. Stomps and elbow drops from Rhodes, Rhodes tries a splash but Rude counters with knees to the ribs. Rhodes meets the knees of Austin, snap-mare into a knee-drop. Austin kicks the ribs of Rhodes, Rhodes reverses a whip to the buckle but Austin explodes out with a clothesline.


Rhodes reverses a whip and knees Austin in the ribs, Rhodes kicks Austin in the ribs over and over. Abdominal stretch from Rhodes, Austin eats a right hand and we have a tag to Windham. Diving clothesline for two, Austin brings Windham to his corner. Rude works the kidneys with forearm after forearm, belly to back suplex and fist drop from Rude for two. Windham meets the knee of Austin, superplex time from Austin? Windham headbutts Austin down, side headlock from Windham. Flying crossbody for two, Medusa is on the apron. Rude yanks down Windham by the hair, Rude lands a diving missile dropkick for two.


Spike piledriver from Rude and Rhodes interferes and rallies the crowd. Windham is trying for the tag, Austin is in and lands a diving axe handle to thwart Windham. Austin drills Windham with the suplex, two for Austin. Reverse chin-lock from Austin, Windham fights out but Austin drop toeholds Windham to prevent the tag. Rude comes in off the tag and lands more forearms, Windham is bounced off the buckle. Windham blocks the buckle and sends Rude into the buckle, Rude lands a scoop slam and poses for everyone. Front chancery from Rude, Windham counters Rude but Austin has the tag and stops the tag. Windham is dumped to the floor, Austin comes out and attacks Windham. Windham lands a massive knee-lift, Austin boots Windham down though for two.


Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock, Rude tags in and works the headlock. Austin is back in and lands shoulder thrusts, Irish whip and back body drop with right hands by Austin. Windham counters the scoop slam for a small package, two for Windham. Both men collide with a clothesline, Austin lands a belly to back suplex and tags in Rude. Knees and forearms by Rude, Windham lands an inverted atomic drop, Rude ducks the clothesline but both men bang heads. Rhodes get the hot-tag, Bionic Elbows and clotheslines all around. Dropkick to the floor, Austin eats a massive reverse elbow to the face. Windham brawls with Rude, noggin-knockers and the match breaks down. Austin wants a piledriver in the ring but Rhodes lands a Diving Clothesline for the win on Austin.


Great stuff here, I would love to see Windham and Rhodes in the tag team championship picture but it is difficult to do when you have a team like The Steiners, Austin and Rude are tremendous in this match also. Windham does a great job showing how vicious these heels can be and Rhodes shows great fire when coming in for the hot-tag, I may not be a fan of this tag team tournament but when we have matches like this, I might just have to change my mind but kudos to all four men, The Dangerous Alliance vs Steamboat and the team of Windham/Rhodes has always delivered.


Winners: Team Windham over Team Rude via Diving Clothesline!


(NWA Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match) The Miracle Violence Connection vs Nikita Koloff & Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Steamboat and Gordy to begin this match, Gordy has a side headlock and lands a shoulder block. Side headlock takedown from Gordy, Steamboat rolls over for pin-fall attempts but Gordy maintains control, Steamboat escapes and leapfrogs before landing those deep arm-drags. Gordy tracks Steamboat to the corner, tag to Williams but Steamboat escapes the corner and lands the arm-drag. Williams and Steamboat eventually separate as Williams continues to showcase his amateur background, Steamboat catches Williams with a fireman’s carry. Arm-bar from Steamboat, Williams backs Steamboat to the corner. Steamboat chops his way out, Gordy is frustrated. Tag to Nikita, clubbing blows to the arm of Gordy. Gordy tags in Williams who is dropped also, Nikita works the arm.


Nikita and Gordy are in there now, shoulder blocks do not work for Nikita but a massive dropkick spells disaster for Gordy. Nikita cannot break free from Williams as they continue to showcase their amateur wrestling skills, eventually we have Steamboat and Gordy in there who lands a massive chop and an arm-drag before transitioning to the arm-bar. Gordy sends Steamboat to the corner, tag to Williams. Clothesline from Williams before an eye poke by Williams, Steamboat ducks and tries a crucifix but Steamboat is sent to the buckle by Williams. Steamboat chops back but Williams snap-mares Steamboat to the corner, tag to Gordy who lands a scoop slam. Make it two, tag to Williams and they land their double shoulder blocks for two.


Williams and Gordy land a double suplex on Steamboat but the referee is not buying the idea that the duo tagged, Steamboat continues to chop his way back into the match. Gordy makes the tag and Williams smashes the back of Steamboat. Steamboat tries a flying crossbody but Williams counters with a back-breaker for two. Tag to Gordy who lowers his head off an Irish whip, DDT by Steamboat. Tag to Nikita who lands shoulder blocks all around, the flying shoulder block is blocked as Gordy lands a face-buster, tag to Williams. Nikita is dropped across the top rope, make it double. Head-scissors choke from Williams, Gordy comes in and we have Nikita rallying but missing a knee to the corner.


So, Gordy takes control with an STF. Williams comes into the match, knees to the head of Koloff and Boston crab. Am I just watching The Steiners match again? Nikita survives so Gordy goes back to the STF, Nikita survives so Williams comes back in and rinse and repeat before Williams wants the stampede but Nikita shoves Williams to the buckle. They bang heads but Steamboat gets the tag, right hands to both Gordy and Williams. Belly to back suplex on Williams, chop to the head. Steamboat climbs high, Diving Chop to the back of the head. Diving crossbody is thwarted as Gordy shoves Steamboat into the hands of Williams who lands a modified Oklahoma Stampede for the win.


Awful and I like a lot of the wrestlers in this match but this was horrific, it is very similar to the Steiners match with Gordy and Williams continuing the mat-wrestling stuff, it just keeps on going and going. The same oh let’s keep doing submissions spot too, I have seen it already and it was horrific so why not learn from our mistakes? Why not have Steamboat vs Rude blow-off for the championship? Why not Cactus Jack vs Steamboat considering the attack at Beach Blast? Terrible match here.


Winners: Team MVC over Team Steamboat via Modified Oklahoma Stampede!


(NWA Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match) Hiroshi Hase & Shinya Hashimoto vs Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes

Hase and Rhodes to start, Rhodes and Hase trade wrestling holds before Windham comes in and tests Hase with his strength, Hashimoto comes in for test of strength with Windham. Windham throws Hashimoto, Rhodes comes in and is smacked with a shoulder block. Side headlock from Rhodes, both men collide middle of the ring. Top wristlock from Hashimoto into the arm-bar, tag to Hase. Hammerlock into a choke from Hase, Rhodes counters and tags in Windham who lands a hammerlock scoop slam. Uppercuts from Windham, side headlock takedown into the keylock. Hase flips out of the hold and works the arm, chops from Hase and a tag to Hashimoto. Elbow to the head by Hashimoto, triangle choke from Hashimoto.


Windham goes to the ropes for a break, elbows from Windham and a tag to Rhodes. Bionic Elbow into an arm-drag, Hashimoto goes to the throat and kicks the crap out of Rhodes. Spinning heel kick from Hashimoto, spike piledriver from Team NJPW. Hashimoto and Hase double team Rhodes, elbow drop from Hashimoto. Hase comes in and lands knees and boots to the head, Rhodes fights back as both men trade elbows and chops. Windham has enough at one point attacking both Hase and Hashimoto, Hashimoto regains control and lands a knee on Rhodes. Suplex from Hashimoto, two for Hashimoto. Hase misses a diving knee drop and Rhodes lands a massive clothesline.


Tag to Windham, elbows and clubbing blows. Suplex on Hase, two for Windham. Powerslam from Windham, two for Windham. Abdominal stretch with shots to the ribs, Hashimoto is drilled with a clothesline. Pier-Six brawl, Hashimoto is knocked to the floor, Rhodes confuses Hase with leapfrogs before we have Windham landing a flying clothesline for the win.


Really bad match, low effort stuff from everyone involved here. So much barebones wrestling going on in that ring, I saw technical mat wrestling in the last match for 20 minutes, not a great idea to follow that up with 15 minutes of the same shtick.


Winners: Team Windham over Team NJPW via Flying Clothesline!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Sting © vs Vader W/ Harley Race

Vader had been in and out of WCW, some notable moments here and there but nothing concrete until in 1992, Vader broke the ribs of Sting and kicked off this feud. Harley Race was placed as the mouthpiece of Vader due to having nothing to do once Lex Luger decided to quit the company. Sting has been side-tracked with The Dangerous Alliance and Cactus Jack but now Sting has to fight the man who injured his ribs.


They meet in the middle of the ring and talk trash, Sting wants to fight. Vader shoves back Sting and poses, they lock-up again and Vader clubs the crap out of Sting who is rocked. Sting is in serious trouble, short-arm clothesline and Sting rolls to the floor. Harley Race talks smack to the face of Sting, Sting re-enters the ring. Vader whips Sting, Sting ducks the clothesline and Sting lands his own clothesline and crossbody but Vader does not even budge. Vader misses a corner splash, belly to back suplex by Sting. A clothesline and Vader is clotheslined to the floor, Sting rallies this crowd. Sting lands rights and a massive shot to floor Vader, dropkick sends Vader to the apron. An enzuigiri catches Vader on the apron, Sting suplexes Vader into the ring for two.


Vader clubs down Sting to stop the flurry, Sting avoids a clothesline and boots down Vader, small package for two. Vader powders, Sting tries a sunset flip on Vader. Bad idea as Vader sits down and crushes the ribs of Sting, could those ribs be reinjured? Elbow drop by Vader, make it two. Vader lands a splash for two, Vader pulls up Sting to choke him and toss him to the canvas. Vader grinds down Sting with a toe-hold, Sting is caught in his own hold. Sting manages to escape but Vader continues to waffle Sting with shots to the face, Sting cannot even hold himself up in the ring. Clothesline from Vader, running powerslam from Vader for two.


Sting is backed into the corner, Vader tees off with rights and lefts. Sting blocks the right hand and begins chopping back at the challenger, rolling kappu kick to the head of Vader. DDT from Sting, Sting runs into Vader knocking the big man to the apron. Vader is on the top rope, Sting kicks Vader down. Sting kicks Vader’s ribs over and over, Samoan drop from Sting. Two for Sting, Vader tries a belly to back suplex but Sting flips out and kicks the referee by mistake, Sting lands a German suplex for a close two as the referee was down and could not count right away. Sting lands a Stinger Splash, make it two but Sting smacks his head off the steel buckle. Sting is bleeding from smashing his head off the steel, Vader drags Sting for a cover and gets two.


Vader is in firm control here, Sting tries throwing blows but Vader effortlessly dodges the attacks of the champion. Vader picks up Sting who is looking lost now, Powerbomb from Vader and Vader is your new world heavyweight champion!


What a match, what a way to establish Vader. Sting threw everything he had at Vader, every chop, every dropkick, every Stinger Splash and Vader would not falter, Vader would not waver and Vader marched on through every piece of offense from Sting and Powerbombed his way to victory. Fantastic way to establish Vader as the toughest force in WCW, Sting will live to fight another day but on this night, Vader was the baddest motherfucker in WCW and Sting did a great job of telling that story.


Winner: Vader over Sting via Powerbomb!


(NWA Tag Team Tournament Final Match) The Miracle Violence Connection vs Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes

Ole Anderson is the referee, Windham and Williams start who are no strangers to one another from their battles when Doc fought against The Horsemen. They try to grapple one another, both men maintaining distance. Gordy comes in and so does Rhodes. Gordy shoots for the leg, Rhodes shoots back for the leg. Clean break off the ropes, Gordy is not happy with the officiating of Ole Anderson. Rhodes goes to the ropes but Gordy German suplexes Rhodes, Bionic Elbows from Rhodes and a massive forearm, Rhodes works the leg. Windham comes in as does Williams, Williams and Windham wrestle around on the ground for a minute or two before Williams lands a knee to the head and Windham nearly gets beheaded by a clothesline by Gordy.


Rhodes tags in and chases the leg of Gordy, knees and ankle stretch from Rhodes. In comes Williams and we get some more MAT-WRESTLING BOY. Rhodes slaps on a deep arm-drag followed by an arm-bar, Gordy is able to get tagged in and apply the STF. Rhodes has a sleeper but Gordy blind-tags to Williams who lands a diving axe handle, sleeper from Williams. Gordy comes in and it’s time for a Boston crab, Williams comes in for a powerslam for two. Williams is not happy, front chancery from Williams. Windham gets the tag and batters Gordy and Williams, back body-drop on Williams. Clothesline on Gordy, suplex with a float-over for two. Gut-wrench suplex for two, Windham whips Williams to the buckle but misses and Gordy comes in for a suplex. Two for Gordy, lariat from Gordy for two. Reverse chin-lock from Gordy, in comes Williams who kicks Windham all around the ring before Windham lands a boot to the head. Williams holds onto Windham and stops the tag, Gordy comes in and lands elbow after elbow.


In comes Williams and they batter Windham some more, abdominal stretch from Williams. Windham reaches the ropes and Williams tags in Gordy. Gordy and Windham bang heads after Windham drops down off an Irish whip, could this be the moment? Rhodes gets the tag, Bionic Elbows all around. Williams clubs down Rhodes, front chancery. Now we have to watch Rhodes be destroyed? Rhodes keeps fighting the two but is cut off by Williams, Oklahoma Stampede is stopped by Windham with a dropkick, we have a pier-six brawl now. Williams misses  a corner splash, Rhodes is sent into Gordy and Williams lands a clothesline for the win.


Brutal just brutal, I can’t believe a team so legendary in AJPW, a team that I have watched have fantastic matches in AJPW bore me to tears almost with matches back to back. Two of the worst ends to WCW PPVs I have seen in recent memory and I cannot believe that I have Rick Rude killing it in one segment or Ricky Steamboat or Sting doing great things but no we have this tag tournament stinking up this card.


Winners: Team Miracle Violence Connection over Team Windham & Rhodes via Clothesline!


That was WCW’s Great American Bash 1992 and it was a mostly bad show from WCW, it pains me to say it but these PPVs based around certain concepts is really hurting WCW for me at times, it was bad enough at The Lethal Lottery Battle Bowl for Starrcade, the mini tournament at Starrcade 89 and The War Games Match taking all the top talent so the undercard is littered with lower-card acts but this tag team tournament is brutal. I have seen some bad tag tournaments in WCW but at least they were short and somewhat watchable. The semi-finals and finals of this tournament were atrocious in every sense of the word, Williams and Gordy are legendary figures in AJPW, I am a big fan of both men but when they came to WCW in 1992, they must have not given two shits because these matches are awful. The tournament kicks off with so much hope as Pillman/Liger want to deliver as do Windham and Rhodes against The Dangerous Alliance but it gets brutal after that and the tournament dies a cruel death in front of all in the arena. The one major highlight is the crowning of Vader as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sting does a fantastic job of making Vader look unstoppable and boy does he, should be interesting to see how Vader does as champion. Plenty of babyfaces to work with so fingers crossed for Vader’s run, thanks for reading and remember: there is always another night!

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