Friday 11 March 2022

WCW Clash of The Champions XVIII: Tag Team Action Review!


Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that kills the good times quicker than a HHH promo! It’s time for WCW Clash of The Champions XVIII: Tag Team Action! All about big tag team matches as we have The Dangerous Alliance taking on the likes of Sting, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, Barry Windham and Ron Simmons. Some fun tag team matches in there that I cannot wait to see while there are some new gimmicks and you know what, this might not be a bad Clash so let’s see!


The Steiner Brothers vs Mr. Hughes & Vader W/ Harley Race

Scott Steiner is back in the ring, Scott takes down Hughes twice with wrestling before Hughes lands a massive right hand and a headbutt. Side headlock by Hughes, shoulder block before Scott leapfrogs and belly to belly suplexes Hughes. Hughes is irate, Hughes backs Scott to the corner and the heels get some heat by roughing up Scott Steiner before tossing them to the floor. Steiners fire back with diving Steinerlines and the heels are on the floor again. We reset with Vader and Rick Steiner, side headlock from Rick but Vader belly to back suplexes Rick hard. Suplex from Vader, Vader hammers all around. Military press slam from Vader, whip to the buckle. Corner splash from Vader, Rick is whipped to the opposite buckle and Rick explodes out with a Steinerline, belly to belly suplex and a Steinerline to the floor.


Rick dives onto Vader but Vader sends Rick Steiner into the ring-post, massive clothesline from Vader. Vader climbs high, Scott shakes the ropes and up comes Rick. Belly to belly superplex from the top rope, Rick crawls and tags in Scott. Clothesline from Scott for two, Scott wants a German suplex. Vader grabs the ropes but Rick clobbers Vader and Scott lands the German suplex. Scott goes high, diving crossbody is countered by Vader with a powerslam. Scott ducks a clothesline and tries a sunset flip but Vader sits down and crushes the ribs of Scott. In comes Hughes, powerslam from Hughes for two. Hughes misses a corner clothesline, Scott scrambles to the corner and tags in Rick.


Hip-toss from Rick, back body-drop from Rick. Right hands from Rick, Vader and Scott come in now, we have a pier-six brawl. Rick is sent to the floor, Vader clotheslines Hughes by mistake and Rick decks Harley Race. Scott and Vader brawl on the floor while Rick Steiner lands his Diving Bulldog on Hughes for the win.


This was better than it had any right to be, these four just beat the piss out of one another and I am a sucker for hard-hitting matches and this is just perfect for that, Rick and Scott will suplex you whether you want to or not while Vader and Hughes can throw down when necessary. Finish looks great too, very fun opening tag team match.


Winners: The Steiner Brothers over Vader & Mr. Hughes via Diving Bulldog!


Young Pistol Tracy Smothers & The Taylor-Made Man vs Flyin’ Brian Pillman and Marcus Bagwell

Well this seems like a mish-mash of things here, we have Tracy Smothers without Armstrong and Terry Taylor is under another gimmick no longer Terrence Taylor while Pillman is teaming with rookie Bagwell. Pillman and Taylor to start, slap and chops by Taylor before Pillman fires back with a corner head-scissors and an atomic drop, Taylor is bounced between the two babyfaces and Smothers is chopped too for good measure. Side headlock from Pillman, leapfrogs before Taylor lands a back-breaker for two. Jaw-breaker from Taylor, fist to the face from Taylor. Tilt-a-whirl head-scissors by Pillman for two, Bagwell comes in and lands dropkicks and hip-tosses, noggin-knocker and double dropkicks by Team Pillman.


Stereo planchas from Team Pillman, Bagwell gets caught going after Taylor, Smothers lands a dropkick and a flying elbow. Short-arm clothesline for two, tag to Taylor. Corner clothesline by Taylor, snap-over neck-breaker for two. Tag to Smothers who lands a sling-shot knee. Scoop slam into a splash which does not connect, Bagwell blocks with the knees and tags in Pillman. Back body drop to Smothers, dropkick to Taylor. Spinning heel kick to Smothers, Taylor breaks it up. Pillman is attacked by Team Taylor, Smothers and Taylor rough up Pillman before Taylor suplexes Pillman to the floor. Diving axe handle from the apron by Smothers and Pillman is tossed back into the ring. Two for Smothers, Pillman is backed into the corner.


Taylor lands another fist to the face, Taylor lands that Dr. Bomb for two. Taylor punishes Pillman with rights in the corner. Smothers batters Pillman before elbowing Pillman off the apron into the guardrail. Smothers winds up Bagwell but gets knocked down with Air Pillman, tag to Bagwell. Right hands from Bagwell, back body drop to Smothers. Taylor sends Pillman to the floor, Bagwell wants a sunset flip on Smothers, Taylor holds onto Smothers arm before Pillman dropkicks Taylor into Smothers and Bagwell scores the win with the sunset flip.


Very fun tag team match, Pillman continues to be so exciting inside of that ring, a ball of energy and the perfect Ace for that Light Heavyweight Division while Bagwell is holding his own in there when working with the right partner. Taylor and Smothers do a great job making the babyfaces look like stars, Taylor is growing on me but his gimmicks are so cheesy it is unbelievable at times, truly a site to behold at times. But another really good match, this Clash is doing well!


Winners: Team Pillman over Team Taylor via Sunset Flip!


Johnny B. Badd vs Richard Morton

The prettiest man in WCW vs the miscast heel Richard Morton, side headlocks do not work for Badd as Morton pulls Badd down by the hair, Morton backs to the corner not wanting to engage in a straight-up slug-fest. Knee by Morton, Badd blocks the buckle and bounces Morton off the buckle, diving axe handle by Badd. Right hand and kicks by Morton, Badd is tossed to the floor. Badd comes back in with a schoolboy for two, clothesline by Morton for two. Inverted atomic drop by Morton, Badd is tossed to the floor once more. Badd jumps in from the apron for a slingshot sunset flip for two, suplex by Morton for two. Morton tries to box with Badd, does not work as Badd comes in and we have a tremendously shit finish as Morton tries a crossbody but Badd rolls through for the win.


That finish was atrocious but the right call here, I have been asking for Morton to move on from the company for a while now, they are finally jobbing him out in convincing fashion, I have all the respect in the world for Morton and his body work but his York Foundation heel work is just such a bad call.


Winner: Johnny B. Badd over Richard Morton via Crossbody!


DDP vs PN News

DDP is no longer just the manager of The Studd or The Freebirds, right hands and side headlock by DDP. Criss-cross, ass attack by News and a dropkick. News whips DDP to the buckle, corner splash. Roll attacks from News, DDP is yanked out of the corner by his feet. News misses an elbow and corner splash, DDP lands a clothesline and elbows drops of his own. Russian leg-sweep for two, DDP tries a slam and News squishes DDP for two. DDP lands a slingshot crossbody for two, clubbing blows by DDP. News whips DDP to the buckle, belly to belly suplex and you know what is next, Diving Top Rope Splash for the win.


Another squash but fine all the same, DDP was not lighting the world on fire in his transition to a manager, DDP is a rookie and gets what he deserves in this match, that splash must be a nightmare to take.


Winner: PN News over DDP via Rap-Master Splash!


(Falls Count Anywhere Match) Cactus Jack vs Van Hammer

I find it a little odd that Cactus was able to attack Sting in a very interesting angle and the be stuck with Van Hammer for the next several months, does not seem like a natural progression in my eyes but hey Cactus is getting recognition and a chance this time around, Hammer rocks his way to the ring and I am not sure Hammer is too concerned by a Falls Count Anywhere match with Cactus Jack. Cactus says fuck this we will fight on the ramp and Hammer blinds Cactus with something from his guitar, diving crossbody for two. Diving clothesline to the back of the head and leg drop for two, Hammer is flying again but Cactus counters with a clothesline this time.


Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor, Hammer is slammed face-first onto the concrete. Diving sunset flip to the floor by Cactus, why? Looks brutal, Hammer fights back and sends Cactus to the barricade. Eye-rake by Cactus, they are on the ramp, jaw-breaker counter by Hammer. Powerslam on the ramp for two, they brawl up the ramp. Small package by Hammer for two, Cactus lands a clothesline. Cactus wants a hip-toss to the floor, Hammer sends Cactus to the floor with a hip-toss. Diving clothesline off the ramp by Hammer for two, Cactus and Hammer brawl to the back, Cactus is smacking Hammer with construction equipment. Cactus chokes Hammer on hay, Hammer chokes Cactus with a rope.


Cactus is in a holding pen, Hammer continues choking the life out of the deranged Cactus. Abdullah is here in cowboy attire, Hammer is cracked with a massive shovel over the head and Cactus picks up the win.


Different, Hammer continues to come up on the short-end of his battles with Cactus Jack. I see Abdullah and Cactus continues to have problems, their segment ends with Missy Hyatt being thrown into the water trough. Not sure why that happened but we like to look at Missy right? Anyways, this was not that bad.


Winner: Cactus Jack over Hammer via Shovel To The Head!


The Fabulous Freebirds vs Brad Armstrong & Big Josh

No more Badstreet, Armstrong and Hayes trade some nice wrestling before Garvin comes in and lands a diving crossbody, Big Josh comes in with a scoop slam and a log-roll before Hayes eats a log-roll too. Sunset flip from Hayes, two for Hayes while Big Josh goes into an arm-drag into the arm-bar. Garvin is back in the ring, Josh clubs the shit out of Garvin before Garvin lands a kick. The duo bang heads off an Irish whip, in comes Armstrong. Back body-drop and dropkicks to both Freebirds, noggin-knocker is stopped and Armstrong is dumped to the ramp. Big Josh lands a double clothesline, Armstrong wants a suplex but Garvin boots Armstrong and we have a Double DDT for the win. The Freebirds look fed-up and rough, maybe it’s time to pack it in?


Winners: The Freebirds over Team Armstrong via Double DDT!


Vinnie Vegas vs Thomas Rich

Thomas Rich is still here like Richard Morton but here comes Oz, Master Blaster man Vinnie Vegas. Nash sells the shit out of this by walking around like an absolute douchebag. How many gimmicks has this been? Vegas knees and lands a face-buster on Rich, middle rope choke from Vegas. Short-arm clothesline from Vegas, Snake Eyes from Vegas for the win.


Winner: Vinnie Vegas over Thomas Rich via Snake Eyes!


Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes/Ron Simmons vs The Dangerous Alliance (Larry Zbyszko/Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton)

This is going to be a fun one, look at the workers in this match. Eaton, Anderson, Windham and explosive talent like Rhodes and Simmons? Sweet Jesus I am excited, Windham and Eaton to start. Neck-breaker from Eaton, Eaton wants a superplex. Eaton connects but Windham fires up, flying clothesline from Windham. Make it double, Windham wants the superplex. We have a breakdown of the match as Anderson comes in to break up the pin-fall, triple figure-four spot! Simmons and Zbyszko are in now, Anderson comes in for the double team but Simmons counters with a Japanese arm-drag, help from Rhodes and Windham with elbows and a double clothesline. Eaton dives into a bearhug, Anderson helps Eaton but gets caught with a military press slam.


Wristlock from Simmons, tag to Rhodes who kicks the arm hard. Rhodes spits on Eaton, eye-rake from Eaton. Massive rights from the best right-hand, Rhodes fires back at Eaton and tosses Eaton to the floor. Diving clothesline to the ramp, tag to Zbyszko. Windham comes in too, clubbing blows from Windham. Zbyszko avoids the lariat, Zbyszko wants a piledriver but Windham back-drops Zbyszko who rolls to the apron. Eaton is on the top rope, Windham dropkicks Eaton to the floor. Anderson comes in, face-buster for Anderson. Zbyszko dodges Windham but Rhodes is blind-tagged into the match. Zbyszko gets rocked before dodging a diving crossbody, Rhodes lands on the floor. Dangerously nails Rhodes with his telephone, Windham is furious!


Neck-breaker by Zbyszko, tag to Anderson. Spinebuster from Anderson for two, Anderson lands his DDT and plants Rhodes. 1…2… Rhodes kicks out! Tag to Eaton, Eaton lands a scoop slam. Diving elbow drop from Eaton, slap from Eaton for two. Eaton sends Rhodes to the buckle, Eaton misses the monkey flip and is down. Tag to Anderson who prevents the tag, scoop slam from Anderson. Anderson misses a middle rope attack as Rhodes blocks with his boot. Rhodes tags in Windham, diving clothesline from Windham. Flying clothesline for two, back-body drop but in comes Zbyszko.


Anderson knees Windham who was preparing to run the ropes, the match breaks down once more but Eaton is looking for a diving axe handle but Windham uses that massive cast and knocks the stuffing out of Beautiful Bobby and we have winners, the babyfaces walk away with the win.


Fantastic six-man tag match, Windham is on fire in this one. Love me this feud, The Dangerous Alliance taking on the top babyfaces is looking like such a great angle, love Eaton and Anderson and Zbyszko was tremendous too. Surprised that Simmons was involved so little in this one but hats off to everyone involved, I could watch these six kick all sort of ass every night of the week, so many great combinations, so many great potential match-ups and I am thrilled to be covering it all.


Winners: Team Windham over Team Dangerous Alliance via Cast To The Head!


Sting & Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude & Stunning Steve Austin

If you thought that was good, I can only imagine how much Rude and Austin are going to do in this match. Steamboat and Austin to start out, we have a clean break from Austin. Lock-up and side headlock by Steamboat, Austin says that Steamboat pulled the hair. Austin sends Steamboat to the buckle, right hands by Austin. Steamboat begins to chop back and Austin is rocked, throat thrusts and Austin scrambles to the apron. Side headlock by Steamboat, Austin tries a hip-toss but Steamboat counters with a backslide, series of pins by Steamboat for two. Austin lands a right hand, leapfrog by Steamboat who lands chops and has the two heels down. Rude looks massively frustrated, side headlock by Austin and a tag to Rude. Rude talks massive trash to the face of Sting and slaps The Stinger.


Sting comes in and Rude backs off, Rude talks strategy with his team. Rude is backing off, knee from Rude. Throat thrust and right hands, Irish whip but Sting reverses and lands an atomic drop and an inverted atomic drop before a clothesline on Rude. Make it two and a right hand on Austin, back-rakes from Sting. Whip to the buckle, Rude eats a gut-wrench and gets locked in the camel clutch. Steamboat comes in and locks in the camel clutch, Sting and Steamboat continue swapping places with Rude in the camel clutch before Rude counters with the knees and Sting is down. Rude lands a massive knee and in comes Austin, Austin works the back.


Sting blocks the buckle, Austin meets the buckle. Austin lands a knee to the ribs, elbow from Austin for two. Tag to Rude, Rude clamps on a front chancery. Steamboat is close to receiving the tag, Rude decks Steamboat and Sting for a two count. Tag to Austin, belly to back suplex on Sting. Sting counters with a sunset flip, Austin misses the right hand and Steamboat comes in with right hands and chops. Noggin-knocker and shoulder block to Austin for two, forearm to the spine and a victory roll but Dangerously has Sting distracted so Rude can nail Steamboat in the back of the head. Elbow to the back of the head and elbow to the face from Austin, Rude comes in and scoop slams Steamboat.


Tag to Austin, Steamboat fires back with chops. Irish whip but Austin blocks the O’Connor roll but Steamboat has the small package for two, the match breaks down. Austin lands a back-breaker on Steamboat, Rude is with the referee. Sting pulls Austin to the ramp, Austin throws Sting to the guardrail. Austin lands another back-breaker on Steamboat but Sting lands a diving shoulder block, knocking Steamboat on top of Austin for the win. Austin and Rude continue to attack the babyfaces, Rude lands The Rude Awakening multiple times on Steamboat while Austin continues to keep Sting out of the ring. Rude whips Steamboat, Sting dives on top of Steamboat to protect him, Austin and Dangerously keep away the referees and security. Despicable actions from The Dangerous Alliance!


Fantastic match here, Rude and Austin are great here as is Steamboat, the crowd is loving this match and I am too, great in-ring work from everyone, everyone is in the right place at the right time, great pacing and a hot finish too with the heels getting their heat back, The Dangerous Alliance continue to look dominant and I am just all in when it comes to this angle. Curious about Luger’s non-involvement here, it is like WCW is preparing for life without Luger with everything going forward. Timeline wise, I imagine that makes sense considering Luger will do the body-building thing before joining the WWF but is this really going to be it following Superbrawl?


Winners: Sting & Ricky Steamboat over Rick Rude & Stunning Steve Austin via Assisted Diving Shoulder Block!


That was WCW’s Clash of The Champions XVIII: Tag Team Action and this is a good Clash compared to so many of the abysmal ones that I have seen recently, the card is starting to round out in terms of talent especially when you have The Dangerous Alliance holding three championships which means we can have at least 3 matches on the PPV consisting of Austin, Rude and Anderson/Eaton, that’s going to be a good day at the office. On top of that, we have a white-hot Windham and Sting, a returning Steamboat and young hungry babyfaces in Rhodes and Simmons who can learn from their matches with The Dangerous Alliance. WCW seems to be shifting away from the talent who should be long gone like Rich and Morton and we are going to more focus on Pillman, Badd and Cactus so there are a lot of positives for WCW heading into 1992, I am optimistic for the company for the first time in a long time, thanks for reading and remember: there’s always another night!

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