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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event October 14th, 1989 Edition Review

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Hello and welcome to another edition of Seanomaniac Wrestling Reviews, the only wrestling review series on the internet that is more painful than the Rusev & Lana divorce segment! Saturday Night’s Main Event before The Survivor Series! We have Roddy Piper against Heenan Family Member Haku, Macho King Randy Savage vs Jimmy Superfly Snuka, The Bushwhackers vs The Rougeau Brothers and Hulk Hogan vs Ted Dibiase! Let’s get it on!

 Macho King Randy Savage vs Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Savage defeated Duggan for the crown, Savage jumps Snuka to begin the match but Snuka nails a chop, kick and a flying headbutt. Atomic drop with Savage falling to the floor. Queen Sherri checks on her man, Snuka chops Savage at ringside. Sherri grabs Snuka entering the ring, axe handle from Savage. Scoop slam and knee drop by Macho King, two for Savage. Savage hurls Snuka to the floor, top rope diving axe handle connects with Snuka laying across the guard-rail, Sherri boots Snuka for good measure. Elbow across the throat by Savage, Sherri chokes Snuka with her purse.

Foot choke by Savage, two for Savage. Running knee to the kidneys, Snuka is shaking off the attacks of Savage though. Chops and headbutts, Savage is down. Chops in the corner, Irish whip to the opposite corner. Massive clothesline, headbutt by Snuka. Savage is caught in the tree of woe, Sherri frees Savage and hands Savage the purse. Snuka has Sherri, Savage cracks Snuka with the purse, roll-up with a handful of tights for the win.

Solid performance from both, Savage needed the win after his loss at Summerslam. The Macho King persona is a great fit, only ramping up the delusion of Randy Savage. Snuka has been fine since coming back to the WWF, I am happy to see Snuka take a loss after only getting counted out against Dibiase. Still a superstar but it is time for Snuka to make others stars. Anyways, it was solid start to the show!

Winner: Randy Savage over Jimmy Snuka via Roll-Up!

(WWF Heavyweight Championship Match) Hulk Hogan © vs Ted Dibiase W/ Zeus

Hogan takes on his old foe in Dibiase, Dibiase tried to buy the championship in the past but now, Dibiase has bought an insurance policy in Zeus to aid him in capturing the WWF Championship. Lock-up, Hogan backs Dibiase into the corner. Dibiase reverses the hold, Zeus grabs the leg of Hogan and in comes Dibiase but Hogan out-fights Dibiase and a clothesline brings down Dibiase. Side headlock from Hogan, shoulder blocks by Hogan but Zeus trips Hogan. Irish whip but Dibiase misses the clothesline, right hands by Hogan. Irish whip and elbow in the corner, right hands from Hogan.

Zeus distracts Hogan once more, eye rake from Dibiase. Clothesline and down goes Hogan, Zeus chokes Hogan behind his back. The fans are on their feet, Jake The Snake Roberts is here in Hogan’s corner. Dibiase spots Roberts, Hogan rolls-up Dibiase for a close two. Dibiase gets back in control with stomps, Dibiase misses an elbow. Right hands from Hogan, ten punches in the corner from The Hulkster. Virgil steals Damian, Roberts chases after Virgil. Hogan is distracted and Dibiase comes in with a clothesline. After the break, Dibiase is in control in the ring.

Clothesline in the ring for two, elbows to the head. Vertical suplex from Dibiase for two, top rope axe handle for two. Reverse chin-lock from The Million Dollar Man, Hogan elbows his way free. Shoulder blocks and a double knock-down in the middle of the ring, Hogan looks to run off the ropes and Zeus cracks Hogan in the back. Fist drops from Dibiase, top rope knee drop from Dibiase but Hogan powers out at two. Hogan is Hulking Up, right hands and a big boot, Dibiase begs for mercy but Zeus is in the ring holding Hogan. Dibiase nails Zeus by mistake, small package by Hogan and Hogan beats Dibiase. Dibiase attacks Hogan from behind allowing Zeus to stretch the neck of Hogan.

Solid match from Dibiase and Hogan, two great workers in their own right and you have the added drama with Roberts at ringside albeit briefly. This is massive for Dibiase, I feel The Million Dollar Man is getting right back on track by choking out Hogan after Zeus’ attack. We have our main angle heading into Survivor Series ladies and gentlemen. I love watching these two during this time and they continue to show just how good they are inside of that ring.

Winner: Hulk Hogan over Ted Dibiase via DQ!

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Haku W/ Bobby Heenan

Piper has had issues with The Heenan Family, Ravishing Rick Rude in particular who believes Piper cost him the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam. Rude achieved a measure of revenge laying out Piper on The Brother Love show with The Rude Awakening. Piper goes against Haku and the reaction is monstrous. Haku jumps Piper to begin, they begin slugging it out with Piper winning that war. Massive clothesline to the floor, Piper jumps off the apron and pummels Haku.

Piper spots Heenan, Heenan is running for his life. Piper catches Heenan but Haku manages to make the save with a clothesline. Chops and right hands from Piper, Irish whip and elbow by Haku. Shoulder-breaker by Haku for two, massive leg drop from Haku. Haku climbs to the top rope, Diving Headbutt misses as Piper rolls out of the way. Piper slams Haku’s head into the mat, right hands all around. Irish whip, flapjack from Piper and a belly to belly suplex for the win.

Abrupt ending out of nowhere for me, was expecting more of a fight between Piper and Haku. Piper’s intensity was fantastic though, this felt like a big time beatdown from The Hot Rod, I am sure they could have had the people off their feet screaming their lungs out but regardless, I was happy to see Piper in the ring.

Winner: Rowdy Roddy Piper over Haku via Belly To Belly Suplex!

Tito Santana W/ Dusty Rhodes & The Red Rooster & Brutus The Barber Beefcake vs Rick Martel W/ Slick & The Twin Towers & Jimmy Hart & The Honky Tonk Man

Martel jumps Santana, Irish whip but Martel misses the boot. Atomic drop by Santana and a clothesline, right hands on the floor by Santana. Back in the ring, Martel is begging for mercy, Martel lures in Santana for some right hands. Irish whip but Santana counters with a sunset flip for two, arm-drag for two. Martel is choked by Santana, arm-wringer by Santana. Martel grabs the hair, leapfrogs before a flying crossbody from Santana for two. Martel pulls Santana into the buckle, stomps by Martel. Martel places Santana in the tree of woe, big stomps from Martel.

Martel whips Santana but ducks his head, big kick to the chest from Santana. They are trading blows in the middle of the ring, big back body-drop from Santana. Flying Forearm with Slick distracting Santana. Bossman and Rhodes are in the ring, everyone is in the ring with another referee trying to stop the action. Martel jumps Santana as we reset, Irish whip with Santana coutering. Hip-toss, Martel side-steps Santana who falls to the floor, Martel poses for his fans.

Elbow drops on the spine from Martel, knees into the spine. Snap-mare into a reverse chin-lock, Santana elbows his way out and blocks the hip-toss. Backslide attempt by Santana, Santana scores but it is a close two. Martel begins choking Santana, Boston Crab from Martel. Santana reaches the ropes, Santana uses the ropes to counter into a cover, two for Santana. Rib-breaker by Martel, Martel is on the top rope. Santana reaches the ropes, Martel is crotched. Martel meets the buckle over and over, Irish whip to the corner. Right hand by Santana, figure four but Slick gets involved again. Bossman comes in and everyone is brawling inside of that ring.

This brawl made me want to see these two settle it out one on one, Santana is one hell of a babyface when he does his thing and Martel is growing on me as a heel already. His facials are tremendous and would you look at all that stra-power on the outside, I cannot wait for Survivor Series!

Double Disqualification!

The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers W/ Jimmy Hart vs The Bushwhackers

Well I do love The Bushwhackers promos, they are as intense as The Sheephearders ones but the content is a little different. Anyways The Rougeaus have been involved in some great matches with The Hart Foundation so I am expecting some good work. The Bushwhackers jump The Rougeaus, not expecting that. Jimmy Hart is cornered by The Bushwhackers, The Rougeaus save Hart but Hart loses his pants. Jimmy Hart runs out of the arena. The Rougeaus jump The Bushwhackers, Butch eats a double clothesline. Knee drop and Boston Crab combination, tag to Jacque.

Flying reverse elbow, tag to Raymond. Jacque cheap shots Luke, Jacque nails Raymond with a high knee by mistake. Butch tags Luke, stomps and throat thrusts. Massive right, Irish whip and a hangman’s neck-breaker. Noggin knocker, Battering Ram on Jacque and a Double Gut-buster for the win! All Gimmick and no substance yet the crowd loved it! DUD!

Winners: The Bushwhackers over The Rougeau Brothers via Double Gut-buster!

Not as important as the prior Saturday Night’s Main Event but it does build up to The Survivor Series, you have Piper getting his hands on Rude to look forward to, Roberts going after Dibiase and Hogan going after Zeus. It’s all about Survivor Series ladies and gentlemen, thanks for reading and remember: There’s always another night!

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