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WCW Beach Blast 1992 Review!

Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more despised than Ryback on Twitter! It’s WCW Beach Blast 1992! This is considered a quality show from WCW like WrestleWar 1992, we have Flyin’ Brian Pillman taking on Scotty Flamingo for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship, we have Cactus Jack having the biggest match of his career by taking on Sting in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The Miracle Violence Connection challenging The Steiners for the WCW Tag Team Championships and Rick Rude vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat in an Iron Man Match. This is a very exciting card based on what I can see so high hopes for this one and WrestleWar did deliver.


(WCW Light Heavyweight Championship Match) Flyin’ Brian Pillman © vs Scotty Flamingo

Scotty Flamingo had risen the ranks of the rather small WCW Light Heavyweight Division and is taking on the Ace in Flyin’ Brian Pillman. Pillman desperately needs people to work with or a change in gimmick so Flamingo should fit nicely in the role. Absolutely jarring to see Flamingo when being so accustomed to Raven but I do like the Flamingo gimmick and Raven is a natural as a heel. Flamingo is undefeated going into this one, Flamingo takes down Pillman and posing for the fans. Flamingo is countered by Pillman, they trade reversals with Pillman getting the better of the challenger. Elbow counter by Flamingo but Pillman lands a drop toehold into a hammerlock with knees for good measure.


Flamingo reaches the ropes to survive, Flamingo pushes Pillman to the ropes and lands two rights. Crucifix into the victory roll for two, Flamingo is petrified of the champion. Hammerlock from Pillman, we go to the corner and Flamingo lands a low elbow. Irish whip to the opposite buckle but Pillman leaps over and lands a hip-toss into a short-arm scissors. Despite Flamingo’s best efforts, Pillman continues working the arm with arm-breakers etc. Flamingo sells the arm well, eye-rake from Flamingo. Irish whip and a tilt-a-whirl head-scissors, dropkick too. Flamingo is dumped to the floor after being caught in the ropes, Flamingo avoids the dive. However, Pillman doesn’t dive and lands an apron axe handle to Flamingo.


Vicious chop on the floor, Pillman climbs high. Flamingo throws Pillman off the top rope, stomps from Flamingo for a close two. Flamingo dumps Pillman to the floor, plancha to the floor. In the ring, Pillman mounts a brief comeback but Flamingo swats him down. Clubbing blows and stomps from Flamingo, forearm across the chest from Flamingo. Make it two, Flamingo wanted a running right hand but Pillman slingshots in with a crossbody for two. Flamingo is up first and lands a clothesline for two, Flamingo rakes the eyes. Snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock, Pillman escapes and lands a shoulder block before Flamingo lands a knee to the ribs. Flamingo tries a corner splash but Pillman dodges, can the champion make a move?


Flamingo rakes the eyes again, snap-mare into the reverse chin-lock.  Pillman sends Flamingo to the ropes, sleeper from the champion. Flamingo rams Pillman into the buckle to stay alive, both men clock one another with right hands and they are down. They trade blows on their knees until Flamingo again rakes the eyes, Flamingo is on the middle rope and tries an axe handle but Pillman lands a massive dropkick. More blows traded before Pillman lands a spinning heel kick, Flamingo meets the buckle. Chops and Pillman lands ten punches to the head. Flamingo counters the Irish whip but eats a boot, Pillman runs into the powerslam and Flamingo gets two with a handful of tights.


Flamingo slaps the shit out of Pillman and boots him in the head, Flamingo celebrates prematurely and eats a belly to back superplex for two as Flamingo places a foot on the ropes. Massive chop by Pillman, Flamingo reverses an Irish whip but lowers his head, Pillman lands a face-buster. Flamingo eats a clothesline to the back of the head and is clotheslined onto the ramp. Pillman wants a plancha to the ramp but Flamingo dodges, Pillman smashes his head off the ramp and as Pillman crawls back into the ring, Flamingo lands a middle rope knee-drop to the head for the win.


Solid opening match from these two, Pillman makes Flamingo work for it here showcasing that Flamingo is much more than a pretty boy and the real deal which is what you need if a new champion is going to be crowned. Love that Flamingo heels it up as much as possible here, multiple eye-rakes and handfuls of tights. It is not Liger vs Pillman levels of good but it is far better than I thought it would be and I think these two could continue to feud and we could have even more fun matches, Pillman dropping the title here though could lead to bigger things for Pillman, no denying that Pillman deserves to be in that United States Heavyweight Championship scene.


Winner: Scotty Flamingo over Flyin’ Brian Pillman via Diving Knee-Drop!


Ron Simmons vs The Taylor Made Man

Terrence Taylor my favourite jobber to the stars taking on powerhouse Ron Simmons, I can just see how this one is going to go and I am going to enjoy it regardless of length. Taylor immediately dismisses Simmons before being tossed across the ring, Taylor talks about Simmons pulling his hair. Taylor shoves Simmons and then backs off like a coward, another lock-up. Taylor tries a hip-toss but Simmons blocks and throws Taylor. Taylor backs Simmons to the corner, knees and a right-hand from Taylor. Irish whip to the opposite buckle but Taylor does not see that Simmons did not hit the buckle. Two chop-blocks before Taylor pulls Simmons to the ramp. Simmons avoids the clothesline and atomic drops Taylor followed by a military press slam into the ring and then a clothesline to the floor.


Scoop slam and clubbing blows from Simmons, Simmons applies a bearhug in the middle of the ring. Taylor pokes the eyes, headbutt from Taylor. Simmons lands a hip-toss, Simmons tries a chop-block but Taylor ducks and Simmons lands on the ramp. Taylor slams the head of Simmons off the mat, jaw-breaker from Taylor. Eye-rake from Taylor, snap-mare into the snap-over neck-breaker for two. Taylor snaps on a reverse chin-lock, back-breaker from Taylor before Simmons fires back with a sidewalk slam. Simmons grabs Taylor by the throat, two-handed choke toss from Simmons. Big right hands from Simmons, back body-drop from Simmons. Shoulder block and a Powerslam from Simmons for the win.


The right kind of match for Simmons, Simmons needs people like Taylor who can make him look good and not expose his weaknesses, this match was good length for Simmons and it does a lot more for Simmons than a failed feud with Abdullah The Butcher and Cactus Jack. Big plans in Simmons’ future but can Simmons rise to the occasion?


Winner: Ron Simmons over The Taylor Made Man via Powerslam!


Marcus Alexander vs Greg The Hammer Valentine

So we have bland Bagwell taking on Greg The Hammer Valentine, this might be a rough one ladies and gentlemen. Bagwell is not bad just no flavour to him while Valentine post-WWF does not sound like something I am going to enjoy. Valentine pushes Bagwell to the ropes, clean break from Valentine. Hip-toss and arm-drag from Bagwell, scoop slam and Valentine reassesses the situation. To the corner we go, Valentine lands a massive knee. Irish whip that Bagwell reverses, Bagwell lowers his head though. Elbow by Valentine, Bagwell blocks the piledriver. Valentine begs for mercy but the act does not fool Valentine, atomic drop by Bagwell followed by two dropkicks. Bagwell tries a hip-toss but Valentine lands a clothesline.


Chop by Valentine, make it two. Elbow to the back of the head, back-breaker by Valentine. Valentine calls for a middle rope elbow, Bagwell dodges the elbow drop. Scoop slam but Bagwell misses the knee-drop, Valentine works the leg and wrenches it, Bagwell is in dire straits. Valentine slaps the rookie and Valentine calls for the figure four. Bagwell kicks off Valentine, and tries a small package for two. Valentine goes after the leg but misses dropping all his weight on the leg. Bagwell escapes the scoop slam and schoolboys Valentine for two, backslide for two.


Chop by Valentine, Bagwell blocks the suplex and suplexes Valentine for two. Valentine begs for mercy, eye poke by Valentine. Irish whip and back body drop by Bagwell, two for Bagwell. Bagwell leaps over Valentine and tweaks his knee, right hands by Bagwell but Bagwell lands a shin-breaker and slaps on The Figure Four Leg-Lock. Valentine walks away with the fan!


Didn’t expect Valentine going over to be honest but there seems to be a resistance to Bagwell already, the crowd being against the squeaky clean babyfaces of WCW. The match was alright, nothing offensive and maybe they have some sort of plans for Valentine but we will see how it goes. Not as bad as I thought it would be and that is a big compliment considering who is involved.


Winner: Greg The Hammer Valentine over Marcus Alexander via Figure Four Leg-Lock!


(Falls Count Anywhere Match) Cactus Jack vs Sting

This is an interesting one for a variety of reasons, the origins of this feud stretch back to when Luger was champion back in 1991, Cactus Jack was not the main enemy of Sting also at this time considering Vader had almost broke the ribs of Sting so this seems misplaced but I am all for these two fighting one another. This starts on the ramp, Sting back body-drops Cactus on the ramp and lands a face-buster for two. Sting misses a splash and ends up on the floor, Cactus wants to take control and lands his Cactus Jack Elbow Drop to the floor. Cactus is on the apron again, a diving sunset flip on the concrete for two. Why do that to yourself? Sting blocks the guardrail and sends Cactus into the guardrail.


Cactus bounces Sting off the guardrail, Sting back-drops Cactus into the crowd. Sting wants a suplex on the floor, that looks painful for a two count. Cactus is whipped back ringside, we are back in the ring. Sting catches the foot of Cactus Jack but Cactus lands a clothesline and lands a headbutt.


Sting has his face raked by Cactus, Irish whip to the buckle and a splash in the corner. Snap-mare into a body-scissors, Sting elbows his way out and smashes Cactus with right hands. Cactus rakes the eyes and lands his Cactus Jack clothesline, Cactus lands chairshots to Sting over and over at ringside. Sting counters with a suplex, Sting tries a Stinger splash but Cactus flapjacks Sting onto the guardrail. Cactus cannot nail the piledriver, Cactus tries his elbow drop but Sting smacks away Cactus. Sting lands rights and chops, scoop slam on the ramp. Sting grabs the chair, chair-shot across the back and head from Sting. Sting goes after the leg of Cactus, Scorpion Death-Lock is avoided as both men tumble to the floor. On the ramp, Cactus lands a Double Arm DDT for a close two. Sting lands a clothesline and goes to the top rope, Diving Clothesline for the win!


I am sorry what? After being drilled with the DDT, Sting pops up and lands the diving clothesline for the win? Well I loved the brawling that the two did during the match, they work the stipulation well with lots of crowd-brawling and chair-shots, very different from every other match on the card and I am happy for Cactus Jack to be showcased instead of doing almost comedic style brawling with Abdullah The Butcher. I am curious why this is around the feud of Sting vs Vader but this company is bizarre to me at times so best to just see where this heads but a very different style of match that had some great moments in there and Sting continues to build momentum for his showdown with Vader.


Winner: Sting over Cactus Jack via Diving Clothesline!


(Iron Man Contest) Ravishing Rick Rude vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Steamboat starts out hot chopping and landing a gut-buster, Rude is in trouble. These two have been at one another’s throats since Starrcade 1991, they had an ok match last time so I am wondering how this will turn out. Non-title which is also interesting, Steamboat continues working the ribs with massive kicks to the ribs. Irish whip and Rude gets caught and eats more gut shots, bearhug from Steamboat. Rude manages to knee Steamboat in the face, forearm to the head from Rude. Steamboat dodges a right-hand and clamps on a modified bow & arrow. Steamboat is kicked off but rolls into a Boston crab, Rude’s back and ribs are not doing well in this match.


Rude escapes the hold but the splash and knees keep coming from The Dragon, Rude begs for mercy. Measured kick to the ribs, Steamboat suplexes Rude face-first. Thrust to the head for two, Steamboat sends Rude to the corner. Rude blocks with a massive knee, Steamboat is rocked and Rude grabs a handful of tights and gets the three! Rick Rude is up 1:0 and Rude begins to land big knees to the ribs of Steamboat. Rude drills Steamboat with The Rude Awakening and Rude is up 2:0! The Dragon is in real trouble now, Rude has shown his toughness here. Back-breaker from Rude and Rude climbs high, diving knee-drop and since it is illegal to come off the top rope, Steamboat takes the fall. The score is 2:1 in Rude’s favour. Small package from Rude though and now it’s 3:1!


Rude maintains his two fall lead, Steamboat hammers the ribs and head of Rude. Steamboat lowers his head off the Irish whip, face-buster from Rude. Rude clamps on a camel clutch, Rude releases the hold as Steamboat reaches the ropes. Knees to the spine from Rude, Steamboat counters the camel clutch with an electric chair drop. Steamboat tries a splash but Rude counters with knees to the ribs, Steamboat is clubbed down and trapped in the reverse chin-lock. Steamboat escapes but eats a knee to the ribs, Steamboat is bounced off the buckle. Rude drills Steamboat with the piledriver, Rude crawls into the cover for a close two. Rude is not a happy man, Rude wants a tombstone but Steamboat is countering and drills Rude to make the score 3:2! Rude is on the top rope, Steamboat is looking for a big manoeuvre. Superplex with both men feeling the effects of that one, Steamboat eventually falls into the cover but Rude kicks out at two. Steamboat misses a right hand and both men drill one another with right hands. Steamboat bridges up out of a cover and counters with a backslide to even the score at 3:3! Small package by Steamboat for two, Steamboat jacknife covers for two. Flying crossbody for two, Rude lands a jaw-breaker. Scoop slam and fist-drop from Rude, Steamboat is up and chopping back at Rude. Throat thrust from Rude, clubbing blows from The Ravishing One.


Rude lands a massive clothesline and poses, throat thrust and Steamboat collapses to the mat. Rude chokes Steamboat with the middle rope, forearms stagger The Dragon. Rude fights hard for The Rude Awakening, Steamboat counters and covers for his own neck-breaker for a close two. Steamboat is irate, massive knees to the head of Rude. Suplex with a float-over for two, Steamboat will have to try harder than that to take that seventh fall. Belly to back suplex from Steamboat for a close two, sleeper from Rude. Steamboat bounces the head of Rude off the buckle, then the opposite buckle but Rude has Steamboat mounted, Steamboat fades but does not fall. Steamboat walks with Rude on his back, what is The Dragon looking to do?


Rude kicks away the arm reaching out for the ropes, a little thing but a fantastic touch. They are working the crowd with this one, they continue to sit in this sleeper but can Steamboat reach the ropes. Steamboat starts to climb the turnbuckle and kicks back, falling on top of Rude and securing the pin-fall! 4:3 to Steamboat, clothesline by Rude and a shoulder block but Steamboat continues to kick out! Rude is panicking, small package for two. Scoop slam for two, Steamboat escapes with the 4:3 win!


Great wrestling clinic from these two, it is amazing how great this match is considered to what they did at Superbrawl, fantastic wrestling all around. Steamboat with his trademark selling is tremendous here, Steamboat would have you believe that one knee was the most lethal blow of all-time and the sleeper spot was excellent, crowd was in a fever pitch for this one. Rude was great in this one, selling his ribs throughout the contest and showing his frustration throughout the match, Rude and Steamboat are two masters of their craft and on this night, they absolutely deliver. I want to see Steamboat go for the gold now, I am ready to have it happen.


Winner: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat over Ravishing Rick Rude via 4:3!


The Dangerous Alliance vs Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes/Nikita Koloff

Ole Anderson is your special referee, possibly the only man who could control all these combustible elements, no more Larry Zbyszko but it looks like we still have The Dangerous Alliance which I am a fan of, Barry Windham looks to have aged a lot in the last few months, not sure what is going on there but I love when Windham and Rhodes are together. Windham and Austin to start, arm-drag and arm-bar by Windham. Austin rolls through but Windham continues to out-work Austin before Austin lands a massive forearm. Austin goes to the top rope, middle rope Japanese arm-drag from Windham. Windham tags in Rhodes, shoulder block by Austin but Rhodes lands two dropkicks to rock Austin. Fujiwara arm-bar from Rhodes, Austin tags in Eaton.


Side headlock by Rhodes, shoulder block by Rhodes. Eaton lands a knee to the ribs, Eaton misses a corner splash. Schoolboy by Rhodes for two, tag to Anderson. Anderson tags in and slaps Nikita, Nikita is enraged but Anderson wants to fight Nikita in the corner. Anderson lands a knee-drop off a snap-mare, Anderson almost gets disqualified for coming off the top, they lock-up. We go to the ropes, Anderson lands shoulder thrusts and a big left, Nikita ducks the forearm and tries the O’Connor roll before landing a clothesline and sending Anderson to the floor. Eaton comes in, they lock-up and Eaton lands an elbow and clubbing blows. Irish whip and Nikita lands a bearhug, Anderson gets in a knee to the back but Nikita atomic drops Eaton into Anderson and Austin is slammed down too. Team Windham stands tall as The Dangerous Alliance talk strategy on the floor. In comes Anderson and Windham, right hand by Windham. Anderson lands a headbutt and a left to the head, Windham sends Anderson to the buckle. Atomic drop from Windham but Anderson smashes heads with Windham, Dangerously tries rallying Anderson.


Windham tries yanking Anderson off the top rope but Anderson rakes the eyes, corner shoulder block and left hands. Windham lands a knee and an elbow to the head, Anderson is whipped to the buckle and caught in the sleeper. Anderson counters with a belly to back suplex, in comes Rhodes with right hands and bionic elbows. Rhodes is sent to the buckle but Anderson sacrifices Eaton by sending Rhodes into Eaton. Rhodes is bleeding now, Austin goes to work on Rhodes. Anderson lands cheap shots from the apron, Rhodes is being decimated now by The Dangerous Alliance in their corner. Anderson stomps all over the head of Rhodes, Rhodes is dragged to the ring-post and Eaton hammers away at Rhodes.


Clothesline from Eaton for two, arm-bar from Eaton. Austin and Anderson continue to punish Rhodes, Anderson is raking the eyes. Rhodes blocks the left and lands a Bionic Elbow, drop toehold from Anderson to stop the tag. Eaton comes in with a beautiful single arm DDT with a hammerlock for good measure, Rhodes catches Austin with an O’Connor roll but Austin is too fresh. In comes Anderson who slaps on the arm-bar, Rhodes fights back and Anderson smashes heads with Eaton. In comes Austin, Stun-Gun! Rhodes tags in Windham though, right hands all around, hip-tosses all around. Back body-drop on Austin, right hand to a diving Anderson. Windham wants the Superplex, Anderson comes off the top rope and Ole Anderson catches Arn Anderson in the act. Team Windham get the win!


Good tag team wrestling here, finish is a little lacklustre. Thought they would have done more here with Nikita Koloff considering how they are building up Nikita since his return, Rhodes does a great job in this one selling his ass off for The Dangerous Alliance, a simple performance from Eaton and Anderson but effective as always, I would like to see more involving the tag team titles but as long as these continue to wage war, I am a happy man for sure. However, this seemed like just a setup for Austin vs Windham for the TV title.


Winners: Team Windham over The Dangerous Alliance via DQ!


(WCW World Tag Team Championship Match) The Steiner Brothers © vs The Miracle Violence Connection

At the previous Clash, Williams and Gordy defeated The Steiners with a chop-block, can the challengers capture the championships? Gordy and Scott to start, we kick things off like the Clash match with both men showing their amateur wrestling skills, Scott takes down Gordy and looks for a full-nelson, after all the wrestling, we have the two brawling with Scott winning that war. In comes Williams who wrestles with Scott also, they continue to wrestle around before Williams lands an elbow to the head of Scott. Scott avoids a corner attack and has a sunset flip for two, side headlock takedown from Scott. Scott brings Williams to the corner and we have Rick Steiner in, Williams talks strategy with Gordy.


They grapple but Williams blocks the hip-toss, both men go to the corner. They continue to grapple before Rick suplexes Williams with a belly to belly, Williams has to recover on the floor. Williams re-enters the ring and lands a scoop slam and two chop-blocks, Williams wants more but Rick answers with a Steinerline. Two for Rick, Williams brings Rick to his corner. In comes Gordy who lands a kick to the face before missing a corner splash. Belly to back suplex from Gordy for two, Rick is smashed around by Williams before a sunset flip with an assist from Scott for two. Gordy comes in though and slaps on the single leg Boston crab, Gordy works the leg with a spinning toe hold. Rick kicks off Gordy with a boot to the face, belly to belly suplex on Gordy.


Tag to Scott, Scott kicks at Gordy. Exploder suplex for one, Scott ties up Gordy. Williams is in now and both men trade being sent into the buckle. More suplex counters, Williams jumps Scott who was lured to the corner by Gordy. Reverse chin-lock from Williams, tag to Gordy. Scott dodges the clothesline and lands a flying crossbody for two, Gordy rakes the eyes. Williams comes in and chops Scott, massive kick to the knee and we have a bit of continuity from the last match on the Clash.


Gordy stretches the knee, Gordy lands a clothesline and tags in Williams. Williams stomps the knee, Williams continues to stretch the ankle. Scott is double-teamed behind the referee’s back, Rick saves Scott from being pinned. Gordy lands a snap suplex for two, Gordy wrenches the leg once more. Williams is in, Scott fights back but gets caught in a Boston crab. Gordy comes in and works the leg with a single leg Boston crab, Williams comes in with the crab. Eventually, in comes Rick as Scott makes the tag. Powerslam on Williams for two, Middle Rope Diving Bulldog from Rick. Gordy stops the diving attack from Scott, Scott is on the floor. Williams clotheslines Rick and it looks like it is double team time. Elevated middle rope powerslam from Gordy, Williams covers for a close two.


Gordy and Williams are shocked by this, Gordy is looking for a big move. Massive dropkick from Gordy for two, tag to Williams. Double shoulder block on Rick for two, Williams back-breakers Rick twice for two. Tag to Gordy who lands a massive forearm, belly to back suplex for two. In comes Williams, Rick fights back but Williams stomps down Rick. Camel clutch from Williams, Dr. Bomb for two! Front chancery from Williams, Rick avoids The Oklahoma Stampede and clocks Williams with a Steinerline. Gordy lands a corner clothesline but Rick fires out of the opposite corner with a Steinerline, the announcer screams there is one minute left. In comes Scott, back body-drops for both Gordy and Williams. Scoop slams, clotheslines all around. Tiger Driver from Scott, Frankensteiner but we are out of time.


Oh boy WCW why would you do that to me? I would not mind as much if it had opened the PPV but this was your main event? This match copies the formula of their previous Clash match but this is a lot less interesting, the heat segment on Scott is brutal, they just keep locking in single leg Boston crabs time after time after time, I was waiting for the time limit draw as the match continued, really disappointing considering the level of talent in that ring, not sure why they thought a draw would be the best way to end the PPV.


Time Limit Draw!


That was WCW’s Beach Blast 1992, a good PPV from WCW. Does it reach the heights of Superbrawl II? No I don’t think so but still a very good effort from WCW. Flamingo vs Pillman is a great way to establish Flamingo as a serious competitor in the division and Pillman delivers 99% of the time inside of that ring, the wrestling is good between the two and Pillman makes Flamingo look like the man, we have a new champion at the head of the division and I am curious to see how we continue the booking of the division. Taylor bs Simmons is solid, Taylor is a veteran and makes Simmons look good, we need that now in WCW because they have big plans for Simmons that were made clear when they were willing to have Simmons challenge Luger for the championship at Halloween Havoc so as long as Simmons is in there with people who can get him over the right way, things are good for WCW and Simmons. Bagwell vs Valentine was much better than I thought, I am still curious to see what value Valentine can bring to the company but they put him over so they must have some ideas for him.


Cactus Jack vs Sting is a good match, a big moment for Jack who gets to work with the world champion and they make this match feel very different with the hardcore brawling compared to the rest of the card and the scuffles in the crowd. The finish was anti-climatic considering how it came about but Cactus showed he was reliable and Sting has another solid match under his belt the second time around as champion, things are going much better than the first reign. Steamboat vs Rude is a classic, a fantastic iron man match with both men showcasing how good they are inside of that ring. Search it out for sure, from Steamboat’s selling to Rude’s strategy during the match, it is a thousand times better than the Superbrawl II match, it is almost hard to believe it is the same two men wrestling. The six-man tag is solid, I expected more considering who was involved and how much I have fallen for all their work against one another but this was more disappointing as the DQ finish does nothing for me. And one way to definitely setup for disaster is have a DQ finish followed by a time-limit draw, I am not sure what WCW was thinking putting these two on last but it hurt the show in my eyes and this time around, the main event did not have the buzz that the Clash match had which is a shame. Overall, this is a good WCW PPV, 1992 might be my favourite year to review as so many good things are going on in the company, the problem is the booking and how light the talent is outside of that main event scene. Thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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