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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event November 25th, 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that takes breaks from social media like The Young Bucks! All jokes aside, I hope they are doing well and that wrestling continues to grow in 2020. For now, we are back in 1989 in the WWF! We have The Ultimate Warrior defending his Intercontinental Championship against Andre The Giant, Dusty Rhodes battles The Big Bossman & The Rockers face The Brainbusters! Let’s get it on!

(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match) Andre The Giant W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Ultimate Warrior ©

Andre attacks Warrior, choke in the corner. Warrior is caught in Andre’s hold, headbutt from Andre. Warrior drops to the floor, Warrior tries a headlock and some punches, choke from Warrior. Warrior misses a clothesline as Andre side-steps the champion. Andre stretches Warrior, Warrior breaks free and clotheslines Andre to the floor. Back from break, Andre trips and chokes Warrior. In the ring, Mongolian chop from Andre. Warrior answers with a bear-hug, Andre chokes back at Warrior. Andre’s headbutt rocks Warrior, Warrior tries a charge but Andre applies a bear-hug.

Warrior smashes down on the back of Andre, Andre holds onto the bear-hug. Warrior escapes and chops at Andre, Andre is staggering. They grab hold of one another, headbutt from Andre. Irish whip, Warrior ducks and clotheslines Andre. Andre is caught in the ropes, Warrior tries a splash but Andre boots down Warrior. Heenan grabs the championship, attempting to smack Warrior. Warrior dodges and pummels Heenan, military press into Andre and the referee is disqualifying somebody.

Warrior wins for Heenan interfering, not my idea of a hot opening match. Shocked that they had the match to be fair, I thought Andre was exclusively competing in tag matches at this stage in his career. However, Andre still bring in the fans, the fans still react and the man manages to keep the crowd invested in this match.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior over Andre The Giant via DQ!

(WWF Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs The Genius

Hanging around with Perfect, Genius has managed to annoy everyone in the WWF and worm his way into a match with the champion. It pays to be Randy Savage’s brother, should be a fun match though with Genius being flamboyant and Hogan being utterly confused by this marvel of a man. Genius prances away from Hogan, Hogan looks bemused. Lock-up, Hogan shoves Genius down to the floor. Genius regroups, we lock-up once more and Genius is brought down again but Genius kips up, Hogan is like this motherfucker how dare this man do this to me. Hip-toss and scoop slam from Hogan, Genius is whipped but avoids the big boot.

The Genius does calculations to defeat Hogan, arm-drag from Genius who celebrates his brilliance. Genius grabs the hair and backs Hogan to the corner, massive slap from Genius. Hogan is hot, Hogan cannot believe this. Backflip from Genius, cartwheel from Genius. Hogan is furious, massive clotheslines and Genius meets the buckle. Massive right hands, Irish whip and corner elbow. Hogan floats around, atomic drop. Belly to back suplex, elbow drops and a foot rake to the face. Ten punches in the corner, here is Mr. Perfect.

Perfect sticks his gum on the championship, here is Hogan to confront Perfect. Genius chases Hogan, Hogan is dropkicked into the ring-post. Genius pushes Hogan back into the ring-post, Genius makes sure Hogan cannot make it back into the ring with kicks but Hogan slides into the ring. Rights from Genius, Genius nails a moonsault for two with Hogan Hulking Up! Right hands, Irish whip and big boot. Genius rakes the eyes and back, Hogan rakes the eyes and back. Scoop slam to the floor, Hogan pushes Perfect out of the way. Genius is thrown back into the ring, Perfect waffles Hogan with the championship and Genius wins by count-out!

An interesting match for sure, Genius has grown on me an awful lot since debuting in the WWF. The antics are very over the top and it works for the time, Hogan puts over Genius to set up a match with Perfect presumably for The Royal Rumble. Might be a bit soon for Perfect but losing to The Genius is one way to get under the skin of Hogan. Also, Perfect smashes the championship into pieces which is a great way to get heat, buying into this angle already.

Winner: The Genius over Hulk Hogan via Count-Out!

The Big Bossman W/ Slick vs Dusty Rhodes

Bossman misses a corner attack, rights and lefts by Rhodes. Rhodes goes after Slick, Bossman strikes and Slick chokes Rhodes behind the referee’s back. Slick is having words with an unnamed black woman who is a supporter of Rhodes. Bossman attacks Rhodes from behind for a second time, Rhodes meets the ring-post. Slaps from Bossman, Rhodes fires up but Bossman attacks the arm that hit the ring-post. Bossman eats elbows from Rhodes, headbutt before an eye rake from Bossman. Whip to the corner, Bossman misses a corner splash. Rights and lefts from Rhodes, Rhodes misses an elbow.

Bossman drapes Rhodes across the middle rope, Bossman builds up steam and crushes Rhodes with a leg across the back. Slick has the night-stick, Slick gets caught by the female fan of Rhodes. Rhodes takes control of the situation, rolling up Bossman due to the distraction. Bossman and Slick have words as Rhodes clears the rings of the two with his night-stick. Rhodes ask for the woman to join him in the ring.

Yeah it was fine, Rhodes can get a crowd going with ease and Rhodes still has a lot to offer to the WWF despite his age. Rhodes may not look back fondly at the WWF years but from what I have seen, Rhodes is going to knock it all out of the park if given the time inside that ring.

Winner: Dusty Rhodes over The Big Bossman via Roll-Up!

Mr. Perfect W/ The Genius vs The Red Rooster

Lock-up, shove from Perfect. Another lock-up, rights and lefts on Rooster. Irish whip, Perfect lowers the head so Rooster nails a knee-lift. Side headlock from Rooster, shove from Perfect. Drop toehold but Rooster reverses for a hammerlock, belly to back suplex from Perfect. Massive right floors Rooster, snap-mare into Perfect’s neck-breaker. Irish whip, sunset flip reversal from Rooster for two. Right hand stops Rooster in his tracks, neck twist from Perfect.

Rooster answers with a headbutt, rights and lefts but Perfect batters Rooster in the corner. Irish whip to the buckle, Rooster boots Perfect back. Massive bulldog, mat-slams from Rooster. Irish whip, back body-drop from Rooster for two. Irish whip, Rooster tries a hip-toss but Perfect blocks and nails a clothesline. Perfect-Plex in the middle of the ring and it’s over!

Decent match between the two, I do like Rooster but the push seems to be over and a distant memory at this point. Another win for Perfect who calls out Hogan during the end of the match, I enjoy Perfect inside of the ring.

Winner: Mr. Perfect over The Red Rooster via Perfect-Plex!

The Brainbusters W/ Bobby Heenan vs The Rockers

Heenan and The Brainbusters seem to be having problems, The Brainbusters are no longer champions for some reason, I have missed the title change but perhaps it was on a house-show? Anyways, Heenan and The Brainbusters continue to have a war of words, Mean Gene asks whether they can work together? Tully and Jannetty to start, side headlock from Jannetty. Scoop slam and dropkick from Jannetty, arm-drag into an arm-bar. Tully pulls Jannetty down by the hair, Jannetty kips up and nails a reverse elbow. Back into the rm-bar, Tully backs Jannetty into the corner.

Jannetty pummels both Brainbusters, apron sunset flip with Anderson preventing Tully from being pinned until Michaels comes flying out of nowhere and takes out Anderson. Jannetty scores with the sunset flip and wins the first fall for The Rockers!

Heenan has words with his boys before leaving the ring, Rockers land a double roll-up for two, double leapfrogs and superkicks with The Rockers controlling the ring. Heenan has had enough and leaves his tag team behind. Michaels and Anderson lock-up, right hands by Michaels. Whip by Anderson, Michaels flips out of the corner and nails a hip-toss, double dropkicks all around with The Rockers controlling the ring again. Tag to Jannetty, double hip-toss and elbow drop. Kip-ups and right hands to Tully, Anderson low blows Jannetty and tags Tully.

Jannetty out-smarts Tully, tag to Michaels. Shot to the ribs and knee-lift combination, Anderson distracts the referee as Michaels looks for the headscissors. Jannetty comes over but this gives Anderson control, elevated stun-gun from Anderson and Tully which leaves us with Michaels being pinned, we are tied to one a piece!

Tully wants to take advantage over a very injured Michaels, Tully gets his wish as Michaels must start the fall. Tag to Anderson, right hands from Anderson. Vicious spinebuster from Anderson, talking trash and wasting time however. Jannetty saves Michaels, Anderson tries to pin Michaels to the mat. Body-scissors from Michaels but Anderson counters with a catapult into the corner. Tag to Tully, axe handle and a cheap shot to Jannetty. Michaels is tossed to the floor, Michaels is on the apron. Tully is sent into the buckle, diving crossbody for two. Anderson is the legal man, cheap shot to Jannetty.

Front chancery from Anderson, Jannetty waffles Anderson who attempted a cheap shot. Anderson and Michaels bang heads, Michaels slips through Anderson’s legs. Hot-tag to Jannetty, right hands and dropkicks everywhere. Jannetty and Anderson are left in the ring as Tully wipes out Michaels who hits the ring-post. Michaels knocks Tully off the top rope, no spike piledriver this time as Michaels dives off the top rope onto Anderson for the pin.

My favourite tag team in the WWF at the time was either The Brainbusters or The Hart Foundation, they were spectacular on most occasions inside of the ring. This match is a lot of fun and if given more time, we could have had an awesome match because the crowds were going bananas throughout this match.

Winners: The Rockers over The Brainbusters via Diving Crossbody!

Another solid edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, big angle shot here between Mr Perfect and Hulk Hogan. The two will clash at The Royal Rumble and this was an interesting angle for sure, The Genius is another little piece added to the mix. A fun and easy watch with squashes and an interesting angle, this was one to remember. Thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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