Tuesday 29 March 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions XX Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more desperate for attention than Ryback on Twitter! This is Clash of The Champions XX and this is a curious one, the reason being is that WCW has gone through a lot of change despite it being a month or two since the last PPV. We have a new world champion and it is not Vader, it is Ron Simmons. Yes, Vader’s run with the championship well the first run did not last very long so that’s frustrating considering how well Sting built up the threat and credibility of Vader but WCW folks, we also have Jake The Snake Roberts in WCW so take note of that also and The Snake went after Sting so they will be battling at Halloween Havoc. Ok let’s go!


(WCW Television Championship Match) Stunning Steve Austin © vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Paul E. Dangerously will be placed in a cage above the ring, this is a surprising match because again, the booking will lead you to believe we would either be seeing Windham vs Austin for the championship or Rude vs Steamboat for the championship. Steamboat has his ribs taped, Austin works the ribs to begin before Steamboat chops back at the champion. Rights and lefts by Austin, Steamboat hip-tosses the champion out of the corner. Side headlock from Steamboat, Austin drop-downs and leapfrogs but Steamboat is too quick with the drop toehold and the side headlock. Front chancery from Steamboat, side headlock from Steamboat.


Austin shoves off Steamboat but misses the chop, Austin does land the hip-toss and elbow drop though. Steamboat kicks away Austin, chop and gut shot into the side headlock takedown. Austin continues to roll around but Steamboat has that headlock clamped on, Austin tries the belly to back suplex but Steamboat flips out twice before Austin pulls Steamboat down by the hair. Austin flapjacks Steamboat off the buckle and onto the mat, Austin lands knees to the back and strips away the protective tape on Steamboat’s ribs. Austin elbows and clubs Steamboat, massive back-breaker from the champion. Another back-breaker for two, Austin clotheslines Steamboat and applies the abdominal stretch. Steamboat escapes the hold and lands big chops, Austin sends Steamboat to the buckle but Steamboat comes off with a diving crossbody, Austin rolls through for two. Austin misses the dropkick and Steamboat sends Austin into the buckle and sunset flips for two, Austin trips Steamboat and uses the ropes for leverage but it is two. Steamboat plants Austin with the tombstone for a close two, Austin pulls Steamboat into the buckle, schoolboy with a handful of tights for two.


Austin places Steamboat on the top rope, superplex is on the mind of the champion. Steamboat suplexes Austin to the mat, Steamboat looks to finish. Middle rope chop does not work as Austin lands a right hand, small package by Austin for two. Steamboat lands a flying shoulder block for two, shoulder block for two. Austin sends Steamboat over the ropes, Steamboat skins the cat but Austin elbows Steamboat to the floor. Steamboat crawls under the ring, Austin is confused and cannot see where Steamboat went, Diving Crossbody by The Dragon and we have a new Television Champion.


Austin had been a very credible champion, performing as Rude’s regular partner in The Dangerous Alliance, Austin had shown promise and ability and it was time for bigger and better things for Austin. A significant moment for sure and these two had great chemistry, very much looking forward to their series for the United States Championship but if this was anything to judge off, this was a big success as Austin hangs in there with Steamboat. Steamboat’s selling is great here as always, great way to kick of The Clash of The Champions!


Winner Ricky The Dragon Steamboat over Stunning Steve Austin via Diving Crossbody!


Dirty Dick Slater & Greg The Hammer Valentine W/ Larry Zbyszko vs Beautiful Bobby Eaton & Arn Anderson

What is this match? Anderson and Valentine to start, elbow by Valentine. Side headlock and knee from the apron by Eaton, the duo attack Valentine before Slater clears house. Anderson is battered until Eaton clears the ring with his deadly right hand. Valentine and Eaton are legal now, Eaton is brought to Valentine’s corner. Slater comes in and jabs away at Eaton, Eaton sends Slater to the buckle but Slater lands an elbow and a neck-breaker. Russian leg-sweep by Slater, Slater tries a roll-up with the ropes for two. Valentine and Anderson are in now, suplex by Valentine before Valentine is pushed to the corner of Eaton & Anderson. Eaton & Anderson rough up Valentine, hammerlock from Eaton.


Valentine and Anderson are legal, Anderson is double-teamed in the heels’ corner. Slater is in now and jabbing away at Anderson, Valentine gets in a few cheap-shots from the apron. Slater smashes the leg of Anderson off the ring apron before Eaton lands that massive right hand to mess-up Slater. Valentine eats an elbow when trying to apply the figure four, Anderson spine-busters Valentine before we get a pier-six brawl. Slater throws Eaton to the floor, Zbyszko nails Valentine with the cast by mistake and Eaton lands The Alabama Jam while Anderson covers for the win.


Two heels teams, not sure why they were fighting but it was brief which I have no problem with when Valentine is in that ring. Hoping for bigger things for Eaton & Anderson considering how good they are, they deserve to be in the championship picture.


Winners: Bobby Eaton & Arn Anderson over Greg Valentine & Dick Slater via Alabama Jam!


(WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match) Ron Simmons © vs Cactus Jack

Ron Simmons is world champion, perhaps Watts wanted to recreate the Junkyard Dog scenario in Mid-South. That’s fine if you want to do so but you just put the championship on Vader, Simmons was being pushed well but I think it was just a little too early to do this. Regardless, Simmons is here against Cactus who didn’t do any favours for Simmons when they last met inside of the ring.


Side headlock by Simmons, shoulder block but no count for Simmons. Cactus scrambles to the corner, another side headlock from the champion. Takedown which Cactus rolls over but Simmons maintains control. Cactus headbutts Simmons but Simmons is ready for Cactus on the floor, Cactus cannot land his elbow as Simmons knows that the elbow is coming. In the ring, Cactus take shortcuts and rakes the eyes of Simmons. Simmons picks up Cactus and backs him into the corner, Simmons wants to run into the buckle but Cactus boots Simmons in the head. Simmons turns the tide and batters Cactus before Cactus lands a low shot on Simmons. Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor, neck-breaker on the floor.


Simmons has his head bounced off the apron, Cactus and Simmons trade blows in the ring before Simmons rakes the eyes. Simmons blocks the double arm DDT, Cactus nails a clothesline on Simmons. Three clotheslines in a row from Cactus for two, Cactus slaps on a reverse chin-lock. Simmons escapes and rocks Cactus with headbutts, big right hands from Simmons. Simmons climbs high and lands a middle rope face-buster for two. Irish whip but Simmons lowers his head early, Cactus lands a gut kick but Simmons lands a flying forearm, make it two for a close two count. Cactus tries a sunset flip but Simmons slams down the challenger, another Irish whip and clothesline by Simmons. Cactus pulls Simmons to the floor, Cactus slams Simmons on the concrete.


Cactus wants to land his elbow drop and Cactus drills Simmons on the floor. Ouch my knees, Irish whip and Simmons reverses for the spinebuster. Simmons lands more right hands, Powerslam and this match is over.


Tame as you can be, middle of the road. Has anything changed from the last few months? Unfortunately no, Simmons is still learning and growing as a babyface but to be world champion? Nope sorry I am not buying into that at all, they should have kept going with Vader.


Winner: Ron Simmons over Cactus Jack via Powerslam!


The Barbarian & Butch Reed vs Barry Windham & Dusty Rhodes

The hell is this match? Butch Reed back in WCW after Doom? Barbarian back in 1992? Against one of my favourite tag teams? Rhodes and Barbarian start, side headlock by Rhodes. Shoulder block does nothing to Barbarian, side headlock from Rhodes and a tag to Windham. Flying lariat from Windham and double dropkicks to the heels, Barbarian goes low with a knee but Windham slips out of the military press for an O’Connor roll for two. Reed is tagged in but Windham slips out of the heels’ corner, side headlock by Windham. Tag to Rhodes, right hands and elbows from Rhodes. Reed brings Rhodes to the corner, clubbing blows before Rhodes smacks Reed with a boot. Right hands by Rhodes, whip to the opposite buckle. Rhodes goes for a spear and lands on the floor, Reed takes control.


Double clothesline on Rhodes, back-breaker from Barbarian. Rhodes is caught with right hands by Barbarian, Reed lands a cheap-shot from behind the referee’s back. Reed lands a neck-breaker for two, Irish whip and big clothesline from Reed. Closed fists to the head from Reed, Rhodes begins to fight back with big punches but Reed rakes at the face of Rhodes to stop the tag. Rhodes meets the knee of Barbarian, Rhodes is rammed into the buckle power-slam style. Rhodes fights back with elbows and right hands before Barbarian lands a massive knee. Elbow drop for two, tag to Reed. Diving axe handle onto the back of Reed, camel clutch from Reed.


Elbows and forearms, Irish whip and Rhodes lands an elbow as Reed lowered his head. Rhodes wants the tag, Reed wants a piledriver. Rhodes back-drops Reed, Reed cuts off the tag again. Both men collide off a clothesline, tag to Windham who comes in and pummels Barbarian. Back-drop to Barbarian, Reed is knocked down. Dropkick and lariat on Barbarian, Windham wants the Superplex. Superplex connects, Reed is yanked off the top rope. Double dropkick on Reed, Barbarian lands a massive boot on the face of Windham and Team Barbarian steal it.


It's a difficult one because WCW has all these great tag teams that are on fire and you think “Only one can be tag team champions” So Steiner Brothers are always going to be positioned at the top of the tag team card so Windham & Rhodes are going to do jobs from time to time to get over new tag teams. Which is a shame in my eyes because I cannot believe how the duo have not won the tag team championships.


Winners: Barbarian & Butch Reed over Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes via Boot To The Head!


(Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match) Sting/Nikita Koloff/The Steiner Brothers vs Vader/Super Invader/Rick Rude/Jake The Snake Roberts

In terms of star quality, that is a massive match but will it be any good is the question? Jake is a huge star to have in WCW but can Jake Roberts deliver inside of that ring? I do like the video package they show before the match to put over the angle, sorely missed as it seems so much of this feud was shown on WCW TV as opposed to WCW PPV.


Rick Steiner to start with Vader, lock-up. Vader shoves back Rick Steiner, clubbing blows by Vader stagger Rick but Rick fires back with right hands. Rick sends Vader to the buckle, boot by Vader and a short-arm clothesline. Irish whip to the opposite buckle, Vader splash in the corner and a massive clothesline. Rick lands a belly to belly suplex on Vader, Vader powders and The Steiners pose in the ring. Super Invader and Nikita come in, probably not the two I would have in the ring at the same time but whatever.


Side headlock by Super Invader, shoulder blocks do not work on Nikita. They talk trash, Nikita ducks a clothesline and lands a shoulder block. Make it two, flying crossbody for two. Arm-bar from Nikita, Super Invader lands a massive right and tags in Rude. Throat thrust from Rude, Irish whip and Nikita kicks Rude and works the arm with wrench attacks before Scott Steiner comes in and slaps on an arm-bar. Rude escapes and tags in Super Invader, kick to the gut from Super Invader. Massive right hands and an Irish whip, Super Invader lowers his head though. Tiger-Driver from Scott Steiner, belly to belly suplex and Scott calls for the frakensteiner but Rude blind-tagged in and chopped out the legs of Scott Steiner.


Swinging neck-breaker and a fist to the head from Rude, tag to Roberts who lands shot after shot on Scott Steiner, tag to Vader. Clubbing blows in the corner by Vader, Vader Hammer and a kick to the ribs. Tag to Rude, throat thrust drops down Scott Steiner. Make it two, Scott reverses the Irish whip and lands a tilt-a-whirl-slam before tagging in Nikita. Nikita hammers Roberts with elbows and right hands, scoop slams and shots to every member of Roberts’ team. Flying shoulder tackle, Rude lands a knee on the apron to stop The Russian Sickle and Roberts rolls up Nikita with a handful of tights for the elimination!


Sting comes in and back-drops Super Invader, face-buster and Super Invader is gone. Now it is Sting and Vader, right hands before a tag to Rick Steiner. Steinerline and a massive German suplex, Rick goes to the middle rope but Vader counters the dive for a powerslam. Chokeslam from Vader, Vader climbs to the middle rope and lands a Vader Splash for two???? I cannot believe Rick Steiner survived that, Rick meets the knee of Rude. Right hands from the United States Champion, front chancery from Rude. Sting misses the Rick Steiner tag, team Vader rough up Rick Steiner. Massive scoop slam, Vader is on the middle rope, Rick powerslams Vader but Rude makes the save. Scott Steiner is irate, Vader cannot suplex Rick. Rick Steiner lifts up Vader and Scott lands a massive blow with a Doomsday Device on Vader. However, Scott Steiner is caught in the act and disqualified for coming off the top rope. Rick and Vader tumble to the floor, Rick back-drops Vader but Rude lands the Rude Awakening on the floor and Rick Steiner is counted out so now Sting is alone against Roberts, Vader and Rude.


In the ring, Sting lands the Stinger Splash on Roberts and goes for the Scorpion Death-lock but Rude lands a massive clothesline. Rude tags in, Sting fights for his life with big right hands and a face-buster. Rude eats an inverted atomic drop and a slingshot suplex. Vader is on the top rope and splashes Sting which means Vader has been disqualified also. Roberts tags into the match and picks up the carcass of Sting that had been squished by Vader and Roberts plants Sting with the DDT for the win.


It follows the formula that I don’t like where everyone wrestles well before rapid fire eliminations but the finish is quite good, Vader continues to look like a giant beast by destroying Sting with one splash and Roberts gets more heat and adds a little more to his feud by tagging in to land a DDT to defeat an already beaten Sting. Do I want to see Sting kill Roberts? Yes! Mission Accomplished? Yes!


Winners: Team Roberts over Team Sting via DDT!


That was WCW’s Clash of The Champions XX and it was a more important one than many of the previous ones I had suffered through, we have a great TV title match with Austin and Steamboat, the title means a lot considering Austin and Steamboat are the ones fighting over it, makes it feel as important as it was during the reign of Anderson and Tully so that’s nice to see. We get a little twist in the story here with Pillman showing character development for the first time in 4 years with the company, Pillman turning heel and Austin losing the championship means The Hollywood Blondes must be coming soon so I am excited to see how Pillman does in this new role and how Austin continues to develop his personality. We also have a very good main event to build for Roberts vs Sting with a lot of star-power in that match so I am happy considering I have become accustomed to jobber matches and tag team tournament squashes on my Clash reviews. Good stuff here for Halloween Havoc, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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