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WCW Superbrawl II Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that dances to the ring before saving its brother, looking at you Jeff! It’s time for WCW Superbrawl II, considered an iconic show in WCW history due to Pillman vs Liger and the Dangerous Alliance having a number of great matches littered throughout the card as we have Windham chasing after Zbyszko for revenge for breaking his hand while we also have Anderson & Eaton defending their WCW tag team championships against The Steiners and we cannot forget the main event of Lex Luger defending his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Sting. There are big matches here and the company seems to have a solid direction with the card starting to round out, we might be looking at my favourite year of WCW but let’s find out if this card holds up!


(WCW Light Heavyweight Championship Match) Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs Jushin Thunder Liger ©

Pillman was crowned the inaugural champion at Halloween Havoc, besting Richard Morton in a bad match and the light heavyweight division was not exactly stellar in WCW but then along comes a man renowned as the greatest light heavyweight/junior heavyweight of all-time in Jushin Liger. Liger is a one of a kind talent and Pillman is a very special talent too, Pillman lost to Liger but now Pillman has his chance to regain the championship from the NJPW Junior Ace!


They circle one another, wristlock from Pillman which Liger flips out of into his own wristlock. Pillman grabs a side headlock, shoulder block by Pillman. Leapfrogs by both men and a stand-off with a dropkick, crowd appreciates that. Drop toehold into a Fujiwara arm-bar by the challenger, hammerlock from Pillman and Pillman pulls on the jaw of the champion. Liger clubs down Pillman, whip to the opposite buckle and Pillman lands a corner head-scissors, baseball slide from Pillman. Liger rethinks his strategy, we reset. Takedown into a leg-lock from Liger, Pillman kicks Liger with his other leg. Chops from Pillman, whip to the opposite buckle but Liger bounces over Pillman and lands a moonsault for two. Dropkick with Pillman on the floor and a fake-dive from Liger lights up the crowd.


Snap-mare into a modified abdominal stretch from the challenger, head-scissors from Pillman but Liger turns over and rolls out looking for a Romero Special. Pillman scrambles to the ropes to escape, Liger pushes Pillman to the corner. Whip to the opposite buckle and a dropkick from Liger, crucifix from Pillman for two. Liger escapes the scoop slam and sunset flips Pillman for two, Pillman folds up Liger with a belly to back suplex for two. Chop from Pillman, whip to the buckle but Liger dodges the monkey flip/knee attempt. Liger begins going after the leg with snaps and kicks to the leg. Shin-breaker from Liger, figure four from Liger. Pillman sets up and slaps Liger while in the hold, Liger continues with the pressure. Pillman manages to reverse the hold and both men reach the ropes.


Pillman elbows Liger in the ribs, Liger goes after the leg. Single leg Boston crab from the champion, whip to the ropes and head-scissors from Pillman but Liger back-drops Pillman to the floor, senton from the top rope to the floor wipes out the challenger. Pillman reverses Liger and lands Air Pillman, Pillman wants a suplex to the floor and it connects, Pillman is ready to dive onto Liger. Diving Crossbody to the floor from Pillman, chops on the floor by Pillman. Pillman tries a running apron splash but Liger dodges and Pillman smashes into the guardrail. Liger climbs high, the crossbody is countered with a dropkick by the challenger. Pillman is up high and both men try dropkicks and crash to the mat, both try spinning heel kicks and wipe-out. Powerslam from Pillman for two, German suplex by Liger for two and a half.


Liger is up to his feet first, Luger is looking for a big move off the top rope. Could we have a top rope brainbuster, Pillman counters and drops Liger to the mat face-first. Diving Crossbody but Liger manages to kick out of the crossbody, what does Pillman have left inside to finish off Liger? Pillman ducks his head off an Irish whip, Liger counters with a powerbomb for a close two. Liger-Bomb is countered into a hurricanrana with a pin, two for Pillman. Knee by Liger, Liger ducks his head off the Irish whip and Pillman plants the champion with a DDT. Both men duck clotheslines and bang heads hard, Pillman is up top and Liger crotches Pillman and plants him with a superplex for two. Liger is up high, diving headbutt misses and Pillman rolls up Liger with a beautiful pin for the win.


At the time, this was a tremendous showcase of the Junior Heavyweight division, an amazing match given the time in America. Jushin Liger is allergic to bad matches, this is Liger in his prime so it is just excellent while Pillman more than holds his own in this one. I love how they gave one another so much in this match, so many big bumps that had the crowd in the palm of their hands, fantastic opening match and you could not ask any more of an opening match.


Winner: Flyin’ Brian Pillman over Jushin Liger via Cradle!


The Taylor-Made Man vs Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Taylor was going to take Bagwell under his wing but Bagwell refused the slimy Taylor so we have these two locking it up on PPV. Taylor backs Bagwell to the corner, Taylor continues to out-wrestler Bagwell. Side headlock from Taylor, shoulder block before Bagwell counters with a hip-toss, Taylor is not happy with the fire shown by Taylor. Right-hand by Taylor, Bagwell fires back with a right-hand of his own. Knee by Taylor, Bagwell is sent to the ramp. Bagwell lands an inverted atomic drop and atomic drop before clotheslining Taylor into the ring. Diving crossbody for two, side headlock takedown from Bagwell. Bagwell is sent to the floor but returns to apply the headlock again, shoulder block and Taylor goes to the apron.


Taylor knees Bagwell and tries a suplex, sleeper from Bagwell. Taylor grabs the ropes, Bagwell is lured in and is sent to the floor. Taylor bounces Bagwell off the guardrail, jaw-breaker from Taylor. Taylor slaps Bagwell which fires up the rookie, eye-rake from Taylor. Bagwell fires back with right hands, Irish whip but Bagwell lowers his head and Taylor lands the Dr. Bomb for two. Bagwell fires back with a sunset flip for two, right hands by Bagwell before Taylor cuts him off with a kick. Suplex by Taylor, Taylor climbs high and lands the diving top rope splash for two. Bagwell avoids the piledriver with a back body-drop, eye rake by Taylor.


Snap-mare into the snap-over neck-breaker for two, Taylor is frustrated by the rookie’s refusal to quit. Bagwell O’Connor rolls Taylor for the win but Taylor lands his Taylor-Made Five-Arm for revenge and gets his heat back with a massive DDT.


That’s not bad, Taylor took care of Bagwell in there and did not expose any of his flaws, the problem for Bagwell is that Bagwell is as bland as they come when it comes to a babyface so it will not be long before the crowd turns on Bagwell unless there is a gimmick coming for him.


Winner: Marcus Bagwell over Taylor-Made Man via O’Connor Roll!


Cactus Jack vs Ron Simmons

Two big bastards mixing it up inside of that ring, Cactus Jack has moved on from Van Hammer but this is not Abdullah so what is going on here? Anyways, Ron Simmons is an explosive powerhouse and will have no trouble throwing around Cactus Jack. Simmons backs Cactus to the corner, Cactus clubs Simmons but Simmons fires back with right hands. Whip to the buckle, Cactus boots away Simmons and Cactus tries his clothesline but gets caught in the top rope. The referee frees Cactus and Simmons goes after Cactus Jack. In the ring, Cactus lands a headbutt to the ribs, Cactus lowers his head off an Irish whip and Simmons lands the face-buster with a leg drop for two.


Whip to the buckle, boot by Cactus and a massive clothesline. Double Arm DDT from Cactus, massive leg-drop for two. We go to the floor, Cactus smashes Simmons off the guardrail. Middle rope Cactus Elbow to the floor, Simmons fights back in the ring but misses a dropkick. Reverse chin-lock from Cactus, Simmons escapes and lands a dropkick. Simmon tries a spear but Cactus dodges, Simmons is on the ramp. Cactus runs towards Simmons but Simmons lands a Spinebuster. Eye-rake from Cactus, whip to the buckle and a face-buster from Mr. Bang Bang. Cactus is on the top rope, Simmons counters with a Powerslam for the win!


It was alright, Simmons is still a work in progress as a babyface and needs someone who is experience and can help Simmons grow as a babyface, as fun as Cactus is inside that ring and his willingness to torture himself, Cactus does little for Simmons in this one but Abdullah comes out at the end and in comes JYD to save Ron Simmons and just like that, we could have a way to help Simmons grow with an endorsement from JYD.


Winner: Ron Simmons over Cactus Jack via Powerslam!


Richard Morton & Vinnie Vegas vs Van Hammer & The Z-Man

Oh my God, this looks horrific on paper. Morton to start with Hammer, Hammer sends Morton to the buckle and drops him with a military press slam. In comes Vegas, arm-drag from Hammer. Vegas talks shit and pushes Hammer, lock-up. Vegas backs Hammer to the corner, clean break from Vegas. Shocking really, Hammer backs Vegas to the corner. Eye-poke by Vegas, clubbing blows and right hands from Vegas. Hammer headbutts Vegas who tried a leapfrog? What? Yeah it happened, this is wild!


Hammerlock throw into the buckle by Hammer, right hands by Vegas. Right hands by Hammer, ten punches in the corner. Vegas spears Hammer across the ring but Hammer lands a clothesline, tag to Z-Man who lands a missile dropkick on Vegas. Vegas knees Zenk and tags in Morton, Morton is clotheslined hard to the floor. Plancha from Zenk, hip-toss onto the floor from Zenk. We reset with the big bastards, Vegas plants Hammer with a belly to back suplex. Short-arm clothesline by Vegas for two, tag to Morton. Inverted atomic drop from Morton, snap-mare into a fist-drop from Morton. Tag to Vegas who lands a face-buster, gut-wrench suplex for two. Irish whip into a big boot, Vegas calls for Snake Eyes. Tag to Morton who lands a diving fist to the ribs, Morton picks up Hammer for a belly to back suplex. Tag to Vegas to lands an elbow drop for two.


Vegas wants a faster count, Zenk fires up the crowd. Vegas clubs down Hammer over and over, Morton tags into the match but Hammer counters with a powerslam on Morton. Morton decks Zenk and in comes Vegas for some illegal double team attacks. Flying shoulder tackle from Vegas, Hammer comes back with right hands to the face of Vegas. Vegas lands a thumb to the eye, suplex by Vegas for two. Morton and Vegas trade places before Vegas comes back in and is knocked down by Hammer, tag to Zenk. Back body-drop for Morton, dropkick for Vegas. Powerslam on Morton for two, eye poke by Morton. Morton misses Zenk who dodges from the corner and lands a sunset flip for the win.


That was horrific, how to you have a tag match where big man Hammer is the face in peril while Zenk is on the apron? Why have Vegas work the majority of the match? Because its silly to have Morton work Hammer? Well do not have Hammer in there as the face-in-peril, easily one of the dumbest things I have ever seen and the crowd reacts appropriately.


Winners: Team Z-Man over Team Vinnie Vegas via Sunset Flip!


Larry Zbyszko & Stunning Steve Austin W/ Medusa vs Barry Windham & Dustin The Natural Rhodes

It’s go time ladies and gentlemen as we have Windham going after Zbyszko for breaking his hand, this should be great considering Austin can work like a mad man as can his opponents. This starts with brawling, Windham back-drops Zbyszko and dumps him to the floor, Austin and Rhodes are in the ring. Windham sends Zbyszko into the guardrail, Rhodes pummels Austin to the floor. Windham clotheslines Austin into the ring, Rhodes has a backslide on Austin for two. Bionic Elbow by Rhodes, Austin blocks the monkey flip and Rhodes clotheslines Austin who attempted a diving axe handle. Austin rolls to the ramp for a breather, Rhodes throws Austin into the ring. Tag to Windham, diving axe handle with the cast. Massive dropkick from Windham, Windham tosses Austin to the corner and wants Zbyszko.


Zbyszko tells the fans to shut up and locks up with Windham, eye-rake and spinning sole butt from Zbyszko. Windham back-drops Zbyszko and clotheslines Zbyszko on the ramp. Back in the ring, Windham lands his flying clothesline. Windham pummels Zbyszko with right hands, DDT from Windham. Tag to Rhodes, double back body drop for two. Wristlock from Rhodes, Zbyszko works the arm of Zbyszko. Zbyszko meets the buckle and the cast of Windham, tag to Windham. Gut-wrench suplex for two, Zbyszko survives a piledriver thanks to Austin. Windham is tossed to the floor, Austin sends Windham into the guardrail. Zbyszko crotches Windham on the guardrail. Austin is now the legal man, Windham fires back from the ground.


Austin ducks the clothesline and Windham ends up on the floor, Zbyszko smashes Windham off the guardrail. Tag to Zbyszko, face-rake from The Crusher. Neck-breaker for two, Rhodes makes the save there. Zbyszko scoop slams Windham, tag to Austin. Belly to back suplex from Austin, reverse chin-lock from Austin. Tag to Zbyszko who slaps on the sleeper, jaw-breaker counter from Windham. Zbyszko is decked with the right hand, they bang heads in the middle of the ring after a drop-down from Zbyszko. Austin receives the tag but Windham tags in Rhodes, Rhodes lands right hands and an inverted atomic drop to Austin. Dropkick on Austin, elbow drop by Rhodes for two. Flying clothesline, Zbyszko makes the save.


Irish whip by Rhodes, Austin goes for the O’Connor roll but Rhodes holds onto the ropes but Austin drills Rhodes with a clothesline. Windham is battering Zbyszko on the ramp, Austin sends Rhodes to the buckle. Zbyszko comes in for a neck-breaker, Rhodes chops back and lands right hands. Rhodes ducks his head off an Irish whip, DDT by Zbyszko for two. Rhodes kicks Zbyszko who lowered his head off the Irish whip, Medusa slaps the face of Rhodes. Rhodes chases after Medusa, Austin clotheslines Rhodes on the ramp. In the ring, Windham has Zbyszko, Rhodes is dumped back into the ring. Austin acts as the legal man before, middle rope choke from Austin. Massive knee across the back from Austin, snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock.


Rhodes escapes and lands a crossbody for two, Austin continues the control with a massive clothesline, Zbyszko stomps all over Rhodes. The Cruncher is in firm control with a back-breaker, Zbyszko is pissed with the referee. Rhodes reverses the suplex and drills Zbyszko, Zbyszko drop toeholds Rhodes to thwart the tag attempt. Rhodes almost small packages Austin but Austin kicks out and applies the reverse chin-lock. Rhodes escapes and ducks Austin, massive Stun-Gun from Rhodes. Tag to Windham, Windham pummels Zbyszko and Austin. Flying clothesline by Windham, Windham wants that superplex. Zbyszko shoves off Windham, Rhodes drops Zbyszko off the top rope and Windham lands a diving clothesline for the win.


That was a great tag team match, lots of fun here. Great story here with Windham looking to kill Zbyszko and it was just a question of when it was coming, Rhodes does a great job of selling here with Zbyszko building heat at every turn, Zbyszko is a constant annoyance in the ring and outside the ring. When that hot-tag comes though, great stuff as we finally see Windham get his revenge on Zbyszko and it is great, 18 minutes long and it was a breeze. Love tag team wrestling done well and boy was this tag team wresting done well. Credit to all involved, I knew the Dangerous Alliance would deliver on this night.


Winners: Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham over The Dangerous Alliance via Diving Clothesline!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) The Dangerous Alliance © W/ Paul E. Dangerously vs The Steiner Brothers

Paul E. Dangerously has been barred from ringside for this one, this is politics screams Jesse Ventura. Anyways, The Steiner Brothers are back as Scott recovered from his injury so my favourite WCW tag team are back in action while I love both Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson dearly because they always deliver inside of that ring. Eaton and Scott Steiner to start, lock-up and a clean break from Scott Steiner. Wristlock from Scott and a big slam to Eaton, Eaton re-evaluates the situation. Another takedown from Scott Steiner, Eaton is put in a reverse chin-lock. Single leg-takedown but Eaton scrambles to the ropes, side headlock from Scott and a massive elbow to the face. Scott ducks his head off an Irish whip, swinging neck-breaker from Eaton. Eaton tries an axe handle but Scott lands a massive belly to belly suplex.


Eaton rolls to the floor, in comes Anderson and Rick Steiner which should be interesting. In comes Rick, side headlock from Rick. Side headlock from Rick, Anderson eats a shoulder block and a powerslam. Rick lands more right-hands and Anderson is on the floor with Eaton, Scott tags into the match and works the arm. Anderson reverses the hold and kicks the leg of Scott Steiner, Scott bridges up out of a wristlock and arm-drags the champions before Rick Steinerlines the champions to the floor. Scott and Anderson are in the ring, Anderson boots Scott and tosses Scott to the floor, Eaton and Anderson cannot get the jump on Scott who clotheslines them both down. Rick scares away Eaton, Anderson backs Scott to the corner and the champions battle Scott.


Tilt-a-whirl slam on the ramp, Scott slams Eaton into the ring. Camel clutch from Scott, tag to Rick. Eaton rakes the eyes and slams Rick, Eaton climbs high but Rick was too quick. Doomsday Device from the challengers, noggin-knocker for the champions and Rick looks for his diving bulldog so Eaton shoves Anderson right out of the way and atomic drops Rick. Tag to Anderson who stomps on Rick, snap-mare into stomps from Anderson. Tag to Eaton who clamps on the hammerlock, Rick escapes the hammerlock but Anderson blind-tags in and clocks Rick with a clothesline for two. Anderson cannot suplex Rick, we have a breakdown in the match and The Steiners suplex the champions. Eaton lands his right-hand to Rick so the champions maintain control, Anderson comes off the top rope but Rick counters with a clothesline.


Tag to Scott, back body-drop from Scott Steiner. Suplex for two, Scott works the arm but Anderson lands lefts to stagger Scott Steiner. Scott begins firing back to both champions, Anderson slams the head of Scott Steiner into Eaton. Snap-mare into a knee-drop for two, tag to Eaton. Massive right hand from Beautiful Bobby, scoop slam and diving knee-drop from Eaton for two. Tag to Anderson, Scott reverses the Irish whip but lowers his head. Anderson lands the DDT for two! In comes Eaton who lands an elbow and applies a camel clutch, Scott begins crawling towards his corner. Eaton nails Rick to stop the tag, Eaton tosses Scott over the top rope and Anderson goes to work. Back-breaker on the ramp and Eaton lands the Rocket Launcher on the ramp.


Anderson is sent into the knee of Eaton by Scott Steiner, the people want the hot-tag. Scott crawls and tags in Rick, right hands all around. Steinerline on both champions, Eaton is in the corner. Anderson has Rick on his shoulders, Eaton dives off but Rick catches Eaton in mid-air for a belly to belly suplex for a close two. Anderson meets a boot, Diving Bulldog off the top but Eaton kicks Rick in the head. We have a brawl, Anderson has powder and its thrown in the eyes of Rick and Rick suplexes the referee by mistake. Rick back-drops Anderson to the floor, Tiger-Bomb on Eaton. Scott calls for it, Frankensteiner and we have new champions! However, the original referee reverses the call because of Rick suplexing the referee.


Great tag team match, we start like every good Midnight Express classic match with the heels shining up the babyfaces like crazy, The Steiners thrown Anderson and Eaton all around the ring, then we have the heat and nobody does it better than Eaton and Anderson. The big right-hands, the crisp spinebuster and DDT from Anderson. The isolating and even some big bumps on the ramp all leading to that finish which is great, the heels use the powder and Scott lands that Frankensteiner and you think everything is right with the world only for the heels to win by DQ, Eaton and Anderson survived The Steiners this time but luck will not always be shining on their side, excellent tag team wrestling from everyone involved.


Winners: Bobby Eaton & Arn Anderson over The Steiner Brothers via DQ!


(WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Match) Ravishing Rick Rude © vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

The Ravishing One has punished Steamboat with 2 Rude Awakenings on the previous Clash, leading up to this match. Rude receives tremendous heat in this building, Rude cannot even cut his pre-match promo. Steamboat is accompanied by the Ninja, no Paul E Dangerously allowed at ringside.


They lock-up, clean break the first time. Rude backs Steamboat to the corner, Steamboat blocks the right hand and drills Rude, leapfrogs and drop-downs into the arm-drags. Steamboat chokes Rude with a two-handed toss, face-buster from Steamboat for two. Arm-bar from Steamboat, Steamboat sends the arm of Rude into the ring-post. Arm-drag into the arm-bar, knees and shots to the arm from Steamboat. Right hands and clubbing blows from Rude, forearms from Rudes. Steamboats chops back into the match, kicks to the arm and Rude is in trouble. Arm-bar again, Rude breaks free and gets caught with a crossbody for two. Steamboat goes back into the arm-work with a deep arm-drag into the arm-bar.


Rude lands a crossbody and both men collide, Rude kicks Steamboat to the floor. Steamboat is on the apron and Rude batters Steamboat, suplex into the ring. Eye-rake from Rude, Rude clubs down a resilient Steamboat. Massive clothesline by Rude who sells the arm, knees and snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock. Steamboat fights out but Rude kicks Steamboat in the face and lands a massive clothesline with the injured arm, Rude drops Steamboat across the top rope. Swinging neck-breaker from Rude, piledriver from Rude. Steamboat kicks out at two, belly to back suplex from Rude. Snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock from Rude, Rude counters with a shin-breaker and applies the figure four on Rude.


Rude sends Steamboat to the buckle, massive clothesline to the back of the head. Rude lands a diving chop onto the head of Steamboat, Rude poses with one arm up. Snap-mare and Rude climbs high again, another axe handle to the back of the head and a clothesline for the win. Rude slaps on another chin-lock, Steamboat escapes so Rude transitions into the camel clutch before Steamboat counters that too. They slug it out, both men drop-down and leapfrog before banging heads in the middle of the ring. Rude sends Steamboat to the ropes, sleeper from Rude and Rude mounts Steamboat to apply more pressure. Rude gets caught in a sleeper by Steamboat, jaw-breaker from Rude to escape that hold.


Rude climbs to the top rope, Steamboat kicks Rude and crotches him on the top rope. Top rope Superplex, 1…2.. Rude kicks out! Clotheslines by Steamboat and an enzuigiri to the head, Steamboat mocks the pose of Rude. Irish whip into a back body-drop, low clothesline by Steamboat for two. Flapjack by Steamboat, Steamboat climbs high and lands a diving chop. Steamboat is climbing high, The Ninja nails Steamboat with the telephone and Rick Rude retains his championship!


Wow I was very surprised at how this one played out, I thought this was easily going to be a show-stealer but the arm-work and Rude’s work on Steamboat just did not come together like Steamboat and Flair. I can’t really pinpoint it but this match should have been good but was very far off the mark which is shocking considering the talent inside of that ring.


Winner: Ravishing Rick Rude over Ricky The Dragon Steamboat via Telephone To The Head!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Lex Luger © W/ Harley Race vs Sting

Sting finds himself challenging for the championship once more, one year ago these two men were challenging for the tag team championships held by The Steiners but now, they are total opposites and this match came to happen because Sting was able to defeat Luger in The Battle Bowl Lethal Lottery Starrcade match. Lex Luger was a lot of fun to watch in 1989 and chasing Flair at the start of 1990 but since winning that championship, Luger has bored me to tears in there. Whether it was Rick Steiner or Ron Simmons, it was a rough watch for me and it’s sad considering how much I enjoyed watching Luger.


Lots of stalling, Luger is not happy with Sting. Knees and hammering blows by Luger, Sting is bounced off the buckle. Luger whips Sting to the buckle, Luger misses the corner splash and Sting lands the Stinger Splash but Luger explodes out of the corner. Powerslam from Luger, Luger calls for The Rack. Sting slips out and lands a German suplex, Torture Rack by Sting but Luger wriggles free from the hold. Luger kicks Sting low, Luger lowers the head off an Irish whip and Sting lands a DDT. Luger is begging for mercy, back body-drop and an attempt at the Scorpion. It is applied but Luger scrambles to the ropes, Luger lures in Sting and scrapes Sting’s eyes off the top rope.


Kicks to the ribs and Luger stalls around the ring, Sting fights back with a choke. Luger fights back with a low blow, inverted atomic drop on Sting. Luger slowly kicks and clubs Sting, military press slam by Luger. Attitude Adjustment Piledriver by Luger for a close two, repeated elbow drops from Luger. Sting fights back with rights and kicks, Luger is rocked as Sting continues to drill The Total Package. Face-crusher and Luger has his faced rubbed in the mat, Luger’s eyes are raked across the top rope. Luger is dropped on the top rope, Luger begs for mercy. Back-rakes from the challenger, Sting is on the floor but Race is back-dropped on the floor. Sting lands a Diving Crossbody on Luger for the win and Sting is your champion.


That’s it? It was so abrupt? That’s really it? Luger how dare you do this to me, I invested in you for so long and you give me that as a passing of the torch, we have a new champion after a very tame championship match. Luger honestly seems uninterested by the whole experience, maybe turning heel was never what Luger wanted to do, maybe Luger was irritated by always playing second fiddle to Sting. Regardless, that match was not championship calibre, that was really tame and not exactly the home-run I would have wanted for the crowning of Sting as your new world champion.


Winner: Sting over Lex Luger via Diving Crossbody!


That was WCW’s Superbrawl II, a very good PPV from WCW. It is not the classic that some people may have you believe but there is a lot of good on this card, we kick things off with an excellent Light Heavyweight Championship match between Pillman and Liger, they show what wrestling will be like in the company in 3 to 4 years time with lightning quick manoeuvres and pacing, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats the whole time, credit to both men who were fantastic inside of that ring. Taylor vs Bagwell is solid, Taylor continues  to be a solid heel with a solid body of work in there, Bagwell needs more time to develop but they are doing a fine job of continuing his growth inside of the ring. Cactus Jack vs Simmons is alright, Simmons needs something more with the heels he is working with to continue to develop his skills, working with more Dangerous Alliance members will do wonders for Simmons.


The only match on the card that is outright bad is the tag team match between Hammer/Zenk and Vegas/Morton, why they would have the two big men work the majority of this and have Hammer as the babyface in peril when the much smaller Zenk is on the apron is beyond me, Morton suplexes Hammer for God’s sake during the match, it is outrageously bad and poorly planned. No idea what they were thinking when they put this match together. Speaking of the tag matches, the two that follow are awesome. I knew The Dangerous Alliance would deliver for me regardless of combination and I was right as Zbyszko/Austin vs Windham/Rhodes has a great story to it with Windham fighting to get his hands on Zbyszko while Anderson/Eaton vs The Steiners has great drama, great psychology and a finish that has you begging for more between the two teams, cannot praise those matches enough. I would watch a six-man/eight-man/ten-man tag between The Alliance and the babyfaces because it kills every single time.


In a shock Rude and Steamboat does not deliver, you take a heel with tremendous heat and a top tier babyface like Steamboat and it should be an easy night for both men but not at all here. Steamboat’s arm work felt like a setup to a draw and never really evolved into something more interesting while Rude could not elicit that reaction of sympathy for Steamboat from the fans, it felt middle of the road and quite poor for both men. The main event does little to steer the ship back into good quality territory as Luger seems totally uninterested in being in the company, I would love to hear his side of things because since winning that championship, the decline has been incredible for Luger. From one of my favourites to watch to one of the worst championship reigns I can remember. Ironic how both Sting and Luger chased the championship and failed to win but when they did, both of their reigns were failures.


Sting gets another shot at being The Ace of WCW now, capturing the championship once more but will this be a better reign for The Stinger? Sting worked The Black Scorpion and Sid Vicious while holding the championship the first time around, surely Sting could make his way through some Alliance Members and have a credible reign as champion? I hope so but in 1992, WCW has some promising stars and quality in The Dangerous Alliance, they can have at least 2 to 3 good matches on every PPV card now so that is a major improvement but the main event scene is still woefully thin for WCW with Luger soon leaving, we have Sting, Steamboat and Rude at that top level and we are not going to have Sting and Steamboat battling it out so what is the company’s next move? Join me next time to find and thanks for reading, remember: there’s always another night!

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